i had to make something ahhhh


so I composed a song that’s, well, langst inspired, lol, and it’s set in his perspective, mainly about his homesickness and feeling inadequate…


away in the vastness of space

light years away from the clear blue beach

and the familiar scent of sea spray

the sunrays settling on my face

sound of home’s lively chatter

and my mother’s warm embrace

if i close my eyes

I’ll be carried back

to earth, to home

to the very place i miss

I’m here, away in space

given a role i’m scared i can’t play

what is the significance

of my presence here

I’m unexceptional

so easy to replace

if i were back home

maybe i wouldn’t feel this way

if i close my eyes

I’ll be carried back

to earth, to home

to the very place i miss

yeah, I wanted to do something but, I can’t write fanfiction for shit or make funny text posts or come up with mind-blowing theories, so here’s my contribution to the vld fandom, lmao.

link to soundcloud here! it’s available for download just be sure to open soundcloud while in the desktop version of the page!! <3

EXO Reaction to their really close friend showing up to the dorms dressed in as Santa  with a sack of presents for them on Xmas

(In a sleigh being pulled by horses with fake Rudolph noses) Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Forgets about everything and can’t stop looking at his presents* “IS this…. is this really for me!?”


“I need to keep it cool… no one needs to know how excited I am… I’m a cool guy, presents don’t get me. WHAT DID YOU BRING FOR ME?!”


*Won’t be able to close that mouth for the next seven days* “Christmas in summer…. this is the best”


*No one is more excited in the house than he is* “i PROMISE YOU I’VE BEEN A GOOD BOY! i SWEAR”


*He’s actually the “reindeer” helping you* “You didn’t see this coming, did you guys? I’m glad you liked it, now where are our cookies (and chicken)”


*Makes it snow* “Now, it’s a white Christmas. The best one ever!” *fights really heart against his urge of kissing you*


“Ahhhh… why is she wearing that sexy Santa costume… no.. this should be about the presents, not the dress!!”


“Are those horses…. supposed to be reindeer? They kind look like my cousins…” *Lu the deer, everyone*


“Life is pretty great right now" *Will sing carols the whole MONTH*


“I knew you had something going on… this is pretty great y/n. I really love how you manage to surprise me all the time” *Not sure if his heart is beating because of the surprise of because of you*


*Starts screaming and kinda gives a heart attack to the boys* “AHHHHH, GUYS!!! GUYS COME!!! SANTA IS HERE! OMG!!!! AHHHHH!”


“I’m happy and proud and so thankful… only you can take care of my boys as good as me!” *what he doesn’t know is that he was the sponsor for all those presents, except his xD*

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This is what happens when I have “whatever you want” at 4 AM while listening to Leslie Hall’s remix album “Songs in the Key of Gold”. I’m pretty sure everyone else drew something cute, funny, fluffy, something that makes more sense to do at the end of this challenge.
But nope. George has this.

The sixth and final entry for the @asgorielweek challenge! I have had SO MUCH fun filling one of these out every day for the past six days, and then getting to see what everyone else did was super fun too. I really enjoyed the marshmallow appreciation during this challenge and just… ahhhh. It was very fun.
To the person running the challenge! Thank you so much for starting this, and I look forward to the next one!!✨

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Archie:</b> “I’ve just realised something, you’ve never had sex before, have you Betty”<p/><b>Veronica:</b> “HA! ahhhh . . . . .” *licks finger and continues to flip through magazine while smiling*<p/><b>Archie:</b> “ .... Betty.... ?”<p/><b>Betty:</b> *laughs nervously, slowly raises hands and shrugs* “it just, sorta. . . . .  happened?”<p/><b>Jughead:</b> “you were sitting on her lap in Pops, making out-”<p/><b>Betty:</b> *scoffs* “NOOOOO . . . . “<p/><b>Jughead:</b> “-and then you said, I think it’s time we moved this to the bathroom”<p/><b>Betty:</b> “pssh!” *flicks wrist dismissively*<p/><b>Jughead:</b> “you winked”<p/><b>Betty:</b> “I-”<p/><b>Jughead:</b> “I, distinctly, remember because of how gross it was”<p/><b>Betty:</b> “OKAY!-”<p/><b>Jughead:</b> “LIKE FUCK, get a room”<p/><b>Betty:</b> “technically, we did” *smirks then panics*<p/><b>Archie:</b> *anxiously sweats*<p/><b>Veronica:</b> *smirks and wets her finger again*<p/><b>Kevin:</b> *watching and eating popcorn* “This is riveting ... ”<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Days Off

Park Jinyoung (Got7)  x Reader (Gender Neutral) 

Word Count: 700 

Genre: Fluff, Suggestive 

The impending knowledge that tomorrow the guaranteed separation would return did nothing to shatter the illusion that you built.

It was a miracle whenever both you and Jinyoung would have the same day off. Your schedules were constantly jammed packed with things that need to get done. But, that is something that the both of you knew before pursuing a relationship, and something that you came to accept. Plus, being in Jinyoung’s presence made up for any of the time spent away from one another. The both you loved and cherished the other irrevocably, and that is what was important. So, whenever the two of you would find yourselves with a free day at the same time, you liked to spend the day with no one but each other. You wanted to be able to fully appreciate the little time you got together. 

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ahhhh i hope its alright i wrote something for your yoonseokkook,, your little date comics were too cute

There were few things Min Yoongi could spend forever doing, but one of the most prominent was walking through the forests near his apartment. Quickly making it a habit, Yoongi could spend forever hidden inbetween trees and small meadows, watching as the seasons changed vibrantly around him. And while he had convinced his boyfriend to join him on certain occasions, today he was moving slowly on his own, watching for birds and maybe the occasional squirrel and blonde on a tree.

Wait, what?

Moving closer, Yoongi spotted a man sprawled on the grass, taking in the sunshine as he lay half asleep on a tree trunk. The man didn’t seem much older than Yoongi, but being asleep in the middle of a forest was not the safest thing, even at his age. Yoongi wanted to be appalled at the way he was just laying there, as though begging for someone to kidnap him, with that tan skin and blonde locks, but somehow he found himself holding his breath as though afraid to wake him.

He shouldn’t even be sleeping here, he could get hurt. 

But still, Yoongi couldn’t move, couldn’t touch him.

Until the man stirred.

Then Yoongi booked it.

He didn’t see the blonde wake at the sound of Yoongi running away, nor the confusion on the blonde’s perfectly tan face. But somehow, Yoongi didn’t think that was going to be the last time they met. 

The next time Yoongi sees the blonde, he’s awake and wrapped around an apple tree.

Jeez, and I thought it was weird when he was asleep. Yoongi didn’t approach him, however, and instead stood by silently, watching the way the man kept his arms around the small tree and hummed a melody. Yoongi wanted to tap his foot along, wanted to see the man when he wasn’t completely distracted by a plant, and yet Yoongi couldn’t help but notice how incredibly serene he seemed as he stood in the sunshine.

He’s like a dream. Ew, Yoongi, that’s cheesy. Jungkook would be grossed out. I’m grossed out. Yoongi let a groan slip past his lips, stiffening up when the blonde was caught off guard and called out.

“Who’s there?” His face was startled, but not terrified, and Yoongi wanted to smooth out the crease in his forehead so badly but instead waited until the blonde turned to his tree again before making a run for it.

No time to be like that, Yoongi. Next time we’ll get here first and then he can go be tree hugger somewhere else.


Next time comes along, and sure enough, the blonde is still there, hugging the trees.

It’s that guy again. He’s hugging trees again.

This time the blonde was talking to the trees. Yoongi wasn’t sure how much longer the guy could last out here, considering it seems like every other day he’s here hugging trees like it pays the bills.

A guy that soft is gonna be crushed by the world.

His heart tightened at the thought of the sweet, serene face of the blonde being distorted by cruel words and broken promises. Yoongi didn’t want anyone to face that kind of world, especially not blonde tree guy. Blonde tree guy deserved better than that.

When he realized blonde tree guy wasn’t going anywhere, Yoongi let his feet take him back down the path towards his apartment.

What a strange guy. Take care, blonde tree guy.


Yoongi walked down the path five times now, and could not find blonde tree guy anywhere.

Maybe he’s gone. Yoongi didn’t want to think that, though. He wanted to at least introduce himself to the attractive tree guy once.

A shame, he thinks, I can even hear him snoring. Wait.

Turning, Yoongi spots a blonde head leaning on a tree and approaches cautiously.

He taped the damaged bark back so it doesn’t die. Now blonde tree guy was making it really hard to dislike him, seriously, he even knit a scarf for it.

Just as Yoongi was approaching him, a breeze passed through the trees, making blonde tree guy shiver lightly.

He looks cold. Well, Min Yoongi, let’s be nice to blonde tree guy.

Pulling off his coat, he quietly approached the sleeping man and, careful to not wake him, draped it over the sleeping man.

That should hold. But now Yoongi was cold. Making sure the blonde wasn’t going to lose the coat to a breeze, Yoongi wrapped his arms around his torso as he made his way back home.

Maybe Jungkook will lend me a jacket.


“What do you mean you lost your coat?” Jungkook didn’t lend him a jacket. Regardless, Yoongi took his as he sent Jungkook to get some toiletries they had run out of.

“I can’t wash my hands with just water, Jungkook. I’m not an animal. Don’t respond to that, the antlers don’t count.”

Groaning, Jungkook made his way to the small mart near their apartment, not wanting to spend too much money on simple necessities.

I already spoil Yoongi enough, he doesn’t need more.

What he wasn’t expecting was to spot a blonde wearing the exact jacket Yoongi claimed had ‘gone missing’.

Is that Yoongi’s jacket?

Moving closer, he realized two things: that Yoongi’s never been a good liar, how could he have not seen this coming?; and oh he’s cute.

Ah, I see Yoongi. I see..you have a little crush.

Well, what kind of boyfriend would Jungkook be if he didn’t flirt with a cute guy for his embarrassed boyfriend?

A bad one, that’s what.

“Excuse me?” Jungkook made his way over to the taller blonde, tapping his shoulder lightly as he was met with wide brown eyes and suddenly he realized Yoongi has a type, that is so cute-

“Yes?” And a smooth voice, gosh Yoongi you are too easy to read.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but notice you’re wearing my boyfriend, Yoongi’s, jacket.” Jungkook was smiling, a pink blush brushed over his cheeks when the blonde turned pink at the mention of boyfriend.

“Your..boyfriends? Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!” Jungkook threw his arms out, laughing at the blonde’s frantic expression. Yoongi, you are never living this down.

“No no, he’s the one who gave it to you, it’s fine!” Jungkook recalled the mutterings about a tree hugger at the forest and how he was so ridiculous and blonde and now everything fit into place as he conversed with the man as he picked out yarn. “My name is Jungkook, by the way. I don’t think I caught your name?”

“Oh! My bad, my name’s Hoseok!” And such a nice name, too? Man, Yoongi, can you pick ‘em.

“I’m sorry my boyfriend used to watch you nap with your trees.” Jungkook felt a crooked smile creeping on his face as the man shook his head, laughing.

“I always knew he watched me, he’s a cutie!” Jungkook suddenly noted the weight of yarn in his arms, which was saying something considering how light yarn is.

“Um, if you don’t mind me asking, why do you need so much yarn anyway?” Hoseok’s eyes lit up and Jungkook felt his face do the same.

“I knit with old people in retirement homes! We do yarn bombing!”

Ah. I have no idea what that is but smile and maybe he won’t notice.

“This is my stop,” Jungkook put down the bags full of yarn and watched a pensive look cross Hoseok’s face. “How can I repay you for helping me carry these?”

Date me date me date me date me- oh wait, Yoongi. Date us date us date us-

“I’ve got something but, ah, it’s a little weird, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Jungkook wasn’t about to push something onto blonde smiley Hoseok that he didn’t want.

“Oh, what is it?” His eyes have to stop sparkling or I won’t be able to b r e a t h e.

“Go on a date with me -I mean us, wow this is really weird.” Jungkook felt his face burning three shades darker than average, but the way Hoseok’s eyes widened and the shape of his mouth was pushing him to finish. “Go on a date with Yoongi and I? Only if you want to, of course.”

Jungkook was pretty sure he was about to go blind because the smile on Hoseok’s face was the brightest thing he’s ever seen. “Wha-what? Me? And you? And Yoongi?! You aren’t joking?!”

Oh my god someone punch me in the face he’s so cute. 

Hoseok grabbed Jungkook by the shoulders, shaking him excitedly and Jungkook thought he would break because how is there someone else so cute even alive, I thought only Yoongi could pull this off w h a t-

“Not joking at all, here, let’s meet up at the park where you and Yoongi, uh, ‘met’, and we can do something..” What do people even do on dates, all Yoongi and I ever do is play video games?

“Oh! I’ll prepare a lunch! Alright, tomorrow at 3, meet me there!” Hoseok grinned the million watt smile Jungkook wanted to badly to become used to, and waved as Jungkook ran in the opposite direction.

Oh, Min Yoongi, you have no idea what your lovely boyfriend has just accomplished.


im dead. I’ll never be the same again after this fic. I can’t believe talented fic writers wRITE THESE THINGS FOR ME LIKE?? ARE YOU READING THIS?? THIS IS AMAZING THIS IS SO SOFT AND CUTE AND I SQUEALLED AT LEAST 10 TIMES;;; THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS? i never went into much detail about the whole thing because I was lazy to draw so much bUT YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB WITH A MORE DETAILED VERSION OF THE YOONSEOKKOOK MEETING DSKLJ <3

I’m sure Midoriya has had this expression since the moment the exam ended.

He’s dead inside.



Hey, he might be working something to get you into the course.

Which makes sense, wouldn’t want to raise her hopes unnecessarily if it’s not needed.

Still, I wonder how she would’ve reacted.

Jesus kid I don’t think I could lift those things, at least not for more than 10 seconds.



This day Silver died.

Cause of death: Too much cute.

anonymous asked:

Just realised your magical CWU series is a good ~47k longer than War and Peace and not for once in reading (or re-reading) have I been tired of it, and was even anxious for new instalments when it wasn't yet finished. You are a magnificent writer, thank you so much for sharing your art! If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't be in the fandom, probably.

AHHHH yes god I wish I could always write with such furious nonstop energy as I had for that project, it was like a visitation honestly :||  Glad that it felt that way for you as you read, sometimes I think about how it could have been shorter but at the time it just felt RIGHT to make it that long, I really wanted to spend the whole year in that verse and I’m so glad I did ;__; Thank you for the note, I’m happy to know that I had something to do with you being in this fandom!! I love this ship a whole lot <3

Does this unit have the Christmas spirit?

Happy holidays to all of you! Whether you’re celebrating anything, have already celebrated, will be celebrating something later or do not celebrate, I hope you get to spend the last couple of days of this year around people you love, and that you have a great time. ♥


It’s been a while.. And school is starting soon… _(:3」∠)_

Drawing Port’s the only thing that can make me feel like that I’ve had a satisfactory summer… Though I still can’t quite figure out how to draw him… Ahhhh I’m too picky when it comes to my favourite characters.

Sorry for only updating scribbles lately… I’ll try to do something a little cleaner later on.

lucy-camui  asked:

Your gifs are so beautiful, they make me want to write fanfic inspired by them just to capture a fraction of the love and emotion in them

Oh my god I saw who this ask was from and I had to lie down to calm myself because you are one of my fav writers in this fandom AHHHH I love your fics SO MUCH????? I am flattered beyond words right now wow if you ever wrote something inspired by my gifs I think I’d die of happiness and ascend to the heavens there and then???? 

I’m so glad that you felt love and emotion from my gifs!! I’ve always wanted to show how stupidly in love they are 😭 😭  Thank you so much!! ILY 💕 

I told myself I would stop drawing for today but after hearing @inquirestrider got to 500 followers I just had to do something for her whoops

1. Sorry for slight trashiness I’m not used to this program lmao (although it did come out pretty nice tbh)
2. Also sorry for not talking during the stream ; v ; I was listening while working on this so I couldn’t really chat (I’m also super shy so ahhhh) I’ll try talking if you stream again tho !!
3. You’re a pretty good ow player like omg??? And your voice is so cute??????

So yeah, hope you like it! 

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hey! I just discovered your blog and i love it :) i'm sorry if you've already done something like this and i just haven't gotten to it yet, but can i prompt the clones reacting to somebody belittling/verbally harassing their s/o? thanks!


  • If it was Fives’ s/o, they’d be as good as dead, or at least wish they had died. Fives’ is just a little bit yandere; he’d never hurt his s/o, but he would make anyone who hurt them pay dearly. He would probably go too far if his s/o didn’t stop him. He’d apologize to them later, and promise to control himself more. 
  • Rex has faith in his s/o, and wants to give them a chance to stand up for themselves. He wouldn’t to offend them by giving the impression they couldn’t take care of themselves. If it did escalate to where they couldn’t, or just weren’t able too to begin with, then he would step in and calmly, but firmly, let the person know they needed to back off. Things wouldn’t get physical unless they needed too. 
  • Wolffe wouldn’t appreciate it, and let them know real fast they were messing with the wrong person. He’s pretty scary himself, so the person would probably back now pretty fast. If not, Wolffe would find a way to make them, and them make them apologize to his s/o. 
  • To most people’s surprise, Echo can become confrontational when the situation allows it. He’s not quick to want to fight someone, but the look he’d give them would let them know he would if he had too. He also wouldn’t want to fight in front of his s/o, and would want to remove them from the situation before he did anything else. 
  • Public humiliation is Cody’s specialty, you don’t talk down to his s/o, you just don’t. He wouldn’t care who the jerk was either, he’d make a scene, intimidate them, challenge them, then laugh when they wouldn’t fight him. “Yeah that’s what I thought. Can’t fuck with someone your own size.” Then just wrap his arm around his s/o and walk away.

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bruhhh if u write a fanfic of the ot3 (bakukirikami) like u said u were thinkin about i'll probably weep and love u forever cus there's so little in the fanfic department of those 3 and im deprived. make a shrine of cheese dedicated to u or smth. or pictures of cheese because i wouldnt want my room to smell like rotting cheese

:O AHHHh it’s something that’s been on my mind since the last few chapters of 2am, because there was about a week in my writing process where I seriously considered making the fic wayyyyy longer and turning it into bakukirikami. But since I had never written anything that long, I was worried I would give up before the end, so I decided to stick with bakushima. BUT like

I feel so bad for what I did to Kaminari. I may need to Bakukirikami to cheer me up,

Two is better than one. Agent North and South Dakota x Medic!Reader

So @submarinefleet got sent fanart of her and her sniper husband and figting wife (same tbh) so I was like HEY! This chick makes some BAMF fanfics, so imam make one for her cause it seems like she has a lot on her plate and she updates a lot, so she deserves it! So I hope you all and mushi like it very much!




Being a medic on the mother invention was a good job. You helped those in need, usually a freelancer or a maintenance worker who was NOT good at their job. Ipayed well, and you became close with people who were frequent in the infirmary, which is basically all of the freelancers.


You had come to know all of them personally, even maine. Whenever they were in you would chat with them as you stitched them up, they were your friends and you liked them all and they liked you.

Some more than others.


“ Y/nnnnn i’m  in paaaaiiiiiin!!!!” South whined as you tended to her brothers wounds.


“ Would you hold on?” You asked as you pressed a cloth into North’s side, causing him to

wince.“ Jeez, both of you idiots are so whiny, god knows how you became freelancers.”


“ Well we are rather skilled you know.” North added and South nodded.


“ Yeah, and i wouldn’t mind showing you.” She said with a wink, causing you rolled your eyes and hide the blush growing on your face.


“ Are you seriously flirting with me?Now? Of all times i see you?” You asked and she shrugged.

“ Time seemed right.”


North rolled his eyes at his twin sister.“ South, you can’t just randomly spew sexual things like that at y/n in an attempt to woo her, she’s a lady and deserves to be treated as such.” He scolded and you smiled.


“ Aww thanks north!” You cooed and kissed his cheek, causing him to grin and blush.


“ See?” He said proudly to his sister, who was currently giving him a death glare.“ That’s how you do it.”


“ Yeah, yeah, yeah.” South snapped and sent you a sad pout.“ Where’s my kiss y/n?”  


It was like this a lot. Agents North and South Dakota were in the infirmary more than any other agent, and were usually there for meniscal injuries or checkups. And while they were there they would always flirt with you, but never did anything they said they would.


As time went on you developed feelings for the twins.But didn’t know if they felt the same way, sure they flirted and you would give them little pecks here and there. But did they actually have feelings for you or were you just some little game?


“ Oh stop your complaining south.” You said as you kissed her cheek.“ Your injury is practically nothing, both of your injuries are.” You said and sent her brother an annoyed look, causing him to smirk and raise his hands in defense.


“ Hey, it’s only because you’re an amazing medic, best hands in the business.” He said and his sister chuckled.


“ Wonder what else you could do with those hands.” She purred and you stepped away as you blushed furiously, south’s words always did that to you.


“ Say what you want agent south, but i’m on duty right now.” You said and she rolled her eyes.


“ Party pooper.”


Your conversation with them stopped when somebody knew spoke up.


“ Hey y/n.” Agent texas spoke.“ Mind fixing up my stitches?They keep coming loose.” She asked and you nodded.


( in this tex is human, kay?) You nodded and motioned to one of the beds.“ Of course, please sit down agent texas.” You said and she smiled.


“ Don’t mind if i do.” She said in a tone that made shiver run up your spine. Of course the twins didn’t react the same as you.


“ Hello tex, ” North said in a sweet voice.“ It’s a little late for a visit to the infirmary, don’t you think?” He asked and she shrugged.


He was right, it was the middle of the night and she wasn’t even in her armor. Instead she wore a black tank top and sweatpants.


“ Well the same could be said for you two.” She said. “ You guys seem to always be i and out of this place.”


“ Well they certainly are accident prone.” You spoke as you began to redo her stitches.“ They always come in here with the strangest injuries.” You said and she chuckled.


Your eyes were focused on the stitches on her arms so you weren’t able to see the look she was giving you, but the twins were. And they didn’t like it one bit. Tex was looking at you a way the predator looked at her prey right before she jumps.This did not slide by the twins.


You were theirs. Your smile, your laugh, your blush, they loved it all and they loved the fact that they were the cause of it all. Not.Tex.

“ And done.” You said as you finished her stitching.“ Should hold in there pretty good. Just come back if it doesn’t.”


Tex twisted her arms and marvelled at your work.“ Wow, you did a really good job.” She said. “ Your hands are so soft.” She told you before smirking.“ I wonder what else those little hands of yours are capable of.” She purred into your ear before she felt a hand on her shoulder, and then another on her other shoulder.


She turned around to see both North and south standing over her with pissed off looks on their faces.


“ That’s my line.” South growled.“ And my girl, so back off tex.” She snapped and north nodded.


“ I think it’s best if you leave now tex and let us spend a little alone time with our girlfriend, alrighty?” He asked and tex chuckled.Wait a minute, did he just say girlfriend?


“ Alright, just don’t be so hard on the girl, she looks fragile.” She said before leaving the room.


As soon as the door shuts souts lips were on yours.At first it was rough, her lips smashed agsint yours, her arms wrapped aroud your waist as you hands tangled themselves in her hair. But eventually she softened her lips moved in sync with yours and her hands rubbed small circles on your hips. Everything began to feel fuzzy until her brother chuckled.


“ Alright, south, don’t hog her all to yourself.” He said and his sister pulled away.


“ I hate that woman so much.” South growled and held you against her,“ She thinks she’s sooooo special, ugh!” She said and looked you, her eyes softened and she laid her head in the crook of your neck. South was never this affectionate.


“ If she ever bothers you again, just tell me and i’ll kill her.” South said and your eyes went wide.

“ Now now, south.” You said nervously.“ I don’t really think that’s neccesar-”


“ I think it is.” North said as he sat down next to you and pressed his lips against your cheek.Causing your face to go even redder than it already was.“ It’d be a shame if somebody tried to take you away from us.We’ve been pining after you for quite some time, i suppose tex just sent us over the edge.” He said and smiled.“ Well cats outta the bag now.we love you.” He said with a child like smile, causing your eyes to go wide over how he could share such big information so casually.


You went silent for a moment as you tried to process all of the information you were just given.“ So wait..” You said slowly as you pointed to them  both.“ You guys, like-”


“ You, dumbass.” South grumbled as she lifted her head from your neck and sent you an annoyed look.“ Why do you think we visit so much?”


“ I dunno, i just thought i was some game.” You answered shyly and north shook his head, he looked offended that you would even think such a thing.


“ You Are waay too important to us to be some silly little game y/n.” He said and kissed you.“ I hope you know that.”


“ And i hope you know this means we’re dating now.” South said and sent you a serious look.“ So if that bitch ever comes back here -”


You cut her off with a giggle, causing her to look up at you like a confused puppy.“ I’ll make sure to tell you south.” You said and kissed her forehead. Watching big bad agent south melt into a grumbling, blushing puddle was certainly something you could get used to.


“ Hey, don’t leave me out.” North pouted childishly and you rolled your eyes.


“ Your such a dork.” You told him and kissed his lips.“ But i like it.”


“ You better y/n, ” He replied.“ Because we aren’t going anywhere.”


So google chrome is being a turd and it’s being all floopy with tumblr so I couldn’t write this on tumblr so I had to use…..INTERNET EXPLORER AHHHH!!!!!!! But anyways this was a ton of fun to write cause I love mushi and I love the twins and I love rvb very very verrrryyyy much!If you want to request something, no angsty though for my babs only happieness for my smol heart, i’d be happy too! I hope you guys have a great day! Love you babies boo bye!

Movie Night

I am loving this! Keep sending me requests, either using a prompt from this list or making something up!

Request: #195 with Herc? - @nothing-here-but-hearsay

Pairing: Hercules x reader

Prompt: Is… that my picture in your wallet/as your home screen? (#195)

Setting: Modern AU

Warnings: none

Word count: 888 (ahhhh this is short, but at least it’s cute)

The microwave beeped, signalling that the third, and final, bag of popcorn was finished. You grabbed it, and poured it in a bowl, which you put on the sofa-table along with a ton of other snacks and candy. You had also ordered two large pizzas, which would hopefully arrive soon.

Hercules, Lafayette, John and Alexander were coming over for a movie night. Well, not just any movie night, but the monthly movie night. This had been a tradition of yours for a long time. You took turns hosting it, and this month, it was you responsibility.

Just as you had slumped down on the sofa to get a little rest before the guys came over, the doorbell rang. Huh, weird, you thought, the guys never ring the doorbell. You went to open it, and it was the pizza delivery. How did you even manage to forget about that in the matter of minutes? It didn’t matter, so you paid for the two pizzas, and brought them inside.

However, now more familiar noises made their way to your front door. Four boys laughing and yelling at each other, soon barged in, and you went to greet your best friends.

“Hey, [Y/N]!” they all screamed when they saw you, obviously excited about tonight. Their high spirits instantly got you in a better mood, and you pulled all of them into a group hug, before going back to the living room, them following you.

John, Alex and Laf sat down in the biggest sofa, leaving the smaller one for you and Herc to occupy. Well, you couldn’t exactly call it a sofa, it was more like a very big chair, and there was barely room for the two of you, so you were cramped together, but none of you minded.

“What do you wanna watch?” you asked the rest of the group. They discussed it for a little while, before settling on Forrest Gump. You had seen it countless times, but you loved it, so it was absolutely no feat watching it again.

An hour into the movie, you decided to check your phone. The lights were off, causing your phone to light up the entire room before you managed to turn down the brightness. Herc looked down on it.

“Is… that my picture as your home screen?” he whispered, and you could hear the smile in his voice. You froze completely; having forgotten you had a picture of him as your home screen. It was from a recent trip to an amusement park, and you had snapped a picture of Herc. He had just been gotten off the spinning teacups, and was a little disoriented, but smiling like crazy. At first you had taken the picture because you thought it would turn out hilarious, but it was amazing, and enhanced Herc’s features beautifully. On top of that, you had a bit of a crush on him, so you decided to make the picture your home screen, and you smiled every time you saw it.

“Y-yes”, you answered, not knowing what else to say. You thanked every heavenly power that might exist that it was too dark for him to see how red you were. He started fiddling with his pocket for some reason.

“I have to show you something”, he said quietly, so he wouldn’t disturb the others. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, wondering what he needed to show you, and why he was now completely ignoring the fact that he was your home screen.

Now, his phone lit up the room, and you glanced down on it, before grinning like a kid. His home screen was of you.

“No way”, you laughed, not believing that he would want you as his home screen, “why am I your home screen?” you questioned him.

“Because I love this pic of you”, he answered like it was the most obvious fact in the world. “It’s from when we went to see the Christmas tree light up in town last December, and I managed to get this shot of you, right after it lit up. You were so excited, and your smile is so beautiful here, I think it’s my favourite picture of you”, he told you, still whispering, and it made your heart flutter big time.

You looked up at him with a bright smile, which he returned, before both of you turned your attention back to the movie, hoping none of the other guys had heard what you were talking about, and you edged a bit closer to him.

The movie was coming to an end, and you were half asleep, leaning into Herc. He was almost asleep too, with his arm around you. His nearness made you feel both comforted and a tad bit nervous.

By the time the movie was over, you had fallen into a peaceful sleep. So had Laf, John and Alex, but Herc was still awake. He admired your features, loving your tranquil nature. Mouth slightly open, eyes shut tightly, slow breathing and limp body. Tracing a hand over your face, he smiled, thinking to himself how gorgeous you looked in your sleep.

He pulled you closer to him, making sure you were warm enough and as comfortable as possible, before kissing you forehead gently, and falling asleep himself, looking forward to waking up next to you.

“So what if Anti was here all along..?” “Bing͕̝̤͖̰̝̦̜̀̓o̴͈͈̹͐̈́͌ͯ!̸̺͛”

Ṣ̱͔̩̊̊̒̎̔ͪ̐̃ͥ̕a̖̻̹͉͕̫͖̐͒̔͌̚ͅȳ̧̜͇̠̣̝̫̩̼ͧͨ̍ͮ̍̂͟ ̛̳̞̙̀͐̒́ͅG̏̎ͮ̌ͮ̂͑ͫ̀҉͓̣̦̺̝̳ơ̮̤̺͈̞̱͋̒͐ͦͮ̄̿͢ȯ̈́͋̈̽͝͏̻͔͉͎d̡̦͍͔̫̮̒̋ͣͦ̃̄ͯ̅b̗͍̦̦͊́ỹ̶̟̖͈̲̂̊́̚e̴͕̰̣̜͉̿̔̈́̕͢

Ṣ̱͔̩̊̊̒̎̔ͪ̐̃ͥ̕a̖̻̹͉͕̫͖̐͒̔͌̚ͅȳ̧̜͇̠̣̝̫̩̼ͧͨ̍ͮ̍̂͟ ̛̳̞̙̀͐̒́ͅG̏̎ͮ̌ͮ̂͑ͫ̀҉͓̣̦̺̝̳ơ̮̤̺͈̞̱͋̒͐ͦͮ̄̿͢ȯ̈́͋̈̽͝͏̻͔͉͎d̡̦͍͔̫̮̒̋ͣͦ̃̄ͯ̅b̗͍̦̦͊́ỹ̶̟̖͈̲̂̊́̚e̴͕̰̣̜͉̿̔̈́̕͢

Ṣ̱͔̩̊̊̒̎̔ͪ̐̃ͥ̕a̖̻̹͉͕̫͖̐͒̔͌̚ͅȳ̧̜͇̠̣̝̫̩̼ͧͨ̍ͮ̍̂͟ ̛̳̞̙̀͐̒́ͅG̏̎ͮ̌ͮ̂͑ͫ̀҉͓̣̦̺̝̳ơ̮̤̺͈̞̱͋̒͐ͦͮ̄̿͢ȯ̈́͋̈̽͝͏̻͔͉͎dbye

Say Goodbye, Jack…

Those words were a mantra in Seán’s mind as he stared off into the dark abyss. He had no idea how long he was imprisoned, because what else would he call it, in his own head. Was it only days? Months? Years? He had really no idea of actually knowing how long he had been sitting there. He only saw snippets of his life outside. His friends, loved ones, fans- small windows of interaction while his evil half was gallivanting in his stolen body.

His evil half, Antisepticeye.

It all started out as a joke, he would record small clips of him “freaking out” and sending them to Robin, only to be in awe when he saw the finished product when it was sent back to him. He remembered asking his friend how he even did those edits, and him responding that he wasn’t sure how it even turned out as well as it did. 

“I’m not sure, Seán.” Robin had shrugged and readjusted his headphones. “The clips just worked themselves in. I wasn’t really expecting that it would come out that well.”

From that point on, they just rolled with it, laughing and getting excited over the Jacksepticeye fanbase theorizing and creating fanart of this character that they brought to life. It was all fun and games until about half way through October.

Seán remembered that day pretty vividly, or rather, remembered what had happened before it all went black. He was at his desk, editing thumbnails for the videos and listening to soothing tracks before his ears were greeted with static undertones and a whisper of “S͓ͤ̾́͡e̶̦̘͒͛̂̈́͋̇á̞̫̝̙̜͒̆ͣ͊̊͋̕ņ̞͖́̀͆~.”

He stopped for a moment, laughing to himself that he was hearing things, and continued in doing his work.


This was when he stopped the music and heard nothing but the soft static noise, almost white noise, in his headphones. He slipped them off and looked around his recording space, unsure if someone was just messing with him or if he was insane. “Hello? Anyone there?” He was met with silence. There wasn’t even the usual patter of rain outside to cut through the tension in his room. Shaking his head, he put his headphones back on and started to listen to soundtracks instead of ambient noise. The whispers and static ceased for a moment before amping up in his ears. Constant whispers of his name and laughter drowned out his thoughts before everything went dark.

The next thing he had remembered was waking up in his chair suddenly and not understanding what was going on. He thought maybe it was just a bad dream while asleep at his desk, which never happened, or maybe this Antisepticeye thing was being taken a little too seriously. He decided to shrug it off and blame it on the lack of sleep as of late, but little did he know that, that wouldn’t be the last time that this would occur.

Incidents kept happening, the blackouts took longer or the glitches in his facecam became more violent, but instead of halting the Halloween festivities on the channel he just kept going. Seán just kept telling himself that he was just getting paranoid. That a fanmade character couldn’t possibly have this much of an impact on his life. That he was fine. 

However, come Halloween, he didn’t know how wrong he’d be.
It all started out okay, he was having a blast carving his pumpkin and commentating to the camera, but when the faint laughter surrounded him, he couldn’t help but freeze. Taking a deep breath, he continued on with his recording.


He laughed nervously as sounds of thudding echoed through his apartment. Joking to the camera that it was probably his neighbors, because it wasn’t his girlfriend since she was with family in Denmark. By this time, he was trying to get the pumpkin carving done as quick as possible so that he could leave this whole “Anti” thing behind. He really did enjoy how much the community rallied behind a fanmade entity, but by this time, he just wanted it to end.

And end it did. It all ended so fast, he finished carving the pumpkin and wiped off all the marker so he could get in there and make some fine adjustments to the gourd. As he took the small carving knife in his hand and placed the blade along the mouth of the pumpkin, he froze. It was as if someone else was holding him in place and gagging him so he couldn’t speak or cry out.

“S̨̟̰̦͔̪ͩ̆̊͐͡a̴̯̣̺̻̞̲͉͉̻͋͛yͮ̓̿̍́̀̾͝҉̜̬̺̼̱̱̪͚ ̦̳̲̝͌̈́̀g̛̬͉̜̻͉͈̻̟͙ͪͯ̕ŏ̴̖̠̥̽ͪ̑͗̓̚ợ̀͂̎ͩͦ̌ͥd̛̟̘͈̙̻̣͑ͦ̊̈̊ͥ̈́b̴̄͌͑̒͏̖̬̮̠y̯̥̼̜ͣͦ͛̎̕ę̛̹̟̼͊͐ͫ̂̆̽ͅ,͈͓͆̓̾̒͡ ͪ̐́́͏͚͈̙͍Š͉̫͍̩͓̝̪͇̃̂́̾͆̈́̕͟͢ͅe͚̪̺̯͒̈́̃̒̈̃̇͘ą̲̼̼͚̺͙́ͧͯ͂ͥ̐̐̾̒̚n̴̡͙̖̘͙͗͑̇ͣͫͤ̽̊.̡̛̻̭̜̲̜͋͑̈̊͂̏̈́̂͆ ̬̭ͥ̀̚S̸̝͓ͨ̎̂̄̌͗ͤ͡a̡̧͍ͩͦ͂̎ͅy̷͉͕̼̳̝̞̎͊̃ͧ ͔̘̜͌̊̽̔ͪͥͥg͇͚̱̘̤̼̬͛́́ͥ͊͑͑̾͜ó̢̗̬̰̤̻̹͎̯͐̽̉ͨỏ̗̖͔̹͎̠͉ͯ̈́̈́͑̀̚͡d̵͉͖̺͉͈̺̫̋̽b̸͂ͧ̊ͭͦ͏̪͉̳͓͖̬͉y̮̮̎̓ͫͪ͆ͧ́ͮ͜͢͠e̸̼̻̝̖̳ͯ́̏̽͌ ̵̡͔͈̲̞̞̀̓̑͊̚ͅt̯͔̬̟͖ͥͤ̕͝o͂̈́͋̾̍҉̵̝̥͖̜͕̼͎ ̴̡̙̪͍̤̱̒ͮ̉̑̐y̩̫͙͑̃͋ͪ̿̍̆̅͂ọ̶̡͇̰̖̗̱͌͜u̱͍͐̇ͦͭ͂́͠ȑ̖̱̆ͭ͂̍̏ͦ͟͡ ̴̨͔̭̐͐̋̇͂̄̍͛ͅḻ̜̠̩̠̪̲̖ͤͮͩͤͭ́ǐ̜̭̥̾̂͌ͧ̊̽̽̀̚f̶͚̠̜̮ͪ̀ͮ̏ͧ̓̈͋̊e̢ͦ̐̾̐̉̅҉͕͚̦́.̶̩͎͚̯̼̯ͨͧͩ͢ ̤͍͈̲̜̓͑͠Ị̷͙̙̪̞̆̈͆̅͒̒͒ͩţ̧̰͙͕̔ͮ͒͌ͦ͢'̫̫̙͕͖̼̠̘̑͛ͮ̿š̰͚͈ͧ̽̈ͮ̄̀͞ ͉͖͓̺̗̼̘͕̄ͤ̎m̱͔͚̺̬̒ͬͬ͜iͫ͢͏̛̥̗̲̘̫̮͎̣̗n̎̅҉̡͕̩e̛̜̪̤̺̤̓ͪ͊́̽ͩͬͥ ͙̫̍͐ͩ̉͋n̜̺ͧͫ͘o̭̻̹̝̹̫̳̝͗ͬ̑̈ͯ̂͒̓͞͞w̦̒̉̃͑̊͡.̶̓̒͛̑̊҉͎̠̰͚̗̲ͅ
̤̪͉̟͈͉̱̣̈͌ͦͦͥ͒ͣ̀S̷̞̯̠̹ͨ͛ͪ̍̌ͧ̆͂̆͢ą̥̞͖̮̭̟̯̑̔̍ͨͥ̿̆̀̚͘ͅy̲̮̱̠̅ͭ̐ ͔̠̘̱̭̟̲̺̻̊̌̑G̷͙͚͒ͫ́oͭ̀ͦ҉͇̣̺̫͢o͔̺͉̖͊́̓ͅd̵̪͓̪̩͕͔̝ͣͧ͂ͥ̇̊ͩ̌ͣ̀͡b͈̯̖̲͉̼̿ͦ̽͌̇̅͜ͅy̨̻͖͒̅ͧͥ͠e̦̞̺͕̩̳̅̎ͧ̈́͑̂̌͢͝.̛͓͈̯̾̂ͪ͂̌̂́”

There was a flash of pain and then black. He looked down at his hands as he floated in this endless abyss of darkness. He tried to cry out for help, but no sound left his lips. All he could do from that point on was scream soundlessly. He was trapped.

As Seán brought himself out of his memories of Halloween day, he thought about how it was his fans that made Anti real. They kept giving him the attention he wanted, craved, and needed to get stronger. They posted so much fanart, fiction and general posts with theories all over social media. It was amazing to see how his community banded together and had so much fun during this time of year.

So as much as Seán wanted to blame them for where he was now, trapped in limbo with his memories, he could never actually be upset with them. That was when it hit him.

His fans.

If he was able to even get a small break through the barrier that Anti had created and leak into recordings, then maybe his fans would be able to save him. If Anti was able to get stronger because of his community, what is to say that he couldn’t as well? He was ready to make his community remember Antisepticeye and use this chance to save the real Jack. He felt his world jar around him as Anti got spooked by something, causing him to let his guard down slightly. 

Seán grinned and took the opportunity to reach through the barrier between the two.

“So, Anti…
͎̖̒̉̈̈ͣƠ̑̈́҉̖͎̦͎̪̺̯̪r̈́͗̾̈́̏̈̆͝҉͙ ̗͉̫͉̾ͫͮ̊̋̇̒̃j̢̝͔̩͈͐ͣ̎̑̓͊͡ų̤̤̪̥͈̫͓̺ͯ̔ͥͭ̍̾ͫṣ̼͇̻̠̼̭̱̖ͣ̇̅͢t̴̴͖̰̟̮̭̓͒ͥ͑ ̴̜̘͉̣͈̞͌̀ͪͯͣ̍̎ͮt̡̛͖̦̥̦̬ͤ͗͆ͭ͐̇o͓͙̹͖͉̭̺͊͗ͮ̾͑̉͂̆o͔̭͙͊͗͡͡ ̙͛̂͒ͭͦ͌͌̇͘a̗̱̯̺̋̎́̏̍̒͟͢f̶̗̮͔̳̳͕̫͐͑ͪ̕ͅr̨̮̮̮̅̊ͮ̈́ͬa̙̠̩̬͓̪͎ͭͮī̧̠͕̙͇̄ͧͪ͛̎ͦ͠d̛̻͉͈͖̑̀̊̈́̇̅͊̕ ̢̱̘͔͕̯͙͚͎̽̈ͧ̊ͪ̒̀t̛̠̙̭̩̳ͨ͗ͪͭ̏ơ̹͎̠̘̺̫̈ͣ ̷̸̸̩̻̼͛͌̑̌̇r̨͓̲̞̘̖̤̤̘̅̍̈́̅̅ͧ̍̆̐͢e̠̼̞͕ͤ̽͒̈͊̀͘m͈̩̠̼͗̆͌͘̕e̵̢ͤ̓̍̀̊͒̔ͨ͏̟̲̼̘̖̝̭͇m̭̗̭̃͋̌ͬͦ́̚b͉͖̗̘͔͈͎̜ͫ̊̑͞e̡͎̙̲̼̰͚̊ͩ̂̓̕ͅr͉̪̞̩̹ͪ͂͗̎͛͡ͅ?̸͚͕͙͙̦͓͙̉̏̉ͅ”

Ahhhh! I hope this is okay! 

(I love the theory that Anti has been here this whole time so I made something that basically shows Jack trying to break through.)

I got struck with inspiration and then sat at my computer for two and a half hours fleshing this out. I’m sure that If I sat down for longer amount of time, It’d come out better, but I’m still pretty proud of what I wrote. I hope to write more in the future. :) I hope you all enjoy this.