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Genre: Smut, fluff, angst (it will contain smut in the next parts)

a/n: The story will have another part. So dont worry, im not cutting you off

Description:Jungkook is a  photography major in collaage. Every girl likes him yet he only has eyes for his camera, until he -even tho he hasnt realized it yet-  finds his muse.

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the losers club as seniors


  • has been planning senior prank since he was a freshman
  • has participated in senior prank since freshmen year, but everyone knew that when trashmouth became a senior, his prank would top all pranks
  • is hailed by all as a fucking legend
  • teachers don’t want him in their classes, and when they do get him, they pray
  • except the english teacher, bc he’s full of bants and thinks richie’s sharp tongue is fantastic
  • has large hipster wide rimmed circular bright red glasses that bill brought from new york for his birthday- richie loves them (and he knows how fucking expensive they are)
  • richie and eddie have been together since sophomore year
  • richie still makes fun of eddie’s fanny pack, and kisses his pout off all the time
  • smokes with beverly at free period
  • draws on the walls all the time, and the janitors have stopped painting over them because the ones that aren’t dicks aren’t half bad
  • has a joke of the day in the school paper
  • spikes drinks at all the dances, always gets caught, always escapes detention, with help from mike, who has football training on the pitch outside the detention classroom
  • plays a mean game of basketball
  • he worked at the ice cream store over the summer, and would hook everyone up with free ice cream, except for mike, bc he’s vegan
  • always has a spare inhaler in his left back pocket
  • spray painted his bike bright pink (and bill’s for april fools, but he secretly loves it)
  • someone called him lady boy once and eddie fucked up his face so much that richie had to stop him and take some stuff from eddie’s fanny pack and clean up the asshole
  • asshole never spoke to him again
  • richie loudly sings kids in america out car windows, bothering stan so much. so. fucking. much.


  • always chewing strawberry gum
  • dating ben since junior year, always goes to the record store and listens to old music with him
  • secretly loves the library
  • all the guys (and maybe two or three girls) have massive crushes on her but her heart belongs to ben
  • favourite class is english, she started reading more when she visited the library over the summer (that’s where stan and ben worked)
  • rants to bill all the time, and taps her foot when stressed
  • she hid all of the pens in the school with richie once- chaotic evil?
  • let her hair grow out a little more, but then cut it when it got caught in someone’s fingers during a soccer game
  • heavyweight drinker, always plays drinking games with stan, also surprisingly a heavyweight
  • owns a leather jacket that her mom gave her, that belonged to her grandpa- wears it all the time and looks like such a badass with it over he swishy dresses and cowgirl boots
  • she worked at the record store, the diner, the gas station- just a whole bunch of little jobs
  • punched a guy for fake wheezing in front of eddie
  • richie punched him too of course
  • eddie just took a puff from his inhaler and stuck up his middle finger
  • all the girls admire her so much- she started a feminism club and had an advice column in the paper
  • captain of the soccer team, and the best player in the school- including the boys
  • i mean, she has the highest goal average per game in derry!?
  • has a funny joke lighter that bill bought her when he visited new york- it’s a molly ringwald lighter that you flip the head off for the flame
  • she loves it just like she loves her leather jacket


  • shotgun, no matter who’s driving
  • if a look could kill
  • richie would be dead 70 million times over
  • stan worked at the library over the summer, so all the Derry grandmas, book loving children, and a few in between love him
  • walking home, passes ms. smith’s house on the corner of the street?
  • walks in for a visit, comes out with seven cookies and a kiss on the cheek
  • but stan loves it
  • stan asked bill out at the beginning of sophomore year, and bill hadn’t stammered his answer
  • what i mean by that is that bill just kissed stan
  • in front of derry high school, in the middle of the gym, after bill’s basketball game (he and richie were varsity starters at 15 years old!)
  • but everyone just clapped, because stan was well loved and well feared by plenty
  • stan helps tutor some of the kids at the elementary school down the street, with maths and science
  • he an ben are best library bros for life
  • he know the dewey decimal system, morse code, and was now fluent in french and hebrew
  • has his coffee black because “i need to be energized through you bullshit, richie!”
  • watches all of the loser’s games, mike with football, beverly with soccer, bill and richie with basketball, and eddie with baseball, while he studies
  • he colour codes everything- a lot of the girls ask him for tips or to borrow his nice pens
  • he has a little golden bird hanging on a chain- a gift from bill when he visited new york


  • started playing baseball after he confronted his mom, came home tryout day with a scrape, totally freaked the fuck out, but made the team
  • he’s the Derry star pitcher, but still keeps an inhaler in his pocket
  • he also has rubbing alcohol, bandaids, pain killers, and a spare inhaler in the dugout
  • he loves his baseball cap (he washes it every other day)
  • chews mint gum (which richie loves)
  • has a baseball shaped fanny pack that bill brought back from new york for him
  • he started wearing converse- but everyone wore white ones, and eddie swore he could SEE the bacteria crawling, so he bought red ones that he kept clean
  • he still wore his velcro shoes occasionally, of course
  • he worked at the diner over the summer, and the bosses loved him because he kept the place squeaky clean
  • no food complaints because he also flipped a mean burger
  • the losers would come and spend hours there, waiting for eddie’s shift to end and putting in quarters into the jukebox 
  • eddie always requested Come on Eileen, by Dexys Midnight Runners
  • eddie always borrowed richies large shirts and would give them back washed cleanly and folded neatly
  • he’s very familiar with the school nurse (the old one left after eddie exposed her unclean nurse-ly ways)
  • richie had asked him out sophomore year and eddie had whacked him with his fanny pack because richie was drunk and had beer stains down his front
  • he tried again the next day and eddie accepted because he was sober and CLEAN
  • eddie loves going to the children’s hospital, even though the germs freak him out and he takes all the right precautions, but he loves talking to the kids and telling them stories about richie and beverly’s wild antics


  • american football legend!!
  • everyone wonders who’s gonna get his jersey when he graduates, because its just,,, wow!!!
  • stopped homeschooling and transferred to derry in freshman year- he met the loser the summer before, and begged his parents to transfer
  • he’s vegan and he makes GOOD vegan food that sometimes beverly mooches from at lunchtimes
  • he didn’t work during the summers- because he worked at the farm after trainings or school at home
  • loves photography
  • has collages everywhere
  • he has someone in the development store that gets him polaroid frames cheap
  • he has collages in his locker, in his room, has his pictures in the paper
  • he put his really stupid photos up EVERYWHERE for a part of the senior prank- pictures of dick drawings on the wall, a dog taking a shit, just his really stupid ones (with plenty of convincing from richie)
  • has some neat polaroid frames that bill brought from new york
  • wasn’t mad at ALL when richie spray painted his bike mint green
  • “I love it!! that would look so nice in the photos!!”
  • smoked once, choked and puked
  • “that was rancid, bev! you’re inhaling a freaking tar pit!!”
  • bakes really good cookies
  • can fight when needed
  • someone made a jab at ben once and mike was put in detention for 2 days for breaking the guy’s nose
  • helps richie out when he has detention
  • principals and teachers love him- always does his homework, always answers questions
  • except for spanish
  • mike fucking hates spanish
  • “I’m not moving to freaking Mexico when I’m older, ok??”


  • works at the library over the summer, and discusses books over mike’s cookies with the librarians and sometimes stan
  • listens to all sorts of music on his walkman, dances around as he shelves the books
  • writes poems and short stories for the school paper and the derry paper
  • he tutors some of the elementary kids in english, and helps the aspiring writers get their pieces in the paper or the library bulletin
  • has a separate notebook of poems about beverly and the rest of the losers (but mostly beverly)
  • the notebook was from bill, from new york
  • loves the smell of cigarette smoke and strawberry- but not too much
  • he goes to the bakery and brings muffins for everyone before school starts
  • ben drinks tea instead of coffee
  • loves big sweatshirts, has a whole bunch
  • his favourite pair of socks are superman socks
  • he knows a neat little coffee shop that has second hand books and really good lemon squares
  • but he likes meeting at the diner eddie works at more, because bev always plays new kids on the block for him
  • has a lighter in his pocket for beverly, because he knows that she’s not gonna stop, and wants her to be happy (which is really strange)
  • his hair is always really neat, and doesnt like it when people ruffle it
  • the most rebellious thing he’s ever done was partake in senior prank and put moldy stinky food in the teachers room and lock the door 
  • he was scared shitless he was gonna get caught\
  • but only richie, beverly and bill got in trouble
  • mike broke them out, with some support from ben
  • school mascot, can backflip, front flip, cartwheel and roundoff the FUCK out of the pitch


  • went to new york, brought something back for everyone
  • admired by everyone in the school
  • all the elementary kids call him big boss bill
  • very much in love with stan
  • plays shooting guard in basketball
  • lightweight drinker, stan always has to carry him home if richie throws a wild party
  • writes short stories and essays for the school paper
  • doodles in all the classes, never focuses, still passes
  • teacher wonder how he does it
  • co captain of basketball (with richie, but only because richie has a higher basket average than him, but bill can actually lead)
  • drives- not too slow, not too fast, and very responsible
  • once backflipped off the first floor onto the pitch because eddie said he would’ve been too chicken
  • sprained his ankle, never did something that stupid again
  • class president
  • learned how to play mahjong
  • very good at it
  • stammers still, but only when he’s nervous (which is actually a lot of the time, cause the losers are dangerous little shits)
  • worked at the grocery store over the summer, everyone in derry knew him
  • if he likes you you get special discount on the junk food
  • buys pens for stan all the time
  • always listens to music for about thirty minutes pre-game
  • watches all of eddie and mike’s games, as well as beverly’s
  • substitute school mascot for non basketball games
  • all the girls love him and his bisexual ass, but his heart is stan’s
re:quest [tension] - chapter 4

I don’t even know how it took me this long to do chapter 4 (please don’t ask). Unfortunately the last chapter will definitely take a while since I’ll be starting school soon, but I’ll definitely finish it at some point.

For those who haven’t read “tension”, the short story about the CCG art festival, you can read chapter 1 here. Enjoy!

(Thank you @tokyo-ghoul-out-of-context for proofreading.)

“Huh?” Koori-senpai, what are you doing?”

When Hairu had showed up to work at the S1 squad’s task room, she had found Ui cutting up photographs with a pair of scissors. “Do you have a grudge against those people in the photos or something?”

“Of course not.” Ui said, glaring at his hand. Hairu shrugged and sat down in her seat to escape from his line of sight.

When Ui finished cutting up the photo he had been holding, he began to clean up. Hairu rose from her chair and looked at him again. “Are you making a scrapbook then?” 

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Future Rivals Top Ten Lists

Here is the masterpost of Top Ten requests I’ve received for the Rivals series but haven’t answered yet. It will be updated weekly to let people see if I’ve received their request or not as the Top Tens take longer to write than answering asks. The list also goes from newest to oldest so I am writing them from the bottom to the top:

Top 10 times when Viktor dreamt of Yuuri or Yuuri dreamt of Viktor

top ten fluffy things that happened before they were in a relationship

How about a top ten best sex ever?

Top ten (or 5) drunk Victor and Chris moments? 

Top 10 times Chris and Phichit had to team up.

Top ten things that surprised Yuuri or Viktor about each other after they moved in together /  Top 10 little things Yuuri/Viktor only found out about each other once they were living together

“Top 10 moments with animals”

top 10 of Yuuri Katsuki’s hidden talents that left Victor on the floor /  Top 10 Yuuri Katsuki talents? /  top ten about Yuuri’s unexpected talents that will make Victor more in love.

Top Ten times someone trashed Yuuri on social media and Viktor instilled the fear of God into their hearts

“Top 10 times Yakov preferred Yuuri Katsuki to his myriad of skaters with more drama in their pinkies than the Kardashian family combined”

Top 10 Moments of Katsuki and Nikiforov Flirting When They Are Supposed To Be Doing Official Things Instead

Top 10(5) times Yuri P. shows his love for Victuuri

The top 9 times Viktor acted as Yuuri’s guardian angel

top ten times Viktor wasn’t the playboy prince? Kind of like different times in public or in interviews Viktor just stop being all cool and collected in favor of embrassing the Extra.

10 or snippets of publicity events/photos that Viktor and Yuuri do together 

Top ten fantasies Viktor or Yuuri had of each other before getting together

Top ten times viktor and yuuri were couple goals/ 10 times Viktor and Yuuri were THE power couple  

top ten times victuuri were caught being adorable in public?

Top 10 phone call/Skype session snippets while they’re living apart

Top Ten things people belatedly realized were serious competitions TM when Yuuri won them

top 10 Mari/Fam Katsuki and Yuuri moments

top ten times coaching Viktor was too hard, by Yakov

Top Ten (or top five if it’s too much to ask) of occasions in which jealousy takes over Viktor? Possessive/jealous Viktor?

Top 10 reactions to Victor Nikiforov cutting his hair short.

10 times yuuri and phichit pretended to be a couple /  top ten list of times yuuri and phicit acted like a couple

top 10 times yuuri and viktor have been interrupted while in a “compromising position”

top ten times viktor broke the internet? :) and/or top ten times viktor surprised everyone outside of skating?

top 10 times yuuri had to admit viktor wasnt so bad / top 10 times yuuri really wanted to hate viktor but couldnt/

Top 10 Times Yuuri cheered Viktor up

Top 10 times Yuuri and Viktor were the most cuddly people in the world

top 10 yuuri and phichit moments in collage or in general??

Top ten times fan speculation got uncomfortably close to the truth

Top ten times VIKTOR was petty af (to go with Yuuri’s top ten! We all know they’re a matched set in pettiness).

Top 10 kinks people know Yuuri and/or Victor has and how they know it?

Top ten hardest things about being Yuuri’s coach, by Celestino

Top ten of Yuuri Katsuki’s greatest achievements according to Yakov Feltsman?

Top 10 petty Yuuri moments!!! / Top 10 times Yuuri was savage af /  Top 10 times Yuuri totally sasses someone

Top 10 moments when Viktor was extra af (whether he was flashy with gifts, outfits, affection etc)

‘top 10 times yuuri has surprised viktor in so many ways you can imagine’?

Top Ten Times Viktor and Yuuri Shut Down the Haters/ top ten times Victor and / or Yuuri acted protective of the other

top 10 moments where Yuuri unknowingly (or knowingly) said or did something that made Victor blush in public (and was caught by fans)

a top 10 or top 5 of the nastiest fandom wars that ever happened around the years on the internet in the Rivals verse and why they happened

Top 10 of “proof” that weren’t proof at all and screamed JUST FRIENDS but people used anyway to support their notps (Yuuri/Phichit and Viktor/Chris) or you know that select few annoying people in every fandom that can’t see two guys even standing next to each other without shipping them and always read too much into literally ANYTHING

Top 10 assertive/confident Yuuri moments.

Top ten reactions from other skaters regarding victuuri confirmation

top ten times yuuri’s smile/laughter broke the internet

top ten list of times Yuuri was far too precious for this sinful earth?

Do You Remember? (E.D)

Summary: You and Ethan have been dating for a year now, and in the beginning everything was going great. During your relationshipt with Ethan you started suffering with memory loss. Which eventually became early age dementia. In the beginning it was fine, but as the months went by it got worst and worst. To the point where now you don’t remember anything. All your memories with your boyfriend all gone. You don’t even remember his name, and when you see him he’s nothing but a complete stranger to you. 

Warnings: Talks about memory loss. 

A/N: I drew inspiration from Jhene Aiko’s music video for the song While We’re Young. (It’s just based on the music video, NOT the song!) Of course I put my own spin to it, and changed it up a bit so it’s not exacty the same, but the inspiration behind this did come from that video, so I hope you guys enjoy! <3

* * This isn’t edited so it probably has like a shit ton of errors, but I’ll go back to edit tomorrow! * *

Ethan’s POV

Y/N and I have been together for a year now, and meeting her was probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love her so much, and I know she loves me, but lately it’s just been so hard. After about 4 to 5 months of dating I noticed that Y/N was starting to become very forgetful. It was just small minor things, like locking the doors before we left the house, turning off the light, and forgetting where she left her belongings. But those small minor things became big things. One day, before leaving for work Y/N forgot to turn the stove off, and if I wasn’t home that day, our apartment would’ve caught on fire. I was starting to worry, so I started doing some research online, and I had a feeling that maybe Y/N could be suffering from memory loss. Although she was still able to remember the people around her, and stuff, she was showing signs of the beginning stages of memory loss.

I ended up finding a neurologist here in LA, and I decided to take Y/N to see him. She protested at first, but after almost burning the apartment down a second time, she finally agreed to see him. After about 2 visits with him we found out that Y/N was indeed suffering from memory loss, and in time it would lead to dementia. A disease that makes you lose all your memory. Sure there were ways to help her, and I’ve tried every way possible, but within the past 7 months her memory just keeps getting worst. Now it’s at the point where she doesn’t even remember me. She doesn’t even know my name or who I am.

But I refuse to give up on her, she’s going to remember again one day, and I’ll stop at nothing to help her. 

* present day *


I was woken up out of my sleep by Y/N’s scream. 

“Baby what’s wro-” I tried to ask her what was wrong, but I was cut off by her hitting me with one of the pillows, as she was standing up on the bed.

“Who are you and why are you in my house?” she asked, as she continued to hit me with the pillow.

“Ow! Baby stop it’s me!” I managed to grab the pillow from her, which caused her to jump off the bed, and back up into the corner of the room, afraid. 

“Y/N, it’s me Ethan!” I said, slowly walking towards her, but before I could get close, she darted off across the room, grabbing the flower vase off the dresser, and held it above her head getting ready to throw it. I raised both my arms above my head, in a surrendering motion, letting her know that I wasn’t going to do anything to her.  

“Don’t come any closer! Who are you?” she asked. Her voice was shaky. She really thought I was some stranger who just crawled into her bed in the middle of the night. If only she could remember that this was our house, and this our room, and that I’m her boyfriend. Suddenly I remembered that there were pictures of us on our nightstand, and I ran over to grab them.

“Y/N look! See baby that’s us! That’s me! I’m not a stranger. I won’t hurt you! Please put the vase down!” I said, showing her the pictures. I placed them down on the bed, so she can look at them herself. She slowly walked towards the edge of the bed where the pictures were, and picked them up looking at them so intensely as if she was trying to analyze the pictures, and trying to remember. 

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember. I don’t remember who you are.” she said, with tears forming in her eyes. I tried to walk up to her, and embrace her in my arms, but as soon I took a step forward, she took two back. 

This is usually how most mornings starts off. She wakes up, screams bloody murder because she has no idea who I am, and what I’m doing in our bed. After almost an hour of trying to stop her from either hitting me or throwing things at me, I find a way to calm her down, but making her look at pictures of us to let her know that we know each other. But I must say today was a little better then yesterday when she tried to stab me with a pair of scissors, and when she realized she couldn’t she started throwing them. So being hit with a pillow wasn’t so bad. 

Some days I don’t even get to wake up in bed next to her. Some days are great, and after getting her to calm down, and showing her a few pictures, she starts to relax, and she’ll remember me all day long, until something just snaps in her, and she goes back forgetting who I am, and starts freaking out so much, that I can’t even try to reason with her, so I just end up going to the warehouse, or to Grayson’s apartment and stay there. Some days, she’ll remember me for an hur or so, and then it just starts all over again. Some days, I can’t even walk into my own apartment without her chasing me out the front door with some kind of object, thinking I’m a bugler or kidnapper. Some days are just complete hell, and it’s impossible to try to get her to understand, or reason with her. 

But I’ll never give up.

* * * *

I got out the shower, and Y/N was still sitting on the bed, still staring at the pictures in her hand. She looked so beautiful. Confused, but still beautiful in every way. I tell her everyday, but I know she doesn’t remember. She doesn’t remember anything I tell her. Not even all the I love yous. 

She didn’t notice I was in the room until, I headed over to the closet door. Her head shot up, and she stared at me, and shot me a slight smile. 

“You smell good.” she said with a smile. 

“Thanks. You picked out the soap for me.” I said laughing. I knew she wouldn’t remember, but every chance I get I remind her of the things she use to do. 

“Well I guess I did a good job.” she said chuckling awkwardly. Even though we’re a couple, and we’ve known each other for years, it feels like I’m getting to know someone new everyday. It’s like knowing someone, but not knowing them at the same time. 

Which makes absolutely no sense at all.

“Are you my boyfriend?” she asked randomly, causing me to look up at her. She was staring at the pictures again.

“Yeah, I am. I’m Ethan, your boyfriend.” I told her, as I was putting on some clothes. She didn’t say anything, she just kept her focus on the picture, squinting her eyes a little, as she ran her finger over the glass of the picture frame. I finished getting dressed, and grabbed my backpack, and my camera. Grayson and I needed to film at the warehouse today. It’s been a while since I filmed a video. It’s been just Grayson making videos for the pass few months while I was dealing all the stuff happening with Y/N. Thankfully the fans understood, and didn’t get mad about me not filming with Grayson. They were actually very supportive, and they tweet her constantly, sending her pictures, and video edits of us. Hopefully she’ll be able to get back onto her social medias, and see them one day. 

“I have to go over to Grayson’s for a little bit, but I’ll see you later.” I said. 

“Who’s Grayson?” she asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

“Grayson’s my twin brother, and your best friend. He was the guy that gave you that stuffed animal over there.” I said, pointing to the big plush unicorn that Grayson got her for her birthday last year.

“He’s that guy with the dangly wing earring in that picture.” I said, pointing to the picture collage of the three of us on the wall.

“He looks like you. Are you guys twins or something?” she asked, obviously not remembering that I just told her he was my twin brother. I had to repeat stuff to Y/N multiple times, and even though I hated repeating myself to Grayson, or anyone for that matter, in this case with Y/N I didn’t mind. 

I tilt my head, and tried to give her a kiss on the lips, but she pulled back. I let out a sigh of frustration, not remembering the last time I was able to actually kiss her. I bent down a placed a soft kiss on her forehead. 

“I love you.” I said, as I pulled away, but she just stared at me, then down to the ground. It hurts knowing the person you love doesn’t know that you love them, and doesn’t know that they love you just as much. They can’t say it back because they have no idea of their feelings for you. I said goodbye to Y/N and started heading out our apartment, and started making my way to my car, and on my way to the warehouse.

“And we’ll see you guys before next Tuesday! PEACE!” Grayson and I yelled into the camera. We just finished filming a challenge video for Tuesday, and it felt really good to record again. I missed it. I miss being goofy with my twin brother. I miss interacting with or fans online, but I’m very grateful that they understand and aren’t upset with me.

“They’re going to love this video bro!” Grayson said, as he was shutting off the camera. And I agree, we made a complete ass out of ourselves in this video of course they were going to love it.

“How’s Y/N been doing? Any better?” Grayson asked plopping down on the couch next to me.

“She’s good I guess. You know same ole same ole. Some days are better then others, and some days are just complete hell. But I’m trying bro, I really am.” I vented to my brother. He’s been pretty supportive through this whole thing. He comes sees Y/N time to time, but of course she doesn’t remember. I know it’s hard on him too, knowing that his best friend doesn’t even know who he is. 

“She’s going to get better E. We just have to be patient. I know you want her to remember, and I do too, but we can’t just make her remember. It just has to come to her. You know?” Grayson said, and I knew what he meant. I understood, but it’s just so frustrating. I miss her so much. I miss holding her, I miss kissing her. I just fucking miss her. I know it’s silly to say I miss her even though she’s still here. But even though she’s here with me physically, she’s not here with me mentally or emotionally. I’m just a stranger to her. I didn’t realize I was crying, until I saw a drop of water fall down onto my phone screen. 

I used my shirt to wipe my tears away, and I decided I’d check on Y/N using the home security device I set up. I was able to check each room in the apartment, and see what she was doing. I installed the security cameras around the time Y/N started to lose her memory and would leave the stove on. I wanted to make sure everything was ok when I’m not there, and that she wasn’t doing anything that could hurt her. I checked every room in the apartment so far, and there was no sign of her. I figured she was in the bedroom sleeping, but when I checked she wasn’t there either. I tapped through each of the rooms one more time to double check, and I noticed that something in camera 1, which was the living room and the front door. I zoomed in a little, and saw that the front door was wide open. 


Where the hell did she go?


“GRAAAYSON!” I shouted out for my twin brother. I got up from the couch, and frantically started searching for my car keys.

“What’s wrong E?” Grayson said, running into the room.

“Y/N gone.” I said, running my hand through the front of my hair.

“What do you mean she’s gone? Isn’t she at the apartment?” he asked confused.

“I thought she was, but when I checked the security cameras she wasn’t there, and the front door was left wide open.”

“Fuck!” Grayson cursed, running his hands through his hair. I’m sure he was just as worried as I was right now. 

“Wait! Remember we set up the find my iphone app on her phone. Try finding her with that!” Grayson said. He was right, we did set up the find my iphone app for her. I opened up the app, and logged in with her iCloud info, and waited for the app to locate where she was. The app pulled up the address of the place, and Grayson typed it into the GPS in his phone. Turns out it was the fro-yo place the three of us always use to go to. I found my keys, and we quickly got into my car, and immediately took off to the fro-yo place.

As I was driving, Grayson called up Kalia. One of his that works there and made sure that Y/N was there. And she was. She was pretty close with Grayson and I so she knew about the situation going on with Y/N. Grayson told her to keep an eye on Y/N and make sure she doesn’t go anywhere. We pulled up to the fro-yo shop, and quickly made out way inside. Once inside my eyes immediately found my girlfriend. Ironically she was sitting in the booth that the three of us always sat in every time we came here. 

“Hey guys!” Kalia said walking towards us.

“Hey!” Grayson and I said in unison, and each took turns giving her a hug.

“She came in and ordered the same thing E always gets, and just sat down and started drawing. She hasn’t moved from that spot since.” Kalia informed us. 

She remembers my fro-yo order? Every time I come here, I always order for her, and I always get her the same thing I get just with extra strawberries, because they were her favorite fruit. I couldn’t help but smile a little bit at the fact that she was sitting in our usual booth, and ordered our usual order. Maybe deep down she does remember, she just doesn’t know she does.

I knew that she wasn’t going to remember me, so I was probably going to have to introduce myself all over again. Grayson and I decided that I would go up and talk to her, and made sure she got a little comfortable, before Grayson comes on over to see her. It’d probably confuse her even more if we just both walked up to her at the same time. 

I walked up to the table, andI couldn’t help but smile really big. She looked so cute and peaceful drawing in her little notebook. She was always into drawing.

“Hey!” I said, as I approached the table. 

“Hey.” Y/N responded back to me with a smile on her face. She’s smiling, so that’s a good sign. 

“I’m Ethan. Nice to meet you.” I said holding out my hand hoping she’ll grab it and shake it. 

“I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you too.” she said as she grabbed my hand and shaked it slowly. The instant she grabbed my hand, I felt a small static shock between out fingers. I held on to her hand, remembering how small her hand was compared to mine, but yet they still fit together perfectly. 

“Are you okay?” Y/N’s voice broke me out of my thoughts.

“Uh yeah! What are you drawing?” I asked, looking down at her little sketch book. 

“Just faces of people and things I see in my dreams.” she said, as she continued to draw into her sketch book. Just then Grayson walked up behind me.

“Hello!” Grayson cheered. Sounding rather creepy. 

“Hey…Woah!” Y/N said when she looked up at the both of us. Grayson and I couldn’t help but laugh at her reaction. It was the same reaction she had when she first met us. 

“Are you guys twins?” Y/N asked looking back and forth at the both of us. 

“Yeah we are!” Gray, and I said at the same time causing Y/N to laugh. A sound that I loved so much. Her laugh was so contagious you couldn’t help but laugh with her.

“Y/N this is my twin brother Grayson. And Grayson this is Y/N.” I said, and they shook each others hands.

We sat down and talked to Y/N for minute, making sure she was comfortable with us, before I offered to take her home. Which was our home, but of course she doesn’t know that. 

* * * *

“So Y/N, do you live far? We can give you a ride home.” I said. Y/N and I’s apartment was only a few blocks away, but I didn’t want her to walk. So I was hoping she’d say yes, and that would give us an excuse to be together longer.

“I live a few blocks away, but I can use the ride.” she answered, and I smiled like an idiot. Grayson nudged my shoulder and gave me a look telling me to calm down a bit.

Y/N grabbed her things off the table, and the three of us made our way to my car. Grayson offered to let Y/N to sit in the front seat,

“Nice car!” she said as we approached my BMW.

“Thanks.” I said, unlocking the door, and opening the passenger door for her.

She smiled at me, and climbed in buckling up her seat belt. I got in the car, and pulled out of the parking lot and towards our apartment. Y/N rolled down her window, and the wind was blowing through her hair. She does the same thing she use to do whenever we went driving around somewhere. She always loved to have the windows down. The wind would blow her hair in all different kinds of directions but she didn’t care. She loved how it felt when the cool LA breeze hits her face. I pulled up to the parking garage of our apartment and parked in my usual parking spot. I’m not sure what was wrong but Y/N shot me a worried look.

“How did you know how to get here? I didn’t give you any directions! Fucking stalker!” Y/N yelled as she hurried out the car, slamming the car door.


“Good job, assclown.” Grayson sassed from the backseat.

“Well excuse me for not asking for directions to my own apartment. I forgot. I should’ve played that off better. Fuck!” I cursed, punching the steering wheel.

This is so frustrating. I love Y/N I really do. And I would never want to give up on her, but I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take. It was starting to weigh on me.

“What’s that?” Grayson asked pointing at the sketch book that Y/N left in the front seat. 

“It’s Y/N’s sketch book. She was drawing in it at the fro-yo place.” I said grabbing it and quickly skimming the pages when I saw something that caught my attention. I flipped the book open to the page, and looked at the picture. It was a sketch of a face. A face that kind of looked like mine. I flipped through a few more pages and saw the same face just with different facial expressions. I flipped through it some more and saw a sketch of what looked like Grayson and I. 

It was Grayson and I. 

“No way!” not realizing I said that outloud.

“What is it?” Grayson asked leading up from his seat to look at what I was looking at.

“Holy shit! Is that us?” he asked, grabbing the book from me.

“I think so. It looks exactly like us.” I said. 

“She said she draws faces that she sees in her dreams.” I said, remembering what she told me back at the fro-yo shop.

“So that means she dreams about us.” Grayson said, flipping through the pages of the book.

“No Gray. They’re memories! But she doesn’t realize it. That’s why she thinks they’re dreams!” I said, sounding a little bit excited.

“I think I know how to get her to remember more!” I said, reaching into the back seat to grab my laptop. I quickly connected my laptop to my apartment hot spot, and pulled up a video, I had made for Y/N. 

Before Y/N started losing her memory every time we went out or even if we were just laying around at from, we would always record funny videos on our phone, or snapchat. After Y/N started losing her memory, I began to filmed everything we did. Every date we went on I recorded, every car ride, every moment we spent together I recorded. Even once she started to completely forget who I was, and who everyone around her was, I still recorded. All the moments of having to reintroduce myself to her, and getting to know her all over again, I recorded it all. I ended up combining all of those footages, and make into a short little movie. And now is the perfect time to show her. She was seeing her memories in her dreams, so maybe this video can trigger some more memories, and who knows maybe I can get my girlfriend back. 

* * * *

I told Grayson I’d talk to Y/N and let him knows what happens. He drove back to the warehouse, and I started making my way up to my apartment.

I knocked on the door a few times but no answer. As I raised my hand to knock again, Y/N opened the door, and immediately shuts it after seeming me. I guess she still thinks I’m the stalker that took her home. 

“Y/N, look I know you probably think I’m some kind of stalker or something but I’m not. I promise.” I said leaning against the door.

“I don’t believe you.” she shouted back from the other side. I can’t lie, it hurt a little bit hearing her say she doesn’t believe me. I’ve never done anything for her to not trust me. But then again she doesn’t know that. She just thinks I’m so creepy stalker guy right now.

“Y/N please! You have to trust me. Go into your bedroom, and look at the pictures on the wall. It’s me. I live here. We live here. Together!” I said hoping she’d believe me this time. I waited for a few minutes and still no response from her. Suddenly the door opened, and Y/N was standing there with a picture of us in her hand.

“That’s you.” she said looking at the picture and pointing at me.

“Yes it is. It’s me Ethan.” I said repeating my name again for like the 10th time today.

She doesn’t say anything, she just nods her head, and pushes the door open allowing me to step inside.

I walked over to the living room, and sat down on the couch, opening up my laptop.

“I want to show you something.” I said referring to the video.

“Ok…” was all she said, as she slowly made her way over to the couch. She sat down beside me and stared at the laptop screen.

I played the video, and immediately she was able to recognize herself. Which wasn’t a surprise. She knows who she is, it’s just everything else around her she doesn’t know. The video started off with me laying down in our bed talking to the camera. 

“You’re probably wondering why I’m making this video, and well let’s just call this our memory vlog. I don’t know if you remember, but about 4 to 5 months into our relationship, you started suffering from memory loss. And you know it started off with the simple things, but gradually over time it became more serious things. 7 months ago the doctor confirmed that you have what was called early age dementia. And over the course of those 7 months your memory has been completely falling apart. You don’t remember who I am anymore. You don’t remember anything. The only thing you do seem to remember is who you are and your name. Which is good… Um I made this video to hopefully jog back some of your memories and maybe certain things can click back into your mind. Throughout our relationship we’ve recorded countless videos of us doing random crazy shit. To going on dates, pranking each other. There’s even some other people in this video as well. Like for instance Grayson. Who happens to be my twin brother and your best friend. Along with a few of your friends, and even your parents… Y/N we all love you, and we miss you very much…” my voice started to fade out and the first video popped up. It was a video of us playing hide and seek at the warehouse. The clip was of you running around the warehouse looking for me. The video continued you on to many other videos of us, and to videos of Grayson, your friends, and even if your parents sharing a few stories. It was now the end of the video, and it was just a slide show with pictures of us and you’re favorite song Thinking Bout You by Ariana Grande was playing in the background.

The video ended, and you looked up at me, with tears forming in your eyes.

“What was she like?” Y/N asked. I was confused for a second on who she was talking about, but I then I realized she was referring to herself.

* * * *

“Well her name is Y/N and she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Beautiful inside and out. She has the cutest laugh, and every time she smiles you can’t help but smile yourself. Her voice was my favorite sound in the entire world. Her favorite color was purple, and her favorite food was pineapple pizza like mine. She loved candles and would always light them around the apartment, making the whole place smell like vanilla, or cinnamon all the time. She also had a bit of a smart mouth and isn’t afraid to let me have it every once in a while. I don’t mind though because it was always kind of hot whenever she got annoyed and mad with me.” I laugh a little before continuing to talk again.

“She use to film videos with me & my twin brother all the time. And everyone loved her. I mean how could you not love her. She was so sweet, so caring, so genuine. She knew how to turn my bad days into good days, and she would make me laugh without even trying. She was perfect. Even though she hated when I said that, but it was true. In my eyes she was perfect. She was perfect for me, and no one will ever be able to take her place.” I finished, and I could feel the lump in my throats starting to form. I didn’t want to cry, especially not in front of Y/N but I couldn’t help it.

“She sounds like an amazing girl…”

“You are. You’re more then amazing babygirl! You’re that girl Y/N! Don’t you know that?” I asked. My voice was a little louder this time, and I was starting to get a bit frustrated. She seriously doesn’t even know who she is now.

“I’m sorry. I just… I don’t think I’m that girl you’re talking about.” she said, totally unaware of who she even is.

“Yes you are! Don’t you remember? Why can’t you just fucking remember?” I was particularly yelling at this point, and I notice Y/N jumped a little bit, and I instantly regret raising my voice. 

I took a deep breath before talking again.

“Do you know how hard it is waking up to your girlfriend screaming at you because she thinks her own boyfriend is a fucking murder or something who snuck into his own home? Do you know how bad it sucks to have to reintroduce yourself to your own girlfriend everyday? Do you know how it feels to look at the person you love most everyday, & they haven’t the slightest clue as to who the hell you are?”

“I can only imagine…”

“It sucks! But I’m not giving up on you Y/N. I’ll remind you everyday if I have to. I’ll tell you you’re beautiful everyday. And I’ll tell you I love you every second of the day until you remember. I’ll do whatever as long as it means you remember. Even if it’s just for that moment! I want you to remember Y/N. Can you try to remember for me babygirl?” 

“I-I don’t know…” she shuttered.

“You do know. You just don’t realize it. You’re starting to remember. You just need to try a little bit harder. I promise you can do it baby. Just try.” I said, taking her hand in mind, and for the first time in months she didn’t flinch or pull away.

But I guess I spoke too soon because, she pulled her hands away, and shook her head at me.

“I’m sorry. I-I want to remember. I really do, but I just can’t. I’m really sorry.” she said, fiddling with her fingers.

“No. Don’t be sorry. I shouldn’t have pushed. I guess I just got my own hopes up…” I said, turning on my heel, and started heading out of the bedroom. Then I heard something that stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Ethan…?” I heard Y/N’s soft angelic voice call from behind me.

I never thought I’d be excited to hear my name being called until now. 

“Yes Y/N! It’s me! It’s Ethan. Your boyfriend!” I said, tucking a few strands of loose hairs behind her ear. Her eyes stayed locked on mine, and I rested my forehead on hers. I slowley closed the distance in between out faces, and connected my lips onto hers, and a familiar intense wave of passion and pleasure through my whole body. 

Do you remember?” I asked, after pulling away from our kiss. I cupped the sides of her cheeks softly as my eyes roamed hers.

“I-I think so…” she said, staring at me. Our eyes locked on each other, and for the first time in a long time, I can see the sparkle in her eyes, which gave me some hope. Hope that she can overcome all of this, and start remembering again. It won’t happen over night, but we can work on it, and get through it together. My girlfriend remembers my name. She remembers me. 

She remembers…

Movie Night.

pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: just straight smut
word count: 1k
drabble prompt: “You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?” + “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” + “Take. It. Off.” + “I said get rid of it.”
a/n: for my love, the Jimin to my Yoongi, @txmonkeyy

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anonymous asked:

Omfg new cool FFXV writing blog yaaay <3 How about the boyband crushing hard on a female friend but they don't want to ruin the friendship. Or appear to be that guy who is in it for the booty. So they accidentally fess up in a normal conversation and she's stunned. Does she reject them or agree to take it slow? Up to you love <3

Okay so this request got me so excited that I think I’m going to do both outcomes?? like what I’m putting here is her accepting their feelings, but I totally plan to break these boys’ hearts in a separate post. I can’t help it. I gotta do both

Thanks for the wonderful request, anon! Enjoy some nervous chocobros!

(looooong post, guys. strap in)


He didn’t mean to tell you.

He was content with his feelings remaining a secret. He was happy with simply being in your presence, even if you were oblivious to the way his heart raced any time that you were near. If it meant that he could stay with you for a little while longer, he would be just friends for as long as possible.

Then he went and screwed it up, throwing a wrench in his plans with a few simple words.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

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Hey guys! So I’ve gotten a decent amount of submissions for the collage and can’t thank everyone enough for sending in photos and messages. I’ve had a decent amount of questions about it and wanted to explain more.

Basically, I made Taylor collages for both her birthday and one for the release of 1989. She really seemed to like them and since she’s done so much for us recently, I thought it would be nice to thank her.

I want to make a collage of 300+ fans with tons of thank you notes in the caption just to help thank her for all she’s done for us lately.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Send in a photo. It can be a selfie, picture with Taylor, photo from a concert, etc. Doesn’t matter too much because I just want her to be able to see pics of some of her fans and understand how grateful we are. PLEASE SEND THEM TO MY INSTAGRAM: nicksoftime!

2) Send in a message. Doesn’t have to be too long! Just a quick thank you message and please be sure to include your handles on instagram, twitter, etc.

3) Please help get the word out! Although 300 pictures is a big goal, I know we can do it. 


fam(ily) - the end | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 4,763
genre: the long waited A N G S T has ARRIVED!! 
warnings: explicit language, mentions of abuse

[A/N]: pls read this before proceeding!! there is a slight trigger in this chapter, where there is mentions of abuse. although it is not explicitly written, i would still like to warn anyone who is not comfortable with that topic. also guys, its finally over !! the series has ended !! 

one | two | three | fourfive | the endepilogue

Originally posted by jiyoongis

“Are the twins okay?” You asked after looking up from the attendance sheet. They had been absent for the past three days.

It was your fourth day back at work for Kim after your depressing three weeks. Jimin had completely stopped contacting you and the last time you saw his face was at Jen’s dinner. Even though he was out of your life, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. 

Every part of you wanted to see him. You missed him every sulking day, every dreadful minute. You no longer accompanied Kim at morning drop off though. You were smart enough to know that the both of you couldn’t handle seeing one another.

You didn’t go back to your job at the club — not yet. You were suppose to go back a week ago, but you weren’t ready to face Wes or to give your best customer service. Every drink you created would taste sour or bitter.

Keeping your distance from Minseo and Minjoo was hard. They were your students and called for your attention right when they saw you. Their smiles of delight when they saw you crushed the final pieces of your heart. You had to excuse yourself to the bathroom the first day you were back because you couldn’t contain your tears. You didn’t deserve them. 

However, the Monday of the new week, they didn’t show up to school or the following days. They always had perfect attendance, unless something happened to them. 

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thejonderettegirl  asked:

Hi, can please write a Bughead headcanon about them being obliviously cuddly/touchy-feely? Thanks

Here you go, hope you like it!

Headcannon: Jughead can’t keep his hands off Betty whenever he’s sitting next to her, even when they’re with their friends, and Betty can’t stop smiling or blushing every time he does. 

Jughead slid onto the bench of the picnic table, his knee knocking into Betty’s as he settled into the seat next to her. As Betty glanced up to meet his gaze, she bit her bottom lip to hide the same smile that always threatened to creep onto her lips whenever Jughead was around.

“Can we please talk about this ridiculous photography assignment?” Veronica asked from her seat on the other side the table. “It makes less sense than the plot to that movie Kevin made us watch last week about that creepy humanoid duck alien thing.”

Betty’s eyes drifted from her friends sitting at the other end of the table, to the boy sliding his hand onto her knee next to her.

“Hey, Howard the Duck is a classic and should be treated as such,” Kevin defended his movie of choice, pointing a finger at Veronica before reaching forward to grab a hand full of chips from the bag on the table. “Besides, the assignment seems pretty straight forward. Make a collage of the most meaningful experience from your past. Doesn’t really scream complex, pull-your-hair-out-after-six-cups-of-coffee-and-a-bottle-of-Advil, research assignment to me.”

Gently, Betty placed a hand on Jughead’s arm, feeling the fabric of his jacket through her fingers as she focused her attention on the splintering piece of wood on the table.

“Yeah, but every meaningful experience I can think of involves expensive shoes or really fancy cheese and I don’t think Mr. Buckley will appreciate such sophisticated taste,” Veronica pointed out, crossing her legs underneath the table and leaning forward to take a bite of her salad. “What do you think Betty?”

Jughead intertwined his fingers through hers, his thumb gently rubbing the back of her hand as they locked eyes, completely oblivious to anything else happening in the world around them.

“Hmm?” Betty mumbled, her eyes never breaking Jughead’s gaze. Veronica raised a curious eyebrow at the couple, quickly bending down to find their interlocked hands resting comfortably between them under the table.

“Are you kidding me?” Veronica gasped, turning to Kevin with wide eyes. “They’re totally holding hands under the table again!”

“Busted,” Kevin stood from the table to place a firm hand in the center of the wooden surface. “Drop em’ you two, we had a deal!”

“We tried, V, honestly,” Betty tried to explain, turning to Jughead and shrugging helplessly. “It’s like this gravitational pull that we can’t seem to break. Kind of like Kev and his bad taste in movies.”

“First of all rude, second of all gag,” Kevin scrunched up his nose in disgust as he snatched the bag of potato chips from the table and shoved a handful into his mouth.

“Okay, whatever but can you two please stop caressing each other long enough to listen to me complaining about school and expensive shoes?” Veronica whined, shoving her lunch tray away from her to place her elbows on the surface.

“Do we have a choice?” Jughead muttered. “Because I can think of about 734 other things I could be doing right now that sound like a better option than that.”

“Yeah, well, the one thing you really want to be doing right now is sitting right next to you so…” Kevin mumbled under his breath, tossing a chip into the air and catching it in his mouth.

“Kev!” Betty protested, her cheeks beginning to turn a faint pink color that always gave away her embarrassment.

“Oh, come on, you set that one up for me,” Kevin told her, his lips curling into a devilish smile as he set the bag of chips back onto the table.

“He’s right you know,” Veronica agreed. “You fell right into the trap.”

“I’m going to go get some more chips,” Jughead announced, standing from the picnic table and turning to Betty before walking back to the student lounge. “You want anything Bets?”

“No, I’m good thanks,” Betty smiled up at Jughead, their eyes lingering a second longer than necessary.

Veronica cleared her throat, and the couple turned away from each other to glance uncomfortably at the ground. “Oh no, we’re good too, Jugs, thanks,” Veronica said sarcastically, rolling her eyes at him as she watched him walk up the hill.

“You guys are the worst,” Betty informed them, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning forward on the table.

“And you two are adorable,” Kevin swooned.

“Adorably annoying,” Veronica corrected him. “Seriously control the touchy feely stuff while we’re around would you? Otherwise you’re gonna have to find some other friends to ignore every time the two of you are within a few feet of each other.”

“We’re not that bad are we?” Betty wondered, her brows drawing together in concern as she thought back to all the times her friends had caught them with their hands all over each other when they were supposed to be hanging out as a group.

“Trust me, you don’t want her to answer that, B,” Kevin warned her, turning to Veronica who simply to a sip of her water and shrugged.

“I’m really sorry guys,” Betty apologized. “I promise to be a better friend, I’m just…”

“In love?” Kevin finished for her, raising an intrigued eyebrow and crumpling his empty chip bag before tossing it in the trashcan behind him.

“What?” Betty gasped, her heart skipping a beat at the mention of the word ‘love.’ “No, I-”

“It’s okay to admit it, Betty,” Veronica cut her off, her face softening as she placed a gentle hand on Betty’s arm. “That boy can’t keep his eyes off you - or his hands it seems. I mean you’re literally his whole world. He obviously feels the same way.”

“You think?” Betty asked, hoping with everything she had that Veronica was right. “Sometimes I’m not so sure.”

“You should be,” Veronica assured her, grabbing her tray and turning in her seat to toss her empty salad container into the trash. “And you should tell him.”

“Oh, I don’t…” Betty mumbled, fully prepared to tell Veronica that she couldn’t tell him something like that, at least not yet. But after a moment of thinking about how she had been dating Jughead for almost six months and that her heart raced every time she was in the same room as him, she started to think that telling him that she loved him wasn’t so crazy after all. “You really think I should?”

“I do,” Veronica nodded. “And I think you should tell him tonight.”

“Tell who what?” Jughead snuck up behind Betty, wrapping an arm around her shoulders before returning to his spot next to her on the bench.

“Nothing!” Betty said almost too quickly. “It’s nothing - um do you want to walk me home tonight after we finish up at the Blue and Gold? There’s something I kind of wanted to talk to you about.”

“Absolutely,” Jughead told her, leaning forward to brush an eyelash off her cheek and smiling down at her. “Can’t wait.” 

“Yeah,” Betty beamed at him, her heart beating a mile a minute the way it always did when he was this close to her. “Me either.”

some craig/mc post-epilogue headcanons

BC IM IN  PA I N, some hcs made by me and my pal @live-at-the-apollo

  • craig and MC have their ritual talks about their college days and the like, giggling like children at the stupid and silly stuff they have done in their youth
  • MC loves to card is hands through craig’s hair, whether it be in bed, lounging on the couch, or a hug. MC never passes up a chance of messing with craig’s hair. 
  • craig loves to play with MC’s hands, entwining their hands, running his thumb on MC’s hand,  he’ll always, always have his hand entwined with MC’s somehow.
  • since craig is the early rise of the two, he loves watching MC’s serene, sleeping face, cupping his face. mc wakes up through craig’s light touches but they just gaze lovingly at each other and stay there for a while as if time has slowed down
  • saturday sleep-ins will always include spooning and tender kisses all over each other, as well as an abundance of confidence-boosting and lovey comments.
  • MC, with the help of craig, works towards becoming healthier, with little baby steps, MC is able to little by little last longer on their exercise escapades. craig will always be there if MC feels insecure about his body, and vice versa for craig, too.
  • “you’re my whole world bro” “bro” “bro ily” 
  • you know those bro text posts? that’s them. all the other cul-de-sac dads are sick™. eventually joseph breaks the chain with “broh my god, you guys”
  • their dates always have something engaging/active in it. always. 
  • that doesn’t mean they can’t have a fancy dinner. 
  • they still do bro brunches, and as mc dad’s cooking improves, they have “bro cook offs”
  • they do those cute couple activities where they surprise each other with a brunch dish they think they’d enjoy
  • mc becomes more involved with the maple bay flapjacks and learns some softball himself so he can support the team with less confusion + eventually helping craig with coaching
  • craig secretly has fairy lights in his office at work that he discreetly hides, but takes pride in


  • MC is that parent that yells ‘YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE” during the twins’ softball tournaments
  • in your face janet
  • the first time hazel and briar call MC dad, he cries. craig can’t help but watch with contentment and joy as mc and amanda are accepted by the twins as another part of their family now 
  • river loves MC, and sometimes refuses to go into her own crib when she’s comfortable in the confines of MC’S chest and ‘superior dad arms’
  • amanda had to do a photography series on a certain theme an she asked if she could use craig and MC as her muses
  • who would turn down amanda? no one.
  • craig and MC take it so seriously, they just want the best for amanda + the best mark. quote “you’ll get a+ i guarantee you!” (she does)
  • craig and amanda bonding, wanting to be someone she can talk and turn to if she needs a shoulder to cry on; just like MC
  • amanda introducing craig to photography to manage his anxiety
  • craig is so thankful, and uses the newfound skill to make simplistic, heartfelt series and collages to thank amanda (he also makes one for MC) 
  • he now makes 6th grade art projects to show how much he appreciates everyone
  • amanda and craig (the twins and river are obviously in on it too) create the biggest photo album of MC with the kids . craig is soo extra. he takes it so seriously
  • craig and MC tell amanda about their wild college adventures as a way to encourage her to have fun-but there are things that can and cannot be done
  • craig and MC takes turns sending amanda sweet messages like “don’t stay up too late”, “stay active”, “you can alays ask us if you need help”
  • it’s always topped with a new story from their college days
  • “be like me though, fall in love with your college roomie” 
  • in all seriousness, they both amanda for the best, and eventually amanda helps the twins through high school, giving them pointers, eventually, she also does help them for their college years.

anyway the grass is greener on craig’s route and my pal and i literally cried over the 3rd date

Sober - Part 3

G-Dragon & Song Mino Angst 

Word Count: 3,616

Part One  Part Four

Originally posted by peaceminus8ne

Originally posted by ta-ehyun

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Easy Woman

Note: cannot believe this is finished wow dude. title and concept based on a specific scene in the drama Another Miss Oh. Also, this is very much reader-centric rather than member-centric. I hope you’ll still like it though. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Romance
Warnings: none (but if we’re being real, internalized fatphobia, insecurity, slut-shaming if you squint)
Word Count: 7582
Rating: E, for everyone (but caution because it’s a romance, and there are kissy-kissy times)


“The problem has nothing to do with how you look. None of that really matters- well actually it does kind of matter, but you don’t have to worry about the looks portion, seriously…” Yoongi pauses, eyeing you cautiously as if you’d explode at his words. “You’re too easy.”

Your kneejerk reaction of incredulous disbelief blooms into heated indignation on your face, and Yoongi holds up his hand to stop you from releasing a seventy-two-words-per-minute rebuttal. You are, probably, the purest form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil at your age; and you haven’t even gotten to the point of kissing someone in bed let alone sex (“At Your Age! At Your Age!” your brain likes to shout at you), so how Yoongi can call you “easy” is beyond logic – if anyone was asking you.

“I mean,” he clarifies, with a tired sigh, “You are way too easy with your heart.”


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Accidents Happen (Part 10/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: Thanks for reading, loves! I hope you enjoy! (Sorry it is a bit late! I was struggling with my little collage, again! I still am! It’s supposed to move! *insert eyeroll here* OH, WELL!)

Warnings: Teen pregnancy, angst, blood, violence, etc.

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You couldn’t look away from the note on the table.

Did you miss Daddy?

The words on the page kept mocking you. You could hear the sentence in your father’s voice. The sinister, baritone voice echoing through your head, creating a band around your chest that kept tightening and tightening. Are you freaking out? Yeah, probably.

“What the fuck do you mean ‘Peter’s been taken’?” May screamed, getting in Tony’s face. “You sonofabitch!” She started hitting him in the chest, “You promised me that he would be safe! You should have never recruited the kids!” She was pulled back by Clint, arms pinned to her sides as she struggled, “They’re kids for fuckssake! They should’ve never been involved! How could you do this?”

You felt a hand brush yours, and you realized that you were shaking. You turned, seeing Michelle with your hand in both of hers. She was staring at the scene unfolding in front of you, tears streaking down her face.

“I’m sorry!” Tony cried, voice shaking, “I didn’t think this would happen!”

“You’re sorry?!” She shook her head, getting out of Clint’s grasp and falling to her knees, “I already lost his parents, and my husband!” She choked on a sob, “I can’t lose him, too!”

You laid your free hand on your bump, in comfort. Your child was rolling around in your uterus, and could probably feel your stress. It felt like it was coming off you in waves. Your eyes were burning with tears, your hands and feet were cold, and the band around your chest kept getting tighter and tighter.

You continued to stare at the note.

“We’ll find him.” Steve said from the corner of the room, standing next to Bucky and Sharon. “We already have the best tech team looking for any trails, and checking cameras. FRIDAY is trying to track Peter’s suit.”

“What do you mean, ‘trying’?” You finally spoke, looking up and trying to swallow down the nausea, “What’s wrong with the tracker in his suit?”

“It’s been disabled.” He replied, frowning, “We don’t know how.”

You shook your head, trying to breathe through the pain in your chest, “I can’t do this without him.” Your hand on your belly was shaking as your rubbed the bump, “Find him.”

“Guys!” Bruce, on the phone, grabbed the remote, “We need to turn on the news.”

The big monitor flickered to life in front of the group, to a major news station.

Your stomach dropped.


He was tied to a pole, unconscious, and it looked like live video feed from a cellphone camera. He still had his mask on, but you could see blood soaking through where his shoulder was, his head hung down, and there were rips in his suit – exposing more blood and injuries.

“Avengers.” Your father’s voice came through the audio, closing your throat. “We have been asking nicely. We have run out of patience.”

You swallowed thickly. You knew exactly what they’ve been asking for… or who.

You turned to Bucky, and he already had his eyes on you. His face fell with remorse, and you stood up – legs shaking. You walked over to Bucky and grabbed his left hand, running a finger over the smooth metal of his knuckles in comfort.

He gave you a small squeeze in response.

“We want The Asset. We’ve always wanted The Asset.” A figure entered the camera frame, walking over to Peter. “You’ve tried our patience, again and again. We’ve decided that you’re to give us another asset. As compensation for time wasted.” The figure was a large man, wearing a ski mask and a hydra uniform. He grabbed the back of Peter’s mask, bringing up his unconscious head, “We want her. I want my daughter.”

Bucky’s hand tightened fractionally around yours, and your eyes widened in shock.

Suddenly, the man slapped Peter across the face. Hard. You jumped, hand over your bump like you were covering your child’s eyes.

Daddy’s going to be okay.

Peter jolted, crying out and pulling against his bonds. “What the hell?”

“Welcome back, Spiderman.” Your father sneered from out of frame, “I was just telling your team about our new conditions.”

You saw Peter’s body stiffen, growing very still. “You can’t have her.”

“You don’t have power, here!” He growled, entering the frame and shoving the other guy away. “I will have her! She’s mine!”

“She isn’t a piece of property you can sell, Sean!” Peter yelled, pulling against his bonds. “You can’t have her! She’ll never go with you!”

“She will.” Sean replied, smug. You were done calling him your father. Sean turned to the camera, and you could see the hateful eyes that matched yours, and the man who was supposed to be the first man to love you unconditionally. “Baby girl, don’t make me kill him.”

Your shaking, free hand went up to your mouth – smothering a small cry that escaped. Hot tears were leaving trails down your face and dripping off your chin, and the band in your chest started to suffocate you.

Bucky’s hand left yours – opting to wrap around your shoulders, instead.

You could hear Aunt May crying from her spot on the floor, but you couldn’t look away from the screen.

“You can kill me, but you won’t have her.” Peter shouted, “You can’t. Please!”

“Oh, I just might kill you.” Sean turned to Peter, slowly walking over to where Peter was thrashing. “Did you know that this little home video is broadcasting on every single news channel in the United States?” He let out a chuckle as Peter stopped thrashing. “What do you think, America? Would you like to know the identity of your ‘Friendly, Neighborhood Spiderman’?”

“No.” You whispered, leaning into Bucky.

Sean leaned down, grabbing the neck of Peter’s mask, “What do you think, Spiderman? Do you want to tell America who you are?”

Peter remained silent, body rigid and chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Well, America,” Sean grinned, looking back at the camera, “Say hello to Peter Parker.”

He ripped off Peter’s mask.

“Dammit.” Bucky muttered, hand rubbing up and down your arm in comfort.

You’d never been so relieved and terrified to see your boyfriend’s face. He looked okay, physically. His lip was split, there was a handprint around his neck, and you could see a bruise forming around his right eye, but he was alive.

His expression, on the other hand, looked shaken. Tears were streaming down his dirty face, and he was staring at the camera.

“Y/n, Bucky, don’t come. Don’t do anything stupid.” He cried, jerking against his restraints. “Don’t come for me! Y/n, Aunt May, I love you. I’m sorry.”

Your hand moved from your mouth to your chest, feeling your heart race and your breathing become erratic. No, Peter. No. He’s coming back. He isn’t leaving you, or this baby. You couldn’t control your crying.

“Awh. Young love.” Sean mocked, turning to someone off screen, “Go get my daughter.”

“No! Leave her alone!” Peter begged, a large tear rolling down his face, “She’s pregnant! Please! Just leave her alone!”

“I know, she is.” Sean turned to the screen, sinister smile on his face, “I’m going to have that baby, too.”

He whipped around to Peter, bringing his arm back, then punching him in the face. Peter’s head whipped to the side, his curls covered his face, and he cried out. You saw the spray of blood as Peter’s lip split further.

Sean erupted into laughter, like he was having the time of his life. “Say goodbye to your boyfriend, baby girl!” He continued his assault, and Peter’s cries grew more and more agonized.

“NO!” You screamed, and Bucky wrapped both arms around you, holding you up.

“Y/n, don’t watch.” Bucky whispered in your ear, turning you away and into his chest. “Don’t look.”

You could still hear the assault.

You flinched at every grunt, every sound, and every cry. You could hear the sound of flesh meeting flesh. You could hear Peter’s cries growing quieter with every blow, and hear his breathing become shallow. The sound of Sean taunting Peter grew louder than the blows, and the cheers of the other HYDRA agents could be heard in the background.

Then, the sounds ceased all together.

The silence was deafening.

You whipped around, and could see the newscasters from the channel you were on sitting there, shocked. The woman had tears streaming down her face with her hand over her mouth, and the man’s face was pale. “Cut to commercial.” Someone shouted from the background, and the channel changed to some commercial about two guys in a lake talking about cranberry juice.

“No!” Aunt May sobbed, curling into herself on the floor with Clint on his knees next to her, hand on her back.

“Oh, my god.” Tony turned away from the TV, pinching the bridge of his nose.

The band around your chest snapped.

You cried out as a hot, tight spasm shot from your collarbones to your lower stomach. The pain was so intense, your knees buckled and your vision grew blurry.

“Shit! Get Dr. Cho! NOW!” Bucky yelled, gently lowering you to the floor. “Someone call Dr. Nguyen!”

You couldn’t catch your breath, and your hands clawed at your shirt. “The baby!” You screamed as the heat moved to surrounding your bump, and you could feel the baby thrashing around in your belly, “Something’s wrong! My body is healing something!” You knew that heat, but you’d never felt it so intense, before. You turned your head, vomit spraying from your trembling lips.

Someone turned you onto your left side, and you coughed as the vomit expelled from your throat.

“Someone get a fucking doctor in here, for fuckssake!” You heard your mother yell.

Your vision started getting hazy, and your arms wrapped protectively around your bump as you curled in pain on the floor. The tightness and heat in your belly moved to your lower back, and you sobbed in fear. You begged your body to protect your baby.

“Y/n, honey, please.” Aunt May’s voice was next to your head, and you could feel her hands brushing over your hair, “Breathe. Take breaths. Breathe with me.”

You tried to focus on her voice, and focus on her breathing to calm your own.

The heat in your belly and back started to fade into a familiar warmth, and you couldn’t help the intense sobs that racked your body. You covered your head, tears cascading down your face, and face hot. You could feel your baby rolling around and you sobbed harder. “I want Peter.” You hiccupped, pulling your legs in and curling as tight as you could, “I need Peter.”

“We’ll get him back, Y/n.” Tony kneeled down in front of you, laying a hand on your arm as Aunt May continued to stroke your hair. “We’re going to find him.”

The doctors and nurses came running in a few moments later.

As they loaded you on a cart, you withdrew into yourself, feeling numb. Please let him be alive. You closed your eyes, not focusing on anything other than the picture you had conjured up in your mind. The family that you wanted. Peter, the baby, Aunt May, your mother, the team, Ned, Michelle… You needed that.

You needed your family whole, again.

“Y/n.” Dr. Nguyen shook your shoulder a little with his warm hand. “You need to focus on me.”

“Sorry.” You croaked, sniffing and wiping your face with your hands, “What were you saying?”

“The baby is fine. All the baby’s vitals are normal.” He wiped the ultrasound gel off your stomach and strapped a weird, round device to your bump, “Whatever your body was healing… it did the job. I’d like you to rest for the rest of the day. We’re going to keep a fetal heartrate monitor on you for a few hours, just to make sure things stay normal.”

You nodded, looking up at the ceiling and staring at the lights.

Michelle, Ned, and Aunt May came in shortly after he left the room.

“Aren’t your parents worried that you’re still here?” You asked, wrapping a small blanket over your shoulders.

“They can’t get through the swarm of reporters.” Michelle rolled her eyes, “Bloodthirsty parasites.”

You nodded, “I’m sorry you’re stuck here.”

“It’s not the worst thing in the world.” Ned smiled, “I get to see The Avengers in action.”

“Ned, let’s go get food, and check on Pepper.” Michelle stood up, “May and Y/n need a moment.”

Ned grabbed your hand, squeezing it once and following Michelle out into the hall.

You turned to May, whose tired face was blotchy from crying. “You’re not alone, May.”

Her face crumpled, and she sat on your bed, pulling you into a hug. “Oh, Honey, I know I’m not. I know I have you. You’re just as much my child as Peter.” She pulled back, hands on your shoulders, “Natasha thinks they’ve… k-kept Peter alive.” She took a steadying breath, blinking back her tears, “She thinks that they’ll keep him alive as bait.”

You closed your eyes, “I can’t do this anymore, May.” A small tear leaked out of the corner of your closed eye, “It’s one thing after a-fucking-nother. I can’t do this, and keep my sanity. The pregnancy, my father, the memories, the attacks, k-killing people… Peter…. I can’t. The stress is becoming too much.” You opened your eyes, lip wobbling, “There’s only so much I can compartmentalize. I can’t deal with all this without Peter. I have to believe that he’s alive.”

She pulled you back in, running her hand up and down your spine in comfort – like Peter did. “He’ll come back. He’ll come back to us.”


Scrolling on Facebook was a bad idea.

As was Twitter.

And Instagram.

Every social media platform had Peter’s assault posted all over it. Everyone had an opinion. It was worse than politics. People were upset that Peter was a minor. People were speculating on whether or not Sean had killed him. People were upset that Spiderman was not who they were imagining. People were traumatized about what they saw on the news…

Get in fucking line.

Plus, people suddenly had a bunch of fucking opinions about your pregnancy.

The people did not like the fact that Spiderman was about to become a sixteen-year-old father. Pictures of you and Peter were all over the news platforms, as was stills of Peter tied to a pole and stills of your fath- Sean’s face.

Your social media platforms were blowing up with people asking questions, people making rude comments, a few death threats, etc.

The worst was the posts from people you’d known.

Fucking Flash.

You shook your head at the tweets he had been tagging you and Peter in. Some were acting like you were best friends, while others were rude speculations and him saying he ‘knew all along’. One was him saying that you were nothing but a whore, and trapped Spiderman into a relationship for eventual fame.

He knew that you and Peter had been friends for years, before being in a relationship.

You uninstalled Twitter from your phone.

Then, you went to Facebook.

The top article was written by someone you recognized. The mom from school. The one who said she was a reporter. The article was titled: Who is Y/n? Sources say…

Bullshit! It was some bullshit.

The mother went on to repeat everything you had told her about why you spent a lot of time at the tower and why you had an escort. She then went on to say that having you at Midtown High was a ‘bad influence on the other ‘impressionable girls’, and how Peter was a delinquent who skipped school and had slipping grades – naming him a bad influence, as well.

“Because being pregnant at sixteen is something other teenagers totally strive for.” You muttered, rolling your eyes, and hitting the ‘like’ button to be petty.

“What the hell are you reading?” Aunt May turned from her book, raising an eyebrow. “You’re not reading social media, are you?”

You smiled sheepishly, “Maybe…”

“You don’t want to read that crap.” She shook her head, shifting around on the couch in the room, “Everyone has an opinion and none of it is worth reading.”

You sighed, logging out. “You’re right. At least nobody’s mentioned my abilities. I just wish that people would shut up about my pregnancy. It’s not like I’m a menace to society… I’m a straight A student who fucked up on birth control with her boyfriend.” You grimaced, “Oh god, people are going to figure out that Peter and I slept together before being a couple. Great. More slut points added my way…”

“Stop.” She sighed, putting her book in her lap, “I wish you wouldn’t think about yourself like that. People are going to think what they think. Who gives a shit about them. You’re a smart kid. You’re going to go places in life that the majority of those people would only dream of going.”

You bit your thumb nail, thinking about it.

She’s probably right.

“Just ignore them, okay?” She brought her book back up, “They don’t know anything. They just like gossip. People are cruel.”

You were in the middle of texting Michelle, who was resting in a guest quarters, when Vision came phasing through the door, making you jump in surprise. “Vision!”

“Oh, my apologies. I forget.” He looked sheepish, and Wanda came bursting through the door behind him.

“Peter’s alive! We found him!”

You sat straight up, ripping the blanket off you, and the fetal monitor, pulling down your scrub shirt you’d changed into.

“Where is he?” Aunt May asked, helping you off the bed.

“Tony, Steve, Nat, and Clint just picked him up.” She grabbed your hand, “They had a technopath. That’s how they hacked into FRIDAY and shut everything down. The man turned himself in.”

“What?” He turned himself in? “Why?”

“He said that he was only supposed to get the file and set up the feed.” She shook her head. “He didn’t know that Peter is just a teenager, and that he was going to be a father. He claimed that it went against his morals to hurt kids.”

“Is he HYDRA?” Aunt May questioned as she helped you along, towards the – now working – elevator.

“No.” Vision replied, hitting the button for the lift, “He was just a freelancer. He’s helping The Avengers, now. In exchange for not going to prison.”

“How fucking noble.” You rolled your eyes, leaning against the elevator wall. You were antsy. You needed to see Peter. You needed to see for yourself that he was alive. You looked down at your belly, running your fingers along the spot that the baby had just kicked. Daddy’s okay, baby. We’re going to be okay. You looked up, “How hurt was he?”

“He’s tougher than he looks, Y/n.” Wanda squeezed your shoulder, “Sean might have strength, but he might not have hurt Peter as bad as we originally thought. We don’t know the extent of Peter’s abilities from being bit by the spider. He might just be banged up. The technopath assured that he was alive and conscious when he left the building. We can’t get ahold of anyone, yet. They’re in a dead spot.”

“Can we trust him?” May turned to Wanda, as the elevator doors slid open to the floor that contained the landing pad. “What if he has a hidden agenda?”

“He is contained.” Vision replied, pulling out a chair for you to sit by one of the floor to ceiling windows, “He seems to be truthful, so far.”

You plopped down in the chair, exhausted. Your back was starting to get sore from not getting proper rest, you were hungry, and you could still feel the weight of anxiety in your chest. “If Peter’s alive, that’s all I care about. The rest we can deal with.”

“He’s alive, Y/n.” Wanda smiled, walking back towards the elevator, “Vision will stay with you, but I’m going to go help Sam and Bucky with our new informant.”

You nodded, turning to the window. You stared out at the night sky, and realized that you didn’t even know what time it was. It had to be the next night. You didn’t sleep much, but you were pretty sure that you slept through the majority of the day. Maybe. You looked at your fancy watch, checking the time and date to confirm.

“They’re here.” Aunt May stood, helping you off the chair.

“You go first, I need a minute.” You held on to the table as you saw the jet landing on the platform. “I need to process for a minute.”

“Okay, honey.” She kissed the crown of your head, “Vision will walk you out when you’re ready.”

She ran out the door and waited for the jet door to open. You could practically feel her anxiety from where you were standing, and it was making you nervous. He’s alive. He’s alive. You chanted that in your head, calming your nerves, and the door to the jet opened.

You could see the silhouettes of Steve, and Clint, first. They were followed by a feminine figure, which had to be Natasha.

The next two figures were huddled together. The larger of the two supporting the smaller.


You felt your baby jump in your belly, and you looked down to the bump. “Daddy’s okay.” You whispered to the bump, cradling it in your hands. “Daddy’s alive.”

“Shall we?” Vision said from next to you, holding out a hand.

You grasped his cold hand, following him out into the brisk, spring, New York air. You wrapped your arms around yourself, fighting a shiver as you crossed the threshold onto the landing pad.

You could see Aunt May with her arms wrapped around Peter, stroking his hair and crying. Tony was standing next to them, watching the scene unfold with a guilty look on his face – still wearing half of his Iron Man suit.

You paused, staring at Peter, and your heart pounding.

He looked up at you, a look of relief in his watery eyes. He pulled away from May, saying something to her, before he started limping in your direction as fast as he could.

Seeing him limp set something off, and you took off, meeting him halfway like one of those bad RomCom movies with the dramatic string orchestra music. Your music was the annoying honking and sirens coming from the streets of New York, and the sound of the wind gusting off the landing bad.

You threw your arms around his shoulders, burying your face into his neck and pulling yourself as close into his warm, shaking body as you could. His arms snaked around your ribcage, and he leaned his face into your shoulder. You couldn’t contain the horrendous sounding sobs that escaped your throat as you breathed him in and felt the warmth of his arms.

“You’re okay.” You kept whispering between sobs, “Oh, thank God, you’re okay.”

“I’m okay.” He sniffed, tears staining your tee shirt. “I’m so sorry. I love you, so much.”

“I love you, too.” You pulled back, framing his face with your hands and cataloguing each injury. Both eyes and cheeks were bruised, his nose looked like it had been broken and set back, and there was blood coming from his swollen mouth, nose, and a gash on his forehead and left eyebrow. His neck had a handprint bruised into it, almost covering the hickies you had given him previously, and he had a gash along his collarbone that looked like it came from a knife. “I’m sorry he did this to you.”

He shook his head, bruised and bloody hands coming up to your cheeks, “It’s not your fault.” He leaned forward, gently touching his forehead against yours. “I’m so happy you and the baby are safe. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost either of you.”

You moved your arms so they circled around his neck, keeping your foreheads pressed together and closing your eyes, “We’re okay. Both of us are okay. Better, now that you’re here.”

He leaned forward, pressing his lips roughly against yours. You could taste the salt from his tears mixing with your own, and the coppery taste coming from his split lip. His hands moved to your belly and he pulled back from your kiss, laying his head against your shoulder. “I should get cleaned up.”

“I wish I could heal you.” You sniffed, running your hands over his matted curls, “I wish this never happened.”

“I know.” He pulled back, swallowing thickly, “But it could hurt the baby, and I need you both healthy and alive.”

You smiled laying your hands over his, resting on your bump, “The baby missed you. Kept rolling around in there and wouldn’t sleep.” You looked down at the bump, “Now I think the baby is excited.”

He crouched down, pressing a small kiss next to your belly button, “Don’t worry, baby. I’m back. Daddy’s safe.”

Peter groaned as he stood back up, wrapping an arm around you, “I need to get cleaned up.” He looked back at May and Tony, who were standing a few feet away and watching you both. “Can we go in, now? I need a shower and to lay down.”

May came over and held Peter on the other side, so he didn’t have to limp, “Of course, sweetheart. Let’s get you all fixed up, so you guys can rest.” She looked at you, “You, too. You need rest, too. You’ve barely slept.”

You nodded, “Yes, Ma’am.”

When Peter was given the clear for a shower by Dr. Cho, and you were given the clear to go to your room by Dr. Nguyen – which made you have to explain to a panicked Peter why Dr. Nguyen was in the tower, in the first place – you both made your way up to your shared bedroom.

You’d forgotten about the fact that you had clothes everywhere and hadn’t cleaned up the defiled bed, but when you got to your room, the place was spotless.

“Poor housekeeping.” Peter chuckled, as you helped him get his shirt over his head with his cracked rib. “At least we have clean sheets.”

You shook your head with a smile, throwing his scrub shirt in the trash. Walking into the bathroom and turning the shower to a good temp, you pulled your gross scrub shirt over your head and threw it into the trash, as well. “Hope you want company. I haven’t showered since we defiled that bed, and I feel gross.” You didn’t hear Peter’s response, as you pulled your shorts off and threw on your robe. “Peter?”

You walked back into the bedroom, worried when you hadn’t gotten another response.

He was sitting on the bed in his scrub pants, slumped forward with his head in his hands. His shoulders were shaking and you could hear the sniffles coming from behind his hands.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” You kneeled down in front of him, gently grasping his forearms. “Are you okay?”

“No.” He quietly sobbed, “I’m not okay. I don’t know if I can do this, anymore.”

“Do what?” You moved to the bed next to him and pulled his head into your chest, stroking his hair as he threw his arms around your waist. “Be Spiderman?”

“Yeah.” He sniffed, turning his head a little so his ear was pressed to your chest, listening to your heartbeat. “I don’t know what to do. I want to be Spiderman. I love being Spiderman.” He took a deep breath, trying to calm down. “I feel so overwhelmed. I want to keep you, the baby, and Aunt May safe. I want to keep everyone safe. I’ve never had to think about what would happen if I tried so hard, that I didn’t come back to you. Not until, now. It put things into perspective, and I don’t know where to go from here.”

You thought about what he was saying, for a moment. Processing. You continued to stroke his hair, listening to the shower run in the bathroom and the quiet crying coming from Peter.

“Well,” You said after a minute, “I know Spiderman is important to you. I don’t ever want to lose you. I love you… But, you also do great things, Peter.” You pulled him up, wiping his tears with your thumbs, “You and The Avengers try everything you can to keep the world safe. You guys are heroes, and if you want to be Spiderman, I’ll support you. If not, I’ll still support you.” You smiled, “‘A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, doubt, or not always knowing the answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway.’ Christopher Reeve.”

He shook his head, with a small smile, “You’re like a human Google.” He closed his eyes for a moment. “I’m sorry for the break down. I was just so scared, and I feel like I have to try and keep it together in front of the team.”

“They love you, Peter.” You pulled him up, walking towards the bathroom, “They’d never judge you if you were scared. Everyone gets scared, sometimes.”

“There is one thing that has been bothering me, though.” He said as he pulled off his scrub pants and entered the steamy shower.

You removed your robe, joining him in the enormous shower and feeling your muscles relax from the hot water, “What’s that?”

“Them finding me… Them rescuing me…” He shook his head, running his hand through his – now wet – hair. “I was barely conscious when they found me, but there was no fight… They said that nobody was in the building.”

“Why does that bother you?” You questioned, frowning.

“Because… It was too easy.”

Part 11

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Spit Or Swallow

Requested: No

Pairing: Gerard x Reader x Frank 

Warning: Smut, Fluff

   Gerard held your hands in his and rubbed soft circles with his thumb.

   “I leave in two days.” He said softly. You sniffled a little and smiled.

   “I’m excited for you. Really. It’s not like we were dating or anything.” You said pulling your hands away to wipe your eyes. “I’m glad you got into collage. And a good one too.” You said warming your hands with the coffee in front of you. Your gaze wandered around the small cafe you and Gerard visited frequently. Best friends with benifits. Thats what he called your relationship. You chuckled a little and he smiled at you.


   “I’m just gonna miss you. And you’re the best lay I’ve ever had.” You said laughing a little. He rolled his eyes and grinned.

   “Same to you. No one will ever know how to push my buttons like you do.” He said making you giggle.

   After another hour of banter it was time to leave. You said your goodbyes. The last time you saw Gerard was as he drove away towards New York, off to college.

   You pulled your cropped School Of Visual Arts sweater down a little as you walked into the bar. An old fling sent it to you one of the few times he’d mailed you stuff from college. You looked over the current contense of the bar. The usual. No one new. No one interesting. Except there were some people on stage this time. Live bands in these local dive bars never particularly interested you. You watched the loud performance for a few seconds as you waited to get the bartenders attention. The bassist looked familiar. You couldn’t tell why. You might know him? Michael? Mitchell? Doesn’t matter. The guitarist was cute. He was shorter than most guys you’d liked. He had dark hair. The lighting of this bar sucked. From what you could see of his face he was attractive. You glanced once over and the lead singer. His back was to you and he was on his knees yelling into the mic. His presence sent a pang of familiarity through you but the bartender interrupted your thoughts. You ordered your drink and waited as he prepared it. When he was done you took the Jack and Coke and sipped it slowly. You downed another one and after a few minutes you felt someone brush past you and stand next to you. You turned to see the sweaty guitarist. He looked at you a smirked.

   “I’m Frank.” He said looking you over. You smiled slyly.

   “Well Frankie, I’m Y/N.” You said swirling the ice left in your glass. He quirked and eyebrow and smiled showing surprisingly nice and white teeth. 

   “Frankie? Well aren’t you bold? What are you up to tonight?” He asked placing a hand on the small of your bare back. His warm hand set your skin ablaze. 

   “Nothing yet.” You said playfully placing your hand on his chest. He looked down at your hand and then back up at you. He reached up and grasped it with his own. Without a word he gently pulled you off the bar stool and towards the backrooms behind the stage. He pushed you into the first unlocked and empty one. You glanced around the surprisingly clean bathroom. He pushed you against the cold tile and roughly pressed his lips to yours. You wrapped your fingers in his hair and tugged. He moaned and dug his nails into your hips. He loosened his grip trailed one hand up your bare stomach and kneeded at your bra clad breast. You whimpered and he smirked against your lips. He pulled away and you flicked your gaze from his kiss bruised lips to his lust blown eyes. He helped you pull your sweater off and unclasp your bra. He leaned down and began sucking on your neck amd he toyed with your nipple. His rough hands groped at you and you felt him rub his erection against your thigh. You reached down and palmed him through his jeans and he groaned against your skin.

   “Suck me off.” He said pulling away from you. You dropped to your knees quickly and began undoing his belt when the door flew open. 

   “Hey we’re busy!” Frank yelled at the guy who stood in the door way. You caught a flash of his black hair and pale skin as he shielded his eyes. The man chuckled and smiled.

   “Sorry man I-” He started before dropping his hand and making brief eye contact. You started at each other in shock and horror. 

   “Gerard?” You asked frozen in place. Here you were, topless and on your knees with someone who you assumed to be Gerards friend. And this also happens to be the first time you see him in years. 

   “Y/N?” He asked softly. He looked good. Better. He was taller. Slimmer. His features were gaunt. Vampire like even. Frank looked between the two you and pulled up his pants.

   “You know eachother?” He asked as you hurried to your feet and covered yourself with the old sweater, Gerards sweater. Gerard gave a nervous chuckle.

   “Yeah. We used to fuck.” He said diverting his gaze to Frank.

   “Yeah.” Is all you could muster out. You looked over him again and noticed his erection. He got hard. Seeing you about to suck off his friend. Same old Gerard. Into just about everything.

   “Oh. Then I think I should go.” Frank said clearing his throat.

   “No.” Gerard said quickly. You and Frank looked at him in confusion. “It’s fine. You can go on. I’ll piss somewhere else.” He said giving you a small nod and leaving. You and Frank looked at each other and you shrugged, ignoring the growing pit in your stomach.

   “Let’s go somewhere else.” You said picking up your bra and putting it on.

   “If you want. My place is down the street.” He said buckling his belt and putting his hands in his pockets. You nodded and slipped on the sweatshirt.

   “Yeah sure. Lets go.” You said taking his hand and leading him out of the bathroom. On the journey put of the bar you passed an open green room. One guy darted out.

   “Frank.” He called out. You both turned to look at him and your stomach flipped. Mikey. That’s his name. He was also Gerards younger brother. Mikey looked at you and cocked his head. You waved a little and Frank waited impatiently for him to finish his thought.

   “What?” He asked.

   “Oh yeah. Um Ray says he needs you back by 10 tomorrow.” He said trying not to stare at you too long. Frank nodded and said a small thanks before continuing to lead you out and to his car. You got in and he reved the engine to life. The car ride was silent and tense. You could feel how hesitant Frank was to fuck you now. You and Gerard had an obvious past. He pulled up to an apartment building and one of his neighbors buzzed you in at the door. Once inside his place Gerard had seemed to be forgotten. Upon closing the door he’d pressed you against the wall and had you shirtless. He attacked your lips again and rutted his hips against yours. You worked on his buckle and he undid your jeans. You shimmed out of them and pulled away from him. You took off your bra as he pulled off his shirt and kicked off his jeans. He ran a hand through your hair and tugged on it, exposing more of your neck. He sucked harshly making you cry out in pleasure. He placed his hands on your hips and ran his thumbs over the waistband of your panties. He ran one hand down your stomach and slipped it in. You shivered as he used two fingers to spread your folds. He ran them across your slit and and hummed against your neck. He pushed them in and you bucked your hips. He pumped them rapidly and used his thumb to rub your clit. Something Gerard knew you weren’t particular fond of. Gerard knew every button to push. But this wasn’t Gerard. It was his friend, Frank. He pulled away and placed his arms around your waist and you placed yours around his neck. He slapped your ass lightly, signally you to jump. As you did so he adjusted his grip to your thighs and carried you towards what you pressumed to be his bedroom. He kicked the door gently open and took you to the bed. He dropped you down and slipped out of his boxers. He got a condom from his bedside table and rolled it on his painfully erect dick. He got in position above you and you wrapped your legs around his waist giving his better access. He pushed in slowly and gave you a few seconds to adjust. He began rocking his hips gradually gaining speed. You dug your nails into his back and he took the hint, slamming into you harder and faster. It felt good. Not great. Not Gerard. Every touch touch, every brush was deliberate with him. Thinking about Gerard pulled you from reality. A few moments later Frank came cursing. He pulled out and you laid there for a second, taking a deep breath. Having thrown away the condom, Frank laid next to you and sighed.

   “You didn’t finish.” He said. You looked over at him at shrugged.

   “Don’t worry about it.” You said sitting up.

   “Is it because of Gee?” He asked. There was no anger or even sadness in his voice. Just curiosity. Your eyes widened a little.

   “What?” You asked faining confusion. He rolled his eyes.

   “There’s no way you guys just fucked a few times and that was the end. Gee was shaken up seeing you. Even Mikey. And you were wearing one of his college sweaters.” Frank said getting up and pulling on his boxers. He tossed you your panties and you slipped them on.

   “That was a while ago. It’s nothing now. He probably forgot about me until tonight. I’m not worried about it.” You lied. He cocked and eyebrow and you watched him leave the room. He came back moments later with his phone in his hand. You watched him text someone quickly. You looked at him questioningly and he smirked.

   “Don’t worry.” He said simply. You watched him skeptically as he placed his phone on the dresser and sat down next to you. “You’ll see.” He said leaning in and kissing you more gently. He placed a hand on your hip and the other toyed with your nipple. You moaned softly into his mouth and began tugging at his hair again. He groaned and pushed you on your back. He trailed kisses over the hickeys he’d previously left and ran the pads of his thumbs over your skin. *Buzz*

   Someone was asking to be buzzed in. Frank smirked against your neck and got up. He shot you a sly grin and told you to wait. He closed the door behind him and you waited patiently on the bed. You toyed with your hands and jumped a little when the door opened again. You looked up to see Frank accompanied by Gerard. Your jaw dropped a little and Gerard smiled.

   “We never got to properly say our hellos did we?” He asked licking his lips and looking over your mostly naked frame. He shrugged off his leather jacket and placed it over the back of the chair in the corner. You nodded. He chuckled and sat down in the chair. Frank sat down on the bed next to you and you gave him a ‘What the hell’ look. He smiled and watched Gerard expectantly. He got up and stood in front of you. He bent down and took your face in his hand. “I hear he didn’t make you cum.” He said cooly. You watched Gerards eyes glint as he looked down at your kiss swollen lips. “Because you were thinking about me. You know thats quite rude. I think you should apologize.” He said leaning in closer to where his lips barely ghosted over yours. “Suck his cock.” He commanded letting go of you. You stared at him and nodded.

   “Yes sir.” You said turning to Frank and palming at his already hard dick. He watched you with fascination as you pulled him from his confinements. You bent down, sticking your ass in the air, and took him into your mouth. He shuttered a little and you began bobing your head.

   “Oh- fuck.” Frank groaned tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling your farther down. You relaxed your throat and let him. You felt two hands on your hips. Gerard dragged your panties down and let them fall around your knees.

   “Still as pretty as the last time I fucked you.” He cooed. You wiggled your ass a little to tease him. He tssked and spanked you. He moved to lay on his stomach facing you with his chin in his hands. “I think you’re forgetting this is punishment kitten. But you love this don’t you?” He asked whipping away your running mascara as Frank thrusted upwards into your mouth. He tightened his grip in your hair and shoved your head down so your nose touched his pelvis. He shuttered as he came in your mouth. You tighted your lips around him and pulled off slowly with a pop. You sat up and looked at him expectantly. “Spit or swallow?” Gerard asked. Frank cocked his head to the side. 

    “Swallow.” He said. You obeyed and he watched you in awe. Gerard rubbed your cheek affectionately.

   “You’ve been great kitten. Now I’ll make you cum like you havent in years.“ He said. You quickly laid down next to Frank who watched your every move. He ran a tumb over your nipple and over your stomach and looked at Gerard.

   “You really have a hold on her don’t you?” He asked smiling as he felt your now errect nipple as he graced over it again. Gerard smiled proudly.

   “It’s beem a few years but she still knows who fucks her best.” He said placing a hand on your thigh. “She knows I know her better than anyone. I can make her squirt whenever I want. Make her scream.” He said fondly running his hand up and leaving it at the apex of your thighs. Frank quirked and eyebrow.

   “You can make her squirt?” He asked looking down at you and smiling. Gerard nodded and grinned. You took his hand that rested next to you and took two fingers into your mouth. He licked his lips and watched as you took his fingers from your mouth. You looked down to see Gerard spreding your legs apart and popped the fingers out of your mouth. You watched him dip between your legs and level himself with your heat. You dropped a hand down and into his hair tugging him closer. He chuckled and licked a thick stripe up your heat and bumped against your clit. You cried out and gripped his hair tighter. You looked up at Frank who moved to suck on your nipple and rolled the other between his fingers. You moaned and pushed towards Gerard. He smirked against you and wrote his name with his tounge on your clit. Your eyes rolled and Frank gave the same attention to the other bud. Frank sat up and looked down at your slightly open mouth and attacked your lips in a needy kiss. He bit at your lip and placed a hand on your hip. You removed your hands from Gerards hair and gripped Franks bicep. Gerard sucked harshly on your clit and your thighs clamped down on his head. He held tightly to your legs as came close to the edge. When he felt you tense he stopped. You whined at the painful cease of contact. Frank pulled away and tugged your lip between his teeth. You looked down at Gerard who just smiled at you. You dropped your head back down on the pillow.

   “Please Gerard.” You begged. He moved to sit across from Frank and rubbed your cheek softly.

   “Sorry doll. Frank wants to see how pretty you look when you squirt. You’re doing amazing.” He praised leaning down and capturing your lips in a soft kiss. You missed how warm and inviting he was. You tangled your hands in his hair and pulled him closer. You felt Frank move between your legs and gently tease your entrance with his fingers. You shuddered and scooted towards him. You heard him chuckle and push two fingers into you. You moaned into Gerards mouth and placed a hand on his thigh. You ran it over his zipper and pulled it down. He helped you push his jeans out of the way and pull out his erect dick. You ran your thumb over his slit and spread precum over his tip. He pulled away leaving a trail of spit connecting your mouths. You propped yourself up and took him into your mouth. He gasp softly and sat back as you began bobbing your head. Frank began pumping in and out faster making you squirm. You moaned around Gerard making him buck his hips. You took him deeper and flattened your tounge against the underside of him. He pushed your head down more and you gagged. Frank flicked your clit with his tounge and your body jolted. You pulled Gerard out of your mouth and began jacking him off with your hand. He looked down at you and watch your face contourt in pleasure as Frank hit your g-spot. You pumped Gerard faster and looked up at him. He gave you a hazy smile and you took the tip back in your mouth. He moaned and pushed your head down again and held you there as he came in your mouth. You slowly pulled off of him and swallowed. Frank hit your g-spot again and you cried out urging him to continue. He hit it again and again until your vision went black. A few seconds later you slowly came to and saw Gerard smiling at you. You looked down at Frank who was looking down at the soaked sheets. Gerard leaned down and kissed your forehead.

   “Good girl.” He said helping you sit up. You rested your head on his shoulder and he rubbed your shoulder softly. Frank stood up and stretched. You looked at his fully erect dick.

   “Do you want me to-” He cut you off with a laugh.

   “No don’t worry. I can do that later. You’ve done enough to night.” He said finding his boxers and pulling them on. You stood up and rubbed the back of your neck a little as you began the search for your clothes. Gerard zipped his pants up and picked up your sweater. He looked down at the faded logo and chuckled.

   “You kept this? After all these years?” He asked as you took it back and out it on.

   “Hah. Yeah I did. I couldn’t have gotten rid of it if I wanted to.” You said slipping on your panties and reaching for your pants. You pulled them on and turned back to Gerard. “Wanna drive me home?” You asked. He nodded.

   “Sure. Same place?” He asked picking up his jacket.

   “Of course.” You said turning to Frank who sat on his bed still only in his boxers. “And it was nice meeting you Frank. I’m sure I’ll see you again soon.” He stood up and hugged up.

   “Can’t wait.” He said slyly. You laughed and he showed you and Gerard to the door.

   Once back down on the street you followed Gerard to his car. You got in and he paused before starting the car.

   “What? Did you leave something?” You asked. He shook his head.

   “No. I just missed you.” He said starting the car and driving down the street.

   “Well we should get coffee tomorrow. Catch up. I’m sure a lots happened with you.” You said watching the street lights go by.

   “Yeah.” He said quietly. The rest if the car ride was silent. He pulled into front of your apartment building. You walked up the stairs in quiet. You unlocked your door and turned to say goodnight to Gerard.

   “Well. It was nice seeing you.” He said pulling you into a hug. You burried your face into his shoulder and stood there for a moment. With his chin on your head he mumbled “I don’t want to let go.” He said laughing at himself. You laughed and pulled away.

   “You could come in?” You offered. He smiled and walked you backwards into the apartment and kicked the door closed with his heel. He kissed you softly and you pushed off his jacket. He placed his hands on your lower back and pushed up your sweater. He softly trailed his fingers over your skin and you pulled away breathlessly.

   “Bedroom.” You said. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you to your room and dropped you down on your bed. He hovered over you and leaned down to whisper in your ear.

   “I’ve been waiting to have you to myself when I saw you on your knees in that bathroom.” You chuckled and kissed his nose 

   “Well then this is your wish come true isn’t it?”

   “Damn right.” He growled and attacked your lips again.

   Later that night you lied in bed next to Gerard, sharing a cigarette. He wrapped a sweaty arm around you.

   “I’m glad we ran into eachother.” You said turning into his side and closing your eyes. He nodded and took a final drag from his cig.

   “Me too.” He said stubbing it in the ashtray next to him and shutting his eyes.

   “Goodnight.” You said quietly He hummed in response and left it at that letting you both fall asleep in silence.

Having sex with Tom when he's you're teacher

a/n: guys I wanna quit my job, I can’t handle anymore but I need this fucking fuck
my life it’s pretty messed up right now and I just can’t handle anymore
sorry by this mental break
please let me know if you liked and what kind of sins you want
this is have been my scape so I’m more than happy on writing

• you’re one of the best students at your college
• and that it’s just because you fucking love what you’ve chosen to do
• even the subjects you don’t really get along with you’re one of the bests
• you even give particular classes to other students that need help
• well… at least you try
• the majority of those who search you are men
• and they expect you to give other things than just a help on the hard topics
• you always question yourself why because you’re not exactly the biggest femme fatale
• and you’re actually a little shy
• that’s why you’re so smart
• you were so shy when you were younger that you didn’t asked to yours teachers help you when you had a doubt
• so you studied alone and all by yourself
• today you don’t have problems asking your teachers for help
• or at least with 99% of them
• Mr. Holland is a exception
• he wasn’t old enough to be called “Mr.”
• he wasn’t old
• fuck
• sometimes you even doubt if he’s not younger than you
• the man is gorgeous
• he could be a model
• what the hell he’s doing stuck in a college lecturing?
• he’s not a peacock but sometimes he uses some t-shirts that you’re completely sure it’s like two sizes smaller than his actual number
• and when he wear those glasses you swear you could die
• you would be lying if you say you don’t a have a tiny winy crush on him
• like every other girl
• the only thing different it’s that you don’t hit on him
• he make you so frustrated
• you barely can talk to him
• always using a voice louder than a whisper and looking down to your hands
• you almost don’t have courage to look at his eyes
• but when you do it’s like your legs turn into jelly
• your knees become weak and you whole body boil with just one simple look
• you’re far away of being an saint but he make you feel like a virgin
• everytime he turn around to write something on the board you could see the mussels of his back moving under the fabric of his clothe
• all you could think it’s in how warmth and soft his skin must be
• how must be having him in the top of you
• and in how you’d destroy his back with your nails while he pound into you forcefully
• when that bastard pass his fingers through his curly hair you’re 100% sure that you always let a low moan scape
• sometimes you imagine your fingers running through his hair in a sweet and innocent way
• like before he fall asleep on your arms
• but 70% of the time it’s a filthy thought
• like in how good it would be tangle your fingers roughly in his hair while he eat you out
• you can’t count the times you’ve had to take a cold shower before sleep because of Mr. Holland
• but you know nothing ever it’s going to happen between you two
• first because he have every girl on that collage on his feet
• second because he’s you’re teacher
• although this one lowkey turn you on
• you cloud swear to God that sometimes you’re able to feel his eyes staring you while you copy the topics
• it’s so real that you’re need to squirm on you sit
• your mind start to be clouded with different scenarios of him and you’re not paying attention anymore to your colleague
• you know you shouldn’t but the only thing going you can really focus it’s in how his hands would touch you
• he’d be gentle? rough? passionate?
• he’d be very vocal or whisper praises in your ear with sort moans?
• he’d be fast or he’d have a huge amount of stamina?
• he’d enjoy round two?
• how’d your name sound with that deep voice and that thick accent?
• something inside you say he likes to receive blowjobs and you’re dying to know how he taste
• without even realizing you’re squeezing your tights trying to relief the tension between them
• “Uuuhhh… Y/N, are okay? You seem a little distracted.”
• “Oh, I’m fine. Thank you. What were you talking? Sorry not paying attention.”
• you bite your lower lip and pray for the boy in front of you don’t ask what were you thinking because you’re a terrible liar
• luckily he don’t and you just use all your force to don’t think about him again
• when you both finish his tasks he give you a kiss on the check and thanks
• you liked him because he was never disrespectful and his actions never had any kind of second intentions
• he’s already gone but you didn’t move from your chair and keep staring at the table of the library
• you need to go in some classrooms to leave your number on the bulletin boards and you really don’t want to at all
• you keep staring to one little point black on the wood for what look like one eternity
• but were actually five minutes
• with a groan with throw your backpack on your shoulder and create the courage to stand up
• with lazy steps you go to the classroom 505 and before you can open the door a girl push it roughly and walk with heavy steps towards the stairs
• you have a vague idea of who she is but it’s not that important
• in the moment you put your foot inside the room you see someone sitting on the main chair and watching in a notebook what looks like a documentary
• well…
• it’s not just someone
• it’s Mr. Holland
• he looks so concentrated on what’s he’s watching that he really doesn’t notice you’re there
• you just see the perfect chance to scare him
• deep inside you’re still a little bit childish
• walking without any noise you just go towards him
• “You’re watching porn!”
• you could feel him tense under the suddenly grab on his shoulder
• “Jesus, Miss. Y/L/N. I’m old. You could have killed me. And I’m not watching porn.”
• “I know, silly. I’m just kidding.”
• you still had your hands on his shoulder so you could tell he still were tense
• “Just for your information I’m watching a documentary about sea life.”
• “Do you really like this kind of stuff Mr. Holland?”
• “I love it and soon I intend to begin a college of marine biology”
•the thought of him going away made your heart heavy but you decided not to show how sad you were
• “Oh I see. Unlike you think you’re really young and you should do what you love. We all should do what we want and crave the most”
• his body tensed up again and he let a long and deep sigh
• “And why you’re here, Miss Y/L/N?”
• he threw his head back and looked up while he made the question and that thing happens again
• shit
• his eyes are so fucking beautiful
• your knees go weak again and you had do hold his shoulders a little bit stronger
• “I-I came here to leave my phone on the bulletin board”
• “And why would you do this?”
• maybe it was the eye contact or the heat of his body or even the fact that you still had your hands on his shoulders but you’re really nervous right now
• “Uh… I give particular classes to others students when they’re having too much struggles.”
• before finishing talking you were already on the other side of the room taking flyers and the adhesive tape of your backpack
• “You’re one of the best students here so this doesn’t surprise me. Do you have a lot of colleagues to help?”
• “A lot of men comes to me but not the girls. I know why the the boys come but I don’t know I any woman asks me for help. I mean… I know but that’s not important.”
• you listen a low growl but you’re pretty sure it’s your imagination
• “Can I ask you a question, Miss Y/L/N?”
• you don’t trust your own voice right now so you just nod your head and don’t dare to look at him pretending your really focused on the tape and the flyers
• “Everytime a girl comes to me asking for help I suggest to your colleagues to ask you but they just hate the idea. Why?”
• you suppress a sigh
• if you’re a little more dummy you were going to be begging to a particular class with him
• “C'mon, Mr Holland. You know very well the reason”
• “Do I?”
• you’re bent over one of the tables next to the door sticking the flyers of the bulletin board so you don’t really see him, but you can listen
• he stood up of the chair and gave a few steps towards you
• “Professor… You’re young and handsome. The girls expect things.”
• “Oh. Am I handsome?”
• you’re sure he’s smiling but you don’t dare to turn around and look given the fact you blushed
• “ Thank you, Miss Y/L/N but now answer me. Why the girls want to me to help them?”
• you can hear a few more steps and you take a deep breath before create the courage to talk
• “Well… They come to me expecting to fuck me on the desk or at least receive a blowjob. And the girls go to you for the same reason of the boys”
• you try not to laugh but you’d never understand what pass through their heads
• if they get better grades the prize it’s sex?
• they should give you a pizza not a dick
• “So the girls come to me because they want to fuck with you on my desk?”
• now you can’t hold the laugh and you shake your head at his silly joke
• “Nooooo. They want to do it whit you”
• suddenly you feel his body against yours as he try to read on note on the board
• your whole body tense up and start to get hotter
• “Miss Y/L/N, you smell like strawberries.”
• he closed the door after he spoke and your heart was pounding insanely
• “Mr. Holland…”
• your voice was so weak that you didn’t have sire if he really had listened to you
• “Yes, miss Y/L/N?”
• you turn around just to be face to face with him
• you close your eyes because you know you’re not capable of staring at him without losing control
• “We can’t…”
• “Nobody need to know. We don’t have to tell. But if you don’t want this I completely understand Y/N and I’m-”
• when he spoke your name you didn’t handle
• you garb the hair on the back of his neck and pull him closer to a wild and hungry kiss
• the feeling of his soft lips made you moan
• his hands grabbed your hips roughly and lifted you up
• you lace your legs around his waist and he walk with you in that position until he drop you on his desk
• his hand start to lift you skirt and this made the kiss intense than before
• you start to be out of breath when he break the kiss, lick your bottom lip and bite
• you let a moan escape and the grip on you hips become stronger
• he start to kiss you jaw and you grab his arms after he rip your shirt making all the buttons to pop out
• “You know how many times I dreamed about fucking you? You make me feel like I’m a fucking teenager who can control his dick”
• he bite you neck after he’s done talking and you just can’t believe that you heard what you heard
• his hands travel to your back and open your blue lace bra
• he don’t waste time and soon he have his mouth playing with your nipple while one hand start to massage the other
• you moan one “Mr. Holland” and he bite you nipple making you gasp
• you start to roll you hips against his jeans rubbing your soaked pussy trying to get some relief
• more exactly against his huge and hard erection
• you needed to taste him
• you just needed
• so you grab his hair and make him look at you
• with a small push on his chest you start to kiss his neck and open his shirt button by button because you’re not a savage who destroy shirts
• when you’re done you get up from the table just to kneel in front of him
• you look at his face and bat your eyelashes while you open his belt and pants
• you pull everything down at one realising his thick cock
• you don’t waste time and take the tip with your mouth tasting the precum and moaning
• you really don’t want to play game so you just put everything you can in you mouth and work with your hand what you can’t
• he’s moaning so soft but at the same time so deep and just because of you
• “You know have many fucking times I had to jerk off in the bathroom because of you? Every fucking time you call me "Mr. Holland” I swear to God that I’m almost not able to control me"
• you hollow your cheeks around his length and moan with the thought of Mr. Holland touching himself thinking about you
• you’re clit it’s begging for attention so you start to rub it with you free hand while you enjoy the view of your lovely professor all messed up
• when he realize you’re touching yourself he grab you by your hair and making you sit on the desk again
• he kneel in front of your covered core and tale your panties with the same delicacy of your shirt
• he rip her
• but you don’t have time to complain before he press his hands in you ass pulling you closer to his mouth
• he’s not there to play games he just start to roll his tongue on your clit
• you know he barely stared but you’re moaning mess
• the only things you really can say -or whisper- properly it’s “Mr. Holland”
• you’re not doing on propose but every time he listen that he gets more wild and eventually he start to insert two fingers inside you
• he try to be gentle
• he really do
• but you made him lost his mind
• so he’s just insanely curling his fingers inside you and eating you alive
• the familiar knot on your stomach starts to be formed and you tangle your fingers on his hair
• “Mr. Holland, I’m coming. Oh my god. Fuck”
• and when you came, you came hard
• he cleaned you up not wasting one single drop of your juice and stan up to face you
• “Miss Y/L/N… Watch your language. If you do it again I’ll have to punish you. Do you understand?”
• you shiver by his words but nod your head
• suddenly you feel a hard slap against you ass and you let a high pitch moan escape
• “Answer me.”
• “Yes, Mr. Holland.”
• “So miss Y/L/N do you also want to fuck with me on the table?”
• “Please, Mr. Holland. I need to. I need you. Please.”
• “So take my wallet on the drawer.”
• you look at him batting your eyelashes and bite your lips with a playful smile
• you’re in the pill and you’re not going to lose this chance
• “Please Mr. Holland. I want to feel you in me, I want you to fill my walls with your cum.”
• and he thrust into you at once making you bite his shoulder to muffle a scream
• you’re really didn’t notice when he positioned himself with your entrance because you were in trance with his eyes again
• his pace is rough but yet passionate
• “Miss Y/L/N, I’ve been fantasized about you for so long. You’re even tighter than I dreamed.”
• you wish you could tell how much you’ve been wanting him too but you’re only could bring his body closer to yours and moan in his ear
• yous legs até laced in his waist again and your nails are scratching his shoulders
• after he hit a particular spot inside you, you squeez his dick with your walls and bite his neck trying not to scream
• he keep hitting that spot and you knew you were done
• with a few more assertive thrusts you clench your walls around his cock really strong
• you moan one “Fuck, Mr. Holland.” a little louder than intended
• that send him to his edge and you can feel his hot come fill your walls
• he place his forehead against yours and you both try to catch yours breath
• “Why me? You could have anyone. So why me?”
• “Because miss Y/L/N you’re the only one here that actually pay attention on my class and are actually a good person. I’ve have feelings for you since the day you decided to help your colleagues receiving nothing in return”
• you’re couldn’t be happier right now
• as you both start to adjust your clothes you start to talk about life and stuff
• he wants you to call him Tom from now on
• and he gave you his coat since you don’t have a shirt to go home
• and he actually wants to get know you better
• he needed to stay on college for some kind of meeting with others teachers but you needed to go home so you decided to go to a restaurant later
• before you leave the classroom you listen him call your name
• “Miss Y/L/N you got detention. So tomorrow here after your last class.”
• you really didn’t understand the reason of this so you decided to ask
• “Oh, darling… I told you to watch your language. Tomorrow you’ll be punished.”
• oh
• you just smile and bite your bottom lip
• you still have so many questions about how he’d be in bed and it’s seems that you’d figure out soon the answers
• “Okay… Tomorrow I’ll be here. Bye, Mr. Holland

Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include...

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  • you’d meet at a party for sure
  • Reggie would be drunk off his ass and try to flirt with you 
  • low-key being turned on when you flat out reject him
  • at first he’d try the whole cliched football, popular jock routine on you but it wouldn’t work
  • but you’d get partnered up to work on a project and he would find himself eventually acting like himself in front of you
  • and he’d totally fall in love with you in the process
  • you would realise how funny and genuine he actually is and that was what would make you fall for him too
  • being real you’d probably be a river vixen 
  • being a total power couple at school 
  • wearing his letterman jacket and flat caps ALL THE TIME
  • him not liking the fact you’re friends with Betty and co.
  • you forcing him to hang out with them 
  • “don’t you find it weird that Jughead never takes his beanie off though?”
  • “it’s all part of his dark and brooding image - you get used to it.” 
  • eventually he finds himself really liking all of your friends
  • which makes you love him even more
  • helping him with homework 
  • him helping you with deciding on cheerleading routines
  • “nah babe I reckon ditch the extra twirl at the end”
  • always making him shave off his stubble cause you hate the way it gives you a rash around your mouth
  • him getting insanely jealous 24/7
  • him breaking ties with Chuck because he keeps hitting on you
  • you getting just as jealous though
  • both of you have no problem with showing PDA at school to let people know you’re both off limits
  • you low-key do it whenever Cheryl and her minions are around 
  • sneaky ass grabs 
  • under the bleachers make out sessions just before a big game 
  • him taking your virginity but him not being a virgin cause man hoe life
  • post game celebrations at Pops 
  • wearing his jacket after the game cause you want people to know how proud you are to be dating the Reggie Mantle
  • which always leads to him getting insanely turned on 
  • which leads to more post game celebrations at home
  • S E X  A L L  T H E  T I M E 
  • passionate sex 
  • jealous and rough sex (the most common one)
  • hair pulling - always
  • you’ve definitely had sex in the locker rooms at least once 
  • post game shower sex is definitely a thing too 
  • lying in bed together and just talking for hours
  • “what do you reckon Jughead hides under that beanie?” 
  • “Shut up reg.”      
  • him always reminding you how beautiful you are
  • you guys are definitely one of those super corny couples
  • but only in private
  • you guys are super nonchalant at school about your relationship though
  • but everyone sees right through it and knows you’re crazy about each other 
  • everyone secretly shipping both of you so hard 
  • even the teachers 
  • his parents totally adore you too
  • and your mum loves him but your dad is still a bit unsure because he knows how jocks can be 
  • him always thinking of the most thoughtful gifts 
  • him always listening to everything you say and you getting surprised when he remembers something that you said like three weeks ago
  • him being obsessed with your laugh 
  • like you’ll giggle and he’ll just stare like it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen
  • you still getting super nervous around him sometimes because that’s just what he does to you
  • always giving him passionate kisses 
  • loving to just spoon together for hours 
  • Reggie always wondering how the hell he got so lucky to find you 
  • not seeing a future without him
  • getting into a fight because you find out you want to go to different collages 
  • knowing that no matter where you go, or if you get separated, the two of you will always find a way back to each other

Title: Extraterrestrial

Request: Omg can you do a josh x reader based of E.T by Katy perry I’m really feeling alien!josh TBH

Characters: Alien!Josh Dun x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, violence

A/N: It might be a bit confusing in the beginning, but it’ll make sense once you get into it.

Part 2
E.T. // Katy Perry

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