i had to make it small ;~;

“It’s a little late for fishing, don’t you think?” Darren said, trying to bring a little levity to the situation.

Dustin continued to just sit there as he absentmindedly pulled tufts of grass from the bank of the small pond. He didn’t make any eye contact at all.

“Mind if I join you?”

“I want to be left alone right now, actually” he finally responded.

Darren nodded his head, but sat a bit away from the boy anyways.

“Your mom is really worried about you, Dustin. She asked me to come find you.”

“I just had to get out of there for a bit. I’ll go home soon.”

“Something bothering you? Would you like to talk about it?”

“You can stop trying to be my dad, Mr. Dreamer. You’re not him.”

“You’re right. I’m not your dad. But your dad was my friend, and you’re Dirk’s friend and he talks to me about things that are bothering him.”

Zombie Apocalypse: Are you prepared?

It’s that time everyone’s being anticipating for years. Through the city living dead beings drag themselves in search of fresh living brains, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse, are you prepared? Next I’ll give you ten tips/advices on how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, use them wisely!

1. Put together a 72 hour disaster survival kit.

2. Make sure to stock on non perishable food items. In case you had no time to stock on food the only option is to go out and forage for some safe to eat mushrooms and non poisonous berries. A small book identifying the different mushrooms, berries and edible plants is a must that everyone should own.

3. Water, water, water!

4. Stock on your medication (prescription and non-prescription meds)

5. Stick to rooftops!

6. Keep your important documents with you ( driver’s license, passport or birth certificate )

7. Hygiene! Make sure you have bleach, soap, towels, the world as you know may be ending but these things can always be useful.

8. Batteries! Make sure to stock heavily on them. You need those for flashlights, lanterns, walkie talkies or other comunication devices.

9. Guns! Keep a knife, an axe, a chainsaw and a gun, you will for sure need some of them at one point.

10. Plan your evactuation! You won’t survive in that rooftop much longer, soon the living dead will get to you and it won’t be pretty, make sure to plan your evacuation carefully and leave as soon as possible.

Good luck, you’ll need it!

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first of all, I’d like to give you a big THANKS because I’ve had a rough week and your writing kind of helps distract me. could I get hcs for a s/o who gets seriously injured because of something dumb that revali did while attempting to show off, and how he reacts?

Ay sweetie, I hope your week gets better soon. And I’m glad I can be of some small hope. I’m always here to talk!

-Mod Pinks

Accidentally injures s/o (Revali)

  • He had just wanted to make his s/o light up with awe when he finished his new trick
    • Not accidentally shoot them in the arm
  • Panics even though he’s a warrior because dear gods he just shot his love
  • So nervous he instead takes them to another healer because his hands are so shaky
  • Doesn’t do tricks around them for a while after
    • Until they ask to see them
  • Avoids doing archery around them
  • Tries to seem un-effected, but everyone knows how sorry he is.
  • Brings them flowers and shiny trinkets for days afterwards. 
Mystery PT. 6 (Mitsuhide x Reader)

Since the last chapter was fairly short and I will be traveling back home for spring break I figured I’d post the next chapter early. Cornfields don’t allow for the best reception, even with data
Tagging @jemchew


He hadn’t done more than slept with you and allowed for small kisses since that first night. He would have felt too guilty, making love to you as he left you unaware of his impending absence.

The usual workload had doubled, and he was sure that you had noticed. He came home later each night, but you always waited up for him, no matter how tired you must have been yourself. The real danger in was you unexpectedly showing up when he was working, however. His biggest fear was you walking in on a strategy meeting to serve refreshments. Even now, guilt kept his awake as he held you in his arms.

“Milord… I cannot sleep” you mumbled into his chest. It wasn’t that you had trouble finding sleep that night; but you knew he did. You could tell something had been bothering him as of late, and the way he was working so tirelessly into the night worried you. “Do you know of any ways to tire one out?” you murmured seductively, reaching up to place a few kisses along his neck.

While he didn’t want to deny you any affections, he didn’t find himself deserving enough of them. He sat up abruptly, causing you to fall to the ground rather quickly. He began scrambling about, throwing an outer kimono over his sleeping robes. “I’ve just remembered some urgent-” He broke off when he glanced down to find you looking up at him with wet eyes.

He was torn between comforting you and maintaining his resolve, all the while feeling like a complete ass. You sniffled, turning away from him when he finally took one step near you. Was he unsatisfied? He hadn’t reached for you in nearly two weeks, and while you wanted to owe him privacy, it was eating away at you. Never for a moment since being with him had you doubted his feelings. Until you had hit the tatami mat hard.

“Go on then” you said, your voice still shaking, half with anger and half with sadness. Mitsuhide froze, his brilliant strategists’ mind going blank when presented with the current decision. He hadn’t moved yet, thinking surely to only hurt you more if he actually did leave. Rejection still carving deeper into your chest, you practically hissed through your teeth “I thought I was to be your wife. Not a concubine second to your work” So this is how your first fight would begin. It wasn’t a complete surprise that work was involved somehow, even if it was only used as an excuse in this scenario.

A loud ‘thump’ sounded, startling you enough that you turned enough to see the cause from over your shoulder. Lord Mitsuhide lay low on the floor, arms stretched in front of him as he bowed towards you. He was saying something into the ground, a muffled apology you supposed. You turned fully to him, telling him to rise so that you could here what he was saying. You were no longer crying, though your face was still wet and flushed.

Lord Mitsuhide’s head remained lowered still, unable to meet your eyes as he spoke. “I am sorry that I have been negligent. I thought that I was only punishing myself, restraining myself. But in turn I have forced you to share the same fate”

“We leave for war soon against the Takeda” he stated ruefully, finally raising his head to meet you evenly. “I did not mean to keep this from you, but between the workload increasing and the timing… There was no suitable time to tell you”

He was amazed when you crawled over to him, wrapping him in a comforting embrace. He should have been the one comforting you, especially after having made you cry.

“I know” you whispered, softly, near his ear. His body began shaking in your arms, and you squeezed him tighter. “I’ve known long before we came together that there would be more wars to fight. There will be no peace until the lands are unified” His face bore no sign of relief, only regret as you studied him silently. Moving your hands to cup his face, you caught his trembling lips in a soothing kiss. “Noble as it was for you to spare my feelings, you’ve forgotten that these walls are thin and gossip spreads rather quickly” you chuckled after parting, still close enough to feel his uneven breaths on your face.

You pushed him onto his back suddenly, startling him enough that he looked at you with wide eyes. This assertive behavior was rather unusual for you, as you were normally as calm as himself. But your own need for him was fueling you now. Furiously working the clothing from him and then yourself, you straddled his waist, taking his mouth with yours before he could question you.

“Make love to me until I don’t know where I end and you begin” you purred against his lips in between feverish kisses.


You stood at the gates beside the maids and other kitchen staff, waving off the troops for battle. You held your head high, not caring much that the faded marks that covered your neck and the parts of your chest that were visible. After everything had been sorted, you no longer spent nights longing for him. Up until his final night, you had lain together, making up for lost time so it seemed.

When finally they had marched forward, you hadn’t left the yard until you could no longer see them from even the highest watchtower. Once inside, the castle felt nearly lifeless with most everyone gone now. Not even Inuchiyo was around to keep you company. With a bored sigh, you retired back to your own chambers for the first time in weeks.

You’d meant to move your belongings to Lord Mitsuhide’s room quite some time ago. You started with your clothes, carrying them a few at a time in your arms back and forth. When that was done, your other belonging were moved: books, a small pot of your favorite flower gifted to you by inuchiyo, and at last, the fragmented hairpin that your father had bought many years ago.

Tears found their way to your eyes as you clutched at it, the sharp edges digging into your skin. Though you were able to keep your composure around your lover, being left all alone now, with the last token given to you by the last man stolen from you during war- a war just like the one Mitsuhide and the others were to fight in was too much. You sank to the ground, shoulders shaking heavily as you sobbed.

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Hey it's me again. So I have a request for you to pick me up after the end of the quarter here. Can you just do an one shot where everybody is a big happy family just eating dinner together? Including the parents? If you could I would love you. Well I already do but you get what I mean right?

Haha, hope you enjoy!


“Evan did you make sure the cookies didn’t burn!” Heidi called from the small dining room. Evan, who had just taken the cookies out of the oven, made a confirming noise as he placed them on a cooling rack. Why his mom had insisted to cook a large meal for eight people was beyond Evan’s mind but Heidi liked his friends and she liked Mr. and Mrs. Murphy so out of the blue she decided to do this. 

When the doorbell rang, Heidi quickly headed to the door. “Connor, Zoe, Cynthia, Larry! Welcome, everything is ready were just waiting for Alana and Jared,” Heidi smiled as she let the Murphy’s into her house. Cynthia and Heidi had become great friends, Cynthia even took Heidi to yoga with her sometimes. Larry liked Heidi, she was a kind woman, and the mother of his son’s boyfriend. 

Alana and Jared arrived shortly after, so they all took a seat in Heidi’s small dining room. Heidi really went all out, cooking a turkey, salads, really all the fixings. Usually it would be just Evan and Connor, or Evan, Connor, Jared, Zoe and Alana hanging out at the house so Heidi would just order pizza for the teens. 

Times like this Evan was thankful for his mom, he was glad she became friends with the Murphy’s, and with his friends, he was thankful she liked Connor. He was just thankful for his mom. “Mrs. H this is delicious,” Zoe smiled, Cynthia nodding in agreement.

Conversation came at ease for everyone. No one felt awkward, no one felt unsafe to talk. They were on big happy family thanks to Heidi Hansen, ina  way they were all thankful for this woman. Cynthia and Larry were thankful she brought their family closer together, Zoe was thankful to have another mom in her life, Connor was thankful he had somewhere to go when everything got to be too much for him. Alana was thankful Heidi taught her to be kinder towards people, Jared was thankful he had made friends because of this woman, Evan was thankful she was his mom.

As for Heidi, she was thankful she brought all these people together. “If you like the meal, you should see the dessert,” Heidi giggled. 

Why do you care? - Jughead x Reader

Request: Prompt 8 - “It’s much easier to humiliate someone than to admit you have feelings for them”

Word count: 2218

Warnings: Drinking, maybe a little bit of violence.. little bit, and like one or two swears, I’m sorry 

A/N: Please give me feed back loves :)

It all started just after you moved to Riverdale, man, your parents picked the right time to move to a new town, some guy called Jason had been murdered and everyone was trying to figure out who did it. You didn’t know Jason, or that his family were some big shots in this small town, you didn’t really care too much either, “At least we won’t be suspects” you told your parents as you unpacked the moving truck, they subsequently told you not to make fun of this tragic event, “some boy was killed, Y/N” your mother said, “his poor mother must be a wreck, I don’t know how I would cope if that happened to you” she continued, you sighed deeply then took your things to your room.

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LOL Clarke sucking at small talk is so funny. It just makes so relatable.

Dude ikr? She’s like “it has been so long since i’ve had a plot irrelevant conversation with a new person I have forgotten how it works…..I like…….rain?” and I’m sitting on my couch all GIRL, SAME. 

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People who ship Rollisi are trying to say that when Sonny said "I don't care about Barba" means Barisi is ruined,but if you watch that scene over,clearly Carisi means he doesn't care what Barba has to say or his opinion and Rollins obviously thinks something is going on between the two

I don’t think that it’s people who actually ship Rollisi who are saying those sorts of things, anon, I actually think it’s a rather small subset of people who just irrationally hate Barisi/Sonny and have always been rude to Barisi shippers in the past who are making that assumption.

The people that I know that truly ship Rollisi have been nothing but kind since last night’s episode aired, at least so far as I’ve been able to tell. They’ve all had their excitement over Rollins calling Sonny by his first name for the first time, or them being paired up for the entirety of the episode without bringing Barisi/Barisi shippers down in the process.

And I just have to say that I really love and appreciate them for that, as it really sucks sometimes to have your ship constantly hated on by a small group of people who just seem to want nothing more than to make other’s just as miserable as they are themselves. So to see individuals of an opposing ship actually being able to share their excitement with each other without feeling the need to post in our tag or make rude comments is really wonderful for a change compared to what we normally get from those rude few!

And that’s how shipping should be!

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When growing up my mother always told me not to curse other for it always comes back to you. Is this true? And with curses can't you really hurt others? So why do some do it?

Some wiccans and/or witches believe in the threefold rule, or simply “what goes around comes around” in regards to cursing. When I first started witchcraft, I was very cemented in this way of thinking. Mostly it was cuz I didn’t feel I had any right to pass judgement on people. But given time I realised these beliefs did not make much sense in my own practice.

Some people like me use curses, binding, hexes, or even small jinxes to cope with horrible wrongdoings or bad situations…that may never have been brought to true justice. Some curses latch onto the intended host until they repent or make amends. Others only activate when someone has again commited a terrible act. Most importantly, curses can be tailored to pass judgement if it so chooses. (i.e., you mention your uncertainty, and call upon the worldly balance/the divine/or other entity to only innact the curse if the recipient is truly guilty, and not just bad in your eyes.)

Of course, all magick can be abused. You have probably felt the results of an unintentional Evil Eye or someone willing misfortune on you, even if they are not witchcraft practisioners. And there will be witches who use curses for the wrong reasons, whether from being misguided or wishing ill on someone who may not necessarily deserve it. But if you understand the mechanics of a curse/hex/etc., you can construct is in a way (as I mentioned before) that rules out the probability of false judgement.

Understandably, curses aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like them, don’t do them! Hope this helped you anon, best wishes on your journey!

- Bird🌹


Am I the only sasusaku shipper whose completely Fine with the last episode?? Cause the manga and gaiden gave enough justification to sasusaku and the other canon couples really needed more moments to overcome the lack of interactions between them. Naruto Shippuden ended beautifully for me. It ended with every character Happy. Sure team 7 moments lacked in it but the rest of 499 episodes had them. Though iam a little upset over the small sasusaku interaction but it makes me feel better that in Boruto series, gaiden would be animated soon and it’s all about them and their love child. So… Not that disappointed.🙆 PS: the naruhina moment in the end was adorable ❤.

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Hi I'm the baby witch from the ask that you reblogged. You said you had some tips on where to start?

Hi! Apologies for the late reply, I was asleep xD

Some quick tips on how to start;

- Take things slow, try small spells to begin with and take into consideration what drew you in

- Keep a note book to start with and jot down things you enjoy using, whether you like the idea of crystals, or perhaps sigils got you into it, astrology, maybe you like plants and herbs. Whatever you like the idea of, make a note of it. Also note how you feel, any spells you’ve done, etc.

- When you go into research, you don’t need to know everything. Just pick out stuff you really like and want to learn and then break that down into chunks. If possible practice alongside the studying so that you get a much clearer understanding of what you’re doing

- Experimentation is important. You should try as much out as you can, follow your instincts, because if you don’t have a go, you won’t know. If it goes wrong discontinue and try to figure out how to alter it. You’ll soon find things you enjoy.

- Be yourself. If you like the idea of someone’s spell and want to try it, that’s fine but spells are usually written on here in a way that they can be changed to suit the user. Not everyone has access to everything, so it’s important to be flexible and put as much of yourself into it as possible.

I’ve got some links you can have, which covers the basics. I wrote them myself so if you need to ask questions I’m happy to answer;

-Glossary of terms


-Spell writing guide


-Witchcraft self care



I have have discreet witchcraft tips I covered in this ask;


This is a more detailed beginner guide;


I didn’t put this together, another experienced Witch did this and I think it’s super useful to have on hand because it contains some more baby witch posts;


Hopefully I haven’t overwhelmed you xD

I do a lot of green magic, so herbs and plants, so if ever you’re curious about that I can overload you with links and tips!

Hoo boy. (A good Hoo boy, not a bad one)

I added on a gif to a shitpost, and at least every other day, I get a string of notes about that post, either liking or reblogging it from me. I’m flattered, of course, but I wonder if people go out of their way to make sure it’s from me, or if there’s another reason behind that?

On another note, I had a great morning, and for the first time, went out driving on my own and did some shopping. It’s small, probably, but it’s a big step for/to me. No issues or problems, everything went fine, I got home safely and it’s just… So refreshing to feel that level of self-sufficiency I guess.

I hope today continues to go forward on such good notes.

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Dear ex bestfriend

Dear ex bestfriend,

Thank you for the happy moments and laughs that we have shared together, I will never forget the good moments we had together. Every small moment still important to me. Hope you new bestfried is someone that can make you happy, you deserve it! Sorry for the fights we had and the sad faces I made you see or express. I hope that some day  we can talk to each other like in the old times.

sincerely, Brenda.

i remember i was knocked into the dresser, i felt my body giving way to gravity in that split second when i realized i was falling, i remember not being able to react in time to stop myself from falling badly. i remember the snapping sound my ankle made. i remember the  sound my head made when one side of it hit the ground. i remember curling up and trying to make myself smaller, small enough that i wouldn’t be seen. but i was seen, and his hands still found his way to me, and the doctor didn’t question whether or not the stairs and my own clumsiness had perpetrated that whole thing. i remember that.

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Hi! I wonder if I could get a match up. I'm a female, 5'8, medium lenght hair. I'm kinda indecise with my appeareance, so I often cut my hair by myself. I'm kind of an introvert, and I really don't like big groups of people, it's more easy for me to open up to small social circles. I'm really quiet when I don't know anybody but when I make friends I can talk a lot about things we like, I'm kind of a nerd lol. I had a heartbreak a long time ago so I'm really insecure about relationships.

Alright anon you’re getting yourself a genuine Sweet Boy

I match you up with CAESAR ZEPPELI

  • Caesar finds your introverted nature cute and soothing to be around. He usually has to deal with more extroverted and loud people during the day (namely Joseph) so once he’s back home he’d rather be around someone who’s fine with a bit of silence as he unwinds. Sometimes if training was particularly hard, he’d prefer if you’d let him rest his head in your lap as he finally begins to relax.
  • Keeping any group you’re in fairly small is no problem for Caesar, he’d rather keep you all to himself anyway. The largest hangout you’d probably ever have is whenever you two go on a double date with Joseph and Suzie Q (usually it’s all Suzie’s idea and none of you can say no to her) 
  • Whenever you start talking animatedly about a more nerdy topic, chances are Caesar has no idea what you’re talking about, but he’ll listen to you anyway. He loves the way your eyes light up when you get on a tangent about a certain scene from a comic you just read, or a character of a book, and you can bet if there’s ever a movie showing that’s based off of one of your interests he’ll be taking you there on a date right on opening day. 
  • Knowing how into comics you are, on special occasions he’ll try and go out of his way to find a more rare copy of a comic based on your favorite hero. Since Caesar doesn’t know much about comics, he’ll usually end up begrudgingly asking Joseph for help so they can scour the local shops for the perfect gift.
  • While Caesar would still love you even if you managed to cut all of your hair right off, he’s still extremely nervous whenever you reach for your scissors for another haircut. He’ll be more afraid of you slipping up and nicking yourself than you just messing up your hair, so if you refuse to go to the hairdresser, he’ll try and take over cutting your hair from now on. Whenever he does cut your hair, he’s always extremely gentle, which usually means he’ll take a while longer than if it was just you cutting your own hair, but it’s soothing enough that you don’t really complain. 
  • When Caesar heard of your past heartbreak, he was both upset that you had to go through such a thing, and also angry at the other person for putting you through it. He’ll vow to treat you right, and he really makes sure that he does. He’ll take everything just as slow as you need it, always treating you with care and affection. He’s a master of romance and now that you two are together he’ll really let that show.
  • While Caesar is naturally a more flirty person, you can rest assured that the only one he’d ever be flirting with once you’re together is you. He’ll still be kind and courteous to the other ladies, but he’ll always keep his distance and make sure they know he’s now very happily taken.

drakeb137  asked:


Ok so I’m sorry it took a bit aaaaaand I dunno how much Yuri!! On Ice you’ve watched, but none of this is spoilers. Soooooo. Have some OtaYuri drabble!

96 - Why’s it so small?”


With a huff, Yuri threw his apartment door open. Practice had been particularly rough today and there may or may not have been some less than appropriate words shouted at his coach. Ever since Mr. Perfect had returned to competition, Yaakov had be particularly hard on him to make sure he was ready. As much as the teen understood, his explosive temper didn’t appreciate the extra stress. Worse still, he and Otabek were suppose to hang out after practice, but he was not there when Yuri finished. The thought that Beka had forgotten about their plans only made his mood worse, causing him to toss his bag beside the door forcefully before storming off to the bedroom to change out of his practice gear. What a surprise it was to find Otabek sitting in the floor of the bedroom with his back to the door. Yuri froze in his tracks, wide-eyed, both surprised and secretly relieved to see that he had not been overlooked.

“You slammed the door and practically threw your bag down when you came in.” Otabek said calmly, not looking up from whatever he was doing in the floor. “I take it practice didn’t go well.”

“Yaakov would not stop nagging me today! As if Viktor is going to be some huge problem,” Yuri shouted angrily before switching to a mocking tone, “He is too busy drooling over pork cutlet bowl.” The dark-haired man nodded an acknowledgment before shifting to the side to reveal a tiny grey cat asleep in the floor. The previous irritation and frustration quickly melted away as Yuri dropped down beside it.

“It’s a day late, but happy birthday.” Otabek let out a soft smile as the younger blonde gently picked up the small cat and held it close.
“Why’s it so small?” Though the question sounded ungreatful and rude, that was just how Yuri was and Otabek knew it wasn’t meant to be that way.

“I am unsure, but she made me think of you.”
“Me? Why?”

“Because great things often come in small packages”


The best box I’ve ever opened!~

I recently purchased from @transsliime on their Etsy! Upon delivery I was immediately elated to see goodies they included! Not only that, but I /adore/ the cups that hold my slime and floam! They made me feel so small and happy! They included 3 little bits of bubble gum, too!
This is the first time I’ve ever had handmade slime that wasn’t from Walmart or Target and let me tell you that it’s AWESOME!! I purchased their Pancake batter, pink and blue swirl floam, and they included a small sample of their brownie batter and it’s awesome, too! They both smell lovely and have a really tactile and pleasing texture! Way more than store brand slimes. I’ll be sure to play with this all the time and maybe make some stim videos sometime with them!

My only “complaint” if you can call it that is the floam. It was so sticky upon playing with it that it’s dried out my skin when trying to mold it with my fingers, while not thick enough to hold the white beads from dozens of them covering my hands. That’s a small warning I’ll give to people with touch sensory like me, but I already knew this could happen with floam and other than the bead mess it didn’t bother me at all. I’m now using it as a science experiment! In letting parts of it dry out and it’s starting to help a lot!
For the price, it’s not at all a legitimate complaint and I was more than happy to help them out. 100% worth it.

I love these items from their store and I may very likely be buying more soon!!! *Wink wink!!* I didn’t think it would, but @transsliime ’ s slimes have definitely started a handmade stim/slime toy collection for me for the future! If you want great slime that smells fantastic, buy from them. You won’t be disappointed.
(I’ll leave a review on Etsy as well, don’t worry!)