i had to make this into a collage you guys know this

Project Tucker!

Ok so since there seems to be some confusion with the Corin Project, despite possibly losing the element of suprise, I’m gonna just put it all out here.

We’re making a fan book for Corin. We want as many people as possible to contribute in any way possible

For two reasons:

  1. We want Corin to know how beloved she is
  2. We want you guys to have the opportunity to say anything to Corin you want to say and maybe haven’t had a chance to

Whatever this means to you. Whether it’s a super fancy artsy painting or collage that some of you talented folk can do, a poem, a paragraph about why you love her written out in pretty handwriting, a link to a song you wrote and/or played on SoundCloud, anything.

You can also just email to us like ‘Hey Corin, I love you, your pink pants are awesome, thanks for being rad’, and we can draw it out or print it out or whatever and put it in the book for you - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE IT ARTSY OR FANCY OR POETIC IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! 

We just want as much people acknowledging Corin as possible. One sentence in an email is fine. Just whatever you would say to Corin, given the chance. (Ok, the caveat being anything you would say to Corin, given that her 7 year old daughter might read it).

The due date is October 01 - if you can’t get it to us and need a couple more days, just let us know and we’ll work around it.

These are all gonna get published in a book. Which will we give her at some point, haven’t decided yet, but we all know Helen is Corin’s adopted daughter at this point, so let us worry about that, it’ll work out. All we need from you is an email with what you want added.

If you are doing artwork etc. and you haven’t already had a msg or email from me, please email or msg me or Helen so we can give you the dimensions etc. needed to make your stuff look AWESOME for Corin.

The email to send anything to is helenmarie.fletcher at gmail dot com. 

Of course you can direct any questions to me or fortheloveofcorintucker. And as before, you do not need to be following us or anything like that to take part. Also if you know anyone not on Tumblr who might want to take part, feel free to spread the word.

TL;DR: Fanbook for Corin. Send ANYTHING you want added from you to helenmarie.fletcher at gmail dot com. Anything is acceptable, even just a sentence you want to say to her.

Also if you could reblog this so people can see it would be awesome.

Thanks guys!!

1989 Tour Scrapbook

Hey guys! So I had this wild idea that I really want to do but I need your help! I thought about making a scrapbook to give to Taylor on tour, hopefully I can give it to someone from Taylor Nation and trust that they will give it to her. 

It would be a book including each city she’s touring in and each page spread would have a collage of pictures of fans who went to that show in their costumes or with their signs or with the tour trucks or inside the venue. Pretty much anything tour related, even pictures with Taylor! Unfortunately, I can’t include international dates because there’s so many plus I wouldn’t be able to add any past my own tour date so this will only include shows for the US and Canada! Now I know some of you will be going to more than 1 tour date, but as of now you may only send in 1 picture per Tumblr user for 1 show only. This may change depending on how many pictures we get for each city. So for example, if you’re going to 3 shows, choose only one date you want to send in a picture for. If you’ve already been to a show as of now but will go to more later, you can wait to send in your picture for that show or go with one you’ve already been to. It’s up to you! 

EDIT: May send in pictures for multiple tour dates. Whether you’ve already been to one or are going to more later. I’ll take any.

The deadline is October 15th. All pictures must be in by then. There’s no rush, so send in your picture as your tour date comes along or if it’s already passed send it in as soon as you can. The plan is to give TN this scrapbook on October 17th. I think this will workout since most tour dates will have past by then. I know after that there’s still 5 more dates left so as we get into October and as you finish your costumes/posters or whatever you’d like to send a picture of, you may for those dates too. So the goal is to have pictures for all of the North American tour dates! 

You can send in your picture to 1989tourscrapbook@gmail.com. In the email please include:

EDIT: I opened my submission so you can submit your photos to me there. 

Please include: 

  • The picture, obviously.
  • Tumblr username
  • Tour date/city you’re sending the picture in for
  • Other dates you could send in a picture for

We’ll try our best to make sure all pictures make it to the scrapbook. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to just ask me on here! If you have any feedback, ideas, thoughts, or whatever… I’m open to hearing them! I’m really excited for this. Hopefully we can pull it off because I feel like Taylor would really enjoy it too! Thanks for you help and if you’d like please reblog to spread the word! 

- Heyli :)