i had to make him

Maybe it’s better that Bellamy and Clarke were separated this ep tbh I don’t know how Bellamy could’ve handled Clarke’s hair down without brushing it away every four and a half seconds

Not In that way (Jughead)Pt. 2

Summary:You are basically head over heals about Jughead, and after her rejects you, you go through a drastic change with the help of the Cheryl Blossom

Im so sorry this sucks and I’m also sorry that I hadn’t posted it. I hate myself as much as you do 

It had been two says since you had missed school. It wasn’t that I was crying It was just that I couldn’t face him. I had stayed home for two making up scenarios in my head of things that could possibly go wrong if you showed up to school.

I had missed calls and unread text messages from Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Kevin. I had only answered Kevin so far, today was Friday and I had planned on going to school. I was so ahead in school teachers didn’t really mind if i missed school.

I went for my go to look, two french braids and casual clothes. After I finished getting ready I had called Kevin to come pick me up so we could both go to school together. My nerves were killing me, I had to face the guy whom I loved dearly.

I was siting in my front porch when I saw Kevin arrive, as soon i got in the car I was bombarded by questions from him and Veronica who was in the backseat. Explaining what had happened two nights ago sadness washed over their face, they gave me a smile and both hugged me when we got out of the car.

I looked at both Veronica and Kevin, they knew I was nervous so they gave me a reassuring smile which helped a lot. The three of us walked into school together as if we were badasses, it boosted up my confidence, which made my nerves less intimidating.

I had gone to the classes where I sat next to Jughead and changed my seats, yes I wanted to stay far away from him. Even though I’d have to sit in front of him in lunch, it wasn’t that you’d have sit next to him, and be forced to talk to him by the teachers for basically almost all your classes.



Y/N, had been avoiding me, I was planning on talking to her during our first period, but it turned out she had changed her seats for all the classes we had together. It really hurt me, but I had to deal with it because I was the reason she was acting distant.


It was lunch time by now, I was dreading lunch I had to actually look at Jughead. I had tried to avoid him as much as possibly. As I sat in the lunch table that contained The sad breakfast club, I sat down and tried to give them my best smile,but it turned out to look like ‘I feel awkward and uncomfortable’ smile.I looked up at Veronica and Kevin.

“Guys, want to skip for the rest of the day” I ask them nicely. Jughead looked at you for a moment knowing that he hated when you missed school.

“Sorry cakes but we can’t” Veronica said and Kevin nodded in agreement

“It’s alright” I said being understanding, and everyone else started theirown conversation

I looked at my lap and texted my bestfriend, Cheryl. Yes, bombshell had a sweet spot for me. Many people found it odd since I hanged out with a different ‘crowd’ of people. 

Me:Hey lovely want to skip the rest of the day with me and we could do anything you want to

I knew Cheryl would reply as quick as possible so I looked up from my phone to look up just to see her on making her way to my table as she wore a devilish smile.

As I stood up Cheryl grabbed my bag and said “I’m in charge today, not you and do as I say so” and smiled sheepishly. as she grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the school.

What mess had I gotten myself into now?

fearmynerd  asked:

Hey, first things first, you were absolutely fantastic in Breath of the Wild, I love the voices Revali and Teba and the Deku Tree! I'm afraid I've got perhaps too many questions for you... First things first, who was your favorite to voice in BotW? Was there many lines cut from the game? If you could voice more of the characters in the game, what would you like them to be?

1) My favorite has to be Teba, because his voice was 100% my creation. Once I saw him I had a firm idea of how he would sound to me, and the director(s) completely agreed with what I presented to them. Teba is ‘mine’ in the sense that he was fully implemented as-is without adjustments to what I’d had in mind (in sharp contrast to Revali), and so that makes him particularly special to me through being my first professional vocal ownership as an actor.

2) If you mean lines cut before we began recording, I wouldn’t have any idea of that. If you mean lines cut AFTER we began recording, I don’t recall any of my highlighted lines being removed in the final version of the game.

3) Hearing Sidon has made me convinced I could play that character type, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to have taken his role away from the actor who covered him because the actor literally is Sidon in personality. It’s unreal how little they had to change their natural enthusiasm to nail it. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with who I got; I was able to play a high, middle, AND low-range all in the same worldwide-exposure game, and it’s a great foundation showcase for people to reference me from.

i genuinely don’t have anything against him, but the amount of hype people put on harry over virtually nothing is concerning


I had ANOTHER fucking dream last night that the Lost Special was real!!

That’s the second or third one.

It’s hard to explain because dreams don’t make any sense, but it was Easter, and I was on a boat on the Thames for some reason (I live in the US), and there was a TV on the boat, and suddenly TLS just came on.

Essentially, it revealed that Culverton Smith gave Sherlock a ton of weird ass drugs in TLD that made him hallucinate everything that happened in TFP.

Sherlock and John were on a case in a hospital about a person with a very similar experience as Sherlock’s. And that’s what made Sherlock realize what had happened to him.

As I said, dreams don’t really make sense, but Sherlock asked John to do something for him that would reverse everything. And it was a big deal. And John did it, because he loves Sherlock. In the dream, Sherlock cried. John cried. I cried.

I got to hug Sherlock’s waist from behind, as well. See, I kept switching back and forth from watching TLS and being IN TLS.

I actually pinched myself in my dream because I thought I must be dreaming! And I didn’t wake up! So I thought it was real!

And I got on tumblr to see if anyone else had seen TLS and what they thought about it. Everyone was just so casual about it?? And I was like?? Guys?? This is what we’ve been waiting for??

Anyways, there was a playback of all the evidence in season 4 of what was and wasn’t fake. It was awesome. Johnlock was about to be made canon.

Then I woke up.
My first thought when I woke was “you have to be fucking kidding me”.

So yeah that’s the second dream I’ve had about TLS occuring. And it was on Easter. Moral of the story? Pinching yourself in your dreams won’t make you wake up.

[TRANS] 170103 V Live - Namjoon talking about “Always”

Recently I released a song called “Always”. The reason I released it is because I’m not in that state anymore, so I can release it. I’m no longer in that state like in the lyrics. Originally when I wrote that song, I didn’t plan to release it, I thought “Would this state continue to last? Would blaming the world make me get better?”, so I intended not to release it. But I released it now as I’m no longer in that state written in the lyrics. That song is a good-bye to the sorrowful me of that time. 

Why? It’s because after the not so pretty incident, I had been thinking a lot. When someone said not so nice things to me, or not so nice feedbacks, criticism, accusation, I was like that at first. “Why? Why?” I didn’t think I could cause somebody inconvenience, or make somebody uncomfortable. Since I was young, I have been studying hard, making music diligently on my own, performing, playing games, my life only revolved around those things. At school, I was well-behaved and good at study too, so my teachers always liked me, and I had never had a big fight with my friends. I have never once thought my music, my words could hurt someone, or make them uncomfortable. But I had that thought for the first time in 2016. “Oh, so the words I say, the actions I do, no matter what my intentions are, could hurt someone or cause them inconvenience. I have to take responsibility for that. Once I did something there’s no going back.” 

It was hard and took a long time to accept that I can hurt someone. I hated having to accept that I was wrong. Rather than I was wrong, it was harder to accept that I could cause that to someone. I was tired, since I had never been through such thing. 

If at first, when hearing those things, I would think “Why? I did like this with this purpose,” but now, my mind and my state have gotten much better. Now when I hear things, or even if I receive accusation and criticism, I would think about why that person thought like that, at which part I was wrong, which part made people uncomfortable, which part received criticism. I can’t go into all details, but I thought that if I want to become a better person, I have to take responsibility for what I do, I have to change my way of thinking. I learned how to listen to opinions from many people. When I do something, I would think “People may think like this.”

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My gift to @iceanimetrash for the @yuri-on-ice-valentine-exchange!

I loved your prompts and at first it was hard to choose one, so I hope it fits in the Fantasy AU because I loved your idea :D my inspiration for this drawing was Swan Lake with Yuri as Odette and Otabek as Prince Siegfried. Plus Yuri with longer hair because I couldn’t resist >w< I hope you’ll like it and happy valentine’s day!!! <33


Wes Gibbins deserved better.