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We still don't know when they had sex and we'll never know probably. I guess that's okay since children are reading fairy tail too...

I’m pretty sure they conceived August when Mavis and him kissed. Not saying the kiss led to a baby, but that point in time was probably when the deed happened. She probably left it out because she wanted some privacy.

And I know children read Fairy Tail, but honestly it’s not as graphic as some people make it out to be. At least in my opinion. Yes there’s a lot of cleavage shots and inappropriate themes, but you get that in real life too. I can’t tell you how many times I went grocery shopping and saw women dressed in revealing clothes. (I’m talking one sneeze and they’ll pop out of their shirt)

And the topic of sex is not that scandalous. Besides, they didn’t explicitly say they had sex in the manga. It’s left up to your imagination. I’m pretty sure Mavis didn’t want to say, “and then I fucked the black wizard, Zeref,” to her guildmates. 

I dislike crude things, but so far Fairy Tail seems decent to me when it comes to its fanservice and adult content. I’m not 100% sure who the manga is targeted for, but if readers got to this point without being bothered by all the other stuff in the manga, I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to change things. 

And here’s the part where I go way off topic…

And by the way, I see some people saying Mavis was 12? She was 13, stuck in that body. Yes in our culture it’s considered disgusting for a 13 year old to have sex, but it was hundreds of years ago for them. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that in older times girls got married around 12 and started having babies not long after. Our modern society and the Fairy Tail universe are different places. 

(I am not saying people should have sex early, just saying in different cultures and time it’s allowed)

Here’s a bit of TMI, but I was 14 when I lost my virginity. I knew exactly what I was doing, I knew the consequences of my actions, but I did it anyways. I’m sure Mavis (who was mentally an adult at the time. She was mentally at least 19-23) knew what she was doing. If I’m not mistaken, Zeref is also trapped as a child. He looks to be around 16 (in my opinion) so honestly I don’t see what the big deal is? They were both consenting adults, even if their bodies weren’t adults. Should they have to miss out on things in life just because of their curses?

Anyways… This turned into a small rant. All of the above is just my opinion. (Aside from Mavis being 13 and her mental age at the time being at least 19. That’s canon) Your opinion may be different, and that’s okay. 

Hope I didn’t offend anyone, but if I did all I can say is I’m sorry? But I stand by what I said. 

In case anyone wants proof: This picture is taken from my “Fairy Tail Zero” manga. 

She was 13 when her body became immortal. The rest of the pictures are from the Fairy Tail manga, volume 53. Mavis’ first impression of Zeref:

When she first meets him she refers to him as a boy. Years later, it changes a bit. 

It says 6 years later, but I think it meant 6 years after the war ended. If not, Mavis is at least, mentally 19 years old. She refers to him as a young man here. Don’t know why it changed considering neither of their bodies have aged since they first met. 

The reason I said she’s at least 19-23 years old mentally is because in this last panel it says “well, it has been ten years, you know.” Meaning Zeref hadn’t seen Yuri (and Mavis) in 10 years. 13 + 10 =23. At this point Mavis is 23 years old mentally. I think that’s definitely old enough to have sex. 

And finally…

Zeref confirms that Mavis is still maturing. She’s not mentally stuck at 13, only her body is. 

I’m not saying what they did was right, but I don’t believe it’s necessarily wrong either. It’s in the gray area. They had a very specific circumstance around their relationship. If they were in the modern world then no, it would have been gross and wrong for them to have sex and conceive a child, but Fairy Tail isn’t the modern world. 

Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and end this because it’s getting a bit long. Feel free to share your opinions, but keep in mind I ignore hate and fandom drama. Those are very different than just opinions. 

All of these pages were taken straight from my official English manga. 

Everything Can Change (2/?)

Summary: Reader is pregnant and tells Dean who reacts differently then she expects. 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Warnings: There isn’t much just Dean figuring out what to do

Word Count: 1K

A/N: This is part 2 and I’m so excited for this series! If you guys want to be tagged just let me know, and thanks for reading. *Italicized part is flashback*

Part 1

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May,15,2017 - 2 Months Pregnant 

“Dean. Please get that burger away from me.” You said trying to calm yourself and trying to restrain yourself from strangling Dean.

“Y/N, you sure this baby’s mine? Because I like, excuse me, love burgers and that means she’s gonna love burgers too,” Dean replied not even bothering to move.

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Torn Up (Part 3)

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As promised, here’s part 3! As usual, a few disclaimers:  

I know it sucks that I’m only updating twice a week, believe me, but thank you all for being patient and wonderful! I just want to make sure each part is as good as it can be before posting 

This one is a bit of a filler, mostly for character development, so maybe y’all can convince me to post part four a little early… But I hope there’s enough going on for it to be at least a little entertaining :)

Warnings:  the usual gratuitous swearing (I have no self control), probably some rude jokes (again, sorry), mention of a sports-related injury and surgical scars (nothing too graphic, I promise), and a little bit of baseball

Parts One through Five

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Hi! Do you have tips for studying/working and focusing? I want to do my best this year and I feel you are the best person to ask this!!

Hey anon! Sorry this took so long but here we are! Since this is pretty vague im gonna go with a quick explanation of the three learning types, visual, listening and kinesthetic. 

  • Auditory students. tend to benefit most from traditional teaching techniques. Many teachers use a lecture-style forum, presenting information by talking to their students. Regulating voice tone, inflection, and body language will help all students maintain interest and attention. Auditory learners succeed when directions are read aloud, speeches are required, or information is presented and requested verbally.
  • Visual students. rely upon a visual learning style. Visual learners benefit from diagrams, charts, pictures, films, and written directions. These students will value to-do lists, assignment logs, and written notes. Many of these techniques, however, also benefit kinesthetic learners.
  • Kinesthetic students. Most of the school population excels through kinesthetic means: touching, feeling, experiencing the material at hand. They acquire information fastest when participating in a science lab, drama presentation, skit, field trip, or other active activity. Because of the high numbers of kinesthetic learners, education is shifting toward a more hands-on approach; manipulatives and other “props” are incorporated into almost every school subject, from physical education to language arts.

So, knowing what kind of student you are, you should be able to recognize the best studying systems out there for you, or personalize yours for the best even. Im gonna do a quick guide to do The Best for an actual high grade since, for a perfect grade, you’ll need to work hard in and out of the classroom.

In class

  • Attend your lectures. There are a ton of times the professor will discuss the exacts topics of the exam in them, and you’ll feel more motivated if you go. Also, record them if you can with your phone or a recording device. Sometimes your lecturer talks to fast or you miss some points, it’s hard to hear them or you just zone out so, it’s good to have a backup!
  • Attent your tutorials. This is your opportunity to clarify any questions you might have and to get help. (Plus, easy marks). 
  • Take notes! Try to keep them the most organized, detailed and clean as possible, since you’ll have to check and revise them at home. 

At home

  • Review your notes. It takes like 15-20 minute to revise those at home when you come from school. Revise the ones you take in class everyday and make a full revise of all of the week in the weekend. It’ll be easier for you to study the big test then. 
  • Do your readings. Honestly. Stay on top of your readings. It’s hard. It’s really hard but it’s so so worth it. It’ll be boring as fuck sometimes, but you’ll need to push thru it. 
  • Mark what you don’t understand. Mark or circle whatever you dont get and bring it to your tutorials or study group. 
  • Do. Your. Homework. This is pretty self-explanatory. Even if you are sure you understand 100% of the material, it doesn’t hurt to do an extra practice in. 


  • Make an exam schedule. Plan what, when and for how long are you going to study. Try to study at least one week on advance. 
  • Turn off whatever distracts you. Yes. It includes your phone, internet and/or television. Go to a library or a coffee shop if you need that background noise to study!
  • Find your method for your learning type, as i mentioned earlier. Use flashcards, or pomodoro system or graphics or rewrite your notes… whatever it works for you!
  • Re-do your homework. Practice makes you perfect and getting to old questions will refresh you what you think you had forgotten.

My system

My system is actually a pretty harsh one and it takes a lot of discipline and it is a No Excuses system, but i guess that it’ll be good to share it with you guys. 

  • School Days

Show up to class a little early. It’ll give you time to set up, read over some old notes, put your water bottle/thermos on your desk, fill out your planner if you couldn’t in the previous period(s), check your planner to see if you have something on that day etc. It’ll also give you time to put you up on situation. 

Sit in the front or second row. I’m serious, you will definitely benefit. Write detailed class notes. Pick whatever system works for you. I usually write my titles in red pen, notes in black pen, underline points that are repeated/emphasised with a 0.8 black pen, and important practice exercises in green. Highlight keywords at home.

If you have time at school, do as much homework as you can. If you know you have commitments that day, please for the love of your education do your homework at lunch. I know you might feel awkward, but your friends will understand, it’ll save time and you’ll be relieved at the end of the day.

When you get home, first list down all the homework received that day on a q card (cross off as you go). Then write the same tasks in your bullet journal, but as a daily spread. Leave phone in a different room. FINISH ALL OF YOUR HOMEWORK. If for some reason you couldn’t complete a homework task, write it on a sticky note and place it on your wall. After homework is done, write your revision notes (flashcard the info as well). Place the notes in your accordion folder/binder. If you have some loose sheets at any point, place them in a ‘To Be Filed’ box. Sort that out when you’re packing your bag for the next day or before going to bed.

Pack your bag the night before. Remember your accordion folder and please make sure your ‘To Be Filed’ box is empty. Put water bottle in the fridge and make meals for the next day. 

The next day, wake up early, complete any unfinished homework, go through flashcards again, read through revision notes, make lunch for the day, put laptop in bag or whatever electronic device you use for class, put food and water in bag, shower and change. Only do this if your schedule is packed, and in my case, this is a must.

  • Weekends

On Friday nights or after lunch, first off, do homework. You will thank yourself for it. Whip out that list of assessments/assignments and get for yourself the saturday and sunday. Work ahead, you will feel much better.

Do your readings. For English, knock off some wider reading novels, for science, knock off some more textbook readings and write notes. Write summaries of each page. Type these summaries. Print these summaries. Place in accordion folder/binder. Flashcard the info. Spend like half a day doing this. This will take so so long, like, half a day, but it’ll be worth it. 

Spend 1-2 hours going through the flashcards you made that week for each subject. This counts as studying, even if it’s quick, plus it isn’t tiresome as reading over and over the notes you did earlier.

  • Reminders

Please, schedule knowing yourself. Stick to a plan you know you can do, be realistic. Yes, you can read 300 pages of a reading in a night, but do you want to do it, since the test is tomorrow? 

Organize everything. A messy study system is actually The Worst. You’ll lose time finding things, you’ll lose time trying to figure out things you should know already, etc. A clean and organized system is the best and quickest way to accomplish an A in class. 

If you fail, it is okay. You are allowed to not being perfect. You are allowed to not get that A. You are allowed to rest. So please dont push yourself and drive yourself to the edge, I tell you. It isnt that worth it. 



Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Sorry for the still lame gif header, I still haven’t had time to make the damn graphic. Also. thank you all so much for enjoy parts one and two! I’m so excited for this story and I can’t wait to share it all with you :) Updates will be every Friday, enjoy!

Warning: Ben’s such a tease?

Word Count: 4.3K+

It had nearly been four years since you had last seen Ben–the second he moved away was the last time you thought you would ever see him. The promise of keeping contact wasn’t kept, nor were the visits and the never forgetting…or at least on your end. You regretted not keeping contact with him, although you did ask Rey about him quite often, you never really put the effort to even try keeping in touch. And you felt guilty.

But you weren’t the only one to blame, Ben never tried reaching out either; ever since he left your sight after the shared first kiss, Ben couldn’t find it in himself to speak to you as he knew he had fallen in love…even if he was too young to understand the concept. He had only known you for six days but it felt like an eternity, the way you treated him and actually wanted to be his friend only made him fall even harder.

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Historical Paints Series - Grantaire + Verdigris

Verdigris is a blue-green pigment that has been used since antiquity, whose name derives from an Old French phrase meaning “green of Greece.” Though it was the most vibrant green pigment available for much of history, it had an unstable color prone to changing over time, making it tricky to work with. It ultimately fell out of favor in the 19th century as newer, more stable greens became available.


Resident Evil + Pokemon
Claire leaves her Eevee with Sherry Birkin, (it later evolves into Sylveon,) and  obtains a Pumpkaboo from Steve Burnside that promptly evolves into Gourgeist. 

Arboreal Dreams - Part 7

Summary: In a curious case of benevolent dryads, as thanks for sparing their lives, Sam, Dean and Castiel are gifted with a small but precious parcel: you.

Word count: 1500ish

Pairing: Eventual polyamorous Castiel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings/tropes: UN-BETED, Size-difference (reader is like Thumbelina for the first few parts but she is NOT underage), creature fic, canon-level violence, UST and eventual graphic smut.

A/N: Thank you thank you thank you thank you to everyone who’s sent me messages and chats and so on, and to everyone who’s liked this story so far and followed and reblogged because I’ve only really had this Tumblr for a month but it’s like I’ve been getting at least one follower a day and you guys, I don’t know what to say! I’m just so happy and giddy and it makes me so happy that people like this story!

You’re all freaking amazing and I wish I could hug each and every one of you!

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| Part 6| Next Part

“Really, Sammy? He’s buried in a random plot of land in the middle of fucking bumfuck? Are you fucking kidding me?

You and Dean stood somewhere off a dirt road and all that was around was miles and miles of tree, dead grass and absolute nothing.

“I’m the one trying to distract the dude, Dean!” Sam yelled back through the phone, and a number of crashes could be heard, making you worry your lip.

“You okay, Sam?”

“Wha-? Oh, hey Y/N,” he said, sounding out of breath but cheery. “I’m doing fantastic. Nearly lost my arm but, well, you know how it is.”

Despite the situation you chuckled. “Hang in there, Sam. I might have this one.”

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Sterek WeekFriday: Sterek AU

Stiles finds a puppy in the woods. Actually, maybe a cub is a little more precise? Whatever. It’s not like he needs to tell anybody he found an actual wolf cub. They would totally take it from him and Stiles is not going to let them take his little buddy. Nope. Not a chance. (He might beg Scott long enough for giving his ‘pup’ necessary shots by himself without Deaton’s supervision, and creating a false card about Stiles’ cub being a puppy. Street mix or something. He’s an amazing best friend like that.) 

The only annoying thing about all of it is, Derek isn’t pleased and he shows it loud and clear.

“Stiles you can’t live with a wolf!”

“Why the hell not? I can train him. It’s like a dog and it’s still hell of a safer than werewolves. It definitely bites less than you do- Ouch! Hey!”

But it’s not like Derek can actually talk into Stiles’ life. (He tries, but that damn kid is so stubborn.)

So Stiles gets to keep that hyperactive ball with shinning blue eyes and thick black fur.

“I bet you would look like that, if you could turn into a real wolf. Whaddaya think, Scotty? Cute and fluff- Ouch! Hey!”

And because he’s sick fuck, who thinks he’s funny, he names it Happy.

“Come on, Sourwolf, he IS happy. All the time. It’s perfect! Also, you complete each other- Ouch! Hey! Stop hitting me!”

And he loves it, and adores it, and Derek watches from afar, how Stiles coos over it, even if it gives him hard time with its inability to go on the newspaper, when it needs to. Stiles is so committed to that thing, he’s sometimes dead tired because he’s been awake most of the night, playing with it and training it and doing everything to make it even more happy.

But the thing is, it’s Stiles, who is happy. It’s kind of irony, really. But Derek can’t not see how Stiles slowly changes from the neurotic pile of nerves into normal healthy teenager, which he should have been in the first place. So he shut’s up. And when he first time comes into Stiles laughing with his whole body, because of that furry thing, he just stops, mesmerized, and wishes, he could see that all the time. It seem so right. Stiles never laughed like that before. Never smelled like happines and content. So maybe Derek decides to give that little furry ball of energy a chance. If it makes Stiles this happy, how could Derek want to take it from him? 

So he stop growl at it every time he sees it. And there is that one time, when he actually pets Happy, when nobody is looking. (Or he thinks so. Stiles stays quiet, before retreating back into the kitchen with warm smile on his face.) And maybe he sometimes goes on a walk with Stiles and Happy. And takes it in for a weekend, when Stiles needs to take care of his grandma few towns over and can’t take Happy with him. 

And maybe Derek likes those mornings, when he can take Happy for a run, because Stiles is dead to the world, because he did research until dawn. 

And maybe Derek can’t see those looks Stiles gives him every time he catches Derek’s wide smile, while werewolf whispers things to his furry distant relative while petting him behind his ears. 

Because it’s not like Stiles can fell his heart clench on that sight. Or Derek can’t sleep if Stiles’ scent isn’t strong enough in his loft, because he didn’t swing by with Happy after their walk. 

And only maybe it’s Happy, who totally ruins their first kiss by licking their faces vigorously. Making them groan and laugh.

But that’s okay, they have the second, and the third, and all those after.

it’s come to my attention that people have a problem with Flint’s Miranda flashbacks and guilt, because it “erases” his feelings and guilt over Thomas’ fate? But… I don’t understand how people can even think to put this in the “heteronormative” box. Thomas was the person he loved, but he never saw him literally get shot in the head and stand pale and blue and dead in a coffin. Also, when Thomas got taken away, Flint still had some hope. To save Thomas, or at least to honour his memory, by making something of Nassau. I think he’s actually lost that hope by now - he says he’s doing it for Nassau (!) but really he’s just fighting for the sake of fighting (Miranda quite rightly pointed that out.) So now he’s got no hope, but he does have the very traumatic and very recent, graphically detailed memories of Miranda’s death. (Plus - her spirit actually haunts him, which Thomas never did, as far as we know. One can assume Thomas is more level than that and he moved on more easily. Or else he’s still alive. Who knows at this point. Anyway.) Miranda’s death, which was less deserved even than Thomas’, because Thomas knew the risks of speaking unpopular opinions in front of powerful men, making controversial decisions and at the same time having an illegal homosexual relationship. He didn’t deserve any of what happened to him, but he knew it was a risk. Miranda… also knew the risks, but none of it was really her choice to begin with. She just accepted Thomas and James’ relationship because she loved them both, but she warned them of the dangers and seemed to try to steer them onto a safer course. Years later, Thomas is gone and Flint, by deciding not to go to friends in Amsterdam or wherever, steered himself and Miranda on a more than unsafe course. Miranda goes along with it and supports him because she’s loyal, but she didn’t get herself into this situation. Flint did. So her death is, in his mind at least, quite certainly “his fault”. Point being… OF COURSE that’s going to weigh more heavily on his mind than Thomas at this point. That doesn’t mean he cared about him less. Ffs.

i had to make the graphic eunbin didn’t i

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INTRODUCING: a network page dedicated to kingdom hearts graphic makers! 

☆ header made by: paopufruiit ☆

so recently, paopufruiit and i had the idea of making a network page, with a list of kingdom hearts editors and gif/graphic makers, which will provide easy access to the wide variety of editors there are in the kingdom hearts community and their lovely creations!

similar to the kh directory page, this network page will feature a more recent list of editors and graphic makers as the numbers have definitely grown, and will continue to grow!

the only rule is that the editor/graphic maker must have posted at least one original edit/graphic within the last year or year and a half.

as for the number of spots available, the limit does not exist! everyone is welcome!

if you’re a new graphic maker, that’s fine too! as long as the requirement mentioned above has been met, you’re good to go!

SUBMIT YOUR BLOG! (as for aspiring editors, you may submit your blogs if you wish)

1. your name and url (please try to avoid submitting custom domains!)

2. a link to your edits/graphics (with whatever specified tag you have)

3. 1-2 icons for the network page. it can be a gif or an static image (the second image will be one that appears when hovering over your card, as seen on the network page)

4. state whether you are an editor, graphic maker, gif maker or if you fit into multiple categories

5. a description/statement about yourself for the network page (keep it short!)

if anyone has any questions, feel free to contact myself or Carol. thank you to everyone who submits their blog, spread the word!

Outlander 02x11 Vengeance is Mine

…Or as I prefer to think of it The One with all the Agency and Control. I didn’t think it was as bad as many other people seem to find the episode. It had pretty much everything in the episode that I was expecting it to have as far as the plot movements and tying up loose ends from older plots (and a very convoluted and tangential part of the book). I think because I didn’t have much in the way of expectations––and I had quite a few fears about how graphic the violence would end up being––I was actually pleasantly surprised by most of the episode. It was also DG’s first time writing in a screenplay/television format. Was it perfect? No. Was it one of my favorite episodes? No. But it also wasn’t on my list of least favorites for the season either (with #1 on that list going to The Fox’s Lair, which I still haven’t been able to make myself watch a second time, and #2 being Not in Scotland Anymore). For me this episode is along the same lines as By the Pricking of my Thumbs; there’s a bit of plot that just has to be gotten through––in the first case, to set up events that are coming and in this latter case, to tie up events that were left hanging. 

So I think the best way for me to tackle this particular episode analysis is to look at things through the thematic lens that I found most intriguing and prevalent but in subtle and understated ways: Agency and Control. (There will be some spoilers for the rest of Dragonfly in Amber as we’re closing in on the end of the season; spoilers/speculation for Voyager and Season 3 will be at the end of the post)

It feels like the episode starts out with an odd beat that’s very much an inversion of how Prestonpans opened: the Bonnie Prince is once again discussing strategy with his advisors. Except this time, his General and his Quartermaster are in agreement and it’s Jamie who’s on his side when it comes to the question of attempting to take London. At first, I very much cocked an eyebrow at the scene. As the others point out to Jamie, normally he would see their side of things and agree with them––and his arguments in favor of going after London aren’t very strong. It doesn’t feel much like Jamie… until we get to see him on his way outside and discussing things with Claire. He wasn’t actually in favor of going after London for any practical reasons––he was trying to see if there was a way to change the course of history, to have the Jacobite army go after London like that would have deviated from the sequence of events as Claire knows them from her past. He was testing the extent of his/their agency in terms of the war as it is unfolding––can they affect the outcome or are they at its mercy? Picking up from the end of Prestonpans and Claire’s observation that each beat that falls in line with her memory suggests more and more strongly that there is nothing they can do to change the future, Jamie especially is getting more and more nervous. This fear ties into Jamie’s determination to see Claire safe throughout the episode; he isn’t clingy in the way that the word is usually used (i.e. negatively and as a hinderance to the other partner) but rather he clings to the time they have left together, to the idea that he can and will protect her, that everything else might be out of his power to stop but he won’t let that approaching doom destroy her. We see this in his Gaelic prayer as she sleeps when he implores the Lord to help see her and the child he believes she will someday bear (though I don’t think she’s already pregnant for timeline reasons, but who knows because the timeline is a bigger lost cause than Culloden at this point) not safely through the violence yet to come but away from it altogether. (Also, it’s basically the first instance we have of, “Lord that she might be safe. She and the child.”)

The orders from the commanders and the removal of the Charles from his influence is a very overt removal of Jamie’s agency. Dougal comes charging in explaining that he and Jamie have been essentially banished because the General and Quartermaster don’t want him exercising his control/influence. Jamie is upset, of course, but it has more to do with the ways it affects his desire to protect Claire. With regards to the promise/vow/prayer, his agency is more directly tried as it clashes with Claire’s agency over herself––coming to a head in the church with Claire’s decision to deceive the British into giving the rest of them up to “save” her. And what pushes Jamie into compliance is ultimately the way she asserts herself as Lady Broch Tuarach and claims that protecting the men is as much her responsibility as his. 

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Ahoy, mates!

I will have the luck to see our dear Captain next June (aye aye ayyyyye!) at the Paris Convention. Because I don’t want to come with empty hands, and because I have a lot of followers, I decided that a fanbook would be cool to be done, for me, for you and for Colin. So here what you can send me and the little rules to follow to appear in it:

  • messages (in englishshort or long, no matter! just let your heart speaking!)
  • fanarts (paintings, drawings, etc) & creations (graphicsmanips, collages, etc, it will look better if the size is at least A6 but I can deal with tumblr’s size too - it will be a bit small tho) made by YOU
  • pictures (i.e. your Colin’s favorite(s), with Colin if you had the luck to meet him, a picture of you with something Captain Hook related or making an eyebrow, etc, don’t be afraid to be original!) 
  • your favorite quote(s) of Colin (or/and Captain Hook)
  • SPECIAL PAGE : one word to describe Colin
  • SPECIAL PAGE : what do you think of Colin’s Captain Hook? (in englishnot too long (like ¾ sentences max))

Fulfill this and send it at the email written below 
(you don’t have to participate to every category if you don’t want to!)

Twitter username: 
(if you want to!)
(both would be cool, otherwise, only the country)
(you also can send me only pictures or fanarts, it’s okay!)
Word to describe Colin: 
What do you think of Colin’s Captain Hook? (in englishnot too long (like ¾ sentences max))

  • colinfanbookproject@gmail.com

Deadline: April/May 2015

If you have any question, send me a message on tumblr!

Don’t be shy to participate! The more we will be the better the fanbook will look! (: Thank you! (and don’t hesitate to reblog to spread the word haha)


There isn’t much Justice in this world. Perhaps that’s why it’s so satisfying to occasionally make some. 

Free! Character Song Duet Series | Vol.001 Nanase+Tachibana • Vol.002 Hazuki+Ryugazaki • Vol.003 Matsuoka+Ryugazaki