i had to make something about it don't loot at me

Right, so a couple days ago, I made a comment that I had noticed something interesting about Krem’s weapon and would make a post about it later because I was mobile and also it was stupid early in the morning. Well, here’s that promised post.

Under a cut because it’s long and picture heavy.

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ReBoot Season One Sentence Starters (Part Six):
  • "You remember FUN, don't you?"
  • "I said take it back!"
  • "Hey, DON'T TOUCH THAT."
  • "I think I can take care of myself, thank you."
  • "We've been trying to get out forever!"
  • "If you promise not to touch anything, I'll show you something."
  • "Someone's gotta stay with me. Please?"
  • "Perhaps this is not such a disaster after all."
  • "I never knew you could be so impulsive."
  • "Let me put this as delicately as possible... we're doomed."
  • "How goes the looting?"
  • "He uh, damaged the canons."
  • "That's it! You're getting dismantled."
  • "No, not, never, nein, no way, ixnay on the es part, negatory!"
  • "I'm surprised you doubt my loyalty."
  • "All lies, I'm sure."
  • "I know, I know, I'm sorry."
  • "We have to choose a door.
  • "Aren't you ever coming back to the diner?"
  • "What are you doing? That won't even make a dent!"
  • "Curses and crashes, we lost him!"
  • "Don't get me wrong, I gotta admit, it is kind of nice to get away from it all."
  • "It was like you had a plan all along."
  • "I would've made it, if it wasn't for you."
  • "Somebody give me a hug!"
  • "Hey, that's my line!"
  • "I have no idea what the next line is."
  • "If only I'd copied and pasted the truth at the start."
  • "That's not even funny. What are we gonna do?"
  • "I love it when you prisoners do that."
  • "Remember that anything worthwhile takes time."
  • "I think we all owe you a big apology."
  • "We have to do something!"
  • "It was an honor to betray my comrades to you."
  • "I think you're about as basic as it comes."
50 Facts About Han Solo (+1)

SO I HAVE NOTICED, in my expansive (ha) perusal of the Star Wars fandom, that while Han Solo is like, a token character, the depth and complexity of his character often gets dismissed/forgotten in meta and analysis in favor of our favorite dysfunctional family of skynerds. Which, I mean, I love the skynerds, BUT. Han is such a lovely dweeb that I feel as though it is scandalous that he doesn’t have 3095830549 posts about him because GOSH SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, aND THUS, I have taken it upon myself to compile a post with all my nerd pirate boy headcanons RIGHT NOW. I’m trash because I gratuitously cherry pick ideas from the EU bye

Let’s make a list, because I love lists:

  • He had a mother and little sister (his dad walked out on ‘em when he was really young), but they died some time during the Clone Wars through no specific malicious purpose, but rather for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After the Death Star, he can’t bring himself to leave right away, even though he now has enough money to pay off Jabba and more - he doesn’t know how old the Kid is, but he can’t be more than eighteen, and that’s - that’s barely anything, Chewie, he tells the wookiee defensively after confronted about why they’re still awkwardly hanging around (and really, Chewie has no problem awkwardly hanging around, but Han is defensive anyway), and hell, he doesn’t have any folks left in the world and that’s a terrible kiriffin’ place to be so I’ll just. Hang around for a little while. Make sure he’s back on his feet, that he’s got a place to stay. (And he doesn’t think of his little sister, because she was so young when it all happened and so was he, but he really does. Kind of.)
  • He eventually gives back the Alliance the money they gave him as reward for rescuing Leia/taking down the Death Star because he feels like it’s burning a hole in his pocket and Chewie hasn’t said anything but he’s obviously not happy with it and dammit, ya big ball of fuzz, are you happy now?
  • (Leia doesn’t know)
  • (She actually doesn’t find out until quite a bit later, when General Rieekan happens to mention it one morning when she’s reading reports and trying to figure out how to make a deal with the Bothans and drowning herself in luke-warm caf because she can’t sleep at all and she’s given up even thinking about it - and the padd slips out of her hand, just barely, and all she can do is say  ”oh” and pretend that when she wakes up in the middle of the night with a scream that’s more of a sob and her nightmares dancing at the edge ofher consciousness, she’s not crying just a little bit harder than usual)

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The Heist

Yoongi x Reader



A/N: For a blog that stand Jungkook, I tend to write a bunch for Yoongi stans; I don’t mind though


You would consider yourself to be a virtuoso, one that would most certainly be found in a museum in the modern art section at least once a week. It was something that you would say that you had pride in, digesting information about the art in your favorite museums in order to not only educate yourself, but your friends when they came to visit. Your family always seemed to frown upon the idea of you wasting your time idling down the familiar hallways in order to see the same paintings. They believed that you should be using such time to be studying, which was on another topic that they did not fully approve of you doing. You had decided to study art history as a college major, and that alone sent a bit of tension between the family and it left you in a weird spot where you were really left by yourself in college.

That’s where Yoongi came in.

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I don’t know why I was so angsty about valentines day.  I had a great valentines day like…every year for the past three.  But I was angsty, oh yes I was.  

February fourteenth is pure commercialism, it’s February fifteenth when the truly enlightened among us get to reap the benefits.  Astrid and Ruffnut nod at each other in the foyer of the grocery store, Astrid’s bangs flipping off of her forehead in the upward gusting windscreen at the door.  

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okay its not rad at all but my last follow forever was when i had
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anonymous asked:

Andy, this isn't going to help anyone. Burning the american flag means you're burning a symbol of self-government, equal opportunity, freedom of speech, and a belief in progress for America. It does not mean you are against cops who wrongfully shoot people. You do realize that the protesting for this that has been hapening has come with looting and atempts to kill cops right? I don't think this is what we need to stop unjustified cops from shooting people.

Before I jump into this even further: do not even dare to take such a familiar tone with me like off anon we are friends. If we were actual friends you would know better than to use my real name on my blog anymore considering my stalkers and you would have brought this up with me on skype. Any further messages you send me using my name or this familiar tone you think is fucking okay are going to be ignored.

As for what you said I can not actually believe you think that stance is an okay one to have and I can not believe you are saying that the small portion of looters (there were only 20-25 reported to have been looting and the other protesters worked together to shut them down to avoid escalating the situation) and the even smaller portion of those who escalated violence against the already violent police members (this one I have not even heard of this entire two month long deal and I have been following the news religiously so part of me is under the assumption you’re either getting your information from the police or are making it up) are a more important focus than the hundreds who are being harmed and the ever growing number of ones being murdered.

Regarding your continuing of prioritizing a flag over real lives other tumblr users have said it better than I ever could:

So basically we shouldnt burn the flag because it represents all of the privileges afforded to White people. […] We [PoC persons] didnt start out with no damn freedom, justice and the right to happiness. Get that through your head. We [PoC persons] have a right to be angry, and have all the right to burn that bullshit ass flag that has brought nothing but pain, terror and death to uspostracialcomments

Yes it is a symbol. But the shootings that have been occurring are people. Their country hasn’t protected them. Those that were supposed to protect them are killing them. Take that outrage about the burning of that symbol, and put it towards getting them justice. You care more about the burning of a symbol, than innocent lives loss. What does that say about the country that that symbol represents.hungry-horny-feminist

“ "but the flag is a symbol of all the good things that america represents. freedom,justice and the right to happiness; ALL THE IDEALS WE STARTED OUT WITH BUT SEEM TO HAVE LOST ALONG THE WAY. i still believe we can get  someday and i hope you do too.” 
you know; colonization, genocide, enslavement, xenophobia, sexism, classismbe-blackstar

The ideals we started out with really aren’t that different from today and the fact that white people are more concerned about a Jo Ann Fabrics creation than actual human lives proves tf out of that. The flag has ALWAYS been more important than Black lives.dopenmind

The false representation of that freedom that comes with that flag is apparently worth more than the masses of young black men and women who die simply because they exist.srizzzzler

Do you ever think that maybe, just maybe, the way we keep losing the “good ideals” and end up with the bad ones might have something to do with the fact that we pledge allegiance to a flag rather than to each other or to those ideals?
Do you ever think that maybe the better world you talk about might be a little bit easier to get to if we got rid of this idea that something can embody just the good parts of the United States of America and remain completely untouched by ongoing travesties like colonialism, genocide, slavery, segregation, and state violence?
I mean, I’m not sure what part of the problem-solving process is to ignore everything that’s wrong and shout about all the things that are—or COULD BE, maybe, one day—good. I’m not even sure how that helps.
Maybe part of the problem is that for so many of us, a symbol is enough. The promise of equality for all is enough. The belief in truth, justice, and warm sweaters for puppy dogs at Christmas—or even the belief that we believe in those things—is enough.
"We hold these truths to be self-evident” are words. Industrialized slavery of a scope and form the world had never seen was an action. Acting like the flag is only a symbol for the words, that the flag only stands for the good the United States has… mouthed… and not the deeds we have done is not the route to a better world. It’s how we got here. It’s how we stay here.
If you honestly believe we can do better, why don’t you act like it? Hold our flag to a higher standard than “WELL OUR ANCESTORS SAID A BUNCH OF NICE THINGS.”boo-author

This country began with slavery, genocide and colonialism of people of color. That is what the American flag stands for. This country has not ever been for freedom and justice. Its been for the success of rich white men at the expense of everyone else.sourcedumal

Disrespecting and defacing a symbol of our country is no where near the abhorrence of the prospect that our government does not punish, and thereby ordains the murder of its citizens. Burning a flag is a fucking symbol, taking lives is not.thecandybomber

and finally…

That thing where a certain group of people are more outraged over a piece of polysynthetic fiber than the horrific loss of Black life in this country.“ @redphilistine