i had to make this bc of reasons

❣reasons i love yoongi❣

ofc theres many but here are some of them bc i really love him and its still vday here and hes officially my valentine so

  • the smile but thats kinda obvious
  • his voice is so calming
  • but when he gets a lil excited/hyper he lowkey starts to scream
  • smol but ready to (literally) kick someone’s butt 24/7
  • rap god yoongi
  • how he has a special relationship with every member!!
  • his english!! is so!! good!! srsly he knows so many random words
  • his random knowledge too!
  • how he teases seokjin for his dad puns
  • but is exactly the same 
  • apart from that he’s the king of comedy and whenever he jokes i talk about it for the next 5 days which means i never shut up
  • inventor of singing
  • how he’s so professional when talking about music/equipment 
  • how in bv he remembered to pack the first aid kit/painkillers
  • and cooked for the members
  • photographer yoongi
  • how he seems to enjoy travelling a lot
  • his love for holly
  • the mixtape
  • king of black turtlenecks
  • and black outfits in general
  • how he works his ass off :) 
  • mama 2k16 
  • cutest selfies in bangtan fight me
  • soft tummy
  • sope 
  • how he sometimes growls when rapping amazing
  • pouty
  • his “say what” every 2 seconds when performing live
  • how he’s so attached to the grey beanie
  • and looks so good wearing any type of hats in general
  • when he said he would stay home and read all the books he could as a teenager
  • marie claire photoshoot
  • and every other photoshoot lets be real here
  • iconic tweets
  • the japanese interview
  • “when can we leave”
  • pink silky pjs aka the look of 2k16
  • cheats in most games possible
  • also dumb excuses
  • “i get blushy after one shot of soju”
  • glasses yoongi
  • how he loves being carried
  • dt gloss
  • how he doesnt care if he has to dress up as a girl anymore
  • how he once said he feels like crying during every show
  • he’s the softest smiley squish
  • srsly hes so soft 
  • and makes me soso happy

What are you doing here?
Putting an end to this.

what if the real reason victor cut off his hair was to make a wig for when he started balding

i was watching the animatics of islands and. there were a lot of interesting changes (including a very sad line where finn says “in some ways, part of me has always felt kinda alone”) 

but the most interesting change to me was prob that there was a small scene where dr gross pulls susan/kara aside to talk, and dr gross acknowledges frieda

“okay, you and your goofball friend… you go to lunch”

which was probably cut for time reasons but? i wish it hadnt been bc imo it adds a lot for such a short thing? 

like…it shows that dr gross knew that susan and frieda were friends and had been for a long time, which really makes the scene where dr gross so nonchalantly forces susan to destroy frieda’s plans that much more upsetting

so split was a really good movie! I’m really glad to see M Night Shyamalan make another movie that I enjoyed (and for the right reasons, not because it was laughably bad), the guy is talented dammit.

and seriously you can tell the people who are boycotting this movie bc they think it portrays people with DID as evil clearly haven’t seen it. Before watching it, I had no idea what DID was and if you’d told me, my first impression would have been it’s a scary disorder. But having watched it, I feel sympathy and as much understanding as you can get from a 2 hour thriller. Much of the exposition regarding the disorder is delivered by Barry’s therapist who is not only earnestly trying to help sufferers control their disorder but is also in awe of the very nature of DID and it’s implications. You’ve got these personalities who are empathetic and uniquely talented individuals who are trying and failing to control the personalities that do hold bad beliefs and ill will and it’s upsetting and tragic more than anything because it’s so unfair to them.

There’s this moment towards the end with Kevin, one of the personalities that is superbly performed by James McAvoy. It brought a tear to my eye because it shows how this disorder that not many people even know about is ruining the lives of its victims. Not to mention that the movie’s message is that people who are perceived to be broken (i.e. have suffered trauma, mental illness, physical disability, etc.) are actually the strongest of us all, the ones who are awake.

So congrats, Internet, for yet again blindly hating something you don’t understand. You never fail to outdo yourself. I was actually determined to watch this movie because of the screaming of “boycott!!!!” and I’m bloody glad I did. Now I have some sort of understanding of this disorder and a massive amount of respect for the people who live their lives in spite of it, immeasurably stronger than I could ever be.

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how the paladins act if they're angry with theit s/o??

Oh my gods it’s been like 5000 years I’m so sorry I kinda disappeared like Shiro everyone  ; A ; But it’s mod Enki and I’m back hopefully ahaha. To be fair I’ve been through a lot while I’ve been away such as:

- Started my first job

- I got dumped on Christmas eve via text bc my ex didn’t like that I have anxiety

- I went through a shit ton of medical testing (2 MRIs, 2 ultrasounds, a neck biopsy which hurts like actual hell like literally I almost passed out afterwards because my blood pressure dropped as soon as I sat up, and a numerous amount of blood tests ahaha.)

- Found out I have some condition called Capillary Telangiectasia (try to pronounce that I dare you).

- Also found out I have like 8 nodules on my thyroid which is the reason I had to get a neck biopsy to make sure they weren’t cancerous (And they’re not, for now, but we have to track them to make sure they don’t grow).

So thank you to everyone for being so patient with me! I’m doing much better now! 



  • The most mature but if he’s really tired then he might not be able to really keep his anger from seeping out. He’s the most likely to actually work through the issue and tell his s/o that he’s upset and peeved with them. 
  • If he can he’ll try to calm himself down by busying himself with other mundane tasks like cleaning, training, and maybe even taking a long shower so he can reflect on the reason he’s mad with his s/o. If it’s over something dumb then he’ll probably end up just letting it go but once he’s set on that he’s the one whose been wronged then he won’t budge until his s/o apologizes.

  • He’ll be a little more critical of his s/o’s actions and nitpick them quite a bit. When he catches himself doing this he’ll try to bite his tongue and act like a civil adult. More than anything he won’t want to be angry with his s/o in front of the others because it’s only between the two of them. He’s the most confrontational about it.


  • Talk about petty?? THE pettiest turd in the entire world. He will openly mock his s/o in front of everyone else (not like super mean or anything it’s more like just annoying stuff like copying them no matter what). But if his s/o asks what’s wrong he won’t tell them out of his own self destructive tendencies. He’ll expect them to know him well enough that they SHOULD know why he’s mad at them.
  • It takes him a long ass time to actually open up to his s/o and tell them exactly why he’s mad. He’ll tell them usually after he’s done brooding about it and gets lonely to the point where he wants things to just hurry up and get back to normal again. 
  • He’s probably the most prone to lose sleep over it due to him over thinking the whole situation. He’ll also try to push away his s/o a lot before he decides he’s ready to confront the issue so it’s better for his s/o to keep their distance for a while. Lance does everything on his terms so patience goes a long way with him. After everything’s okay again his s/o better be prepared for clingy-ness. 


  • Won’t say it openly but will confront his s/o about it faster than anyone else. although it doesn’t exactly work at all because he’s very into hostile language and accusatory language. ex: “You’re so annoying sometimes!” So it’s a progression of him confronting his s/o over and over and over again about it until they both get tired. 
  • Takes out the frustration by training a LOT. Like he’ll probably sleep in the training room if he can manage it just so he can avoid yelling at his s/o. It also helps him clear his head so he has time to think while he’s huffing and puffing away trying to fight the gladiator and other training activities. Like Shiro, he’ll probably take a long shower or two just to try and relax.
  • Getting everything sorted out is hard for him like seriously. He’s not getting an award for any sort of conflict resolution for sure. When he finally stops arguing with his s/o and realizes maybe that he isn’t approaching the situation very well then he begins to try and manage everything a little better. He’ll walk up to his s/o when they’re alone somewhere and apologize for yelling at them before telling them the reason why he’s been mad at them. It’s a lot of back and forth apologizing.


  • The least confrontational about it. He’s a little petty about it but not to the degree of Lance’s pettiness. Hunk will try to avoid his s/o for a while if he can and he’ll be a little more withdrawn than everyone else. It’s no wonder that he takes up cooking to get out any sour feelings that are stewing in his head. However he’s not afraid the let loose an angry little quip or two if his s/o is around.
  • He’ll wander a lot and maybe even train a little bit more than usual just to have something to do. Being mad is pretty draining for him so he’s prone to be crankier, too. And if he’s really feeling it he might get some advice from someone else (granted that they’re not busy). If no one’s around then he’ll go to his lion and talk about it to them. Even if they can’t offer anything to him it’s very comforting just to have someone there to listen. 
  • When he’s feeling ready to try and talk about it he’ll leave his s/o a little note for them to meet him somewhere. He’s very calm about it though and just wants to stop feeling like poop and wasting his energy being mad. Will definately give his s/o a big hug when they apologize and make up.


  • She’s a bit more openly upset than everyone else and doesn’t try to hide it. No one dares to upset her because when she’s mad at her s/o she’s also prone to get mad at everyone else. Will accuse people of “taking sides” if they don’t openly agree with her grievances against her s/o. Everyone tries their best to avoid her wrath. 
  • Practically throws herself into her tech but ends up getting really frustrated when she can’t focus entirely on her work because she’s too busy thinking about the issue. She’ll stay in her little work area until everyone is asleep so she can eat and do other things without having to deal with anyone. Since she makes her beef with her s/o very obvious to them she will not confront them about it. 
  • When her s/o gets the courage to actually try to calm her down and solve the issues they’ll have to do it very carefully. Pidge is prone to misinterpret things so her s/o better be ready with the apology of a lifetime in order to properly make up for whatever they did. She also takes the longest to actually come around to forgive them. 

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How about obi-wan never becoming a padawan and staying with the plant guys (God I've forgotten their name) on bandomeer but still he ends up on tatooine due to reasons looking over luke from afar. Only, as a plant guy, surely things would be different? Like i imagine he would try to do something about the lack of overall greenery. Being a plant guy. Also maybe not look so old bc plant guy Ben definitely moisturises.

So, uh… I badly misread this prompt, and thus I had to write it over.  I kept the misfill, because the premise ended up being hilarious. 

First, the proper fill.  I’m sorry to say it’s not much “watch from afar” as “watch from pretty darn close”.


Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi studied the farm as he made his rounds. Owen Lars, his employer, was quite happy about the way the harvest was going.  Of course, he didn’t realize that Obi-Wan was using the Force to encourage the plants to grow as well as they were, nor that he was teaching Owen’s nephew, Luke Skywalker, how to do the same.

Ben brushed his hair out of his eyes and knelt down next to one of the hydroponics beds.  They’d had a good water harvest, and so the hydrobeds were in use this year. With luck, the farm would turn a good profit, which would allow them to replace the south ridge vaporators that kept breaking.

Ben still wasn’t sure why the Force had prompted him to come to Tatooine, but young Luke was strong enough in the Force that it was for the best that he at least learned some control. 

Ben wasn’t a Jedi Knight, but he knew enough to teach Luke how to shield, how to sense intentions, and how to help plants grow.

The Jedi were gone, but those who remained could still help in their own ways.

Ben sometimes wondered about Luke, but Owen was closemouthed about the boy, and his family.  It was entirely possible that Owen himself didn’t know if Luke’s father had been the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, or if the name had just been a coincidence.

Ben would probably never know.  He’d never met the Jedi Knight, and if it weren’t for what the Force whispered, he probably never would.  The Force whispered he would, but he didn’t know what that meant.

But if the boy was the Knight’s son, then Ben would teach him everything he could.  And if the boy was not… well, Ben cared for him just as much as Owen did, and he would still teach him everything he could.

And right now, it was time to show Luke how to coax a sickly plant back to health.  “Luke!” Ben called to the teen who was checking one of the other hydrobeds.  “I want to show you something.”

Luke trotted over.  The boy wasn’t the best with plants, being rather more mechanically inclined, but he could still help Ben with the plants. 

Ben smiled as he gently placed a finger on one leaf.  “Watch what I do, Luke,” he told his student.  “I think we can save this one.”

Luke smiled at him.  “Alright, Ben,” he said before he turned his attention to the Force. Ben gently sent the Force into the plant, strengthening it.

“You try, Luke,” Ben said quietly. 

Luke bit his lip and narrowed his eyes as he tried to do the same.  As usual, he used too much power, but Ben was able to correct that.  Ben sighed.  Luke had so much power, he could have been a great Jedi.  But the Jedi were gone, and all Luke had was one Agricorps member to teach him.

Ben glanced at Luke.  “Too much power, Luke.  Gently. Plants don’t need to be overwhelmed with the Force.”

Luke looked down, chastened.  Ben chuckled.  “We’ll work on your control, Luke,” he said.  “Don’t worry, I had as much trouble as you did when I was your age.”


Ben stared up at the ship coming toward the farm. Owen and Beru stood in front, and Luke was next to him.  Luke, his student, felt calm, if confused.  Ben was certain he felt Darkness from the shuttle, but he wasn’t going to betray what he felt.

The shuttle landed, and Ben knew indeed that it was Darkness he felt.  Luke flinched, and Ben gently placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder.  The man, wearing a cloak and mask, turned to look at them. Ben couldn’t see anything in this man’s sense, except Darkness.

The man turned to Owen and Beru.  “Are you aware of who they are?” he asked harshly.

Owen took a deep breath.  “The boy is my nephew, Luke Skywalker,” he said.  “The man is our employee, Ben Kenobi.”

Shock.  Ben controlled his flinch.  Whatever that meant to the Dark Lord, it was important.  “I am a farmhand,” Ben added.  “I’ve been tutoring Luke as well.”  All the fear that this Dark Lord had come to take Luke and Turn him was hidden.

The Dark Lord nodded once and studied both of them. “Take them,” he ordered the stormtroopers that had followed him out of the shuttle.

Ben clenched his fists.  He had never wished more than now that he had actually been a Jedi. He didn’t resist as they were herded into the shuttle, though he refused to allow them to take Luke away.

Owen and Beru were left behind.  Just before they entered the shuttle, Ben turned.  “I’ll take care of him,” he promised.

The trip up was quiet, as was the journey through the ship’s halls.  They ended up in a fairly large cabin.  No doubt it was the Dark Lord’s quarters.  He dismissed his guards and turned to Ben and Luke.

“The only reason you’re still alive, Kenobi, is that I can tell you care for young Luke,” the Sith said.  He pulled back his hood to reveal hair that was probably blond when it got more sun.  He began to fiddle with his mask.

Ben narrowed his eyes.  “I don’t see how that matters,” he said.  “You know I will not let you just Turn him.”

The man pulled off his mask and smiled slightly. “I don’t expect you to,” he said. “I don’t intend to keep you from him, because of how you’ve cared for him, but I think you’ll agree that I have a greater claim.” 

“I doubt that,” Ben said.

The man chuckled.  “You won’t eventually,” he said.  “In any case, you’re not a Jedi and you’re too old to become an Inquisitor. You can’t do too much harm, especially as I’ll be keeping you in check.  It won’t hurt to leave you alive in thanks.”

He turned to Luke.  “Hello, Luke.  I wish I had known you were alive before now.”

“Who are you?” Luke asked.

The man sighed.  “I am Darth Vader,” he said.  He glanced at Ben.  “But I once went by another name.  Luke, I am your father.”

Ben’s eyes widened.


And now, the misread.  And what a misread it was.  I thought you wanted Obi-Wan to be a plant.  As in, he’s not human, he’s a plant-like alien.  I couldn’t really find any species that I liked, so I made one up. I’m a little vague, but yes, Obi-Wan is a plant.  I caught it before I got too far in the story, but… well.  Here’s the very short snippet.

(I’m blaming allergy meds)


Obi-Wan wasn’t sure how he felt about Tatooine. Yes, it was incredibly dry, but he had so much energy from the twin suns.  He missed the unlimited water of Coruscant, but it was nice to be able to just sit outside and soak up the sunlight at times. 

If he wasn’t careful, he’d take root.

He didn’t need that.  More importantly, Luke didn’t need that.  He needed to be active enough that he could protect Luke- and he needed to be active enough that he didn’t just think about how he’d failed Anakin.

Still.  If he wasn’t careful, he’d bud.  That would be the absolute last thing he needed.  There already were the next generation of Skywalkers, there didn’t need to be another generation of Kenobis.  Obi-Wan sighed and ducked back inside, even if all his instinct said to stay in the sun.  That was enough for today.  Now he had to get that vaporator running, so he could stay watered.


And that is, thankfully, all I wrote (coherently, anyway) of the goof up.  Less silly than it could be, but the idea of Obi-Wan budding is making me laugh.

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kaishin soulmate au where sonoko is the first person who finds out that they're soulmates and flips a lid bc kid is supposed to be her soulmate. kaito and shinichi are mildly terrified bc lbr sonoko is kinda scary and doesn't know when to quit. ran is laughing her ass off. (so is aoko if she knows???)

hm, I’m gonna have to make a feeeeew changes to this for Plot Reasons, but I like it.  Very good.  XD  I hope you enjoy where I take it.  ;D

Shinichi fidgeted with his watch in an effort not to touch his tattoo.  The tattoo–the four suits from a deck of playing cards, clover and heart atop diamond and spade–had appeared on his wrist shortly after he was born.  He’d never seen their match before.

“I’m telling you,” Sonoko said, leaning into his space, “I saw the same tattoo on Kaitou Kid.”

“And I’m telling you,” Shinichi snapped, “I think I would notice if my soulmate was Kaitou Kid.”

“Would you?”  Sonoko raised an eyebrow, looking every inch a princess, her hip cocked and her head tilted.  Royal pain, more like.  “Would you check a criminal for your matching tattoo?  One of us wanted him to be their soulmate, and that person wasn’t you.”

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I’m sorry I punched you, it’s a reflex when I get scared

I mixed another one in there that hasn’t had a request yet but *wiggles eyebrow* it’s gonna be a surprise HAHAHAHAHA

Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Deano ate mah behbeh. HA. Like dingo.

Warnings: uh. I know the beginning is kinda crappy. It’s bc I’m in a crappy mood. For reasons. Not really v personal but. At the same time. Yes. Anywho. UhhhhhhhHHHHHHH mentions of violence? Ish? If you couldn’t tell by the thingy request. I played with Point of View a little in this. SO. Yeah. Yup. Yes. *accidentally makes Dean a sweetheart to only reader* oOPS? So. Very take charge Deano in this. Like. He gets right to the point. And is dom. As hell. And yeah. Yup. Slight choking?? Like super slight. Uh. Yeah. Started off in my head as sweet love makin’ and. YUP.

Tags: @darlingkatrina CAUSE SHE REQUESTED THIS, I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS I HOPE IT IS UP TO YOUR STANDARDS. Also tagging my boo boo, in case you haven’t gotten used to that yet. @fuckyeahbulletclub AND LASTLY TAGGING MY BAE BAE BAE FOR LIFFFFEEEEEE @hardcorewwetrash and I love her more than life itself SO YEAH YEAH YEAH OKAY.

Ending is kinda meh. But, like. I liked this. This was fun to write. Yay :D

Me: this is a smackdown thing, on the set. Of Smackdown. Not Raw. Smackdown.

Me to me: Add Roman to every scene possible.


Today was the day. This was it. You were going to confess to the Dean Ambrose, even if it killed you. Well, obviously it wasn’t going to kill you. You looked to the screen set up backstage, watching as Dean beat into AJ Styles.

Okay, it might kill you. Panic was written all over your face, as you paced away from your spot close to the gorilla. You looked up, seeing a flurry of the bright orange hair that belonged to the Irish lass kicker. The very one that knew your secret crush on Ambrose, called the both of you ‘a match made in heaven,’ and was going to kick your ass if she knew that you were chickening out yet again.

“Oh no ya don’t,” she spoke, beginning her walk over to you, which you walked a little faster. “You’re gonna do this, so help me god.” she spoke, her walk turning into a run as she tackled you into the floor.

“Becky,  get off me,” you squealed, trying to push her off, the stares forcing a blush onto your cheeks. “I can’t do it today, I’m late for an appointment,” you spoke, finally pinning her, making you way on your feet, before she grabbed your leg, bringing you back down.

“That’s bullshit and ya know it,” she huffed out. She pressed your arms to the floor, the rest of her body weight being pressed down into your hips. “I’m not letting ya up till  ya agree ta talking to ‘im.”

“Never!” It came out as an almost embarrassing squeal, but really, it didn’t matter to you at the moment. You were trying desperately to get out of Becky’s hold before Dean was to come back.

“Becky,” someone from the tech crew came hollering in, informing Becky that her match was next. Becky looked behind her, her eyes widening before flickering back to you. You didn’t even need to look to see who was standing there. A blush erupted on your face, as you looked over, AJ with an almost perverted smirk on his face, and Dean with an eyebrow raised.

Your eyes widened at the sight of Dean. Watching you and Becky. Wrestling on the floor. Becky looked back down at you, mouthing a small, ‘sorry,’ your way, which you shot back a glare. She stood up, waving quickly to both AJ and Dean before jogging of towards the sound of her intro. A low whistle left AJ’s lips before he walked off, chuckling to himself. Dean looked down at me, eyebrow cocked, before he let out a small scoff, walking away.

Your head drooped back onto the floor, as you let out a groan. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” it became like a chant, as you buried your hands into your hair, wanting nothing more than to become one with the floor.

How could someone like him ever like someone like me.

You sprawled your arms and legs out on the floor, staring up at the ceiling and the occasional techie that went past you. You continued mumbling to yourself, admittedly looking like a crazy person.

“This is where I left ya 15 minutes ago,” you recognized the voice, laced with it’s own special irishness. You nodded against the floor, refusing to leave this spot. She sighed out, before lying down next to you. “You okay?” She asked, voice filled with worry. Your head moved towards her direction, throwing her a smile.

“ ‘m fine,” you mumbled out, looking back towards the ceiling. Becky sat up, reaching her hand out for you to take, which you did with a groan. She pulled the both of you up, before hugging you tightly.

“Go hit tha showers kid, ya done for today,” she laughed out, patting your back. You let out a chuckle, making your way towards the showers.


Did you do something bad in your past life? Was some higher power trying to punish you for some reason? You groaned, throwing a middle finger up towards the sky.

You had left your clothes in your locker room. You know, the one that was down the hall. You pulled your towel a little closer to your body, looking around for someone, anyone really to be taking a shower the same time you had. You slowly opened the door, looking around.

Clear. If you made a run for it, maybe, just maybe, no one would even have to know you left your clothes in the first place. You took one more quick look, before shutting the door behind you, feet moving quickly, and then smack.

You ran into someone. Your eyes closed as you began to fall, before arms wrapped around you. Your hold on the towel tightened, as you pleaded with whatever higher power existed to just not let it be one person, just don’t let it be Dean. You opened your eyes carefully, a deep blush pushing itself to your cheeks.

Fuck. Fuck your luck. He stared down at you, mouth tight together.

“U-um, I-I’m so-” he cut you off, taking his jacket off quickly, before sliding it over your shoulders, he took the towel from your hold, keeping it tight as he zipped the jacket up over your form. He shimmied the towel down, before wrapping it around your waist, covering your legs. Your nerves tingled in delight as he brushed your leg a bit.

Your eyes stayed wide as you watched him, a small smile lighting up his features as he stared down at his work. Your mouth hung a bit, as you continued staring at him, before a deep chuckle leapt past his lips. “You okay?” You nodded back quickly, mumbling out a small ‘thank you,’ before he nodded, walking with you to the locker room. His eyes flickered around, challenging anyone who happened to walk past the two of you.

“Lemme just switch my clothes really fast,” you started out, pushing on the door that had your name scribbled onto it. You looked back at him as his hand reached for your wrist, tugging the sleeve of his jacket up a bit, rubbing small circles into the small of your wrist.

“Just bring it to me later,” he mumbled deeply.  This was probably the first one on one conversation you had actually had with Dean, you could feel yourself falling deeper in love with the raspiness of his voice. You nodded up at him, your eyes locking with his. You bit down gently on your lower lip, pulling away from the eye contact. Dean eyes followed your movements as you went back into the locker room, whispering a small goodbye before closing the door.


As you stood by the exit, waiting for Becky, you began to think. How could you return Dean’s jacket without making an ass out of yourself? Right now, it sat up in your hotel room. You wanted nothing more than to run upstairs and put the thing on, your legs shivering a bit. Becky had gotten you to agree to going out, which you were actually excited for. You had gotten a new dress that you had been dying to wear out. Well, scratch that. You were excited until the gentle breeze hit your legs.

I could always give it back to him casually. Like, ‘hey dude, thanks for the loan bro.’ What does Roman call him again? Uce. You could call him that. Right? You groaned at the idea, shifting your feet. What if I came to his hotel room, wearing nothing but his jacket. That would be hot. Then he would at least know what you want. You felt a hand rest on your shoulder, all alarms in your body screaming at you as you whipped around, punching whoever it was in the face.

Your eyes fell wide when you saw Dean lying on the floor, hand covering his face. You looked up, making eye contact with Roman, Becky, and a few of the others as you looked back down at Dean, kneeling down.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit,” you mumbled out, taking Dean’s face in your hands, looking at his face. Becky and Roman rushed over, looking at you in awe, as you went to explain yourself, your hands leaving Dean’s face, cringing as you heard his head smack against the ground, another groan coming from him. Becky’s hand pressed against her forehead as Roman stared at you as if you were crazy, moving to help his best friend up.


My life is over. This is it. I am going to die at this bar, sad and alone.

You pressed your head against the bar, groaning audibly. You heard the clink of another glass being set next to you, the bartender understanding your situation. He thought it was the funniest thing, laughing the entire time you told the story. Luckily, that’s how you ended up with drinks on the house. You heard the sound of someone sitting next to you, not even making the effort to look up.

“Gave ‘im a nice bruiser,” you groaned yet again, moving your head to look over at Becky, never letting it up from the counter. “Warned ‘im not to touch ya, that you get punchy when scared. Wanted ta invite us to go out with ‘im and Ro,” she explained, your hands tangling in your hair as you sat up. Your mind screamed at you as you looked over at her with tear stained cheeks. She whispered a small, ‘oh honey,’ your way before pulling you into a hug. “I think he actually likes ya more after dis,” she whispered, running her fingers through your hair. You pulled away, staring at her like she had grown 2 heads.

“I punched him in the face,” You spoke, wanting nothing more than to just disappear. “I punched the guy I have been in love with for months now, in the face,” She let out a breathy chuckle.

“Ya sure did, nailed ‘im right in the cheek,” you cringed, picturing his bruised face. You took the glass placed in front of you on the bar, before chugging it in one gulp.

“ ‘m gonna go to bed,” you whispered, standing up and making your way towards the elevators. You watched as Becky quickly joined the others down at the bar, all looking back over at you. You sighed as you stepped into the elevator, leaning your head against the wall as the doors closed, leaving you alone with your thoughts. This had probably been the most exhausting day of your entire life.

You opened your hotel door slowly, eyes falling on the jacket that lay neatly on your bed. You remembered the earlier feeling you had wearing it against your uncovered breast, the way the leather felt, the way it smelled just like musk and sweat. You groaned as you reached for it, agreeing with yourself that really, you needed a pick me up after everything that had happened. You quickly stripped of you clothes, placing the jacket over your naked form, relishing in the way it felt against your body.

You lay yourself against the bed, ignoring the noises from the room next door. Your bit your lip, knowing you would have to keep the noise down, as your fingers slipping to your clit, rubbing small circles there. You let out a small whimper of delight as you felt how soaked you had actually been.


I groaned, looking at the small bruise that had been bubbling up on my cheek. Damn could that girl throw a punch. I smiled at the thought of her, god. If I wasn’t already in love with her before, I sure as hell was now. She looked good in my jacket. She looked good in anything. Shoulda taken her then and there. I snapped out of my thoughts at the sound of a small moan coming from the other room. These walls were paper thin, you could hear a needle drop. I moved to ignore it.

“Dean, please,” it was quiet, but shit. It was there. I held back a groan as I kneeled on the bed, sitting against the wall. I could recognize that voice almost anywhere. My cock became hard almost instantly at the thought of her, fingers deep in that cute little pussy. I wonder what she was picturing me doing to her. The things I could do to her. Could go over there, give her what she’s practically beggin’ for. Another quiet moan interrupted my thoughts. I groaned at the noise, tugging off the basketball shorts I had been wearing, my cock shooting up. I closed my eyes at my touch, wanting nothing more than for it to be replaced by her delicate hands, fuck, that tight pussy.

I could tell she was close, her moans becoming louder, as I rubbed my shaft roughly, wanting nothing more than to get off with her. My hand stuttered a bit, strings of cum shooting onto my stomach, as I heard her moan my name loudly. I shot up immediately, cleaning off my stomach before throwing my basketball shorts back on, plucking the t shirt from earlier from the floor, ripping my door open before pushing it over my head.


You leaned your head back against the bedpost, your orgasm washed over you. You shivered in delight. Your eyes flickered over to the door, listening to the light knocking. Expecting it to be Becky, you grabbed your panties from the floor throwing them on before going to answer the door.

“Becks, really I’m fine,” you groaned as you opened the door, eyes shooting open as you came face to face with Dean. You slammed the door quickly, nerves rushing over you. You looked down at your attire, panties and Dean’s jacket. Seriously??

“Open the door,” his voice was deep, gravely. You slowly obeyed, pulling a blanket around yourself, jacket included, hiding your body behind the door.

I’m sorry I punched you, it’s a reflex when I get scared,” you spoke quickly, looking at the bruise on his cheek. He let out a deep chuckle, pushing on the door a bit.

“ S’okay. Probably one the cutest things I’ve seen you do,” he spoke, watching as you raised an eyebrow curiously. He shut the door slowly, growling a bit as he grabbed the blanket. “You know how turned on I am right now?” his voice was low, as he backed you against the wall. You shook your head, not knowing what the hell he was talking about, biting your lip as you felt your pussy tingle at his words. Another deep, almost menacing chuckle past his lips. His arms trapped you against the wall, his head nodding in the direction of the wall by the bed. “Walls are so damn thin, heard every little moan,” he groaned out, smirking down, before tugging on the blanket. “Fucking look at you,” he took in the sight, a blush dusting across your cheeks, his jacket like a goddamn dress on you. You let out a small whimper at his words, a smirk lighting up his features as he moved his face towards yours. Without warning, his lips crashed against yours, tongue immediately slipping in, taking any ounce of dominance you had. His hands grabbed at your hips roughly, before slipping to your ass, picking you up before throwing you onto the bed, his fingers immediately finding your core, rubbing you through the pair of panties you had thrown on.

“Made me cum all over m’self,” he mumbled out, a quiet moan passing your lips as you imagined him pleasuring himself to you. “Ya already fucking soaked, shit,” he groaned, moving down, ripping your panties off. Before you could scold him, his scruff burned your thighs, his lips wrapped around your clit, sucking roughly, before moving his tongue against your folds.

“Fuck,” you practically screamed out, your fingers tangling in his hair, pulling him closer to your core. His hands gripped roughly at your hips, pulling you closer to him, your moans growing louder with each passing second. “D-Dean,” you mumbled out, the bubble inside you bursting quickly. He groaned as he continued licking at your pussy, placing a quick kiss to your clit, before moving up, his lips devouring yours in a hungry kiss. His fingers made work of unzipping his jacket, a rough moan leaving his lips as he saw you wearing nothing underneath.

“Tryna kill me,” he groaned out, his lips immediately latching onto your collarbone as nipped and kissed at the skin roughly. “Know why I gave this to y’ earlier?” You shook your head, a small ‘no,’ leaving your lips as his hands found your breasts, massaging them gently as he spoke. “So any asshole who thought they were good enough to make a move on you knew y’mine, knew that this perfect little pussy belongs to me.” it came out as a deep growl, your head resting against the pillows as you moaned at his words.

A surge of confidence flew through you as you pushed his back to the bed, grinding you wetness against his cock teasingly. “Babydoll, don’t tease me,” his teeth were pressed together, trying to hold back moans. The grip he had on your hips became bruising. You let out a gentle whimper, before you finally lowered yourself onto his dick.

You bit down your lip, enough to draw a small speck of blood, as he fully sheathed himself inside you. A loud squeal left your lips as he thrusted up into you, his lips wrapping around your breast, before placing small love bites around your chest. “Better not be keeping those beautiful noises from me,” he warned, You nodded back quickly, whimpering his name out as you started moving yourself, his fingers digging into your hips, as he met with your thrusts. “Look how well you’re taking m’cock,” he let out a deep chuckle, his lips found the underside of your chin, his scruff tickling a bit.

“Dean,” you whined out, growing tired of the slow thrusts that had been taking place. You felt him smirk against your throat, as he placed one last bite there.

“Gotta tell me what you want doll,” he spoke, moving his hips up to meet yours in slow, gentle thrusts. His hands roamed around every inch of your skin, before you pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss.

“Aren’t you gonna fuck me like a man,” you whimpered out against his lips, a deep growl passing his as he pulled out, practically throwing you on your back. His kisses became bruising against your lips, letting out an almost whorish scream as he filled you again, no warning. His thrusts became animalistic, hitting all the right spots almost instantly. His hand slithered around your neck, a slight pressure being pressed down. Any words you wanted to say at the moment became noise, pleasure overriding every nerve in your body.  

“What happened to that pretty little sass, huh?” He huffed, his thrusts never slowing, as his hands drifted, one holding your hips up as the other went to rub circles into your clit. “Look at you, fucking gorgeous doll,” he licked his lips, a breathy chuckle leaving his lips as his name became like a chant on your lips. “Yeah? Like when I fuck you like this?”

“Yes, yes, fuck, Dean,” your head fell back, the knot in your stomach quickly unraveling.

“Don’t you dare fuckin’ cum until I tell you to,” he growled out, you whined loudly, every muscle in your body screaming at you to cum, but god, you refused to disobey. “Gonna cum with my babydoll?” He questioned, though it came out as more of a command. You nodded wordlessly, all concentration focused on him. His thrusts became sloppy, his lips pressed to yours in a heated kiss before he growled a quick, ‘now,’ against your lips.

Your screams of pleasure echoed around the walls as you finally released, his groans mashing with yours as your walls tightened around his cock. His hips stuttered into yours, riding out each of your orgasms. Even as your orgasms died down, his lips connected with yours, deep breaths mixing together. He pulled out, before pulling you around, you straddling his waist as you continued a small make out session, before you rested your forehead against his. He smiled up at you, a light giggle bubbling past your lips. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you into his chest as he moved the collar of his jacket a bit, gentle, loving kisses falling against your neck.

You smiled down at him, as he rested his head against your breasts. You heard him mumble something against your skin, cocking an eyebrow. “Repeat,” you whispered, your eyes widening with surprise when he repeated the words against your lips.

“I said I think I’m fallin’ in love you,” he whispered, kissing against the bright smile that had appeared on your lips as you repeated the words back over and over. Your phone buzzing interrupted your thoughts, as you reached over to pick it up. You answered quickly, Becky’s voice filling your ears.

“You okay lass?” She sounded quilty. You threw a quick ‘mhm,’ into the phone, giggling into the phone as Dean placed playful kisses against your throat. “What are ya doin’?” She spoke, as you started whispering to Dean to cut it out, which he groaned, before pulling out his stubborn streak and continuing to do so anyway. “Oh god, please tell me ya aren’t doin’ what I think you’re doin’,” she groaned into the phone, before hanging up quickly. At that, Dean took your phone throwing it across the room, before pushing you under his body, giggles filling the room as he whispered, ‘Round 2,’ against your lips, removing his jacket from your body and throwing it across the room.


Light knocks woke you up, you turned to your side, a sleeping Dean next to you. You smiled, placing a quick kiss against his cheek before grabbing a bathrobe, wrapping it around yourself before opening the door. You stepped out, seeing Becky. She was beaming at you, before she wrapped her arms around you.

The two of you talked in hushed voices, avoiding waking Dean up. You agreed to talk over lunch later, if you could actually get him to wake up. You snuck back into the room, moving quietly against the floor. The second you made it to the side of the bed, arms wrapped around you, pulling you in close.

“Where’d you go,” he mumbled into your chest, placing sleepy kisses there. You gently ran your fingers through his hair, as he groaned tiredly against your skin.

“Just talking with Becky,” you whispered, placing a kiss to his shoulder. “Go back to sleep,” he nodded against you, pulling your waist close. You giggled quietly, closing your own eyes again. “Before I forget, we have lunch with her today,” an aggravated groan mixed in with a few cuss words came from the sleepy lunatic before he begrudgingly agreed, mumbling a small command of ‘don’t leave again,’ before his small snores filled your ears. 


So many things hung in the balance, and he couldn’t even protect the one thing that had been keeping him going the entire time.

One of the main traits I had picked for Oli when defining his character was his devoutness to Dalish tradition and his clan. While the leadership aspects of being Inquisitor come naturally to him as he’s been conditioned to eventually assume the role as Clan Lavellan’s keeper, he doesn’t necessarily enjoy being in the Inquisition. While saving the world is all fine and dandy, really getting back home is his end goal. 

So naturally, I had to kill off the clan or realistically he would have fucked off before even getting close to Trespasser.

Aph America’s had some strange scenery changes in hetalia like in the first 4 seasons, he lived in a mansion, In the Scary movie episodes it was a HUGE chique apartment with abstract chairs, and in the episode where he was room-mates with Japan, it was a reasonable sized house/townhouse(?)? Where’s he gonna live in season 6? ??? a baseball stadium? A trailer? stay tuned kiddos

turntechgoddamnitt  asked:

I really love your banner art! Did you draw the galaxy background yourself and if so how??? It looks beautiful I am DECEASED

sorry for the late response, ive been busy with school stuff! i did draw it myself, thanks! and also partially the reason i took a long time to reply was because i was making a TUTORIAL!!! so here is my tutorial under the cut! (i always end up merging my layers so i had to redraw the whole thing. lmao)

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minhoandthebabes replied to your post “anyway jjongXboys gives me the most life pls talk to me more about it…”

okay but what about jjongXtallboys because he seems to be all over that

jjong and tall boys do u mean the Reason I am Alive.

like ok ;;; jjong ;;; he’s got this real height thing and he’s had it for a while bc even as a kid he was a tiny so he always felt really jealous of taller dudes in his class and stuff but then he realizes it’s not jealousy he’s just into tall dudes ;;; when he’s watching a drama and an actor makes his heart ‘!!!’ he immediately looks up their height and like wow u don’t even have to be that tall to be a tall boy to kim jonghyun as long as ur over 176 cm u r a tall boy and he would like to be kissed by u ;;; he also knows that craning his neck to look up at someone makes him look //really// cute ;; plus??? tall boys are also usually strong?? and u know what that means??? being carried around that’s what it means ;; like he might whine a little at first but sleepy jjong being carried from the couch to bed?? being lifted off his toes away from the stove so tall bf can finish making breakfast instead???;;; being pulled off chairs he stands on to reach high-up things and then!! being spun around and giggling??? also being held means he can give top of head and forehead kissies too which are like… his favorite thing both giving and receiving ;;; also if tall boy goes to sleep first jjong likes to be the big spoon ;; it’s usually pretty awkward depending on how tall bf is but jjong likes slinging his arm over bf’s side and pressing up against him and pushing himself up so he can kiss the back of bf’s head ;; big spoon jonghyun tries rlly hard ;;; jonghyun loves tall boys and tall boys love jonghyun bc he likes being tiny and held and kissied and he’s just the most affectionate bb out there!! 

They did her so wrong. She didn’t deserve to get treated so badly by a show that she was on for 3 ½ seasons. There are cast members who were on there for 2 seasons and got more attention than her. The main reason is bc of the people in this fucking fandom and the irrelevant producers/writers of the show.
I honestly laugh every time I see someone trying to make up a reason as to why they hate her or her character. Arden is a down to earth, selfless, kind, talented, funny, and adorable person. She has made minor mistakes that aren’t conducive to her overall personality.
And Kira was a badass kitsune who’s storyline had so much potential. People literally hate on Kira only bc “she can never replace Allison” and “she’s so irrelevant”. Guess what–her character isn’t just around to be Scott’s arm candy. Her character is supposed to depict how much a person can grow in desperate times, how necessary it is to be selfless, and etc.
Furthermore, I appreciated stallison and scira. Both relationships demonstrated that a person can learn a lot from their significant other and grow. Stallison was infatuation at sight but both of them came to appreciate one another as a person. Scira was more of a slow-building relationship that went from being a little more than friends to romantic partners in crime.
I digress–most of her co-stars didn’t even bat an eye towards her while she was on the show and they still don’t. She was never appreciated and she never will be due to the ignorant attitudes of the writers, cast, and fandom. @Hollywood your ingrained, bigoted attitudes are still OH so transparent.

JT Anon - What’s Worth Protecting - part 2

Well well well, its a batch of boys! Personally Im not a fan of Hal, it makes me think of Haldol. I will say i am very smitten with the middle name though, so high five to whoever came up w that one.

I’m going to assume that this is in fact the name and supposed birthdate of the second baby. Personally, Im thrilled w the idea that there is no official announcement. for many reasons

With the first baby, we had a glossy spread in the papers, an official announcement from PR teams, Paparazzi photos w links to onesies for purchase, and a wonderful media tour where BC talked all about his little darling.

This time? poor little Hallie, hardly anything official for him. Which begs the question, since little Halster could be born and live in the world as their child for almost a month without fanfare, why on earth was that needed for our dear little Chris?

I mean, was Chris not worth the protection? Was the intimate details of the precious few weeks of their first loved child not worth quiet family time? Why was poor Chris dragged out for the paparazzi, having his little face splashed all over the media? Poor little defenceless dear. Babies are SO helpless.

Why were there media write ups pre prepared for little Christ, to announce his arrival w pictures and links and services?

Why was little Chris used as a point of interest during daddies media tour?

Why was Chris’s face put up for sale?

Its become very clear with the birth of dear sweet Hal that Benedict and Sophie are perfectly capable of having a baby and enjoying the first few weeks of his life without ANY MEDIA ATTENTION AT ALL.

So, why was Chris up for grabs? Why was Chris put on complete and total display, going so far as to literally be put on sale?

Now settle down nannies, take a deeeep yoga breath. Im not even saying that Chris and Hal are fake. no no no. for this exercise, im saying they are REAL! A very very real family of love, w shrieks of laughter and cries of infants and a house just full of LOVE and CHILDREN.

So I ask again nannies, why didn’t Ben protect Christopher and keep his birth as quiet as Hals?

Hal had no announcement

Hal had no article about services on offer at the hospital

Hal had no pre prepared birth announcement ready to go to the media from official PR, even pre dated.

Hal, so far, has not been photographed by professional paparazzi and put in the papers (like Chris, tsk tsk daddy not a word of concern when that happened)

So….why did Ben and Sophie choose to accept and participate in all the media use of Christopher in his first year of life, when he could keep it quiet and precious and protected like he has with Hal?

What is it about little Chris that makes him disposable and useable and brandable and marketable and saleable for media and public consumption, and not out newest little one?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m CERTAIN the double pram paparazzi photo is on its way. There will be products to be sold after all, and babies don’t media brand themselves. isn’t that right ben? you have media coming up soon? daddy does need to be in the papers soon. so great you have two children you can use, mmm?

But why oh why wasn’t there the fanfare for Hal like there was for Chris?

He used his resources to protect Hal for at least 3 weeks.

I wonder what it is about Chris that meant there had to be pre-arranged media presented. hmmmm. what on earth could the difference be I wonder….

J loves the name Auden T anon

PS. I sure am wondering who in the Sophie or Ben camp is so rotten that they just seem to be continuously leaking this private couples most precious event details to the media? I mean, my god, weddings and christening and births! They really ought to clean house! tsk tsk tsk


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I have an answer and it has to do with unfavourable press on Ben’s CBE announcement at the time JT.

Then again, I’m a big, bad, mean, black-hearted, cynical Skeptic.

Oh well…

It’s seriously crazy to me that Densi got together over two years ago. I’ve been rewatching the best moments from their relationship and they just make me so happy. I’ve followed their relationship from the start and they were the reason I joined tumblr. I just can’t believe so much time has passed already.
From their undercover op as a couple to their first real kiss to Deeks’ torture and recover to Kensi’s kid napping experience and finally they getting together. From Deeks’ internal affair incident and Kensi’s injury. So much had happened yet it seems like just yesterday they got together on that ice rink. I remember watching that episode bc I was catching up and I had no idea about the promo videos that hinted at them getting together to I had no clue and I literally was so holy I was crying.?It seems like just yesterday that they first met, and I asked my dad (who I used to watch the show with until college bc I moved out) who this new guy was. It seems like just yesterday that I first saw them together and fell in love with their relationship. They are probably the healthiest depiction of a relationship on television right now and every week they have the cutest scenes. I can’t believe I’ve been this lucky to see their relationship progress in such a beautiful and positive way bc they are probably my only ship that is officially together (and that still has new content coming out weekly). Ugh I just love Densi so so much and I can’t believe that I’ve been invested in this tv show for so long. It’s a constant in my life.
I’m so excited for what the future holds for Kensi and Deeks together. Fingers crossed we get that proposal (and wedding) soon bc it’d be a dream come true.

i feel weird bc everyone else seems to have had this big aha gay moment but i spent a lot of my younger years pushing the very idea of being gay to the back of my head and trying to shove it down but it was still always like there and the only reason i accepted i might be gay was bc a friend came out to me and it just feels like the entire thing has been a sort of numb if not painful experience for me idk i feel v disconnected from being gay if that makes sense