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I heard that Trump talked about an "incident" in Sweden.

Now there are rumors of a terror attack. But whatever Trump was talking ablut, it didn’t happen. We have not had a terror attack here recently. He seriously makes things like that up just to push his agenda. Well, let me tell you about the last terror attack we had.
It was in 2015, a Swedish 21-year-old white guy by the name Anton Lundin Pettersson went into a school with a sword and attacked only non-white people. Three people died, two of them were students and one was a teacher. The police shot the killer dead. Finds in his home made it clear that he murdered those people because of racist views; he was a nazi and even liked Hitler fanpages.
That was our last attack. It was done by a nazi. Nazis like him are born from lies like the ones Trump makes sure you will hear. Don’t buy into these lies. Don’t give nazis an excuse to ever kill again.

Brava Jess!!!

This is from Jess’ blog:

I’ve called Jess out when she has done things that I thought were wrong. I have also (rarely I admit) praised her when she has done things I thought showed courage.

By accepting this latest ship sinking, publicly admitting she has accepted it on her blog, and not spinning it away, Jess is showing courage.

I hope she stays the course and doesn’t let people talk her back onto the ship. Jess has had numerous moments of clarity in the past. This is not he first time Jess has had the courage to say she doesn’t believe Sam and Cait are a couple. Unfortunately, she has always let her friends talk her back onto the ship. I hope she doesn’t let that happen this time.

There is no reason Jess can’t be a happy wishful shipper and set a great example for Shipperville. She makes fabulous gifs and little films. If she could be known more for that than supporting convoluted conspiracy theories I think she would be valued by everyone in the fandom–not just shippers.

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, please do so respectfully.

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How do you'll feel if they behave as if nothing had happened? I probably will watch the show (hoping it'll be better than S2) and from now on see SC behaviour as characters of themselves they play to promote the show. It's what I feel they want us to think. I don't want to be a laughing stock then I'm sinking my ship. Thanks you and all shippers for make this cruise a wonderful journey. It not ended well but we had good times. Wish you the best!

They always act like nothing has happened so I’m not expecting anything different this time around. Cait’s award thing is coming up so we’ll have Sam either on Twitter creating a shrine to her or he’ll be there in person drooling over her. Same old same old.

#1 Drabble

“He ruined me and now I’m nothing.” ft. Taehyung

Genre: angst

Word count: 744

Had someone told you that this would happen if you accept his invitation, you surely would’ve laughed at the thought of that. But now, you would believe anything you were told.

“There’s no need to cry now. We told you from the beginning that he was bad news.” As if you weren’t feeling down already, Jennie just had to make you feel even worse then before.

“Nice job, Jennie.” Rosé replied, which resulted in Jennie get a hit in her shoulder. “Now she’s crying.” You were crying, but they were right in what they said.

You didn’t even realize that tears were streaming down your face. That’s how upset you were with yourself. How could you be so dumb and still take the offer that ruined your whole life? Were you that desperate to be with someone that wasn’t worth your attention?

Obviously, you were. And now, you would do anything to go back in time to stop this from happening. Would do anything to have your old life back, to do what you did, to feel how you felt. To listen to the people that warned you of this, of him. Would you really want that?

Probably not. Yes, it was better before all this came crashing down on you, but you also enjoyed the time spent with him even though it ended this way. Regrets regarding your relationship weren’t present, it was more the feeling of being alone, lonely at times, that you feared.

“He ruined me and now I’m nothing.” They looked shooked at you, partly not believing what you just exclaimed. You went through worse things in life, this one couldn’t compare. Yet, this one seemed the only one that affected you the most. It was tearing you apart, piece by piece, until there wasn’t anything else that could be taken away from you.

“I miss him.” You really do. The side of you that longed for him was still present, even now when he wasn’t. Everything about him was different from anyone you’ve ever met. From the way he acted to the way he laughed, everything had the right amount of comfort you felt every time he was near. His confidence, that never went down even in the most emberassing moments, where you thought the world might end. But that never happened to him.

He showed you the world outside its usual frame, outside its restrainments. He wanted you to experience what he experienced, how he saw the world in a different light. He made sure to always care for you first, never thinking a second about himself. You were his first priority.

He was too good for you. He didn’t deserve you. He needed someone who could treat him the same way he treated others, or more like he treated you.You were nothing of that and you knew it. People used to tell you, you were too good for him and that he didn’t deserve you in any way. The problem was, they didn’t knew what an angel he was and now he really is.

Now is the wrong time to think that way. It doesn’t matter anymore. He’s no longer there for anyone to care, to make him feel sorry. He’s not by your side to help you get through the day, no more. Most importently, now he found peace. No one can make him feel bad anymore.

“W- why?” The time has come for you to speak your thoughts, to express your feelings. You know that somewhere up there, he is watching you. Listening to you, wanting to know how your days are going, if you’re keeping your head up. “Why did you do this? H- how could you leave me alone?” The way your heart clenched was the most painful thing you’ve ever felt. It hurt, it really did. “W- why were you so stupid? Y- you broke your promise.” There was no use in holding it in any longer, it had to all come out. It was better that way.

“Y- you promised you’ll n- never l- leave me.” Anyone looking at you in that moment would feel pitty. You looked broken, drained, not yourself. There’s nothing you could do now. What happened, happened. This is what the world wanted, and now they got it.

“Yet, y- you did.” With those words, the only thing that was left was just a memory that you’ll cherish forever, until the day you take your last breath.

Well fuck!

That was a good trip.

I was supposed to only be there on Friday and fly back Saturday morning, but that plan already kind of changed when I found out the very first show was cancelled. My friends and I had tickets for the Friday show and we decided to go to the theatre anyways. We drank something in the bar and tried to make the best of it. The Friday was a 15 hour work day for these people, that is absolutely insane especially because the same thing happened on Saturday and we spoke to a couple of lovely people who work on the show and they told us the whole week has been like that. Earlier in the evening I had gotten a refund for the cancelled show, and they put me on the returns list for the Saturday. We waited until he left the theatre but before he did he got someone to come tell us he was really tired and wasn’t going to stop. We gave her the ‘good luck’ cards we had for him which she then gave to him.

Friday evening I went home with my friend and booked a coach back home for Sunday evening. On the Saturday we went back to the theatre and we waited and waited for the returns and whenever asked they said there were no returns yet. Then it was 7, and everyone was in the auditorium already and there were now announcements saying the theatre doors would close in 1 minute so I gave up on getting returns. Then suddenly they called out my name and I got my ticket.

The show was good, like so so so so fucking good. I am not really a Shakespeare fan, I find it hard to understand but I actually got most of this. It’s a really funny show, really good, very gorgeous, the set is amazing. I honestly can’t wait to go back again and I know that without Andrew I wouldn’t have gone to see this, which really would have been a shame because it really is good.

Then after the show there were a lot of people waiting for Andrew, like A LOT. He came out for a little while, signed and took photos with some fans and then went back in for drinks. All I wanted was to give him a hug and tell him I am proud of him so my friends and I waited until he left. The security people kept telling us he wasn’t going to sign anymore, which you know, fair enough but that’s also not what we (or I, at least) were after. After a little wait he left and I gave him a big hug and told him I was very proud of him, he asked if I had seen the show and I told him I did which he was happy to hear. I hope everything will calm down and those 15 hour days will soon be over.

I am so proud of him, and if you’re doubting whether you should get tickets or not.. do get tickets; you won’t regret it!

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Hello! I recently fed my ball pythons on Tuesday and on Friday I found a half-digested, seemingly regurgitated (I say this because it still had an apparent tail and some fur) in my females enclosure. I haven't handled her at all since feeding and have left her entirely alone, this has never happened before in the 2 years that I've had her, and she took the mouse fine (as always). It's F/T from PerfectPrey. Is there a reason this would happen; should I be concerned?

I would keep an eye on her for sure, make sure the hotspot is warm enough and skip next feeding day to allow her to recover. :) If it happens again then a vet trip will be needed. :(

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart

Here comes a thought

Possibly one of my favorite Steven Universe song to date. What a brilliant message.


lisa lisa is not great with children


the boy who stole sweaters

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she’s like a woman fighting for more than life. she fights like fighting is her life. it’s like the air she breathes, and she knows she will win because there is no alternative.

guys, what if Sportacus had to like, retune his crystal to a different sensitivity threshold for Robbie because it was going off non stop when it was at normal settings (like it literally would never stop going off because Robbie is Sad™ 25/7) and that’s why we rarely see it going off for Robbie. and like, he doesn’t want the kids to question why the crystal was going off so much because he wants to protect Robbie’s privacy so he changed the setting but then keeps an eye on Robbie, constantly checking up on him but trying to be subtle about it so as not to scare the villain off while at the same time wanting to make sure he’s okay