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Requested ages ago by @grace-for-sale​. Hope you like it!

Summary: AU in which Dean and Cas are both high school teachers. Dean has a crush, but no courage to do anything about it.

Word Count: 1600ish

Warnings: None. I wrote something without smut. What??

“You’re late, Mr. Winchester.”

“The bell was literally ringing as you said that, Lydia,” Dean smiles. “I think we can all let it slide.”

Lydia smiles back and starts sharpening her pencil in the sharpener by the door, where she’s clearly been waiting for him. “I can let it slide,” she agrees, “since you were just out there talking to Mr. Novak.”

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Imagine Ellen setting you and Tom Up

Summery: Okay so in this imagine you are a pretty big actor who has made quite a few movies. You’re pretty famous and well known. A HUGE fan of Spiderman and Tom Holland, which Ellen knows. Little do you know that Tom is a huge fanboy of you as well. So, Ellen decided to play matchmaker and see if she can make her two guests fall in love.

 Key: (Y/N)= Your name (Y/L/N) = your last name (C/F/N)=Celebrity friend name (S/N) =Ship Name (O/C/F) =other celebrity friend __________________________________________ 

 You pace back and forth in your dressing room, trying your best to calm your nerves before going on live television. This isn’t he first time you will have been on television, but it is the first time you’ll be on the Ellen show. You had met Ellen at the last Emmy awards and you two had gotten along quite well, even becoming friends. The blonde invited you to be on the show after she saw the trailer for your latest film “Falling For a Lost Cause” about making the most out of life and love. It was kind of ironic how you played in a dramatic love story and yet had nobody for yourself to love. Well, romantically that is. Unless you count your obsession over Tom Holland. 

You had been a huge Spiderman fan ever since you were younger when you used to steal your brother’s comic books, and now that they’d come out with another reboot of the movie, you could honestly say you were in love. Toby and Andrew had also taken a toll on you as you spent countless night dreaming about them, but when Tom Holland was announced as the new web slinging hero, you fell head over heels. It may have been due to the fact that he was closer in age than the other two, or maybe it was the way his chocolate brown orbs could make you melt. 

 You had almost met him once. You were invited to the Doctor Strange premiere and saw the man of your dreams doing an interview, being his nerdy self. When your close friend (C/F/N) finally pushed you to talk to him (and I literally mean she shoved you into him) you bumped into him rather hard and stumbled, losing your footing and pulling Tom down with you while others froze, watching the embarrassing ordeal. Immediately you began spitting out apologies, stumbling over your words and turning a bright shade of red to match the shade you were pretty sure matched Tom’s as people helped you to your feet. As you stood up, Tom said nothing as he stared at you, frozen and making you more embarrassed. You remember thinking ‘oh god, he hates me’ before literally running away. 

 You booked it down the red carpet, going past interviews and other celebrities before you hid behind your other friend (O/C/F), the whole night making sure that you wouldn’t see Tom Holland again. 

 The next morning your twitter feed was filled with clips of the embarrassing night before. As well as the many people commenting (S/N) anywhere they could. You shake your head as you recall the embarrassing memory from over 6 months ago, stopping your pacing and plopping down on the couch, smoothing out the white robe you had on that you’d be removing to change into the black dress hanging up. 

 Deciding to kill time and get your mind off things, you change into the tight long sleeve black dress and your black strap on heels when you hear a knock on the door. As you put in your right earring, grabbing your left, you head to the door. 

 Curiously, you turn the handle and peer out to see who you recognized as Andy, with a headset on and an embarrassed look on his face. “Oh hey,” you smiled, putting in your other earring as you opened you door further, now seeing a camera crew behind the average man. “Uh hey to you too?” you said to the cameras suspiciously. “Andy right?” you asked as you shook the man’s hand. He nodded “yep, and you’re (Y/N) (Y/L/N) right?” he asked sarcastically. You laughed slightly, “Yuppo, that’s me,” you say in a slightly off voice and immediately scolding yourself mentally or your weirdness afterwords. 

 Andy however, laughs and you cringe, “Sorry I don’t know why I did that,” you giggle, “That was weird.” you laugh with Andy as he shakes his head, “No, you’re fine. Ellen just wants a word with you before the show.” he explains and you nod suspiciously, “a word with me?” you ask and Andy nods, “And a camera crew?” you ask, knowing Ellen is planning something. “She wants to document it, for memories.” he says not convincing you in the least. “Uh huh,” you nod suspiciously as Andy begins walking away.

 "Should I be scared?“ You ask the camera, to which the man holding it only smiles, "Come on man,” you laugh, following Andy, “Give me a hint,” you whisper shout making the cameraman smile once more, “Ugh you are no help.” you groan, trudging after Andy down a few halls. 

 Stopping, you take off your heels to ease the pain in the balls of your feet, running to catch up with Andy as he stops in front of a room. “Is this the part where you murder me?” you joke as Andy stays straight faced, answering by opening the door. “Andy?” you ask, a chill going up your spine, as you step into the room. “Are you actually going to murder me?” you ask, your smile dropping as Andy closes the door suddenly, trapping you inside. Your eyes widen as you rush to the door, hitting the wood “Andy!” you exclaim, hearing nobody on the other side. 

 You groan turning around sliding down the door. “Ugh,” you say, before seeing a camera on the far wall. Suddenly your blood runs cold, “Ellen if you scare me I swear I’ll die!” you warn, standing up and pacing the room, stopping before another hidden camera. “I’m genuinely afraid right now,” you laugh slightly before you hear the door open behind you. 

 You almost turn around before you hear a voice you recognize, “Wait in there?” the British accent speaks, and you freeze, immedietly knowing who it is. “Nah mate, I feel like she’s gonna jump out at me.” Tom speaks once more and you almost laugh as you hear his footsteps stumble into the room and hear the door slam once more. You glare at the camera in front of you, shaking your head angrily at Ellen who was most likely watching. Then you heard Tom speak again, “Uh, miss?” he spoke uncertainly and you made a face, not wanting to address him and have him remember you. “Do you know why I’m in here?” he asks, his voice getting closer. You turn around slowly, eyes trained on the floor as you try not to make eye contact, “I know about as much as you do,” you sigh, finally making yourself look up at Tom. Oh God, why did he have to look so good. His hair was slicked and he was wearing a t-shirt and Denim jeans. He probably hadn’t changed for the show yet.

 You had no idea he would be on the show today, if you did you would have been a lot more nervous. As you studied him, you noticed that he froze, his eyes trained on you as he stood tense, a light pink dusting his features. He probably was remembering the last time you saw him, when you completely embarrassed him. 

 You smiled shyly as he broke out into a huge grin, his mouth hanging open, “Y-you’re (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” he exclaimed, his arms making a huge gesture. You furrowed your brows as he stared at you, “Yeah?” you said uncertainly as Tom exploded with energy, pacing around the room with his hands messing up his hair excitedly, the smile never leaving his face, “O-oh my God!” he exclaimed, “I am just such a huge fan.” he explained, coming up and grabbing your hand to shake it quite quickly, “I love you in (M/T) and (O/M/T) just,” he sighed, reminiscing, “Absolutely amazing!” he explained, going on and about you and how much of a fan he was. 

 To say you were shocked would be an understatement. This man you were practically in love with, whom you thought hated you, was a complete fanboy! Finally, not being able to stay silent anymore, you exploded, “Me? You like me?” you asked in astonishment, your eyes wide as you stared him up and down, “I am like your biggest fan!” you exclaimed, “Y-you’re just so talented and funny.” you went on, “I cried when I watched the impossible, and I NEVER cry…besides Disney movies…” you mumble as you continued to compliment Tom and his work. 

 He stood there starstruck until you finally said, “and I thought you hated me after I embarrassed you on the red carpet,” to which Tom furrowed his brows, “What? no!” he disagreed, “Yeah!” you exclaim, “I mean, I pulled you to the ground in front of millions of viewers and to be fair you didn’t even say a word to me–" 

 "That’s because I was star struck!” he interrupts, “and you ran off before I could introduce myself. I found it quite funny actually,” he laughed with you, “Ugh. Well you know me, trying to avoid embarrassing encounters only by making them more awkward,” you face palmed. Tom laughed mumbling something under his breath you couldn’t quite make out. 

“Oh and don’t even get me started on Spiderman,” you exclaim as Tom’s head shoots up, “I mean, I love him so much it’s not even funny.” you laugh as Tom smiles widely, “No way, YOU love Spiderman?” he asks you and you nod obviously, giving him a “duh” face. “I love Spiderman too!” he exclaims, “What are the odds?” he says sarcastically as you laugh with him. 

 Finally your laughter dies down and you realize you were still trapped in this room, and the show should start in 20 minutes. “How are we gonna get out?” you say suddenly, both of your eyes widening.

Just then, you hear a voice all too familiar on the com on the right side of the room, “I’ll let you out if you kiss,” Ellen’s voice breaks through, causing your eyes to widen and face to turn to a shade resembling a tomato. 

You hear her snickers before the com cuts off and you cough awkwardly, not even daring to spare Tom a glance, “Come on Ellen,” You groan, giving Tom an awkward smile, in which he returns shyly.

After what seems like forever, but was most likely just a few minutes, Tom’s stomach growls, causing you to laugh and gasp, “Ellen, we got a starving boy in here!” You exclaim as Tom begins to laugh, “What kind of monster traps someone in a room with no food!” You laugh with Tom as he kicks the ground with his foot.

About ten seconds later, a box slides under the small space under the door. Immediately, you rush to the box, pulling it out the rest of the way and jumping with glee.

Tom walks over curiously, “What is it?” He asks before I open the box, smiling even wider before I answer, “The cure to everything,” I sigh, “Aka, pizza.” I laugh as Tom groans teasingly, “I call first slice,” You declare, pulling out a slice and shoving it into your mouth. 

You look over at Tom who’s eyes are wide with shock, “What?” You ask though a mouthful of cheesy goodness, “We’re trapped in here and you’re worried about getting the first slice?” He asks astonished. You glare at him teasingly, “You got something against pizza?” You ask as Tom immedietly widens his chocolate orbs and raises his hands in defense, “I didn’t say that,”  he declares as you level a playful glare at him, “Good, I almost had to kill you for a second.” Tom giggled, actually giggled, “Well, we can’t have that now can we?” he laughs and you laugh with him, handing him the pizza box as he takes out a slice. 

The two of you sit there in silence, eating pizza and sharing awkward glances, both resulting in blushing and looking down at the floor.

“The show starts in 15 minutes and I haven’t even gone to wardrobe,” he throws his head back and groans once more. You laugh at him, “After eating this greasy goodness, I need to get my makeup redone.” You sigh, “Guess we’re both in trouble,”

Tom mumbles something under his breath you can’t quite make out as you turn to him curiously, “What?” You ask and Tom looks at you in embarrassment, as if he was hoping you didn’t hear him. “S-sorry, no it was stupid…forget it.” he said too quickly, his eyes darting back to the floor.

You furrowed your brows, “No, I didn’t hear you, what was it?” you asked, genuinely curious as Tom looked up from the floor at you shyly, a pink dusting his cheeks, “I…er,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, making you smile at his shyness, “I, um, I said maybe we should just do it…” he trailed off as you smiled at him, your cheeks turning bright red. 

“You mean kiss?” You ask, immedietly getting nervous and twiddling your thumbs. “Yeah…” Tom said, now seeming certain and determined as his eyes bore into mine. 

“I-I mean unless you don’t want to we could just–” You interrupt him, placing your right hand on the back of his neck and pulling his face towards yours to press your lips onto his. 

As soon as your tender flesh meets, Tom’s hand goes to your waist, pulling you impossibly close as your hand goes up to mess with his dark curls which were so much softer than you’d imagined.

The kiss was hungry and passionate and needy. neither of you wanted to break away as the door opened.

Finally you forced yourself to pull your lips from his, out of breath as Tom smiled at you slightly, his eyes wide, “Tastes like pizza,” he mumbles before Ellen and a camera crew come barging in, the blonde laughing hysterically, her face red as she stares at the two of you in shock, with mischief in her eye.

You had no time to be embarrassed as the crew dragged you and Tom away to your wardrobes where hair and makeup were waiting for you.

As they dolled you up, fixed your hair and rearranged your outfit, you sat in shock, not believing what just happened. You just kissed your celebrity crush, and he kissed you back. 

You touched your lips chastely as you recalled his lips that were once there, on yours…


A/N: Part two will be what happens when the show actually starts and Ellen shows the audience your guys’ footage. It may even lead to a relationship.

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‘Timing’ - Sherlolly’s First Date

Written for day 2 of SherlollyWeek2017 (first date)!

Takes place during TST; slight S4 canon divergence.

Sherlock waited outside of Molly Hooper’s flat. He was nervous, though he attempted to keep a calm and collected exterior. The consulting detective was happy though. After what he felt was a much too long amount of time to wait, the stars were aligned, so to speak. The timing was finally perfect; at least he hoped so. There was no holding back after that fateful day.

“Honestly, Sherlock, you couldn’t have put the bloody phone away for one moment?” Molly asked, secretly amused by his actions, nonetheless.

“I was busy; needed to solve cases,” Sherlock muttered. “You look…nice.”

“Thank you,” Molly smiled, smoothing out her dress. They were all gathered at the Watson residence after Rosie’s christening.

“So we decided, life’s too short for this back and forth thing,” Greg Lestrade was saying. “We’re splitting for good. We shouldn’t waste all this time being off and on instead of finding someone who truly loves us.”

“That’s wonderful,” Mrs. Hudson smiled. “You deserve to find someone good for you.” Sherlock, overhearing the conversation, looked over at Molly. Perhaps Lestrade was right. He had wasted too much time already.

“Molly?” Sherlock asked, putting his phone in his jacket pocket.

“Yes?” she replied, looking up at him.

“Are you—do you still…like me?” Sherlock questioned nervously.

“Well, of course I do! We’re friends aren’t we?” Molly laughed.

“Yes, friends,” Sherlock mused. “I meant, well, are you still…interested in me as, maybe, more than a friend?” Molly’s face flushed bright pink and Sherlock knew he had his answer. She looked alarmed more than anything.

“Why?” she asked, completely guarded, ready to protect herself if need be.

“I thought we could go out for coffee or chips sometime,” Sherlock told her, his nerves getting the best of him. This could either make or break them but he hoped for the former. He observed as she mulled it over in her mind, unsure of what the answer would be, regardless of how she felt about him.

“I don’t know if that's—,” Molly began.

“I fancy you,” Sherlock accidentally shouted. Everyone in the room spun their heads toward Sherlock to make sure they heard him right. “Right, well, now that I have everyone’s attention. Molly Hooper, I fancy you. I’ve always found you quite endearing and you are one of my best friends. Would you at least consider one date with me?”

“Okay,” Molly agreed with a smile. “Yes, I’d love to go for some chips.”

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Candy Land - Roman Reigns

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Drabble #23: “Do you really need all that candy?”

Requested by: @m-a-t-91 

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alphabet tag game

I was tagged by the wonderful @justcourbeau!

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs [interrupting to cough skeptically] okay sure

a - age: elusively in my mid 20s

b - birthplace: california

c - current time: 8:32 am

d - drink you had last: my usual breakfast. one scoop of chocolate protein powder melted into coffee

e - easiest person to talk to: myself, it’s all I do all day. second place? sally

f - favorite song: at this moment? ultralife by oh wonder

g - grossest memory: i recently had to learn to use a diva cup. *shudder*

h - horror yes or no: hard pass. unless it’s psychological horror, like legion, because yes dan and aubrey come on over and fuck me right up

i - in love? yep

j - jealous of people? i mean … i’m human. despite rumors to the contrary

k - killed someone? only fictionally. though, fictionally, quite a lot.

l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? I don’t know what this means but if love is just a chemical reaction then I don’t see why love at first sight wouldn’t be just as plausible as any other kind

m - middle name: beatrice

n - number of siblings: two/five depending how you look at it

o - one wish: yo i’ve got this manuscript sitting around over here. alternate wish: female reproductive rights

p - person i called last: i honestly have no idea

q - question you’re always asked: “what are you?” 

r - reason to smile: I refer you back to the ‘favorite song’ section of this post

s - song you last sang: I sing “a dream is a wish your heart makes” in the shower

t - time you woke up: 5 am to my dog wailing in incomprehensible displeasure

u - underwear color: pink

v - vacation: last one I took was over in kingdom sallyland

w - worst habit: nail biting. nothing can stop me - not bitter nail polish, not duct tape, not rubber band aversion therapy, not bribery … and it gets worse when I’m writing, so we’re in bad shape over here

x - xrays: really? not xenophobia? you don’t want my opinion on xylophones?

y - your favorite food: ice cream

z - zodiac sign: aquarius sun, sagittarius moon, gemini rising (I recently discovered all these things and it has been a v exciting experience for me)

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Merry Christmas, Mr. Graves (Part One)- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: I combined a few festive holiday requests into one for this!

Warnings: Merry Christmas, here’s some fluff!

A/N: Okay, a few things…I really do love how this turned out, so I hope you all do too. Once again, it’s been divided into two halves because I’m too waffly lol. But after I read it back, I realized that the Graves I write isn’t as intense as the one portrayed in the movie. But I think that’s okay. What we really saw was Grindelwald masquerading as Graves. So while I’m certain the real Percival is confident, stoic, perhaps even a little grumpy at times, i’m maintaining my belief that he has a warm, gooey center when it comes to the right person. So that’s what I tried to convey here. Also, I have my OC/Reader a name for this one…hope that’s okay!

I walked as fast as I could without running, my heels clicking against the smooth, marble floors. Gripped tightly in my hand was a slate black coffee mug. Empty and in desperate need of re-filling.

“Come on, come on.” I mumbled under my breath, my eyes combing the expansive room in search for a familiar beautiful blonde. I had a feeling she was going to find me first, though. She had probably heard my desperate thoughts even before I stepped on the lift to take me down to the lower levels. For a moment, I pictured Mr. Graves in his office, coffee-less and wondering what the heck was taking me so long.

“Again, honey?”

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Just Friends

Requested?: Yes


Lewis x Reader

Warnings: Bad jokes, break ups fluff.

(I tried writing it from a new perspective. Tell me what you think. ‘Stop there and let me correct it I wanna live a life from a new perspective.’ I’m sorry I’ll stop.)

(Y/n) sat in the corner of the room.Tears stained her pale (s/c) face. Who knew how long she had been in the corner, it could have been weeks, months, even years. At least that how (Y/n) felt how long she had been there. It didn’t even matter in (Y/n)’s book anymore, time was irrelevant. Time wouldn’t stop the pain she felt. Neither would the tears nor the forgotten pale of melted mint chocolate chip ice cream on the other side of the room. It was almost like she wanted to feel the pain, to feel her sadness more than she already had before. It wasn’t fair for her to feel the pain of something that wasn’t her fault, but this was her way of coping.

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Lost Stars (Fluff, Jungkook)

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Okay, so I know you guys want me to post the next chapter for the Jimin high school au but please be patient it’s like in the working and I’m taking a break on it, so instead I WROTE THIS IN LIGHT OF THE NEW COVER JUNGKOOK DROPPED [listen to his beautiful voice that makes me want to scream for 100 years] SERIOUSLY THE WORDS AND THE WAY HE SINGS IS SO MEANINGFUL AND GHUFDHSKJDFJKGHFDKJSFD I’M DEFINITELY NOT LISTENING TO IT OVER AND OVER WHILE CRYING. Also, the song is about breaking up so don’t be upset the lame reasoning of this story is about a bad break up lol. This is honestly so simpLE MY WRITERS BLOG UGHGHHh.

Words: 1092

“Why does it sound like you’re crying?” Jungkook’s voice was rough from sleep, and you felt bad for waking him up so late when you knew he was busy. He was right, you were crying, hard.

“Jungkook, I-”

“Hold on, I’m coming over. Unlock your door, okay?” He cut you off, voice filled to the brink with concern.

“No, no.” You hurriedly spoke, trying to stop him from coming over.

“It’s too late, the pants are on.” He replied, and you heard him shuffling around on the end of the line. 

“But it’s so late.” You complained, wiping your sleeve on your tear stained cheeks. Great, one more thing to feel terrible about.

“I’ll just sleep over there, okay? I’ll bring you some ice cream and let’s talk.”

You were caving in on his suggestions. Silently agreeing, you told Jungkook what was the reason for your overflowing tears. He listened to you the whole time, not once speaking or cutting you off. Always, you’d told him your troubles, and always, he fixed them. Your now ex boyfriend had cut it off, but it was just a matter of time before that’d happened. You knew it, but you still didn’t want it to happen. It happened a week ago, and you were still getting hit hard by it. The both of you had been thinking about moving in, before he decided he wanted someone else.

“(Y/N) just wait, alright? I’ll be there soon. Do you want me to stop off at your asshole ex’s place? I’ll beat the shit out of him.”

“No, just come over here!” You commanded him, laughing at the way he always attempted to protect you in the worst ways possible. He laughed too, but you weren’t sure if it was because he’d succeeded in your momentary laughter or because he found himself funny.

“I knew you wanted me to come over.” Jungkook teased.

You hung up the phone as you waited for him to arrive, and he was there within 10  minutes. He’d always done this, shown up at amazing times of the night. When you called, you didn’t realize just how late it was and you felt guilty, but he paid no mind to it.

You opened the door to him, and he caught you in a tight hug, a filled plastic bag hitting the back of your head.

“Ow, did you go buy the whole convenience store or something?” You wondered, rubbing the back of your head once he let go of you. Jungkook merely smiled at you, and he cupped both of your cheeks before lightly pecking your forehead. He walked into your house and kicked the door shut with his foot.

“What do you have in your backpack, too?” You gaped at his ballooned out backpack, obviously filled with something amazing.

“My laptop, blanket and other stuff. Let’s have a sleepover, okay? We can ‘accidentally’ text your ex pictures of us together. Want to watch a movie? I have like 400 snacks, take your pick- wait, let’s just eat all of them. If you don’t want your ice cream first let’s put it in the freezer. I hate melted ice cream, yuck.”

“Aren’t you tired still?” You examined his face, streaked with sleep and he’d yawn ever so often. Jungkook still disagreed, going over to your couch and dropping off all of his belongings.

“Not one bit, my love needs me.”

“Your love? That’s new. What did you buy?”  You went over as he began to unpack his mound of blankets and even a few pillows. Peeking in the bags, you noticed he actually had bought the whole convenience store. There was different amounts of soda, one of every chocolate on the planet, ice cream, and just buckets of candy.

“I was talking about iron man being my love, you’re not good enough, sorry.”

“Fair. Wait, are you going to make me watch iron man again?” You sat down on his blankets, and he glowered down at you. Instead of answering, Jungkook casually fell on you, wrapping his arms around your body.

“Mm, yeah. Let’s see how many we can watch before we fall asleep. I bet I can beat you. Want to watch The Avengers, too?”

“Not really, no wait you’re really warm don’t get up.”

He didn’t get up, either. You and Jungkook laid together for awhile in silence, which was nice. Sometimes just having him there was enough for you. Still, you couldn’t get over the things circulating in your mind about how your ex’s new relationship was going.

“W- you’re crying again? Come on, don’t.” He sounded a little pissed off, but you knew it wasn’t directed towards you. Jungkook sat up, wiping away your tears with his sleeve.

“Come on, Cupid’s demanding back his arrow. You knew it was going to end, (Y/N).”

“Shut up, I know I knew. I can’t help how I’m feeling.” You snapped, pushing his sleeve away. Jungkook leaned over you, dropping his head between the crook of your shoulder.

“I hate seeing you sad, so I won’t look at you.”

“Mm, don’t look at me.” You agreed, gently combing your fingers through his hair. Jungkook sighed, the air hitting your neck in a ticklish way.

“Just find someone new, (Y/N).”

“It’s harder than you think when I never see anyone besides you or my mom.”

“Someone new doesn’t always have to be someone you don’t know…” He trailed off, grip loosening on you. Those words swirled around your head for a moment, until they finally clicked into place.

“You mean…”

“Yeah.” He was quieter, and he concealed his face a lot harder, now.

“Do you…I mean…me…do you like me?”

“A little too much, maybe.” He picked his head up to look at you, and you noticed his ears were a light pinkish color. He gazed into your eyes, biting his bottom lip in anticipation. Your stomach lurched, and you had to close your eyes to escape his eyes on yours.

“Do you want me to get up?”

“…No.” You mumbled, taking fistful’s of his sweater. Maybe he was right, maybe you needed to move on from your ex. It was never too early or too late to move on to a new love, take him as an example.

“Let’s just…go slow.” You suggested, and Jungkook nodded furiously.

“Does that mean we can’t have a sleep over?”

“No, Jungkook. We can have a sleep over.” You replied to him, laughing at the sweet little smile on his face.

Perfect (Part 1)

Jimin x Reader
Smut (M)

Part 2

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to write short smuts

“What’s wrong, Jimin?”

For a couple weeks, Jimin had been less lively than he usually is. He didn’t laugh as loudly and his smile hardly touched his eyes. We hadn’t engaged in any sexual activity either, which is unlike us since we both have high libidos, and I was really starting to feel the side effects from it. Every time I was around him, I would become wet and desperate but any time I would try to engage him, he would decline me softly, assuring me that it wasn’t me, just that he was tired from practice. I accepted these excuses at first, but over two weeks seemed a bit excessive. I knew there was something bothering him and I intended to find out.

“Nothing Jagi, its..Im just not feeling well..“
His head lolled back and forth as I squeezed and massaged his tense shoulders with my soft hands. The tiny moans he emitted made my body instantly flare with heat and I automatically leaned my head down and lightly kissed the back of his neck, his smooth skin warm and comforting against my lips. He relaxed and leaned into me and my kneading hands traveled down his back and under his arms to where I was now holding him by the chest. I continued to kiss his neck and shoulder with more fervor, my breathing heavier and my core already damp.

“(Y/N)” he moaned quietly.

My hands traveled down to the edge of his shirt and I toyed with the fabric, running my fingertips along the skin at the edge of his pants and hips. I smiled into his skin when I felt him tremble at my touch. My hands hooked underneath his shirt, ready to pull it up and over his head, but he stopped me with his firm hands on mine.


My heart sank and my whole body deflated with defeat. Again, he had turned me down even though he was clearly enjoying it not even a minute earlier. Many things swam in my head; was he cheating on me? Did he not love me anymore? Did he love someone else? Was he not attracted to me? Was he depressed? Was he ill? Tears threatened to spill from my eyes and a suffocating lump began to form in my throat.

“Why don’t you want me anymore, Jimin?..”
My voice was distorted and soft with pain. He whipped around, his face regretful and sorry for unintentionally hurting me. A few tears broke free from the pools in my eyes and he smoothed them away with his thumbs, cupping my face and kissing each wet trail that was left behind.

“Im so sorry, jagiya. I do want you, I’ll always want you. I didn’t mean to hurt you, please, don’t cry.”

He hugged me to him and rubbed my back, and the contact, however small, comforted me more than he would ever understand.

“Then why won’t you let me touch you?”

I ask, my voice desperate and confused. For me, for us, sex isn’t just sex. It is an extremely intimate way for me to show Jimin how much I love him, how much I think of and desire him and only him. Denying me of this feels like he’s denying me of loving him, and denying me of his love as well.

“It’s just, I don’t feel like myself lately. I feel like… like ill disappoint you.” His eyes dropped from mine and stared at the bed. “I don’t feel… attractive…”

I looked at him with what must’ve been the most confused expression anyone has ever made.

“Why on earth would you think your unattractive, Jimin?” I asked incredulously.

I took his hands in mine and scooted closer to him, all my attention on trying to console him.

“I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to work out and my abs have disappeared.”

He continued to avoid my gaze as he absentmindedly picked at my hands in his. I freed one hand and brought it up to his face so he would look at me in the eyes.

“I think that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Who cares if you don’t have abs, you’re still sexy to me and to all your fans as well, I’m sure.”

“Some fans don’t like when I don’t have abs, they’ve said it before, I’ve seen the comments.” He protested.

“Screw those fans!” my anger boiled up quickly at the thought of those superficial fake fan’s rude comments getting to Jimin. I took a breath and calmly continued.

“Those people aren’t your real fans, they only care about the way you guys look, they don’t value your music or who you are as people. You shouldn’t let those words get to you because for every one of those fake fans, there are a 100 more who love you and support you no matter what. They are the ones who matter. And if it makes you feel better, you can always get them back, but just know that you are perfect, Jimin.”

His face broke into a grin and he laughed at me, teasing me for being so passionate and using strong language.

“Aigoo! You’re so cute when you’re angry, jagi.”

I blushed and laughed from embarrassment, slapping him playfully on the chest as I did.

“Yah! Don’t make fun of me! I just complimented you.”

“Wait, did I hear you correctly or did you just tell me that you think I’m sexy?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows and tilting his head down, giving me a perverted stare.

“Of course I think you’re sexy, pabo.”

He continued to grin at me with his silly expression, and made me burst out in laughter.

“Stop making that weird face at me! You’re freaking me out”

I laughed and pushed him so he fell backwards on the bed, watching him as he propped himself up on his elbows and looked at me with slightly warmer eyes than before.

“So, what do you think is sexy about me? I want to know” he asked. I sighed in mock exasperation.

“Unfortunately, everything…” I bent down next to him and positioned myself comfortably by his side, with my right arm laying on his chest, moving with the steady rise and fall of his breathing. He looked at me with a focused expression that made my chest feel warm and made it hard for me to breathe.

“Let’s see, I guess I’ll start with your eyes. I love your eyes, especially when you laugh or smile so much that they disappear. That makes me happy…”

My hand had been stroking subconscious swirls into his shirt as I talked.

“And your lips too. They’re so full and soft and they fit perfectly with mine.”

I reached up and placed a light kiss on them, breaking away before Jimin could further deepen the kiss. He managed to dart his tongue out and caress mine before I was able to escape.

“That wicked tongue…”
I shivered to myself, my hairs standing on end and my nipples hardening from the tingly wave that ran through me.

“…I love that too.”

I ran my finger from his lips, down his chin, and onto his neck, loving the way his breath quickened its pace as I did so. I leaned my face into the crook of his neck and spoke into it between tender kisses.

“I love kissing your neck over and over and feeling your pulse on my lips.”

I continued to kiss on his neck and gently sucked and bit on his soft flesh, pulling guttural moans from deep within his chest. His arm hooked around my midsection and moved me on top of him so my middle was in line with his and I gasped at how hard he was against my core, but I continued to tease him. I shuffled down so I was sitting on his calves instead of his hips and Jimin watched me with half lidded eyes as I firmly massaged his inner thighs.

“Your strong, thick thighs never fail to turn me on. I love how they support me when I’m bouncing up and down on your hard cock..”

I looked at him through my eye lashes as I said this and he released another louder moan and balled his hands into fists, momentarily squeezing and releasing them with desire. My hands smoothed up his thighs and I lowered myself so my face was at his crotch and my but was in the air, giving him an erotic sight as I grazed over his bulge and fingered at the hem of his shirt. I pushed it up slightly, stopping as his eyes became guarded and he tensed slightly from the tiny bit of insecurity that still remained within him. I grazed my finger nails on his hip line, focusing on the thick vein that ran along his pubic area and disappeared underneath his jeans along with his V line.

“This vein drives me crazy and so do your hips. Every time I see them, I want to run my finger across it.”

I slowly peeled back his pants and underwear, revealing more of that alluring vein and V line, kissing along the expanse of his hips and flicking my tongue out and sucking at his sensitive hip bones. His head dropped back as he whispered curses and groaned my name, and every time I sucked harder, his cock would jump underneath me. Finally, he relaxed and dropped from his elbows, laying his back against the bed and entangling his hand in my hair. With him distracted and soaking in his pleasure, I smoothed my hands up his torso, taking the rest of his shirt with me and revealing his naked abdomen. Typically, his abs are hard and defined, like the top of a Hershey chocolate bar, but now as I looked at them, they had melted down to a smooth, toned surface with only a hint of the taught muscled that used to lie there. Personally, I think I liked and preferred this more than his six-pack that he had to work so hard to maintain. I loved his healthy toned belly.

“Jimin…” I moaned. I tattooed his torso with kisses, licking and sucking at his skin into pink, purple, and blue galaxies while humming with content.

“I love your new healthy belly, I can’t believe you hid this from me for over two weeks.”

My moans increased and I licked my way up to his chest, lightly flicking my tongue at his nipples and gently biting on them as he gasped with rattling breaths and ground his erection into me.

“Im so sorry, babe, it was stupid. I should’ve known you wouldn’t care”

“You should know that I’ll always think you’re sexy and appealing, because I love you, because you’re more than just your body..” I whispered sweetly against his chest.

“Fuck..” he sighed, grabbing my waist and pulling me up to him so he could crash his lips onto mine. He pushed my lips open with his and slipped his tongue inside, coaxing mine into his mouth and battling for dominance. I succumbed to him, letting him suck at my muscles and moaning erotically into his lips as I ground my soaking core into his hardness, the fabric of my panties rubbing against my clit underneath my short skirt. I hugged him to me tightly and he wrapped his arms over my back, pressing me into him as much as was possible. It was times like these that I wished there was a way to completely melt into him so we could truly feel each other and become one, to transcend our physical shells and meld our souls. However, this was the closest we could come to that, to have sex, to make love, whatever you wanted to call it, and I loved it so much. I loved him so much it made me drunk with infatuation.

“Jimin.” I pleaded.

For what, im not sure, but he seemed to understand since he crooned at me in a soothing tone and flipped me on my back so that he could hover over me.

“Shhh, don’t worry jagiya, I will.”

Jimin wasted no time in ridding us of our clothes, tugging off my skirt and panties in one swift motion and then pulling me up so he could reach underneath my shirt to unhook my bra and yanking off those as well. I followed suit, pushing up his shirt while my fingers skimmed over the muscles and flesh that rolled and flexed as he pulled the material over his head and I smiled at the messy tufts of faded orange hair that stuck up randomly.
He leisurely dragged his fingers along the planes of my cheek and caressed my bottom lip before shifting them down my chin and to my chest. I swallowed hard at his light ticklish touch and from the way his teeth scraped seductively at his own bottom lips. His eyes were warm pools of chocolate and my own reflected the burning stars hidden within their depths. I marveled at how someone could be so amazing and so beautiful, and that they could also be mine. A tremor radiated through my body as his fingers gently tugged at my hardened nipples and my eyes closed from the pleasure that ensued.
Quietly, I sighed when he drummed his way down my ribcage and then giggled as he tickled at my sensitive sides and navel. My hands and knees flew up in an effort to protect myself from the torture, but Jimin just roughly opened my thighs and placed his lower half against mine. He gripped my wrists and trapped them above my head, smothering me with a fiery, open kiss and weaving his fingers with mine as the kiss deepened and he pressed his chest against mine. Our tongues danced erotically against each other, tasting each’s arousal, and it was impossible for me to not moan into his mouth as my stomach twisted with pleasure and anticipation.

“It’s been too long, (Y/N).” He whispered against my lips, his voice hoarse and broken with lust.

I hummed and squeezed my hands against his momentarily, accentuating just how much I agreed with him. Jimin placed one more kiss on my lips before he traveled down my jaw and nibbled at my ear and neck and I turned my head opposite of him so that he had as much access to my sweet spots as possible.

“Jimin” I huffed, barely audible as my lungs strained for the air that I could not seem to catch.

He released my hands so he could slide down and offer the same attention to my collarbone and chest and I replaced his hand with his hair, gently tugging at the roots as they filtered between my fingers. Sudden warmth met my breasts as he enclosed his mouth on my nipple and sucked gently, swirling his tongue around my nub and eliciting a loud moan from me as my back arched off and fell back against the bed.

“You’re very sensitive today.” Observed Jimin from his position below me. I ignored his teasing and pulled a bit harder on his hair as a warning.

“Don’t stop.”

He growled and took my nipple between his teeth and pulled so they scraped against the sensitive nerve endings and I cried out as new waves of wetness rushed forward and ran down my thighs.

“Patience, jagi…” his voice deepened more than usual, thick with wild desire and passion.

“That was never one of my virtues…” I quipped.

His head moved further down my torso, my hands falling to the bed as he sucked on my ticklish spots on and around my sides, causing the muscles in my abdomen to contract slightly with a delicious tingle.

“Oh fuck, Jimin… I need you.”

A shiver coursed through my body and my core throbbed painfully with every pulse as I waited for him to finally touch me where I need him most. To my dismay, he continued to torment me by sucking bruises into my hips and I whimpered with both pleasure and impatience.

“Jimin-…” Before I could finish, he interrupted me with his middle finger entering my swollen lips and pushing into my tight entrance. My chest rose and fell with a fast pace and high pitched sighs chimed like music in the air. My arms flew up above my head and my legs opened wider as I relaxed and focused on the feel of his single digit rocking in and out of me as he continued to lick and kiss my hips and lower stomach.

“Aish, you’re so wet…” he mumbled, more to himself than to me.

An electric current shocked my body when Jimin suddenly licked at my clit with varying strokes, some long and firm, others light and fast. Guttural sounds rumbled in my throat as he added another finger and stretched my walls, gently stroking me at a steady and semi-fast speed. My toes flexed and cracked in euphoria and my limbs soon felt like they were buzzing and tingling with my nearing orgasm. Through heavy breaths I told him,

“Jimin, s-stop.. I wanna… cum on you, w-with you…”

“Are you sure?” he bit his lip and watched me twitch underneath him as his hand moved faster, his fingers drilling into me.


“Yes what?”

Usually, his constant teasing was the best part about sex; it was the buildup and anticipation that made it amazing, but right now it was beginning to wear on my nerves. I needed him now, I couldn’t wait any longer, I had been waiting for too long already. I sat up and grabbed him by his shoulders and collided my lips with his and roughly pulling down the pants and underwear that still hung low on his hips.

“I need you to fuck me, Jimin, before I explode…”

My voice was desperate but assertive and I didn’t recognize it as my own. Jimin kicked off the cumbersome fabric trapping his legs and pushed me down into the bed with his palms and hovered over me just out of reach. I strained my neck to try and reach his mouth but his hold on me was too strong and I couldn’t fight against him. All I could do was look at his predatory gaze and shiver. I was his prey and I was caught, trapped under him, helpless as he played with his food before he devoured it. Jimin lowered his head into the crook of my neck and his hot breath fondled my ear, another shiver erupting in my body and setting it ablaze at his next words.

“Im going to make you scream, (Y/N)…”

[ Tom extended imagine ] Monthly.

Original imagine:  Imagine: Tom taking care of you and spoiling you during your period.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: This is a small gift for all the hormonal ladies out there ;) 

( Special tag: @hannaaaad @paigearmitagehiddleston )


Tom and I sat at the living room. He was on the chair reading a script and I was lying on the big couch next to it, trying to rest and cope with that… monthly juju.

-This is amazing! You’re gonna love this story, darling.  The main character’s journey is unbelievable. I really hope I get this part.

He said chuckling.

-Tom… I love the sound of your voice and everything you have to say, but right now…please shut up.

He put the script down and looked at me frowning; I was just curled up with a blanket and with my hand covering my eyes.

He looked at the clock by the chimney and stood up.

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Milk and Cookies

Pairing: Peter Parker x (Female) Reader

Warnings: None, fluff

Word Count: 839

Summary: Some people have that ‘after school special’ kind of life where they come home and milk and cookies while watching educational cartoons; others fight crime and only if they are very very lucky, do they get those cookies. (For the wonderful and lovely Pharm, who like me, really wants sweet little Peter to finally get his after crime fighting milk and cookies.)

Beeping from the kitchen pulled you away from your computer where you had been browsing for a movie to watch. Comedy? Or Action? Maybe a period piece? You kept scrolling through the options in your mind as you pulled the cookies out of the oven and placed them on the cooling rack. An animated film?

A few clanks and two loud thumps coming from your bedroom broke you from your thoughts. Slowly and quietly, you made your way to the broom closet and grabbed the wood handled broom for protection, before proceeding down the hall to your room.

“Hello? Is anyone there?”


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Here’s some headcanons I had about the crew and their favorite flavors of ice cream:

  • Jim likes things like sherbert and bubblegum or really fruity flavors. Also willing to try weird new flavors. Eats too fast and ALWAYS gets brain freeze. Bites off the bottom of pointed cones and uses it like a funnel to drink the left over melted ice cream at the bottom.
  • Bones likes earthy, rich, flavors like chocolate, coffee, and nutty ice cream. Likes when there’s a mix, and appreciates the taste of boozy ice creams. Caramel is a nice add on. Makes noises when eating really good ice cream and mumbles things like “That’s the stuff”.
  • Having favorites is illogical but Spock’s is vanilla. There’s more possibilities for toppings. Tries different combinations of toppings each time, some a little odd.
  • Uhura’s favorite is simple lemon sorbet, but she enjoys other fruity flavors too. Almost never eats ice cream on a cone.
  • Chekov is lactose intolerant, but really likes ice cream with other things mixed in like nuts or bits of cookies. Rocky road is his favorite.
  • Sulu loves mint chocolate chip. Age old classic. Likes it even better with chocolate cake.
  • Scotty likes neapolitan, but only if the flavors don’t mix. Eats least favorite flavor first (Vanilla) then his second favorite, and so on. Shares ice cream with Bones if he sees him with a boozy flavor.
  • Jaylah LOVES flavors like birthday cake and cotton candy. Bites her ice cream instead of licking and is allegedly immune to brain freeze. Also huge fan of soft serve.
  • Chapel likes vanilla, but enjoys coconut flavors too. Only eats small portions at a time.
How would BTS ask you out?

How would BTS ask you out


Coffee, the joy of your life, your savior every morning. What would you do without the bitter taste of coffee in the morning? What would become of your life if your daily dose of caffeine was eliminated from your diet? Like would suck, that’s for sure.

Okay, maybe your love for coffee was a tad too extreme, but who can blame you? Coffee really is the most wonderful thing in the world.

You entered your favorite coffee shop, like you did every morning before class, taking in a deep breath. You allowed the delicious scent of toasted coffee beans fill your lungs, and you sighed softly. You walked up to the counter and smiled at the girl working there. Before you could even open your mouth, she had already recited your usual order back at you with a cheesy grin.

You laughed and nodded at her, slightly embarrassed. You really must be a recurring customer. Soon enough, the girl came back with your coffee and a sweet strawberry and custard tart. You handed her the money you had already pulled out of your purse, before walking back to your usual table.

You sat down comfortably, and began eating the tart, relishing in its sweet taste, the slight citrus taste of the strawberries was compensated by the creamy sweetness of the custard, and the biscuit base was so crunchy it formed music in your mouth with every bite.

But none of this compared to the very much expected and needed glee of the hot steamy coffee touching your lips before caressing your taste buds one by one.

You took the last sip of your drink, before getting up and grabbing your bag, ready to make your way down to your first seminar of the day. You were a little early but at least this way you could make sure to get one of the best seats.

You were so invested in your own thoughts; you didn’t see the tall boy walking towards you with his face turned towards his shoulder, and a cup of scorching hot coffee in his hand.

You were thrown back by the impact, causing you to stumble and almost trip over a chair. As you steadied yourself your gaze met that of the stranger you had just collided with, and you gasped. He was gorgeous. He had the face of a fairytale prince, even as he frowned looking down at his coffee stained shirt.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! You stuttered out, bowing down to him. He looked up at you, and smiled so warmly you felt your heart melt like a chocolate bar on a hot summer day.

“It’s nothing, I should have been more careful. Are you okay though?” He asked, looking at you with a slight frown, checking to see if you had gotten hurt. His voice was so beautiful you thought you could hear the angels sing, and the flowers grow.

“Yes, I’m fine, but I really am so sorry I ruined your shirt, I should have looked where I was going. Let me at least pay for a new cup of coffee!” You offered, bringing your purse out, but he raised his hand, silently asking you to stop.

“Really, it’s no big deal. But if you really do want to make it up to me, how about you let me take you out for dinner tonight?” he asked with a smile. Damn he was smooth. You nodded a bit too eagerly, because you were so surprised , you had forgotten how to speak. He laughed, and you felt the gates of heaven open. He offered you his arm, and you quickly wrote down your number, before excusing yourself, and leaving the coffee shop, since you had a stupid seminar to attend.

But God knows your mind was no longer with you at college, it was lost somewhere among the thoughts of the stranger prince who had stolen your heart.

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You had been working as BTS’s make-up artist for a while now, and you loved it. You had developed a passion for make-up ever since you had purchased your first eyeliner, and you felt the creamy tip of the pencil caress your skin as it drew on your eyelid. Little did you know then, that the little girl who could barely keep her eyeliner straight, and struggled to match her foundation, would end up working for some of the most amazing idols in Korea.

You smiled at the memory, and realized how lucky you were to have this opportunity, not only because you worked as something you absolutely loved, but because you got to work with seven wonderful boys, who made it a joy to go to work every morning. You watched them practice sometimes, and you were always there, backstage for their shows, staring with your mouth wide open, as they managed to put on the most impressive performances you had ever seen.

You had grown to love all of them, with all their quirks and traits.

You adored how Jungkook was always shy around you, treating you with utmost respect, calling you noona, and staying impossibly still through the many hours of make-up you spent on him. You also thought it was unbearably adorable how he apologized after he rushed backstage for a quick touchup after a song, because he had sweated so much his make-up had started to come off.

You adored how Jin relished in the soft touches of your brushes and sponges, and always praised the end result, telling you how you made him even more handsome if that were possible.

You had grown to love Namjoon’s clumsiness, ordering him to sit still for as long as he was around you and your make-up materials, avoiding chaos.

V was a bit of a pain, you had to admit, he would hardly ever sit still, until you did his hair, and massaged his scalp, and he was done for. But you loved his quirkiness, and found him impossibly adorable.

Suga was easy to work with, he was sweet, respectful, and usually shouted at the guys so you wouldn’t have to, but sometimes he fell asleep on your chair while you worked on him.

J-Hope never failed to make you laugh, sometimes even making your mascara smudge because he had made you laugh so much you had tears in your eyes, but he was always eager to let you experiment on his face.

The only problem you had there, was Jimin. That little shit had taken a special liking to flirting with you as soon as your full attention was focused on you, which would be fine, if it wasn’t for that fact that he was incredibly irresistible, and you had the biggest of crushes on the dork.  You dreaded his turn more than you dreaded paying taxes. He made you all flustered, and shy, and you had to hold your paint brushes extra tightly so your hands wouldn’t shake from the nervousness.

“Okay, you are almost done, let me just go over your lips aaaand… Done!” You told him, passing the small brush over his lips once more, finishing his make-up. You smiled, pleased with the end result. He looked at himself in the mirror and pouted.

“You know what would make this look complete?” he asked, and you shook your head. “If you kissed me”

He did a kissy face at you, and you laughed, hoping your body wouldn’t betray you by showing the way he made you feel letting the blush creep up your face.

“very funny Jimin” You scolded him, with a frown, before asking him to get up from the chair and let Jungkook sit down for his turn.

“I’m serious you know? I know you think I’m joking, because I always flirt with you, but seriously, how long is it going to take for you to realize that I like you?” He grumbled out, crossing his arms over his chest, his head hanging low. He refused to get up from the chair. The whole room had gone silent. You heard the boys shuffle awkwardly away from the room, giving you two some privacy.

“What are you talking about Jimin?” You confronted him, folding your arms the same way he had done.

“What I am trying to say is that I have been flirting with you ever since you started working for us, and you have brushed me off every single time. Can’t you see that I like you? Can’t you see the way I blush when your face gets too close while you put eyeshadow on me, or how my throat goes dry when your brush touches my lips?” he exclaimed, staring at you with sadness in his eyes, his hand reaching out for yours.

“Jimin… I-“

“I understand, if you don’t feel the same way I do I get it, and I will never bother you again. But if you do, please let me take you out for lunch tomorrow and show you how serious I am about this” He begged you, and you felt your heart stop. You had been waiting for this for so long, it no longer seemed real.

“Make it lunch, and the movies and I’m in” You replied coolly, trying to seem as chill about it as possible, although inside your chest, your heart was doing somersaults.

He grinned at you, with that wonderful toothy smile of his, where his eyes go all small, and you can see happiness radiate from his features.

“I won’t disappoint you I promise” he squeaked out, before jumping out of the chair, and giving you a kiss in the cheek.

Jungkook poked his head in and smiled at you sheepishly, watching Jimin dance around the room victoriously.

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It was a beautiful summer day, with the sky a vibrant blue, and not a cloud in sight, so you decided to go for a walk around town, before stopping by your favorite park.  You rummaged through your closet, trying to find something appropriate to wear. You found a pretty floral sundress, and a beautiful pair of sandals that matched it perfectly, and quickly slipped them on.

You looked out your window, and noticed the intensity of the sun, so you sprayed some sunscreen on although you felt a little silly, just to make sure you wouldn’t get any nasty burns, and decided to wear a pretty hat to shield your eyes and face from the sun.

Finally you grabbed your handbag, and walked out of your house, skipping happily. You loved summer, it was definitely your favorite season. Everything seemed so much happier and vibrant, and the nights were absolutely beautiful. You often sat outside your balcony at night, just breathing in the night air.

You loved the park, it was always full of interesting people at this time of the day. You watched the kids playing around, being carefully watched over by their parents and it melted your heart, you wish you could have a family like that one day, but you’d have to find Mr. Right first, and that didn’t look likely at all. You watched the cute couples walk by, hand in hand, or eating picnics on the grass, lovingly feeding each other, and it made you feel a little hole opening up in your chest. You sighed sadly.

You spotted your favorite ice cream shop, and you ran to it, not caring if anyone looked at you weird, no one is every too old to be excited about ice cream. You patiently waited at the line, glad you had put some sunscreen on, because you could feel the harmful sun rays burn your skin a little.

Once you were at the front of the cue, you ordered your two favorite flavors, and handed the lovely old man who worked at the shop the money, thanking him with a smile. You stared your ice cream with such an excited expression, anyone would have thought you were an overly grown 5 year old child. Your eyes glistened as you took the first lick. You hummed in glee. Ice creams are definitely the best part of summer, there is nothing like an ice cream on a hot summer day to make you feel refreshed again.

You walked over to the small pond, and sat down at a bench right in front of it. Something about the ducks made you feel at peace. Maybe it was the way they seemed so graceful as they glided on the water, but then demonstrated how awkward they could be at land, when they were out of their main terrain. It sort of reminded you of yourself. That thought made you laugh, so you threw your head back, and allowed a peal of laughter to leave your lips.

Suddenly, there was a gush of wind so strong it blew your hat right off your head. You gasped, and attempted to chase it, but it was already too far for you to catch it. You sighed, that hat had been quite expensive, and as a student you couldn’t afford to spend money on such things and then lose them.

You chased after it, desperate to retrieve the expensive accessory. You dropped your ice cream in the nearest trash can.

“My hat! Someone please help!” You called out, but no one turned to look at you.

Suddenly, you watched a tall figure jump up into the sky, and grab your hat with one hand. He landed gracefully onto the ground, as if he was used to such actions, and turned around to look at you, his lips curled up into the most sincere smile you had ever come across. It made your heart stop.

“Oh! Thank you so much!” You managed to choke out, as you stopped, panting, and holding your aching side.

“You’re welcome, it was actually a pleasure to help a pretty lady like you” he told you, his grin widening, but he still held onto your hat.

“That was really nice of you! I’m really grateful. Can… Can I have my hat back?” you questioned, pointing to the object in his hands, but he shook his head. You stared at him, confused.

“If I give you this hat now, you will go back home, and I will never see you again. Therefore, if you ever want to see this hat again, you will meet me here, in this same spot, tomorrow at 5pm precisely. If you are even a minute late, your hat will pay the consequences” He told you with a cheeky grin, pretending to hold your hat as some sort of kidnapping hostage, as he walked backwards, towards the exit of the park.

You laughed at the sight, you had to give it to him, he had been damn original, and you were definitely looking forward to the date with the charming stranger.

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He had fallen for you the moment he saw you walk through the door, hiding behind Taehyung. He watched you, as you stood behind him, smiling at the remaining 6 guys, but as far as he was concerned, you were smiling just at him. When Taehyung told them he was bringing his best friend over, he sure as hell wasn’t expecting it to be a girl, let alone a girl as beautiful as you.

He smiled at you warmly, encouraging you to introduce yourself, and the moment he heard your voice, he thought he was looking at an angel.

He spoke his name loudly and clearly, so you could remember it better than any of the other names you were to learn that name, and his heart stopped the moment he heard you repeat it after him. He had never realized how much he liked his name until he had heard the way it sounded as it rolled off your tongue.

He must admit he did feel a little jealous of the deep relationship you shared with Tae, how you shared all your secrets with him, how your phone’s background picture was one of you with him, how sometimes you slept over at the dorm, and you stayed in Tae’s room, and he would stay up all night, trying not to imagine things that would definitely haunt him in his dream. He felt himself turn green with envy when he saw his friend’s arm wrapped lazily around your body, or how you poked his face, or kissed his cheek, took selcas with him, and the way you giggled whenever Tae tickled you.

He couldn’t help it, he would become slightly more grumpy after you had left, snapping at V for the most mundane of reasons. The older boys began to notice a patter, and soon enough figured out what was going on.

They watched him cross his arms, and shoot daggers with his eyes at Taehyung, as you walked out the door with him and Jimin, to go shopping, and as soon as they thought you were far enough, they confronted the maknae.

“You really need to stop with this you know” Jin snapped at him, making the younger boy turn his attention from the door to his hyung.

“Stop what?” He snapped back, the anger inside him boiling up.

“This whole attitude thing with V. They are just friends you know? Sure they are awfully close, but they are just friends. If they had wanted to take their relationship that extra step, they would have done that already.” Jin explained with a stern face. Jungkook huffed and looked away.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” He mumbled, hoping his hyungs wouldn’t hear him.

“You need to confess.” J-Hope intervened, rolling his eyes at the maknae.

“But what can I do? How do I tell her? What if she doesn’t like me back?” He voiced his worries, desperately looking from one hyung to the other.

“You shouldn’t worry about the end result yet, worry about confessing, and then deal with the outcome” Rap Monster suggested, smiling down at his younger member.

“I know what you can do” Piped in Suga, from his spot on the sofa, raising his eyebrows at the younger boy.

You walked back to your apartment, from yet another fun day at the dorm, although you were a little upset Jungkook wasn’t there when you got back from shopping. You liked talking to the boy, you liked his smile whenever you talked to him, and the way he listened carefully to all of your stories… okay maybe you just liked the boy in general.

You sighed, as you dug your hands into your pockets, looking for the key. As you raised your head to place the key into the lock, your eyes met a pink post it note stuck to your door.

“Come in” it said. You quickly took it down, and walked into your house. You were met with another post it note on the mirror. “Keep looking” It said. You followed the trail of pink post it notes all over your apartment, leaving small clues to follow, until one led you back to your living room, and out onto your balcony.

As you walked outside, holding multiple post it notes in your hands, you saw Jungkook standing there, in a suit, holding a single red rose, smiling nervously. You smiled at the sight and blushed slightly.

“I… I had a long speech planned, but seeing you here has made me so nervous I forgot it” He choked out, his throat dry. You smiled at him, and took the rose from his hands, replacing it with one of yours. He cleared his throat and smiled at you, thanking you silently for the encouragement.

“I like you Y/N. I like you a lot. And I was wondering, if… maybe… if it was okay with you I mean… If you’d like to… date me?” He asked, smiling at you with hope sparkling in his eyes. You grinned at him, and leaned forward, planting a sweet chaste kiss on his lips.

You pulled back, to look at him, grinning like a fool, before enveloping in a hug so tight you almost couldn’t breathe, but you couldn’t be happier.

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Rap Monster:

Books had always been your best friends, taking you to wonderful distant lands, where your imagination could run free, where you could be whichever hero you chose to be. Books gave you a feeling of safety, of escape. They lulled you to sleep whenever the dark thoughts wouldn’t leave you alone. They made you laugh, cry, love with all the characters, they made you grow up with them. You learned so much from those paper friends. And most of all, books never abandoned you, no matter how tough things got, you could always count on J.K. Rowling, St Pierre Exupery, Tolkien, Banana Yoshimoto, to pick you up when you were feeling down.

That’s why you always carried a book around with you, no matter where you went, you made sure you had a book in your bag, or at least as a pdf file on your phone.

Truth is, you aspired to become a great writer one day, ever since you had read the story of the Canterville Ghost, and had written a poem in return, so some day your stories helped another lonely child like you to get through the day.

You sat at the highest hill there was at the park, because a great tree grew there, casting a precious shade around itself. You loved leaning against that tree, under the protection of its shade, with a book in your hands, as the wind slowly caressed your skin, blowing into your hair, making it float around you.

You lost yourself in the words inked on the pages of your book, it was Little Women this time, a personal favorite, which you would repeat every once in a while. Your eyes scanned the pages, absorbing each word, although you could most likely recite it off by heart.

You never understood people who didn’t repeat books once they had read it. How could you not? It is the most precious thing. It gives you a sense of security, as well as bringing back happy memories, and a feeling of familiarity. Also, you always spot new details you had missed the first time you read it, and honestly speaking, some books are so amazing they get better every time you read it.

How could people not read? You didn’t understand it. Reading had saved your life, in the most literal of senses. Whenever your parents argued, you’d mute them out, letting yourself get dragged into a wonderful land of fantasy, almost as if the book had completely absorbed you.

When a book was good enough, you wouldn’t be able to put it down, barely stopping for food or basic biological needs. You could read books as thick as a cereal box in a day if you were given the chance, and soon enough you had ran out of new books to read at home. But you always returned to your favorites.

“You know, I’ve read that book too” You heard a friendly voice drag you out of your little bubble.

“Pardon?” You asked, turning your face to look at the source of the voice, but had to turn your neck upwards to meet the eyes of the incredibly tall stranger.

“Sorry” He replied awkwardly, before sitting down cross-legged on the floor beside you.

“You’ve read this book?” You asked suspiciously, eyeing the stranger. You took in his appearance, and were honestly surprised a guy with his style was into reading.

“Yeah, actually I love reading, it’s inspirational. I learn new words when I read, it helps me make better music” He told you, with a precious dimpled smile that melted your heart.

“You make music?” you asked him, closing your book and placing it on your lap, before turning to stare at him with eyes wide with admiration. He nodded.

“How about, we meet up tomorrow at the small coffee shop down this road at 3pm, and I bring you a new book for you to read after you’ve finished that one, and you can lend me one of yours?” He asked you, with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

“Did you just ask me out on a date?” You asked him, raising an eyebrow at him. He let out a hearty laugh.

“Yeah, I guess I did. You caught me. So? What do you think? Will you meet me tomorrow?” He asked, standing up and brushing the dust away from his jeans. You smiled at him.

“At 3 right? I’ll be there.” You told him, nodding. You watched him grin wider than you had seen before, and laughed at the excited expression on his face.

“YAS! See you then!” He told you quickly, waving at you, before running away, jumping slightly. For someone so smart, you must admit he was a little weird, in the most charming of ways.

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You had been his best friend for years now, and he had enjoyed every single day of it. He loved you dearly. You were his confidant, his advisor, his shoulder to cry on when things got hard. You helped him carry his burdens, and he was thankful for it all, but lately, things began to change for him.

He noticed how his heart did flips whenever you were nearby, how he craved your presence, even though you had just walked out the door. He would run across the room the moment his phone began ringing with the specific ringtone he had chosen for you, answering the call immediately. He would save all your silly selcas on his phone, and would sneakily take as many photos of you as he could.

He found himself holding on for longer whenever you wrapped your arms around him, pressing you closer against his body, resting his chin on the crook of your neck, taking in the delicious scent of your perfume, or your shampoo.  

He began getting jealous whenever the other guys held you, or kissed your cheek, and he almost regretted introducing you to his friends, but in the end, you always came back to sit with him, or on him if there was a lack of seats (which he always prayed for).

At night he dreamed about the way your lips would taste, how it would feel to have your body against his, your lips on his, his hands tangled in your hair, eyes closed. He imagined what it would be like to wake up to you every morning, your smile greeting him, and he swore if it was with you, he would wake up early every morning just to watch you sleep. He imagined falling asleep every night, with you in his arms, your head resting on his chest, your arm lazily draped across his torso, and he smiled. Oh how he wished those dreams would come true.

The boys noticed it too, the way his lips seemed to always be curved into a silly gummy grin whenever you were around, how his eyes would light up the moment you smiled, the not so sneaky pictures he took of you when you weren’t looking, and they smiled at each other. Suga hyung was in love, and it was both beautiful, and cringe-worthy to watch.

It was a simple Sunday afternoon, Suga had invited you over to the dorm once again, to spend some quality time together on his free day. The other boys had decided to conveniently go out for the day, claiming they were tired of staying in, and wanted to do something together on their free day.

You spent the day lounging around the dorm, eating snacks instead of meals, watching movies, throwing pop-corn at each other, that you knew Jin would later on tell you off about, until you were so exhausted, you headed over to Suga’s room for a short nap.

As you laid down onto the bed with him, facing his ceiling, he felt his heart go wild in his chest, pumping so loudly he thought you might have heard it, but your peaceful expression said otherwise. He smiled at you. Your eyes were closed, but your breathing was still shallow, so he knew you weren’t quite asleep yet. You looked so beautiful it hurt him.

The thoughts began invading his mind again, and he noticed how kissable your plump lips looked, as they parted slightly. He struggled to restrain himself, but he couldn’t help wonder how they would feel against his own lips.

Oh, how he wished you knew how he felt. He was scared, you were his best friend. What if he confessed, and you turned him down and decided to not talk to him again? He couldn’t lose you, even if he was stuck with this one sided romance for the rest of his life, he was willing to sacrifice his own feelings in order not to lose you. But then again, how could he be sure you didn’t share his feelings for you? What if you did love him, and he never asked, and thus lost his one shot at happiness?

He deliberated this for a few minutes, before turning to you, eyes boring into yours.

“I have something to tell you” he stated simply, loud enough for you to hear even if you had begun falling asleep. You raised an eyebrow at him, signaling him to continue. He cleared his throat.

“I like you. No. I love you. I am in love with you Y/N” He told you, again, simply, opening his heart to you. He felt the breathe hitch in his throat as he waited for a reply. A smile spread on your lips, and with eyes still closed, you said:

“Took you long enough”

He looked at you with a grin on his face, understanding the whole situation without needing an explanation, because Yoongi knew you better than you knew yourself. So instead of asking any awkward questions, he leaned forwards, and crashed his lips onto yours, glad to feel you answer back, kissing back furiously, your hands running through his hair.

“I love you Y/N” he told you, looking into your eyes once you pulled away for air.

“I love you too Yoongi” You purred back, staring into those beautiful slanted eyes of his.

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You had met the guys quite a while back, and had quickly befriended them, getting to know them all quickly enough, and though you truly loved all of them, you were closer to the younger 3, as they generally helped you carry out your mischievous plans.

Sometimes you’d  have to mediate between Jimin and V’s fights, but you’d do it gladly, more than happy to get V out of any trouble he got himself into.

You liked that kid, he was so cute and cuddly it reminded you of a kitten. You liked Jungkook too, but he was a lot more shy around you, and didn’t have that much skinship as V did. Taehyung could honestly not keep his hands off you. He’d be hugging you, and pinching you, poking you, kissing your cheek at any chance he could.

Honestly, you loved it, you loved how he fought for your attention at all times, and sometimes you allowed yourself to have hopes, and believe that he did it all because he was romantically interested in you, but most of the time you shot down that thought, and told yourself he must be like that with all his close friends.

You understood why all his fans loved him so dearly, he was irresistible. How could anyone NOT fall for that goofy squared grin, and those beautiful intense eyes? How could anyone NOT love the little lion man?

You for sure had fallen, from the moment you watched his trembling figure as he watched the horror movie with you and the guys, holding onto you, clutching his stuffed lion in his hands. You both screamed and hid behind each other, becoming the main source of entertainment for the other 6 boys, as they laughed and cooed at you.

You blushed every time one of the guys pointed out how cute you and Taehyung looked, and how you’d make the perfect couple, and brushed the comments off, like they didn’t mean anything, but they meant everything to you. Even the fans had begun shipping you, commenting on all the pictures he posted on his social networks with you, telling him to ask you out already, and how cute you looked, and how they were fans of the Y/Ship/N Ship.

You sat on the sofa of their dorm one night, staring at their large flat-screen tv, as they came on stage for an interview they had just left for. You silently cheered for them, as they introduced themselves.

You watched the interview go by without a hitch, the boys controlled what Namjoon said, avoiding any more drama, and spoke sweetly of all their fans, answering all the questions respectfully. You laughed at the casual banter between them, and even cringed at the small challenges the MCs had prepared for them.

It was a pretty normal interview, just like the many more you had watched before, the same questions, the same answers, you could recite them back at them, but you refused to change the channel. It wasn’t until Tae stopped the MC in mid-sentence, and asked if he could say something really important, that you were brought back from your own thoughts.

The MC looked slightly shocked, but he nodded at the young boy, giving him permission to speak. Taehyung turned to the camera, and gave the world his cheesy grin. You noticed the rest of the boys smiling at each other, before the camera focused mainly on Tae’s face.

“Hello! This is Taehyung from BTS. I’m sorry I interrupted this interview but I have something very important to say. You see, we have a good friend, her name is Y/N, and she has been with us for quite some time. I know her quite well, so I am 100% sure she is watching this interview right now, so HI Y/N! I noticed how many of our fans have begun posting pictures under the hashtag Y/Ship/N on our social networks, and commenting on my pictures about this, and I just wanted all of you to be witnesses to what I am about to do.” He spoke, still smiling at the camera like the incredibly charming boy he is. You felt your heart racing, and your palms begin to sweat. You gulped nervously.

“Y/N we have been friends for quite a while, and that has been fun, but I’m sure everyone knows here, right from the start, my feelings towards you have not been those of a friend. The truth is, I fell for you the moment I met you, and I hope you feel the same way. So here I am, on National TV, asking you, if you will please be my girlfriend” He finished, blushing slightly, but his eyes were full of hope, and happiness, and relief. He had finally taken a heavy weight off his shoulder.  You heard the fans scream in excitement, and the boys high five each other.

You looked down at your phone, Jin had just texted you with the number of the show. You dialed quickly, and soon enough you heard the MC tell the boys they had an incoming call.

“YES!” You screamed into the phone, making the fans scream even louder. You heard screams of congratulations, and cheers, and you watched the widest grin possible spread over your now boyfriend’s face, while the boys gave the camera a thumbs up, and winks, and kissy faces making you giggle.

Typical of Taehyung to pull a stunt like this, but you were glad, you finally had what you had always dreamed of.

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A/N: None of these gifs are mine, credits go to their rightful owners.

Also, I would like to add that the Rap Monster story has a little bit of me in it, so please read it ^^ it would mean a lot to me, because it comes from the heart, and spreaks of my own feelings and dreams. Thank you <3 saranghae

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)- Gabriel x Reader

For Alisya, my boo who really likes bakery AUs (or, at least, this one). 

Summary: “Hey, um…You do realize that we have more than just red velvet cupcakes here, right?” 

Pairings: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: sweet tooth alert!!! also cupcakes!!!

Word Count: 1038

Your eyes nervously glanced to the wall clock of your joint-partnership owned bakery/cafe. He’s late, you thought glumly. Just when I thought I would finally pluck up the courage to talk to him…

“Hey dude, relax, he’ll be here.” Your co-owner and best friend, (Y/B/F/N), reassured you, squeezing your shoulder absently as she handed you a tray of red velvet cupcakes, which sure enough, sent a pang of unrecognized emotions running through your veins. “When has he not been here?” 

“When I actually want him to be here.” You sighed, placing the tray down on the counter, carefully arranging each red velvet cupcake in the small pink cupcake stand. 

Just then, the bell rang and your head shot up, only to drop your gaze as an elderly woman enters the bakery, your best friend swiftly at her side to promote your cupcakes. You wandered back to the kitchen, where your freshly baked     batch of unfrosted salted caramel cupcakes are done, waiting for you to decorate them, and you took them out, frosting each one of them with furious determination. Fine, you thought. It’s fine, he was a regular for a pretty damn long while, maybe he’s never coming back. You hated that he had such a control over you, because hello, you don’t come into a bakery every day, order one red velvet cupcake, practically have the third booth by the window reserved especially for you at that particular time of the day, and not expect to be noticed by the two girls who own the bakery! 

Your friend entered the kitchen, telling you how perfect your frosting looked, before turning away to grab a few boxes for the cupcakes. You supposed the elderly woman had ordered some cupcakes on display, so you went back out to check on the cafe side of the shop, only to halt in shock. It was him

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Him with the slicked-back blond hair that curled in the ends. Him with the amber eyes that glinted of mischief. Him with the charming smile and equally sweet personality. Him.  

You wanted to beat yourself up for not noticing the bell ringing earlier while you were frosting your cupcakes, but even worse when you realized he was looking directly at you. “Oh god.” You squeaked, hoping to God no one heard you. You quickly pretended to wipe off non-existent flour from your hands as you smoothed down the purple apron you wore before going over to him. 

“The usual?” You asked him in what you hoped was a steady voice. You couldn’t imagine his reaction if he knew how panicked you were when he didn’t show up at his usual time today. 

“It’s like you know me too well.” He smirked, and you wanted to blush like crazy just then. Oh my god, just turn away right now, don’t say anything you might regret, you thought.

“Right away, then.” You smiled back, turning away before changing your mind. “Hey, um…you do realize that we have more than just red velvet cupcakes here, right?” Oh god, did that come off as rude? I think that came off as rude. 

To your surprise, the man laughed. Oh sweet triple chocolate fudge, that sounds so heavenly, you sighed inwardly. “Yeah, I assumed that was part of your plan when you opened Sweet Dreams.” He said, referring to the name of your bakery. Of course, the name was inspired by that Eurythmics song you played for a dance-off battle with your best friend in your dorm room in college, and it has stuck with you since then. 

“C’mon, red velvet can’t seriously be the only cupcake you’ve ever had a thing for!” You joked, relieved that you weren’t so panicky over him as you were minutes ago. “What about salted caramel? Oooh, or our new cookies and cream cupcakes, they’re pretty good, too.” 

“Okay, now I think you’re using my exclusive love for red velvet and refusal for any other flavor as an excuse to promote your cupcakes.” He laughed again, this time you joining in, and you imagined your insides turning into a puddle like melted white chocolate. “But since you’re cute, I’m gonna let you pick a cupcake for me.” Oh god, now you were blushing. You mumbled a quick reassurance that you’ll grab the best cupcake for him before turning to the displays. 

Okay, what do I get him? You wondered, wishing you could hiss ‘911 emergency’, your code phrase for situations like these, to your friend, who was packing up a new box for another customer, but you decided not to. You glanced at the dulce de leche cupcakes next to the lemon meringue cupcakes, a smile formed on your lips. Perfect

You had just reached for the cupcake when a voice came from directly behind you, startling you. “Sweet Jesus of Snickerdoodle!” You blurted out, whirling around, livid, only to have your flaming emotions replaced by the feeling of being small, as Mr I-Only-Eat-Red-Velvet-Cupcakes sidled up to you, pressing himself close, close enough for you to feel your back against the counter. Wow, he’s actually pretty tall, you thought as you looked up, into his whiskey-colored orbs. “What are you- what- um…” You stammered, finding yourself having trouble forming a complete sentence, not when someone like him was in such close proximity. 

“I changed my mind. I have a pretty sweet cupcake in mind.” He smiled, leaning down and gently pressing his soft lips against yours, and for some reason, you imagined your brain having an intense meltdown, complete with an announcement of ‘ALL SYSTEMS DOWN’ and sirens blaring. Naturally, you responded by kissing him back, your mouth moving against his, you trying not to freak out by the fact that his hand snaked around your waist, pulling you in, as close as he could with the four layers of clothing combined, towards him. 

He pulled away first. “You’re worth a zillion red velvet cupcakes.” He said, turning to leave. You didn’t want him to leave so soon. 


You caught his attention as he turned back to look at you. “I…I don’t even know your name.” 

He flashed you a bright smile, brighter than any smile you’ve ever received from anyone ever. 


Akumu ch 19 Summary (Spoilers Beware)

Once upon a time, a little brat of a girl waited for four months for one of her beloved manga to update. She became like this

for a while.

Four months had now passed, and she had the copy of her long-awaited new manga chapter in her hands. She hugged it so happily like her first chocolate.

She began to read. Of course, those four months that passed, she expected to be like this

after reading it. But instead, it was like this

And her happiness melted like chocolate. 

The End—

K, k. Here’s the real summary…

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Presentation - Part 3 (Peter Parker x Reader)

Requested: Yes ! (“are you going to make a part 3 to Presentation bc I really I like it :)))”) 

(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name.

Warnings: Fluff, Besides that none! 

Word Count: 1,395

Part 1   Part 2 

You tapped your nails on the desk, the sound becoming repetitive. It was presentation day, and here you sat in Mr.Leroy’s class, nervous and partnerless.

Peter, your now best friend and secret crush was here all morning, and then completely disappeared, and you already knew what had happened, he was out and about being a superhero, you texted him multiple times, but there was no reply and honestly it was worrying you a little bit.

You became so fond of Peter’s company that whenever he wasn’t around it made you upset, you felt like you were missing your other half, and in a moment like this, you really needed Peter.

You had done plenty presentations by yourself before you would even think about being friends with Peter, but to be honest you felt like Peter gave you the confidence boost that you felt like you truly needed at times.

And now, he wasn’t there.

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kereeachan  asked:

So, with the good news are the Avengers now planning Steve and Bucky's wedding?

Because those two nerds eloped, the Avengers got stuck planning the wedding reception instead. 

a.  Clint makes the Best Potato Salad™ ever and this is part of the menu at the reception.  Natasha backs him up on this - this actually one of the dishes that Clint is an expert at. 

b.  Pepper and Rhodey tag-team Tony to avoid scrambling the USO showgirls or the Ironettes and turning the whole thing into a Stars-and-Stripes nightmare.  Rhodey finally convinces Tony to play the piano instead while he grabs his cello.  What? Rhodey’s a fan of the Piano Guys, so there.

c.  Thor actually spoke to the kitten who was to be designated Guardian of Steve and Bucky’s home. 

“They have already known far too much sorrow and grief.  I leave them in your paws, Ser Fights-to-Protect.”


It turned out that the kitten was a descendant of the Great Tom who had witnessed Steve and Bucky’s first, secret marriage.  Thus it was that it was fitting that this kitten would be the new Guardian of the Super Soldier Husbands. 

The kitten was rather pleased at his human-given name of “Punk.” 

d.  Sokovia, being somewhat of a crossroads nation, inevitably shared a lot of traditions and oral history with her neighbors.  Thus it was that the twins - Wanda and Pietro - had decorated Steve and Bucky’s floor with certain flowers that were not just meant as a protection against evil, but also symbolized eternal love.  Bucky, who was well aware of what these flowers meant with his family history, totally did not have happy tears in his eyes.  “I swear, Stevie, I’m not crying! Just…. dust in my eye.” 

He got sugar from his baby after that remark, which Bucky didn’t mind in the least.

e.  Bruce, who everyone thought was the “healthy, organic” eater, actually had a buddy in New York who made the best cakes.  He brought in the wedding cake, which was a sinful, decadent concoction of dark chocolate, strawberries, cream and the lightest, fluffiest, melt-in-your-mouth sponge. 

Also, he brought in a super-hero sized portion of that cake.  Everyone had a bite.  

ETA:  Bruce also had a non-strawberry version of that cake because of Pepper and Pietro surprisingly had a strawberry allergy too - so everyone was happy. :)

f.  Sam cooks.  He actually was carrying on a proud family tradition from his great-great-grandma and so between him and Clint, they managed to get the menu together.  Vision was also conscripted into the kitchen, despite his own bewilderment, but he was fascinated at how food was prepared and put together and realized what taste buds were for. 

g.  Sam and Natasha were doing the Best Man and Best Woman duties, even though the Two Idiots from Brooklyn were actually, technically, married.  Still, between the two of them (and Sam was also on food duty), they managed to keep the giddy, happy, floating-on-air couple grounded long enough to attend their own reception and celebrate with their friends. 

h.  Yes, Bucky totally bought Nat a new pair of Louboutins as Best Woman. 

i.  In the middle of the ceremony, Lila Barton, while holding her new baby brother, piped up, “Mommy, are Uncle Steve and Uncle Bucky gonna have babies now?”

The grooms cracked up.  But it was a fair question.

The babies came about three months later.  But that’s another story. 

Chapter 1

I was never what my parents wanted. Being the first born my dad wanted a boy, instead he got a girl. My mum wanted her little girl to grow up into a delicate, poised and graceful woman. Instead I was over 200 pounds by the time I was 15. My little brother was the favourite from birth, the son my dad always wanted, and as he got older, it was clear he would be the handsome charming child that my mother wanted. She gave up on my totally, stopped trying to get me to eat healthy, to work out, dress nicely. I was left to my own devices, which is why when I turned 18 I was amazed that they actually did something for me. A huge party, the whole family came, they celebrated me. The fat, clumsy, shy daughter they did their best to hide. It wasn’t until the party was over, my face still sore from smiling all day, that I realised it was a leaving party.

They had sold me, to the factory.

Growing up the factory was like an urban legend that kept girls in line. “Be good little girl, or your parents will sell you to the factory. And you’ll never come out.” I remember sitting at the kitchen table, tears steaming silently down my face as my dad told me what was happening, my mother sitting beside him. A silent partner, somehow I knew it had been her idea. She was hoping that the factory would do what she couldn’t, make me a lady. I begged and pleaded, but nothing could be done, the contract had been signed, money had been paid. I had to go. My bags had been pre packed while I celebrated with my family, I didn’t even get to say goodbye to my brother. I was swept away like a thief in the night, bundled into the back of a black Lexus. Taken out of the city, to a huge complex, checked in, visited a doctor and put in a room for the night.

I stood before my dorm room mirror three years later, a totally different woman. The woman my mother wanted me to be, not that she would ever get to see it, I can’t leave until I am chosen by a husband. Cause that’s all the factory is at the end of the day, an extreme finishing school. A place girls come to smooth off the rough edges and become a woman who can be a wife to one of the most powerful men in the world. Men who paid millions to be a part of the select group that could pick a wife.

It was my birthday, I was now 21 and able to attend the parties that were thrown to allow the girls to mingle with these men. I didn’t want to go. In the three years I have been here I’ve changed in so many ways, not just physically, but that would be the first thing anyone who knew me before would notice, if they recognised me that is. Once considered fat, I’m now toned,slim and curves in all the right places. My body had been kicked into shape by some of the best trainers in the world. I stand with my head held high and back straight, a product of my ballet lessons to improve my posture, my skin is smooth like melted chocolate from a specially planned diet, maximum nutrition and minimum calories. Weekly facials helped, along with manicures and pedicures to keep my nails neat at all times. But it the internal changed that mattered the most to me, the steel in my brown eyes, the new found confidence. That’s what I was happy for, I just wish I had it before, maybe I wouldn’t be here now if I had.

A knock at my door had me reaching for my silk robe, only the best for factory girls, and sitting on the edge of my king size bed. “Yes?” Even my voice was different, I now spoke clearly, with perfect elocution, my southern accent softened to an almost sexual breathiness. The door opened and my personal maid entered. I smiled, not just a maid, Nicki was also my friend. The only friend I had ever made. “Hey Harmony,” she bustled inside, chubby and smiling, “Ready for the big night.” I wanted to say no, but even though she was a friend she would have to report back, and I’ve seen what happens to the girls that refuse to attend parties, “Sure am.” I smiled, and she grinned back, “Need help getting ready?” I shook my head, lessons in hair and beauty ensure that we could all make ourselves red carpet ready with no assistance. But she always asked. Every morning without fail, and I guess she would ask every Friday evening now too. “Give me a beep if you change your mind.” She grabbed up my dirty towels and the tray from my dinner and left. I took a second to try and get my thoughts in order. Much as I hate it, my only chance of leaving was to get a man to want me. Once I was out I could escape him too.

Make up perfect, my locs curled and hanging down my back I stepped into my dress for the night. Emerald green, backless and sweeping down to the floor, a thigh high slit allowing my leg to show. I had to admit it was spectacular. But clothes of the best quality didn’t impress my anymore, I had been wearing them since I got here. Well, since I was small enough to fit into them. I sat to put on my heels, sky high stilettos, peep toe silver that matched the thin silver chain round my neck. Standing I took one last look in the mirror, sighed and beeped Nicki to come escort me to the grand hall.

“None of your class are old enough to attend events yet.” Nicki drove our golf cart carefully through the darkness of the complex. “They’ve assigned Dani to look after you until you find your feet.” I nodded, watching the buildings pass by. All girls were split into classes of 5, we trained together, took classes together and ate lunch together. And now I had left them all behind. I swallowed hard, fighting back the nausea that was threatening to take over. “Is she nice?” Nicki snorted as she drew to a stop in front of the grand hall, I had only been once before. Like all girls I had to come a week before my birthday to practice the stairs in the killer heels we all had to wear at all times. The only time out feet got a rest was during training and in our rooms. “None of them are nice. They are all fighting to be out of here before 25. Remember that.” I climbed out of the cart and ducked down to talk to her still, “What happens if you don’t get out by 25?” Her face for a second was so sad that my heart constricted, but then it was gone, “You end up like me.” She smiled and drive off before I could say anything. I watched the cart bump down the path until she was out of sight. “You Harmony?” I spun and looked up to see a tall woman watching me. I nodded and climbed the stairs carefully, holding my dress up so I wouldn’t trip. “Are you Dani?” She looked me up and down, taller then me by about 5 inches, we would have been eye to eye if she had been bare foot. Stunning as all factory girl are, she was dressed in a ice silver dress, a daring plunge down the front, stopping just above her belly button. Her skin was the colour of cinnamon and her eyes light brown. “Yep that’s me.” She finished her appraisal of my and must have decided I wasn’t a threat, “I can see why they put you with me, we appeal to totally different types of men.” I tilted my head and did my own sweep of her and realised she was right, while I was small and curvy, she was tall and slim, no man would want us both. Which meant we wouldn’t fight, something that often happened between the few couplings of mentors and their trainees. “Come on,” she linked her arm with mine, “You must be nervous, a drink will fix that. But only one, never get drunk.” She patted my hand, “No man wants a wife who might turn into an alcoholic one day.” Heart racing I allowed her to lead me into the hall.

People milled around, the hum of conversation almost drowning out the soft music played my a string quartet in the corner. Dani kept our arms linked as we made our way down the stairs. She kept up a string of commentary in my ear as we made our way round the room. “That’s Mr Falcon. He’s not here for a wife, he just wants to fuck as many girls as possible.” I shivered as the man in question looked over at us, his face was nondescript, brown hair, regular features, but his eyes, a sludge green. They were cruel and cold, “Steer clear of him if you can.” I nodded, “Don’t need to tell me twice.”
“I knew you looked smart.” She grinned down at me and led me over to the bar. Behind the counter waiters served cocktails and wine to the women and glasses of hard liquor to the men. “Can we get two slim and sexy’s sweetness?” Dani winked at the bar man who grinned back and quickly began to make our drinks. “Best drink to get at this thing. It’s pink and girly, so the guys dig it, but low in booze and calories. So it’s a win with the folk upstairs.” Our drinks were placed on the bar with a flourish from the barman. “There we go ladies.” He winked at me, “Haven’t see you before.” He was pretty good looking, but seeing as I never interacted with men, even before I came here, I flushed and dropped my eyes. “Leave the newbie alone Jay.” Dani grabbed our drinks and handed me mine. I took a cautious sip and was pleasantly surprised. It was good. “Small sips.” I nodded and took another small sip before lowering the glass to my waist. Cradling it in both hands. “Let’s introduce you around shall we?”

Two hours later I was bored, the majority of men here were middle age, white and very full of themselves. I’ve had at least 20 conversations about how accomplished they are, who they know, and how much they make. I covered a yawn with the back of my hand while Dani and I sat at a table. Our drinks were long gone, now we drank iced water, coloured with a splash of grenadine. “You gotta have a drink.” Dani had explained after ordering them, “That way the guys won’t feel pressured to get you one, and this.” She had swirled her newly acquired glass, I noticed her nail polish matched the drink, a blushing pink, “You don’t end up sloppy drunk like Candy over there.” She had nodded in the direction of a statuesque blonde, who was swaying as she tried to talk to a man. Her eyes had been glazed and her smile slightly vacant. Wide eyes I had grabbed my drink and taken a small sip. The icy coolness and slight sweetness a welcome relief.

“Oh, fresh meat.” I looked up from counting my melting ice cubes, again, to see Dani scoping out the crowd that had gathered at the bottom if the stairs. “How do you know?”
“A crowd of girls means a new man to seduce.” I looked at her for a second, “How old are you?”
“22.” I blinked in confusion, “How do you know so much if you’ve only been coming to these for a year.” She smiled at me and patted my hand before pulling me to my feet. “I’m a lifer. Was brought here when I was 10. When you come that early you start the parties at 18.”
“Oh.” She laughed, “Come on, let’s go see what has all the ladies in a flutter.”

We swept across the floor, arms linked again, and as we got closer I could see a mans head above the gaggle around him. Which was no mean feat, every girl here was a minimum of 5"3 like me, up to 5"10 and we all wore staggering heels. So to still be taller then that, his guy was a giant. “Excuse me ladies.” Dani cut through the group ruthlessly, and we ended up in front of him. I was stunned, he was gorgeous. Full lips, high sharp cheek bones, a proud nose, smooth chocolate skin, slightly lighter then my own. His eyes were dark and his hair was loose in a Afro that surrounded his head like a halo. His eyes met mine and he smiled, his lips pulling back over his teeth in an almost predatory way. “Hello, what’s your name beauty?”

A Way Back From That Hurt

It has rained all day. It is dark outside. I don’t mind. It seems appropriate. 

I wrote an essay for The New York Times about the beach. It’s humor. I mention this because I have already received an e-mail, from a stranger, explaining to me why I am wrong about the beach. Thank you. 

Here is the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey. It makes the movie look like it is going to be awesome and ridiculous, in the way of the books. I wrote an essay about Fifty Shades of Grey. You can read it in this book I wrote called Bad Feminist that comes out on August 5. 

I was at the grocery store and there were new corrections. Of course. Le plus ca change. 

Last night, I baked a brownie pie because earlier in the week, Ina baked a brownie pie along with some other man foods because she was having construction workers over for a manly lunch–tiny, individual meatloaves, buttermilk mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts with pancetta, and this brownie pie.

This was a particularly amazing episode because Ina made a centerpiece for her guests out of “construction materials.” If you are not picking up what Ina Garten is serving, I do not know what to tell you. 

I don’t really love chocolate so it was safe to bake a brownie pie. First, I buttered and floured my pan. I was in a bad mood so I was extra meticulous about preparing this recipe. There is a certain submission I enjoy in following recipes. You are given exact quantities and exact instructions and your only task is to follow those instructions. Your only task is to do as your told. There are times when I want my only task to be doing as I am told. A pan was never so well-floured in my kitchen as this pan. 

Next I added ¾ a stick of butter to a bowl over simmering water. I’ve often seen real cooks do this sort of thing and I have found it intimidating so in general, I have avoided working with chocolate. Last night, I was not deterred. How hard could it be?

Yesterday, sports personality Stephen A. Smith ran his mouth about the women in his family and how he has always cautioned them to not provoke their men into violence. Smith was running his mouth because he is paid to run his mouth and also because he is a misogynist with no imagination and even less heart. He was referring, of course, to the “punishment” handed down to Ray Rice by the NFL, a two-game suspension for an incident where he knocked his wife unconscious and dragged her limp body out of an elevator. 

Le plus ca change. 

When the butter melted, I added two cups of chocolate chips and combined them until I had a creamy chocolate situation.

Smith’s bullshit was galling on so many levels but for women, this is not a new message. Our job, throughout our lives is to not provoke men into beating us, raping us, cat calling us, whatever. Men, so many people would have us believe, simply cannot control themselves so it is our job, as women, to not only live our own lives but make sure men don’t hurt us. 

What I know about relationships is that they are hard. I know that when we are arguing with our significant others, we can do terrible things. We can say terrible things. We hurt each other and hope that there’s a way back from that hurt. 

When physical violence enters a disagreement, though, something changes. I don’t think it’s ever right for one person of any gender to nonconsensually strike another person of any gender. Violence is not a reasonable option.

Some pundits have said that Rice’s wife, then fiancée, struck him and he was simply defending himself. He has the right to defend himself but I am unclear as to when self-defense becomes knocking a woman unconscious. I am particularly unclear about how a professionally trained NFL football player who outsizes his partner significantly, cannot make a different choice. 

Over at the mixer, I added three eggs, a tablespoon of instant coffee, a cup of sugar and a lot of vanilla. I do not pay attention to instruction when it comes to vanilla or basil. My submission is, in all circumstances, complicated. I will submit, but I also love to push. I love to see how far I can push before there is push back. Push me back. I dare you. I want you too. 

Sometimes, when my youngest niece is acting up, her mom very calmly says, “Is there a better choice you can be making here?” It’s adorable and so loving. It is hilarious to witness because a two-year old, melting down, is not going to make a rational choice. And yet. For whatever reason, this approach works in its own way. My niece will quiet and look at her mother and consider her options. She finds a way to make a better choice. 

Perhaps, we should pay more attention to the ways of two-year-olds. 

In the throes of an argument, it’s hard to make the right choices. It’s hard to do the right thing when you’re all hurt and anger and instinct. But. We are humans. We are not animals. 

As women, we should not have to live our lives with this Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads as to whether or not our partner is going to be human or an animal. We shouldn’t have to try to not provoke. In some relationships, anything becomes a provocation–saying something, saying nothing, how you dress, how you act, how quickly you do or don’t answer the phone, your tone of voice, how you clean the house, how you drive the car, how you look someone in the eyes, how you avoid looking someone in the eyes. There’s always a finger on the trigger. 

The chocolate was set aside to cool because if I added it to the egg mixture while it was hot, it would have cooked the eggs. This is another little thing I picked up from Ina. She teaches me things.

I’m not trying to make any grand pronouncements about domestic violence. This is not an issue we can neatly intellectualize. Relationships are complicated. Shit happens. People fuck up. People endure. People hurt people. But, don’t think violence is acceptable. Don’t think there is any circumstance that justifies what Ray Rice did. Don’t think that if we’re all good girls, if we’re properly meek, if we don’t provoke our men, we’ll be safe. Good girls get hurt all the time.

We are not the problem. 

I refuse to quietly accept that there is one set of rules for how men live and another set of rules for how women live. And still, at night in a dark parking lot, I will walk to my car with my keys splayed between my fingers like blades. Ain’t that some shit?

Once the chocolate cooled, I added it to the egg mixture and let the mixer do its work. 

In tomorrow's New York Times Magazine, there is an interview with me by Jessica Gross for this week’s talk column. It feels like a big deal in the way of such vanities. A recent interviewee was Chrissie Hynde. Another was Laverne Cox. I have no idea why I’m in the mix but I am going along for the ride.

It is a lovely interview, I think. I am proud of it. And also, there is a full-sized picture of me. This is my body. This is what I look like. I am changing my body but this is my body. 

There are all kinds of pictures of me out and about and it has been harder than I can explain, to feel so exposed. It’s one thing to write as if you have no skin. It’s another thing when photography is involved.

As I’ve said before, I don’t think I am ugly. I don’t hate myself in the way society would have me hate myself way but I do live in the world. I live in this body in this world and I hate how the world all too often responds to this body. I hear the rude comments whispered. I see the stares and laughs and snickering. I tolerate relationships where I am dating someone too ashamed of me to acknowledge our relationship. The list of bullshit is long and boring and I am, frankly, bored with it. Whatever. It is what it is. This is the world we live in. Looks matter and we can say but but but. But no. Looks matter. Bodies matter. 

In a separate bowl I combined a cup of walnuts, a cup of chocolate chips (but I again, bad at submission, freestyled and used half a cup of white chocolate chops), and a cup of flour, some baking powder, and salt. I mixed it all together. Do you want to know why? Ina says that the flour will keep the walnuts and chocolate chips from sinking to the bottom of the brownie pie. I am guessing Ina knows everything. Then I added these dry goods to the chocolate batter and folded them together. The idea of folding, in baking, seems kind of sexy. 

With pictures of myself out and about there, are inevitably, all manner of cruelties directed at me. Mostly, I don’t talk about it. What the fuck is there to say? Wah, a bunch of assholes were mean to me on the Internet? I mean, honestly. That’s every day. And yesterday was just another day. One troll took the care to include me in his thoughts about my appearance, saying something like, “She’s fat and gay, is anyone surprised?” I don’t remember the exact wording and clearly, this is someone who is not terribly bright. We all see that. 

Ignore the trolls, we say, and mostly this is true. Trolls need to be ignored. They are there to poke at your tender places because they have nothing better to do. 

But this is more than trolling. I don’t care about that guy, but when I hear things like that, all my worst fears about myself are confirmed. When I hear such things, I am reminded that no matter how hard I work, no matter what I achieve, in most ways, these accomplishments mean nothing. I can be cut down. I can be put in my place. I was, I guess, put in my place. 

Don’t think I’m going to stay there. You have no idea what I can take.

I put the finished batter in my perfectly floured pan and then put that in the lie oven for 37 minutes at 350 degrees.

It’s always going to be something, right? Fine. I don’t have to smile my way through it.

Or, maybe this tears at a raw and open wound. There is someone in my life who reminds me that everything I’m doing is well and good but won’t matter as much until I lose “the weight.” This person means well which is why I am referring to them as this person. I don’t want you to think less of them. But for nearly twenty years, I’ve been told this with every new job and every new accomplishment. It’s draining to the point where I mostly don’t talk about anything I accomplish with anyone. What’s the point, until I lose “the weight." Nothing I do matters until I discipline my body, until I submit to society’s will.

The brownie pie came out of the oven and it smelled delicious. It looked good. This was probably the best thing I’ve ever baked. I took a picture. I inhaled deeply. I threw my beautiful creation away. I know how to submit. I will submit. You have no idea what I can take. 

Michael Imagine: Summer Romance

Author: Rhine


You loved him in the summer.

When his touch was has heated as the sun beating down on your skin; his eyes the greenest leaves on the palm trees to the paradise he took you to with his lips, hair as bright as the late mornings with the daylight leaking through the cracked windows.

You loved him in those months of freedom, the days long and the nights longer; everything in flashing moments and oh-so momentary, living one day to the next, one adventure to the next.

You’d wake up in the early afternoon – morning, beautiful – to his pink lips and pale skin lounged on the bed next to yours, messy hair and voice raspy.

Underneath fireworks in his arms, sparklers that danced with his, worn sneakers and flip-flop tans; mosquito bites with his hands that rubbed them red and his hands on your calves as he boosted you over the locked fence, hushed giggles and eyes that warbled in the dim lights of the community pool you slipped into at three in the morning just because you could.

You can’t just sneak in like that –

You can’t stop me. What’s so wrong about a little fun?

Clothes messily strewn aside and slipping into the cold water with a little yelp, his arms that wrapped around your bare skin and tugged you under; the scent of chlorine on his collarbones when you shift your body in the torn backseat of his car, your place for the night in his arms.

He was your summer memory, your sunlit tan from his touch on your skin, his summer rain that washed all your worries away, his chest your shoreline beach that you lay on, waiting for him to crash into you like he did so well.

Michael was your summer, the two months spent with him the very definition of the word – lazy days in his shirt with your eyes glued to a screen and body puzzled with his on a too-small couch, last minute road trips with your feet up on the dash and junk food you throw into his mouth as he drives down an empty road to a place unknown, concerts with your view sitting on his shoulder and your lipstick stains on his neck during your favourite song.

Bonfires with his eyes illuminated by the blazing flames and fingers sticky from the roasted treats, sitting in his lap and swathed in his sweater, watching the fire die out and knowing all bright things come to an end.

You knew and he knew, like the bonfire on the beach, like the sunset from the peak of the city, like the lights at a concert and like the sparks of a last kiss – all these bright things are only ever meant to be momentary.

Just a moment, just a memory.

You never kept track of the days you spent with Michael – it’s summer, after all – but reality hits you all too fast.

And suddenly the days are too short for adventures and the air is too cold for his thin flannel to keep you warm; your things are no longer mixed with his and your suitcase is all packed with nothing but sand in your clothes, a tan on your skin, and the taste of his lips to reassure you the blaze of summer was more than just a beautiful dream.

You didn’t want to wake up to reality again.


Could you love him in the winter?

Could you love him when the ice crunches underneath your boots, cold flecks of snow melting on the back of your jeans and snowflakes icing the tendrils of hair that escaped the beanie pulled over your head; love him when your fingers are too numb to touch anything and feel, when your lips are too chapped for kisses and your skin is a layer of ice; the sky too dark for moonlit dances on the rooftop with sighs that disintegrated into the air with all the worries you couldn’t keep in.

When the weight of the world stoops your shoulders so low; tests and projects and hours and schedules and the dates on the calendar with the red circles of something due are what you know a little too well instead of the dates with Michael on the beach with his fingers drawing circles on the small of your back.

Could you love him then, could you love the boy from your paradise in cold reality too?


He looks different, almost unrecognizable without the scruff underneath his chin and coloured hair buried in a knit hat, broad shoulders buried in a thick jacket and eyes darker from the change of seasons; no longer the bright green and closer to a shimmering grey.

He’s not the sunlit boy with his heated touch now that his smile is close-lipped without the his bright beam, but you suppose you aren’t the sunkissed girl that he loved, no longer tan from his touch that left you glowing.

“Hey… it’s been a while.”

It’s been a few months since you’d seen him last, his green eyes holding yours for a moment more before they tore them off of you like a bandaid from a wound; a goodbye that was only supposed to sting for just a moment – after all, what you had with him was only supposed to be momentary.

You won’t admit it to him or to yourself, but whenever you close your eyes, you find yourself hoping you’ll open them to his lips inches away from yours again.

Take me back?

You have to remind yourself that flings are meant to end in a goodbye and the memories are always going to be a little bittersweet; you have to remind yourself to forget his husky good morning and the taste of his lips.

It’s hard to when he’s in front of you again, a different person from the summer boy you loved with the flecks of white in his now-black hair, but it’s him all the same again.

“How – how have you been?”

You never wasted time with small talk like this before; it was always spontaneous kisses from the first time you pressed your lips to his, no second thoughts when he asked be mine for the summer and no hesitation when your mouth said yes with your fingers laced behind his neck.

“I’m alright, I… I never thought I would see you again.”

He’s still as blunt as ever; the memory of his loud whoops with his torso out the sun roof of the car, yelling I’m never going back at the top of his lungs and proclaiming you looked good by the fire but you look better in my bed, his thoughts always the words on his lips without a filter, without a regret.

“Call it luck.”

“Some would call it fate.”

He’s smirking a little now, a ghost of the one you knew so well, a little dimmer now, not quite as carefree without the summer adrenaline in his veins.

You look at him and you see a film reel of your summer with the boy you loved in the sunlight, but a blank screen of the boy in front of you with the snow in his hair – you don’t know this Michael, this Michael that’s a part of reality.

You don’t know what to make of this person that you knew so well once upon a midsummer night’s dream, you don’t know what to make of this person that you don’t know at all once upon a frozen winter’s reality.

He takes a step closer to you and it’s snow in your shoes instead of sand between your toes and you can see the crisp outline of his breath in the air instead of the lazy waves of humidity that used to surround the two of you.

“Did you want to go someplace… a bit warmer to just – just talk for a bit?”

The same glint is in his green eyes and you think the sun hasn’t been extinguished from them quite yet; his crooked grin more jagged than you remembered but there’s a beauty in the iced cracks all the same.

“I’m feeling like the beach today.”

He lets out a bark of laughter at your response, the sound leaving a swirling puff of cold air streaming from his chapped lips.

“I miss that bonfire.” He says, nostalgia in his voice and you know he’s thinking of you wrapped up in his arms and smelling of firewood and saltwater, pressed up to his sweat-glistened skin with all your friends chattering around you while the two of you just melted in each other’s embrace.

You know because that’s what you’re thinking of too.

“I don’t think I can manage a bonfire in this weather, but… I’ve got a fireplace at my place, if you wanted to stop by? Some hot chocolate by the fire?” He grins, the old enthusiasm in his eyes like it was before September took it away. “Not exactly the bonfire with the s’mores, but it’s warm, at the very least.”

You smile, contemplating his request for a moment – you had plans, but you suppose you have new ones now – before nodding and taking his jacketed arm, letting him guide you like he used to.

Could you love him in the winter?

Holding onto him as your feet slid across the ice that patched the town, thick-sweater hugs and coffee kisses with the mug in your hand and your head on his shoulder; scarves that bound the two of you together and your small-footed imprints in the snow trailing next to his large ones wherever you go, chapped lip kisses where he pulls at your skin and sends shivers down your spine, touching ringing all the way down to the core.

Eskimo kisses and schedules that you always rearrange to meet his, blankets by the fireside and snow down his neck, lopsided snowmen and snowball fights that end up with you and him rolling in the snow; rosy cheeks and little sneezes that he always blesses, reasons to huddle for warmth and all the more ways to love Michael more.

Could you love him in the winter?

That one’s easy, you think, you know now.

You could love him all year round.


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