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Tbh, the fact that Clarke is happy and has a ligher vibe to herself after 6 years makes me so happy. We don’t know what has happened in the last 6 years, but she finally had a break from hard decisions that ripped her humanity and just had to focus in survive (and she even found company) and look at the sky to the day some freckled guy fell from the sky.

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Lance had no idea how it had happened. One minute he was stepping into the adoption center for cats and the next he was on the floor of the nursery room, absolutely smothered in about a thousand wriggling, mewling, purring, fuzzy kittens of varying ages while his husband was busy parking the car.

Shiro walked in and abruptly made a high pitched squeal of endearment that you wouldn’t think such a big, buff, serious and scarred man with a prosthetic arm could make. “Oh my god, Lance! I was gone for not even ten minutes!” Shiro laughed as he pulled out his phone and rapidly took photos of his husband on the floor, flat on his back, absolutely covered in multicolored fluffballs.

Lance pouted and attempted to sit up, a tiny blue gray kitten chirping at him from her perch on his shoulder. “Yeah yeah, laugh it up, I know where you sleep.” The Cuban male grumbled, though he rubbed a few kitten’s ears affectionately, eyes soft with motherly love towards the adorable squeakers.

Shiro moved forward and settled down on the floor, a few more kittens mewing and clambering into his lap. The big man cooed and picked up several at a time, nuzzling into the silky fur adoringly. Lance smiled gently at the sight. His husband had always been a sucker for cats, and after their last cat, Voltron, died a few months ago from cancer, he’d been inconsolable. So Lance had decided to get Shiro a new cat, and if he sort of missed the sound of tiny padding feet and quiet meows around the house, nobody had to know.

The blue eyed kitten on Lance’s shoulder chirped again, and he scratched her neck affectionately. “Who’s a pretty girl?” He crooned as a tiny gray head butted into his cheek. A louder mew across from him had him looking down to see another, fluffier, solid black kitten perching on his knee, rearing up to bat at the blue kitten’s tail. “It seems that Blue really likes you, sir.” The assistant nearby spoke up, smiling from her chair in the corner.

“Blue?” Shiro looked up at her, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah. Nobody here is really creative with names, so most of us just call ‘em like we see ‘em. The one on your lap is Black, she and Blue are sisters. Never seen a closer knit pair of siblings than those two. Though Black’s more Maine Coon mix and Blue’s more Russian Blue mix. Black took after their Mum, Blue after the Dad. Genetics are strange.” The brunette woman explained, pushing up her glasses and tucking a strand of red dyed hair away from the playful tuxedo kitten trying to nab it.

“She’s beautiful.” Lance muttered, now cradling the purring gray puffball in his arms and absently stroking just under Blue’s chin while Black mewled for attention too, prompting Shiro to scoop her up from Lance’s lap and lavish her in little rubs and tickles, which the kitten thoroughly enjoyed. “Lance, we absolutely have to take these two home!” Shiro declared, eyes sparkling with determination as Black attacked his face in cute kitty kisses.

“I can get their adoption forms for you whenever, just say the word.” The assistant lady smiled, tuxedo kitten now draped around her neck. The other kittens were sprawled around, tired after playtime. “Hon’, I thought we were only supposed to get one kitten?” Lance raised an eyebrow at his husband, only to get a big eyed puppy dog pout in return, quivering lip with watery eyes and all. “But Laaaance!!! You heard the lady! Black and Blue are really close sisters! We can’t just separate them!” Shiro whined pleadingly, holding up Black for emphasis.

Lance’s eye twitched, a sign he was weakening. “We’d have to get more things, you know. It’d be kind of expensive…” he tried, but faltered when Blue mewed and nuzzled at his neck adorably. Shiro dialed up the charm. “We have plenty of money! Pleeeeeaaassee dear honey darling love of my heart?” Lance snorted, laughing. “Okay okay, we’ll adopt them both, just stop with the ridiculous pet names. You’re so cheesy! I thought I was supposed to be the awful flirter in this relationship, not you!” He joked, Shiro giving him a beaming smile in return.

The assistant chuckled. “Alright, you two wait here while I go get the adoption forms.” She said, standing up and setting the tuxedo kitten down as she breezed out of the room, leaving the two men to play with the kittens a little longer.

Soon enough they were walking out of the adoption center with a carrier holding two adorable little balls of fur. By the huge, happy grin on his spouse’s face, Lance deemed this trip an overwhelming success in his book!

“Blue! No! Bad kitty, stop moving, you’ll make it worse! Shiro stop laughing and help me with her!” Lance wailed, attempting to pin down his rambunctious now-one-year-old cat with a cup of water stuck around her head.

His husband was currently laughing his ass off on the floor, red faced and wheezing while Blue stumbled and dashed around the living room, trying to whack the plastic cup off of her face. She’d just wanted a drink! Lance finally tackled the young Russian Blue mix to the ground, wresting the cup off with a ’pop!’ and a splatter of water all over the floor, which Blue promptly began to roll around in delightedly. She was one of those weird water cats, as Lance had discovered the day after they’d brought the kittens home and gave them a bath.

Black watched from her perch up high on the bookcase, purring lightly and twitching her tail in amusement. The huge Main Coon mix was a giant puddle of calm black fluff nowadays, always choosing some sort of high surface to settle on to keep watch over her territory. Like a lioness on Pride Rock, Lance had joked once.

Lance sighed in exasperation and scooped up his troublesome kitty. “Alright Beautiful, lets go get you dried off.” He muttered, Blue chirping in response and licking at his face with a rough tongue. He laughed lightly and disappeared into the kitchen for a towel.

Black mrrowed and jumped down from her high place, padding over to Shiro to check and see if her human was still alive. She patted his red face with a cool paw, batting at the white forelock until he recovered enough to sweep her up and nuzzle at her fur, and she responded with a purr and more soft kitty kisses to his face, as was their tradition nowadays. “Thanks for checking on me, Black. I’m good now.” Shiro chuckled, smiling as Lance came back into the living room with a towel wrapped bundle of damp fur.

You were no freaking help at all you jerk!” Lance declared dramatically, pointing at his husband. “I feel betrayed, will I ever recover from this tragedy?!? I trusted you to have my back, instead you laugh at my suffering! Oh the indignity!” He continued his overly dramatic spiel, leaning back and moving his hand to press the back of it against his forehead like a damsel in distress. Blue meeped softly from her cocoon prison.

Shiro released a short laugh, sitting up fully to give his spouse a cheeky smirk. “It looked like you had everything under control already, dear.” He said cheerfully, amused at Lance’s dramatic nature. Black rumbled happily from her spot in his lap. “Under control? Did that look even remotely like I had it under control?” Lance raised an eyebrow at his lover as he set Blue free and used the towel to mop up the rest of the water, though luckily the cup had only been a fourth or so full.

Shiro tilted his head and hummed thoughtfully, tickling Black’s ears. “Well, no, but it was certainly entertaining.” He burst into more laughter at his spouse’s indignant squawk and sputtered through a mouthful of wet towel as it smacked him in the face, sliding off to land on Black with a wet slopping noise, causing Black to yowl a complaint and wriggle out from under the heavy weight soaking her fur.

“You sir, are a brat. No wonder you’re like, mentally seven.” Lance stuck his tongue out at said brat, who was trying to coax Black back into his lap. “Yes, but you love me!” Shiro sang as he managed to get his giant, fluffy monster of a cat back into his arms.

Lance sighed and gave his husband a fond smile. “Yeah… I really do.”


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Steve Rogers X Reader Soulmate AU

A/N: I know I said I was going to bed, but ERMERGERD!! I finally hit 200 followers!! I have been obsessing over Soulmate AUs, lately, so I figured what a great time to try and bang one out! A special occasion fluff piece! Thank you so much for those who have followed me! 200 may not be a lot to some of you, but it is a huge milestone for me!

Summary: Soulmates are born with their partner’s name tattooed over their heart. What happens when the reader is born with a famous missing Captain America’s name?

Warnings: A poor deer gets hit by a car, minor accident, very little injury and blood.

Word Count: About 1700 words (more or less)


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Steven Grant Rogers.

When I was born, my parents and doctors were astonished. Captain America had been presumed dead since the forties, making it an impossible scenario at the time. History books never mentioned that he had a name tattooed over his heart. He hadn’t made that information public. I guess soulmates were considered controversial at that period of time, since there was not a lot of information about it.

“You mustn’t let anybody know who your soulmate is, Y/N.” My father always warned, failing to hide the fear laced in his voice. “You don’t want the wrong people to know this piece of information. It could do a lot of damage and get you hurt.”

So, I covered up the delicate writing. Foundation and high-cut shirts became my life-line. I never told anybody that I had a soulmate, and people didn’t question me. Not everybody’s born with a soulmate, anyways.

The world is cruel. I would rather have had no soulmate, instead of a dead one.

I had gotten pretty good at hiding my tattoo, and refused to let the sting of knowing I would never meet my other half get me down. I had graduated high school with honors, graduated from a great college, and got a job as a nurse in a local hospital in New York. I loved my job. I worked really hard to have a good life, and enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing that I was helping people.

Then he was found. He was alive.

I was sitting in the break room, talking to one of my colleagues about an upcoming vacation I’d planned, when someone had shouted to turn on the TV.

Captain America Alive – Frozen in time!

The headlines all said it.

My heart almost stopped beating. He was alive. After all this time. He was alive.

I ran to the restroom to call my mother. “Did you see the television?” I all but shouted, hands shaking.

“I did.” She responded, a smile in her voice. “He’s alive, after all this time.”

“What do I do? I don’t want to freak him out! I’m sure waking up in a different era after being frozen is hard enough, without adding me into the mix.” I sat down on the counter, next to the sink. I needed to think this through, before making any rash decisions. I was overjoyed. I was nervous. I was hurt. I had spent my whole life believing that I was never going to meet my other half. Thinking that the universe was playing a cruel joke on me by giving me the name of a dead man.

I had been wrong after all this time.

“It’s up to you, sweetheart. You need to be the one to make the decision.” I could faintly hear the television in the background of the phone. “If you really want to meet him, you don’t need to do it today. Do it in your own time.”

So that’s what I did. I waited. Three years.

I had followed what he was doing through the news and social media, over time. He had joined a group that called themselves The Avengers, and was trying to do some good in the world.

I was trying to get my life in order, before I met him. I was paying off my student loans, I was working a lot, and I had moved closer to Stark Tower – now called The Avengers Tower – to be close when I was ready to talk to him.

After a particularly grueling day at the hospital – a twelve hour shift – I was supposed to be making my way to see my parents for an upcoming birthday. I was tired. It was really late at night, and I was skipping the set-up with my mother, since the party was the next day. It was a gross night, the rain was coming down in sheets, and it was way too cold. I had been wearing my scrubs, but the shirt was too dirty, so I was driving with my scrub pants and a tank top, making sure the heat in my car cranked up.

Luckily, traffic was pretty light, but the rain was not letting up.

“What the hell! Pass me, asshole.” I muttered, looking in my rearview mirror at a giant SUV behind me. “What, are you trying to pick your goddamn teeth in my mirror?”

My eyes had only flicked to the SUV for a second, but when I looked forward all I saw were a pair of shining eyes.


I gasped, slamming the brakes as the deer was tumbling onto my hood and smashing into my windshield. My body was forced forward, and my face made contact with the steering wheel. My foot felt like it was forcing my body weight onto the brake, and I threw my car in park, praying I was on the side of the road. “God dammit.” I yelled, bringing my hand up to my throbbing nose, and it came away sticky with blood. I felt it, and – luckily – it hadn’t been broken.

Shit. My windshield was fucked.

The deer!

I clicked off my seatbelt, throwing open my door. Before I climbed out, I grabbed my dirty scrub shirt, pressing it against my face to soak up the bleeding.

“Woah, are you sure you want to be getting out of the car, right now?” A woman’s voice said from a few feet behind my car. “Are you okay?”

My windshield was splattered with blood and hair, and the car was totaled. “Fuck! So much for paying off my car!” This fucking sucks.

I turned to the woman, and froze in my tracks. I would recognize that red hair anywhere. Natasha Romanoff? The Black fucking Widow? “Uhh, I’m fine. I just hit my nose. It’s bleeding, but it isn’t-”


The passenger door to the SUV opened, revealing none other than him. Captain America.

He was a lot bigger in person. He was tall, broad, and handsome. His hair was so golden blonde, but dirty at the same time. And his blue eyes stood out from his clear, attractive face. They were the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen.

Oh, God, I’m freaking out…

Oh, shit. You were talking, Y/N.

“-It isn’t broken. I’m more pissed about my car.” I shivered, rain making the cold seep into my exposed flesh, and shock of the accident waring off. “I just need to call a tow.”

“I already called one, Ma’am.” His perfect voice flooded my ears, and I had to stop myself from embarrassing myself by swooning. “Are you sure you’re okay? That’s a lot of blood.”

I nodded, using the soiled scrub shirt to wipe the blood from my face and chest. I tossed it into the car and grabbed my umbrella to block off the rain, “D-did they say how long they would be?”

“Twenty Minutes.” He responded, unzipping his hoodie and tossing it to me, “Take this. You don’t want to catch a cold.” Such a gentleman.

I was so focused on not embarrassing myself in front of Steve, that I didn’t notice Natasha eyeing up my badge and my half-wiped makeup over my tattoo. “Hey, Steve.” She looked over, beckoning him closer. “Check out the name on her badge.”

My heart stopped beating. Oh, shit. My eyes were almost bugging out of my head, and I could tell that she knew exactly whose name was tattooed over my heart.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” He read aloud, voice questioning. His head sprung up, looking serious and taken aback, “Your middle name wouldn’t be Y/M/N, would it?”

I smiled sheepishly, taking my sleeve and wiping the rest of the dripping foundation off my chest, “Hi.”

“Hi.” He smiled, a look of relief on his face. “You’re my soulmate.”

I felt my face blush, and I bit my lip – heat radiating off my cheeks as he walked up to me, “And you’re mine.”

“Why didn’t you say anything, before?” He questioned as Natasha walked back over to the SUV.

I wrung my hands together, nervousness taking over my body, “Well, uh, I don’t know. I mean, it’s pretty surreal seeing you in person and not on the news.” I wrapped his hoodie tighter around my body, “Plus, I mean, I thought you were dead my whole life, so I never exactly planned out what I would say the first time I ever met you.”

His face fell, “I’m sorry. I had my whole life before the ice thinking about meeting you, and you spent yours thinking that I was never going to be with you.” He gently grabbed my hand, leaving my other one free so I could hold the umbrella. “I’ve had a whole speech planned since I knew what this tattoo meant, and I’ve forgotten every line.” He chuckled, rubbing his thumb over my knuckles. “I’m happy to finally meet you, Doll. You’re beautiful.”

I cleared my throat, “You’re not so bad yourself, Captain.” Oh my god, he isn’t disappointed. Thank god.

“You can call me by my name, you know.” He winked, leaning against my dripping car. “So, do you want to go get some coffee, or something?”

“Oh, shoot!” I pulled my hand out of his, and leaned back into my car to grab my phone, “I was on my way to my parents’ house for a birthday that’s supposed to be tomorrow.” I quick texted my mother, letting her know that I was going to be late without going into details. “I would love, some coffee, though.”

He chuckled, running his hand through his wet hair, “Why don’t we leave Natasha with your car, and I’ll take you to your parents’ house? We can stop for coffee on the way?”

“Sure, that sounds lovely.” I was so relieved that he wasn’t disappointed. I had always dreamed of meeting my other half. This was not a dream, this was reality – and I was so ecstatic, I could cry.

Natasha came over, tossing Steve the keys to the SUV and my suitcase from the back seat. “You kids have fun, I’ll have this towed back to the tower. Make Stark pay for it.”

Steve ushered me over to the vehicle, opening my door and taking my umbrella from me. He jogged over to the driver’s side door and closed my umbrella, hopping in and starting up the SUV.

As he pulled back onto the highway, his right hand took hold of my left, “I am really glad I found you, Doll.”

Another blush crept its way over my skin, and I gave his hand a little squeeze, “I’m really glad I found, you, too.”

As we rode, I felt a sense of happiness spread through me. My soulmate had finally found me, and I’d finally found him.

My heart felt complete.

I could finally show my tattoo to the world.

Steven Grant Rogers.

My soulmate.

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I wasnt gonna but...

I see a lot of people going apeshit about Square not putting these things in FFXV in the beginning and I get youre all frustrated but in game development the more is in your game the more you have to make time for it and the more money you have to put into it. Tabata and the BD2 worked their ass off on this game and really wanted it to have all that detail but they had to fit what they could in time. The fans were pressed down on them, the company was pressed on them they probably had to cut a ton of stuff out in the process. It happens, but tbh this game turned out super great for having to be torn apart and built from the ground up again. Square as well could have just said “whatever” and not bothered to fix it for you but THEY ARE. THEY KNOW THEY SCREWED UP THEY ARE TRYING. Im sure they arent going to do just one thing from that list I think they want to know what the priority thing you want to see and go from there. Just be grateful they are actually doing it for you. It’ll all be fine…you will all be fine…

This defense I’ve seen of the writing off of karolsens feelings as just “puppy love” doesn’t make sense. This show set up Kara x James to be the real thing from the very first episode, Took its time to have literally every secondary comment on it, had a clone version of the tittle character say “Supergirl loves you”because they shared the exact same feelings. Had someone from an entirely different earth comment on it. Entire situations setup to show up how strong Kara’s feelings for James were

You do not waste that much narrative space just for “puppy love”.

Call what happened to karolsen exactly what it is. A poorly handled retcon

You’ve Got A Hold On Me~ Tyler Bate Imagine

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Smut Ahead

“ I made it” you smiled looking up at the Full Sail Arena, you had made your dream happened. From everything you have been through, from every little penny you had to make, from all the pain you’ve been through. You were finally here. Not in a million years you thought this happened.

 Your mom always told you to keep moving forward, take steps towards your dream. She had pushed to be here, you wished she was with you. She had passed away over a year ago leaving you with the words, “ Stay strong my little flower.” 

She was the only one you had in your family, your father left when you were born and you were an only child who wanted to be one day just like Eddie Guerrero, you missed  him so much. But you were here doing it for you mom and yourself. 

You just moved down to Florida, buying yourself an apartment. Barely affording it so far, but with job maybe you can get a better one day. There were only two rooms in your apartment, a toilet and not even a place to take a shower. 

As you walk into the doors, Matt Bloom greets you with open arms. He learned more about you, e had found you wrestling in the indies and promotions,trying to make it. He loves your in ring skills,  jumping from top ropes, getting a crowd going and cut a pretty good promo.

“ There you are” he says pulling you into a hug. You chuckle, hugging him back, “ Good to see you again sir”

He scoffs, “ Sir makes me feel old, don’t call me that kid”you laugh, nodding your head. Just then you see the most gorgeous man pass by, your head turns watching him. 

“ That’s Tyler Bate, he’s a pretty good kid but I would be careful, he hangs out with Pete Dunne and Trent Seven, those three are trouble” 

You liked trouble and especially the Tyler guy, he was cute with his dirty blonde hair and that mustache. 

“ I guess so” 

He shakes his head knowing full aware that somehow you were not going to listen to him and befriend those guys. 

“ Let’s go” he says, turning you around from watching the Tyler guy as he was talking to some other dude with a snarl on his face. Pete noticed the new meat that just walked through the doors, he motion wit his head to Tyler to Matt Bloom walking away with you.

“ Look, it’s a new chick” Tyler took a glance but he could only see your arms and hair. He shrugged, “ So what?”

“ Let’s go see what she’s like” Pete smirks, licking his lips. Tyler rolls his eyes knowing the real reason Pete wanted to see you. To get into your pants.
“ Calm you dick for once Dunne” Tyler mumbles. Pete had heard him, waking him on the back of his head. Tyler mumbles, glared over at Pete as the two walked over to hear Bloom talk about you.

“ She’s new around, well not to wrestling business but you treat her with respect, you got it?” Everyone nodded or mumbled, “ Yeah.”
Pete scoffed, Regal had heard him as he made his way over to the Bruiserweight. 

“ Especially you” he points at Pete’s face. Tyler gasped when you turned around seeing how beautiful you were. From the way your hair was tied in a pony tail, from your eyes peeking from behind your long eyelashes, to the small smile you had on your lips to how shy you were being. He thought you were the cutest human being he has ever seen. 

“ What’s her name?” Tyler asks, catching Regal’s attention. He looks at you then back at Tyler seeing the smitten look on his face. 

“ Let me give you some advice, do not bring her into your world. She’s a fragile little thing” 

“ With all due respect Mr. Regal, I wouldn’t dare hurt her” 

Regal just gave him a look before walking away. You on the other hand was introducing yourself to Liv, Asuka and Ember, it wasn’t easy talking to new people. But you felt so welcomed. 

A tap on your shoulder suddenly brought you out from the conversation you were having with Asuka. Turning around, it was the Tyler guy with the other one. 

“ Hey, my name is Tyler Bate” he said, sticking out his hand for you to take. You glance down at it before looking up at him, a smile on your lips as you take it in yours. A shock of electricity shoots through you making you take your hand away from his grasp. Tyler was shock to, his mouth going dry as he stood frozen in his spot. The girls giggled catching on to what was going on. 

“ Names Y/N, don’t forget it gorgeous” you said boldly, shocking yourself and the rest. As you walked away, being called by Bloom, Tyler felt like he just met his love. Love at first sight. 

“ Man, what’s with you? She’s just a girl..” Pete says, rolling his eyes.
“ Not just a girl, she’s a beauty and I want her” 

“ Good luck with that one” Pete says, patting his friend on the shoulder as he walked away leaving Tyler to watch you as you trained in the ring. 

Weeks went by and you were having trouble with some of the moves that you wanted to use in the ring. As you practice, you kept on not getting it right.
“ Take a break kid” Bloom says, patting your back. You took your water in your hands as you walked off to the side, taking a breather. 

“ Having trouble?” Tyler asks as he stops besides you, you nod sadly with a sigh. 

“ How about after everyone leaves, I can help you. We can stay later?” He offers hoping you would say yes. He loves seeing you train and he wants to be close you, he wants to touch you. 

“ I would like that, thank you” He smiles, “ Bate! get back to work!” Bloom yells as he was watching you talk to him. 

“ Go to go” Tyler winks at you before he hurries off. 

“ You too Y/N!” Bloom yells, you put down your water as you get into the ring locking up with Liv. 

Everyone had cleared out and went back to get some rest while you stood in the ring waiting for Tyler who was taking his time.

“ Any day princess!” you hollered at him. He stuck his tongue out as he climbed inside the ring, “ I saw you trying to do the moonsault before, you almost got it” he says. You rather kiss him than practice. He was so beautiful and you wanted to know how he taste like, how soft his lips were against yours. 

“ Y/N! Y/N!” He calls to you, bringing you out of your thoughts. 

“ Huh? What? I’m here” He chuckles, shaking his head before you two got to work. It was more than a moonsault you wanted to try, just to get close to him and feel his hands on you. Somehow you landed on top of him looking down at him, his hair was messy and he was grinning at you.

“ What is that grin for?” 

“ You’re beautiful” He says, but a hand covers his mouth as a blush reaches his cheeks.

“ Thank you, you too” He chuckles but then stops leaning up, placing his lips on yours kissing you. Finally, you knew how his lips felt against yours. Soft. He pulls away, his eyes become darker than they usually are as he says the words that almost makes you moan, “ I want to eat you out.”  His hands find your hips going to your ass giving it a squeeze. 

He lifts you up from the ground carrying you to the corner of the ring. He removes your leggings which he throws over the top rope, gets ride of your shirt and sports bra along with your shoes. Then his clothing goes. Tyler leaned down roughly licking and biting on your neck. His hands are holding your thighs, you could feel how hard he is as he grinds his hips into you. You are already soaked through your panties. Your hands and nails go to his back, digging into his skin when he notes down to your collarbone. His hard on is pressed against your clit, but you want more of him. 

“ Tyler.. please..” you whimper,bucking your hips onto him. He takes you away from the corner, gently setting in the middle of the ring.

“ I wanted to do the since I first saw you” he mumbles against your lips, pecking them. His hands go to your panties, slipping them off. He doesn’t give you time to adjust to his fingers as he plunges two inside of you, he groans at how wet you are. Your hands reach to his boxers.

“ Me too.. I need you now.. please..” you begged. His boxers come off , landing somewhere in the ring. His chest is pressed against yours as he removes his fingers from your aligning himself at your entrance. Tyler thrusts himself into you, not giving you time to adjust to him as your walls tighten around him as he thrusts into you again. Again. And Again. He goes in a fast pace and your legs find themselves around his waist. 

“ Fuck! Tyler!..” you scream as he hits your g-spot. 

“ Like that?” He pants, looking down at you with a smirk on his face watching you moan his name. His thrusts are deep and rough, you feel yourself trembling getting to your edge, he keeps hitting your g-spot. 

You screamed once more, arching your back. He groans feeling you clench around him as he speeds up to help you reach your orgasm. You grip on his bicep, whimpering as you cum. 

“ You’re so beautiful..” he kisses you, biting down on your bottom lip as he picks his pace up, thrusting a few more time as he comes undone filling his seed inside of you. 

He laughs as he pulls himself out of you and laying besides you in the middle of the ring.

“ Do you think anyone is going to find out?” you shake your head, “ It will be our secret”He reaches down cupping your face with his hand. 

“ You are mine now, yes?” 

“ Wouldn’t have it any other way”

TalesFromRetail: One up? Day drunk.

I work at a nationally known, chain jewelry store that I will leave the name out of in a decently sized college town in the South. Thankfully, my manager and I have been friends for years before I started working for him, which allows some perks and some well-placed ass kissing to keep myself in the good graces of the people “upstairs” regardless of what happens at the store level.

Now, today was pretty busy but we had a good team running the morning shift so it seemed to go pretty well. We were over in hours, and I had just closed a $2500 sale and was allowing the other associates on the floor to sell while I was finishing some paperwork for my $2500 sale. Since we were over in hours and I had met my sales goal, my manager suggested we cut the hours from me. I’m full time and I make a good hourly rate and on top of that, I receive a good bit of commission on my sales every month so while I like to get as close to 40 as possible, I can have weeks where I work 32-35 and be fine. I decided there were some personal things of mine I wanted to take care of, so I clocked out and continued working on my stuff when this lovely drunk lady (DL) comes in and approaches me (M) at the counter:

DL- (rudely) I need to get this cleaned, but I haven’t gotten it inspected in a while and I DONT have my paperwork

Sidebar: we have a policy like many other jewelry stores that as long as you bring the piece in every 6 months, we will warranty the gemstones or diamonds against chips, cracks, becoming loose, or missing from the setting due to normal wear and tear. This basically means that if I sign off on seeing your jewelry every 6 months, you can lose as many stones out of that piece as possible and I have to replace them for free. The inspection takes less than 5 minutes as long as the guest has their paperwork with them and we aren’t too busy or short staffed.

M- (taking note of her tone) okay, not a problem I’ll just look it up! When did you purchase this? I just need an estimated year.

DL- you can’t just look it up under my name?

M- yes ma'am, and I’m getting to that, but I need to narrow my search field to a specific time frame. When did you purchase?

DL- UGH idk, like 07? Start there and just go through year by year.

M- okay, 07. Was it purchased in this store?


M- that’s great! And what name is it under?

DL- Smith (not real name for purposes of this story)

M- great, just a moment while the computer finds it. I’ll just go check this out!

I checked the piece, everything was fine so the next step is to clean it for the guest so they don’t feel like their time was wasted.

M- alright! Looks great! The computer hasn’t found your paperwork just yet, so I’m going to drop this in the cleaner and keep looking!

DL- uh, how about you find me in your system first because if I have to come back here, I’m going to be pissed. (Still rude, now really bitchy and snarky)

I’m going to remind you here that I’m NOT on the clock at this point. I’m doing my personal work right now and stopped to help this lady because I was still behind the counter. Also reminding you that my manager loves me so I really could only get a strong talking to if I was out of line.

M- yes ma'am, I understand and I’m trying to help you, but without your paperwork it is impossible to complete the inspection. I’m trying to look it up for you, but I need the correct information. (Not gonna lie, I definitely took on a tone here)

DL- I come here all the time and shop here always with HIM (points to my manager who is sitting directly behind me completing schedules) and YOU (looks me up and down) are completely new to me.

M- I’ve been here for a year and a half, but I’m happy to help you today. (Completely straight faced, no customer service in my voice whatsoever) what’s the phone number it was under?

The phone number trick rarely works because it’s linked to a new system that fails every 10 minutes. This is the last ditch effort to find this paperwork.

DL- 5555590123

M- Hmmm. Looks like the piece was actually purchased under the name Jones. I’ve got it cleaning now, my manager will finish up. (Forcefully puts down the book I’m holding and just looks at her)

DL- oh.. I guess that was my fault…

MANAGER- yes ma'am I can agree with that! How was she supposed to guess that the piece was under Jones if you told her smith?

DL- well she was just so HORRIBLY rude to me!

MANAGER- (smells the alcohol with the hard “h” sound she makes) Oy! Well, if I had had that much to drink before 2pm I would probably think she was rude too, but I’m sober and I think she did a fantastic job with you today. Here’s your piece and next time, bring your paperwork, it’s actually required to perform inspections, she was being nice. Now, get out and have a great day.

TL;DR work for someone you know you can trust and will have your back. I’m never leaving this job.

By: robbynnit

In the past couple of months I’ve learned a lesson that is odd to say the least. I have learned that it is okay to feel great about yourself and feel entirely insecure all in the same day. Earlier today, trying on new gym clothes, I felt great and confident in myself. Now, after the gym and after seeing people who look better than me, or feeling like I’m not good enough, I am insecure all over again. This had happened to me constantly for the last couple of months and I have learned that it’s okay. Just because I feel great about myself for a while, then feel bad about myself all within a couple of hours does not mean anything. All it means is that I am human and I feel emotions. It had taken me months to realize that feeling this way does not make me crazy. This is all about the process of loving myself. Feeling confident for a couple of hours is progress from the self hatred that used to occupy all of my thoughts.

I wonder why Taurus men tend to have rapey, abusive, controlling tendencies. Look at Chris Brown… fucking Hitler. The guy I just stopped messing with told me that he’s not going to stop trying to sleep with me even though I don’t want it anymore and it’s on me to “be strong” and “not let it happen.” He told me the only thing keeping him from making me his girlfriend was that I was “too strong” and “too much of a leader.” Even my own father. He wasn’t rapey and never hit me or my sisters or step mom BUT he treated my step mom like a child. He questioned her whereabouts, she had a curfew, he gave her allowance, and she wasn’t allowed to make a final decision (granted she had VERY serious issues, but my dad was a little extreme). Everyone knew that if she said no we could easily go to my dad and get/do what we wanted. Her say meant nothing in his house. I wonder why this is.

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They are both miserable without each other and it's so sad. It's also what speaks most for them being together in the end. I think he kissed Noora to get over Sana but it didn't work and in the process he screwed things up between them. But I think that as long as he's honest to Sana and don't lie about or come up with stupid excuses, I think they can make it. She's not over him, he's not over her. They must be together!

YES exactly !!! i think he ‘realized’ that he had no chance with her (her deleting him, not replying to him, not texting him after their I C O N I C afternoon together) and noora kissed him and he kissed her back to try to get over her. BUT then elias probably realized some of what had happened and kind of let yousef in on sana’s feelings and elias got mad at yousef and that’s why papa bakkoush asks them if everything is OK now. 

but ANYWAYS i’ll cry if they dont end up together bye

we never see any of the Black Hat clones after that one short, as far as i can remember, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to just undo That so I’m making the assumption that they had to slaughter four clones of Black Hat and by they I mean Dr. Flug  (bonus, one of the Black Hat clones is identical to the original, so there’s hijinks to be had there)

where did the INCREDIBLY evil sandwich go? Did 505 eat it? Probably. I feel like someone got impaled on that big toothpick after it was thrown out. Where are they? Did they die? Most likely. These are the important questions.

that extremely happy looking statue also doesn’t resurface and we have two things that could have happened: It was promptly destroyed with large amounts of explosives (almost certainly) OR someone has it squirreled away and looks at it when they’re sad (i prefer this one)

Dr. Flug built that god damn Home Protection System and now he’s allergic to cruel, cold irony because That Was Never Going To Backfire Now Was It?

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women using wife as a joke about their friends is the reason why when I say "my wife" about my actual wife who I am married to, I've had people assume or say that she's my friend. to my face. and no, it doesn't matter if you're both gay. I mean, is she? you're making a joke of legitimate wlw relationships because to you "wife" is a trivial term that can mean "friend" since it's all the same right?

You’re right anon. I’ve had the same thing happen to me when saying girlfriend. I’ll be more mindful.

SUBMISSION: Because you don’t see so up in arms about it… John Ryan never said “he finally got his shit together”, “finally” is something people have added by their own interpretation. He said “He’s really got his shit together now”, which could mean “he has gotten his shit together” or “he HAS (got) his shit together really good now”… Notice the difference in tenses and therefore in tone. We all know Louis has had BIG things to deal with recently, and didn’t he indirectly say he considered giving up making music because of what happened with Jay? John Ryan could be just referencing that. As in “He has really pulled through all that he’s had to deal with and really has his shit together now, it’s admirable”. I mean… in the same quote he says “he’s so sweet” and “i can’t say enough good things about him”. Also, Harry and Niall have recently mentioned in a diplomatic way how tightly scheduled the writing and recording process was in 1D, he’s basically talking about the same thing. I’m a louie larrie and I think Savan sounded bitter, but in this case people are overreacting to a quote taken out of context imho.

i probably don’t seem up in arms because i’m really busy and haven’t listened to it yet. however, i have read the word-for-word quote and i’m just as miffed as everyone else. i think “finally” and “now” in that sentence don’t make a difference and neither does the tense. you’re applying your own interpretation just like i am (and honestly, if he was talking about jay’s passing that’s even more inappropriate, it’s none of his business) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i personally think context is way more important because he also mentioned ego in relation to louis (whereas niall “hasn’t changed”). the implication that louis was difficult to work with is definitely there and i can just.. dislike it. i’m not gonna angry-tweet him or anything. but i can take it in and add him to the long list of people who, at the very least, underestimated and misunderstood louis severely.

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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“Shall We Dance” - Digital Oil Painting

I love the way this one turned out, all the little details like the hair and the lace and the fabric folds! I also love that you can interpret this as different BP and DT characters. She could be Lily, but she could also be Rose, all pink and yellow, after convincing the Doctor to actually stay for the party in their honor and their hosts provided them with appropriate clothing. She just caught him looking at her cleavage during their dance and he’s fumbling for an excuse or apology, he’s not sure which, while continuing to look-notlook. Hehe! Feel free to use as inspiration for fic, if you want!

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