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I’m back from hell a week of exams, so I finally finished those ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و There are some more in my inbox but they’re pretty much [character] + one expression over and over, so this will probably be the last batch for now (though I want to finish the rest of them when I’m bored or have some free time) oh and one more thing


I thought that fact was pretty clear after I made that one post, but I’m STILL getting requests, so I’m just reminding you I haven’t been accepting them for some time now

Like a Prayer

Fuck me.

Actually, words wouldn’t be able to describe the way my body felt after watching Dean lean back and practically stretch out on that stupid mechanical bull for the whole damn world to see.

My heart fluttered uncontrollably inside my chest. My body went hot all over. I clenched my thighs together as my mind conjured up sinful thoughts of him and me on that fucking thing he was mounted on.

I bit my lip, my fingers itching to go and touch him. He looked so peaceful up there. So carefree. So happy. Would I be a bitch if I imposed on such a private moment?

God knew how much I loved the man, and to watch him be himself, something that I hadn’t seen in such a long time, it made me so fucking happy.

“Fuck it,” I breathed to myself as I bit my lip and slowly walked over to Larry and Dean. It was now or never, either wise I’d chicken out and I’d shove all of my feelings into a tiny drawer in the back of my mind.

His eyes were closed when I reached him so he had no idea that I was even there. Thank god, I thought to myself as I inched forward, my heart beating rapidly fast against my rib cage.

I stood right in front of his head and with one final nod, I grabbed the side of his face with both hands, ignoring the immediate snap of his opening eyes before I bent down and captured his lips with mine.

He lay there, unmoving as our mouths touched for more than a moment. When I pulled away, my face hot and beyond embarrassed that his eyes were still opened while I kissed him, he frowned.

Uhm…“ I began but Dean had straightened up on the bull and hopped off, his face still holding that serious frown. He walked over to me, reaching up his hands to hold my face, and before I knew it, his lips were connected to mine and he was kissing me with twice the effort I had put into the first one.

He pushed me back with his body until my back hit the wall at the side of the bar. His lips were passionate. Urgent. A low growl erupted from his throat as his hands slid down my back and grabbed a handful of my ass, pressing me against him.

“You have any idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this?” he mumbled against my skin as he trailed his lips down my throat. “Too fucking long.”

Breathless gasps left my lips as I threaded my fingers through short dark blonde strands. This was actually happening. I was literally kissing Dean against a wall. Fuck…yesss…

He pushed his leg in between mine, rubbing his knee against me and I let out a moan. “Maybe we should get out of here,” I breathed, hiding my face in his neck.

Dean didn’t need to be told twice. After kissing me breathless one last time, he took my hand and nearly hauled me across the bar toward the exit.

We hardly made it inside the car. It was a damn good thing Dean didn’t park under the lamp post. But to be quite honest, I honestly didn’t care where he had parked. All that mattered was that Dean was right here.

In between my legs.

Fucking making me moan and scream out his name like a fucking prayer.

I friggin stared at this gif for a long time. It’s one of my personal favorites and Arie, you killed me with it! @bringmesomepie56,* hope you like this babe!!!


I must admit, this is a fun kind of post to put together. I’m sorry I forgot to time stamp all the photos but here’s a description of what I did last monday. 

I woke up, got dressed and opened my window. I took the first photo labeled at 7:52am. As I had a class at 10 am and I wanted to get ready for a presentation we had to make, I made some coffee and sat on my desk. I printed some documents and took the photo labeled at 8:44 am

After my class one of my classmates and I bought lunch and went to my apartment, we made coffee and had lunch while we made a list of what to buy, as we were going to a big supermarket to buy bulk (we were able to buy more items between the both of us, save money and then divide the items). 

We took the bus to her house -photo labeled at 3:33pm (15hs)- and then drove to the supermarket, were we stayed until past 6pm. Then we drove back to my apartment. There we planned our following steps for our research project and we finished at about 10pm. 

And that was that! Not an usual day but I promise I’ll do this again on a more usual day :) 


caitriona balfe + 2014 (insp.)


Y’all wanna know some shit about thumbcramps? Legit made a joke about defeating as her top enemy when I found out she had blocked me + her dating sim failed. Not that big right? Just making jokes. But that post blew up somehow and thumbcramps over here somehow took notice, and she hunted down the specific post I made about dragging her, proceeded to try and one-up me, and legit deleted the tweet after I dished it right back to her in the quickest backpedal I’ve seen in my life

The last two days have been me learning so much dirt about her, like how badly she treated the staff during the development of Two Scoops and apprantly some 4Chan user dropping $7,000 dollars on the game as a joke near the end of its funding period just to stick it to her and I don’t think I’ve been part of a more surreal drama in my life

Meet the family!  for now I can at least give names

: left to right: 


Vincent Leonard Skellington (I named him  after vincent price and also named after the vincent short by tim burton)

Edgar Allen skellington ( i think this one is obvious LOL this little guy also has a pet raven) 


Bella donna valentine skellington ( family calls her skelly) @skellingtonatyourservice came up with her lovely name which is actually another name for deadly night shade ..could say she got named by jack ;)


Icabod dullahan Skellington ( named after icabod crane from sleepy hollow, his middle name is the Irish myth/word for the headless horseman) 

Casper Mcfadden skellington ( apparently Casper the friendly ghost had a last name…I really need to watch the movie again )


This took way to long to make than it should of, but finally one checked off my list..for the wedding photo 



@littlestjigglybug and I have been WAITING for @completeoveranalysis to get to Kurogane’s backstory so we can FINALLY share our engagement rings. ;w;

I posted mine (the feather~) when she first proposed last year. I had the same jeweler make hers, etched with the Suwa guardian dragon from Kurogane’s home, modeled after the one on Kuropapa’s tattoos and armour.

I get complimented on my ring all the time, and I’ve had a couple people actually recognize it as a TRC feather and actually squeal, it’s great. X3

(Credit where credit is definitely due, both rings were made by The Silver Dragon, a wonderful jeweler based in Montreal, Canada. She’s a huge TRC fan herself and I think she was nearly as excited about our rings as we are. XD)

Dopheld’s Much Deserved Vacation

I tried so hard to make the last one look legit like I was the post after yours0 @huxplicit but there was no way to do it unless Paul had taken the pictures perfectly dead on so forgive how dumb it looks XD This was still my FAVORITE COSPLAY FROM #SWCO and you are still an ANGEL FOR BEING SO SWEET!

That being said, errybody please enjoy these instagram pictures from Mitaka’s leave on Scarif. He deserved it.

@aicosu as Kylo

@huxplicit as Mitaka (and creator of the sign!)

@me as Miss Stormtrooper (she’s jealous of Dopheld’s follower count.)

anonymous asked:

I always thought the reason Laoghaire didn't like sleeping with Jamie was because one of her other husbands was abusive and she was damaged because of that.

I’m glad you mentioned that!  After I posted my last reblog on this topic, I realized I wanted to say something to this effect, but got sidetracked and didn’t get around to it. 

Diana alludes to this several times, so I think we can safely assume this was the case, which makes me feel very sad for Laoghaire. 

I think, though, that if she and Jamie had had some real warmth/tenderness between them, that could have gone a long way toward healing some of that damage (albeit slowly and perhaps not entirely). For whatever reason, though, L just did not seem to be open to this. 

My personal headcanon on reconciling all this: 

  • Laoghaire–to your point–is coming off of 20+ years of abusive relationships 
  • She’s alone and needs the support of a man for the sake of Joan and Marsali, so makes a pragmatic choice to seek a new husband, despite her dread, fear, and possibly PTSD from her past relationships 
  • Jamie Fraser comes back on the scene, and for the first time since she was a teenager, she thinks– “Wow…maybe I could have something like love.” 
  • But then (to my point from the last post), her own insecurities and trauma makes her afraid and prone to close herself off, even from Jamie, who she had such high hopes for. 
  • On top of this, all the small hurts (Jamie calling Claire’s name, etc) deepen the hardness of her heart against him, until ultimately things become so lifeless between them, Jamie can’t stand it anymore and leaves
  • Laoghaire hides behind a façade of anger and pragmatism (inclined to screech and shoot people in the arm), but she lives her life heartbroken, really: she knows in her heart she’s sabotaged her (apparently) last chance at something resembling love. 

Anyway, as much as Laoghaire is not a likeable character, she is one that I pity tremendously. She made bad choices, but she also had a hard lot. Glad she found happiness in the end with her gardener or whatever :) 



So this is the bareskin swim binder (rose/XS) released last year by FLAVNT Streetwear, and I had to make a post about it because I love it so much =D. Most binders bind by compressing, whereas this one basically has a flat surface on the front that won’t conform to the shape of my chest (which means my chest ends up conforming to the binder, creating the appearance of flatness). This plus the racer back makes it a lot less constricting (for me and my relatively small boobs at least) and easy to move in (great for swimming, plus after seven years of daily binding my body won’t tolerate other binders for more than 2-3 hours at a time, so this was a lifesaver o__o). I also like wearing it under mesh shirts since it doesn’t scream LOOK I’M A BINDER I’M HERE THIS PERSON HAS TITS. It also doesn’t show under v-neck t-shirts and some sleeveless tops/shows a lot less than my other binders under tank tops.

cambrasine replied to your postI think the little girl from My Hero Academia…

I think they mean the one that ran into deku at the end of last chapter


oohhhhh okay that makes a lot more sense lol

and my answer still stands tho, Bakugou having a cute moment with any kid would be absolutely adorable and i’d love to see it

3.11.16 I uploaded my assignment early! Much less stress than the last one - this is a photo of my desk after I cleared it, and thus my mind, of that assignment! I might post it on here so you guys can see what I’ve been up to. Today I had a seminar but I had forgotten to prepare answers to the question. Fake it till you make it though! It actually worked better that way I think because the answers I gave were more real and more relevant to the discussion that everyone else was having. It’s important to know what you’re talking about, but don’t ever hold yourself to an argument. Let your mind take in new ideas and bounce off them! Stay healthy guys. And remember, worry is a misuse of imagination. Xxxxx emily

Last night as I watched the final dance number one last time before bed I had a sudden realization about myself and my connection to this show and this fandom. The lyrics speaking to me in a way that seemed to sum up my experience here. I was actually already planning on making a post sharing it but after the news today that Emma Swan’s story is really, and truly coming to an end (on screen at least) I feel the need to share even more. 

I was in Afghanistan when OUAT started airing and so much of what the show means to me is tied-up in what my life became post-deployment and post-Army.  I binged the first episodes in a tiny plywood room off a jump drive my sister had sent me full of downloaded TV. It captured me from the beginning and never let me go. It was with me on my travels as I scribbled down fanfic in notebooks or caught a showing of “Tallahassee” in Egypt on a night when I felt terribly alone. It stirred my imagination and my passion for it had me creating a blog and jumping into online fandom–a new and exhilarating experience for me. 

In many ways OUAT was an escape, something to disappear into because I hated so many things about myself and my own life. I was depressed, lost, unhealthy and unable to truly see it let alone handle it. I got on Tumblr and here I lived instead of the real world because I couldn’t be in the real world anymore. Here I found friends and a community and learned a lot about mental health and things began to get better. I can’t tell you how desperately I needed OUAT and this fandom and how much my life has improved because of them. 

The friends I have made here have been life changing on a variety of levels. I have learned from you, laughed with you, cried with you, and flailed with you. I have shared parts of myself I can’t with others and gotten love and acceptance back. Through you I have been inspired to be better and I have found the strength and courage to follow a dream. The connection I feel with all of you is powerful and I know it will extend beyond the finale. I will be 80 years old sitting in my rocking chair and someone will offer me pancakes and I will giggle because this show, this ship, and this fandom will always be a part of me.

I’m not going anywhere. I will be here for the finale, for the release of the S6 DVDs, for the fanfic, for the fanart, for all the amazing CSBB fic that is being written, and all the fanfic yet to be imagined. I will be here for anything Colin does and probably most of the cast too. I will be here to comment on your ts posts, to flail with you in new fandoms (even if I don’t join them), and gush over the good old days. I will be here because this is my community and this is where I belong. 

In under the wire! Sorry I’m so scatter-brained and am posting two similar vids. I wanted my final #mermay to be really special and after posting the last one, I knew it was lacking and I was disappointed in myself. I had to try to make it great! So after more tweaking, here’s a better-ish version of my #mermaid #animation. I’ll leave the other up for a while if you want to compare. I had a lovely #mermay2017 and hope you all did too! I pushed myself and learned a ton and I am grateful for that! #tombsmcroft #littlemermaid #traditionalanimation #girlsinanimation #borntoanimate #animator #underthesea #art #sparkle #cycle #looped #swimcycle


Okay so, Tumblr has decided to delete ALL the links I have attached to each of my posts from my masterlist post [Individual Post] and page [Description Link] (separate pages that I update separately after each post I make). It happens last night with my masterlist post so I replaced all the links with the ones I had from my masterlist page BUT I wake up and find out that ALL links are missing. I don’t have it backed up ANYWHERE so it’s going to take me a good while to get it back up and running since I’ve got a lot of posts which I have to re link individually for every one so I apologise, I’ll get it done as soon as I can 💜

Grant. Part one of ?

Disclaimer: ALL stories that I post are true. The only thing that gets changed is the names, and sometimes locations to protect identities. Otherwise it’s all me.

With my school schedule this last semester, I had to lift EARLY Wednesday morning. I’m talking like 6am before class. The Y is never busy that early so it makes for some good quality time and a good pump before class. Now that I’m on winter break I switched over to lifting Wednesday nights after work. Let’s just say I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the… talent in the gym on Wednesday nights.

It was back and arms day, and I was killing the gym per usual (those of you that know me know I go HARD on the gym floor.) I was using the flat benches when a muscled stud caught my eye. He must have been 6’1 about 200 pounds. Def military or former military. He had the fade haircut going on (my personal kryptonite) and he was MUSCLE. Not HUGE, but toned and you could tell he took care of himself.

I immediately felt my dick JUMP. Trying my best to maintain my composure and power through the rest of my workout I snapped back into my workout.

I had some errands to run after the gym, so I quickly tossed off my shorts, shirt, and stripped down to my compressions. In walked the same blonde muscled military stud from the floor. I definitely smirked.

“Is this dude checking me out?” I was thinking as he walked in and gave me the eyeball up and down. I quickly returned the favor. He smiled.


Lo and behold, his locker was in the same section as me. He shook my hand and introduced himself as Grant. I dropped my compressions and continued to talk with Grant BUTT. ASS. NAKED. He told me he is 31, recently divorced with two kids and just moved to the area. Obviously he was comfortable in the locker room, as am I.

I walked over to the shower and began the ritual of de-sweating myself before I hit the town. In walks Grant. What shower does he take? Directly next to me. Guy was packing. He must have had a solid 4.5-5” soft. My dick started to swell up.

“Holy shit dude that’s a big one” Grant piped up.
“Haha thanks man, blessing and a curse in itself I suppose.”

“I know what you mean man. I have a hard enough time with my weapon. That thing looks DEADLY.”

“Gets the job done… if you catch my drift.”

“Definitely do man.” Grant said as he smirked. Looking DIRECTLY at my half-hard cock.

Oh. It is so GAME ON.

“Alright man well I’m gonna go hit the steam for a few. Need some… relaxation time, been good talking to you. I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

“Dude, I’m right with you there. It’s been a long day. I won’t be far behind you I’m sure”… Grant said while sliding me a sly smile.

“Holy. Fuck. This never happens to me.” I thought.

It was a particularly dead night at the gym so I figured I would let the boys breathe in the steam room, since there was nobody in there. Hanging about ½ hard it was nice to just relax.

2 minutes pass and in walks Grant. Bare MUSCLE ASS showing as he walks in strutting his stuff. He HAD to be hard I thought. HAD TO. Nobody has THAT big of a dick soft. As soon as he sits down I notice him tugging at his rather large bull balls and stud cock.

“How’s the action down here, if you don’t mind me asking?” asked Grant.

“Dude, not gonna lie now that it’s winter break and all the college girls are gone, it’s been… rough.” “Haven’t had a good slam in a while..”

“Ahh dude I get you, with the kids it’s hard to find a good time for some… alone time.”

“Dude I couldn’t imagine, I’m sure it’s rough.” I said as I gently started stroking my (now hard) cock.

Grant glances over “Holy SHIT dude, it gets BIGGER?!”

“Yeah man, you should see this bad boy in action.”

“Not gonna lie I’d love to.” Grant said as he slid closer to me.

So many thoughts were running through my head. Is this dude picking up what I’m putting down? Or is he just being overly-friendly? (Trust me. It has happened more than once.)

A minute or two of silence pass as my raging hard-on doesn’t subside.

“Dude, I gotta get off. If you don’t mind. Something about the steam room just gets me going.” Grant pipes up.

“Hey man I get you, I’ve let a load or two fly in here.” I said.. smiling.

“If you want some…help with that. I wouldn’t mind helping a brother out.”

“What did you have in mi…” FUCK. I can’t even finish my sentence before his lips are around my throbbing cock.

YES. YES. YES. I could feel the streams of precum dripping down his throat. Honestly may have been the most turned on I’ve been in a while. Here I have this single hot stud DAD sucking my cock in the steam room. No lie this is the shit you see on Pornhub.

This dude was sucking my dick like it was his mother fuckin job. (Read: best head I’ve EVER received from either a guy or girl.) He was using all the right techniques to send me over the edge. Slowly working my head and circling his tongue on it while cupping my super-full bull balls. I swear in the 5 minutes he was blowing me I was closed to cumming 3x.

Probably the hottest thing about this whole escapade was the EYE CONTACT. We NEVER broke eye contact. I could see the furious fire in Grants eyes as he worked my 20 year old college cock like nobody has before. Seriously. This guy was sucking dick like it was his fucking JOB.

Fully hard I measure up just under 8” with some serious thickness (if you’re looking for pictures go to tagged/me) Let’s just say it’s no small feat for ANYBODY (guy or girl) to throat the fucker COMPLETELY. And Grant just made it happen. HOT.

“Gonna Cum” I managed to moan out as my eyes rolled back in my head and my toes started curling.

“Give it to me dude” Grant managed to let out with my cock 8” deep in his throat.

I let out the most EARTH. SHATTERING. Orgasm I’ve ever experienced in my 20 years. Those of you that know me well know that I usually drop big loads (regardless of when I last came. I LOVE being young. LOVE.) But I must have pumped 6 HUGE ropes down this studs throat. He gagged and coughed but managed to swallow all of my load. (NO small feat as well.)

My legs were shaking. Scratch that, my WHOLE BODY was shaking. I very possibly just received the best dome I had ever received in my life.

“Holy FUCK Dude, Thanks!”

“Don’t mention it”, Grant said standing up.

He walked towards the door of the steam room (I was enjoying the muscled ass view.)

He turned around and flashed me a big smile and said “See you around man.”


“I’m sure you will, stud.” I said with a wink.

There you have it Guys. Very possibly the best dome I have EVER received, from an anonymous gym stud.

I’m pretty sure my Wednesday night schedule just cleared. For the foreseeable future.

What do you think guys? Reblogs and likes are ALWAYS appreciated.

Hit me with your questions, submissions, etc.

Until next time, Studs. ;)


Goblin Postscript

i just finished watching goblin last night. i would have finished sooner, but the drama was making my heart too heavy, that i had to take breaks in between watching. my heart is still too heavy, so here i am pouring writing down my feelings. maybe i’ll feel better. this will be another long-ass post, and this may also contain spoilers. consider this a warning, although i will be indicating spoiler alerts.

this was the second drama (the first was dots) where i felt robbed of the final episode after mistaking ep 19 as the last one instead of ep 16. i always forget that there are special episodes, and it’s not completely my fault, since myasiantv.se labeled ep 19 as the final episode. my heart ached too much when *spoiler alert* eun tak died, thinking that this was the most painful near-end part that my friends hinted. apparently, the near-end that they were referring to was literally the near-end of the episode (i thought that they referred to the episode before the last). hah! it’s okay, though. i watched the ep 16 again this morning with the knowledge of it being the last, and i think i was able to get the closure that i wanted.

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