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Heya if i may have the brutality to ask how come you choose scourge of characters as your well.. muse what made you say THIS is why i like him so much! ~sincerly a bug fan<3 p.s tell scourge that he's a handsome beast for me ok?

(( Oh, man… I wouldn’t even say I chose him? XD More like HE chose ME. It just kinda happened? Before this my main muse was actually the knight version of Sonic from SatBK. He was who I drew, all the time, and had debated starting an ask blog for him! Then Scourgey kind of edged his way into things by being a big dumbass and making me fall in love with him.

Basically? I have a serious villain problem. Like… I just fall in love with villains. Scourge has been a love of mine since he was Evil Sonic wayyyyyyy back in the early days of the Archie comics. I’ve always loved him. Him becoming Scourge just made me love him even more.

Mostly, though, I just have a tendency to fall in love with villains. I find them vastly interesting and fun to explore with all their flaws and motives and such. I started RPing Scourgey in private back somewhere around 2010ish and he evolved through RP events into what you all know, now. =3b

He’s a butthead who moved into my headspace and decided it was his now and took over whether I wanted him to or not. 8| ))


Small story behind this!

This comic idea came to me when I thought that Genji would find troublesome walking in public again, not feeling like his old self anymore. They all struggled and tried to convince him to go out, but found himself one day taken downtown by Mercy, who needed an extra hand to help her with some grocery shopping. She used as excuse the fact that many of those at the base were either resting after missions, away in missions or just home, enjoying some free days. (everyone needs to relax once in a while XD) Genji always appreciated her care for him, how much time she always spent making sure he did his daily exercises during the recovery period (McCree also helped, and Gabe whenever he had time to spare), and of course the very fact that she made him “exist” again, so he couldn’t refuse her small wish, even if this meant going outside the base. (he was still fresh after recovery.. no missions or such things yet)


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

I like large hoodies! One of my weak points XD

Made this one quick, before leaving work.

Marichat May Day 9: Bell collar

Sorry this is very late 

Sometimes in battles, when Chat gets over the board/overexcited with plans, Ladybug pulls him by his bell to keep him focus. It’s a good way to make him to pay attention to her (in both ways, only she doesnt know about the other one)

Well then, sometimes…Marinette forgets that when she is not transformed into Ladybug, she shouldn’t interact with her partner the same way she does when she is transformed, because then you will have a very confused and flustered Chat Noir.


And we’re back! Sort of. The con isn’t till next weekend, so I’ll still have spotty attendance here, BUT I did manage to finish this in between it all. Is it worth the wait? Eh, not really. XD There had been a few asks about Sombra, one of which mentioned Sassy Zenyatta getting hacked and losing shields so I mostly played off that scenario. Thinking about it, a hacked Zenyatta isn’t that intimidating – but an angry Symmetra will wreck your shit (this is possibly a side effect of me playing so much D.Va). 

Also apparently I’m putting half a gram more effort into these after the McHanzo thing I did. Dl; I’m concerned I’m going to end up making them take longer due to me dropping half assed in favor of 3 quarter assed levels of effort.

More Overwatch things


Phichit Chulanont ♥ Hamster Prince

A gift for @magical-mistral! I put sparkles again since you said you liked them in the other gifset I made <3


ᴅ ᴇ ᴄ ᴏ ɴ ᴛ ᴀ ᴍ ɪ ɴ ᴀ ᴛ ɪ ᴏ ɴ _


15/30 dailies

The Aftermath

Prompt- I’m totally in love with your erasermight <3 (with your art in general btw!!) can I maybe suggest a prompt: Aizawa calming down upset Toshinori? 

Thank you so much!!! This is…way more intense than I intended, painting it was really hard XD, I polished it a lot more than usual, because I felt like I had to do the ugly crying justice :P.

 Still totally accepting bnha prompts- only up to the anime preferably, (I’m almost caught up but its less fun when not everyone can see it.) Any ships, fluff or no! Reply or send me an ask, specifics make it more interesting for me to paint, and as always, I can’t do all of them </3

I’m actually running a day late, I was planning on drawing the teachers in some weird clothes tomorrow, so if you got any ideas, throw them my way (ask, chat, comment, whatever, I know linking to photos is awkward with tumblr). I would draw them in my outfits, like I see a lot of artists doing, but I live in jumpers and jeans ¬-¬.

Tokyo Ghoul Fun Facts (NSFW Edition)

Top 5 Tokyo Ghoul boobies (yes I’m doing this)

5. Eto Yoshimura

4. Touka Kirishima (or Touka Kaneki now I guess)

3. Nutcracker/Mayu

2. Itori

1. Rize Kamishiro

This post was of utmost importance (what am I doing with my life)

(Side note, I contemplated between Eto, Hairu and Hinami for the number 5 spot, but…. the latter two simply didn’t have enough “evidence” XD)

….I need to make a “top 5 booties” post now don’t I?

Well,I don’t know how to use tumblr, but, I wanna tell you something.

Hi~! in first place, i don’t speak inglish, I’m trying to. 

(Plus, I wanted send you this before, but, my last count don’t work, so I erase that :’c ) 

Now, i’m nervious, heh, the thing is; The first time I saw your draws, I like them. I knew you art when you worked in the story about Peaper Jam and Fresh    (That then you do the first “Freshpeaper” :3 ) , then, i’m start to seach you, it be hard to me, Afternoon three days, finally, I found you tumblr, and I remember I was like: “Ohh no, its all in inglish! :’c “ that’s beacuse, before know you, the inglish was a rock in my shoes, and I hated xD even so, I read the stories, the things you’ll create 2 weeks afther and all before. And, slowly, i’m start to understend!! Even my mom was surpriced Hahah, you help me to like english too much, and that wasen’t all!! To understend better Jammy and Fresh histori , i’m start to order they, like “time line” and, well, thats be Soooo hard, at the same time I was arranging, you stand creating.                             In first place, I wanna just order that Story, but even if others don’t have sentence for me, they are cool too, and I think “Well, why not? i’m gonna order all her draws! cause their are amazing!” Aaaaand here comes my best Breaking-Brain-Ever, cause you have a lot crazy ideas! XD and that is great! but i’m didn’t know how to do them “time line”, again, i’m start to read all the asks of others, an then I understood beter, too beter.                                         I’m notice, one day, when I was end finally! that you draw a LOOOOT  of draws every day, that only makes me feel special, you work was soo ofthen, and then I felt you’re more than amazing, ¿awesome? I dont know, just Wooah.      Every day, start to be an habit visit you tumblr to order new draws, start to look more their faces, your own stile, you inpired me! For 2 years i had “Pain tool sai” in my computer, and  I nerver use to nothing, but, in dicember, of last year i’m start! and I like :3 making my own caracters, chibis, was soo cool.                I like a lot things of you do, more specifically, the faces and expressions you make, or you line art, and the design of your caracters, and others factors, you humor XD and how, “WOAHHH” is for me little things then others maybe don’t care  to much, like you know inglish, french, and well, the last was.. uh ¿arabian? Soo sorry, I dont remember too well (/-\) after you, I’m start to look others cool artists, like jakei and joku for example, but you’ll still my favorite artist, you do too much for me, and I want to say you THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! <3 afther this, maybe I can ask you  things like normal followers XD 

Yup, 2.222 pictures only yours :’D and couting, Love U~!  


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Hi! I just found your blog and wow, your art is amazing!! Saw one post and just instantly followed xD But yeah, I saw that you were open for requests (atleast a while ago) and I would really love some wolfstar with Remus actually being taller than Sirius, because that's just the best. Perhaps Sirius gets a bit cranky about it even? He would... Thank you for making such amazing art!

Thank you so much, for the request and the follow!! I’ve had a few wolfstar requests, and not as much time as I would like to actually do any of them </3. So heres…something! (+ a bonus sketch that..nobody asked for-shh)

(For some reason I really struggled to get sirius right :’), I’m still not…ok with the way he looks, but GOD I haven’t posted in longer than a month so I can’t be picky.)

Favourite “pages” of Doukyuusei

I decided to share with you one of my most memorable pages from the doukyuusei series manga :) I absolutely love the whole manga nonetheless I consider some of pages my favourite because of that memorable situation happening there…

This post will be long I believe…


I love this page the most in first Doukyuusei manga…and I love situation here a little bit more than in a movie (I just didn’t say that righ now xD –> favourite scene in movie also) …I particularly like this one because of the Kusakabe reaction on drunk Sajou :) The whole situation is SO SERIOUS but drunk sajou made it THE CUTEST :D <3

I don’t know but this page is that one that I remebered the most. Maybe because Kusakabe mentioned dumb xD Here we see the different side of Kusakabe when he’s not with Sajou…like he’s thinking of that kind of stuff too..and asking sensei for advice..and mentionig the yaoi books that his sister reads,,all that in one page :P


The whole page is filled with Sajou’s LOVE YOU…To see Sajou so in love is so precious. He never openly show it..but his is mind is exploding…

Just that situation…lying on bed…kusakabe just took shower…relaxed…kusakabe telling sajou the sweetest things :D <3

Don’t ask me..that scene is in my mind everytime when I think about Sajou being home alone xD I liked the smooth development situation…lying..making eye contact…slowly progressing to the kiss…KISS :*

I was Kusakabe here…I wanted to hug Sajou so badly… so glad Kusakabe did :) feeling glad…soo glad

Sajou my precious baby :’(

I had heart attack at this one…Sajou being so sexy and seductive :P <3 

My feeling are set on this one!!! This is the one when I get butterflies everytime I read it …IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL…sajou justt ahhh…and kusakabe tearing up :’( <3 <3

Occupation to Beloved

yes yes i know…the very first page of the manga…BUT C’MON…THE SAJOU’S FACE…MADE MY DAY AND NIGHT XD and sweetest Kusakabe surprising sajou :) 

Are there needed any words? Just cute Sajou sneaking in bed to Kusakabe and making my heart ache..:) <3

This page is just so precious to me…HUGGING each other…kusakabe caressing sajou’s cheak…making eye contact…kiss on eyelid..blushing faces :) <3 making love …I’m melting….

Sexy Sajou…..

I love the playful Kusakabe haha…this always make me laugh :D one of the cutest scenes :D 

This my kind of enjoying life…coffee time..My ideal relationship would be drinking coffee like that :D <3 after taking bath :) 

Kusakabe comforting Sajou…saying he loves him..holding him in his arms…kissing him on the check…:’( :’( <3 <3 where is my kusakabe? xD 

YES KUSAKABE…YOU CAN MAKE HIM HAPPY…AND EVERYONE ELSE..omg..<3 <3  :’( :’( don’t mind me..just crying in the corner…where is my kusakabe? i know i said that already but….


We know that if one of our siblings found our yaoi books…IT WOULDN’T END WELL FOR THEM !!!!! XD :) thanks for reading…sooo longgg post omg 

Klance Disney land au

Ok so Ive been postoning skyhigh au for too long but one reason too is that Ive just got back from my very first trip to Hongkong Disneyland and ASDFGHJLXJS this came to me.

(note that my trip there was only one day and I actually have zero knowledge of what happens at disneyland cali haha)

•It’s Keith’s first time in Disneyland with his brother Shiro and Allura.

•Allura is a disney baby so Shiro pays for 5 days stay at the park to make his girlfriend happy and also to let Keith unwind from stress.

•Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Matt works there as part timers.

•So at the first day in, Shiro is surprised his childhood friend Matt is there working as a technician with his sister and they all get introduced to each other.

•Matt brings them to Hunk who serves there as a chef at the banquet. He’s friendly and nice attitude gets them to buy more food from him during lunch than necessary but it was WORTH IT.

•Lance works there as an usher there and when its time for his break he meets up with Hunk and Matt who introduces him to the three.

•Keith’s gay levels up

•…Lance’s gay also levels up.

•But when Lance’s shift ends and he gets a chance to talk to Shiro’s brother, HE IS APPALLED.

•Keith is a non-believer of the magic of disney and hardly knows anything. They argue and Lance makes it his mission to turn Keith into a believer.

•He shoves a usb device at Keith full of disney movies to watch whenever Keith Allura and Shiro goes back to the hotel.

•Keith says he’s not gonna enjoy them but he cries when Mufasa dies.

•Keith always comes back to hang out with Lance during work though telling him what he thought of the movie. Lance is pleased.

•Shiro and Allura always sends him knowing smirks when he separates from them to head to the spot Lance ushers in.

•When Lance gets a day off, he pulls Keith along with him to further educate the surly (but cute) mullet head. (thats just his excuse to get Keith into a date)

•And with his awesome park knowledge, goes to the best rides without waiting in a long line, goes to restaurants with cheap but delicious food aside from Hunk’s, brings him on time to the best shows and best spots where to sit.

•Lance is giddy and proud that his actually managing to make Keith laugh and smile the whole day.

•When they all watch the fireworks, Matt and Pidge are arguing what song to sing to the two love birds holding hands. “kiss the girl” or “can you feel the love tonight”

•Shiro and Allura sings Bella Notte in their worst italian accent.

(feel free to add your headcannons or make an entirely different one cos i wanna read :3)


Requested by @imaginarylock (I can’t tag you for some reason?), I hope you like it <3
So.. Sorry for disappearing
I had an accident and injured my right arm+hand (the one I use to draw :c), so I spent the last few weeks trying to rest and not move it a lot, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be
Anyway, I’ll try to be more active now things are starting to get better <3
I really missed you guys and I hope you’re all doing great c:


3 Days until Woohyun’s Birthday - Those “Wtf Woohyun” Moments