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Can't send the symbol because tumblr Hates me with a passion but I'd love to see hair washing and any Star Wars pairing you choose! Especially if it's post-battle or something and it's aftercare related.

There’s blood in her hair. 

“Jyn,” he says, quiet in respect for the night, and Jyn makes a move like she’d be startled if she had the energy for it. 

“Sorry.” She’s quiet too. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” 

“I wasn’t asleep.” Cassian sits up. There’s blood across her face too, and on her clothes. She must have come right from the mission; she’s not the one who has to debrief her missions. A part of Cassian is glad that he’s not the one who has to be debriefing right now, so he can be here, right now, though the larger part still hates whenever she leaves without him. Maybe he could have stopped some of the blood on her right now, if he’d have been there. 

“It’s not mine,” she tries for a cocky smile, but it’s just exhausted. Cassian understands, all too well. “I’m fine.” 

“Good.” She does smile at that, because she knows how it says all the things they don’t dare say, not now. Not in the middle of a war. They don’t say it, and they don’t talk about how they sleep in the same bed and don’t sleep when the other’s away. Instead, Cassian gets to his feet, lets the blankets fall away from him. “You shouldn’t sleep like that.” 

“I’m tired.” 

“You’ll feel better clean.” He runs his hands over her shoulders, down her arms. It’ll get blood on his hands. It won’t be the first time, or the last. “Shower first.” 

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Just wanted to make a little post because @deadcatwithaflamethrower has been getting a lot of shit lately and I am just so damn pissed off and upset about that. She does not deserve this, not at all. 

I haven’t sat down to read RE yet (still gathering the strength, reading smth so long takes a lot of effort for me) but I want to just say a couple of things about Awaken The Stars. I’ve been following this story since the first chapter came out, it was in the middle of my deadlines of uni projects and I was so damn stressed and out of my mind, it was what kept me going. At first when I saw it I was so surprised because: “Wait, I know this person, this person is a fucking legend in the sw fandom and she’s writing a Rexobi AU fic?? Is this real life???” 

And then I read it and I immediately knew why Flamethrower’s work is so loved. Holy fuck. Fucking EVERYTHING was on spot, perfect, flawless. Dialogue, characters, setting, mood, beautiful use of military terminology, just everything

And about the story itself, as each chapter came out, I loved it more and more. It had absolutely everything I have ever wanted in fiction. Honestly, the way Rex felt this click when he met Kenobi, I had this exact feeling with this story.
I ofc, pushed my girlfriend to read it and she also fell in love with it, retold the whole thing to my mom (her english isn’t good enough to actually read it) and she also loved it (when I told her about the conversation between Jango and Cody about Cody’s suicide attempt she started crying and then hugged me for idk how long because I suppose she related bc I’ve had a suicide attempt as well)
The dynamic in the Fett family is just so amazingly good, I don’t think I’ve even seen something with such an amazing family dynamic, it was just so damn REAL. 

And honestly, to have this fucking brilliant story in not just the star wars fandom, the rexobi fandom which is tiny and unpopular as fuck makes me cry from joy. As silly as it might sound, this pairing is one I love so, so deeply and it means so damn much to me I can’t properly describe it and having THIS FUCKING FANFICTION!!! I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN STRESS IT ENOUGH PEOPLE, HOW MUCH OF A BIG DEAL THAT IS FOR ME
And knowing that there’s more to come of the story? 7 fucking novellas dedicated to it? It makes me more excited than I ever have been from anticipating something.

Anyway, this is my little rant about something I so deeply love and just can’t stop pushing into everyone’s faces because dammit you will thank me later just go read it! Flamethrower deserves all the love and bunnies in the world and what she does is fucking genius and I will absolutely fight anyone who disagrees. She has my eternal gratitude for creating Awaken The Stars which I can absolutely say has been the most significant book I have read in my life 


I wanted to create a photoset of my Star Wars OC, her name is Nova Akosah for those who don’t know. The first picture was my first drawing of her, which I did back in 2011 I think it was. I had seen people reblogging previous drawings of her and confuse her for Ahsoka, but she is not, nor is she related to her. In fact she is not even really a togruta, but more like a powerful force celestial being that takes the form of a Togruta. She may look young but she is centuries of years old. She uses these crystals that you can see on several of the pictures in ways that are magical. The green one she uses to create what I call a “spectral sword”. The yellow one she uses to make wing construct which allows her to fly.  The blue one is to use to create lighting, though I don’t have a picture here that shows that. And the big red one that’s actually on her chest is something that’s still want to leave as a mystery, Someday I’m hoping to make more and show what it does.

I will admit she is my top favorite OC of all the ones I had made, which is why I draw her a lot. I also like to make silly drawings of her that are meant to poke fun at something star wars related.