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Okay hear me out… Klance playlists in the form of mixed tapes they would give to each other

Lance’s ❤ Keith’s 

Song names under the cut! 

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REQUEST by ANONMOUYS: Can I maybe have a Roman smut where he and y/n are at a family party and y/n her ex is there, constantly flirting with her, causing Roman to get jealous af and when everyone leaves, he makes sure she’s his and his only omg

Warnings: Smut, language
Disclaimer: This is my first time writing smut so please don’t judge. Feedback and help are always more than welcome 


Finally the day arrived where I was looking forward to, unlike my long term boyfriend, Roman. He felt really uncomfortable with my ex being there, which I fully understood, but I had nothing against him.

‘’You getting ready?’’ I yelled from the bathroom. ‘’I’m starting to think you’re the one who needs more time than I do.’’

‘’That might be the case,’’ Roman laughed and came in the bathroom, wrapping both his large arms around me, ‘’you look beautiful babygirl.’’ He started to kiss my neck slowly, causing me to shiver under his touch.

‘’Babe,’’ I laughed and turned around to face him, ‘’I know I’m probably asking way too much of you, but can you, please behave today?’’

‘’Y/N, listen,’’ he took my hand in his and we walked into the bedroom, ‘’I’ll try, but how can I behave myself when your ex is in the same space as me, the same space as you? He will try to hit on you again, I just know.’’ He looked at me serious. I tiptoed and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders.

‘’I understand,’’ I pouted my lips as I ran my hand through his black hair, ‘’it’s the fact that him and I are still friends, otherwise I wouldn’t invite him, you know that.’’ I kissed his lips, immediately feeling myself getting aroused by the way his huge hands rubbed my back up and down. He sighed against my mouth and pressed his head against mine.

‘’I’m only doing this for you.’’


Both of our families and friends arrived at the house me and Roman shared together and it was pretty crowded. There was food that was being brought along with Patricia and Sika, Jimmy and Jey took care of the music and everyone was having a good time, at least, that’s what I thought. Little did I know that Roman was boiling with anger and jealousy deep inside, watching my ex and I talk with a couple of other friends. Whenever Dan, my ex, got a little too touchy, Roman shot me a dangerous look, signing me to take my distance. At times, I obligated, but he can’t order me around.

‘’Why don’t we grab a bite,’’ Dan said as everyone left, him being the only one, ‘’just like old times, you and I.’’ He smiled. I shook my head as I walked to the kitchen with a few plates.

‘’Look, I’m happily taken and I don’t think it’s smart to go and eat something, especially because you are my ex.’’

‘’Too bad,’’ he said, getting closer to me, ‘’I know you miss me y/n.’’

‘’There is a reason why we broke up, Dan.’’ I looked at him, suddenly realizing Roman was standing in the kitchen opening, arms crossed. ‘’You should leave, everyone left and we want some time for ourselves.’’

‘’Ah I see.’’ He turned around and looked at Roman. Dan chuckled and threw his hands in the air. ‘’Fine, see you later.’’ He walked past Roman, straight out of our house.

‘’What was that?’’ Roman asked low. He was frustrated.

‘’That was absolutely nothing,’’ I said, strolled by him, up the stairs. As I stepped inside the master bedroom, the door closed behind me with a loud slam, ‘’Roman, I’m not doing this now.’’

‘’So you and that jerk are meeting up?’’ He inquired, his voice full of anger and annoyance. ‘’Tell me honestly, do you miss him?’’

‘’Oh my god, Roman,’’ I groaned and sat down at the edge of our queen sized bed, ‘’you are being senseless.’’

‘’Oh am I?’’ He made his way towards me and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me up. ‘’Are you sure?’’ His hands grabbed my ass and I let out a small moan. ‘’I’m being senseless?’’ He mumbled against my neck, biting down on my sweet spot.

‘’Yes.’’ I whispered. I clenched my thighs together, feeling the wetness soak through the lace panties I was wearing. Roman noticed and his left hand traveled down to my center and rubbed me through the thin fabric. I let out a soft moan and gripped his biceps tightly.

‘’You’re all wet baby, all for me?’’ He groaned. I nodded and grinded my hips against his arm, begging him to do more. He chuckled and slowly lied me down on the bed, him towering over me. His hand, once again, slid down my body. He pulled aside my panties and slowly circled my clit with his thumb. I arched my back and threw my head back in pleasure. ‘’I’m still being senseless?’’ He asked. I nodded and pulled his face down to mine. My lips hungrily found his and I gasped against his lips as he slid two fingers inside me. He took advantage of my gasp and slid his tongue inside my mouth.

‘’Oh…my fucking…’’ My voice trailed off in a moan as he pumped into me with an exaggerated slow pace. ‘’Roman…oh fuckk.’’

‘’Does that feel good?’’ Roman growled. My breathing became uncontrolled as I felt myself begin to tighten around his fingers, reaching my peak. ‘’Not yet babygirl, not yet.’’ He slowly pulled his fingers out, leaving me feeling empty.

‘’Roman please,’’ I whined, ‘’I need you.’’

‘’What’d you say there?’’ He purred as he stood at the end of the bed, undressing himself, pulling his black t-shirt over his head.

‘’I said I need you,’’ I said louder. His tribal tattoo left me speechless everytime I saw it.

‘’Take off your clothes.’’ He demanded roughly, towering over me again. Impatiently, he grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Once I was fully naked, he took his time, looking up and down at me, shaking his head. ‘’You’re so beautiful,’’ his head dropped down to kiss my breast. ‘’And all mine.’’ The feeling of his tongue flicking against my nipple, his hard, thick erect shaft rubbing against my entrance, his warm body pressed  against mine, made me crazy. ‘’You want me inside of you baby?’’ He took a hold of his dick and slowly pushed the head inside. I arched my back, trying to push him inside of me more. ‘’Nah ah, use your words baby.’’

‘’Roman, please.’’ I breathed.

‘’Please what?’’ He smirked against my neck, licking a trail upwards to the spot behind my ear, making me shudder.

‘’I need you inside of me,’’ I whispered as seductively as I could, ‘’please?’’

‘’That’s my girl,’’ he gently said, pushing himself inside of me carefully, ‘goddamn y/n, you’re fucking tight.’’ Roman groaned in my ear, making me even wetter. We both moaned as he fully rested in me, grinding his hips in slow circles. He hooked my left leg around his waist and started to thrust, setting a wicked pace. His fingers dug in my waist, guiding me down as he thrusts into me, causing him to go deeper with every move he made. It felt like absolute heaven. ‘’You’re all mine babygirl,’’ he grunted, biting down on the skin right above my collarbone, making me cry out, both pain and pleasure involved, ‘’mine and no one else.’’ He pulled back and I felt it burn, knowing the mark would be hard to cover, but who cares.

‘’All y-yours Roman, oh fuck!’’ I moaned. ‘’Jesus Roman, p-please.’’ Feeling my orgasm coming, I was into anything that would make me cum. His thrusts became sloppy and less coordinated so I knew he was close too.

‘’You gonna cum for me babygirl?’’ He pants. I nodded, my hands wrapping around his sweaty shoulders. ‘’That’s it y/n, fuck, right there,’’ he moaned loudly as I felt his dick twitch inside of me. He kept thrusting, now roughly massaging my clit, sending me over the edge. I cried out, fireworks exploding as I clenched around his dick. Roman slowly pulled out and fell next to me under the covers. ‘’I’m sorry if I overreacted,’’ he murmured against my hair.

‘’You honestly thought I was flirting back?’’ I asked, looking at his slightly embarrassed face. I chuckled and traced my finger over his impressive tattoo. ‘’I’m yours Reigns, don’t you worry about that.’’

‘’All mine babygirl.’’ He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss.


Soooo I just kinda went looking on youtube for whatever…and I found some renditions of Phantom songs by Michael Crawford and fucken…BARBARA BONNEY…incredible

Then because I’m a freak I was like “omg remember you were going to make a phantom parody?? we haven’t listened to cathy cavadini sing in a while LOL”

BUT THEN I WAS LIKE….dude….I went and was like “maybe…just because I’m curious…I will go find something from Greg Baldwin cause…he’s playing Aku and stuff, yanno. Better get used to it before the new season”

Long story short:

Mako is irreplaceable. He had the voice of god, honestly, and he was a fantastic actor.


I went back and listened to Baldwin’s Iroh, and he’s not bad.

Then I found him singing stuff. Like, fun Broadway type shit at MAXIMUM HAM

my diabolical plans might someday be realized

Someone on /co/ mentioned that they would’ve rather had someone else do a completely different take on Aku, instead of just doing an impression of Mako. I disagree, but I feel like going into the new season with this kind of perspective will help. Even if it’s an impression, it’s still essentially a different take on the character, because it’s someone else playing him. 

IDK I feel a little better about this now. It was really eating at me, but I’m not going to stress as much. I won’t go into season 5 expecting a perfect soundalike, so I can weigh the performance without bias. There are plenty of people who will see it that didn’t watch the original show, after all…

so, it’s officially been a month since I made the decision to become a vegetarian and boy, I did not realize how hard it would be to give up chicken. All the other meats in the world didn’t interest me at all, but omg i didn’t realize how addicted to chicken I was. I had some off days where I did eat meat, but I’ve gotten better at making the decision to not eat meat.

something that really helps me stay focused on not eating meat is watching documentaries on the food industry tbh and remembering that there’s a reason why we as a species don’t really need to eat meat. 

trying new food recipes has also been great. I found out i love brussel sprouts and broccoli and that I enjoy veggie burgers and that I didn’t have to give up any of the foods that I really loved. I didn’t realize how little meat I ate (besides the chicken). 

Some musings:

I totally thought the girls were going to figure out that Jess still loves Nick.  I’m surprised they dropped the subject after he said they used to be together.  I figured they would hound Jess for details and she would be awkward about it and they would be all, “Omg!  You still like him!!”

Overall, I really enjoyed the episode.  I thought the chemistry was the most on point we’ve seen between Nick and Jess so far.  Winston and Cece were basically making me cry the whole time.  Lamorne was crazy hot.  I loved loved loved Jeremy.  The visual gags they were doing with him had me in fits.  When the camera just lingered on him too long and when he reappeared in Schmidt’s office without opening the door, lol.  Also Jess’s line about him being in their house while they were asleep.

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So I recently read a lesbian whom loves straight white ships state she had a couple asexual headcanons from the fandom I'm in and I honestly was caught off guard by a lesbian headcannoning someone ace , it made me feel weird , like I wanted to ask " what are you getting out of it by saying this character is ace ?" And then it dawned on me omg I understand why LGBT folk get weirded out by people going " I think this character is gay " fetishsized ace folk ? Or making fun of us ? I dun know x.x

i don’t know about that really. some people just headcanon characters in an effort to create diversity in media that is lacking in it. for example i headcanon finn from star wars as bisexual even though i’m not bisexual myself because well… why not? i’ve seen the headcanon around and i like it. is it possible to be insensitive or outright hateful with headcanons? absolutely. but i don’t think you should jump to conclusions about it unless it’s clearly meant to be offensive.

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Jen OMG I'm laughing at the lyrics about Jethro!!! Do you think he'll bitch about it

At some point, probably. :)

I feel bad for Ed that he’s been bothered enough by his relationship with Jethro that he actually had to talk about it in a song, but at the same time I’m kinda snickering with you that he called him out so publicly. But at the same time, what he said was just sad, not actually funny. It just kinda makes you sigh. If Ed really wishes to make peace then the only thing stopping that from happening must be Jethro himself, and that will always be confusing to me, why anyone would rather be contentious than content.

The guy likes attention from Ed and Ed’s fans, though. It may be that he’s secretly (not so secretly?) pleased to have been referenced in a song which will be heard by millions of people.

Dazai Osamu Vs GF’s Nephew hcs

Anon asks for ‘Dazai Osamu with his gf cuddling while gf nephew was suppose to be sleeping. The nephew/kid is love with her and storm in jumping top of them. He dislike having Dazai around when she is suppose to cuddle with him instead and get attention from her’ hcs

Sorry I might have went a little bit overboard with this.Please enjoy!

Dazai Osamu

  • this is the second round of the war
  • in the first round Dazai’s gf succeeded in making the nephew fall asleep
  • so he though he finally had some time alone with his gf but he was wrong
  • the little monster woke up soon after…
  • gf’s nephew kindly ask her to make hot chocolate 
  • so when Dazai’s gf is in the kitchen,the nephew decided attack Dazai
  • She can’t resist my cuteness,I know that she loves me more!
  • *OMG,why is this brat so cocky and full of himself!*
  • ‘She loves you more?you’re joking right?’ Have you even kissed her’’Probably not so shut up’Dazai retorded
  • It wasn’t in his nature to get so worked up with something like this but he couldn’t let this slip through
  •  Dazai decided to call his gf back+ make the hot chocolate himself
  • The nephew was so happy to have her all by himself
  • But the war wasn’t finish yet….
  • Dazai while making the hot chocolate decided to put a little something to spice up the kid’s beverage some little sleeping powder to make him sleep soundly
  • He handed to the kid the beverage.The nephew was reluctant to drink it at first but Dazai’s gf insisted him to drink ‘He took the time to do it for you so drink it it’s gonna taste good!’*angel smile*
  • the nephew was weak to her smile so he decided to drink everything
  • Five minute later the kid fell asleep.’Did you put something weird in his drink Dazai?’
  • At least he’s going to sleep soundly and I’m going to have you all to myself’
  • ‘Next time come over to my place’

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vanessa I got a c on my math test and my grade went down to an 89 and now my parents are gonna get really mad and I have to get at least a 90 on the final(which is friday) in order to get an a for this trimester:/ I'm so scared ://// anyways I'm sorry for ranting to you but I had to talk to someone

omg aw :( just study as much as you can but also make sure to take lots of breaks, drink lots of water and don’t over-stress yourself! (also where are you from omg over here a 90 is an a+ I wish I was that good at math ahh) best of luck and I’m sure you’ll do well ❤

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Maybe a short tickle hc with Suga and Yama from Haikyuu!! or something with Obi ( I really loved your ObiX Ryuu fanfic) from Akagami no Shirayuki Hime... Thank you in advance, if you would select one.

Originally posted by yakumocchi

*screams* OBIII! This fandom ahh! Choice is made! Alright a few short tickle hc’s (today I had some free time in my busy life but I spent it playing zelda and video editing so I hope to make more time for some real writing tomorrow<3) 

[FYI I am a big fan of the Akagami no Shirayuki Hime fandom which should definitely need more attention and omg my first very very very first fic I wrote was for this anime ~ and multichapteer~ also I ship Obi with Shirayuki but also with Zen. HUeh.]

♦ Obi is a curious ler, cuuurious whether his friends and love interests have tickle spots. He will bother all of his friends, literally all. He is a master of observations and a fan of everyone’s distinct reactions. (such as Zen’s cute squeaky giggle, Mitsuhide’s gentle chuckle, Ryuu’s childish cackle, Shirayuki’s squeal and Kiki’s uncharming shriek.)

♦ He is fast, teasing and playful and will sneak up on anyone who seems to be a good victim for his nasty little games. He’s the type who will literally jump on someone from behind and tickle them mercilessly until they drop to the floor.

♦ When he tickles someone he’s playfully persistent, tickling them until he’s almost crossing the line. Almost! xD 

♦ If he is ticklish too? Oh yes but you have to catch him first, and normally this won’t do until everyone cooperates, pins him down and oohoho tickle him until the stubborn guy screams for mercy (and trust me he will hold on for a while).

♦ Obi’s just as persistent when he’s being tickled, and even though he is very sensitive and jumpy, especially around his waist/ abdomen area he is very ticklish and also his legs around his thighs and behind his knees – no matter where they strike he will hold on until he’s close to wetting his pants.

♦ His lers will even get tired like geez man give up already, you’re so loud.

♦ Sometimes Zen catches him when he’s asleep for a single solo tickle session and oh that is fun too, being competitive (both of them) it’s some entertainment to wrestle him down and have him laughing like an idiot! 

♦ Bonus: Obi has ticklish ears, try to catch him off guard, blow his ear and yey happy squealy and flustered Obi<33 Try

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Hi! I'm here to say I am for equality but not feminist because of my coming out experience. I was friends exclusively with feminists at the time, and one of them called me inherently predatory for being a lesbian and no one called her out and some of my "friends" even agreed with her. I was 14 then, and it was a horrible experience that doesn't make me comfy using feminism as a label anymore

I’m sorry you had such a negative experience omg )): 

i had a gay dream last night it was awesome. i was walking from a parking lot to a gay club by myself and i heard this girl walking faster to be closer to me so i asked if she was going to the club and she said yes. it was a really shady city so i asked if she wanted to walk together and you could see the relief on her face. so we get to the building and she said shes gonna wait for her friends so i was like cool and went in. then suddenly im on the dance floor later in the night and she comes up to me and whispers into my ear “youre so nice!” and i had game in the dream so i was like “well youre so pretty” and SHE KISSED ME!! we were like making out and dancing and omg it was so gay…. then her friend came up and stole her away but she hugged me really tight and kissed me like all over my face idk it was really gay

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Mor? Yes I love

@heartoftheteam is the purest human on this earth. They are so nice, so good and wholesome. I don’t think I have ever had the thought “I think I’m annoying them” cross my mind when I talk to her. She is always open to suggestions and interactions and she needs more go say hello.

@rgbvenkman has their life together and I would like that too. Is a very jolly person and is very good and nice. They provide me some adult advice (that is not from a parent) without being demeaning like most adults are.

@themirrorknights (and all the other blogs) This. Mun. Omg. I could be having a poopy day, and this mun leaves a reply on a silly post I make. Suddenly, all of my problems go right away and I enjoy life again. The interactions she has are a perfect mix of dramatic and silly when they need to be, and that is the best okay. The banter between her characters is gold, the depth she goes to to explain things in detail about the various species she has for muses, and the fact she gave Galacta Knight a backstory!! Please Hal hire her you neeed her.