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maybe we can make our life a story. so, marry me grace violet blood. 

I’m really mad Clarke’s simpletonass is gonna go with Bellamy to get Raven.. Like, bitch weren’t you just crying cause you didn’t wanna open the bunker? But now all of a sudden when Bellamy wants to go get Raven you wanna be the first one hopping out of it???? Just sticking your damn nose where it doesn’t belong (like always!) I don’t get why she’s going at all. She had no problem leaving Raven behind in the first place and didn’t even bother asking about her. Bell is the ONLY one that mentioned her! No one else! That’s why it makes perfect sense for the person who she’s closest to, goes for her. Both Bellamy and Raven don’t even get along with Clarke, all she does is manipulate them and the only reason they deal with her is cause they have to. The writers try so hard to diminish Braven’s relationship but Braven will always be better than blorke idc man, fuck y'all


This was my very first kpop event so ya girl had to look good for Got7! 😜 Okay Security was SO strict 😒 This lady was looking through my bag for a good minute like really?? Me and my friends had got put in the SLOW line so we were already irritated 😤 I was the last out of my friends to get into the venue but they still had to search me 🙃 once that was over me & my friends dash into the auditorium and there were ppl already lined up at by the barricades. (Oh BTW me and my friends had P1) So there were like 2-3 girls in front of me, I’m super short but thank God I had on these lifted boots 👌🏾 I was still able to see the chairs the boys would be seating in.

So as me and my friends are chit chatting with ppl I noticed that ppl had their raffle tickets to get picked to go on stage w/ the boys…. 😳 (I never got one) “Where did y'all get the raffle tickets?!” My friends told me they were giving them at the front once ppl got in. I RAN all the way to the front of the venue and told them that I didn’t get a raffle ticket. “sorry mam once u go into the auditorium we can’t give u a raffle ticket”. “Are u kidding me?! NO one gave me one? That’s not fair” 😤 I tried to tell them everything that happened but they wouldn’t budge so I went back to my spot in the auditorium without a raffle ticket, that was my one chance to get picked! 😭 Imma fast forward to when the boys came out which was an hour later (due to ppl showing up late and security being super cautious)😒.

Me & my friends were on the left side so when the boys came out it was Jackson, Jinyoung & Mark closest to us. (Jackson is my bias wrecker 😍) They sung Let Me and I had caught JACKSON’S attention within the first minute of them singing 👀🌚 He gave me this salute sign & looked at my direction. I thought to myself did anybody see that or ?? 👀Then throughout the show I saw him look at me again and he pointed me again and gave me the ‘SUP GIRL’ look I was SHOOK! I asked this guy next to me if he saw what Jackson did or am I just going crazy?! He said “naw girl he was definitely looking at you!” At this point I wanted more of Jackson! lol so I kept yelling his name and tryna make eye contact but he kept avoiding me 🙃 but I heard that MR. SLICK aka JACKSON likes to do that & pretends like he doesn’t notice them ☕️.

I was like “BOI if you don’t stop playing with my emotions and look my way again”! 💀I tried to get the other members attention throughout the show but I don’t think they could see me 🙄 Towards the end of the show the boys started throwing their sweat towels and my friend caught Jackson towel! 👏🏾She had to fight some crazy girls off her tho 💀On to the Photo Opt! Security tried to separate me and my friends and we weren’t having it! Thankfully we got someone to fill in the other groups spot 👏🏾So next was our group and I wanted to be by JB (my other bias) From my left to right it was Jinyoung, Youngjae, JB, Mark, Jackson, BamBam & Yugyeom. Btw They are SO good looking in person! 😍 So I wave to Jinyoung (who’s an actual Prince) & he smiled & waved back. I can’t remember if Youngjae saw me if not but he’s precious! Next was…JB 😍 I smiled and waved and I sat down in front of him. I had my bag on me and took it off and was tryna decide to put it in front of me or behind. I ended up having it behind me and then it fell on the ground in front of JB. I was like “oh crap!” I was tryna get it but the camera man was about to take the pic & I hadn’t even figured out what kind pose I wanted to do with him so I just quickly said “JB can u put ur hand on my shoulder?” He put his hand on my shoulder and his hands were so warm 😍 “alright one more pic!” 3, 2, 1 *snap* Once that was over I automatically felt the abscene of his hand 🙃 I didn’t want him to take his hands off 😭 I got up & as I’m about to ask him to get my bag I noticed that he was ready bending down to get my bag (he’s a gentlemen) and he gave it to me with both hands & kinda bent down to meet my level and I said “thank you JB” and we stared at each other for a split second & he gave me a shy/ genuine smile and I was just speechless! His DNA is all over my bag now! 🌚 (I’m never gonna wash it) 💀 He had me so shook I somehow passed up Mark! (Who’s suppose to be my main bias) 🙃 I got to JACKSON next and I said “heeey Jackson!” And he pointed at me like he did earlier and gave me this grin smile lol next was BAMBAM who looks like an actual Barbie doll! 😍 “Hi BamBam!” 🖐🏾 and His eyes LIT Up a bit when he saw me and he pointed at me as well & said “HI!” I never got to say anything to Yugyeom due to staff rushing us and me being still distracted from what happened earlier with JB 🙄😩 I think JB is my main bias now 😍 I wish I woulda said more to JB but they said they’ll be back again this year 👀 I’ll be coming for u again GOT7!

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I Choose You // Mikey Pearce

Word Count- 1486


Can you please make an imagine were Conor, joe, jack and mikey are your friends but one drunken night Oli tells you that your friends (joe, jack, Conor and mikey) all fancy you then they all make this big joke of the night trying to come onto you but you’re secretly in love with mikey

A/N- I love mikey so much and idc if this gets 0 notes; my baby deserves so much love.


You had known the buttercream boys for a while now. You had met them through Oli about 7 months ago. And within those 7 months you had fallen for the cutest one of them all; Mikey Pearce.

Though you had admitted to your sister and mom that you had fallen for the goofy brunette, you hadn’t yet told any of the boys. You knew once one of them found out, the rest would know within minutes.

So, like any other night out, you sat and watched as he flirted with any girl that would let him. You sat in the booth, swirling the straw around your clear drink. You weren’t drunk by any means, but you wish you were.

“Heeeey Y/n,” Oli slurred as he slid into the booth.

“Hi Oli,” you chuckled.

“I’m ready to leave.”

“Are you sure? You look like you’re having a great time.”

“I’m sure. Now you go get the boys. I’m-” he burped. “I’m going to go take a piss.”

“Okay,” you said, grabbing your phone.

“Great!” Oli clapped.

“Hey Oli?”

“Yes love?” he asked you with wide eyes.

“I can’t get the boys unless you stand up,” you whispered.

“Oh right!” he shouted. “Sorry, see ya soon Y/n!”

You tried to locate one of the 6 other boys. The first one you laid eyes on was Josh. The ginger had his hands on a girl’s waist and was swaying side to side with her. You made eye contact with him and singed leaving. He nodded his head at you then winked.

You had made all the boys learn some basic sign language. Just in case one of you needed help but couldn’t say it. And in times like this, it came in handy.

After you and Josh said your silent farewell, you looked for another boy.


You stayed a few feet away and waited for him to notice you. Once his blue eyes locked with yours, you signed are you going home with her?

He shook his head and said goodbye to the girl he was previously flirting with.

“What’s up love?” he nudged you.

“We’re leaving. Can you head outside and call the Uber? I’ll get the rest.”

He headed to the exit while you looked for the younger Maynard. Instead you found Joe.

“Joe,” you whisper-shouted into his year. “We’re leaving. Conor’s outside.”

After Joe was out of your sight, you continued looking for Jack. He was in the corner, making out with a girl. You snorted and moved onto looking for Caspar. As you looked for the blonde, you felt hot breath on your ear.

“Where ya going love?” you recognized the voice as Jack.

You turned around, a smirk on your face. “What happened to Blondie?”

“Eh, too much tongue.”

You laughed, “Alright Randy, the boy are outside. I’ll be there after I find Caspar and Mikey.”

“Oi, love” he grabbed your arm when you went to walk away. “Caspar left early, Maddie needed him.”

“Okay, I’ll find Mikey and meet you outside. Can you grab Oli on your way out?”

He nodded and you parted ways. You began your search for the boy who had captured your heart. You made your way to the bar, if all else failed Mikey always went to the bar. You immediately noticed his leather jacket and walked over to him.

You tapped him on the shoulder, “No luck?”

“Nah, she had a boyfriend.”

“I’m sorry Mikey, how about we go home and chill with the boys.”

“Sounds good,” he sighed.

You grabbed his hand and led him outside. Yet when you two finally made it outside of the club into the chilly night, Mikey didn’t let go of your hand.

“Ready?” you asked as all the boys shivered.

“Yes!” Jack and Joe yelled.

“The Uber should be here soon!” Conor said as he rubbed his hands together.

“It’s so bloody cold out here!” you whined.

“Here have my jacket,” Joe smiled.

“No take mine!” Conor offered.

“Want me to hug you?” Jack opened his arms.

“You boys are so needy for Y/n’s love!” Oli shouted, as he spun around in circles. “If she wanted your cock, she would’ve gotten it by now!”

Your face flushed red, as did the other four.

“I mean c’mon!” he continued. “Just because you lot fancy her doesn’t mean she fancies you back!”

“Uber’s here!” Mikey shouted. You all 6 piled into the Uber, the silence quickly becoming awkward.

“I love this song!” Oli shouted. “Y/n sing with me!”

“Of course Oli!” you laughed and began singing, the other boys soon joining in.


You had all made it back to Conors place. He was nice enough to offer you all a place to sleep.

“What film should we put on?” you asked.

“Whatever you want love,” Joe shot you a wide smile then turned his head back to his laptop.

“Great!” you grinned, clicking Titanic.

“Rose did NOT deserve Jack! He was too pure!” Oli sobbed into Jack’s shoulder.

“Alright mate, I think its time you go to bed.” He stood up, trying to pull Oli with him.

“C’mon bro,” Conor said, helping his brother take the drunk boy to one of the guest rooms.

As the opening credits played, you looked at Mikey. He was sat on the floor, in between your legs with you occasionally playing with his hair.

You loved his hair so much. You loved the color, the length, the way he styled it, the way it looked wet, but most of all, you loved the way it looked after he has just woken up and it’s a mess. You loved the Mikey that people never saw on screen.

“Can I ask you a question?” the Maynard’s had already found their way back onto the couch.

“You just did,” Jack winked.

“Seriously,” you said.

“Of course love, what’s up?” Mikey said, turning around.

“Was Oli telling the truth?” you received blank stares, so you added more. “When he said you all fancied me?”

The realization hit the boys and they all sighed. You stared at your fingers, you didn’t have the courage to look at any of them.

“Y/n…” Jack sighs.

“Yes or no?” you said more sternly, tears welling in your eyes.

Joe sighed, “Yes. But,” he added quickly. “Don’t think for a second that you need to like one of us back.”

“That’s not the problem,” you croaked, running out of the apartment as tears fell down your cheeks. You sat outside the apartment, back against the wall.

How were you supposed to tell your closest friends that you loved one of them and not the other?

You couldn’t do it. You couldn’t hurt them like that.

“Y/n?” Conor said, opening the front door.

“Go away,” you sighed.

“Hey, I’m still your best friend ya know that, right?” he chuckled, taking a seat in front of you.

“Conor, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, we can’t choose who we fall for.”

“Do you know who I’m going to choose?”

“Yeah,” he smiled. “It’s rather obvious if you ask me.”

“What are you on about?”

“You’re head over heels for Mikey! Everyone can see that.”

“Honestly, Jack only fancies you for your bum. Joe for your video editing skills. And me? Well, I just thought we’d be cute. But Mikey,” he scoffed. “Mikey’s loves you for you.”


He ignored you, “Choose Mikey, Y/n.”

He stood up and extended and arm.

You took it and hugged him, “Thanks ConBon.”

You walked back in, running a hand through your hair. Three pairs of eyes were on you.

“Hey guys,” you said quietly.

“We completely understand that you can’t control why you love. So just choose,” Mikey rambled. “Or don’t. Your choice.”

“I choose you.”

“What?!?!” Jack gawked.

“I choose Mikey.”

“Wow,” Joe laughed. “Good for you bro!”

Mikey just sat there, “You pick me?”

“Yes,” you smiled.

He stood up, but didn’t move.

“Mate, she bloody picked you.” Jack practically yelled. “Kiss her for Christ’s sake!”

“Right,” Mikey said to himself. In two giant steps he was right in front of me.

“You really chose me?” he asked, looking from you to your lips then back to you.

“Yes, you idiot.” You grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his lips to yours.

“They’re cute,” Conor said as they all watched you kiss. “Still hurts though.”

“Goodnight boys!” Mikey smiled, pulling you towards the door.

“I thought you were staying over?” Joe asked.

“My place is like 5 minutes away,” he looked at you. “Plus she’s hot so.”

“Oh my god,” you chuckled as you let Mikey drag you to his place.

Ever since then the boys assumed that you two had slept together, but instead you spent the night talking. Just talking… and maybe a make out session or two.

But after that night you knew. You knew that you loved Mikey, and that Mikey loved you.

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Wolfstar au? Remus as a Starbucks barista Sirius hiring a flat nearby and going there everyday (Magic or not idc)

Oh I love this one. I wrote a little bit, and I might continue this story if people want me to. I’m a barista, so this honestly feels like home. Please enjoy the most cliche (and most realistic) coffeeshop meet cute ever.

The first time that Remus caught a glance at him, he’d over-steamed his milk. That shift being his first at bar and making drinks, it had taken him a minute to recall that the thing in his hand was a pitcher full of scalding hot liquid about to overflow. He hurriedly shut off the steamer wand, as he blushed and sheepishly continued making the stranger’s drink. He took a moment to glance back at the cup, ensuring he’d done everything correctly, before he popped the lid on to call out the order.

“Grande cascara latte for Cyrus?” Remus projected his voice through the bustling coffeeshop directly towards the stranger, who he’d been discreetly keeping an over-eager eye on since he’d ordered. He was surprised when the man didn’t move. He rechecked the hasty sharpie markings on the white cup before calling out the order a second time, with a little less confidence. This time Cyrus turned in slow realization, making his way to the counter.

“Thanks” it came softly from the handsome man with the stormy grey eyes that Remus was far too encapsulated by.

“Have a good one,” Remus replied, mechanically and quietly, distracted by the man and slightly saddened by the thought of him leaving, his eyes sinking to the counter.

“It’s Sirius by the way.” The handsome man took the barista by surprise, causing him to look back up suddenly enough to catch a, “Not Cyrus,” and a wink so small he wasn’t sure it had even happened.

The second time these two saw one another, Sirius had come solely for the purpose of attempting to cure what he’d officially dubbed “the worst hangover scientifically possible.” It had been a trying all-nighter with his best friend James, and after having just moved in to the flat across the street, this Starbucks was the only source of coffee he was currently capable of locating.

He didn’t recognize the cute barista from before until he peered at the cup he had taken up groggily to see the name “Cyrus” had been crossed out and replaced with “Sirius,” accompanied by a small smiley-face. He peered up from his coffee to see a fleeting glance followed by a blush and a sheepish smile. He knew he’d like the neighborhood.

It soon became a routine that the two would see one another every Wednesday afternoon, in no small part due to the (rather pricy) trial and error of Sirius, who had kept returning to the coffeeshop across the street every day until he knew when he could come in for a drink from his favorite barista. He always came when it was slow, always took a little longer thanking Remus for the drink, and somehow even managed to take his time putting the sleeve on his weekly latte just so he could stay an extra few seconds. Every employee working at that Starbucks had realized what was going on almost immediately, save Remus, of course.

So naturally, on a foggy day in April, Remus was the only one with no idea what was going on when Sirius accepted his latte more quickly than usual, only to sit down at one of the nearby tables, pull out a sketch pad, and begin to furiously draw. All of his coworker’s seemed less than surprised by this development, but it sent Remus on a train of thought that would have him distracted and messing up little things even after the mysterious Sirius had left.

It got to the point where he’d almost wiped up all the tables with the can of whipped cream instead of cleaner when he noticed it lying out on the table at which Sirius had situated himself. It was a beautiful sketch, of him smiling from underneath his work hat, clearly drawn over the course of Sirius’ time in the coffeeshop. Remus picked it up gently, as not to smudge the artwork, and peered at the careful sketchy strokes, put down by practiced hands. His eyes wandered around the picture until they settled on the signature in the lower right hand corner. Wait. That’s not a signature at all. It was a number: “867-5309.” Remus got the sense that this was the beginning of something amazing.

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Hello~! I've been feeling a bit down lately, do you think you could do a RFA+V comforting an insecure MC, with them particularly worrying about their appearance and body? Tysm! ;v;<3

(First of all, don’t you dare feel insecure about yourself, anon. Think about your good aspects, not your “flaws.” But, I’ll have you know, I always find “flaws” cute in people. ALL body types are amazing to me, and many others. You’re beautiful in your own way~ and secondly..oF COURSE I CAN.)
(IMPORTANT: You didn’t specify which body type T_T I’m just going to alternate between “skinny” and “chubby” to appeal to everyone struggling with body images. (even tho you’re perfect??? Like?? Tf?)

• It took him a little bit of time to realize you had been acting strange all day.
• And I mean, you weren’t trying to.
• In fact, you were desperately trying to play every thing off as cool, and that you were fine..
• But when you scrolled past the 597273th model shoot post, you were practically in tears.
• Without saying a word, you got up, and started rushing to your room.
• This grabbed Yoosung’s attention.
• He tilted his head to the side, wondering why you had rushed out so quickly.
• So, he pulled himself out of his chair, and began making his way to where you ran to.
• “(Y/N)? Is everything oka…”
• He trailed off as he saw you poking at your belly, looking yourself up and down with tears streaming down your face.
• Instantly, he ran over to your side, wrapping his arms around you.
• (Y/N)? What’s wrong, honey? God..please..don’t cry!!“
• At this point, he actually starts to tear up himself, tightening his grip on you.
• You told him you were struggling with your body image, and you thought you just weren’t good enough.
• He actually gets the most confused expression, as he looks you in the eyes.
• ”(Y/N). Please, stop thinking like that. You. Are. Perfect..you’re everything I ever wanted..and I love you. I don’t want you putting yourself down like this, ever again. Come to me whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, and I’ll be there. Okay?“
• ”…“
• “Okay??”
• “..okay..I love you, Yoosung..thank you..”

• He quickly took notice of you being.. oddly quiet.
• He looked over at you, seeing your almost pained expression, as you seemed to be deep in thought.
• He didn’t know what to do, honestly.
• So, he slowly got up, beginning to walk towards you.
• But, he then got a better idea.
• He did a minor backtrack, as he went to grab his beloved Elizabeth 3rd..
• He held her in his arms, and then continued to make his way to you.
• Before you, Elizabeth 3rd always comforted him when he was upset. She was the only one who saw him in some of his worse times.
• so..she could help you..right?
• Cats obviously make everything better.
• He quietly sat beside you, shifting a little closer.
• He carefully placed Elizabeth on you, making you jolt back to reality.
• “Ga- oh. Elizabeth. Hello, cutie~” you weakly smiled, giving her a pat on the head.
• Jumin studied your expression, before he placed a hand on your cheek.
• You turned to look at him, raising a brow.
• “My princess..is something troubling you? You seem upset, today.”
• You sighed, deciding whether or not to tell him.
• You gave in, slowly beginning to explain that you just didn’t feel good enough. That you weren’t pretty enough..or skinny enough..
• He stopped you right there.
• “That what’s bothering you? (Y/N). Don’t be ridiculous. I find you to be absolutely stunning. Your beauty never ceases to amaze me..no matter how much time passes by. Please, try to be more positive. I love you. Every inch of you.”

• He noticed the moment you started to get distant.
• He wasted no time pulling you aside, and demanding to know what was wrong.
• Of course, him asking only made you feel worse..
• You couldn’t help the tear that slipped out, as you stared at his absolutely perfect face..and body..
• “Wait! Nonono! Don’t cry..come on..(Y/N)..you know how much it hurts me to see you cry..”
• He pulls you into a tight hug, gently rubbing your back up and down.
• “Just tell me what’s wrong, and I can try my best to fix it. Please..you don’t deserve to feel like this..”
• You explain to him that you had recently been feeling pretty insecure about your body, and how you looked in general.
• He listened to you, but he wasn’t exactly pleased you were feeling this way.
• “And..Zen, you’re just so perfect! And I’m over here looking like sh-”
• He kissed you, making you stop your rambling.
• “(Y/N). What the hell? Okay..I know how you feel. I’ve been there, babe. I understand..but..God, how can someone as perfect as you say something like that?!”
• You couldn’t really speak at this point. You were so shocked at what he had said.
• He raised a brow at you, before giving you a soft smile.
• “I love you, (Y/N). Every part of you.”

• When he notices you didn’t seem to be feeling your best, he tried to crack some jokes.
• When that wasn’t working, he was starting to get genuinely worried for you.
• Honestly, he just wanted to see you smile.
• Something about the way your eyes would light up, as your lips curled into a wide smile..it got his heart racing.
• But..you wouldn’t smile. You wouldn’t even budge, hardly.
• “(Y/NNNN)” Seven groaned, poking at your side.
• Still, nothing.
• “Alright, Missy. If you don’t explain to me what’s wrong right this instant..I’ll tickle ya~”
• o shit
• You snapped your head to look over at him, your eye twitching slightly.
• “Seven..don’t you da-”
• Too late.
• He started tickling you.
• You began to bust out into a fit of giggles, the smile on your face growing with every second.
• and seven loved it.
• Once he got his “daily dose” of (Y/N) laughter/smiles, he quit.
• He pulled you up, making you look him in the eyes.
• “Now, care to tell me what’s bothering you?”
• You sighed, but knew he wasn’t going to let go until you explained yourself.
• You told him how you were struggling with your “self acceptance.” How you hated your appearance, and your body.
• And he listened.
• He was surprisingly serious about the whole thing. By the end of it, he wrapped you up into a big hug.
• “You think these are flaws? No..hell no. (Y/N). This is what I fell in love with. Your appearance is a part of you, and I find you to be so..so so so adorable. You’re the cutest girl I’ve ever seen. Even more cute than Elly!!! I love you, okay? And I know..that you deserve to love yourself, just how I love you.”

• She feels you, man.
• She’s been there, done that.
• In fact, a lot of times, you have to help her with self image.
• Of course, she could tell what you were upset about.
• So, she silently walked over to you, wrapping her arms around you from behind.
• She nuzzles her head into your neck, taking in your sweet scent.
• The two of you just stand there in silence for a moment, before she takes a deep breath in.
• “(Y/N)…you can’t keep doing this to yourself…”
• “I know, Jaehee..”
• She gives you a small, sympathetic smile, turning you around to face her.
• She placed her hands in yours, giving them a reassuring squeeze, before continuing.
• “I just want you to know..I find you beautiful. I never thought a woman could make me feel like you do. You’re gorgeous, funny, understanding, kind..you’re everything to me. Not to mention, I think you have a..pretty great body.” She said, sending you a shy little wink at the end.
• You perked up a bit, before pulling Jaehee close to you.
• “Thank you Jaehee..you mean so much to me..”
• “I’m glad you think that, (Y/N)..I love you, so much..”

• You were spending an awful long time in the bathroom.
• V was starting to get a little worried, thinking you were sick or something.
• So, he stood up, and began making his way to the bathroom.
• “(Y/N)? Are you okay in there?” He asked, lightly knocking on the door.
• You held back a sob, as you bit your bottom lip.
• You didn’t want him to worry about you. You didn’t want to be the reason he was upset. He didn’t deserve to feel like that any more.
• “I-I’m fine..” You choked out.
• This didn’t do it for him.
• Without warning, V came into the bathroom.
• You had your shirt lifted, as you looked at yourself in your mirror.
• You didn’t exactly like what you saw, and it was upsetting you that you couldn’t just look different.
• Little did you know, that with every bit of sight V had left..he was in love with your appearance. You were the most beautiful person to him.
• His eyes widened, as he took a few steps closer to you.
• “I’m so sorry..” You whispered, as tears seemed to stream down harder.
• He reached out, and placed his thumb on your cheek, gently wiping away your tears.
• He hated to see/hear you like this. He wanted you to be happy. He wanted you to love yourself.
• He loved you..so why couldn’t you feel the same about yourself?
• “Shhh..Don’t apologize. (Y/N). Is this about your body again?”
• You looked down at the floor, giving him a small nod.
• He moved him hand down to your chin, lightly pushing it back over to look at him.
• “Please..quit this. I don’t understand..why don’t you see who you truly are? Why don’t you look in the mirror and see the masterpiece that is you?”
• “Because it’s n-”
• “Don’t. You’re a masterpiece. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. You’re more beautiful than even my most selling photos.. (Y/N). What I’m trying to say is..I love you for you. And I mean every part of you. You mean the world to me. Cheer up, (Y/N). And don’t try and find things ‘wrong’ with you. Because I can’t find a thing.”
Saeran: (I just love doing him. Idc if he wasn’t requested.)

• Well. He’s pretty bad with women, so.
• Actually, just people in general.
• He noticed you were upset..but? What is he supposed to do?
• Many of times, he started to step forward..but never really fully made his way to you.
• Eventually, he had enough.
• He knew what hurt felt like. And he hated seeing on you.
• He was so confused..did you hurting..make him hurt?
• He brushed that thought off, as he finally gained the courage to confront you.
• Slowly but surely, he made his way over to where you sat.
• “Hey..Uh..(Y/N)? Is something, Uh..not okay?”
• He was trying, okay?
• You looked over at Saeran, giving him a small smile.
• “Yeah, I’m fine.”
• Hearing those words, he was relived. In fact, he was about to just go continue what he was doing.
• But then he remembered a “pro tip” Seven had gave him a while back.
• ‘And remember..when a girl says 'I’m fine’..she isn’t fine.’
• “shit.” Saeran muttered.
• “What was that?”
• Saeran looked up at the ceiling for a moment, as he gathered up what he was going to say in his mind.
• Finally, he looked back down at you, moving in a little closer.
• “Stop lying. I want you to be honest with me.”
• You were taken back by this at first, as you processed what he said.
• You let out a sigh, deciding to just tell him what was wrong and get it over with.
• He was shocked when you told him how you had poor self image.
• He just didn’t get it? You were perfect to him? Sexy, even??
• “(Y/N)..I’m not really sure how you feel right now. But Out of everything you just mentioned, I don’t notice a single one of them. I, Uh..I actually think you’re pretty hot. But..”
• You giggled, feeling a bit better at this. Saeran realized what he said out loud, and began to blush in embarrassment.
• “Thank you. I love you, Saeran. You’re pretty hot, yourself.” You said with a wink, making his cheeks go even more red.
• “I-I love you, too, (Y/N)..”

I started writing this as a comment on a post I saw but screw it I’m just going to write my own post cause I’ve been wanting to say this for a while. Sorry if this has been said before but I’m new to the fandom side of the show and I’ve never seen this said (yet) so here are my thoughts.

I just??? Like??? Do antis???? Not understand the concept??? Of people changing??? Do they watch the show??? Do they ignore the points where Mon-El tries to better himself??? And shows his guilt??? And condemns the system he grew up in??? Or idk actively shuns his parents because of how they act??? He’s acknowledged how he has lived his life is wrong and is currently trying to fix his mistakes. Lol this is like someone saying that the person you were when you were 10 is the same person you are now.

I just casually watched the show up until recently and what I gathered from his plot line was that it was reflecting the real life instances where people are brought up with this internalised misogyny/racism/classism etc. and how, when they realise it’s wrong, they start to try and fix it. But when something is that deep rooted in your upbringing it’s hard to change completely so it’s all about adapting and realising when you’ve done wrong and learning. And as we know Supergirl enjoys reflecting racism and the like with its alien characters.

Idk I just always saw Mon-el as this representation of all the people brought up in racist or misogynistic or any other hateful environment and showing that you can change. You aren’t your parents and you don’t have to stay set in your ways just because it’s how you’re raised. You’re your own person. I’m sure the majority of people have got to that point in their life where they realised that they were being discriminatory in some way and had to make the choice to change that to better themselves. I see his character like that. Just on a more extreme level. You know, whole planet destroyed, landing on a completely new one with different customs and practices and everything where he has to hide his identity and has several people constantly ready to judge his misdemeanours :)

(I’m very worried about posting this I’ve never really voiced strong opinions like this before but idc right now my anxiety is low and I’m ready fight me)

okay so i haven’t watch the new episode of riverdale yet but i saw about the suicide attempt of Cheryl and the fact that Fred was shot & no one is talking about that¿¿ like yalll just focusing about bughead making out in the kitchen or something¿ like i am a huge bughead shipper, ever since the first scene where they looked at each other at pop’s, but c’mon!! maybe i get Fred, he wasn’t the biggest character of all but he did had some very good moments & he was, according to most of the fandom, the best parent out of the original core 4 & he deserves at least a few gifs sets around tumblr, but I haven’t found anything. There is also Cheryl, this 16 y/o who has been dealing with her brother’s murder in hands of HER FATHER, who committed suicide. Can you guys imagine what she went through? Don’t you guys think she deserves a little bit of respect? I understand the hype about bughead but c’mon guys, there are things more important that a hot make out scene in a kitchen.

anonymous asked:

For the Idol Au...what if you make Ayato be in a group called Goat with Kaneki, Nishiki and Tsukiyama with Touka being his manager (and sister) or something like that (a manager that makes headlines in forums like Pann because she is as pretty as an idol lmao) and he remembers Hinami bcs she is always in the front line of music shows screaming the fanchants and stuff (literally a master-nim lmao) anyway, I just got this idea while I was taking a bath and I tought I'd share it with you 😂😂😂😂

I read this ask and like the first thing that came to my mind was @breakfast-at-anteiku should read this as well. 

I don’t know what I love more, your suggestion or the fact that you thought about this in the bath. :’) But whatever it is this is amazing.  

Kaneki + Tsukiyama as lead vocals. Kaneki’s the leader as well. Tsukiyama is in charge of visuals (of course, that model-like dude). Nishiki being in-charge of variety because he’s so snarky it’s hilarious. Ayato’s the rapper (???) and probably the main dancer as well. Their agency is Aogiri Entertainment, which is led by Arima, aka the legendary idol known as the One-Eyed King. Eto and Tatara are some sub-unit, probably the equivalent of Troublemaker. Goat has a rival group called Doves (from V) and their fans are always at war. Nice. I like this.  

The story I had planned went something along the lines of Hinami not actually being a fan of Ayato because she didn’t like that kind of music but he’s actually forced to make those kinds of things and he and Hinami actually has the same taste in music. So she kinda fell for him after he kept singing to her. (SO CHEESY but idc because Ayahina)

Looks like it’s a Freid day (pity it’s not Friday), so I’m queuing this before the bed. This was supposed to be quick but then I somehow lost the entire file after I posted the sketch that time and had to start over from the low res pic I posted -_-. So I took that chance and changed his outfit (I liked the previous one, too, I just don’t entirely remember it now). But this one fits better to the idea I had, that the old Duke sent teenage Mahad to the temple to live as a monk, learn the humility, to train etc. - basically to become a man I guess? :D I just could not bring myself to remove ALL of his hair though, lol.

depression feel where u don’t have any interests anymore and u sleep constantly vs depression feel where u obsess over 1 interest bc it gives u smth to focus on and it makes u feel alive but u get no sleep bc of it, who will win


Since I am so in love with the fanfic ’I Will Follow You Into The Dark’ only one 8tracks playlist was just not enough. This time I got help from the lovely Britnie (@nekomas-heart), well I kinda dragged her into this and now we are partners in crime. I will annotate some of the songs, so that you know why I or Britnie chose them.

The cover shows from left to right: Tsukki, Kyoutani, Kenma and Oikawa. (My mom said Kyoutani looked fat but I didn’t have the nerves to fix it) and upside down: Sendai and a Kaiju.

You can read the fanfiction here

but you should read the warnings before, because I didn’t and now I am in too deep, to back out again.

and you can listen to the list here https://8tracks.com/esraaawr/heavy-hearts-and-hopeless-dreams

I hope @shions-heart and @wordsandjank will like the songs we chose! In the end we had SO MANY, that we had to split them and guess what I’m gonna make a third playlist, and that one will hurt the most. I already cried about 3-4 times while going through all of these songs.

Have fun suffering and THANK U SO MUCH BRITNIE!

rissa’s new year’s bias list!

hi everyone! it’s the end of the year, so, i decided to make a short bias list, otherwise known as a follow forever bc i am extra, to so my appreciation towards my mutual followers and how much i adore all of you. some of you have been with me longer than others have, some of you are even great friends with me. i hope you all have a great new year and hopefully 2017 is much better than 2016.

 ride or die squad tbh:

@ezioauditore, @buckybitchinbarnes, @quakening, @doodoltala  @rustlenerd, @irisgibbins, @victorkatsudon , @miralain, @thesingingnorwegian

others i admire from afar:

 @richiesseth, @zombiescorp, @kisaageckos, @bobbimorsebartons, @coramalia, @leiaskywalkcr, @katefullergecko, @theodora-yvette, @buffyscmmers, @arctures, @huntbastian, @latrodectal, @natsclnt, @epiphanygreaves, @savagebutfree, @thegemen, @sethtanicos, @dianaprinz, @princessesleia, @geckbros, @tchally, @joyfuls, @crowealtius, @agentjamesbarnes, @ha-rleyquinn, @pieatromaximoff, @hornerps, @milkovich-hale, @bioticbutt, @mesutglozil, @argentsimmons, @antivanpariah, @barryalleins, @radclem, @farinsteetasse, @aspyrata, @samcieri, @aairachnid, @paintheskywithcolor, @biozonic, @megafreeman, @emily-kinney, @blackaliss, @sapphicpeebee

we had to do group evaluations and tbh I straight up told my professor I hate group projects and this was one of the worst and idc I’m never a snitch but that’s what happens when u make me work with ppl who don’t ever want to do anything how has that been a constant

anyway i’ve decided to just not trust people anymore bc i’ve been screwed over so many times like these past couple of months alone have been legit hell for me… i would’ve never thought that i’d have to deal with such shitty people who think using me and taking advantage of me is some kind of entitlement they have ever again. but ofc as soon as i give people the benefit of the doubt, they fuck me over.

so from now on, i’m going to focus on me. i’m going to go back to keeping to myself and make myself a priority bc i deserve to be happy and successful. idc if that means not being surrounded by people constantly bc honestly, people are shit. most of the “friendships” i’ve had have always been fucking one-sided and i’m tired of them making me feel worthless. i’m going to put all that time and energy i spent being there for all those unappreciative “friends” into things i want to pursue, enjoy doing, and that make me feel like life is actually worth living.

i am done.

canada played sweden in the final of hockey (idk what the competition is called i’m sorry all i know about hockey is from the olympics) and i was at my swedish family’s house and they had swedish and canadian flags up and a canadian mug for my tea and idc about hockey but i do like when we win but if we’re going to lose there’s no one i’d rather lose to than the swedes i love the swedes