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“When my child was born and took her first breath and then when she put that tight grip on my finger […] 
With that experience I had at the birth of my baby girl, everything changed. I’d do more when it’s for my baby girl. She’s freed me from my own self, which makes life far more interesting. I now look at life through the eyes of a pure spirit, which is really, really fantastic. It’s a lot of work, but the rewards are just exponential, and the meaning of life and how I see things are clearer. Sure, I’m still doing a photo shoot today and she’s not around. But when I do have her, I’m just not available to anyone or anything. I don’t care who’s calling. I’m with my baby.”

- Jeremy Renner on how being a father has changed him

Man Face Monday - Fine Face Edition

Heya Awesome,

How are you doing on this fine day? I hope you are well and have recovered from last week’s episode, which seems to have inspired some love, hate and in-between. Today I would like to share some face with you. I’m kind of excited about how these turned out. 

Let’s begin with one of my favorites today. He looks so beautiful here. 

Self-recrimination face. You know he’s probably blaming himself for something here. 

Intense sketchy face. He’s looking at you again. 

Impossibly cute face face. Impossible. 

Many squiggles make this profile face. 

Finally. Wow. Eyes. Face. 

Well, that’s it for this week, Face fans. I hope that you have a great week, that you accomplish all of your endeavors and that you can make time each day to enjoy yourself, even if it’s just to stop and look at a pretty face. 

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FIC RECleave it to the breeze, 80k.

“Oh, I am excited for this,” says Paul as he picks up a knife, and through the V of his unbuttoned shirt, Harry’s chest rises and falls in a rhythm so rapid it looks dangerous. “We’ve never had home-preserved pumpkin on the show before. That’s impressive.” 

Harry dimples, teeth still sunk into his lip and smiling prettily, but all Louis can hear is pumpkin. Harry made a pumpkin Swiss roll. In March.

As he watches Paul and Mary dig in, Louis wants, suddenly, to have a taste of his own. He always puts a bit of himself into his bakes, an essence of hard work and concentration and just a little pinch of flair, and he wants to know, quite desperately, what Harry’s flavour is. How he’s managed to get his swirl perfectly even and his filling stiff when he seems barely in control of his hands.

{Or a Great British Bake Off AU in which Louis cares about winning and winning only, Harry is made of sunshine and rainbow sprinkles, and Niall sticks his nose into other people’s business. Also featuring Liam as Louis’s best friend-slash-concerned mother, and Zayn as a macaron connoisseur.}

Photography has Nothing to do with Cameras

Summary: Based on the above prompt.  Dan gets transferred into Phil’s photo class and while asking Dan about how to use photoshop, Phil realises that Dan knows sign language. (cute, fluffy flirting and getting together stuff)

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None :)

A/N: I resisted making so many editing tips jokes in this fic.

When Phil went to photo class a few weeks after the school year had started, he didn’t expect to see someone new.  He would have thought that all the schedule changes had long been sorted out.  Only today there was a boy with brown eyes wide and confused.  Phil had seen him around school before.  His name was Dan he thought.  And he would have liked to approach the boy who he was deciding was extremely cute.  But everyone seemed to be getting into their seats and Phil figured he probably should too.  Maybe he had missed the teacher saying something.

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(trying to justify this with lack of sleep)

so i was looking at some K Project merchandise the other day and saw these two pillow covers next to each other:

and i had a sudden epiphany, so i messed around a bit and this happened:


(please for the love of SaruMi don’t repost this anywhere without asking first, it took literally hours to make and yeah XD)

Bonus: shoutout to my friend who doesn’t know how to handle me anymore

The Guillotine Girls Headcanons

Who should you blame for this?: thesugarcookieday auroralynches gnsey

  1. Aimée Bouchard is a 16yo parisian girl that escaped death by drowning in the Sena when at age 8 she jumped to get her little sister’s doll. Once all the air had left her lungs and the burning had ceased she heard a voice with a german accent. “You will live because another is dying on the lay line. You will live because of the Guillotine Queen.” Since then she has traveled the world looking into the ley lines and trying to find out how Marie Antoinette is related to them. 
  2. Teresa Damasco is the daughter of the Carlos III university proffesor of Modern European History, well known in the historical community because his studies treat only revolutions or the supernatural. She’s not happy when she has to tag along with her father and some french weirdo that wants to hear his ravings. Then the french nerd ends up being cute and sassy and a smart ass and her father appears beheaded in the middle of the university campus, so she has no good reason not to follow Aimée and her quest across the world. What is high-school anyway.
  3. Sarah Miller is… tired, really. Her father is a drunk fuck that comes home only to sleep the hungovers off. Her mother is a passive agressive harpy with zero maternal instinct that blames Sarah for the crushing of all her dreams and hopes. She goes to the public high school near house and spends every free moment (which isn′t much since she works half time on a starbucks, walks dogs and gives private maths classes) on the library studying in the hopes of getting into an IVY with a full scholarship so she can never come back to this town ot her family. 
  4. Melissa Moore, born raised and killed a Henrietta girl misses being alive. It’s not like she had a boring live, really. Sneaking into Aglionby at night, endless parties with rich boys and fast cars, wrapping those idiots around her fingers while looking at Sandra with adoring eyes, kissing Sandra on the back of their boyfriend’s cars-… They smoked cigarrettes and thought they were way more mature than all the boys around them. And one night after helping Sandra’s boyfriend looking into that weird ass dead Welsh dude he was obsessed about they found a book about her. The Guillotine Queen. From then it all spiraled down and she ended up being stabbed in the middle of a pentagram. Her body left to rot on a beach cave. A bleeding scar over the matching tattoo she had goten with Sandra. 
  5. Jett Murasaki had to be born to the only japanese rockabillies in the world. It was just their luck. Their parent’s had pulled them off the private school when they had explained that no, they were not a girl and no, they didn’t want to wear a uniform with a skirt, so they gessed they just had fucking amazing parents with a fucking poor taste. Joan Jett was fucking cool anyway.  They resent the name a bit more when the french fuck and her friends start meddling into every aspect of their life. They’re at home asking about their great-great-great-great-x5 french grandmother, at the raves downtown, at the skatepark… And ok, Henrietta is not that big fo a city and the girls are cool… but that doesn’t mean they want them in their live. Specially that pretentious french fucking gorgeous piece of shit that insist on calling them Joan.
A Bitter Christmas - Louis Tomlinson

Major editing session soon, sorry for not doing it now.

A Bitter Christmas

Snow fell in the outskirts of London, covering the mostly deciduous trees and grass. I tucked myself away in the downstairs bathroom getting too overwhelmed by everyone in my house tonight. I opened up the curtains in the bathroom seeing the snow I knew was already there. It was settling on the small window sill. It wasn’t calming to watch the snowfall, rather it was making me anxious. If it kept snowing how would I get alone time tonight. All these questions running through my head are making me insane. All while there’s a dinner party going on right on the other side of the door.

I washed my hands, drying them slowly on the red hand towel on the wall. The window was slowly becoming frosty, getting a white filmy look to them. I could hear them talking in the living room just down the hall from this bathroom. I had had enough of everyone despite how much I love them. You get tired of people after a few short hours, especially if they’re very loud. Louis doesn’t get bothered by his family no matter how loud they are.

I come from a smaller family, not used to there being so many young kids. Being already twenty-seven, I don’t understand that I could have ever been that crazy. Running around and just regenerating all this energy in such a short period of time. Luckily they should crash soon and finally go to sleep. Personally I think that seeing family should happen in small bits of time over time. I’ve been awake all day with people at my house since this early morning.

A knock came about the bathroom door; I looked to the clock and realized tucking myself away had take a lot longer than I thought. I had been in this small room for almost fifteen minutes. Someone must think that I’ve either died or passed out. I collected myself quickly, opening the door and leaving it cracked behind me.

“Alright in there darlin’?” Louis stood leaning against the door frame, not letting me past him. He was wearing this fit blue sweater with a white collared shirt peeking from the sleeves and collar. He sounded more tired than when I mentioned the restroom twenty minutes ago by now.

I placed my hand on his side, looking him in the eye, “Fine. Tired that’s all.” I went to slip past him but he still stood in my way.

“C’mon {Y/N} I know you weren’t just staring into space in there.” I was staring out of the window, completely different thing - doesn’t count.

“For your information, I was collecting myself.” I stepped closer to him. In hopes he would need to take a step back and I could slip past.

“You’d tell me if something were wrong right?” he was at a whisper now, looking me in the eyes as he had done as I did and taken a step closer.  

I slipped past him, turning around to face him, “Tired, that’s all.” I slapped his butt. Walking down the hall I went into the kitchen rather than the living room to grab something to drink. I sipped on water, seeing Louis back in the living room.

“I want to see you and {Y/N} tomorrow afternoon.” Louis’ mother came in with Louis following her.

“What about the day after?” He tried to reason.

“Oh, well. As long as I get to see you two tomorrow or the day after I’m happy. We’re gonna get going,” she turned to me, giving me a kiss on the cheek, “and I hope to see you guys soon.”

“Okay, sounds good!” I hugged her, saying goodbye to everyone else as they left. I was partially relieved that I would finally have some alone time. I had woken up in such a good mood, now all worn out.

Louis and I decided to clean up everything so we wouldn’t have to deal with it tomorrow. Since it was his birthday today, I was planning to give him his things tonight. He has seemed too chill today, he usually likes it to be crazy and full of fun. This year (I thought) would be no different. He just woke up in a bad mood, not really getting over it throughout the day.

“Happy Birthday, again.” I hugged him from behind and kissed behind his ear.

“Thank you.” He was giving me simple answers all day and they didn’t sound very - very full of energy…

“I still have to give you your presents!” I took his hand, dragging him behind me upstairs. I made him sit on the bed, a small smile appearing on his face. “This one has to be my favorite.” I handed him a quite obvious bag. A sports bag with that soccerball compartment and a special soccer ball inside.

“No fucking way.” he unzipped it, “How did you make it look so nice?” The black pieces had his initials in them, white.

“Look inside.” I pointed to the parts of the bag, getting too excited. I wasn’t thinking about sleep anymore.

He unzipped the biggest zipper, pulling out a hoodie with his favorite saying on it and some boxer shorts that had his last name on them. “I tell you I don’t want anything, I have all I need. Still you seem to give me something I so badly want.” he held up the boxers, chuckling.  

“One more, baby cakes.” this time I pointed to the smallest pocket but still pretty spacious. He shook his head, smiling as he opened it.
“Oh, baby.” he held up two plane tickets to Lima, Peru one of the places I had mentioned that we should go sometime. He had also mentioned going on a trip soon, so I took that and did something about it. His face lit up with excitement and he embraced me softly.

“How’s your day been?” I usually ask him this every night but it was more special asking him now.

He sighed, looking up at me, “Good. I don’t really see an importance in birthdays any-”

“What!? Your birthday is so important and well I don’t know, it should feel special.”

“Please just don’t interrupt me baby.” he looked at me clearly a little annoyed. I covered my lips, feeling a major blush on my cheeks.

“Sorry.” I whispered, sitting on the bed beside him.

He began again, lying back on the bed with his hands behind his head. “It’s just been kind of a pissy day. I love my family but I just get too stressed out by them and want to be alone no matter how badly I wanted to see them. Sometimes when I’m with you I just want to be alone…” he trailed off, staring at the ceiling.

“So, you just wanted to be alone on your birthday and I shouldn’t have scheduled that?” I whispered, my feeling actually a tad hurt. When I was younger I would get my feelings hurt in an instant and cry about it but now I’ve learned how to control them. With all this stress I kind of just, wanted to cry. Louis had never told me so plainly that he wanted to not be around me, especially after being so lovey dovey.

“I didn’t mean it like that-”

“You did mean it like that. I knew this whole day would just turn out bad and look where we are.” I was letting my anger get the best of me. I like people to be plain with me but he never seemed like the kind of person to be so harsh with it. I began changing out of my navy blue dress, heels and everything else I wore. I didn’t want to keep talking and if we did tomorrow would just be episode two of tonight.

“Listen to yourself! I say that I want some alone time on my birthday and you make me feel like shit for telling you! How mature does that sound!?” he began to yell, way over the line. You sure as hell know I’m not putting up with any man yelling at me about how I’m acting.

“You are down all day I try to cheer you up. I try to get your family here so you can see them and it turned out that’s not what you needed! So what!? I’m your girlfriend that doesn’t know everything about you but I’m trying. I’m trying to see what makes you happy when you’re down. Peoples birthdays are supposed to be the best day of the year and you make it out to make me feel terrible. You’ve been shooting me looks ALL day that just let me know I’m doing a terrible job if you realized it or not! Stop telling me how I’m acting and look at this. You started this argument and now tomorrow is gonna be just like this!”

“You see that!? You yell about things that are already past-”

“Im talking about things that happened a few hours ago!!”

“Jesus fucking christ {Y/N}! Stop interrupting me!” he scowled at me harder than I’ve ever seen him scowl at anyone. I was really starting to piss him off. I still had a fight to pick with him but I didn’t know how it would turn out. He quieted down, “Stop interrupting me, stop trying to make me feel better, stop trying to act cute or ‘fine’ when you’re clearly not. STOP acting like a teenage girl and grow up!” He yelled the last bit, not feeling bad about a single word he said.

“Might as well stop acting like your girlfriend too eh? It sure does sound like that’s what you’re asking me to do. I’ll go on right ahead.” I grabbed my purse, after I had changed, walking out of our bedroom.


“I’m surrounded by people who are supposed to guide me and some of them have and others haven’t. They pressure me. There’s so much pressure… You gotta be sexy, cute, you gotta be nice, you gotta be all these things. And I’m sure you all can relate. You all have pressure that you have to deal with everyday I’m sure with school, with work, with friends, with parents, with family, with parents – I know, sometimes with mine.They tell me what to wear. How to look. What I should say. How I should be until recently I had given in to that pressure. I lost sight of who I was. I listened to the opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I thought others would accept me for it. And I realized that I don’t know how to be anything but myself. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never tried to make myself better by giving in because I have. But I’ve learned from my actions. And for all the things I’ve done I’m proudest of that.”

XF Writing Challenge: Gifts

TITLE:  Ourania
AUTHOR: @aloysiavirgata
TIMELINE:  Season 7
SUMMARY:  Follow up to Corundum
NOTES:  Written for @leiascully‘s XF Writing Challenge. No betaing or editing, per challenge rules. Thanks to my lovely squad, as ever!


Scully’s at the sink, transferring pasta to a colander when he arrives. Steam billows about her face making her look dewy, curling the little tendrils of hair by her ears. She despises them and so he loves them to be contrary. She wears tight black running pants and her FBI sweatshirt and he thinks she could easily be mistaken for a trainee. He smiles inwardly at the fury this would cause her.

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