i had to make them a lot smaller

Here’s a little five second transformation for all of you because I think it’s important to remember to love your body for how it looks and to not compare yourself with others. On the left i’m standing nice and tall and flexing my stomach, and on the right is me relaxed all squishy with cute little rolls. I have always carried a lot of skin on my stomach doesn’t matter what size I am and when I sit I it creates little rolls. I use to be really insecure about them and would hate even being looked at when I sat and I would check every time I sat down to see if they have gotten any smaller. I would look around at other girls who sat down and didn’t have rolls and really wish I had their bodies because I thought people would like me better or it would make me feel better about myself. BUT I have come such a far way from that mind set and honestly I am so happy with my body and I hope you are two! Remember that all bodies are different and you were blessed with this one, so treat it right and give it all the love you got because you only have one❤️


My Mangle collection.  The two 18 cm tall ones are from Funko, the others are bootlegs. And my cosplay (I started to make a Funtime Foxy head too, but it’s barely started…)
I wish I had the action figure, the Funko pop, blind bag figure, keychains etc., but they are as expensive as a plushie and a lot smaller, so I decided only have plushies (but if somebody wants to send me some Mangles I won’t stop them) :D


200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments, & Trims

Claire Crompton offers more than her book’s title suggests. It has basic lessons on crochet to begin with, including instructions on stitches, short lessons on types of yarns, tips on reading patterns, etc. Only then does it launch into the flower patterns. They are all done in larger, plainer yarns so the photos make it easy to see the stitches, and the directions are explained in words and with schematics. You can easily imagine shrinking the flowers down by using smaller, finer yarns, or making them softer in fluffier yarns. Flowers are followed with a section on trims, everything from that simple rick rack (see above) to the chain loop ruffle (also above) which makes me wish I had a Renaissance lady to dress (I am thinking a metallic yarn with crystals strung along the yarn …..). The book ends with 20 pages of stitch patterns for creating crocheted fabric, and then a section on crocheted motifs. So a lot more than flowers, and an inspiring set of stitch patterns to boot.

anonymous asked:

sixpenceee makes up horror stories and a lot of them involve HUGE amounts of ableism with people with psychosis and other mental illnesses. you just stumbled upon one of the stories that werent ableist. i dont mean to attack you or anything, but i just wanted to let u kno

oh shit! i knew they had some soe Bad Shit and usually try go avoid rb'ing them (bc i also follow a bunch of smaller horror blogs) but i didnt notice this time, sorry D’: i’ll delete the post in a min 💪 thx anon!

Couple of smaller theories...

just wanted to add a couple more thoughts that i’ve had to the theory post i made yesterday

1. the two glitches that occurred so far both had jack wearing headphones. however, whenever anti showed up in the past, almost every time he appeared he wasn’t wearing them… (maybe this proves that it’s jack and not anti trapped)

2. Is it just me or is “Jack” starting to wear black a lot more again??

3. It would make a lot of sense that this’ll all culminate on Jack’s birthday; Halloween was all about the spooks and scary stuff, and for us, it was all about anti. However, Jack’s birthday is (obviously) all about Jack. So maybe, similar to how Anti was the most powerful on Halloween, Jack might be able to have enough strength (along with the support of all of the stuff we normally create in celebration of it) to overcome him on Feb 7.

Ok so you know how Miranda literally rebuilds Shepard from scratch almost…like regrowing organs and everything?
So I was thinking about Miranda looking out for shep? Since she would know all their harmful habits like if shep drank a lot and had royally fucked up their liver then Miranda will give a Look when shep is reaching for another glass (since you can assume any addictions are gone but habits probably don’t break as easy- even when your brought back from the dead), or even much smaller things like if Shepard used to chew their fingernails loads and when Miri notices them fiddling to get their hands out of their armour and she says something like “I already had to regrow those once do not make me do it again, please”
Just like …Miranda knowing shepards bad habits and activity helping them out wherever she can

  • Zach Woodlee: (On the initial "Glee" dance rehearsals) I just remember walking in a straight line for hours, just trying to get them all to have the same gait. It was tough. We’d hold each other’s shoulders. It was a shock to a lot of them. Getting that wheelchair involved was interesting.
  • Kevin McHale: [Woodlee] told me to pick one of two wheelchairs and see whichever one felt best, and he was going to go teach the other people how to dance. There was a hospital wheelchair, which made no sense, and the smaller one that I ended up picking. I think because I had a dance background, I immediately thought I needed to figure out how to make the quickest turns. What’s the most efficient process of going forward and backwards, turning and going up ramps, should I do this one handed or both of my hands. It happened pretty quickly. Now it’s become second nature, but at the time we learned “Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat,” and that’s all based around the wheelchair. In the pilot you only see a section of it, but we had the entire two and a half minute song choreographed. Everyone had to get used to being around the wheelchair, they had to push the wheelchair. It was very good for spatial awareness reasons that everyone, including myself, got adjusted to it as soon as possible.
  • Jenna Ushkowitz: We’d put little pieces together, and Zach would add things. No one had a dance call, nobody thought about that. Lea had training, I had training, and Kevin did. “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” I think went through five different versions before it got approved. There was one with a full on dance number, and it was so weird. It was a bit kooky at first. It was a collaboration between Zach and Ryan, and also what we could do with our bodies. We also had to work with Kevin and the wheelchair as well, the spacing and how fast he could move. Plus, Kevin would be moving his legs the entire time to the beat. We’d be like, “Kevin, you can’t move your legs.”
  • McHale: That was really an invaluable bonding experience between us. We were doing this thing none of us had done before. Nobody had anything to compare it to, so everyone was doing what they thought was right. Brad Ellis had us doing these singing warm ups with our arms in the air and we’d all be looking at each other like, “What is going on?”

So as some may already know, I have quit Sheinside’s sponsorship program. Partly because I haven’t had enough time, but mostly because I no longer want to support and promote them. Why, you ask? 

Well, a lot of of the things they sell are fake, and a lot of designs have been stolen from smaller businesses, as well as hard working artists and designers, who of course deserve to be credited and paid for their work. I obviously didn’t see this when I accepted their sponsorship offer, things like that are obviously not what want to share with my followers. 

So, I thought I’d make this public, just to let everyone know. 

I will not throw away the things I’ve gotten from them because that sure would be a waste of resources, and I do have some nice things from their site, so I’m not being ungrateful here. I will most likely sell off some pieces for like 5-10 USD per item when I have my annual spring cleaning attack, and some I will keep. But from here on forward I will not support Sheinside, and that is that. 

Have a nice day people, go out and enjoy the sunshine now. ♪

Blossomteeth sent in this lovely submission. Here’s what she said:

“I’m finally over that horrible stage in your life where you just want to tear you body apart over every detail. Ive always been a bit on the larger side for my height and up until the last year ive often felt ashamed. My large thighs and hips had always been a focal point for my anxieties and ive spent a lot of time trying to find clothing that makes them appear smaller. But then one day i got a compliment from a friend say how she wished her size 6 bum could be as nice as mine. Then I realized that no matter your size or shape, everyone has insecurities Instead of hiding, ive learnt to highlight my previous insecurity! I now take pride in wearing corsets and “unflattering patterns” that Im very proud to say make my bum look the size of a planet! “

Thank you so much for sharing! :)

I have been saving up for months in order to buy myself an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (thank you very much all the people who have ever bought anything from me on Etsy, you have no idea how much you have made possible in my life) and I finally had enough money to get them today. Luckily the new smaller iPad Pro came out and meant that I could achieve this goal a lot sooner than I though I would.

I decided that my first artwork would be of Solas, as really it is his character and Dragon Age as a whole that gave me the determination and drive to become a better artist and also the confidence to take the plunge and open up my own store on Etsy, I hope to be able to turn my passions into a full-time business one day. So thank you Bioware for this amazing series of games, that have absolutely changed my life.

So here we go! Have a WIP pic of my beautiful sad elf husbando.

Little rant. ☺️

I hate how everyone says that the Tories make the working class poorer and the rich richer. They’re totally wrong!
The Tories are HELPING the working class, they support smaller companies which keeps them in business whereas labour only focuses on the bigger companies, putting the smaller companies out of business making an awful lot of people poorer. David Cameron had said in a speech that he will help those that are WILLING to work.
They also aren’t taking the NHS away, they’ve privatised 6% of the NHS because the country doesn’t have enough money to fund the whole thing. David Cameron supports the NHS as they helped his mother. He had even said that the rumours that had gone around saying he’s getting rid of the NHS is absolutely ridiculous.
So before people go ranting about how terrible the Tories are, do your research and then you’ll realise how much of a wolly you are being.

I’ve read so many statuses about how our country is now ruined because the Tories have won. Yes you’re allowed to have your own opinion and I 100% respect them because it’s great that people are voting and getting involved in politics. However, it’s quite frightening that people are getting verbally aggressive over the conservative victory.