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ok so i dunno if you can help me with this?? but i identify as a lesbian and have for years but something just,, makes me feel weird now?? i had an abusive girlfriend a bit ago and she just messed me up and i want love and a relationship but i cant feel comfortable around girls anymore and ahhhh im sorry

experiencing abuse is something that genuinely messes with your sense of attraction, anon

honestly? take your time. its ok to be uncomfortable. 
its ok to want a relationship again at this point, but dont force yourself to enter one.

abuse is something that wears down your trust and tolerance and its only natural to feel weird, no matter how long ago it happened. 

just give yourself time to heal first. whenever youre ready, youll be ready.


It’s been a while.. And school is starting soon… _(:3」∠)_

Drawing Port’s the only thing that can make me feel like that I’ve had a satisfactory summer… Though I still can’t quite figure out how to draw him… Ahhhh I’m too picky when it comes to my favourite characters.

Sorry for only updating scribbles lately… I’ll try to do something a little cleaner later on.

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omggggg can I get a love note from barba? or bobby if you're all barba'd out?

Ahhhh we’re gonna go with Bobby since I’ve already done a couple Barbas… There’s about 10 requests waiting after this one, once I finally catch up I can make you up a Barba one, too. :)

Sweetest Sarah,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits, or at least accompanied by good spirits (I’m a bourbon man myself, but friends can do the trick just as well… sometimes). 

You came to mind during my stroll home from a dear friend’s, they had recently gotten married and were squabbling over something silly; Amy is quite a delight, but she is sometimes a bit of a basket case, albeit in an endearing sort of fashion. Paul loves her nonetheless, no matter how often her craze takes over. You’ll have to go with me sometime, they’d adore you.

Anyways; I’m fascinated by a love so relentless; can you fathom? Love is patient, love is kind, and love can apparently withstand lunacy as well. Thankfully, with you, I’ve found plenty of love without the insanity. Well, I’m sure I’ve contributed a few bouts of madness to our adventure- but you are forever strong, my port in every storm I face.

New York is lovely, but oh so noisy, all the time. I constantly find myself searching for ways to keep busy, to stay out and about on the town. Some relish the city for never sleeping, yet I’ve never felt so tired in my life…

In the midst of my exhaustion, though, I consider you- often. What are you thinking while I wander through Central Park? I’ve found myself paying particular attention to the little things people do together- holding hands, walking side by side, flooding in from the train, always coming and going. I used to feel like I’d never be one of them, but then there was you…

Yet, since finding you, my human-wanderlust has been fulfilled. I had been so terrified a love like ours would never ‘be’, and now I only want to be perfect for you. 

Which, I’m afraid to even wonder; do you consider me nearly as often as my mind drifts to you? I don’t mean to come off as self-conscious, or doubtful- but I’ve seen love drift and drown weaker souls. You, though, my sweet solace; you’ve given be a reason for being alive. I awake from dreams and wish you were beside me, I breathe easier with your love and support.

Falling in love has been seamless with you, Sarah; and as frightening as it can be traversing unknown waters, I’ll always be there.

When can I see you again? It’s never soon enough…

Love, your Bobby.

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I JUST HAD THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!! First my girlfriend surprises me at my house and makes me get ready in 5 minutes. Then she drives me to the movie theatre and watched a super cool movie. Finally she drives me home, stops a little past my house, and we have the hottest and most intense make out session ever. I swear it was something from a movie. I’m still in shock at how hot she is ahhhh

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Thank you for such kind tags on my little Gramander story! Yes indeed, I did write that with that cozy bed in mind! Ahhhh so warm and snuggly ❤️❤️❤️

Oh of course!! ;w; It was the best story oh my gosh ;______; I love cuddles so much <3333 you have no idea. it was a balm on my soul. and YES that bed photo!!! (post!) I saw it and I was like!!!!! ;wwww; It makes me so happy that you had the same idea haha :3 such a great coincidence omg. yes i’m so glad you wrote something to accompany it :) headcanon accepted okay, they need a little cabin in newt’s case *sobs* ;www; what a good <3333 i love it so much :)

How I saw Chapter 84
  • Also me: Look, it’s Levi having a fight with his daughter Mikasa and he doesn’t know what to do so Momma Hanji has to hold her back!

I made a tumblr so that I could keep up with this comic, I really enjoy it.  I want to draw something for you guys and I also wanted to give Digital Painting a try, something I have never done before.  I don’t have a tablet yet so I had to draw the sketch and scan it in then paint it.  Over all I like how it turned out.  

Thanks for the awesome comics.

AHHHH Oh my goodness!! For a first try this is amazing! You’ve done really well! The shading is super lovely and you draw Chara so cute! ♥ Love how you’ve done the flowers too! They look great! Thank you so much for the fanart!

* Dusty makes you a flower crown… out of love! 💞ヽ(´ー`)ノ💕💖


Ahhhh ! I haven’t made a follower forever on this blog before but the amount of people who like my edits is amazing ! And truly makes me happy everyday to see the lovely comments you guys put in your tags. Especially the ones that are filled with angst B) I just realized I’ve had this blog for over a year so I missed the anniversary XD So I decided to do a little something then.

Looking back and seeing my first edits makes me cringe but since I kept at it and all of you who encouraged me this blog is still running ayee ! I am so happy that I continued and it’s been a lot of fun. So I wanted to thank some people for inspiring me or giving me lots of love ! You are all the best ~ Much love ! And if you aren’t on here I probably messed up and forgot your url sorry !!

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Okay so I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now, mostly because idk, its pretty important.

I kept my she pronouns mainly because I didnt want to be some kind of bother for people who would’ve had to  get use to calling me something other than a she. So I just did it to make everyone’s lives easier

But I’ve just been kinda grasping I need to do this for myself to be more comfortable with who I am, I need to do right by me

So from now on I would like to only be addressed with they/them pronouns! ahhhh ;;; ; v ;

Do I still need a title for things?

Toby had planned on meeting Wynter back at the house so he could pick her up and they could go to the one place they always went together, but he was stuck in traffic and couldn’t possibly make it at their set time. Drumming his thumbs against the steering wheel he hummed along to the music and tried to think of something he could order at Rosies that might throw Wynter off, but he of course, couldn’t think of anything other than a milkshake and fries. Once he found his exit he made it to the house pretty quickly. Toby didn’t mind driving, he really enjoyed it actually, but traffic he swore, would be the death of him. Hopping out of the car he marched up to the door, walked in, and called out for Wyn. “Wyn comon’ let’s go.” he said looking around the house a little, “Sorry I’m late.” Toby frowned slightly once he saw her approaching him. His eyes moved slowly up and down her body, shamelessly checking her out before he reached for the door knob and pulled the door open.