i had to make this for obvious reasons

I just want to add something to the discussions about this week’s episode. It’s obvious that the writers chose to use the phrase ‘love wins’ for a specific reason.

It could just be yaoi fanservice, sure, but that’s not what this show is about.

They could have very easily have chosen a phrase such as, ‘Katsuki Yuri wins’, or ‘what an amazing performance’, to make it less abstract in a metaphorical sense. Many viewers would have found it far easier to understand if the writers had simply written ‘his performance truly demonstrates his love’, but they didn’t do that. They could have written ‘Katsuki Yuri wins’, but they didn’t do that, either. This wasn’t just lazy writers foreshadowing Yuri coming in first place.

What is the phrase, ’love wins’, commonly associated with? The LGBT community, perhaps? A community which, with a lack of representation in the anime world (as far as it goes with those that watch anime), has accepted this show wholeheartedly, with open arms?

This was an intentional piece of script writing. It managed to slip under the radar of most fans, but the writers knew what they were doing. Someone would pick up on their hints eventually. This one line is just one of the many instances in this episode alone in which Yuri is obviously shown to have some form of feelings for Viktor, whether or not he was even speaking at this time. One of many. This show is revolutionary, and could very well permanently change the way mlm relationships are portrayed in anime. And you know what?

Love does win.

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How likely do you think Sinnoh remakes are this generation?

Well, it’s obviously hard to answer that question for sure, but let me just say that to my knowledge, in X/Y there weren’t all that many parallels to Hoenn in the games, and they had no real reason to make the Gen 3 games again (since the first 2 set of remakes were for compatibility reasons), but they did anyways. In contrast, there are quite a few parallels between Sun and Moon and Gen 4 in general. 

Firstly, the obvious one is Type:Null and Silvally, who are basically mini artificial Arceus, as evidences by Null’s helmet matching Arceus’s Fence of Power™ and Silvally’s ability literally being “Arceus System” (ever since these games came out I’ve had to condition myself to pronounce it that way). As my friend pointed out a while ago, there’s also a mention of there being 3 Type:Null; one for Gladion, one for you, and one for… well, either a sequel to Sun and Moon or Sinnoh remakes perhaps? 

Secondly, we have the general themes, motifs, and plot elements. Sinnoh was all about space, time, and the distortion world, and in SuMo we had Ultra Space, which is clearly another dimension that is quite distorted. You could easily draw a link between any of the 3 Sinnoh title legends and Ultra Beasts as a concept, so the potential of introducing new ones would be extremely easy with an existing premise like that. Sinnoh remakes would also most likely mean Z moves for the starters, and I can’t think of a starter line that would have cooler exclusive Z moves than Infernape, Empoleon, and Torterra. 

Thirdly, if Sinnoh remakes were on the horizon, it would make sense that the concentration of Sinnoh Pokemon in SuMo would be pretty low, as you don’t want too much overlap. Doing the math, about 8% of all Pokemon in the Alola Pokedex are from Sinnoh; the second smallest after Kalos. However, almost exactly half of these Sinnoh Pokemon are only there by necessity of previous evolutions being there, like Magnezone and Porygon Z. Taking these out puts the number at about 4%, just a hair lower than Kalos. So this would seem to be in order as well. 

And finally, some random “evidence”. Cynthia and Looker are both in the game; there presence means nothing on its own as Cynthia was in Black and White and Looker was in X/Y, but it’s a parallel nonetheless. There’s also articles in Burnet’s lab talking about Palkia, Giratina, and Bronzong’s dimensional abilities, a curious coincidence since they’re all Sinnoh Pokemon:

I didn’t know Giratina was from Arkansas

There’s also the allusion to Crasher Wake, one of the Gym Leaders from Sinnoh: 

Which is likely just a random bit of dialogue, but another coincidence no less. If you want a truly random coincidence though, remember Cyrus? Leader of Team Galactic (another coincidence by name right there by the way, galaxies, sun and moon…)? Well, one interpretation of the meaning of his name is, in fact, “Sun”, which is pretty funny. Incidentally, the name “Cynthia” was originally an epithet of the Greek goddess of the moon. This is 100% sheer coincidence but it’s pretty amusing given the current situation. 

There’s also this video, uploaded to the Japanese Youtube channel a few months ago. It’s just a storybook mini video, showcasing a small story for fun (in Japanese). However, interestingly the choice of the stars of the video were the 3 Sinnoh starters, Piplup, Turtwig, and Chimchar. Seems odd considering we’re still in Alola mode.

Anyways, considering that Masuda confirmed in an interview in late 2016 that the team is still interested in the remake approach, I think that the prospect of Sinnoh remakes eventually is certainly on the table. However, over the part 4 -5 years they’ve also made it clear that they want to be as unpredictable as possible, so even with all of this it’s hard to be sure about what will wind up happening.

Shawn Mendes || PillowTalk

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💟 a/n: title has nothing to do with the song


“Why are you in love with me?” Shawn asked.

You were shook by the question, it being only 2 am and you had no idea why Shawn would even ask such a question like that.

“What do you mean by that.” you responded, facing him trying to find even the slightest sign emotion in his face.

“What makes you so intrigued by me. What do you like about me”

“Its a long list of thing of things I like about you, Shawn.”

“I have the time. Flatter me.” Shawn joked, turning his head to the side to face you.

“Well to start.” you sighed. “An obvious one would be that you have the voice of an angel.”

“Go on.” he smiled, which reminded you of another reason.

“And your smile is a work of art.”

“Is that so?” he smiled once again, grabbing your hips gently and pulling you closer to him.

You removed his hand from your waist, intertwining your fingers with his, while bringing his hand up to your lips, giving them a small peck.

“Your fingers…they can work wonders…sometimes on stages, sometimes in the bedroom.” You smirked.

You dragged your fingers down his forearm before you reached his tattoo, smiling as you thought about the message behind it.

“This.” you said. “This has to be my 3rd favorite thing about you.”

“What are the first two?”

You leaned in brushing your lips against his, before whispering.

“Your lips would be the 2nd thing. So soft and kissable.”

“And the first?” he asked, dragging his strong hands up and down your thighs and waist.

You stared at him intently, as he did the same to you. “Your eyes.”

“Why my eyes? They’re just brown, nothing special.”

“I used to think the same thing about brown eyes, until I saw yours.”


my favorite thing about shadowhunters is their portrayal of downworlders and the very obvious metaphor it has to do with race - it’s why i keep watching and am excited to tune in week after week (outside of specifically harry/magnus which is the reason i started watching in the first place). but i’ve long had the sinking feeling that so much of what’s good about the show, that i love about it, is unintentional - something the show’s accidentally stumbled upon, or maybe knew was a good idea but had no real clue how to fully see it through, and with who makes up the writers’ room, it’s no wonder. but still i keep hoping to be proven wrong, that there’s development in the works - both for the characters and the actual show itself.

i hear jocelyn saying wolves can’t be reasoned with, when LUKE’S A FUCKING WEREWOLF, ALPHA OF THAT SAME PACK she’s dismissing - and i think ok, um, that’s interesting, but this is also a great way of showing that age-old defense of ‘i have [insert race] friends or i’ve dated them!’ CLEARLY i can’t be racist. and just maybe she’ll learn to see luke as the werewolf he is, not the shadowhunter he was, the same way she’ll grow to accept simon and won’t flinch the next time she sees his fangs.

i hear izzy, who has been the biggest downworlder advocate of the sorry shadowhunter bunch say those cringing ‘stay, good doggy’ lines, and i think ok, that’s awful to hear, but it also shows how even the best of the privileged don’t truly understand the depths of that privilege, aren’t exempt from exhibiting the kind of behavior that’s inherent in their upbringing, the system, the entire world that’s skewed in their favor, and have to constantly do work and be better. 

i think about white savior complexes and dead/tortured downworlders thrown on the pyre to feed their guilt. interchangeable races and incomprehensible casting that i can’t imagine will ever be addressed. all these moments in every episode that stick with me, for all the wrong reasons, and idk i’m still clinging onto that cliff’s edge of hope but i have a feeling i’ll be left out to dry out here :|

so this is a photo taken several years ago that people who hate me like to use because it’s not a terrifically flattering one, but I actually really like seeing it and I kinda wanted to write about why (as a writing warmup for another thing). 

Folks who hate me love to use this for some obvious reasons. It’s taken in a room with florescent lighting, I’m making a horrible face, my face is red, I’m not wearing flattering clothing, I’m at the heaviest I’d been in years and I’m kinda greasy. I was beyond broke, had just moved to back to the country and to a place where I barely knew anyone, and the chemicals in my brain were not thrilled with anything related to me. 

What they don’t know is that this was taken on the day that I entered my first real game into the first games festival I’d applied for. I’m heavy and greasy because I made the game during a really low period of depression where I was seriously worried that I was going to kill myself after losing a garbage job if I didn’t keep extremely busy. I entered this game that I didn’t think I could finish, that I didn’t think anyone would even play, that I flung myself into working on like I was possessed, hoping that if I completely filled the spaces in between filling out job applications I could keep the mix of inner demons and fear of going back to being homeless again at bay long enough for something else to happen. It didn’t make sense to me when I released the game and watched it blow up and get so much traffic I had to hurriedly switch servers after going over 9,200% over my allotted bandwidth for the month in the first few days. I didn’t enter the festival expecting to win, much less win the best game in my category. When we were nominated, I quietly sat in the hall panicking, not looking forward to going up there just to lose. I kept expecting every success to be a fluke, to be motivated by pity, and to be the very last one I’d have. 

Instead, I found myself with a trophy in my hand. My face is red from happy-crying and that weird expression is me trying to look calm for the camera for two seconds. Patrick, my collaborator next to me, is trying to “I told you so” and remind that it is really actually happening and isn’t some weird trick. I couldn’t handwave the success of the thing as easily when I was holding a physical object indicating otherwise. We’d end up winning in every festival we’d entered but one. One of them granted me licenses to game tools like Unity and Construct 2 that I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise. I’d end up going to GDC because of the game, and meeting some of the people that have shaped my life and become family ever since. 

It was the start of everything really good in my life.

So it’s funny to me that people would try and shame me with this memory, or try to rile anyone up into hating me because of how I look (with all the fun kinds of hatred for anyone’s body you can expect on the internet). They don’t see the trophy. They’re judging a moment in time and looking for things to prove that I’m not worthy, not realizing the picture is at a point in my life that was undeniable proof to me that I wasn’t worthless. 

It’s nice to have that memory, especially since I still have depression and the same inner demons in different amounts now that I did then, even though I’m way better in some regards. It reminds me of the path that got me to where I am now, and how I never thought I’d make it this far at any point. It reminds me to try, regardless of if I think it’ll work, because I can’t know for sure that shit won’t work out. 

It’s nice to be motivated by hope, rather than fear, whenever you can snatch it for yourself. 


a detail - Solas makes this last gesture with his left hand, which is really weird because he’s right-handed. His left fist then flashes.

It’s weird until you think the Inquisitor always had the Anchor in their left hand.

This might have been obvious to other people, but I always thought that, since the Anchor was so unstable, that it meant this was the end for the Anchor. Goodbye, see you later.

But I mean, looking at this, there’s a good possibility that he now has the Anchor in his left hand, isn’t there? - that the flashing means it was transferred, and stable again. Only he can control it and live, right? Well, it’s not going to melt down on him. It likes him.

So all the powers the Anchor could do… the Mark of the Rift, the overpowered projectiles barrier… the explosions… opening and closing rifts… over powered. I don’t want to fight that (too).

Saving the Inquisitor (for now) is really nice, but so is getting the Anchor back under his control. Two birds, one stone, and all that. I won’t be surprised if his hand is glowing later, is what I’m saying.

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Clearly you have proven a Zelda Fire Emblem crossover would be perf. If Hoshido is Zora and Nohr is Rito then what is vallite?

This is so late and I’m so sorry! I had to draw this to accompany this answer because I love your question! Initially I thought that Vallites would be Hylians because… Well that’s the obvious one. But then I thought, hey as long as I’m doing what I want and having fun why not make them Gerudo instead?

The parallels that kind of cemented this decision were:

- Most notable Valliets you encounter in Fates are women

- Their king became a monster and is the driving force behind the conflict within the game.

- Said king has magic manipulation over the dead/monsters and creepy things like that.

My reasons: 

- Azura being an 8ft tall spear lady would be kick-ass

- Azura being able to deadlift Xander would be both hilarious and incredible

- I just love Azura a lot

Snake’s Skin

Here’s the first bit of the ritshou fic that Ao3 really doesnt seem to like, for some reason :/. I know why….

It’s finally on Ao3!!

Shou was happier, lately.

Of course, he had always been a cheery person on the surface, with large smiles, bright laughter, a sort of constant excitement that could make anyone dizzy.

But it seemed more genuine lately, less forced. His grins weren’t made from plastic, cracking and stretching almost unnaturally. His laughter didn’t grate through his throat, from the back of his chest, like the sound of scraping metal. His eyes shone more, much more than before.

It wasn’t obvious to most, but at the same time, everyone could see why; when Shou would walk through the streets, his fingers entangled with Ritsu, it was no wonder why.

Ritsu saw it clear as day, how happy he was.

And as long as Shou was happy, he was too.

Ritsu was doing what was right.


Many people might feel that the kiss in episode 7 was the turning point in their relationship where they realised their ‘love’ for one another. But I feel like episode 9 really marked the moment where they realised how much they love each other and wanted to stay by each other’s side.

During this episode, the two of them were separated and did not have each other’s accompany. Yuuri was left to fend for himself in his free program in the Russian Cup, while Viktor had to fly back to Japan to make sure that Makkachin was okay.

It was very obvious that Yuuri was struggling with skating his program without Viktor there, but I would argue that it wasn’t that he had lost confidence without Viktor being by his side. The main reason why he could not perform as well was because he was DISTRACTED by his thoughts. For the first time since he met Viktor, Viktor was not by his side, and it made him realise exactly how much he missed and needed Viktor. That’s why he began to have all sorts of thought such as wondering what would happen if he did not get a gold, and what would Viktor do after the GPF or after he retires. And how he had always wanted the get the gold for the GPF but it was only when Viktor came into his life that he could actually vocalize his dream.

And the same goes for Viktor. Even though we aren’t shown what was going on on his side, he clearly had been thinking alot about Yuuri and evidently, missed him just as much. (As seen from how quickly he ran to Yuuri at the end of the episode). This separation, that the writers had artfully planned, allowed them to truly realise their feelings for each other.

And when they finally do meet, they literally, desperately run for each other. They literally cannot bear to be apart any longer and when they reunite, it can be seen that they both share the same weight of having something to tell something to the other person.

The “things” that Yuuri wants to tell Viktor and the “thoughts” that Viktor had been having are linked, or you could say, are about the same thing. It’s about their true feelings for each other, and the fact that they want to stay by each other’s side, not just being a coach and a student, but something more (lovers, to put it frankly).

And seriously, gosh darn it, the writing in YOI is so beautiful and well-done I just want to curl up in a ball and cry myself into a puddle of tears

Okay so I’ve had a few people ask me if they should take up smoking to help their weight loss and I just wanna make it super clear DONT START SMOKING JUST TO LOSE WEIGHT. I’ve been a smoker for 4 years now and I can guarantee you, it does not curb your appetite. There are the obvious reasons like cancer and diseases but honestly I can’t even go for a run anymore without feeling like my lungs are being ripped out of my chest, any kind of strenuous exercise gets me puffed out within five minutes. You’ll be fucking pissed when you want a cigarette but you can’t have one, you’ll smoke too much and feel sick and get a headache. You’ll waste hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to fuel an addiction that is absolutely fucking useless. What do you get out of it? Literally nothing but bad breathe and another addiction you don’t need. DONT ROMANTICISE CIGARETTES.

Day 1: Cold

It seemed that the only one surprised that Tooru was still sick was Tooru himself.

I have a cough. That was the text he sent to Iwaizumi, his only explanation for not showing up to practice that morning.

Iwaizumi stuffed the phone back in his locker and tried not to think about it the rest of the day. Of course, that did nothing but make him think about it more. Oikawa admitting that anything was wrong, even something as harmless as owning up to a cough was more than enough reason to be concerned.

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For Voltron Legendary Defenders, I feel like one ship is being overlooked a little. Pidge and Lance. I ship the two of them for a number of reasons.

There’s the obvious moment where Lance reacts to Pidge’s secret.

There’s when Pidge gets the robot to slap Lance when Lance is gushing over Allura.

Then there’s the little things. 

The two have similar reactions. One may be reacting to a girl and the other to a robot, but they still having extremely similar reactions at the same time to things that make them happy.

Now, I don’t think the two of them have had enough interaction in the show yet, but I don’t think anyone except for Hunk and Shay have had a ton of near romantic interaction. Other ships in the show are good too, and I like what I’ve heard about them. I haven’t seen a lot of people shipping these two online, and I’m not sure why. I think these two need a little more love, mostly because I think their interactions would be adorable.


You weren’t anything supernatural – not a banshee, a werewolf, a kitsune, a werecoyote or even a chimera. You were just human. You never thought that there was anything interesting about you but you still somehow managed to attract supernatural creatures – the good and the bad kind.

“I told you we’d end up on the same side,” Theo said to Liam one afternoon, sounding a little too cheery for the reason that the two of them were talking. They both had major crushes on you, Theo making his feelings very obvious to you but Liam more or less subtly trying to win over your affection from the sideline.

“How about I punch you in the balls to remind you we’re not?” Liam growled, furious as to what was happening. If Theo didn’t like you, and express that feeling so everyone knew about it, you wouldn’t have been taken. Liam wouldn’t have to make Theo his ally in order to save you.

“I love this kid.” Theo laughed, a wicked grin on his face. Liam hoped that you when they finally rescued you, you wouldn’t choose Theo over him. You deserved better then that.

Ok so… Genus.

My teachers asked to see some of my work and I showed them Genus and they really liked it and encouraged me to use it as my Major Project (which is to say, my final graduation project). Which is great.

Genus is a comic that I really like and the story I had planned for it is something that fits with uni requirements of “having a deeper meaning” so I talked with my tutors some more and yeah, I’ll make Genus my final project.


Because it is a final project, it means that it goes beyond something I show my teachers and that’s it. So, because of that, I’ll have to change some of the characters’s names and, possibly, their designs. 

aka remove the obvious association with BTS. 

Taehyung will still be Taehyung and so will Yoongi, but the rest of the characters will have to be renamed - for obvious reasons *cough* *cough* 

I know it’s probably shitty on my part, considering it WAS supposed to just be a thing for you guys to enjoy, but… yeah… I’m sorry.

I hope you won’t be too mad about it.
Thank you.

Honestly, whether Nygmobblepot goes canon or not, I’m going to watch Gotham regardless. But, tbh…it seems just odd that they would make a huge deal of Os coming out to say he loves Ed. Remember, nothing in this show happens for no reason. How many parallels and how much foreshadowing have they done in the past???

Look at one obvious one. Edward killing Kristen Kringle’s bf because he was abusing her. (Let’s face it; he was in the way…period.) and boom! They were in a relationship a short time later. Oswald had Isabella killed because she was in the way. If this is truly a parallel, doesn’t that mean Isabella was out to hurt Ed? I mean, she kinda already did by making herself look now EXACTLY like K.K…that was just plain WEIRD.

How many parallels have their been? I mean really? And foreshadowing galore? I’m not ready to give up hope for this ship yet. However, the entire show is amazing and the whole cast is fan-bloody-tastic!

Boo! - Damian Wayne x Reader

Prompt: Nightmare before Christmas au? Like Gotham is Halloween town (for obvious reasons) and reader is from Christmas town but Damian makes friend with her and everything else is up to you c: I just love this movie so much

You sat on the forest sobbing to yourself. You were somehow lost and you didn’t know how to get back home. You had decided to go for a walk and didn’t realize how far you had traveled until the snowy cheerful landscape turned into an unfamiliar forest. You didn’t even know which direction to start traveling back in so you opted to sit on the forest floor and wallow in your misfortune in hopes that someone would come across you and point you back in the right direction back towards Christmas town.

“Boo!” A voice suddenly cried out, making you shriek in fright. You cowered in fear and began sobbing harder. The boy that had scared you lowered his hood and looked at you with worry.

“Wait why are you crying? I-I’m sorry! I didn’t want to make you cry.” He insisted putting a comforting hand on your shoulder. You shied away from his touch and curled up against a nearby tree, resting your chin on the top of your knees.

“Why did you scare me?” You asked tearfully, wiping away your tears with the sleeve of your holiday sweater.

“I don’t know! It’s what I’m supposed to do!” The boy exclaimed.

“Well it was very mean.” You pouted.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized sincerely again. “My name is Damian. What’s yours?” He asked sitting down beside you on the forest floor.

“[Y/N].” You said holding your hand out to him for a handshake. He looked down at your hand in confusion. “It’s called a handshake, Halloween boy. Do they not have handshakes where you come from?” You asked. He remained silent and shook his head. You gave him a friendly smile showed him how to shake hands.  

“Here like this.” You instructed taking hold of his hand and shaking it up and down in a handshake motion.

“This is weird.” He said.

“Just because it’s not our life’s purpose to scare the living daylights out of people … “ You said rolling your eyes.

“So you’re from Christmas Town?” He asked eyeing the reindeer prancing across your bright red sweater.

“Yeah.” You sniffled looking down at your own sweater’s depictions. “I’m lost actually. I don’t know how to get back home.” You said sadly.

“I know the way back to the portals! I can show you the way!” Damian exclaimed exciting jumping up from the forest floor and extended his hand out to you to take hold of.

“Really?” You asked smiling up at him in relief.

“Yeah! Come on! It’s this way!” He said pulling you to your feet. He took your hand and eagerly led you further into the forest. He seemed to know where he was going so you followed him without worry.

“So why are you out here?” You asked as Damian led you through the forest.

“I like it out here. Halloween Town can get really tiring after while so I come out here for a change of scenery. I’ve never met anyone else from another town though.” He explained.

“What’s Halloween Town like?” You asked, your eyes brimming with curiosity.

“You know … dark, gloomy, all the monsters that go bump in the night roam the streets.” Damian explained.

“Wow.” You breathed just imagining what this world must have been like. It was the polar opposite of Christmas Town. It sounded amazing!

“What about Christmas Town? What’s it like?” He inquired.

“Happy, cheery, very festive, lots of red and green everywhere.” You shrugged like it was nothing. Damian looked at you in wonder at what you described. It was so very different from what he had grown up with.

“That sounds like something from a dream.” He sighed.

“It gets exhausting. That’s how I ended up lost in the woods in the first place. I just wanted to …”

“Get away.” You finished in unison. You blushed slightly and brushed your hair back behind your ear. For someone who’s first instinct was to spook you, he was turning out to be good friend. The two of you continued walking in comfortable silence until you reached a crop of trees aligned in a circle. Each tree had colorful doors with each town’s signature emblem carved into the side of it. You walked towards the one with the bright Christmas tree carved into it.

“It was nice meeting you [Y/N]!” Damian said.

“You too Damian.” You agreed. You hand moved to the handle of the door and froze. You turned back to Damian who was heading towards his respective door. He figured it was time for him to return to his home too. “Damian?” You asked capturing his attention.

“Yes, [Y/N]?” He asked looking at you expectantly.

“Will you come and visit me in Christmas Town sometime? I get lonely there.” You asked hopefully. His entire face lit up like a Christmas tree with happiness at your offer.

“I’d love to! Can I see you tomorrow?” He asked hopefully.

“Sure! See you then Damian!” You beamed brightly and waved at him in goodbye before opening your door and returning home, excited at the prospect of being able to see your new friend come tomorrow.