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Sister Slaves

This is a story given to me by Hannah known as hortzzz on Tumblr. Enjoy .


One day I had gotten an email. It was from brothel in Thailand. They had sent me a photo of a girl named Hannah. She was 19, from Australia. She was, at least, partially Asian. Had a great body. Also word had it that she was a virgin, which a virgin commands top dollar on the slave market. The man from the brothel offered me $500,000. Too good to pass up.

I found her Tumblr page and found a lot of animated bdsm artwork on her page. I followed her and began corresponding with her on Tumblr. I began asking personal questions of her which, surprisingly, she was very open. She had told me she was both a vaginal and anal virgin. She also admitted having fantasies about being a sex slave. She then sent me a couple of pics of herself. She apologized for one for having someone else in the picture. Turned out it was her sister. Her name was Ayunna. She was 21. She had a little darker hair and seemed more Asian. Then it came to me, we maybe kidnap both.

Mistress Sydney and I took our private jet over to Australia. Sydney particularly enjoyed it because it was her first opportunity at foreign travel since we acquired her. We arrived that Monday and surveilled both women to find their patterns. Finally on Friday night, they both decided to go to a nightclub together. Both dressed hot. Hannah was wearing a black mini tank dress with white strappy opened toed heels. Ayunna was wearing pretty much the same thing except a white dress and black heels. They were dancing together. A lot of guys were trying to hit on both. They were pretty much ignored as the girls it turned out were total dick teases. Finally Sydney saw this as a chance to get in good with them. Sydney was dressed in black mini tank dress with beige colored strappy open toed heels.

“It seems we can’t go to a club without a bunch of yahoos trying to hit on us” observed Ayunna.

“Tell me about it” responded Sydney.

“I think I might start carrying pepper spray heh heh” chimed in Hannah.

“Hey you want to go out on the floor again?” Asked Hannah.

“Sure why not. Be right you, just wanted to check my messages” responded Sydney. Then while they weren’t looking, Sydney dropped some ghb in both girls drinks and then joined both ladies for more dancing. After 20 minutes, they returned to their seats where both ladies finished their drinks. It was almost 3am.

“Well we’re heading out. We’re getting kinda tired. Here’s my phone number if you wanna hang out one night” said Ayunna.

“Cool. How you ladies getting home?” Responded Sydney

“Taking a cab” responded Hannah.

“Same here. I’ll call it in.” Said Sydney.

The cab Sydney called was a rental van I was driving. I got there in less than 5 minutes. Just after Hannah and Ayunna got in the van, the drugs started to take affect.

“Oh my god. What was in that last drink, I’m really feeling lightheaded now ” said Hannah.

“Same here. Can we get a window open?” Chimed in Ayunna.

“You girls alright?” Responded Sydney.

“No. I’m so dizzy” said Ayunna.

Finally both girls passed out. On our way to the airport, Sydney, took rope and tied both girls up putting both in a hogtie. I had to admire the way Sydney can make an art form out of bondage. We had combo ball gags/blindfolds for both. When we arrived at the airport, we brought both on the plane and placed them in the cargo section in cages. It would be a long trip back to Virginia. We had to have fueling stops in Hawaii, Los Angeles and St. Louis. It was actually 3am also Saturday morning eastern time when we arrived in the airport. Bruce and Rick arrived to assist placing both cages in the van. By this time they were both awake and screaming although the ball gags muted it a little bit. At this point, they must have been totally disoriented.

We drove back to the state of the art(at least for us lol, not for them) slave training facility. We put the cages on a cart and took the elevator 3 floors underground. We took them out of the cages, stripped them of their clothes and we tethered them to what’s called an arch back device which has them bent over on their backs and we secure wrists, ankles, necks, and above the elbows. We took off both gags temporarily to give them both water. Both were laced with a stimulant that increases their sexual urges. We then attached to their clits vibrators that ran on a timer. It would go on and off every 3-4 minutes all night enough to edge both slaves. It was part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation that we subject our slaves to.

Finally we attached to the ears earbuds which most of the time would play white noise. The rest of the time would be their disorientation tape. It would give the slaves the following message.

“Hello bitch. As you can see by now, you are now a sex slave. You will be beginning your training and you’re transformation to an obedient, compliant slave. The more you comply and obey, the easier the training will be.

You are no longer human beings. You have no human rights. You are now just property, merchandise. A man’s pleasure. Sex object. You are just tits and 3 fuckholes for a man or maybe woman to use and abuse for their pleasure. You are inferior to men. You probably even inferior to animals. You’re a dumb filthy whore. A worthless brainless cunt. A piece of meat. A fucktoy. A rape toy.”

For Hannah and Ayunna, whatever they were 24 hours before, they no longer were. Their transformation from independent women to obedient sex slaves had begun. And constant edging provided both sexual and psychological torture both slaves. And physical torture would also be included as well.

We kept the slaves in that state for 6 hours. It certainly seemed longer.


To be continued

anonymous asked:

Thoughts of FW calling out Medieval PoC?

The post anonymous is referring to. I’m going to get a bunch of angry reblogs and asks. My thoughts? First thing is first, I’m confused on why people are suddenly realizing that GirlJanitor created and is the owner MedievalPoC. Moving on, this is going to be a long post anonymous, grab some popcorn and a drink. 

I’m beginning to take that crew’s claims of being certain race/ethnicities with a gain of salt. First you have Riley/Nikkia claiming to be Egyptian, West Indian Native, Native American, Indian and they pretend to be Japanese on their side blog. I’ve seen comments on sf-drama that Riley/Nikkia went through a phase where they were obsessed with Indian culture and claimed to be Indian and then turned around and began obsessing over Japanese people and their culture. 

Then we have certain people in the crew, like Genderbitch/HexGoddess who become an honorary person of color or in some cases an honorary Black person in arguments. 

I honestly would not be surprised if GirlJanitor turned out to be a white person pretending to be Native American, Polska Roma, and Mexican. An Rromani blogger came to me and they spoke about how they felt that GirlJanitor is a fake. They gave me a few posts, as evidence of GirlJanitor’s ancestry stories did not add up. One of these posts was about GirlJanitor telling everyone their “Blue Spot” myth story. 

They wrote a post about having a “blue spot” and I quote

“The only time I ever met me father was an hour after I was born. He took one look at me and said, "this is my child.” When my mother and her family wondered how he was so certain, he showed them my Blue Spot. All of his family had been born with Blue spots: some of my mother’s family knew of them because of Roma heritage, but I only child in at least a generation who’d been born with one.“

Now I can post the screenshot in case anyone thinks I’m lying. If you are not aware of what a Blue Spot is, it’s actually called a Mongolian Spot or Mongolian Blue Spot or “congenital dermal melanocytosis”. It’s a birthmark. They can be found anywhere on the body but are commonly found on the lower back or butt. They are common amongst Native Americans, Africans (including people of African descent), Asians and Latinos. Whites can get them but they are not as common. It’s not surprising for a Native American to have one, or Rromani to have them since they are of Indian origin. 

When I first wrote this section, I had assumed they (GirlJanitor) were saying that there’s Roma heritage on both sides of their family, their mother and father’s. But I was wrong and it’s easy to assume this since they did not actually state that their father was Native American in the beginning. It was not until I was writing the paragraphs below did I catch my mistake. I had to check the tags on the original post and saw that they had tagged it “Native American” and “NDN” as well as “Blue Spot, Mongolian Spot, Mongolian mole, birthmarks, heritage, truth, medical abuse, dermatology”. I think because of this that people were confused and thought that their father was Rromani. 

To continue, they state this about their Roma heritage

"some of my mother’s family knew of them because of Roma heritage, but I only child in at least a generation who’d been born with one." 

GirlJanitor continues on and explains that they went to a white dermatologist and he “completely flipped out over my spot” and was “convinced it was some kind of skin cancer”. Bullshit. Unless they had the dumbest dermatologist in the world, there is no way a licensed dermatologist would mistake a Mongolian Blue Spot for a type of skin cancer. Mongolian Blue Spots have actually been mistaken for bruises, but not skin cancer!

I also love how they are specific when it came to the ethnicities of their previous dermatologist, Chinese and Indian. Coincidence? I personally do not think so. 

"It is a reminder to me that white people will always try to steal my heritage and who I am.”

Really? If this story is true, it seems more like a dumb dermatologist who thought a Mongolian Blue Spot was skin cancer and should be out of a job. I’m sure there’s more to Lakota people than a Mongolian Spot. 

This entire story feels made up to me. I have a screenshot of someone responding to their post and saying that it’s not an uncommon condition in regards to having a Mongolian Spot. GirlJanitor responds 

“So much :3 for my people with Blue Spots!

My mom’s paternal family is Polska Roma via Germany, so they knew about blue spots but none of my mom’s generation had one.”

Paternal family means on one’s father’s side. Their mother’s father (GirlJanitor’s grandfather)’s side of the family is Polska Roma. The Rromani blogger I talked to said that GirlJanitor switched from paternal to maternal. But in these posts it says paternal. Maybe the blogger I was spoke to had it mixed up or GirlJanitor switched back. 

In a post entitled “[tw: racism, genocide] Apparently it IS fucking genocide celebration day], they write:

"Like seriously. Okay. I get it. I’m 40% Native American, 25% Polska Roma, I’m AFAB and I have a cognitive disability. A lot of people have had a pretty big interest in wiping me off the face of the earth. I’m triply, quadruply "undesirable”

I’m not sure how it’s possible for someone to be 40% Native American. 

“My gramma B. came over to America during WW2 hidden in a suitcase barried by a white Jewish family. My family now tries to deny she as Roma, and honestly think that started well before the current generation, and shit like this is why. I’m just like, okayy, if she could have passed for white, why the fuck did she have to hide??? Every other part of the story changes with the teller except the hiding in the suitcase part, but fuck that shit because I remember my grammar B and I remember how the story went when SHE told it.

If I was her I would have done my best to pass the second I got here, too. My two uncles barely passed, unlike my mom who’s really light-skinned.”

If their grandmother was so obviously Polska Roma and “their uncles and grandfather used to say they were “Sicilian”“. Why would their family deny it? Especially when they clearly seemed to be doing otherwise in the Mongolian Blue Spot post. And if you’re family is constantly denying that they’re Polska Roma then shouldn’t you listen to them? If they keep denying it, it’s probably because they’re not. They also claimed to be Mexican (mestiz@) ancestry they claim. Not sure what the percent is or where it comes from. 

When it comes to their Lakota heritage, they’re not even connected.

Honestly, it’s this kind of reaction to Black Natives and Freedmen that makes me extremely disinterested in connecting with my tribe in any kind of official capacity.

I’m assuming I’m one of those that the OP was directed at-an NDN who’s not enrolled or connected to my tribe because of several of the reasons listed…and since I’m not Black, my heritage isn’t officially denied because I’m mixed.

Of course there are reasons for this as the OP mentioned. The problem is, GirlJanitor is disconnected from their Native American and Rromani heritage but somehow they manage to speak over all of the people who are connected, where raised in their culture(s), etc. Why is this? They know absolutely nothing about any of the groups they try to lay claim to but they are still a giant voice. The Native American community on tumblr recently had a giant blow up where a few tumblr users were named to be fake NDNs or at least disingenuous. I follow a lot of Native American bloggers and I know how serious situations like this are even if I’m not apart of that community. Many Rromani people have also voiced concern over people pretending to be apart of their community.

Why hasn’t GirlJanitor been called out? If they have, why is their voice still raised up high over other people? This probably would not be a problem if GirlJanitor actually listened when people pointed out their mistakes and learned from people, who are more knowledgeable, in the communities they try to claim. And it wouldn’t be a problem if they did not go around posting inaccurate information on their personal blog and on MedievalPoC, which ironically spreads historical inaccuracies while trying to fight them and is simply a terrible blog. 

They have said some inaccurate things about American Rromani

"It can be difficult because many Romani people from bygone eras don’t meet the set of "racialized POC features” criteria in the U.S. By which I mean, most Romani and Roma people who came to the United States immediately began passing for being passed as white. 

Many people have pointed that out to be untrue, and in fact GirlJanitor called one person a “swarmy cunt”. Passing as white years ago was not as easy people on tumblr liked to think, and even in present day, Rromani people still lay low.

There are more inaccurate things but this post is already too long, and people have explained in detail the issues with MedievalPoC and I will reblog/queue those posts after I finish this ask. But in short, I do not like GirlJanitor because they cannot take an ounce of criticism, the blog they run is terrible and spreads inaccurate information, and they run with a group of people who are incredibly abusive. If GirlJanitor’s family stories do turn out to be true, then they need to do more learning than speaking over people. They allegedly have also told people to kill themselves.

If they are lying, and they really are only German American then they need to stop.

When it comes to the other things spoken about in the post, I have my fair share of problems with it. I do not know anything about NLD but I’m not sure how you can say someone is not based off handwriting. PoC (People of Color) is not a racist term; it’s a term that has been misused amongst Tumblr SJ. There are some non-white people who do not want to label themselves as that and that’s perfectly fine. The photo FactualWiley posted of GirlJanitor, the one at the end that looks like someone made a Hitler mustache on them. Because in the original photo it wasn’t there, and I know it was done on purpose and to be malicious and I find it disgusting. Just because they’re German or has German ancestry doesn’t mean they’re a Nazi. 

For right now these are all my thoughts. As I said before I will be reblogging, posting, and queuing some receipts on the GirlJanitor situation. If any questions, send me a message.

loudandloveit-blog  asked:

Hey there! How do you feel about the National Geographic article on how the average American will look like by 2050. Do you think it is accurate ? In addition to this, I read several comments stating that the white race is recessive and everyone will be of African descent again... (Comments were a bit more racist in tone...I cleaned it up). Thoughts ? Cheers! Christina

Wow, so I hadn’t seen this before, but a bit of Tumblr digging points me to this post (which has 250,000+ notes as of this writing, so someone should check the reality filter, I think it’s broken). Short answer: The photo is real, but the caption is complete BS. Longer answer …  here we go:

The photo in the Tumblr post is certifiably printed within the pages of the October 2013 issue of National Geographic, but that “Americans in 2050” business is not anything close what the actual piece is about. By the way, October 2013 is the 125th anniversary special photo issue, and I highly recommend picking up if you have the means. Choice snaps from the history of NatGeo. I happen to be at my parents’ house right now, and they had the issue sitting on the coffee table. Pics or it didn’t happen, of course:

The actual article is called “The Changing Face of America,”  accompanied by the beautiful portrait work of Martin Schoeller. The article itself, by Lise Funderburg, deals with the changing idea of race over the years, from the erroneous early 20th century notion that some races were genetically superior to others, to its more modern but equally inadequate identity as a social construct which seems to exist more for Census Bureau purposes than any real human or moral utility (not to mention all of the attendant violence, hatred, and injury that comes along with said inadequate social construct, which my passing mention does little justice to). The portraits, all of mixed-race Americans, serve to underscore the inadequacy of our culture’s racial labeling system for both the describer and the describee. Meanwhile, the article reminds us that eliminating the vocabulary of race doesn’t eliminate the sins of the past or present, nor does it stop us from subconsciously identifying race in less than a tenth of a second, an odd habit that a University of Colorado brain imaging study showed that we do, in fact, do.

So, no, the thing you asked about is not accurate. This kind of viral misinformation happens all the time on Tumblr, and elsewhere on the internet. Esquire has a great article about that epidemic, you should read it

On race and genetics in general… Geneticists have determined that human beings, no matter what they call each other, differ by as little as 0.1% (and no more than 0.4%) on a DNA level. I mean, of course someone that we call “white” is genetically different than someone we call “black”, hence the different deposition of melanin pigments in their skin, but that’s so obviously a dumb way to differentiate people that I don’t think I need to say any more about it.

On the idea that the “white race” is recessive… While also wrong, here’s the logical hopscotch behind it, as well as I can tell: Human ancestors originated in Africa. Most modern humans native to Africa have brown skin of some hue, so maybe our African human ancestors did too? People of European descent have paler skin, which means that somewhere along their migration out of Africa a series of genetic mutations led to having less pigment, at least for the specific lineage of humans who became Europeans. This helped them make more vitamin D in the less-intense sunshine of northern latitudes. The idea that it’s “recessive,” since white/_____ mixed race children aren’t completely white, is … well, at best that’s a misuse of vocabulary, and at worst it’s genetic racism. Being of African descent again? When did we stop being of African descent? Homo sapiens all hail from the same home.

Oh, and that girl in the photo? Her name is Jordan Spencer, and she’s from Grand Prairie, TX. If she represents the future of America, then the future is going to be a gorgeous and mixed up place that our 20th century ideas about race simply won’t be equipped to describe. Maybe new and better ideas will take their place. You know, ideas about people instead of races.

The real article ends with a fitting thought, thanks to Walt Whitman, who I hear was pretty good with words:

I am large, I contain multitudes.

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa


She’s normally in such a rush to get from point A to point B that she normally just doesn’t pay attention to the little sign above the handle. And then she audibly complains when there isn’t a sign like “Well how was I supposed to know??? They didn’t even tell me!”

“Yang that still doesn’t justify breaking the door off the hinges.”

“I said Weiss would pay for it what more do you want from me?”

  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them


Sometimes she gets bored in class and decides to doodle. She also likes the idea of another student seeing it later and stopping to think about what it means.

Except she doesn’t draw it on the desk. She carves it into the wood.

[Insert disgruntled Weiss in the background shouting “That is MAHOGANY”]

(pan girls have no respect for fine wood)

  • Who starts the tickle fights


Yang is extremely ticklish and the fact that she doesn’t wear a shirt that properly covers her midriff is super tempting. 

  • Who starts the pillow fights


And it’s not even a bedroom thing either. Like, Yang could be minding her own business, watching TV or rummaging through the fridge when


By the time she regains her bearings her ninja girlfriend has already disappeared and she’s getting hit by another pillow from the other side.

Then a full on pillow war begins and they normally have to go and buy new ones.

  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

Both but mostly Blake.

Blake is the more nocturnal one of the two which she uses to get some time to read while Yang is finally quiet. And a lot of the time Yang falls asleep on her lap so she smiles while playing with her hair and when she finally turns in for bed she carefully adjusts Yang so that she’s sleeping on her chest instead.

But there are nights when Blake is particularly tired and falls asleep first and Yang lays there, head propped up on her hand while she caresses Blake’s face and smiles down at how peaceful she looks when sleeping and giggling at the small twitches of her ears as they pick up on distant sounds and hums of the house.

  • Who mistakes salt for sugar


Normally she switches the two to mess with Blake but Blake is always one step ahead and knows better. So instead she switches the two on Yang and watches as Yang suffers while sipping her coffee.

  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning


Even though Yang is more of the late-night eater she always stops the microwave early to make sure it doesn’t go off and wake up Blake. However, Yang is a pretty heavy sleeper so Blake does whatever the fuck she wants really.

  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines


She’s a natural at it. Not that they’re all good but she just always seems to know what to say to fluster Blake. Blake tries to retaliate by googling some to use but Yang catches her in the act and teases her relentlessly.

  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order


Yang does the movies. Last time she touched one of Blake’s books she ended up sleeping out on the terrace in nearly below freezing weather.

  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies


Yang is already so used to letting Ruby lick the spoon that she offers it to Blake out of habit. Most of the time they share it, though. However, even though she won’t admit it, Blake likes having it to herself. Not that Yang minds.

  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion


Even though Blake is the more romantic of the two, Yang can do some things. And Blake appreciates it. Win-win.

  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen


Yang likes doing silly little doodles on Blake to earn smile or giggle from her. Normally they’re in class or studying or something though so it’s nothing major. 

(She also likes drawing little hearts on Blake’s scars and kissing her in each place to show her how much she’s loved despite her imperfections and marks of self-infliction)

Blake goes all out though. 

She gets those washable little paints and has Yang lay topless and paints on her back and they’ll have a conversation while she’s working (like that one tumblr post)

Or sometimes she takes a pen and draws elaborate designs down both of Yang’s arms and colors it in with non-toxic markers or sometimes just leaves it black and white.

  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation


Yang started the tradition, but she never bought them for herself. She did it for Blake, since being in the White Fang and constantly on the run she never really had time to take much note of where she was. Yang wants to change that though.

She wants to make sure Blake remembers where they’ve been so she can remember the memories they made there. To cover up the emptiness she felt while with the WF and bad memories of her past deeds.

  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines


It’s not that she doesn’t believe in the strength of their relationship - in fact, it’s quite the opposite. She definitely and strongly believes in their bond and likes to make fun of the dumb, generic surveys by seeing what results they get and laughing at how far off they are.