i had to make a photoset of them

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why… why do people hate Holden? they really find bulshit reasons to do so??

I… don’t… know….?

I’ve seen people complaining about book!Holden being a womanizer so it makes him sexist by default which… lmao couldn’t be farther from the truth? just because he was popular with women and had more than one girlfriend before Naomi doesn’t make him sexist? especially since he was breaking up with them every time he realised he wasn’t in love with them instead of leading them on, which imo shows how respectful he is of his partners?

and tbh I’ve seen people hating him because he’s your typical straight white boy and okay fair enough but then they worship Miller? and they don’t even realise that Holden being “a dick” is him having PTSD after the Cant and especially after Eros??? like wow the mental gymnastics here


 I know my brother like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind (x)

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You're right, probably there are more people, but over time it's getting harder to find blogs dedicated to Clexa, and I know I shouldn't feel this way, but seeing everyone moving on it makes me feel like somehow they are betraying us (stupid, I know) and you're one of the few who stick with us. Ugh, but maybe I'm just angry 'cause I can't move on. I feel stuck. Sorry.

Hey don’t worry buddy. I know that there are many others who still blog at least 90% about Clexa. And yeah, I had to unfollow some other blogs cos I started to see too much unwanted content and that is totally fine. I will keep reblogging the same old gifset of Clexa in the forest and the same photoset of them in the bow scene because Clexa to me was like the OTP of OTP’s. I had many other OTP’s but Clexa hit me like a thunderstorm and branded me forever and I will always love them so fucking much. Maybe I’ll change my blog in the future, no matter how far or close that moment is (if that moment ever comes,) but my fealty belongs to Clexa, know this Anon. I am always going to be Clexa. And you don’t have to feel bad for not moving on as others are doing, because if that makes you happy no one can tell you otherwise, and if they do, they can fuck themselves. Don’t be sorry for that Anon, don’t be ashamed and shout loud and clear that you are a Clexakru!!!

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Can someone explain more about this


I’m sorry if the photo set was a bit confusing! I was trying to make a parallel between the very first chapter of Tokyo Ghoul and chapter 122 of :re. 

The first pair of images were to show that both Rize and Touka noticed how Kaneki and Haise had been watching them (and they both vocalize that fact to him as well).

The second pair of images is the confession part which was mostly to contrast their feelings for Kaneki.

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“I’ve always been hopelessly romantic. And what I mean by that is in high school I definitely was not, like, the ladies’ man and I didn’t have game and I didn’t know how to go about it. Uh, but I had feelings. You know, always I always felt about girls, and was always thinking about girls, and always had crushes on girls and it’s kind of what you do with those feelings that makes you grow up and learn from them. And you know, I was also always very shy.”

Friendly Neighborhood Spideypool

Author: shitucute                           

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 1/1

Words: 18,705

Summary: “Don’t fuck with me, I’m not in the mood.” Louis’ got the urge to punch him in the face, but he knows deep down that if anything it’ll just add fuel to Harry’s innuendo fire.

“You know I only fuck you, not with you. There’s a difference. It’s slight but still there.” He’s joking, but it’s sincere in a way that only Deadpool could make it. It gives Louis a strange mix of emotions, his body doesn’t know whether to fill with butterflies or to knee Deadpool in the balls again for insinuating them fucking.

or, Harry is Deadpool and Louis is Spider-Man and they’ve got way too much history

Credit to Kimberly for the photoset.


ALL THE TIME! i think it’s because video game fandoms tend to use more pastel colors or really hike up the brightness/curves of their gifs without thinking of the fact that this lightens a character’s skin and makes them look unnaturally pale. 

i had to talk about it because i looked at 2 photosets i finished rn and noticed that i had one photoset with clem and her regular skin tone and another where she (and ava) are lighter… so now i gotta try and fix it as much as possible. smh myself

oh gosh!

i was tagged in this thing by @xenfeather

WHAT I HAD TO DO: create a photoset of yourself surrounded by characters you relate to

so here we have it. characters that, when i watch them, make me go, “yeah, same.”

in clockwise order we have: nanu (pokemon sun/moon), anna (when marnie was there), varrick (the legend of korra), mugen (samurai champloo), mob (mob psycho 100), miyuki (tokyo godfathers), wirt (over the garden wall), and wednesday addams (the addams family). 

also, that picture of me is the best you’re gonna get. i haven’t taken a picture of myself in almost two years i think. whoops!

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I’m with Bernie: Getting old sucks. :) Gotta love Emily’s optimism, though!

It does suck! If someone had warned me about the pains of growing up, I never would have done it. (Actually, I’m sure several people warned me, but I was too excited to be a real grown-up without a bedtime or junk food restrictions to listen.)

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Great pictures. XD

Heh, those Castaway conversions are plenty of fun! :P I can’t tell if certain skills (like body would make sense) have any relation to them or not because all my Sims are terrible at them, but the failing animations are so funny, I don’t mind at all. :D 

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OH my god how have I never seen this… reading about tulpas was my biggest 2015 hobby

I got really into reading about them for a month that year?? After seeing a forum screenshot implying some dude’s tulpa had overtaken him as the primary personality. I remember thinking that Dirk would totally make a tulpa of himself.

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oh i really love them! ♥

Thank you! The greenhouse is getting into shape! :D

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She’s lovely!

I agree! Little cutie green kid :3

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This is so cool!

Thank you! I had fun experimenting with simpose, and making these pictures! ^^