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Age: 18
Biggest fear: the lack of control i have over literally everything
Current time: 12:15 am
Drink you last had: water
Everyday starts with: should be a blunt but i get up and pee hella hard
Favorite song currently: ScHoolboy Q - Situations
Ghosts, are they real?: yes, they’re irritating.
Hometown: i dont have one
In love with: Love
Jealous: i dont do jealousy anymore
Killed someone: yall the feds??
Last time you cried: February 20th.

Middle name: Maiah

Number of siblings: 5
Person you last called/texted: my mommy
Question you’re always asked: “aha so do you like dicks and sandwiches haha?”
Reasons to smile: im a pretty bitch & photosynthesis is a thing
Song last song: Alicia Keys - Slow Down
Time you woke up: officially? 10am.
Underwear: they pink w/ lil black heart
Vacation destination: somewhere near the Galápagos islands
X rays you’ve had: my ankle and my lungs
Your favorite food: carne asada fries
Zodiac sign: Aries♈ I tag @mysticaljellybean @naturesafro @krispykremeheaux @tamboochie @lividlovers @themasterpupil @trufflebootybuttercream @a-n-a-l-o-g @somethingspecial @afrojoza @dollamenuaire @quentinchaucerauthor @theimaginarythoughts @throes-of-redemption @darkchild1224 @dmc-dmc @charliehotchkiss @thagreatvino @thabootyscholar @jmonetx @4kaykaylove @fuckyourstyl @yvnq-lee annnnd @kill-samurai

anyway i’ve decided to just not trust people anymore bc i’ve been screwed over so many times like these past couple of months alone have been legit hell for me… i would’ve never thought that i’d have to deal with such shitty people who think using me and taking advantage of me is some kind of entitlement they have ever again. but ofc as soon as i give people the benefit of the doubt, they fuck me over.

so from now on, i’m going to focus on me. i’m going to go back to keeping to myself and make myself a priority bc i deserve to be happy and successful. idc if that means not being surrounded by people constantly bc honestly, people are shit. most of the “friendships” i’ve had have always been fucking one-sided and i’m tired of them making me feel worthless. i’m going to put all that time and energy i spent being there for all those unappreciative “friends” into things i want to pursue, enjoy doing, and that make me feel like life is actually worth living.

i am done.

So what I’m getting at is that people are pissed off bc Johnlock didn’t become canon? Yall need to get off your high horse. One possible relationship doesn’t define the quality of an episode or series. Yes you’re allowed to be sad or disappointed, but some of the things you’re saying are downright rude and I’m sorry? But do you guys think you’re the only people that have had a ship that wasn’t made canon? No. The difference is the rest of us handled it gracefully.
Go write fanfic
Go make fanart
Role play
Idc what it is, but stop the bitching.

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AHHHH WHAT ABOUT AN MC WHO GOES/WENT TO LAW SCHOOL??? it's okay if you don't wanna but I had the thought and idk if it's even good but it's 1:13 am idc

It’s 04:20 AM for me now so it’s okay. Totally blaze it 


• the compliments are endless, talented AND beautiful? You goddess/god/holy being u 

• he’s usually busy with practicing but always make sure to have time for them when they get back home tired from law school 

• always let them vent to him about what may have happened. Like that one student who is a total jerk, eff him


• is all like woah when he finds out because he have heard it’s quite a challenge, law school that is. so freaking proud of them

• he’s asked once or twice about how it is at law school and their lectures but he turn into a question mark

• there’s a reason why they are the ones at law school and he studying to be a vet


• she always makes these lunch boxes for them to take with them for school so sweet 

• she knows how tough it can be studying, with midterms and all that shiz so she makes sure that dinner is ready when they come back home

• very supportive and proud. They are each others rocks and in this together 


• when he finds out they went to law school he is very surprised but also very amazed like yo man, that’s awesome

• he then realizes that it’s no surprise really because he knew they already were amazing 

• honestly is just so proud tho



• jokes and says that if he ever gets in trouble with the law he’ll call them. as if he isn’t already in trouble with the law jfc

• smothers them in kisses once or twice and goes “my love is so smart and beautiful world watch out!”

@ kotor i just wanted to play a game about a brainwashed sith lord not play starship simulator AGHJKDLFG i cant believe the ebon hawk cant like fire back?? take evasive action?? have someone else up in the turrets because otherwise everyone is about to die. i cant hit anything.

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why are you bitter about tgt?

umm, the darkling died which i could probably forgive if they gave nikolai and alina the ending they deserved. literally, nikolai went through so much shit and like in the end the one person who understands what he is going through leaves him for mal, and like like nikolai and alina have so much more chemistry (platonic or not, idc) than mal and alina. also im bitter because for alina to end up with mal she had to give up her powers in a way while nikolai who constantly told alina that they would make a powerful alliances still asked her to be his queen despite her not having her powers. basically i dont like mal because he reminds me of those typical guys who only likes a girl as long as she is inferior to him or dependent on him………..

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idc what Pidge's gender is, let's all agree that she's cute

i understand u had good intentions w/ this ask, but im sincerely not here for like that kind of thing, because pidge being a trans girl is important

she’s seriously coded as one, and trans boy/trans masc nb pidge makes the narrative horrible, makes all of her friends transphobic and hellish as all get out, means that pidge is currently living in the closet, and is as transmisogynistic as hell

this is one thing i will absolutely not never ever budge on, im 100% anti trans masc pidge and im not down to ‘well we can all agree that she’s cute’ with people b/c, quite frankly, i don’t want to associate with people who have those kind of headcanons and the like b/c it’s really gross

like i get ur intentions w/ this but like this is important and i genuinely don’t want to agree with/get along with ppl who go for trans boy pidge


Band Member: Calum

Type: Gang AU

Description: Money was tight and Calum’s pride stopped him from asking for help. You, however, knew you had to do something for the sake of your daughter and your unborn child which was how you’d ended up as the Hawks’ honeytrap.

Request: “Oh man if requests are open anything gang au, preferably with Calum (but any of the boys really idc), and if you could include something about him being a dad that would make my life. P.S your fics are amazing I love every single one of them :)”

You rolled the ring between your thumb and index finger. You studied it, reading the inscription inside for the tenth time in the past five minutes: Forever. It promised so much but here you were at some bar, questioning that very word. The engagement ring had worn the skin on your finger, the constant fiddling with it probably hadn’t helped. But now you were left with the smooth skin as a reminder that, even when you took it off, you were still Cal’s. And because you were his, you also belonged to the club. The thought brought a wave of nausea but it could’ve easily been the nerves. You hoped it was just nerves anyway, you didn’t need the morning sickness right now.

You heard your phone buzz, it was a picture of your daughter that Brandy had sent with the words, she’s out like a light, honey! Stay safe xx. Her face was screwed up from some dream she was having. You smiled to yourself, you often wondered what she dreamt about. You hoped it was nothing but pretty things and her daddy’s soft singing. Lately, you hadn’t been sleeping so well, especially since you’d realised you were definitely pregnant again. You already hated that your daughter was mixed up in this crazy life her father led, never mind bringing another innocent child into this mess. You had nightmares that left you screaming out for Calum but he was hardly ever at home during the early hours because of his damn lifestyle. The Hawks motorcycle gang Cal had joined in the final year of university had meant you’d been dragged into everything you’d fought to stay out of. It got worse when you were unexpectedly pregnant. You’d had to put your dreams on hold while you dealt with the morning sickness and Calum disappearing into the night. You told yourself that you and your daughter deserved better than a life surrounded by guns and violence. But your determination to leave faded whenever you saw how Cal smiled at Liv, he’d wake up in the night just to watch her sleep. Sometimes you’d find him asleep in the old armchair next to the cot just so he could be there in case she needed him. You knew then you couldn’t walk away and take Liv from her father.

But lately, Cal was working every hour God sent since you’d told him you were pregnant again. So in the stolen hours you had together, he’d tell you edited stories from the club while Liv passed him toys and shouted the few words she knew. He knew you disproved of the club, he swore that he was looking for a way out but you knew that he got too drawn in with the ambitious plans. He was too sweet for this life, at least your Calum was. The guy who beat men to a bloody pulp wasn’t the man you’d promised to marry. Whenever you brought it up, he’d mumble about how you needed the money for Liv and the wedding. But it was never enough, there was hardly any money left at the end of the month since you’d taken time out of working to be with Liv. Your savings had soon been dissolved into almost nothing once Calum started working at the club full time. Sure, they gave him his cut at the end of each month but it wildly varied. Some weeks he’d come home like he’d won the lottery and treat you and Liv to something nice, others it would be a pitiful amount that was never going to sustain the three of you which was what had led you here.

You felt ridiculous in the outfit that Brandy had put together. The low cut top was way too small and the jeans were far too big. But you’d never look out of place here in a dive bar on the outskirts of the city. The tightness was something that the guys admired while the waistband sat on your hips like it was meant to be there. You sipped the glass of water the bartender, Luke, had placed in front of you with a wink, he was one of your guys. He was a member of the Hawks too. You’d sworn that you were done with the gang, you were better than their dodgy deals that took place in back alleys. Yet here you were. Setting up yet another trap for a rival that had done something to the club. Seth offered you good money for sitting there, looking pretty and selling some tragic story to some big biker guy. It made it worse when his old lady, Brandy, called because she’d always offer to watch Liv for you for an hour so Calum would never find out. You knew Cal was too proud to admit that his wage didn’t cover the bills so the leader had offered the perfect solution where Calum would never know you were on the club books too.

You took a deep breath as you noticed Luke nod towards a guy sat at the end of the bar. The guy was a couple of years older than you, the type of guy you might’ve dated in high school. He was tall, his long legs twisted under the stool like they were too long to go anywhere else. He turned his face and you saw the scar that ran along his left cheek. It had you curious, maybe you’d ask him about it if there was time before you took him outside to be bundled into the van.

“Drinking alone?” you asked him across the bar.

The guy looked up and smiled at you, well not at your face by anyone’s judgement. He nodded slowly before pulling out the stool next to him.

“Join me if you want.”

You left the water on the bar and picked up the glittery purse that also wasn’t yours, shoved your phone into it, before walking over to sit by him. You drew out the movement and made it far more provocative than it had to be. He was hooked on your every move, watching like you were the only two in the bar.

“I’ll have another whiskey and whatever the lady wants,” Scar said to the bartender, sliding the glass over to him.

Luke knew your usual drink but he waited just for the sake of keeping up the act.

“Vodka and coke,” you replied without breaking the eye contact.

“Make it a double shot,” Scar said slyly, throwing you a smirk.

You wanted to sigh and tell him that whatever was happening in his head wasn’t going to happen but you knew you had to smile and play along with the whole bad girl act. You watched as Luke skilfully made your drink just a Coke as he poured the vodka into the one he kept behind the bar. He slid both glasses to you and winked at you when Scar wasn’t looking.

“So what’s a pretty girl like you doing drinking alone?” he asked.

You shrugged, wrapping your hands around the glass. “My car broke down. I can’t get home and my boyfriend isn’t picking up so that means he’s probably shagging some other girl. It’s my birthday as well. It’s all fucked.”

“What part of the city you from?”

“I’m two towns over from here,” you lied as you ran your hand through your wig. “I’ve got no money for a cab back home. This is the worst birthday ever.”

You forced your eyes to water and looked over at him, you laughed softly as you wiped away the tears that escaped.

“I’m sorry, you probably came here for a quiet drink,” you sighed. “You don’t need me crying like a child.”

He shook his head, downed the drink and pointed to the door. “I used to be a mechanic, I can take a look.”

You smiled at him, clutching his arm like he’d announced you’d won the lottery. He followed you out of the doors into the night air, you picked a car close to the van. A beaten up Chevy truck that looked dangerously close to breaking down anyway. Scar nodded towards it and laughed.

“No wonder it broke, doll. You’ll owe me a lot after this,” he said darkly. “We can hit the town, get a hotel and make it a birthday to remember.”

You shuddered but kept the smile plastered on your lips like you were completely up for it.

He walked by the back doors of the van as they flew open. The impact caused him to stumble, but you just watched when the guys piled out and pulled him inside. Scar grunted and tried to fight against them but he was no match for the bunch of guys that had descended upon him. He shouted at you to help but you moved out of his sight, shouting for them to stop like you usually did so your victim never suspected you, and then closed your eyes as the grunts and protests faded behind the closed van doors. You couldn’t think about what had just happened, you couldn’t let yourself acknowledge you’d helped cause this.

Seth appeared and leaned against the bonnet of your fake car. He lit a cigarette and took a long drag from it.

“You’ve never worked that fast before, sweetheart,” Seth said as he tilted his head. Smoke flowed from his mouth like a dragon. “What’s with the fast pace? You usually warm them up a little more.”

“I knew you wanted him,” you said quickly. “I want to go home, Seth.”

He nodded and he put the cigarette in his mouth, letting it droop as he counted out your money. He held it out to you and smiled. You took it and recounted it since Seth complained when you didn’t, he said that you were too trusting and one day he’d take twenty out just to teach you a lesson. You frowned when it was more than your usual rate.

“There’s too much,” you said as you held out the extra hundred, you knew Seth tested his members’ loyalty and you knew better than to cheat the guy who helped keep a roof over your head.

“I know,” Seth said with a smile. “Brandy said you were expecting again. It’s just a little extra to get some things for the baby, call it an early present from their uncle Seth.”

You sighed since nobody was supposed to know yet but you couldn’t deny that you needed the money. Brandy had found the pregnancy test packets in the kitchen bin and she had insisted on knowing the result. She’d squealed, insisting that it was the best news she’d had this year.

“Listen, I don’t want you doing any more jobs,” Seth said in a hushed voice. “It’s a risk without putting you and a baby on the line. If Calum ever found out, it wouldn’t be pretty.”

“We need the money, Seth,” you pleaded. “Cal’s doing his best but I’ve got my university loans to pay off still and—”

“I’ll keep you on the books,” Seth said calmly. “It won’t be the hundred you’re used to but I’ll see you right. You’re family, sweetheart. Family helps each other out.”

You bit your lip, you hated feeling like a charity case but you were out of options. “Thanks, Seth. Whatever Cal’s doing—”

Seth shook his head as he stubbed out his cigarette on the bonnet. “I won’t worry you with the details, sweetheart. Go home to your daughter, you did well tonight.”

Brandy had met you at the front door with a sleepy Liv cradled against her shoulder.

“She won’t go back to sleep,” she’d explained. “I think she wants you.”

You had sighed since you knew she had wanted Cal but you’d had no idea where he was tonight. Brandy had left, claiming she had left her mother in charge of the kids far too long. You always felt bad taking her away from her own family but she was forever telling you that she liked being around a toddler again.

Liv had been impossible to settle, every time you put her down, she cried for you to pick her up again. You rocked her as she rubbed her eyes and stared into space while she tried to fend off sleep.

“You’ve got to sleep, Livy,” you said softly. “It’s time for bed.”

“Dad Dad,” she mumbled into your neck. “Dada?”

You closed your eyes, your body calling out for sleep but you were used to the long nights of Livy refusing sleep. You hummed, hoping that the lull of sleep would take Liv sooner rather than later. You almost thought you’d achieved it until the loud bang. Liv started screaming at sound, you knew it wasn’t the wind. You fumbled with the lock on the nursery door and prayed it was just kids on the street playing around. You dug around for your phone as you tried to calm Liv, the cries would only let them know somebody was here.

“This isn’t happening,” you mumbled to yourself as your heart raced. “This can’t happen.”

The banging picked up, becoming less sporadic and more intense like the door might cave under the pressure but also the windows might break too. You swore under your breath as your call went straight to voicemail again.

“Calum, pick up the phone,” you begged his voicemail before attempting to redial.

Liv screamed in your ear, your attempts to comfort her only riled her up more as she cried for Calum. Times like this you had to call Calum just to talk to her to pacify her until he got home but he never answered his damn phone these days. Your heart dropped again as you got his chirpy voicemail once more. You cradled Liv against your chest and hoped she’d tire herself out.

“Babe? What’s with all of the calls?” he asked after the fifth dial tone.

“Calum!” you said quietly, hoping that Liv’s cries couldn’t be heard outside. “You’ve got to come home now.”

“Why? It’s not Liv or the baby, is it?”

You flinched as the banging got louder. “Cal, I did something stupid and now I think somebody’s trying to break in. Please come home, I’m in the nursery with Liv.”

“Babe, listen to me,” he said with his tone that was doused with faked calm. “Sit away from the window, close the curtains and sit it out until I get there, okay? I’ll be ten minutes. Just stay safe, keep Livy as quiet as you can.”

“I’m trying, Cal, she just won’t stop,” you spat then exhaled slowly. “I’m sorry – just get here soon.”

The line went dead and you sat in the armchair that Calum had dragged out of the attic. You rocked Liv, hopelessly humming again just to make her quieten a little. You picked her favourite toy from the basket next to you and softly stroked her cheek with it.

Ten minutes dragged by, it felt like a lifetime but the banging slowed, lessened until even Liv had almost dozed off. You didn’t let it fool you though, you were certain they were waiting to scare you some more or maybe they’d got into the house. You tried to keep your mind focused on Calum’s rescue effort rather than the shadows that might be lurking around your old house. You heard the footsteps and your heart stopped, you stopped humming, you stopped breathing as you waited to see who exactly had found their way into the house.

“Babe?” Calum shouted as he ran up the stairs.

He tried the door but found it was locked, you laid Liv down in her cot and went to open the door. You threw your arms around his neck and buried your face as he kissed the top of your head.

“There isn’t anybody outside, baby,” he said softly. “There’s nobody on the street.”

“I’m not crazy, somebody was trying to get in,” you protested against his skin. “I wouldn’t lie about that.”

He sighed. “I know you wouldn’t make it up. It was probably kids, I’ll ask some of the guys to sit outside for the next few nights.”

You pulled back and rested your hands on his upper arms. “Why can’t you stay home? I’d feel better if you were here.”

Calum walked away and rested his forearms on Liv’s crib. You followed him, folding your arms over your chest. The look on his face told you that you’d just asked the impossible.

“We need the money,” he said calmly. “There will be four of us in a few months, I can’t pass on work.”

You bit your tongue, tonight was not the night to argue over how many hours he’d worked especially when you’d pulled him off of a job of some kind. He looked at the star shaped clock on the wall, something Brandy had given you when you’d told her the nursery was sky themed.

“I have to go back soon,” Calum said without looking at you.

“You can’t go, they might come back,” you argued in a hushed tone. “I need you tonight, Calum. Your daughter and I need you. For once this fucking month, put us first instead of the Hawks.”

Calum sighed like he was already over you before turning his head to look at you. “Who might come back, huh? The invisible man?”

“I think it was the Vipers,” you hissed at him.

“The Vipers?” he echoed then laughed quietly. “Their patch is two towns over, why would you even know that name? Unless… Babe, you must have been mistaken. You’re sleep deprived or something. We don’t mess with them, they don’t mess with us.”

“I got their vice president into the back of a van for Seth,” you said through gritted teeth. “They must have followed my car out or something.”

He pulled you into the hallway, closing the door of the nursery quietly then made you go downstairs to argue away from Liv.

“What the fuck do you mean? Why would Seth get you involved?” he asked.

You pulled the money out of your jacket pocket, you hadn’t had time to add it into the cash in your safe that Cal knew nothing about. You threw it on the coffee table and held a hand out to it like a presenter on a game show.

“He pays me to lure guys out into car parks sometimes,” you admitted. “Brandy has Liv for an hour while I tell his target that my car broke down and I can’t get home. It’s easy money, and like you say, we’ll need it soon.”

Calum looked at you with something that you couldn’t only call disappointment. You tilted your head then shook it lightly. You wanted to laugh at the irony of it all.

“You told me that money was from your parents. I thought you wanted to stay out of the club?”

“You don’t earn enough by yourself, Cal. It’s not like I have any other choice when we’re short on the rent,” you fired back.

He shook his head at you. “I said I was taking care of it.”

“Yeah, if I’d have left it to you, Calum, we’d be fucking homeless. I’m not proud of myself for doing it but it pays the bills.”

He ran his hands through his hair then pointed an accusing finger at you.

“You’re pregnant,” he said. “You put yourself in danger.”

“I know,” you said with your hands in the air. “I’m a fucking idiot but I was okay, I had Luke—”

“Luke knew about this?” he asked. “Who else have you got lying to me about your little job apart from Brandy, Seth and Luke? And how fucking long were you going to keep it up for? Long enough to fake a labour so the guy takes you to hospital only to get beaten half to death?”

“Most of the guys know, they take it in turns to watch over me,” you confessed before biting your lip. “Seth told me tonight was it, no more jobs until after the baby.”

Calum looked ready to throw something as he listened to how he’d been lied to. He dug his fingers into the back of your sofa.

“Great,” he said sarcastically. “So you piss off a gang and you’ve been going behind my back? No, this is perfect. Everything I ever wanted in the woman I’m going to marry.”

He began walking out, you blocked the door frame and looked at him seriously.

“You can’t leave me and Liv alone,” you said defensively. “I don’t care how mad you are at me, but you won’t take it out on Liv too.”

He faltered before shaking his head again. He pushed by you and mumbled something about how Ashton and Michael were going to keep watch of the house.

“Calum—” you reached out to touch his arm.

“I don’t want to be near you right now,” he said as he flinched away from you. “I can’t believe you lied to me about the money and the jobs.”

I did part 2!

Ichabod was going to tell Abbie he loved her and here’s why.

I’ve watched this scene about 50 times now. I’m very tired, but I just had to get this out of my system.

I am a total sucker for slow burn relationships. To me, it makes the relationship all the more worthwhile if we get to watch that chemistry grow and develop and become something beautiful over time. Strangers to friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes, and it’s even better when the two people involved are so thickheaded and can’t see what’s right in front of them, even when everyone around them can. 

The moment when Abbie and Ichabod come back from Purgatory was more intimate than I could have every imagined. It was all I really needed to know that this relationship is anything but platonic. (I mean we all kind of knew that already, but ya know.) But I theorize that that was the moment when it hit them both. I think they knew that they loved each other, but I’m not so sure they knew in what way. Abbie and Ichabod have this bond, right? Which automatically makes them incredibly close to one another. Ever since they met, they have learned to know the other better than they know themselves. With something like that, especially in a story with all these fantastical elements, it’s not too far of a stretch to wonder if they both mistook any budding romantic feelings and disregarded them as their strong bond. I mean think about it for a second; Abbie is so incredibly guarded. She’s spent years building up these walls that she’s not so sure she wants to let come down quite yet. I want to say that Jenny and Ichabod are the only two people who have really seen her truly vulnerable, which automatically increases the level of intimacy. Ichabod was married for the first two seasons (which I’m not gonna rant about Katrina’s wasted potential because she could have been such an amazing character and wasn’t given the proper character development she deserved). I don’t think he could even entertain the thought of being with someone else while still married to Katrina. Even during all of this, their relationship grew into this unbreakable bond, which neither of them could have ever expected. I think that after Katrina’s death and during all that time Abbie and Ichabod spent away from each other, they felt the other’s absence more strongly than anything. The cliché, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is actually pretty valid in this circumstance. The more they’re forcibly taken away from each other, the harder they fight to get back to one another. 

Ichabod was going to tell Abbie he loved her during that last scene in 3x10. There was so much emotion between the two of them throughout the entire episode, but that last scene… Oh my God, it was so raw and so beautiful. I feel like we were witnessing their realization. For the first half Abbie could barely look at him because she was trying so hard to control herself. She had a death grip on his hand while she just stared at nothing. In Purgatory she couldn’t hug him, she couldn’t touch him, nothing. In Purgatory she thought her brain was playing tricks on her when she heard his voice. So she held on while he talked so she knew this was real. HE was real and she was home. When she looks at him again she can’t look away. And the whole time Ichabod is just staring at her like he can’t believe she’s here in front of him, like he can’t believe she’s really here and she’s really, truly safe. He looks at her like she’s his entire world (as he has several times this season).. And then there’s a moment after Abbie whispers, “We made it,” when his eyes grow wider and he looks at her like, “…oh…” and then he shifts a little, like something has just made itself known to him. For the first time he breaks eye contact for the first time and ducks his head to look down before getting to his feet.  I think this was the moment when Ichabod especially realized, “if I lose her, I lose part of my soul. I lose my other half. I lose the person I love.” Both their actions alone just screamed, “I love this person more than I initially realized.” And when they get to their feet Ichabod doesn’t let go of Abbie’s hand. He’s still holding on when Abbie turns to kiss Joe’s cheek. When she turns back around, he’s looking at her before his eyes drop to their hands. 

Looking at Abbie, her hand looks like she’s about to let go. Abbie has her moments for intimacy, but she normally can only take so much. Abbie is a very, let’s get down to business to defeat the huns, and kick some ass, person. She knows when to set all other things aside and step into her role as a Witness. But she also has that side of her that’s emotional and cares so much, which is what makes her such a fantastic and well-rounded character. They’re having this moment and Ichabod senses that he’s about to lose it. So he holds on. He brings his other hand up and just holds on to her before he has to let go. He runs his fingers over her hand like it’s the most precious thing he’s ever seen. His eyes move from their hands to Abbie’s face. And then he looks at Joe and we finally get a sense of how nervous Ichabod is. His mouth is partly open but he can’t find the words. When he looks at Joe, you know he’s thinking about that conversation they had in episode 7. You remember the one:

Ichabod: “There is nothing more frustrating than the feeling of helplessness in the face of an unknown foe, which is why we must seize control whilst we can.”

Joe: “Hm?”

Ichabod: “Talk to her.”

Joe: “…Right… What about you? I get the feeling it’s not just rage monsters that make you feel helpless.”

Ichabod: “Well… I have become well acquainted with the vicissitudes of life.”

Joe: *Chuckles*

Ichabod: “But yes, I have become keenly aware of late that I may be fighting a losing battle. On many fronts, against bureaucrats, against developers, against-” *He breaks off suddenly as his eyes find Abbie across the room. His eyes dart away as soon as they see her and his hands, which he’s been using to indicate his list of struggles, drop to the desk. But not before he’s indicated towards Abbie. He’s suddenly very interested in this book.* *Whispered* “Against many fronts…”

Joe: *Understanding dawns on him as he looks at Abbie.* “Well maybe you should take your own advice. Talk to her.”

Yeah. That one. 

When Ichabod now looks at Joe, you know that conversation is going through his head. Talk to her. So he’s going to. He takes a deep breath and pulls Abbie’s hand to his chest. He’s going to confess that he loves her right there.

So why does he stop?

Well, I think there’s two options here. One is that he chokes at the last second and just can’t confess yet. But personally I think that’s unlikely. 

I think that Ichabod realizes it’s just not the right time. 

For one, Abbie desperately needs time to rest. Being completely alone like that for so long does things to a person’s head. Abbie was playing chess against herself to try and keep herself remotely sane. She was alone for 10 months and while she might not have had to eat, sleep, or drink, she’s got to be exhausted not only physically but emotionally. She needs time to recoup and Ichabod respects that. He wants her to know, but only when she’s ready. So he makes another call, cracks a joke, and makes everyone laugh. He’ll save the romantic gestures for another day.

i didn’t even say anything about turning anon back on. like honestly idc about anon hate, but this makes it somewhere in the 20s that i’ve gotten in the past week and i’m just curious about wtf i’ve done?? i’ve had hate sent before, but nowhere near this much. and i’m blocking them all so idk what’s going on. i’m just really tired of it. 

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Rant rant rant rant

I hate twitter 5sos fans idc OK they are always rude and they always steal art and gigs and things from here and they are a bunch of assholes. Like if that girl just fucking said OK and accepted the fact she was wrong it would have been over but no she for real tried to make it seemed like I over reacted cause I don’t like excluded. Like I’m so sorry 5sos barely pays attention to the boys and non-binary fans. I’m sorry I’m erased every day. Sorry I decided to say something about it and i guess “ attack you ” lmao. Get out my face with that bull and learn to grow up stop saying fangirls and say fans or even stans if u have problem lmao

Okay listen I was watching the new GTA video earlier and I had an idea for a raywood fic, just here:

Ryan and Ray and the crew work together on heists, and one time they ask Ray to be the getaway driver, and he reveals he doesn’t have his license. And then everyone makes fun of him except Ryan who says “it’s cool, don’t worry about it”. And then on the next heist when Ryan and Ray are paired together, Ryan tells Ray that he already has the getaway car taken care of. But when they get there it’s just a pair of bikes.
And then Ray is like “Ryan, what the fuck we’re gonna die”. but Ryan just hops onto his bike and says “not if we get going before the cops show up” as he pedals away. So Ray stands there for a second before thinking “we’re gonna fucking die” but gets on the bike anyway because he doesn’t have a choice.
So then they ride to the drop-off point; Ray leads the whole time because he’s gotten good at riding a bike when he can’t drive. So he teases Ryan: “You’re pretty good for someone who never rides a bike! Didn’t know you had calves like that!” and under his breath Ryan says, “didn’t know you had an ass like that” (because he’s been behind Ray and staring at it for a half hour).
And then when they get there they obviously make out because you know, they could have died. And then Ray says, “but seriously Ryan, next time get us a fucking car”.

I started this a while back, but I didn’t get a chance to finish it until now. Just before I moved to Wisconsin for school, I tried doing whatever I could in Texas before I had to leave, and one of those things was participating in a Mario Kart 64 tournament at a small video game store called Game Over. Being hosted as a fun Friday event, everyone was really nice and friendly, ranging from young kids to adults. We were sorted in tournament trees for different rounds, and I happened to be the only player who picked Bowser for my driver, and I grew really attached to him all the way to the semi finals. I’ve even had other players compliment me for how well I played, like “Who was the Bowser?? That was really smart!” I didn’t make it past the semi-finals but I was so happy to make it that far and feel so good for participating in something so cute and friendly. It just left me with really good feelings that day, that I hadn’t experienced in a while, and I even bought a Bowser Keychain there at the store as a memento.

So yeah, heh, I guess I was pretty proud of me and da bowz that day.

autunmbabe  asked:

hi i'm not sure you are still taking prompt request so if you don't that's okay but if you do and you don't mind writing a michael one with “I shouldn’t want the elevator to stall, but at least it would keep you here.” / “My parents asked about you.” / “I was lying… I knew you’d be at this party, that’s why I came.” (or just one of them or two idc) that would be really nice of you cause i really love your writing :))

breakup!5sos blurb night with @hemmocrat & i // insp. // [part 2]

Twinkling fairy lights gently lit the penthouse suite as the party stirred, the bustle of guests fluttering around you as they congratulated the newly engaged couple one by one making you grin from ear to ear. It was nearing nine thirty and you had work the next morning but you couldn’t deny that attending one of your best friend’s engagement parties raised your lately more-often-than-not-somber mood, the bright grins of everyone surrounding you making it nearly impossible to not feel happy. Of course, you were aware of the fact that your ex was in attendance as well considering your friend was set to be married to Michael’s bandmate, Ashton, but you attempted to cast that thought far into the deep corners of your mind; pretending you hadn’t spotted his dyed blonde head of hair multiple times as a consequence of your eyes unconsciously searching for him the entire night. You tried to ignore the radiant smile pasted across his lips as the guitarist mingled about the slew of guests, struggling to ignore the gnawing feeling in your stomach each time you saw Michael engaging in conversation with other girls. He has every right to flirt with whoever he wants to, you reasoned with yourself, We’ve been broken up for months now, get over it.

However, your pursuit to will yourself to think rationally flew out the door the second your eyes met his twinkling green ones during Calum’s speech congratulating the newly engaged couple: Michael’s eyebrows shooting up in surprise as he recognized your sullen face. Immediately after the brunette finished his toast, you were throwing back your glass of champagne and gathering your coat and purse from the entrance of the suite. You figured your friend was too far gone now, drunk on love and her new commitment to the one she loved, to be angry about your sudden departure.


Just as you were sucking in a relieved sigh as the elevator doors began to shut, the ‘bottom floor’ button illuminated, an all-too-familiar body squeezed through the lift entrance.

Shuffling his arms into the sleeves of his worn leather jacket, Michael breathed out jagged pants before turning towards you, his expression a mix of bewilderment, sadness, and confusion.

“Are you serious, Y/N?” the dyed blonde asked, the pitch of his voice higher than usual, exasperated. “You make eye contact with me one second and the next you’re ditching the party?”

You shrugged, staring straight ahead at the slowly dwindling numbers of floors above the elevator doors. “Yeah, I guess.”

Michael sighed, agitatedly rubbing his hands up and down his face. “I didn’t even know you were gonna show up,” he mumbled between his fingers, slumping against the wall of the lift in defeat.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “Oh come on, you know I wouldn’t’ve ditch this for anything.” You crossed your arms across your chest. “Just because there was a possibility of you being here tonight wasn’t gonna stop me from celebrating my best friend and Ash.”

The blonde nodded, pressing his plump lips into a straight line, the tension tangible in the small cubicle. A few strained seconds of silence passed before Michael muttered, “My parents asked about you,” the scratchiness in his voice prompting a lump to form in your throat. “They wanted to know why you weren’t coming to the family reunion this year, because–” he let out a dry laugh, “–Because I waited nearly two months to tell them that we broke up.” He shuffled his feet, staring at the patterned carpet beneath them. “I thought, you know, maybe if I didn’t say it out loud… it wouldn’t be real?” Michael’s pitch raised in question, though he wasn’t expecting an answer from you. “I– I guess, stupidly– thought that if I just waited long enough, maybe we’d get back together and I’d be happy again.”

Though you kept your eyes trained deliberately on the silver doors of the entrance of the lift, you couldn’t help but let a few tears that’d bubbles up in the corners of your eyes escape as you blinked.

Michael sighed again before shrugging, ashamedly admitting, “To be honest, I was lying…” He sniffled. “I knew you’d be at this party, that’s why I came.”

Clamping down on your bottom lip, you willed the moisture in your eyes to stop forming, your resolve crumbling as you listened to your ex sniffle. “Is that supposed to make me wanna take you back?” you questioned, your voice scratchy. “If you don’t remember, you’re the one that broke up with me.”

“Yeah, but–”

“No buts!” you interrupted him, your eyes full of fiery as they finally met Michael’s, the tears pooling in them magnifying your morose. “You broke up with me. I begged you to change your mind but–” you gasped, sucking in a large gust of air before exclaiming, “–You didn’t listen! You walked away from me, okay? You left me.”

Miserably, Michael nodded, his hands trembling in the pockets of his jacket. “I know, Y/N, I know.” He let the silence bloom again, the hum of the elevator the only sound accompanying both of your uneven breathing. Audibly, the blonde swallowed, clenching his eyes shut as he tilted his head towards the ceiling, his neck veins protruding as his chin pointed towards the ceiling. “I shouldn’t want the elevator to stall,” he whispered, just barely perceptible. “But at least it would keep you here.”

Before you could stop yourself, a bitter laugh fled your lips, the irony of his comment shaking you to the core. “It’s funny, you know,” you remarked, shaking your head with a mocking smile spread across your lips. “Because I’ve tried to move on, but I still find myself looking for you in everyone I see.” Shrugging, you raised your eyes to meet Michael’s bewildered ones. “Even though you fucked up, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be but here… with you.”

And if by the time the elevator doors opened to the lobby of the building, Michael had you pressed against walls of the lift with his lips pressed against yours, whispering promises of forever in hoarse exhales into your mouth, well… no one needed to know.

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I never meant to start a fire; I never meant to make you bleed  ❞ || insp. [x]

i had a coworker the other day tell me that he was pretty sure i didn’t even like one direction’s music, that i only like them because of how they look, and i honestly got so mad. i didn’t make a huge argument bc he’s a dumbass and getting myself angry and arguing would’ve been useless..
and this morning, i was driving to work and ready to run came on in my car and i had the windows down a lil and i turned it up and i had tears in my eyes bc the song is so lovely and makes me so happy and i kinda laughed bc that stupid guy at work thinks that this band only has a superficial appeal to me.
he doesn’t realize that this band - their music, their ridiculousness, all of it - brought me comfort when i was down. that this band brought me innumerable friends, people i can’t imagine not having in my life now. gave me a soundtrack for road trips and sad nights and dance parties with my best friend.
because of this band, i met people who believed in me and encouraged me and loved me. i am who i am at this moment, happy and kind and feelin myself and everything else through all of that.
so my coworker can think that i just swoon over them all he wants because i know how different my life would be without them and that’s what matters