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TITLE:  Faking It 

IMAGINE: (Y/N) and Steve are both tired of their friends (namely Sam and Tony), trying to set them up with people. What happens when one night they decide to take control of their own love lives and teach Sam and Tony a lesson? (x)

[gif is not mine -creds to the owner. requests are open. immensely proud of this, probably except the ending. i’ve uploaded this like 3 times now and tumblr keeps deleting it, so apologies for the continuous upload for this.]

warnings: swear words, mature situations -minor sex scenes.

word count: 3.2 k+

‘The question of whether we can fight fate will always remain a mystery. But the bigger question is what happens when we stop fighting it.’

“Tony, for the last fucking time, I don’t want to go on a date with your friend!” (Y/N) yelled exasperated as she threw a piece of bread at him. “How many times do I have to tell you?”

“Come on, he’s totally your type and you guys would be perfect for each other,” his voice now took on a whining tone and (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “Please, just this one time?”

(Y/N) smiled sweetly at him, “No.” She hopped off the stool she was sitting on, “Last time I agreed to one of your dates he started crying when they brought the entree, and then again when we started having sex.”

Steve placed his hands on his knees as he bent over, trying to catch his breath. “Good run, Cap” He looked behind him and saw Sam jogging to where he was.

“You were so close in beating me this time,” he placed his hands on his back and stretched. Steve groaned as he began rubbing his shoulders.

“You busy tonight?”

Steve shook his head, “No, why?”

“There’s this girl,” Sam started but Steve glared at him. “Now, hear me out, she’s lovely and-,” Sam didn’t finish as Steve held up a hand.

“Look, I don’t want to Sam. I mean I’ve tried this thing before when Nat tried to set me up and it just didn’t work out. If I want to start dating, I’ll do it through my own way.” Steve clasped a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Thanks though.”

(Y/N) fiddled with the screwdriver in Bruce’s lab, “I thought you wanted my help on a formula Bruce, but all I’ve done is play with your tools.”

Bruce turned around with a sheepish smile on his face, “Sorry (Y/N). It’s on that table if you want to have a look at it.”

She smiled at him and walked to the table. Leaning on it with her arms, she began scanning it. (Y/N) was focused until Tony barged in.

“Guys, I just got us a reservation at Top Stem!”

(Y/N) looked over at Bruce, then turned back to Tony, “Isn’t that the hipster bar in Brooklyn?”

Tony smiled and nodded, “Yep. Know a guy and he managed to book us a table.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“I mean everyone’s here since forever,” Tony shrugged. She knew that it meant more to him that he could ever admit. After the Civil War broke out between the group, tensions ran high and even though it’s been 5 years since the event happened the group still wasn’t as it was before.

“I’m in,” Bruce smiled.

“Me too,” (Y/N) smiled and continued reading the document. She was too engrossed once again so she didn’t notice the scheming look between Bruce and Tony.

“I’m at the restaurant Sam, and nobody’s here yet,” Steve spoke into the phone, peering in every now and then into the restaurant. “It is the Top Stem, right?” He asked. “Alright, I’ll go in, but if you’re not here or anyone in the next 15 minutes, I’m leaving.” With that, Steve hung up and walked in.

When he was seated he saw that the bar was dimly lit, giving it an intimate feel, especially with the single flower in the middle of the table. He frowned at the multiple empty chairs that circled the table.

“Rogers?” He heard his name and looked up from the menu. He saw (Y/N), and in that moment he allowed himself to bask in her beauty. He hasn’t spoken to her in a long time. Of course, their relationship was never friendly, but still, he missed the fights and the banter, and the wanting to rip her clothes to shred and push her up against the wall. Steve coughed, making sure that he wasn’t blushing when he replied to her.

“Are we the first ones here?” (Y/N) asked, sitting down across from him. Steve nodded. “Fantastic,” she grumbled.

“That hurts (Y/L/N),” he gave her a smirk and she smiled largely at him.

After 10 minutes passed, (Y/N) opened her phone and texted Tony’s number.

‘Where are you guys?’

“Tony?” Steve nodded towards the phone.

“Yeah, I mean our friends are little shits, but they’re usually around five minutes late,” she checked her watch, “not ten.”

Suddenly a buzz went through the table.

‘At home. Have fun ;)’

“For fucks sake,” (Y/N) groaned. “By any chance did Sam want to set you up with someone before this?”

Realization went through him and he cursed, “Are you fucking serious?”

(Y/N) laughed at him, “Language, Cap.”

“Our friends are shit.”

“I’ll drink to that.” (Y/N) raised her glass and gulped it down. “I can’t believe I fell for this, I mean it’s a Stark plan,” she sneered. “Those usually have more holes than Swiss cheese.”

“Sam and Tony schemed us. Us out of all people!”

(Y/N) agreed, “Fuck. You know what we should do?”

Steve looked at her, he knew that look. It was that look before a scheme hatched in her mind, god he knew that look. He loved that look. He got turned on by that look. “What?”

“Since our dear friends thought that they could out scheme us, why don’t we show them just how great we can be together?” He gestured for her to go on. “Let’s pretend to date and then we’ll have this dramatic fall out after like a month or so and then they’ll don’t know what to do because we’ll force them to choose sides. Then, we’ll come out and say, ‘it wasn’t real, but this could be the outcome if you keep fucking with our lives.’”

Steve sat back for a while. Usually he was a good guy, he wouldn’t scheme, but sometimes (Y/N) brought out that Steve he wanted to be when he was younger. One that wouldn’t take shit from anyone. He got that chance when (Y/N) entered in his life.

“I’m in.”

3 weeks into ‘dating.’

“I can’t believe that you and Capsicle are dating now,” Tony sat down next to her, a bowl of cereal placed in front of him. “I mean, I thought you would high-tail out of there but not before throwing a drink in his face.”

(Y/N) shrugged, “Well, when I first saw him that’s what I wanted to do. I guess old habits die hard, but once we got talking, it was just realization. I just realized just how much we were alike, but so different at the same time.”

“Ew,” Tony shoved her lightly. “Can you spare me the romantic feelings?”

She threw a piece of granola at him. What surprised her was just how true her statement was.

3.5 Weeks into ‘dating’

“So what’s the next step on the plan?” Steve asked as he opened the door for her.

“I’m not sure if you’re going to like this, but they have to catch us in a sexual manner to say,” (Y/N) spoke and cringed. “You can just lay on top of me, I know that you don’t want to do any of that until you really like someone.”

“How do you know?”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, “Oh please. You’re Mr. Poster Guy for having an emotional connection before having sex with a girl,” noticing his casted down eyes, “not that there’s any wrong with that!” She placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m just saying, Tony knows me. Tony knows that I don’t need an emotional connection when fucking someone.” She saw that he cringed when she said that. “Sorry.” She stopped walking and leaned into the wall, “He won’t believe we’re dating until he catches us in the act. He believes that we had this weird pent up sexual frustration before.”

Steve laughed, “Sam and Nat said the same thing.”

“Okay, so this is what I have in mind-,” she never got to finish her sentence as Steve pushed her up against the wall, she subconsciously lifted her legs and wrapped it around his waist. (Y/N) wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in closer, opening her mouth to allow his tongue in. She moaned as he grinded his hips to hers. “Steve, fuck,” she moaned out as he began placing kissed on his neck.

Steve relished in the way she grinded her hips against her. He could feel himself harden against his gym shorts and he really couldn’t care enough to blush or apologize. He almost took her when she began moaning his name. “You like that?” He nipped her jaw as he grinded against her again.

“God yes,” she rolled her head and pulled him in again to kiss him.

They only broke apart when they heard several throats clearing. (Y/N) and Steve broke apart slowly, she opened her eyes and saw that he was staring at her. His normal crystal blue eyes, were darker than she’s ever seen before.

“Get a room,” Tony hollered, backed up by Clint and Sam’s snickering.

Steve and (Y/N) turned their heads, foreheads still touching, to their audience. “Sorry, can’t keep my hands off her, I mean have you seen her?”

Pietro nodded and smugly grinned, “I sure have.”

Steve growled and (Y/N) found herself getting turned on by it. She grinned and lightly bit his earlobe, grinding into him for the extra act. Steve turned his attention back to her and smiled. He pecked her lips once more.

“For the love of god! I’ve given you guys practically a floor each, can you not do it where everyone can see!” Tony complained as he shut his eyes and dramatically walked to the gym. The others walked past, each smiling smugly and laughing.

Once they were out of view and hearing range, Steve allowed (Y/N) to unwrap her legs around him and gently set her down. “Didn’t know that you had in it you Rogers. I’m surprised, pleasantly surprised, but surprised nonetheless.”

Steve didn’t reply to that comment but he did give her a small, shy smile. “I guess they believe that we’re dating now?”

“For sure,” she laughed, still trying to catch her breath. “I’ll see you round Rogers.” With a wink she disappeared, swaying her hips as she did so, knowing that he was watching her. As she walked away she desperately tried to forget how good he felt, how good and right it felt when he kissed her. How he held her in the right places.

She leaned against a wall, “Fuck.” Yup, she was fucking screwed because she’s opening herself up to Steve.

4 Weeks into ‘dating’

“No need to be jealous (Y/N), you know that he only has his eyes and his other things for you,” Bucky whispered as they both watched a flirtatious reported touched Steve’s arm.

(Y/N) refused to admit that she was jealous. She wasn’t jealous at all. She didn’t want to drag him away and claw the woman who had her paws on him. Nope. Not at all. She was only concerned about their plan being thwarted if he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. She glanced at Bucky and he gave her a supportive smile. “Thanks, Buck.” She touched his arm gently, and that was the time that Steve looked up.

His eyes narrowed as he saw his best friend and his ‘girlfriend-slash-not-girlfriend-but he kinds of has feelings for her?’ closely talking. “So, what would you say was the best thing about the ‘40’s?” Tierney asked as she posed her pencil over the paper.

He turned back to her, giving him her most charming smile and answered.

(Y/N) took a deep breath, her nostrils flaring as she heard the woman’s laugh from across the room. “Breathe,” Bucky warned. They both watched as the reported fiddled with Steve’s tie. “Fuck,” Bucky swore as he watched (Y/N) storming over. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why can’t Sam do this?”

(Y/N) stormed over to where they were, standing so close to Steve that he couldn’t physically move away from her. “Am I interrupting something?” She asked sweetly. Steve looked down at (Y/N), to anyone who didn’t know her, they would have just thought that she was asking a simple question, but he knew that tone.

“Uh, I was just doing an interview here with Mr. Rogers,” the woman explained.

(Y/N) turned to her, an eyebrow arched and her jaw clenched, “Are you really?” She felt Steve’s hand wrap around her waist and leaned back into him. She smirked when she saw the reporter’s eyes move to the gesture. “Because from where I stood you were trying to get into my boyfriend’s pants.”  She moved closer to the woman, “Are you really trying to get into my man’s pants?”

“No, no-,” the woman stuttered.

“Good, because fucking another woman’s man is a big no-no, no matter what, understand?”

“I didn’t know that he had a girlfriend,” the woman tried to explain.

“That’s why I’m letting you off, just make sure when you want to flirt with someone, make sure that they’re not taken, otherwise it can get,” (Y/N) tilted her head and gave the woman in front of her another smile, “messy.” With a turn, she faced Steve indicating that the conversation ended. Luckily, the woman took the hint and walked off.

Steve allowed himself to be dragged by into an empty room. She turned around and he saw that she was beyond pissed. “Do you want our plan to go down the drain?”

“Are you jealous?” He laughed at the thought. (Y/N), jealous? In all of the time that he knew her, she never once showed this kind of emotion.

“I’m angry that our plan would be tarnished, yes.”

He walked over to her, smiling all the while. “You were jealous.” He placed his hands on her hips. She shook her head, anger still in his eyes. “Oh really?” She nodded. “So after this whole charade, you wouldn’t mind me dating her,” he ghosted his lips over hers, “fuck her,” now her ear, “make love to her?” He allowed himself to nibble on her ear, earning a moan from her.

“Fuck her all you want,” (Y/N) grasped the tie, pulling him closer, their noses touching, “but you’re mine right now.” She grounded her hips against his, and this time it was him moaning.

As their kisses got more desperate, (Y/N) allowed her to think. How did it come to this situation? Alone, in a room with Steve Rogers of all people trying to undo her dress, which started which jealously? If you told her this 3 years ago, she would have laughed in your face, but at this moment? She allowed herself to enjoy Steve Rogers.

“Steve, fuck! Oh my god!” She yelled as she fisted his hair.

“Better be quiet doll, or someone might come in,” he mumbled against her clit.

“Don’t care,” she mumbled, Steve moved back in this time with more rigor. Her head tilting back, moaning loudly as she did so.

5.5 Weeks into ‘dating’

“Aren’t we supposed to break up now or something?” He dropped it so casually, it was like he was talking about the weather.

She was so stunned that she couldn’t formulate a sentence so she decided on, “What?”

“Wasn’t that the plan?” She stopped playing with his hair and turned to him. He noticed her eyes drop down, her brows furrowed. “Unless you don’t want to.” He teased.

She looked up and clenched her jaw, “No. I just don’t know how to do it dramatically, I mean I haven’t had the time to think with you fucking me.” She yanked herself out of his grasp, and neither would admit it but they missed each others touch.

Steve’s eyes widened with her cold tone, “(Y/N)…”

“Give me until tonight, then I’ll you the plan,” she walked away, her heart beating furiously.

Once she was in her room, she locked the door and sat on her bed. (Y/N) placed her face on her hands. She completely forgot about the plan -with all the sex, the talks about their past and her incessant questions about his childhood, and the weird dates in Brooklyn that she couldn’t help but enjoy. She never thought that when got into this that their goal, her goal of making sure that Tony and the gang never in their life again would blur with one kiss from Steve Rogers.

(Y/N) had it all planned out. She usually knew what was real and what wasn’t, but whenever she was with Steve, she couldn’t help but feel that everything was real.

She stood by the kitchen, whiskey in her hand. (Y/N) texted Steve two minutes ago to meet her so they can ‘break-up’. She didn’t want to, not that she’ll ever voice that thought out. She saw Steve as soon as he entered the kitchen, his face wasn’t impassive as she thought it would be.

He stalked over to her, every Avenger now watching them. He pulled her into him roughly, his hand on her waist, the other on her ass. (Y/N) was shocked, so she hesitantly kissed him back. He broke apart with her, “I need to talk to you.” Steve didn’t allow her to respond, he just grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to his room. They both felt a group of eyes watching them, but they could not care less.

“Rogers, what the hell are you doing?” He locked the door. Steve faced her.

“I love you,” he stated plainly. “I didn’t want to fall in love with you, but fuck, every single smile that you gave me, every single conversation that we had made me fall in love with you. I’m not going to lie, when I first met you I thought that you were one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen, but then you opened your perfect little mouth and you ruined it all.”

He gave a small laugh, “But you didn’t at the same time.” He looked at her, “I wanted you more than anything, the way that you talked to me -you talked to me like I was a normal guy pissing you off, not Captain America. You were the most annoying, frustrating woman in my life, I didn’t know whether I wanted to kill you or fuck you. But I did know one thing, I couldn’t imagine my life without your incessant nagging about everything that I did.”

Steve stopped speaking, they both knew that he was finished talking. (Y/N) stood there, in the middle of Steve’s room, unmoving, no emotion in her eyes. She closed her yes and inhaled.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re dramatic? You could rival Tony,” She opened her eyes and looked at him. He knew that her words were supposed to be biting but once he saw her eyes, oh god, he could burst out crying. Steve saw the love and admiration that he knew would take awhile for her to voice out. But it was still there. She loved him as well.

“You love me,” he teased and she shrugged laughing all the while. “You know what’s better than normal sex against a wall?” Steve asked.

She moved forward, wrapping her arms around him, her face glowing. “What?”

“Having passionate sex in Tony’s office,” he winked at her and she laughed.

“And they say that I’m the inappropriate one in the relationship!” She grinned at him. He was beautiful and he was hers. “I must say though, you know a way to girl’s heart.”

“Correction, I know the way to your heart.” He grinned down at her, and kissing her for the first time, not because of a scheme or a plan, but because he finally got the girl who managed to make him rip out his hair, kiss her until she’s out of breath and set his soul on fire. Sure, he had a rough road ahead of him, but if she was there with him, he could manage.

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 4

a/n: yes babes its finally here ehehehheh it will be quite rough cause people have requested me that so yeah i am sinning as i am writing this help me god!! oh and this is really long btw, at least for me

oh and (h/c) means hair color btw :)

characters: ok you know the drill but for anyone new its JOKER ; READER

warnings: quite rough smut, daddy kink (cause i know you perverts love that ;])

Time passed and it was all settled. A new maid had been hired, new stuff for me bought… I told him that I didn’t need anything new, that I could just drop by my place and get my stuff, but J insisted. He said ‘i will have everything for my princess to be happy’. That made my heart melt, but also many bank-robbings and heists happen. I didn’t know much about his business, only that it was dangerous.
Usually the day went by with me reading books, cooking, shopping or drawing while he was out - sometimes he’d take me with him to meetings to show that I was his girl. He came home either happy or mad but either way we’d end up having sex. Was I complaining? Not at all. I loved it, there was always something different each time.
As for today, he had woken up before me and probably gone out. But not before leaving a small bag on the floor next to where I was sleeping. I stretched out, sat up in the bed and picked up the bag. It was black and it had a little pink envelope of my name attached to it. He rarely did this. I carefully opened the envelope because I liked to keep them and read what the letter inside read.

my precious angel,

here’s something i’m definitely going to rip off of you, but put it on before 9pm and if you like, put some of that makeup on your face, there will be a car waiting for you at 9pm

there is some business i’d like to do and take you with me

- J

I smiled at the letter and put it back in the envelope. I looked at the clock on the nightstand - it was half past 11am. I smiled again and reached my hand into the bag. The material of something felt like silk. Oh my, I thought, pulling the contents out. I took the shiny one in my hands and laid it out on the bed in front of me. It was a shiny, kind of short silver dress with a very deep V cut. The cut ended where the belly button should be, starting on very thin straps that had beads all over them (a/n: ok we all know that joker likes his lady in a revealing attire so yah)

The other thing were panties. Well, they barely counted as because they were more strings. They were a blush-y red tone, and it was lace and only lace. He must really love lace on me. Last time I wore a pink lace lingerie set, he needed me right there right now. We were at a restaurant - yeah, how romantic - at one of his business meetings and, as J got a little hot and bothered, he discovered my choice of lingerie and had me there in the restaurant’s men’s room. That’s how much he loved lace on me.

Should I try the dress on now? Yeah, probably. I took off the large shirt I was sleeping in and stood up from the bed, taking the dress with me. Slipping on the dress and zipping the back of it, I looked in the mirror at myself. Wow, did the dress look good on me. It looked perfect on me, I looked perfect in it. I was turning and posing in front of the mirror when I heard a knock on the door.

  “Just a second!” I yelled out, slipping out of the dress. I put it and the lingerie back in the bag and put on the large shirt on me. It came down to my knee, so I was safe form exposure. I walked to the door and opened it. There was our maid, Jennifer who was only ten years older than me, standing with a smile.

“Good morning, miss.” She said and I smiled in response. J insisted on everyone in the house calling me 'majesty’ or 'queen’, and they’re scared of him. So I tell them to call me less… higher than them when it’s just me, but around J - they call me as he pleased. Oh, I felt pity for them.

“Hi.” I said, leaning against the doorframe with a goofy smile on my face.

“Breakfast is in the dining room.” She announced. Jennifer was almost like a mother to me. “Is everything okay, miss?”

“Yeah, everything is just perfect, Jen.”

“Okay. You just seem to be in a very good mood now, which is unusual but good.”

“All is good, my friend. I will be down in a few minutes.”

“Alright, miss. Anything else I can do for you?”

“No, thank you. You’re dismissed.” I said and closed the door after seeing Jen nod and leave. I actually felt bad for her and the other staff members - Joker was a scary guy around everyone and there were strict rules for the staff.

First and most important, you can’t tell anyone where and who you’re working for unless you want to get killed because Joker knows everything. Second, strict working hours. You must come to work 20 minutes before your actual shift starts and can’t leave until everything’s done. Third, you must do everything and anything Joker or the Princess ask you. This payed good money, but it was also a very hard and kind of a dangerous job. You just had to keep your mouth shut.

Breakfast was wonderful, as always. Jennifer always made amazing food, especially breakfast. There were always fruits, pancakes, eggs and everything else that I could desire. Sometimes she’d make glorious English breakfast, which she was good at, too. When J wasn’t having breakfast with me, I always let Jennifer sit with me. I tried to be nice to every staff member, even J’s henchmen - they deserved it.

The day all-together had gone by pretty quickly, and - sooner than I thought - I was already doing my makeup in the bathroom. Nothing major, just some mascara and pink lipstick. I took off my comfy clothes, put on the lacy lingerie and slipped into the dress again. My (h/c) curled hair fell perfectly over my shoulders and it was for me to decide what shoes to wear. Luckily, I had just the  pair of white heels, which would go well with the dress. 

Putting the shoes on, I noticed that it was already 8:59pm. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time and then exited the bedroom. I walked down the stairs, only to be met with two of J’s henchmen. 

“Good afternoon, miss.” One of them said and I smiled.

“Hi, boys.” I replied. “Here to take me to your boss?”

“Yes, miss. Let us escort you to the car.” Another one said. I walked up to them and they led me out of the house, into the chilly afternoon of Gotham’s autumn. They walked me to a black car and opened the backseat door for me. I gladly took a seat in the car and they closed the door.

The car ride was short, but it felt as if it was so torturously long. Maybe I just couldn’t wait to meet him. The man at the wheel stopped at J’s club and I couldn’t stop smiling. I really wanted to see him.

One of the henchmen opened the door for me and I stepped out of the car. My heels clicked against the ground as the henchmen led me into the club filled with music and drug-driven youngsters and gangsters. The henchmen walked me to the bar table where he was standing. He was slowly turning around and once his eyes found me, they sparkled. He was in a suit, he had a small purple bow around his neck. His green hair was slicked back, as always.

“Darling,” he said with the famous smile of his. “Come to Daddy.” He said and I needed no more to run into his arms. My arms went around his neck as his snaked over my waist and stayed there. 

“I missed you,” I said, putting my hand on his cheek. He growled.

“Mmm, I missed you too, baby girl.” He said through a growl and looked at my lips before kissing them roughly. One of his hands slid down to butt and grabbed onto it, and I was sure it’d leave a mark. “I really love how you look in this dress.”

“Well, I can only thank you, Mr. J for buying it for me.” I said with a smile.

“Yo, J,” I then heard somebody say from behind us. Joker’s head turned to the voice and the look in his eyes changed. It was probably a business guy. “Can we have the meeting now?” 

“You are not to say when we meet.” Joker sternly said at the tall guy. He was in a simple attire, unlike other people, and us, in the club. “But I’ll have my men escort you while I’m taking care of other business here.” His eyes narrowed at the guy. He followed J’s men while J himself turned back to me. “Now, my dear. Do you want to go dancing with other girls while I’m at business or do you want to come with me do business and show that guy you’re all mine?” J asked, tilting my chin upwards with his gloved hand.

“I want to come with you…” I almost moaned in response. 

“Then let’s go, my dear.” J said and turned around, putting his arms around my waist as we walked to the back of the club. There was a round section that was separated from the outside with bead curtains. A guard parted the curtains to let us through. The guy, J’s business partner was standing at a round table in the middle of a - also round - golden sofa chair. Joker moved me before him and whispered in my ear: 

“Sit down, doll.” I nodded and made my way into the circle, taking a seat on the sofa chair. Joker soon followed, sitting right next to me and putting an arm around my waist. “You can sit down.” He coldly spoke to the guy, who sat down across us. “Do you want anything.. to drink?”

“Nah, I’m not thirsty. Thank you, J.” The man responded. “Although I have to say - everything you offer is pretty valuable and priceless.” This man already seemed really sketchy to me. J had probably already cracked open his shelf by reading the man like an open book.

“What are you trying to do?” J asked in a menacing tone. “Sweet talk me?”

“No, J, I was just telling the truth.” He said, looking me up and down. A sketchy creep? Jesus. I felt J beside me tensing up and breathing heavily, seconds later his hand left my waist and was on my thigh, dipping his fingers into my skin. I put my hand over his and caressed his rough skin to calm him down.

“See her?” J gestured with his hand at me, looking the guy right in the eyes. “She… is all mine, only mine.” J saw the way the guy looked at me. Now he was afraid of Joker. “Do we have that clear?” 

“Yes, J.” The guy nodded. “But where’s Harley?”

“Harley? Who? Where’s Harley? Harley, Harley, Harley…” Joker turned his head all around. Harley? But who was that? “Harley… is not your business.”

“Yes, sorry for asking, J.”

“Now, let’s cut to the chase. I feel like there’s something you have to give me. Isn’t that… money?”

“Y-yeah, about that…” the guy trailed off, the fear was evident in his eyes. J narrowed his blue eyes at him. “t-the money’s gone.”

“The money’s gone?” Joker repeated. Oh, this was bad. 

“Y-yes, I’m sorry, J.” The guy’s head hung low. “If there’s anything I can do, I will. But it was so unexpected, if we-”

“You could shut up.” Joker interrupted in an angered tone. J then rose to his feet and walked over to the guy, sitting next to him. What was he about to do? “You know, people do deals. One does something in favor for the other and the other does them a favor in return. You know what I’m talking about?”


“Well, you and I had a deal. I did something in your favor. But you… didn’t do me a favor back. Now, do you know what I do with people like that?”

“No, J.”

“Doll face, don’t look.” J said as he was taking a gun from behind him, only I could see. Oh my God. “Sweets, look. Away.” He said again and I turned my head away from them, focusing on the beaded curtains. “I do this.” I heard right before the sound of a shot being fired sounded through the club. I screamed, as well as many other people. I turned my head back around and there sat J with a sinister look and blood splattered on his face. One of his henchmen handed him a handkerchief and he cleaned his face with it. Did he kill the man?

There was blood all over the sofa chair above the now dead body. I put my hand over my mouth, not believing what had just happened. It was the first time I had witnessed him killing somebody. Oh my God. And this was business for him. Oh dear.

J rose to his feet again and reached his hand out for me. I looked up at him with fear visible in my eyes.

“C'mon, sweets, let’s go. We have to go.” He said, impatience audible. I stood up, not to anger him even more and he took my arm, pulling us out of the round lounge. “We have something to do back home, baby doll.” We and J’s henchmen walked through the backdoor of the club and J pulled me into his lamborghini, in the passenger seat. I was really scared of him. He just killed someone. In front of me. So that was his way of taking care of people who don’t do him good. I definitely did not want to be on his bad list.

The car ride home was deadly silent and J’s hand was on my thigh all the time, creeping up and down. Once we were out on our driveway, J barked at his men to stay outside in case someone comes looking for us and dragged me inside. After he closed the door, I turned away, standing before him with my eyes to the floor. His fingers raised my chin up, but I turned away. He cupped both of my cheeks in his hands and raised my face to look at him, but my eyes were anywhere but looking in his. 

“Look at me, doll.” He said. “LOOK AT ME!” He shouted, making a tear escape my eye and I looked at him. “Good girl. Now… Daddy has some rage to express..” he said, sliding his hand underneath my dress. I didn’t want this, not in this situation. Yes, he came home angry and we had sex, but this was different. He killed a man with the same hand that was on my waist now. This was not wanted by me.

J growled and pressed a kiss between my cheekbone and ear. I sobbed, closing my eyes.

“What is it, angel?” He asked, slowly kissing down my neck. “Aren’t you enjoying this?” I didn’t speak a word for some reason, as much as I wanted to. Joker took me by my waist, hopping me over his shoulder. He walked through the house, up the stairs and entered a room - our bedroom - and dropped me on the bed. 

He crawled over my body and looked at me with that menacing look in his eyes. His lips pressed against mine as he growled, sending vibrations through my body. In the wrongest ways possible this was turning me on slightly.  His hands slid up under the dress, massaging my breasts with his rough touch while tears were rolling down my cheeks one after another. 

“Daddy..” I moaned out in a crying tone and J suddenly ripped the beautiful dress apart, exposing my upper half to him. 

“Now this is a sight I like to see.” He growled and there was even more aggressiveness and anger in his voice. He tugged the lace panties off of me, down my legs and threw them away. He then unbuckled his belt and I used the opportunity to back away from him. I brought my knees to my chest when I reached the headboard of the bed. J was at the edge of the bed, only in his boxers. He noticed me huddled away from him and snarled. J’s hand reached out politely at first, but then he grabbed my ankle and yanked my body towards him. “Why don’t you be a good girl and obey Daddy.” He said, growling the last two words, almost barking. Not waiting for my reply, he turned me over so I was on all fours before him. “You know Daddy doesn’t like it when you don’t obey him.” He spoke, running his hands up and down my sides, taking my breasts in his hands and groping, kneading at them. I released a moan and almost lost balance on my arms. 

Suddenly, without any kind of warning, he slammed his length into me (a/n: dear god help me i am sinning my father), releasing a high pitched moan from my mouth. His fingers combed through my hair, then grabbed it all in one hand and yanked my head up so my back was pressing into his chest. I yelped, but moaned again as he thrusted deeper. 

“O-oh, my God…” I managed to croak out. J pulled my head back by my hair so now it was resting on his shoulder.

“Do you like that, doll?” He asked huskily in my ear, thrusting into me again. I let out a breathy moan. “Do you like Daddy fucking you from behind, huh? Are you enjoying this?”

“Y-yes, Daddy, I am…” I said in between moans. He had already touched my G-spot and I was near my release already.

“You see, baby girl,” he spoke, lowering both of us onto the bed, “Daddy is very mad at the man not doing me good. But,” he said, running his hand down to my pulsating heat, “Daddy disliked even more the way that man was looking at my baby girl.” His lips sucked onto the skin on my neck, his fingers circled my clit and his cock thrusted into me from behind. I was already out of breath, he was driving me insane. 

Moans kept leaving my mouth as J was grunting and growling in my ear when he started thrusting even faster into me. I released an almost pornographic moan, grabbing the sheets around me.

“Nobody. Can have. My baby girl.” He growls in my ear, sending me over the edge. My whole body shivered as I rode out my orgasm and I felt him release his load into me. My breathing was ragged, but heavy as J pulled his cock out of me and exhaled deeply. I tried to calm down my breathing , sweat leaking everywhere on my body as well as his. 

His hands were on my waist as he turned me around so i was facing him. He kissed my lips with a growl of satisfaction and bit onto my lower lip. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl,” he whispered. 


A/N To the sweet anon who requested the other Ben imagine, here ya go :)

Summary: Reader was separated from Benjamin a while back and then taken in by Rick and the others, she think’s Ben is dead until she sees him in the kingdom 

Warnings: Mentions of death kind of ??? Idk that’s to be expected in twd 


“Holy shit,” you laughed, a wide grin on your face as you looked at the tiger that sat next to a man on a throne, King Ezekiel you supposed.

“Jesus! It pleases me to see you old friend!” The supposed king exclaimed, a large smile on his face.

“It pleases him indeed,” a larger man who you guessed was supposed to be a jester. The king held up a hand,“Jerry.” You hadn’t yet realized who the boy in between them was, not getting an extremely good view of him as you stood behind most of the group, even if you did have a good view you were staring at the tiger.

“Tell me, what news do you bring good king Ezekiel. Are these new allies you have brought me?” The man on the throne questioned, causing you to look up at him.

“Indeed they are, your majesty. This is-” Jesus paused as he turned around, taking notice of their shocked faces. “Oh, right, I forgot to mention-”

“Yeah, the tiger?” Rick stopped him, glancing back at him. Jesus gave an apologetic look before turning back around,“This is Rick Grimes, and these are some of his people.” They all began to walk forward, some going to stand in between the seats, while Carl, Tara, Michonne, Daryl, and you stayed standing behind Rick and Jesus.

“I welcome you all to the kingdom, good travelers. Now, what brings you to our fair land? Why do you seek an audience with the king?”

It was only then you realized who the person standing next to the king was.


One of the three who had helped you survive before Rick’s group had found you. You had been split up from him, his father, and little brother by a large herd. It was too late when you realized you’d run the opposite way as them. Three months of you looking for them had passed, that was when Rick had found you.

They had been your family ever since, after you’d come to terms with the fact that Benjamin was dead.
It was hard, as the two of you were so madly in love it hurt to think that he had become a walker. You didn’t realize there were tears in your eyes until Michonne gently grabbed onto your wrist, eyebrows furrowed as she followed your gaze. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” She muttered as Rick talked to Ezekiel. You shook your head, unable to mutter anything other than his name,“Benjamin.”

Benjamin noticed you as well. Once he looked over your group as you walked in, he took note of how similar you looked to his y/n, the one who had died quite a while ago. He couldn’t look back at you, it hurt too much.

He didn’t look back until he noticed you staring out of the corner of his eye, and saw how your eyes glistened in the light. He knew it was you.

When the failed conversation was over and you followed the group out of the building, tears drying against your cheek. Michonne paused, grabbing ahold of your arms,“Hey, who was that back there? Why were you crying?”

You sighed,“Do you remember the people I told you about? The ones I was with before we got split up and you guys found me?” She nodded. “That was one of them. Benjamin. I thought he was dead.” Her eyes widened slightly as she stared at you, until something caught her eye behind you. With a confused look, you turned around, seeing Benjamin standing about twenty feet away. His eyes widened as he realized it really was you, he wasn’t just imagining it. Without realizing it, your feet had begun to run in his direction, as did his. You jumped onto him, arms wrapping tightly around him.

“I thought you were dead.” You sobbed, holding him tighter than you ever had before. “I thought you were too! We looked, but we couldn’t find you.” He said, tears dripping out of his eyes and onto your shirt.

“Where’s Henry and your dad? They’re okay, right?” You questioned, pulling back with a concerned gaze.

“Uh, dad died when we fought against the saviors, Henry’s okay though.” He spoke quietly, eyes glancing down. “Oh, Ben. I’m so sorry.” Benjamin shook his head, grabbing onto your face and pulling your lips in to meet his. Your hands gripping onto his shirt as you sighed into the lips you never thought you’d feel again.

You heard a cough, causing the two of you to jump and look in the direction of the noise, seeing your group staring at you with amused and questioning eyes. You laughed nervously,“I’ll explain later. Give me a minute, please? Just wait at the gate for me.” They hesitated, but nodded, beginning to walk away. “Don’t take too long,” Rick smirked. You brought him back to your lips, giving him a short kiss. He leaned his forehead against yours, eyes staying shut.

“Stay here, y/n.” He muttered. Pulling back just slightly, you glanced away with a sigh, before looking back at him. He was staring at you with begging eyes, the same eyes he would use on you to get whatever he wanted. You caressed his jaw,“I can’t, Ben. I wish I could, you have no idea how bad I wish I could… but they need everyone they can get. A lot of people I care about have died because of the saviors, and I’m not going to stop until he’s dead.”

He wanted to argue, you knew that, but you also knew he wouldn’t. Benjamin could tell by the sound of your voice that you wouldn’t abandon them. A single tear fell out of his eye, but you wiped it away,“I’ll come back, when this is all over. I’d say come with me… but it’s too dangerous for you and Henry. I don’t want to risk losing you again. At least with you here I’ll know your safe.”

“As safe as you can be in a zombie apocalypse.” He said, a small smile on his face that told you he understood. You chuckled, nodding. “I better get going, we have an asshole to kill.”

Benjamin pressed his lips against yours once more, pulling you in for a hug,“I love you, please be as safe as you can out there.” You squeezed him one more time,“I love you, too. Tell Henry I love him and miss him, alright?” He nodded, and the two of you parted, hesitantly walking away.

“Oh hey, you have got to tell me how the hell he got a tiger!” You called out with a laugh, causing him to laugh too.

“When you get back!” He promised, smiling as he watched you laugh once more before turning around and jogging to the gate where your group was impatiently waiting.

“Got yourself a boyfrien’, y/n?” Daryl smirked, causing you to playfully glare at him. Michonne laughed, looking at you,“Don’t worry, I explained to them who he was.” You gave her a grateful look as you all climbed into the car, attempting to prepare yourself for all the teasing you were about to receive. You didn’t complain once though, not really, as it just reminded you that he wasn’t a zombie.

He was still alive, and no amount of teasing would ever tear that bit of happiness down.



Reader is best friends with Grayson and Ethan, and gets one fleeting day to meet them for the first time, during which time Grayson struggles with the fact that he is helplessly in love with her.

photo creds: sensualkisses.tumblr.com


Funnily enough, you had met Grayson online. You’d messaged him expecting no response, but for some reason, he did reply. And then he replied again, and again, and now you were best friends, who until today, had never met. He was on tour at the moment, and as much as you’d told him you were so excited for him, a part of you did feel heartbroken knowing that there was no way the twins would ever stop where you lived, nobody ever did. But after the international dates were released, your city had been sneakily added after the release of the list, and it would be the last stop.

You were first meeting them at their meet and greet, which meant that all your past months worth of wishful longing were coming true, and you were going to have to mask your bubbling joy and act semi-normal. The girl in front of you finished her turn, and Ethan and Grayson waved her off politely before spinning in sync to meet the next person, you. They had to play it off like you were any other fan, but it didn’t take a genius to see their dumb grins grow twice the size when they saw you. You zoomed forward, both twins opening their arms for you at the same time, the conflict startling you momentarily, but you went for Gray first. Grayson slinked his arms tightly around your waist, pushing you firmly into his rippled chest, your face buried into the crook of his bronzed neck. He smelt of fresh laundry and overpowering cologne, his breath tingling of mint.

“I wanted to say thank you in person,” you whispered faintly into his ear.

“What do you mean?” Grayson said through a clenched smile, swaying the hug left to right.

“I know you added this tour stop for me,” you smiled into his skin.

Sure, fans in your city had been thrilled to hear they were coming, but the fanbase itself certainly wasn’t booming almost nearly as much as at their other stops, it just seemed a little odd.

Grayson’s cheeks flushed faintly as he squeezed your waist, “I wanted to see you, so why not add another stop?”

You giggled and released him, “We-”

“Are you gonna talk to Grayson all day, should I just give up now?” Ethan said, his arms still weakly outstretched, his lips pouting.

You snorted and leaped into his arms, your legs coming snugly around his waist. 

“Sorry E,” you smiled.

Ethan’s pout faltered a little, “I’ll forgive you if you gimme a ki-”

You shut him up and dropped a kiss on his cheek, your eyes fluttering closed as you felt him smile under your lips.

“Forgiven,” Ethan did his ‘I’m hilarious’ grin, and plopped you back down, his eyes lifting and his smile wavering for a second.

You raised an eyebrow in confusion and turned to G, swearing for a second that you glimpsed…jealousy? Oh well, you shook it off quickly.

You took your picture and and got a hug goodbye, parting with an almost inaudible whisper, “See you soon.”


By the time the show was all packed up, you were passed out at home on your sofa from exhaustion. You heard a knock at your door, and blindly stumbled over to let two extremely hyped boys into your place. 

“Let’s get a pizzaaaa!” Grayson bounced up on the couch, his earring jumping up and down. 

“TWO PIZZAS,” Ethan yelled.

You rubbed your eyes and slapped yourself awake, “O-o-” you yawned wide, “Okay.”

“Are you tired? We can go if you want,” Grayson said, catching on to your sleepiness.

“NO!” you jumped, his words waking you right up, “This is the one time I get to see you two idiots!”

“Why thank you,” Ethan smiled.

You giggled and clawed at your face, “You’re gonna have to hook me up with some of your sugar high.”

“Buy an extra large coke with that pizza then,” Grayson winked.

Those pizzas,” Ethan corrected.

The rest of the night was a blur of stories, coca cola burps, and excessive singing to overplayed songs. Three hours after arriving, one sad piece of cheese pizza remained.

“Who wants?” you groaned out, your belly full of bubbles and pizza dough.

“Share with me,” Grayson smiled wide.

“Gray, I’m gonna explode.”

“Oh come on,” Ethan mumbled sleepily, “couples do it all the time.”

“Couples?” You laughed out loud.

Grayson laughed awkwardly, shoving his fist into Ethan’s belly, “You’re so funny,” he growled.

You plopped down beside Grayson, stretching your legs out onto the couch and resting your head into his ‘Post Show Comfy Sweatpants.’

Grayson looked down at you, his startled expression molding into a satisfied little smile, his brown eyes crinkling.

Grayson lowered the piece of the pizza down into your open mouth, and you quickly swallowed a piece of it, clutching at your stomach in protest.

“Sooo cute,” Ethan mocked before promptly passing out.

“He’s right, you are cute,” you giggled up at Grayson.

“Not as cute as you,” Grayson mumbled affectionately, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear and drawing a pattern across you skin with his thumb.

Well, that was new.

You blinked up at Grayson, struggling to keep your eyes open.

“Gray?” you said.


“I’m so beyond happy to have seen you today. I’m so beyond happy that you exist. I love you so much,” you breathed, your eyelids drooping.

Grayson closed his eyes, his teeth grinding together lightly, his hand coming down to rest on your cheek.

“Y/N?” he struggled.

“Yeah?” you managed.

“I love you.”

He said it weakly, barely forcing the words out his lips, and you held onto those three sweet words as you sunk down into your slumber, not realizing the intention behind them.

The next morning

You knew you were too late as soon as you awoke.

The boys were leaving first thing in the morning, and you had slept right through their departure. The only trace of them ever having come was a note.

“You drool when you sleep. Also I’ll miss you, I guess”

- Ethan

Grayson hadn’t written anything, that kind of hurt.

You grabbed your phone, quickly dialing Grayson, who didn’t pick up, so you tried Ethan instead.

“Hey, sleeping beauty,” he said.

You laughed sadly, annoyed at yourself for wanting to cry.

“Hi Ethan, where are you?” you laughed softly.

“In a cab,” he said, “We didn’t want to wake you up,”

“I miss you already,” you smiled sadly, wiping away a small teardrop.

“We miss you too.”

“I don’t think Grayson does,” you mumbled bitterly.

Ethan coughed uncomfortably, taking a second to respond. “I think he misses you a lot, actually.”

You heard Grayson snap something, to which Ethan hissed, “Well maybe if you weren’t such a cowar-”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Only if you cut the bullshit and tell her-”

“I don’t have to do sh-”

The line went dead.

Your mouth hung open and you dropped the phone down carelessly, sinking down onto the floor and starting to cry. Crystal droplets trickled down your cheeks as you sobbed into your knees without caring even a little bit. You couldn’t comprehend why Grayson had just turned against you with no cause.

You don’t know how long you stayed like that, but you ended up sinking into a restless silence, which was abrupted who knows when, by a quick knock at the door. You brought yourself up, confused as you dawdled over to the door. You pulled it open, your eyed red and cheeks stained.

“Y/N,” Grayson started.

You stared at him, unable to piece together a response, so you started to close the door on him.

“Please, Y/N,” he begged his large hand forcing the door open.

“I don’t feel like hearing your shitty excuse as to why you pretended to be my friend.”

Grayson swallowed, your words sinking in, and he looked beyond hurt.

He pushed the door open, and before you could say anything, he grabbed your waist roughly and pulled you straight into his warm chest. You wanted to protest, but god, it felt good in his arms.

“Why didn’t you say goodbye?” you wept into the soft fabric of his tee.

“Because saying goodbye hurts,” he whispered, his eyes moist as  he nuzzled into your hair. “It hurts so much,” his voice broke, “and it was easier to let go this way.”

“Tell me why,” you begged, ungluing yourself from his body and blinking up at him through your bleary vision.

Grayson shook his head and laughed pathetically, swiping up your tears with his thumb, “Don’t you get it? I already told you why.”

You shook your head in confusion.

“I love you, Y/N, I told myself it was nothing, that I didn’t come here just for you, but who am I kidding? I love you so damn much and I was stupid to think for even a second that by seeing you, these feelings would go away. Being with you yesterday just made me it worse, looking into your eyes and knowing that you don’t feel how I feel. You think I won’t miss you?! No..I’m going to miss you so much that I couldn’t even say goodbye. And it’s been destroying me piece by piece, because every fibre of my being just wants to hold you like this forever, and I love you so much, and it hurts, Y/N.” 

Your heart froze in your chest, and you momentarily forgot how to breathe.

“I just, needed you to know, I’m sorry,” Grayson sighed, letting you go.

“Gray-” you stuttered.

“I have a plane to catch,” he turned.

“Grayson,” you commanded, but he ignored you.

“GRAYSON,” you snapped, grabbing him by the shoulder and forcing his back into the wall.

He blinked down at you in shock.

“You think you’re the only one who gets to talk, you jackass?” you hissed.

“Well what do you have to say to me!?” Grayson said, his jew clenched in frustration, his eyes dark.


You grabbed Grayson by his jaw and forced his lips down into yours. They were soft and full, sweet like cotton candy, and right now, they were all yours. His scent consumed you, the feeling of his lips molding against yours flaring a fiery spark in your chest. Grayson’s chest heaved heavily against yours in the heat, his hands dropping to your hips and his lips responding quickly. His nails dug into your tender skin, flipping you around and pressing your back hard into the wall as he towered over you, arching his body into your chest, his lips devouring yours. You moaned softly into his lips, sending little vibrations into Grayson’s, your hands grabbing the back of his hair and tugging him into you as you urged for more. He squeezed at your hips, his tongue entering your mouth, and you followed his lead, letting yourself explore him. Your head spun, knees weak from the taste of him that you knew you would never get enough of, and it consumed you like a drug.

Grayson detached his lips from yours, his eyes closed, his heavy breath tickling your skin.

“Y/N…” he mumbled faintly, his hands moving gently to hold your wrists, which fit easily in his grip.

“I always loved you, Grayson Dolan.”

Gray opened his eyes, scanning you over carefully.

“Maybe it took me this many I love you’s to finally get it right, and maybe ‘I love you,’ means something different to me now than before, but Grayson, I-”

Grayson silenced you with his lips, pressing them to yours for a fleeting second.

“This is all I ever wanted,” he breathed, placing his nose to yours.

“You’re all I ever wanted,” you smiled softly.

Suddenly, Grayson released you, his expression saddening.

“What’s wrong?” you asked.

“In a way, this is worse.”

“Hm?” you questioned.

“In a way, saying goodbye… is even worse now,” he sighed.

You stared blankly at him, the silence ringing in your ears, your answer falling easily off your lips.

“Then don’t say goodbye.”

Late Night Proposals.

words: 2071

A king sized mattress, two pillows, a television and a comforter are all which occupy your new home. These items are in the center of the large, nearly empty living room.

You’ve lost track of time.

You know it’s no longer night, at least not technically. The large bay windows encircling your living room, however, might argue otherwise. With your gaze on them now, from where you lay, all you can see is a sky full of stars. But, you know it has to be morning.

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Kind of Like Narnia (Part ¼)

Raphael (2014/2016) x Reader
Notes: Hi! This is my first fic kind of thing, on tumblr that is. I hope you enjoy it! [P/N] is your pet’s name, but you’d probably already know that lol
Warnings: Swearing, that’s about it
Word count: 1304
Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It was a morning like any other. You were sat on your bed, under the covers; scrolling through you social media feeds. Since you’d passed out from watching old episodes of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ last night, you hadn’t closed your curtains, so the light pouring into your room woke you up. You enjoyed your weekends. No school, no drama, just you and the TV remote.

It would’ve been a great lazy day, if your Mom didn’t clamber through the room with an old fashioned wardrobe following behind her. It looked like something from the 1900’s.

“Mom? What the hell?” you laughed, watching two very large men set the wardrobe down on the floor and then set it upright. The wardrobe was over 7ft, and just about missed the ceiling.

“It was your great grandparents! I have no idea what it’s for but it’s pretty cool right!” she clapped her hands together, giggling before stepping forward and opening the doors.

Moths. Dead moths. Live moths, flew out of the wardrobe and around the room.

“Wow Mom, real treasure you got here.” You said blandly, crossing your arms over your chest. Your mother simply ignored you, pushing the wardrobe to the wall. This gave you a small tingle, but you ignored it and shuffled back over to your bed, laying back down and turning the TV on.

“[P/N]! Get back here!” you yelled, calling your cat back to wherever he had ran off to. You’d bought a cute collar for him to try on, but as per usual he hissed at you and ran off. You had chased him around the house before losing him and walking back to your room.

The door was open. The door of the wardrobe that you hadn’t even touched since your Mom pretty much left it there. Months ago. It was very pretty, but horrible dusty and old on the inside, with your dead great grandparents clothes still hanging in there.

“For fucks sake, [P/N].” you grumbled, picking up the collar and holding your nose. You paid good money for that collar, it was going on him whether he liked it or not.

You gingerly took a step into the closet, being cautious not to close the door, because it would be dumb to shut yourself in a closet. As you went further in, you just assumed this was an enormous closet. It was almost pitch black as you got to the very centre of the wardrobe. The further in you got, the more the air around you started to change, it was damp, and smelt a lot like sewage. Obviously, you had been calling out your cat’s name out, but they hadn’t even appeared, or jumped out and attacked you. You kept your arms stretched out in front of you, so as to not bump into the back of the wardrobe. Taking one, two, three more steps forward, you expected to feel the hardwood on the tips of your fingers – but you didn’t.

In fact, you felt a cold air, but it also felt quite sticky. You took another step forward and felt the edge of the wardrobe at your feet. Taking one more step, calling out [P/N] one more time before tripping and falling on to your knees into dirty water.

You hadn’t realised you had your eyes closed until you slowly opened them, blinking to adjust your eyes to the light.

Feet. No. Green feet? Your eyes slowly widened as you picked your head up, to stare directly at a grinning green face, with an orange bandana wrapped around its head.

“Hey dudette! I’m Michelangelo, the chicks call me Mikey!” he winked, still grinning down at you whilst holding out a three fingered - also green - hand out to you. Your eyes narrowed, wrinkling your nose before taking his hand and lifting yourself up with your other hand.

Your eyes slowly widened at who this person was. One of the 4 turtles, from your favourite franchise. Taking a step away from him, you grinned.

“Hello, I’m [Y/N],” you shook his hand before pulling it away. “Have you seen my cat?”

“Oh! Yeah totally dudette, he’s back at the lair.” You nodded, pretending to not know what he was talking about as you had a small freak out inside your head. “Wait, what’re you even doing in the sewers?”

“I have no idea dude, you tell me,” you chuckled before looking around. “Which way are we going?”

Mikey took you to the lair, mostly talking about pizza the whole way there, not that you minded though. You smiled happily to yourself as you got to the lair, looking around, twirling. ‘Am I tripping?’

As soon as you got there, Mikey insisted you played a game of Mario Kart with him, which you of course agreed to. However, that was soon stopped when you heard Master Splinter’s voice call out from the dojo.

“Michelangelo. Who is this?” his voice was calm, collected, but you could hear a slight tinge of annoyance or anger behind it. Turning around, you grinned slightly before bowing your head in respect.

“Master Splinter!” Mikey’s eyes widened as he looked between you, the large rat and his brother’s who had now gathered around.

“Hi! I’m sorry, I’m [Y/N]. I kind of stumbled her by mistake, actually it wasn’t really a mistake I didn’t even know I was coming and to be quite honest I don’t even know how I got here I was chasing my dumb cat- [P/N]!” your eyes widened at the sight of your feline friend, and his widened too as he ran off in the other direction. “Come back here!” you growled and jumped over a chair and followed the cat, the turtle brothers in hot pursuit.

After finally get your cat to at least mildly respect you, and explaining your situation to the family, you were now sat in Donnie’s lab looking through the tapes of when, and how, you got into the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ world.

Of course you didn’t tell them you knew who they were, and you had stuffed teddies of them in your bedroom, and posters, and kept the tickets for both of their latest Bay movies. You’d sound like a complete stalker. That’s not an attractive look, especially when your favourite red clad turtle was glaring directly at you. Donnie was typing away on his computer before he stood up abruptly and called the other brothers into the room. You also stood up, feeling quite left out.

“There!” Donnie pointed to the screen where a white light had appeared. You squinted before grabbing the keyboard and zooming in. The inside of the wardrobe was clearly visible, but other than that you couldn’t see anything.

“Why were you in a wardrobe?” Raphael’s rough voice grumbled from the side of you. He was staring at you. You could feel your face turn a bright shade of red before you handed Donnie his keyboard back. You looked up at him, narrowing your own eyes before looking back towards the screen so he couldn’t see how red your face was.

“Trying…[P/N]…” You mumbled, shuffling your feet around. Raphael rolled his eyes and walked off. Inside you felt quite disheartened. You knew him, sort of. You liked him, he was your favourite character. But he didn’t even acknowledge you. Nice.

“Cool! So, like Narnia?” Mikey grinned, whilst chewing on what looked like a pizza sandwich.

“Yes Mikey, kind of like Narnia…”

A/N I’ve requested other people to write this before, before I had my own account, but I decided to give it my own touch! For some reason, I love the idea of this. I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Klaus finds the reader, who just got turned, in shock after killing someone for the first time.

Warnings: blood and death

Klaus Mikaelson

You were cowered a few feet away from the body you had just sucked dry, the body of the man you killed.

You were a recently turned vampire, even though you never wanted to be one. You had been killed by an enemy of your group of friends, but unknowingly to them, you had vampire blood in your system that had healed you after getting severely hurt. You had gotten hurt more times than you can count, but that was to be expected as your friends were the vampires and werewolves of mystic falls, and since you knew the originals and had caught the eye of the well known hybrid, you were an even bigger target.

You sat there on the forest floor with blood covering the bottom half of your face, your body, and clothes in shock. You didn’t know what to do, you didn’t know if you should tell someone and you didn’t know how to clean the mess up.

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Merry Christmas! Thanks to@l8nitl0vr for the request. I’m hoping that this is what you were looking for. It’s less ‘little fluffy things’ more ‘grand sweeping gestures’. Let me know what you think. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: Reader is a little heartbroken about a failed relationship and when Thor notices he does all kinds of fluffy things to try and make her feel better? >///

“The Man in Red”

Thor wasn’t a studious man. He believed in learning by doing things and consequently making mistakes (of which he had made a few in his time). However, at this time of year, he’d made an exception.

The Avengers’ first Christmas together reminded them that one particular member of their team was not as well-versed in Earth traditions as the others. Even Steve felt like a font of knowledge when describing Halloween. So when December rolled around, everybody chipped in to give him all the information they could about the festive season.

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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 23

Summary: More of Negan’s thoughts and how well you’re holding up in Randy’s care.


“..And you, you better run because I’m going to destroy you for what you’ve taken from me.” - Samantha Young

“I don’t like it, but my hands are tied. I just want you to know this: if I ever get the chance to betray you, I will. If the opportunity arises to pay you back, I’ll take it. You’ll never be able to trust me.” - Darren Shan

“I will hurt you for this. I don’t know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid.” - George R.R. Martin


*Negan’s perspective*

He entered the room with Dwight by his side.

He pulled up a nearby chair.

“What’s the deal?” Negan asked the doctor as he sat down beside Arat’s bed.

Dr. Michael’s turned from front the sink he was at and leaned against the counter, “It was a close call for her. Luckily, the bullet went through clean - No shattering. Her biggest problem was blood loss. But she’s going to be fine.”

Negan nodded as he was lost in his own thoughts, many questions were unanswered, especially as to where you were.

“Well, how fuckin’ soon will she be able to talk? (Y/N) wasn’t found.” He asked, narrowing his eyes.

The doctor crossed his arms as he looked to her, “Whenever she wakes up she can, but that might be a while. I gave her sedatives so I could clean and stitch up the wound.”

Negan sucked his teeth, getting angry again.
He didn’t have time to wait, but knew he didn’t have a choice.
No amount of anger or threats could make her wake up and talk any faster.

He nodded and looked to Dwight, “Tell me every fuckin’ thing you know.”

Dwight was leaning against the wall near the bed, he looked nervous as usual when being questioned by Negan.

“We don’t know much else. We found her out there, and all of her weapons had been taken. Maybe it was an ambush.” Dwight said.

Negan gritted his teeth. If it was an ambush, then there was no telling who it was.
It wasn’t any secret that there were groups Negan had gained control over that were less than happy with him for taking their shit.

“If it’s any of those goddamn people from Alexandria..” Negan said angrily.

He had a scowl on his face that seem as if it would never go away, and Dwight and the Dr. Michael’s saw it.

“I’ll notify you as soon as she wakes up.” Michael’s said quickly, trying his best to reassure Negan.

“Yeah, you fuckin’ better, doc.” Negan growled as he stood up, slinging the chair to the other side of the room.

He walked out with Dwight trailing behind him.

“What do you wanna do now?” Dwight asked cautiously.

“I’m fuckin’ thinkin’ of that, D. So far, I’m thinkin’ it’s either Rick and his fuckin’ people or Randy.” Negan growled back to him.

“We’ll find her.” Dwight said plainly.

“She better be fuckin’ found in one piece. Because there’s no goddamn alternative to this. You think you’ve seen brutality before, Dwight? You really don’t wanna fuckin’ see what’ll happen if she’s dead.” Negan said in a calm tone, but his face told a different story.

Dwight looked scared as Negan glared over to him, and he nodded back slowly.

“Stay with Arat and when she wakes up, you fuckin’ call me. She better fuckin’ know something.” He said as he headed off to the cells.

And he meant every word of it.
He wanted you back here and he wanted you to be alive, although he didn’t wanna say that he was worried.
He knew that you knew how to handle yourself, he just hoped that wherever you were, you were safe.
He knew what he needed to do next, It was time to pay a fucking visit to Vernon.

*(Y/N)’s perspective*

After Mark got taken out of the room, one of the men came back with a length of chain and you were held down yet again as Randy chained you up like a rabid dog.
He ran the chain around your midsection tightly a few times before locking it to you and then chaining you to a pipe that went up the stone wall of the building.

Randy stood back as he admired his handywork, “Maybe if you start being nice, I’ll let you out of those.”

You wanted to say something smart, but you knew it was better if you didnt.
All you could do was glare back at him.

“Hmm, no answer? That’s okay. To be honest, I kinda like you better like this.” He smirked.

“It makes more sense just to kill me.” You said bluntly as you looked up to him.

“Does it now?” He asked.

“Yeah, because this can’t go on forever. I mean, you’ll be found eventually and once I’m out of here, I’m not sure if you should be more worried about Negan or me.”

He smiled big and put his hands in the pockets of his jeans, “You’re a hell of a fighter, I’ll give you that. You busted up Mark pretty good. But I’m not the one that’s gonna die.”

“Then fucking kill me already.” You growled.

“No. I’d rather keep you around, so I can make you watch me kill Negan, then I’ll kill you.”

You clenched your jaw as he threatened Negan.
You walked up to him as far as you could, until you felt the hard tug of the chain as it restricted you from approaching him any further, you were an arms length away from him.

“Did I upset you?” He said with another smug smile.

“Come closer and you can find out.” You said, leaning on the chain.

Randy smirked and started to turn around to head back when you kicked your foot out, with it just barely landing in Randy’s back.
He stumbled and caught himself against the wall.

“Goddamnit. Are you ever gonna fucking learn?” He shouted angrily and he backhanded you hard across the face, busting your lip in the process.

You fell to the ground and drug yourself back against the wall, wiping the blood from your lip.
He stood there looking over you furiously and his fists were clenched together tightly.
For a second, you thought he was going to beat you to death, but it still didn’t scare you.
He grunted and turned, heading back out of the door, leaving you in the darkened room once again.
You didn’t say anything else, although you wanted to yell at the top of your lungs and tell him how much of a pussy he was that he wouldn’t even fight you, but you had to choose your battles wisely.

You slumped against the ground, hearing the clinking of the chain with every move you made.

*Negan’s persepctive*

He walked down the long corridor leading up to where he was keeping Vernon for time being.
Negan kicked in the door to the room, not wasting anything time.
Vernon jumped as he saw him standing in the doorway.

“It’s about to be your lucky fuckin’ day.” Negan said.

Negan turned the lights to the inside of the room on and he could see the side of Vernon’s face where he had burned him with the red-hot iron.
Negan smiled to himself as he looked at the disfigured face of the man, it made him more satisfied now to look at it, since this was someone who was associated with Randy.

‘If that fucker is the one that has (Y/N) he’s gonna fuckin’ regret it.’ He thought calmly.

“That looks pretty fuckin’ nasty. Bet you wish you’d cooperated, huh?” Negan said to Vernon with a smile creeping across his face.

Vernon glared back at him and turned his head.

“Let’s see how well I can fuckin’ trust you now. I’ve got a few questions for you and you better fuckin’ answer them.” Negan growled back to him.

Vernon turned his head towards Negan and shrugged, “What?”

“(Y/N) is missing and I have a pretty good goddamn idea of who did it. Now I’ll ask you this once: where is Randy?” Negan said in an intimidating tone.

Vernon kept looking at him and finally shook his head, “He could be anywhere.”

Negan gave a soft smile and reached down to his side to pull out the large hunting knife.
He looked down at it to see that it still had Spencer’s blood on it, now dried in a shade of maroon around the blade.
Vernon saw it too as his eyes widened as he looked at it, he was finally starting to see that Negan was serious about things, especially after the iron.

“You really don’t wanna fuck with me right now. So, I suggest you wrack that fuckin’ hillbilly brain of yours and give me something good.” Negan said as he knelt down in front of him, gripping the knife handle tightly.

Vernon scooted himself back against the wall, trying to get further away from Negan and the knife.

“Look, I told you the last time I saw him was when he came to my group. He gave us those guns and he was gone again.” Vernon said, his breathing getting heavier.

Negan gritted his teeth and ran a free hand over his clean face, “Then tell me something else, where the fuck could he possibly be? I’m running out of the goddamn patience here.”

Vernon stuttered for a moment, not being able to talk out of fear.

“I- the- the only place I can think of is the first place we ever really stayed when this shit started with the dead ones.”

“Where the fuck is it then!?” Negan said, his deep voice getting louder and more frustrated as time went on.

“It’s- it’s a couple miles out. It was a small warehouse type deal. Shit man, that’s the only place I can really think of, I swear.” Vernon said nervously.

Negan was holding the knife closer and closer to him.
He wasn’t sure whether to believe Vernon or not, but once he got some answers from Arat about what was going on, then he would make a definite move.
Negan wanted you back, because you were his, but he wasn’t going to risk his men all at once sending them on a wild fucking goose chase to something that might not exist.

Negan gave another smile, “Thank you, Vernon. You’ve been most fuckin’ helpful to me.”

Negan stood back up and walked over to the door before he turned back, “I’m thinking about giving you a fuckin’ break. Why don’t you come out and get some fuckin’ food or something.”

“Why?” Vernon said, eyeing him.

Negan shrugged, “I fuckin’ told you, you’ve been helpful. So, get the fuck up.”

Vernon nodded slowly and pulled himself up from the ground and walked over to Negan.

Negan opened the door and started to walk out as Vernon was following behind him.
As they were exiting, Dwight came running up to him.

“Arat’s starting to wake up!” Dwight yelled, motion for Negan to come.

Negan nodded at him, “I’m gonna need you to fuckin’ stay here and clean up this damn mess, Dwight.”

Dwight raised and eyebrow in confusion and looked around not understanding what Negan meant, but also not questioning him.

Negan threw his arm around Vernon’s shoulder and began walking with him, “Yeah, things are gonna work out pretty fuckin’ well for you, I think.. But there is a fuckin’ problem.”

“What’s that?” Vernon asked.

Negan turned to stand in front of him and looked down somberly, “The problem, Vernon, is that I still don’t fuckin’ trust you. I mean, you see how goddamn easily I just lied to you, right?”

Vernon breathed heavily, “Lied about what?”

Negan licked his lips and looked at him seriously, “About shit working out for you.”

And suddenly, the knife was in Vernon’s abdomen.
He gasped as Negan shoved it deeper into his stomach all the way up to the handle.
Negan could hear the gasps from Vernon and feel the warmness of the blood as it spilled out all over his arm and down to the groumd, creating the mess he was just talking about.
Negan gave Vernon a wicked smile as he watched his eyes begin to go blank.

“Your usefulness has run it’s fuckin’ course. And I just flat out don’t fuckin’ like you. But this one is for (Y/N), you motherfucker.” Negan growled to him, shoving the knife in deeper as he wrapped a hand around Vernon’s neck.

He forced the knife upward, slicing Vernon like a hog and he let him fall to the ground, he coughed and he choked on his on blood.
Dwight watched on at what he was doing and every now and again turned his head away, like he couldn’t handle what he was watching.
Negan could tell that Dwight now understood what he had meant when he told him that he didn’t want to know what would come next.
Dwight was getting a small taste of how brutal Negan really could be, and with you missing, Negan was at a point where he’d kill anyone that got in his way of tracking you down, starting with Vernon.

Negan wiped the bloody blade off on his pants, along with his bloody hands.
He finally returned the knife to it’s sheath at his side.

He whistled, snapping his fingers in Dwight’s direction.

Dwight turned quickly, giving him his full attention.

Negan pointed down to Vernon’s now lifeless body, the blood still pouring out of him, “Like I said, Dwight.. Clean this fuckin ’ shit up.”

He gave one last look to Vernon’s body before he turned and walked away, heading off to the infirmary to see what kind of information he could get out of Arat.

Negan stepped into the room where Arat was and the doctor was now standing over her checking her with a stethoscope that always hung around his neck.
She was starting to come to and was very groggy, but alert as to her surroundings.
Michael’s leaned back up and saw Negan standing there, waiting rather impatiently.

“Negan wants to speak with you.” He said to Arat as he grabbed a clipboard off the counter and exited the room.

Negan walked up to the side of her bed, where she looked back up to him weakly.

“Negan, I’m sorry..” She spoke softly.

“Don’t fuckin’ worry about it. We have bigger problems, Arat. I need to know what happened and I need to fuckin’ know now.” He said trying to keep his anger down.

She swallowed hard, “We went out and we got attacked.”

“How fuckin’ far?” Negan said back quickly.

“About a mile.” She said back in a raspy tone.

Maybe Vernon hadn’t been completely fuckin’ dishonest, he had said the place Randy might be was a couple miles away from her.
But Negan didn’t feel any remorse for killing him, he had planned on killing him at some point anyway and he got all the information he needed from that fucker.

“Well, who the fuck did it, Arat? That’s the goddamn million dollar question.” Negan said, slamming a fist against a wall.

Arat blinked and looked up at him nervously, like she was scared to say.

“Arat!” Negan shouted suddenly.

She sighed and turned her head to him, “It was Randy and some other men he’s with.”

Negan bit his lip hard and nodded his head angrily.
he was going back into being so angry that he was almost calm, but he felt a rage coursing through him that he didn’t know if he’d be able to control much longer.

“Are you going after her?” Arat asked suddenly.

“More than that. I’m gonna kill every- single- one- of those fuckers.” He growled putting emphasis on killing Randy and his men.

He glared back at Arat, wanting to blame her for the whole fucking situation but didn’t bother to waste his time on it and he left out of the room quickly.
He had so much running through his mind that he didn’t know where to start.
First thing he was going to do was get Lucille then gather his men up and go out and search for the place, and fucking hope that they would find you in time.

Negan was now in a killing mood and nothing was going to stop him.

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Arya was always meant to be a Water Dancer. That was always her path. 

DredgenWard posited a great theory/argument that could be revealed in the upcoming episode.

I’ve always had a problem with the way the Faceless Men seemed to reward Arya for failing to follow orders by advancing her to the next stages of training. It wasn’t until the other day when I rewatched S6E06 “Blood of my Blood” that Arya never stopped her water dancing lessons with Syrio Forel/Jaqen H'ghar, and just completed her final test.

“Just so. Opening your eyes is all that is needing. The heart lies and the head plays tricks with us, but the eyes see true. Look with your eyes. Hear with your ears. Taste with your mouth. Smell with your nose. Feel with your skin. Then comes the thinking, afterward, and in that way knowing the truth.”

“Just so,” said Arya, grinning. (Arya IV AGOT)

This is a water dancer’s greatest tool, but also the hardest to learn to use. Arya’s blindness allowed her to learn how to uses these physical senses to understand the world around her. The montage with the Waif fighting Arya in the show was a good depiction of Arya learning to use her senses to compensate for the lack of sight, but Blind Beth in ADWD also provides an example of the way Arya has begun to use all of her senses together to make sense of her world.

The blind girl rolled onto her side, sat up, sprang to her feet, stretched. Her bed was a rag-stuffed mattress on a shelf of cold stone, and she was always stiff and tight when she awakened. She padded to her basin on small, bare, callused feet, silent as a shadow, splashed cool water on her face, patted herself dry. Ser Gregor, she thought. Dunsen, Raff the Sweetling. Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, Queen Cersei. Her morning prayer. Or was it? No, she thought, not mine. I am no one. That is the night wolf’s prayer. Someday she will find them, hunt them, smell their fear, taste their blood. Someday.

She found her smallclothes in a pile, sniffed at them to make sure they were fresh enough to wear, donned them in her darkness. Her servant’s garb was where she’d hung it—a long tunic of undyed wool, roughspun and scratchy. She snapped it out and pulled it down over her head with one smooth practiced motion. Socks came last. One black, one white. The black one had stitching round the top, the white none; she could feel which was which, make sure she got each sock on the right leg. Skinny as they were, her legs were strong and springy and growing longer every day. She was glad of that. A water dancer needs good legs. Blind Beth was no water dancer, but she would not be Beth forever. (The Blind Girl, ADWD).

The purpose of training potential water dancers in the guise of the Faceless Men is to find out if the student’s personal identity is strong enough to keep true to who you are despite what face you’re wearing and who you’re pretending to be. The result of each of Arya’s attempts to become “no one”, is an even deeper connection to her true identity.

Winterfell, she might have said. I smell snow and smoke and pine needles. I smell the stables. I smell Hodor laughing, and Jon and Robb battling in the yard, and Sansa singing about some stupid lady fair. I smell the crypts where the stone kings sit, I smell hot bread baking, I smell the godswood. I smell my wolf, I smell her fur, almost as if she were still beside me. “I don’t smell anything,” she said, to see what he would say.

“You lie,” he said, “but you may keep your secrets if you wish, Arya of House Stark.” He only called her that when she displeased him. “You know that you may leave this place. You are not one of us, not yet. You may go home anytime you wish.”

“You told me that if I left, I couldn’t come back.”

“Just so.”

Those words made her sad. Syrio used to say that too, Arya remembered. He said it all the time. Syrio Forel had taught her needlework and died for her. “I don’t want to leave.”

Arya believes she needs to become “no one” to become a Faceless Man, but what she doesn’t realize is the Faceless Men are called “no one” because they are the dead bodies whose faces are added to the Hall. Her teacher is displeased because Arya refuses to say what what she’s thinking instead of what she thinks he wants her to say.

“Watching is not seeing, dead girl. The water dancer sees. Come, put down the sword, it is time for listening now.”

She followed him over to the wall, where he settled onto a bench. “Syrio Forel was first sword to the Sealord of Braavos, and are you knowing how that came to pass?”

“You were the finest swordsman in the city.”

“Just so, but why? Other men were stronger, faster, younger, why was Syrio Forel the best? I will tell you now.” He touched the tip of his little finger lightly to his eyelid. “The seeing, the true seeing, that is the heart of it.

"Hear me. The ships of Braavos sail as far as the winds blow, to lands strange and wonderful, and when they return their captains fetch queer animals to the Sealord’s menagerie. Such animals as you have never seen, striped horses, great spotted things with necks as long as stilts, hairy mouse-pigs as big as cows, stinging manticores, tigers that carry their cubs in a pouch, terrible walking lizards with scythes for claws. Syrio Forel has seen these things.

"On the day I am speaking of, the first sword was newly dead, and the Sealord sent for me. Many bravos had come to him, and as many had been sent away, none could say why. When I came into his presence, he was seated, and in his lap was a fat yellow cat. He told me that one of his captains had brought the beast to him, from an island beyond the sunrise. ‘Have you ever seen her like?’ he asked of me.

"And to him I said, 'Each night in the alleys of Braavos I see a thousand like him,’ and the Sealord laughed, and that day I was named the first sword.”

Arya screwed up her face. “I don’t understand.”

Syrio clicked his teeth together. “The cat was an ordinary cat, no more. The others expected a fabulous beast, so that is what they saw. How large it was, they said. It was no larger than any other cat, only fat from indolence, for the Sealord fed it from his own table. What curious small ears, they said. Its ears had been chewed away in kitten fights. And it was plainly a tomcat, yet the Sealord said 'her,’ and that is what the others saw. Are you hearing?”

Arya thought about it. “You saw what was there.”

“Just so. Opening your eyes is all that is needing. The heart lies and the head plays tricks with us, but the eyes see true. Look with your eyes. Hear with your ears. Taste with your mouth. Smell with your nose. Feel with your skin. Then comes the thinking, afterward, and in that way knowing the truth.”

“Just so,” said Arya, grinning. (Arya IV, AGOT)

When Arya goes to see the play to kill Lady Crane, she is up close to where Cersei’s monologue lamenting the death of Joffery takes place. Just off stage, the other actress that paid to have Lady Crane killed is mouthing the causing Ayra to start thinking about her own reasons behind wanting Cersei dead.

After the play Arya runs into Lady Crane ends up asking Arya how she would change the part where Cersei reacts to Joffery’s death. Arya’s answer make her understand that she has experienced the same loss and pain that Cersei did. Her final lesson from Syrio is showing mercy to those who have already suffered enough for what they’ve done. The important truth Arya figures out was even the ones we hate still suffer the same way we do, and taking a life is just as important as know when to grant mercy.

This will give Arya the water magic to change her face at will without the need of a mask, and she will kill the Waif before stepping onto a ship to Westeros.

Syrio sets up Arya being a futre sword of Braavos the first time we meet him in A Game of Thrones too.

“Boy, girl,” Syrio Forel said. “You are a sword, that is all.” He clicked his teeth together. “Just so, that is the grip. You are not holding a battle-axe, you are holding a—”

“—needle,” Arya finished for him, fiercely.

“Just so. Now we will begin the dance. Remember, child, this is not the iron dance of Westeros we are learning, the knight’s dance, hacking and hammering, no. This is the bravo’s dance, the water dance, swift and sudden. All men are made of water, do you know this? When you pierce them, the water leaks out and they die.” He took a step backward, raised his own wooden blade. “Now you will try to strike me.” (Arya II, AGOT)

Another interesting reference:

Arya lowered the splintery point toward the ground. “How did you know I was here?”

“A man sees. A man hears. A man knows.”

She regarded him suspiciously. Had the gods sent him? “How’d you make the dog kill Weese? Did you call Rorge and Biter up from hell? Is Jaqen H'ghar your true name?”

“Some men have many names. Weasel. Arry. Arya.”

She backed away from him, until she was pressed against the heart tree. “Did Gendry tell?”

“A man knows,” he said again. “My lady of Stark.”

Syrio Forel’s wooden sword is splintered in two when Arya last saw him, and now Arya has a wooden sword with a splintery point, she lowers it to the ground after seeing Jaqen like the broken piece that fell from Syrio’s wooden sword. (similar to the piece missing on the Titan of Braavos statue “Arya” was staring at in the last episode).

Jaqen H'ghar is from Lorath as such, he always refers to himself in 3rd person.

The only time he refers to himself in the first person is when he uses a first person possessive pronoun expressing a personal connection to Arya.

“My lady of Stark.”

Requested by @mrscalgabriel0

I flipped over in bed, burrowing myself deeper into my thick blanket. It was a cold night and even with flannel pj bottoms and a long sleeved shirt, I was still chilly.

Pounding on the front door had me jumping out of bed. Taking the gun from my nightstand, I made my way down the hall.

3 figures stood on my porch. 2 held each other while the other knocked rapidly.


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Tricky Soulmates

gif is not mine

Title: Tricky Soulmates

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 712

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N: I just wanna say today is a Gabriel day! I hope you are as pumped as I am! The requests I’ll be doing aren’t Gabriel, but I’ll be putting out 3 Gabriel fics today because I just feel like it I guess.

The Winchester brothers called your name from the library.  You knew they were hungry, but you could only walk so fast.  You were carrying pizza, beers, and your phone.  You went to go get the pizza and decided to grab a few beers on  the way to the library.  You stopped in your tracks; there was an unfamiliar face in the library.  You knew Castiel, but not this other man.  You shot a curious glance towards the Winchesters.  You looked at the strange man, seeing his wings tucked behind him, but enough to where you could see them.

“Well, well, well, you knuckleheads didn’t tell me you had a beautiful woman hidden in your bunker,” the mysterious man sauntered over to you, giving you a smirk.  “My name’s Gabriel, I’m an archangel,” he leaned down, kissing your hand.  “You must be [Y/N].”

Your vision was blocked when his golden wings unfolded before your very eyes.  You looked over his feathers, each one more magnificent than the other.  You walked around him, setting the pizza and beers down on the table.  You turned towards the archangel, “why can I see your wings, but not Castiel’s?”  You looked over at Castiel and the Winchesters; you didn’t see Castiel’s wings, only Gabriel’s.  “They’re so…  Beautiful,” you stated, reaching your hand out to touch his wings.

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This part is long as hell but I just couldn’t shorten it any further. It’s also kind of feelsy so if you want to really tug on your heartstrings (as I know some of you sick lil shits will - myself included) then play this song when you read the line “I always did have the worst luck.” As requested by @delicatelygrandtraveler, @sxnali, @arabella-loves-coffee, and @meganlpie; this is the latest chapter of Plague - enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I read part 6 today almost as soon as you posted it. It’s fantastic! There is going to be another part, right?


Omg the feeeeeels from part 6 of Plague! It was so profund and emotional, it was a challenge for both of them

I am LOVING Plague! Loki is one of my favorite characters and you write him so well! I cannot wait to read the next part!

Plague (Part 7)

Part 6

Thor was careful returning to Loki’s room as he had just seen you leaving it. One half of his brain argued with the other as it collectively questioned what had ensued since he’d been gone. He wanted to believe that you had been sensible and had begun your separation from his brother, but the more naïve part of him hoped he wasn’t so bad that you would feel obligated to abandon him. It was difficult being the closest thing Loki had to a friend, and so desperately did Thor want him to be well again.  

He just knew that there must be good still remaining within his brother; there had to be. If his work with the Avengers didn’t bring it forth, then perhaps you could. Loki clearly was more… willing to try the latter method. As he stood contemplating such things, he realised that several minutes had passed. Shaking his mane of hair, Thor slipped quietly into the room to see that Loki was curled up under the covers. 

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At The Rock Show (Ashley Purdy) (Black Veil Brides)

Word Count: 910


You said goodbye to your friends as they made their way to watch a band you had absolutely no interest in. You’d only come to this festival to see one of the bands and that was Black Veil Brides, your friends didn’t like them and you were more than happy to leave them.

By the time you make it to the stage the crowd slowly starts to grow and you somehow manage to push your way through to the front so that you’re crushed against the barrier. You made sure to be on Ashley’s side, he was your favourite member and you may or may not have a large crush on him. Although he came across as a player you liked to think that was all an image and he was a real softy in real life. Then again you could only dream because this would be the closest to him you’d ever get.

The crowd went crazy around you as the band took to the stage and you screamed and jumped with them as Ashley appeared in front of you. He caught your eye and winked before smirking and started playing, you froze on the spot. He couldn’t possibly have winked at you; he must have been winking at all the girls surrounding you.

As the set progressed you started to notice Ashley looking at you but every time you looked back at him he smirked and turned away as if he was scared of getting caught.

“Why’d he be looking at you, you’re nothing that special.”

The girl next to you shoved against you, her words hurt. You’d always felt a little self conscious and maybe she was right, why the hell would Ashley look at someone like you. The girl next to you was taller, skinner and had a fuller body everything you weren’t.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes before turning you attention back to Ashley who was quite close to you and had obviously heard the comment because he frowned and mouthed ‘are you okay?’ to which you nod and mouth ‘thanks’ in return. He goes back to playing and you try to drown out the bitchy girl next to you as she and her friends continue to throw insults your way. No one was going to ruin this show for you, why did they care anyway?

Once the set finished Ashley threw his pick into the crowd and you were lucky enough to catch it much to the girls next to you disgust. You couldn’t help but smirk and feel the need to rub it in their face, but you’d been raised to take the higher ground.

Before you could leave you noticed a security guard walking towards you on the other side of the barrier. The girls were confused when he pointed at you and signalled for the other guards to help you over the barrier.

“This belongs to you miss.”

He puts a backstage pass around your neck and leads you away from the crowd. What was happening? Why had a security guard just given you a backstage pass? But before you could ask him he showed you to the backstage area before leaving you on your own.

“He doesn’t really like people, but he’s big and scary so we keep him around.”

You jump at the sound of Ashley’s voice behind you.

“Oh my god you scared me Ashley.”

He laughed and you turned to face him, you were surprisingly calm when you should have been fangirling.

“Why exactly did you have your security guard bring me backstage Ashley? I saw you watching me during the set.”

He scratches the back of his head and sighs before shuffling around a bit, wait a second was he nervous? The famous outlaw playboy Ashley Purdy nervous around a girl, no it couldn’t be.

“Err…I saw you and thought you looked nice and I heard the girl talking shit about you and wanted to stop the set and tell her how wrong she was…err…I should probably ask your name because you know mine.”

It was kind of cute to see this side of Ashley; it looked like the image the media portrayed was the start opposite to what he was like in real life.

“Well Ashley my names y/n. Are you nervous by any chance? I didn’t think someone like you would get nervous around girls, they practically throw themselves at you.”

He shakes his head.

“Normally I’m drunk and will take an easy girl every now and then, but I don’t feel a connection with any of them and they always leave the next morning. I felt different when I saw you; I wanted to get to know you.”

You couldn’t help but blush as he confessed this too you. Could you look past all the drunk one night stands? You wanted to get to know Ashley better before you even considered sleeping with him.

“I’d love to get to know you to Ash.”

He looks up at you and smiles a genuine smile before slinging one arm around your shoulder.

“Let’s go meet the band, they wanted to meet the girl I couldn’t take my eyes off.”

You allow yourself to be led away from the backstage area by Ashley and the two of you hit it off in conversation rather quickly, Ashley hugging you when he finds out how much you love Hello Kitty. This day couldn’t get any better.

AN: HI, back to writing Pietro imagines! Yay! I’m not sure if this is exactly what the anon meant when they requested it, but I still hope they like it! Thank you to the anon that sent this prompt in! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Paring: Pietro (AoU) X Reader ((And some Steve X Reader as well!))

Prompt: Can you make one with Pietro with Tony Stark’s daughter and she meets him when ultron kidnaps her?? I thought it could be nice LOL

((I’m not sure why I thought of the title, but it sounded seriously deep and poetic and stuff so I slapped it on there XD Enjoy!))


“Cut the Strings, Watch the Puppets Fall”

You awoke to a world of darkness, concrete, and metal. Your head was fuzzy and sluggish, so it was hard for you to fully comprehend what exactly was going on at first. However, the situation became unmistakably clear: You were locked up in a concrete cell, caged in by metal bars, with nothing but the heavy darkness around you to comfort you.

As fast as your shaking legs would allow, you climbed up from your laying down position and clambered over to the cell bars, griping them tightly with your sweat-covered fingers.

“Hello?” You called into the dark void in front of you, only to have your voice echo through the rest of the room. “Hello?”

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As requested, I’m releasing Part One of A Bargain of Lovers, my @mores2sl fic. Part Two can be found here

Post-WW2!AU - When Katniss gets let go from her job at the factory, the last person she wants to take anything from offers her a way out.

“I’m offering you the money with no obligations or owed debts,“ he sighs, “but if you’re so stubborn that you won’t let me help you, give me the one thing I want above all else…marry me.”

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Dan Howell - He gets embarrassed that you see him with makeup on

You had been dating your boyfriend Dan Howell for over a year, of course the two of you were exclusive to all his fans - at first you had recieved a lot of hate from fans because they were jealous but once they had gotten to know you they fell in love with you like they fell in love with Dan and told you that you were a perfect match for each other.

This meant that sometimes you went with Dan on things like photo shoots, you didn’t do it often because Dan would get shy about posing in front of a camera on a good day but all hell broke lose if you were there watching too, he seemed to fumble around nervously like it was the first time he had met you, had a big crush on you and didn’t want to mess up so he could impress you which made him mess up more.

Although you found it adorable, it was Dan’s job - although a couple of mistakes wouldn’t put his job on the line you didn’t want him to get a bad reputation for not being able to do the job properly. This meant that you rarely went to visit him on a shoot but you now lived with him so both Dan and Phil would give you a minute by minute reenactment of what happened throughout the day home, it was almost like you were actually there on the shoot because they gave you so much detail.

One thing Phil liked to tease Dan about was the fact that he had to wear makeup, despite visiting shoots a couple of times you had never actually seen anyone put it on Dan - it must have happened before you got there or when you was talking to someone because they were usually so friendly. Dan always reminded Phil that he wore it too but it didn’t affect him, he was used to it but Dan couldn’t believe that he had to wear makeup.

One day when Dan and Phil had a shoot you decided to show up, you had of course warned both the boys that you might show up but hadn’t decided but with nothing to do with your day you thought it productive to give them both some moral support (Phil was a close friend too of course) You were excited to see them both in action again as it had been a while since you had last watched a shoot, to some people this seems like a complete bore, just sitting in a room watching people take pictures of your boyfriend but you found it fascinating at how everything worked not to mention you got to stare at the one and only Dan Howell for a large amount of time. At home you loved to just stare at Dan, to soak all of his features in because of how much you loved him but it put him on edge so you couldn’t do it - here there was no limits.

You walk in and instantly Phil whispers something in Dan’s ear making his snap towards you with a huge smile on his face.

“That’s it Dan, perfect big smile” the photographer yells but although Dan complies and takes a couple more pictures he is itching to run over to you which he eventually does while everyone focuses on taking single pictures of Phil. Dan runs towards you and scoops you up in his arms to spin you around while giving you a kiss.

“I only saw you two hours ago” you giggle kissing him back but he shrugs innocently 

“One hour and 59 minutes too long, i missed you” he grins pressing his forehead to yours

“How’s it going?” you smile taking Dan’s hand and interlocking it with your own so he can rub the soft pad of his thumb against the back of your hand just like you love him too.

“It’s been really good, Phil fell over though” Dan says, his face creasing with laughter just at the memory of it while you laugh along with him as you’re walking closer to the set.

“What made you come?” Dan asks nuzzling his face into your crook between your neck and shoulders so he can kiss you making you shiver

“I wanted to see you” you shrug wrapping your arms around Dan’s waist so you can play slow dance from side to side while cuddling.

“It’s only been two hours since i last saw you” Dan points out mimicking you, jokingly making you slap his arm playfully.

“Get back on set you” you grin pulling yourself away from him reluctantly

“Love you” Dan whispers his smile growing when you say it back.


The shoot is going well when a break is taken, when everyone is ready to go again for the last stretch of the day a couple of men and women walk towards both boys with brushes for hair and brushes for makeup with of course makeup, Phil nudges Dan’s shoulder with a laugh while Dan just glares.

You get up and walk over to him with a grin “So my boyfriend does where makeup - I’m shocked” you giggle but Dan stays stony faced not happy with having to wear it.

“I hate this” he grumbles reaching up to rub it off but you quickly catch his hand 

“No, if you rub it off you will washed out my little vampire” you wink before reaching up to peck Dan on the lips 

“It’s not my fault I’m almost see through” he says cracking a small smile at you while rolling his eyes

You walk back over the short distance to where Dan is still stood, you reach up on your tiptoes to get your mouth next to his ear.

“I think a man who can pull of makeup is sexy” you say in all seriousness even though you’re dying to laugh. For the rest of the shoot things go relatively well, better than usual. Well… for a little while after what you said Dan looked like he was in shock so he fumbled around a bit almost as if in a trance but then he really rocked wearing makeup to show you he could do it.

                                                      The Mark

Request: “Please do one with kylo x reader where whatever mark you get on your skin, your soulmate gets it too!”

A/N: So this is quite similar to my multi-part fic Soul Mate, but less dramatic and…well, you’d know if you read it. Thanks for the request, anon, here’s some bitch ass Kylo Ren for you! [GIF NOT MINE]

Warning: None.

Word Count: 2.7K+


Yet another long day had passed in Star Killer base, which also meant another restless night. If it wasn’t for the fact that your position under the First Order was ‘important’, you were sure you would have a much easier life. But this was the life you chose ever since you could remember–it wasn’t like you had a choice, actually, you were young and vulnerable and had no one. Anyone was better than no one. Thus, the First Order became your family. Of course, no one in said organization saw each other as family, maybe the troops that went into battle, but other than that…everyone else was just a mere pawn in a game of war. So there you sat alone on your couch, with nothing better to do thanks to your insomnia, knees pulled to your chest as your left index finger traced the mark in your palm.

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AN: Hey…it’s been a few days, sorry. As most of you may know I had to put down my cat of 17 years yesterday, so I wanted to take the day off from Tumblr and everything else. My mum surprised me with a trip to NYC (yay!) and Imagine Dragons concert tickets (double yay!) to help cheer me up, so updating my be a little spotty for a while with all these things going on. Anyway, thank you to the anon that sent me this. *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt: Could u do an imagine where Steve & the reader get into a huge fight,she teleports to a secret base she has,& a year later,after she hasn’t contacted any humans,Steve finds her,but doesn’t know its her bc she changes her appearance & right before Steve leaves she breaks down crying and reveals herself because she missed him so much and they both end up doing really fluffy stuff. That is part two to my request. Thank you so much!!!

((^^^This request was pretty specific with a lot of parts, so I hope I did it justice! I may tweak it just a little bit just so it flows better with my writing, but other than that I love the request!))


“No Need To Run Away”

Tears streamed down your face as you stared at the man you had looked up to for so long rip your hopes and confidence to shreds.

You knew that he was doing it because he cared, but every word he said, every point he made, dug deeper and deeper into the emotional wounds he had created.

“You can not go on this mission, you understand?” Steve said, jutting a finger at you like you were some sort of child.

“Why?” You asked, your voice shaking with everything from sadness to anger. “Why is everyone else allowed to go but me?”

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