i had to make a side by side comparison of this

It’s scootin’ scooter Scootaloo! Looking a little distressed here, but I can explain! This is actually a redraw of a piece I did about four years ago (kudos for anyone who has following my work that long), and that I’m doing to showcase my progression since my early days of anthro drawing. Of course, I’ll post a side-by-side comparison once I’m done with this one.

This still doesn’t explain why Scoots had this expression in the original piece, does it? Oh well.

Work in progress. Please consider making sure that you follow my art blog, @mykecandraw, if you’re interested in catching the final piece as soon as I post it.

My Power Rangers The Movie Theory

Since the release of the Rita picture, and now the Rangers’ picture, there have been some theories as to what will happen in the movie.

One theory that’s gaining a lot of traction is that Rita was once the green ranger, and something happened where she had a falling out and becomes the evil Rita we all know. A redditor made a side by side comparison of Elizabeth Banks on set in costume and the pink ranger from the top picture above tinted green, to show the similar designs in both costumes.

The two costumes definitely have some similarities, but I’m not buying the story idea. I now have my own theory that seems more plausible.

When Elizabeth Banks announced that she was playing Rita, she quoted the famous Rita line from the introduction of the old show.

This makes me think that they are sticking with that story for this new movie. Or she said it to be cute, who knows.

Now about the costumes looking similar. When the rangers’ look was revealed the EW article, who exclusively broke the story, stated that the rangers “will don translucent extraterrestrial armor that crystallizes around their bodies”, meaning the suits are alien tech. From what I remember, Rita operates in outer space as well, so my theory is that this alien tech was given to both the rangers and Rita, maybe like the Venom symbiotic from Spiderman or actual aliens hooking them up. Whichever be the case, both sides get suits. The suits form to their host reflective of what kind of person they are. The rangers are a team to fight evil, so they get a unified, sleek look. Rita is evil, so her outfit forms into something out of an old Disney film as pictured above. Then, as was the TV show, Rita wants to create her own ranger, a green ranger is what she decides on, and what color is her new outfit? She gives her suit to Tommy, which forms into a suit more in line with the rangers (but he’s evil at first, do I hear a special chest piece making an appearance?) and Rita dons more traditional clothes we’d expect her to wear, satisfying old school fans, and new fans don’t really care because this is new to them. Then the whole green ranger saga happens, yada yada.

So that’s my theory. To me, it seems much more likely to happen, would line up more with the old show, while still using this alien tech they are apparently going with.

Are you scared of snakes? I need YOUR help!

An unfortunate number of people are very scared of snakes, and I’d like to try and find a way to make them more palatable for those of you with this fear.

First, I’m planning to illustrate a book on snakes, specifically to help people discern between venomous and nonvenomous with side by side comparisons and quick guides to tell look alikes apart. However, I’ve already had people say they wouldn’t be able too look at the pictures because of their dislike or fear of snakes, which is what I’m trying to change.

So, what I’m asking is this…What could I do to make these snakes more likeable but still keep them educational? I want to be sure you can tell the difference between species but not be scared of the pictures. Lend me your thoughts! Maybe make them geometric or fuzzy, or Mucha-esque in style?

Thank you! Be strong, they’re just noodle doodles

P.S. PLEASE share this post! The more info I get, the faster I can get on this project.


okay guys I know I already posted both of these but I had to make a separate post for a side by side comparison because LOOK! the left one is from 4 and a half months ago and the one on the right is from last night. I’m just feelin so good about my progress right now. BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES!


cosplay level up! 

In april I made my first dress on my own, with no pattern, no reference images, just the memory of the dress from the episode the week before. By October, I had remade the dress, using a correct color, and fabric thanks to information from the costume designer! The new dress has all accurate seams- instead of just going by general shape- I used over 50 reference images from the show and costume displays from the FIDM. 

In other words, in march I had no idea I could sew anything on my own, I surprised myself and was completely amazed that I trusted myself in April- and looked good. Then by October I surprised myself again. There are still some weeks I want to make to the dress, but I never thought I could do anything like this. I can’t wait to see where this hobby goes next! 

Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens are similar in many ways. Both are huge movies and the returns of a lengthy hiatus belonging to either respective franchise. Deeper than that, both have a limited group of named characters with important roles.

JW trio: Claire, Owen, Masrani.

TFA trio: Finn, Poe, Rey.

And then there are the side characters who have noted roles–Barry, Zach; Kylo, Hux.

The differences come in here: no one had an obsessive, itching need to make Claire of JW a lesbian or an asexual. Is this because her male counterpart is the handsome, white Chris Pratt? I never saw people hardcore shipping Claire with side-character Zara the way the SW fandom ships Rey with Jessika Pava, a character she does not once interact with in the film. Why is f/f shipping so important when it’s getting a black character out of the way? Finn isn’t the misogynist fandom wishes he were, and Rey isn’t a sudden love interest by the end of the film, but Claire of Jurassic World is practically forced into the arms of Owen Grady. No one had a problem with that, but when it comes to Rey and her possible/future love interest Finn, it’s too heteronormative. The double standard and blatant anti-blackness is odorous.

Moving on, side ships.

Fanfiction sites are usually an accurate representation of the descending popularity of ships among fandom. Kylo/Hux takes the 2nd most popular TFA ship according to ao3. Hux is basically to Kylo what Barry is to Owen. This begs the question, why isn’t Barry/Owen the 2nd most popular JW ship? Instead it’s Owen/Zach, a grown man paired with a minor. Both white of course. Fandom doesn’t feel like making content of a black man who is not only Owen’s work partner, but good friend. Would there be more coverage of the two if Barry were white? Yes! Would Hux/Kylo be as popular a ship if either of these characters were black? No. 

After several scans and much farting around in photoshop I finally have a digital image that looks somewhat like the original. My pastels don’t like to be photographed or scanned. Something about them that just reflects light in such a way as that it makes it virtually impossible to capture what is going on in real life. Also, black paper is the worse, I get these weird lines across the dark area when I scan dark Images, but all I had was black pastel paper, so…

So to reiterate: This was a request, Castiel from Supernatural, 12 x 16, pastel, 2016.

More info and a side by side comparison of photographing VS scanning art in my previous post.