i had to one for janey


Want me to go all in on a pairing? Just make one a dark-haired, morally ambiguous warrior woman who started fighting at an early age and tries to block out her emotions and the other an idealistic, non-combat-specialized blonde who encourages her to feel again only to get drawn into her world of violence and death. Because apparently I still have a type.

cute stuff to think about:
  • Athena giving Janey self defence lessons because her girlfriend is a gentle puppy who sees way too much good in people 
  • Janey telling Athena to use her inside voice when she gets angry
  • Athena wearing the “If found, return to Janey Springs” shirt, and Janey wearing the “I am Janey Springs” shirt
  • Janey sitting on Athena’s back while she does pushups  
  • Athena searching through a list of pet-names because Atlas never taught her about terms of endearment, and she wants to find the perfect ones for Janey 
  • Janey catching Athena trying on her headband
  • Athena listening patiently while Janey gushes about mechanics and how things work because wow her girlfriend looks cute when she’s excited
  • Janey leaving 101 “For when…” recordings on Athena’s echo, including: “…you can’t sleep”, “…you’ve had a bad day”, “…you’re coming home”, “…we’re fighting”, and “…you’re horny as fuck”
  • Athena trying not to laugh while teaching Janey how to throw punches
  • Janey feeling safer curled under Athena’s left arm and not knowing why till Athena points out that its her shield arm 


ok so this is a fantasy au thing i’ve had in my head for MONTHS now

pretty much it takes place in this world that’s a cross between typical medieval fantasy and steampunk. i don’t have much of a story for the characters??? i have ONE idea that maybe actual magic is dying out (lil being one of the only magic-users left) and they have some new form of artificial magic, but anyway

if we’re talkin classes like this is an rpg or somethin, sock is a thief, jonny-boi’s a warrior, lil’s a mage and jojo’s an archer
tl;dr i’m gonna draw zack soon yAAAAY


The Hon. Miss Eliza Fisher, hands down. 

Eliza (or Beth as Phryne knew her before) is Phryne’s younger sister. She’s four or five years younger than Phryne and first appears in The Castlemaine Murders

She’s described as being four inches taller than Phryne, large-boned and blonde, with bright blue eyes. She takes after their ‘big, florid father’ rather than Phryne who takes after their 'thin, dark mother’. Later in the book Phryne mentions they also have a younger brother Thos who goes to Eton. A previous book had Phryne referring to her mother and sisters plural back in England, but this one only mentions Eliza and Thos. But that could be explained away in context if their other sister is already married. Anyway, I totally love that Phryne has more siblings in the books, including a younger sister who died of diphtheria in Collingwood one winter, presumably the inspiration for the whole Janey arc in the show.