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I remember watching [the Glee cast] as an outsider (much like my character would later in the show), and being kind of jealous of the bond they’d already formed–they had all these inside jokes, like about how Cory couldn’t dance. My feeling like an outsider changed quickly, though, when I met Dianna Agron, who played my fellow cheerleader, Quinn, and who also hadn’t met anyone else yet. Dianna and I had all our scenes together, and we were instant friends. The trailers on set during the pilot were super small and divided in two. Dianna and I shared one, and we soon decided to take down the partition that separated it so we could make a bigger shared space.

I also hung out a lot with Dianna outside of the group. Dianna was born fancy. She’s like Madonna–one day, she’s show up with a British accent, and you wouldn’t even question it. Because, hello–it’s Dianna. I nicknamed her Elizabeth Taylor because of her many male suitors (which I entirely approved of–have you seen how hot some of the guys she’s dated are?). We traveled by ourselves, and the first time I ever went to Paris was with Dianna. We were in Europe for the Glee tour and had two days off, so were like, “Screw it, let’s go!”

Dianna wore a pink wig the whole time, and talked to everyone and got us into all these swanky places–not because anyone knew who we were, but just because she worked her magic on them and charmed us right past the velvet ropes. We wandered the side streets, shopped at markets, and hung out in cafés with art students. We smoked nonstop (when in Paris…), ate ham-and-cheese baguettes, and drank white wine out of a box. Oui, oui, our–it was truly the perfect way to do Paris.

—  Naya Rivera about Dianna Agron in Sorry Not Sorry

Redrawing some of my old humanstuck headcanons! I’m planning on just including the troll and human girls since I’m really only good at drawing girls. So far I’m planning on including all female kids, but I MAY omit the pre-scratch trolls. I’m not really sure yet. Until I decide, here’s the first part! Initially I wanted to include flags for their orientations like I did for my Undertale set but flags take up space so I’ll just include the ones for their ethnicities. Once I finish this whole set I’ll make a separate post for the whole thing together :0

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To the Anon asking about how I organised my homework, here we go!
This is a Mum’s Office planner, it’s designed so that on the right hand if the page each column is for a different child, however, as you can see I’ve changed this and made each column more suited to me.
The night before I’ll organise what work I’ll do in my free periods, what homework I need to finish by the end of the day and also what general to-do’s I have. I’ll then check the second column, which tells me what homework is due for that day and I’ll make sure I’ve done it!
On the left I write my homework in as it’s set by the teachers that day and it’s also for general appointments I may have etc.
Lastly, I LOVE STICKY NOTES, I find them so helpful to write separate lists on as I go about my day; this pic includes ones on a huge list of homework I had to do, ideas for my D.T portfolio and general art aims!

I hoped this helped and feel free to ask anymore questions I’ll try to be as helpful as possible📝💥

Foxes as shit that I've done

neil: raced my sister to the door of the cabin we were working at, rolled my ankle and the next day moved 13 girls trunks out of the cabin, carried a podium, and walked up and down a hill three times before someone made me sit down. My ankle was huge and purple and I still tried to get back up. #imfine

andrew: walked out of a class after ten minutes bc we had done the in class assignment used to count attendance. When stopped at the door by the teacher asking if I was coming back replied “nope” and then continued walking out.

allison: when one of my friends texted the group chat with “I have big news!” I immediately created a separate group text with half of the group making bets on what the news was.

nicky: tripped on a set of stairs, rolled bc my hands were full had a guy half way catch me: after i had already caught myself, set down the iPad, and maintained a death grip on my phone. Was too proud of not breaking anything to be embarrassed.

kevin: vomited on a public bar and then laid in a public bathroom still vomiting and apparently walked around with my shorts unzipped and unbuttoned for a period of time on Halloween

Seth: once out of boredom and loyalty I told a friend that this girl I didn’t like was talking her to her ex and lying to her about it. Watched her take the BITCH DOWN laughed

Dan: met a girl before going out one night. The girl proceeded to get completely wasted and disappeared from the group. Spent an hour looking for her. Bc I may not know you, but you are now my responsibility little dumpster fire. Now drink some water.

Aaron: once my brother rubbed the inside roof of the car (I HATE that noise) and I turned looked him dead in the eye and said “I wish you had never been born” I was 13 he was 7. But that little shit KNEW

Renee: directly from my iPod in my car listened to “Burning in my soul” and then “one eyed girl” by Florence & the machine bc I love Jesus but also boinches better not cross me ok. Ok.

Matt: confuse people on the reg of whether I love my best friend or am in love with my best friend. When questioned respond both and begin listing off all their most amazing qualities bc everyone should be so blessed to know them
*bonus: cry every time I listen the the Moana soundtrack lbr that movie has all the feels

Bonus- Jeremy: once made all of my friends ride on the mall carousel bc I was feeling extra and look so pretty. We were 15


I always get questioned about the Kendrick ‘Alright’ drawing. At some point I printed them out and could never find a reasonable/easy way to ship them and gave up after a while (sorry to the two people that had dibs on those prints). However, I finally have them up on the S6 shop. To make purchasing easier, the drawings are all bundled together as one print. I could have separated them but then that would mean more than one purchase to complete the set. I thought it’d be easier this way. 

The art prints are the only form that come with all of the images. Other merchandise such as phone cases or shirts will only have the first three images from the set. Let me know if you have any questions!


The Forgotten Gift

Request: if requests are still open, could you please write a Christmas angst with MX’s Shownu?.

Member: Monsta X’s Shownu x Y/N

Type: Angst

I had been untangling string after string of Christmas lights for what seemed like hours. Maybe it was my need to plug in every separate bundle to make sure they would illuminate, or maybe it was the mindless process that I found oddly therapeutic, but I had been at it for the better part of the day. Things usually moved much more quickly when there were two sets of hands fumbling through the mess, but I was alone this year. 

Well, except for Felix. He was asleep on the couch though. 

…and he also didn’t have opposable thumbs. 

But a cat was a better companion than no companion. 

I bit my lip as I looked from him small, snoozing body and back up at the tree I had managed to set up. It was crooked, but at least it was standing. I had no earthly idea how I would ever be able to get the star to the top, that was Hyunwoo’s job.

I winced as I inadvertently brought the memory to the front of my mind’s eye. I wouldn’t watch as Hyunwoo goofily teetered on his toes, reaching the top of the tree just barely and securing the star. I always joked that we should tape a photo of him onto the middle. He was the real star in the household. He would chuckle, wrap me in his strong arms and kiss the top of my head. I would be warm and i would be protected. 

This year I was just cold and grumpy. I blew at a loose tendril of hair that had fallen onto my forehead and tried not to tear up. There would be a lot of traditions without him this year. There would be no Hyunwoo, his mouth full of cookies, as I stumbled out of the kitchen, covered head to toe in flour. He would eat everything I had made for Santa nearly two days before the man in red was even supposed to arrive. 

“Yah, jagi, we’re too old to leave cookies to a home invader, aren’t we? That’s why I have to eat them,” he would argue. 

The memories were flooding in with a quickness now. I pulled my knees to sit beneath my chin and whimpered. I imagined Hyunwoo trying to wrap presents, his hands much too strong and muscular to accomplish any sort of fluid movement that wasn’t dancing. He would completely cover whatever he was trying to wrap in tape, eventually giving up and shoving whatever the package was toward me. I wrapped my own gifts dozens of times. 

“I wasn’t made for this,” he would groan, shoving the box away. 

“Oh, and I was?” I would giggle, easily pulling the corners of the paper up and taping them. 

“No…I can’t be good at everything though,” he would chuckle, his eyes disappearing into a smile. “It wouldn’t be fair to everyone else, now would it?” 

I shook my head, standing from beneath the tree and stretched. Enough of these memories. Hyunwoo and I were done and that was all there was to it. Now where had I packed away those bulbs last year? 

I shuffled into the hallway, looking up wearily to the door that led to the small space that was technically called an attic. I jumped, just barely securing the string that pulled the door down and gave it a tug. After a moment, I finally managed to pull down the stairs and heaved myself up. 

I hadn’t remembered putting the bulbs up here, but anything was possible. They weren’t in the closet with the rest of the decorations, nor were they shoved under my bed. I bit the inside of my mouth as I fumbled around in the darkness, securing the pull string to the light, and giving it a good tug. The cobwebby world that was my storage was illuminated around me and I heaved a sigh. So many boxes. 

I stepped carefully, making sure to look at the labelling of each box. Halloween decorations, old clothes, pictures, things my mom sent me when I first moved to Korea. I walked around, examining the graveyard that was once my past life. I spun, reminding myself what I had been searching for. Christmas bulbs. I turned, something red catching my attention out of the corner of my eye. 

I tilted my head, following the color as if it was the key to my mission. Surely if something was red, it had to correlate to Christmas, right? 

Man, sometimes I wish I was wrong. 

I slid box after box, trying to get to this small bit of color in the dark and crowded attic. After several minutes of huffing and puffing, cursing how out of shape I was, my fingers finally secured the shiny paper and I pulled it toward me. My eyes narrowed as I noticed it wasn’t bulbs, but a package not so expertly wrapped. I tugged it to my body, landing with a plop as the gravity of my pull sent me backwards.  I looked down to the present in my lap and let out a small gasp. 

To: Mama Bear

From: Papa Bear

I swallowed. Hard. 

I had always wondered where Hyunwoo hid the Christmas gifts, but never considered the attic would be his place of choice. He hated this place almost as much as I had, but for different reasons. I wasn’t a fan of wet smells and spiders, he was afraid that he was too heavy and would bust through the floor boards. 

Either way, imagine my surprise as I realized he had missed a gift. 

There was a thin layer of dust coating the top of the red, plaid wrapping. This had to be from last year. This was the exact paper he had used. I set the box on the floor in front of me, pulling my limbs tightly to my body. Did I want to go down this road? Did I want to unlock feelings that I tried to kill weeks ago, but instead have been nursing along on life support? I could leave the package right where it was, crawl down from the attic, and pretend as if it never existed. 

Yeah, right. As if that was in my personality. 

I pulled the paper gently from the box, careful of not ripping the wrappings too badly. I chuckled bitterly as I encountered piece after piece of tape, each separating me a little bit more from my inevitable heartbreak. 

Hyunwoo didn’t particularly enjoy Christmas shopping. He would much rather get an endless amount of gift cards for those around him (partially because of his gift wrapping inadequacies.) But I knew when he gave me anything in a box, it was going to be special. 

I yanked up at the lid of the cardboard and let out a small groan as a simple book lay there. It seemed to be a journal. Hyunwoo knew I liked to write, but this journal appeared to be used. I opened the cover, my eyes glazing nervously at a piece of paper inserted before the front page. 

“Jagi - this was the journal I kept while we were on tour. I wrote down every thought I had about you while we were gone and the new things I experienced that I wanted to come back and experience with you…

some of it is left blank for when we travel, so you can add to my memories with yours…and our own. I thought something sentimental would go well with your other gift. I know I don’t say it enough, but I love you. Merry Christmas.”

I swallowed the sob that was slowly crawling up my throat and trying to emerge from my mouth. I closed my eyes, fighting back tears that I knew would come at any moment. Last Christmas Hyunwoo had given me the prettiest charm bracelet, but I had been a bit disappointed. As far as men go, he wasn’t the best at emoting and I felt as if I had been abandoned lately. He couldn’t convey how he felt, and with him on tour so much I was starving for any sort of attention from him, any minor inkling of how he felt. A bracelet felt cold and unfeeling…but this…this was covered in warmth and emotion. 

I leafed through the pages as if they would bite me. Wincing as something in particular would catch my eyes. Eventually I couldn’t handle it anymore and clutched the journal to my chest, heaving a deep sigh. This was everything Hyunwoo had never given to me, right here in my hands. 

I’m not sure why he had never brought this gift down…maybe he was frightened, or maybe he wasn’t ready to be this vulnerable. Maybe he was simply forgetful Hyunwoo, but I couldn’t just ignore it. 

I tugged my phone from my pocket, quickly dialing a number I’d never forget, even if I bleached my brain. My heart seemed to cease it’s beating as the phone began to ring. 

“Hello?” Hyungwoo’s familiar deep voice murmured. 

“Hi…uh…Hyunwoo?” I croaked, closing my eyes at the simple exchange. He remained quiet, seemingly waiting for me to continue. 

“I…um…I was looking for some Christmas decorations,” I whispered slowly, keeping my eyes locked shut. “And uh…I found a gift from you? That I think you forgot up in the attic.”

“Oh,” Hyunwoo breathed. I knew immediately by his tone that he knew exactly what present it was. 

“I was just thinking,” I continued. “That um…maybe you could come over? You know I can never reach the top of the tree to put on the star…and um…only if you want to of course.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he said quickly. The phone line began to muffle at his movement on the other side of the line. “Yeah, what’s a tree without a star, right?” 

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I was wondering about the custom of wealthy husbands and wives having separate bedrooms, specifically in the regency era. I read fanfics where the Darcys had separate sleeping quarters and came together for love making. However, I have also read some where other couples such as the Brandons followed that custom. Is there an income level where this is customary in that era?

Really, the only impediment I see would be if a couple’s home was too small to allow them the option of individual bedchambers. Certainly old-fashioned and spacious homes like Pemberley and Delaford would have been expected to have separate sets of apartments for the master and mistress of the house–including their own dressing-rooms, and perhaps a lady’s private sitting-room or ‘closet’–a small, informal room for reading, sewing, or other genteel feminine tasks.

Of course it would not be unusual for one or the other of the couple to spend regularly–or always–spend the night with their spouse, but their personal room would likely nonetheless be kept as their own space, and if illness or some other indisposition meant someone wanted or needed some space, it was then easy and practical for the other person to take their rest in another ready bed.

Even comparatively poor families of gentility tended to keep spare rooms where they could, even if just for the use of guests; and for some it might have been the only means of attempting abstinence as a means of birth-control. (Though, with affectionate marrieds, this probably worked about as well as it does today…which is to say, not at all. …Okay, everybody take some rubbers.) Jane Austen suggests as much in a letter she wrote in 1817, upon hearing that an acquaintance, Mrs. Deedes, had just given birth for the eighteenth time: “I would recommend to her and Mr. D. the simple regimen of separate rooms.” (GENTEEL SPINSTER ADVISES MARRIED MORONS TO STOP DICKING SO MUCH, I LOVE IT.)

People did they best they could with what they had, and anyone with a spacious enough home could easily (and likely did) have separate rooms for the heads of the household, though it was not then expected that they would be very strict about where they spent the night. Children often kept to a communal nursery and shared rooms, as did unmarried young adults. (Deeply attached sisters Cassandra and Jane shared a room all their lives–even when the room they shared was therefore cramped, and they could have claimed rooms of their own.) For all I know, fucking could have been much more formalized by the layout of such rooms, though they’d likely have interconnecting doors and passages, and even older homes might lack hallways at all in private apartments, with some bedrooms accessible only via OTHER bedrooms. But in the cases of affectionate spouses such as the pairs you’ve mentioned, I don’t see the separate rooms as an architectural/cultural feature of the times being much of an impairment to them forming regular habits of sleeping together and/or boinking in one or the other’s beds as per their preferences. Darcy tracked down Wickham and paid well over 1000 pounds to make him marry Lydia and Brandon fought a duel with Willoughby before riding hell-for-leather to fetch Mrs. Dashwood to her ill daughter, so I think they could both manage sauntering a short distance to get their freak on with the missus.


Liszt - Liebesträume

For Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share all THREE of Liszt’s Liebesträume. I don’t know about you guys, but for the longest time, the recommended youtube videos and Walmart “most relaxing romantic piano” collections tricked me into thinking there was only one Liebestraum, the iconic and lyrical no. 3. When I learned about the other two, I had to check them out and was surprised that they were so less often played. Even though these are three separate nocturnes, the thematic background makes them feel like a cohesive set that should be played together. Three love poems for the piano, each one describing a different type of love. The first is based on a poem by Ludwig Uhland, “Exalted Love” referring to spiritual love. This is the type of love one feels to/from God, gods, or a connection with nature. The piece starts off as a chorale like procession that eventually takes us up into the high registers of the piano, filled with trills and tremolos, Liszt’s personal depiction of angel wings. The second is based on another Uhland poem, and instead of sacred we get a profane description of love, “I have died”, referencing la petite mort, sexual love and the day dreams we have in the foggy haze after orgasming. Here the music wavers a bit in unexpected harmonies, a soft melody accompanied by rolled chords and jagged harmonies, eventually growing to a heavy, passionate restatement. The third, most famous of the set, is based off of a poem by Ferdinand Freiligrath, “Love as long as you can!”, which is mature love, the lifelong love between two people, two souls. The melody is clear and memorable, strolling along over light variations in accompaniment, growing in passion, backing off into reflection, drifting away at the end. I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. Love your family, your friends, your selves!


1. Hohe Liebe

2. Seliger Tod

3. “O Lieb”

Can we please start seeing Lily’s decision to end her friendship with Snape and her decision to date James Potter as two separate decisions. I feel like this fandom likes to act as though she was choosing between two men and had absolutely no other choice in life, and the moment she rejected Snape, she automatically chose James, and if she hadn’t dated/married James, she would have still been friends, but that’s not how it went down.

Lily stopped being friends with Snape for a one set of reason: his involvement in Death Eater activities were making he uncomfortable. That would have been true if she were dating James, if she was gay, if she was ace or aro, if she was madly in love with Snape, any way you spin in, his involvement with Death Eaters made her uncomfortable. That’s why she stopped being friends with him. Not because she chose James.

If you don’t like her relationship with James, that’s fine, don’t like it. But it doesn’t make her relationship with Snape any better. If you think James Potter was a bully and she shouldn’t have dated him, then James Potter was a bully and she shouldn’t have dated him, but that doesn’t lead to the conclusion that she should have dated Snape instead, because that’s not how logic works. She was a whole person, and her life revolved around more than two men. She had the choice of dating neither, and that’s what she did choose for at least a year.

Lily isn’t some prize handed out to settle the great battle of Snape vs. Potter. Her role in life is not limited to rewarding their good behavior by choosing a romantic partner. She’s a human being who made TWO separate choices. Disagree with her decisions all you want, but please understand that they were two separate decisions with different motives.

I mentioned in my 100+ follower head cannon post that I would making a separate set of head cannons for Shiratorizawa, so here they are. Thank you everyone!!:)

  • when Semi first started training for pinch server, there was an instance when he ran  up to serve, but slipped on a puddle left by Ushijima who had dropped his water bottle
  • Ushijima thought he indirectly killed Semi and apologized profusely
  • The others just kind of stood there and laughed. (especially Tendou)
  • Reon watches Steven Universe, his favorite gem is smokey quarts 
  • Kawanishi gets in trouble often for falling asleep in class, once he even lied about having cleaning duty so that he didn’t have to go to practice, but as it turned out, he actually had cleaning duty 
  • Powder puff trees remind Ushijima of Tendou. It’s gotten to a point where Ushijima actually planted a powder puff tree outside of his home. (He tried planting one outside of his dorm, but was told that if he did that he would be suspended 
  • Yamagata gets motion sick easily, they have to make sure to bring his medicine whenever they go anywhere. 
  • When Kawanishi was a first year he sat next to Yamagata and they both got vomited on because, as it turns out, Kawanishi gets motion sick too
  • Semi has a pet rabbit
  • Shirabu went through a scene phase in an attempt to rebel against his parents when he was a first year. He stopped because no one would take him seriously
  • “That’s why Tendou’s hair is so big, because it’s full of secrets”
  • Goshiki can’t figure out why his microwave isn’t working. (His room mate unplugged it because Goshiki is the type of person who lets the microwave beep at two in the morning)
  • Reon needs a vacation, like seriously give this man a vacation
  • Semi and Shirabu sit next to each other on the bus once, an only once, this is because when they sat next to each other Semi fell asleep and started leaning on Shirabu. Shirabu couldn’t take it and slapped him away
  • When Semi woke up he had a hand print on his cheek and was very confused
  • Tendou can play the contrabass really well, if he didn’t continue with volleyball he would have joined the schools orchestra 
  • Goshiki goes to the zoo and is fascinated with the animals that aren’t even exotic, like squirrels. (so does Kawanishi)
  • Kawanishi is the baby of the team, I mean, so is Goshiki, but Kawanishi is babied by everyone
  • Shirabu also went through an emo phase. (When Semi visits his family, they show him pictures. Shirabu was mortified and Semi was laughing his ass off)
  • Collage au where the captains all room together, Imagine Ushijima going to them for advice on how to apologies to someone, because he thinks he made Tendou angry at him
  • Imagine Tendou going to the mothers and asking them how to confess to someone. (In my mind Tendou is also a mother, have you seen the way he supports every one? FIGHT ME)
  • There team bonding times come very randomly, they’ll just decide to do something and go with it
  • Just, the Shiratorizawa team being very close and very friendly to each other. (Because I’m honestly so done with people thinking they’re all jerks b/c they’re NOT. They’re all precious, too pure for this world)

This is so long but I love Shiratorizawa!!! I wanted to make a separate post for all of my followers who followed me for Shiratorizawa and who love them just as much as I do, Thank you soooooo much!!! (Subtle Ushiten and Semishira, check)      

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Do you have any tutorials?! Or like your process of sketch, line flat color, shading, fully done. Etc. I'd love to see your process? when I get to see step by step of beautiful artwork, helps me understand how it works and improve!

Here’s my process.  Rough sketch > Grayscale shade > Color

I separate the layers into 3 main part (hair, face, clothes) and I put Clipping-mask on each of them, then set a new layer (clipped to the main layers) into color mode then start with a flat color into a more complex mix.

I had to make this dummy because mine are worse than a jungle [here]

The main idea I put clipping mask is to safe time so that the color layer doesn’t mess with anything outside of the main layer. 
(clipping-mask is not necessary if you don’t like restriction, it just me hating to spent extra time erasing the color that smears beyond the subject) 

The most time consuming part of this technique would be the grayscale shading, it’s like a foundation of your drawings, composition, anatomy and light source. The color part is to emphasize the focal point by using saturated color (main focus on eyes, nose, lips) then desaturated color (for everything surround it). There’s also a mix of cool blueish color just so the skin doesn’t look too flat and it also gives a cinematic feel. The last part would be the most fun/frustrating part, it’s adding the details such a skin complexion and color adjustment.

Pardon me, my explanation is kinda sketchy, I forgot to keep track of the coloring process so it’s quite complicated to explain. I’ll make a better tutorial next time! =)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! My BFF, the only one besides my Spouse who knows I’m little, got me the Crayola Ultimate Set for my Birthday! I’m super excited. Naturaly the first thing I had to do was put it all in color order.  For ease of use however, I’ve kept the Metallics and the Glitter in their separate containers, they’re the front (bottom) two sections. But I did put them in color order within their own sets. The rest I tried to make a circular rainbow.

How’d I do?

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Hey would you be kinda enough to maybe share the settings you did on that beautiful miss pauling picture u did? Also wb

Post for reference: LINK

Ok so I had to go back to sai and do this over but basically goes like this:

(1st Pic) : Have a quick sketch or basic idea down. Most of the time I use the marker tool because usually I’ll be using the sketch for the actual drawing. Use different strokes and pressure sensitivity.

(2nd and 3rd Pic): Make a separate layer under the sketch and create a base color the outline of the drawing. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just necessary to give you a basic idea of the overall shading. One the base layer, start coloring in other colors (hair, shirt, face, etc) but make sure to know where your lighting will come from.

(4th, 5th, 6th Pic): Start the detailing. Use darker color for refining, lighter shades for the light source.

(7th and 8th Pic): Moving on to the hair, first settings are for the bigger strands/folds.

This one is for the finer hairs. Use different brush sizes.

(Last Pics): I like to add sharp lighting effects, so usually a white outline works great. Also use different brush sizes.

As for the last effects, do some editing in photoshop (color balance, saturation, levels, pattern) and a orange glow, and you’re done:)


This got pretty long but I hope this what helpful!

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Yo! So, I just bingeread pum your veins and best day of 2017 spent this far, but,besides that, how comes that jake can be fucked into vitality again? Like. Am I stupid? Did reading about people bing fucked stupid make me stupid? I just didn't think it had such a strong.... power (?) Anyways, loving your work, keep on being awesome, love!

I’m going to hell for this metaphor but I am very tired from work and it’s the only way I can explain it.

Dirk was in really deep with Jake. He was so thoroughly in Jake’s thrall, he was a walking feast of potential energy. When Jake set him free, he basically shut that door, separating himself from a banquet. Dirk coming back was him kicking in that door and going “come eat,” and Jake was revitalized. He already had all the keys to Dirk figured out, there was no need to rebuild that connection.

Also, my dude, magically burning a brand of ownership into someone is significant. Dirk handed over eeeeeverything.

20 New Year's Fanfic Prompts!

Send me a pairing/fandom and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet!

1. Person A is setting off New Year’s Fireworks–Person B had wanted to go to bed early, and it wakes them up.

2. Person A and B go separately to a New Year’s Party, and end up standing next to each other during the countdown to midnight.

3. Person A and B are strangers and fight over the last bottle of champagne at the store.

4. Person A makes a New Year’s Resolution–but Person B makes it difficult for them to keep it.

5. Person A owns a shop specializing in whimsical calendars… Person B wanders in one day, wanting to buy one.

6. Person A and B get a little too drunk at a New Year’s Eve Party…

7. Person A gets confetti in their hair… Person B notices.

8. Person A is not sure of the words to Auld Lang Syne… Person B helps them.

9. Person A loves to dance at parties… Person B not so much.

10. Someone ‘accidentally’ left the Christmas misteltoe up at a New Year’s Eve party attended by both Person A and B…

11. Person A and B look back on an entire year together.

12. Person A has never seen Person B in a tuxedo/ball gown before…

13. Person A makes an unexpected toast in honor of Person B.

14. Person A and Person B are in different timezones but still manage to spend New Year’s together.

15. Person A grumbles about the limitations of the Gregorian calendar. Person B humors them.

16. Person A is the featured guest in a New Year’s parade. Person B sees them on TV.

17. Person A is returning a Christmas present to the store where Person B works.

18. Person A and B end up sitting together at a American football New Year’s Bowl game.

19. Person A and Person B are forced to wear “HAPPY NEW YEAR” party hats.

20. Person A serenades Person B with a New Year’s kazoo/squawker/party horn.


When I was a kid I used to group all my toys together in separate piles based on criteria I had for each. I also used to just build things and set things up (like turning my room into a “house” for my dolls complete with kitchen and nursery) and while I would play with them occasionally I just had fun making it and stepping back and admiring how cool it was that I built something so realistic. It made me so happy when I could set things up my way and have complete control over it. I still love to do this with other things too now that I’m older.


let the moon’s shining light, hide two lovers with its rays
though I know that dawn will set us on course for separate ways
I will hold this night in memory for all my living days
now unmasked, I feel your skin on mine…

Hey I did a cool thing

So I couldn’t just use a white or monochrome base for my character body sprites, because it would look like ass. So, I had to make a separate color for each one. However, getting a variety of skin tones was a bit tricky.

What I did was take this image, and grabbed a 12x12 chunk in a darker area (usually cheeks) and a lighter area (usually forehead) and save it as its own image:

After that, I made a script that took the average color in a group, as well as the minimum and maximum. It then interpolated a hermite curve that hit all 3 points, and set that as the color for that group. Each row contains the bright and dark color for a particular face.

Then, it output everything on a curve and I have a bunch of different DIVERSE tones:

… Though even with a +10% [0,0,0] bias, it still came out kind of light. It looks good though.