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aquaticroses and anonymous asked: KHR + 20 (best person to bring home to your parents)

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I had a gentlemen come in today (03/16) to make a payment. He then decided to comment how he came here last week (03/08) to make the payment but couldn't because we had lost power due to the winds. So now it is our fault his payment is late, and got a late fee because of it. My dude, you are responsible for your own credit card payments. What have you been doing the last week when you couldn't make it the day after? Also there are so many other ways to pay. Over the phone, online, night drop.

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Hey how old is Tim??

i cant give you a clear answer bc dc changes his age every week

but i’d say he should be around 19 by now 

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Please may I have the story of why you naired a girls eyebrow off

Alright here we go. Been a long while since I explained this lmao.

Alright so when I was 14 I was in a program for kids ages 14-18 with mental health issues. I lived there for 7 months and had a roommate named Brittany. Now, to put it nicely….Brittany was a bitch. This girl was seriously just the most conceited, rude, spoiled girl I had ever met in my life. She was 2 years older, making her 16 at the time ( keep in mind it’s been 6 years since this happened. I turn 20 next week lmfao. I was young and very very stupid)

So one day Brittany is really pissing me off….she keeps going in our room and spraying this god awful perfume. I’m not talking once or twice, I mean like all day long. And I asked her nicely to please only spray it in the bathroom or on her side of the room. She didn’t listen. So I was kinda like “what perfume is that?” And she was like “it’s burberry” and I was like sweet so I went in our room, found the bottle, unscrewed the cap and dumped the whole bottle down the sink because I was petty like that. I walked out of our room and showed her the bottle and threw it in the trash and she stands up in front of everyone and just goes “that was expensive, you cunt!” And I honestly hate that word and I hate being called that word so I was like okay cool I’m gonna fuck you up for that. So that night, we were all watching dumb and dumber, and Brittany went to bed early, and I was like she’s honestly making this too easy. So I told all the other girls what I was gonna do before we all went in our rooms to get ready for bed and they were like lol you won’t and I was like ok watch this it’s about to get real.

So I go in our room, go into the shower and get just a tiny little bit of nair on my index finger and tiptoe over to her bed, and I spread it all over her right eyebrow. She didn’t wake up so I was like okay I’m in the clear.

So anyway, as I’m standing over her 6 minutes later, wiping her eyebrow clean off her face, she wakes up and goes….“What are you doing?” And my ass is just like acting dumbfounded like “oh this isn’t my side of the room? What am I doing here? Silly me.” And she touches her face and then smells her hand and goes “why is there nair on my face?” And I’m like….my dumb ass is still trying to deny that I had anything to do with it. I was like “I don’t know, you must have put it on there by accident before you went to bed.” She knew I did it. So she runs over to the mirror, flips on the light and all I hear is “OH MY GOD” And she runs to our door, flings it open and screams (while everyone is getting ready for bed) “SHE FUCKING NAIRED MY EYEBROW OFF.” and at this point, I’m fucking dying laughing. Real smug. Real pleased with myself. The girls and guys are opening their doors like “she actually did it?” And I was like I said what I said. The night shift people are trying not to laugh. It was really funny.

The next day, her parents come to visit and they’re glaring at me and they threaten to press charges but they got talked out of it because of how young I was. Long story short, I got the sweet satisfaction of watching her draw her right eyebrow on until it grew back and life was good.

And that’s the story of how I almost got charged with assault and battery for nairing off a girl’s eyebrow in her sleep.

best smile in the history of ever.

‘Why do you only write sad poetry?’
Honestly my writing is sad because I want to keep living. Because the more I write, the faster I pull myself out of this hole I started digging when I was eleven years old.
God do I wish I started writing sooner. I wish I had known when I was thirteen that I didn’t have to cut my wrists open to feel less dead. I wish I had known when I was fifteen that trying to kill myself wouldn’t change tomorrow and wouldn’t make my problems disappear. And damn I wish I had known when I was 16 that having my heart broken wouldn’t make my bones crumble to the point of oblivion.
And instead of hiding away bone fragments into places I would forget, I decided to grow and write and share and live.
I don’t write happy poetry because I want to become the embodiment of a happy poem. I want to radiate light from my fingertips. I want to dance under the stars. I want to fall in love with beautiful people. I want a stranger to look at me and think ‘god damn she’s happy’

I know I’m not there yet, and that’s ok.

I write poems that tell me ‘if you can get through this pain you can through anything’. The words are a reminder of how far I’ve come and they are a push to go even further. I want to wake up one morning and think about how I’m glad I didn’t kill myself when I wrote about wanting to die. I want to be there when life gets better.

—  why do you only write sad poetry?

“Please don’t attempt to recreate anything we do in this video.
We’re stupid. Don’t recreate stupid.”


Based on above prompt and another anon who requested Kagehina fluff (does this count? I’m bad a fluff Q-Q). This prompt got waay ahead of me, but I couldn’t help make a comic ;-;

The Daisuga Coffee date prompt can be found here

I’m imagining this scene when both Kages and Hinata are a little older and live together at University (where they got in on a sports scholarship together). 


Moodboard [16/??] Reese Ham ft. Castor Silver & their children

on the left: Castor, Caelum, and Orion
on the right: Reese, Aurora (Rory), and Ophelia

“Families are messy. Immortal families are eternally messy. Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we’re related for better or for worse…and try to keep the maiming and killing to a minimum.”
― Rick Riordan, The Sea of Monsters

In honor of World Book Day, I want to tell you about this book, the best queer novel I’ve ever read. 

It’s called Juliet Takes a Breath, it’s written by my dear friend Gabby, and it’s about a Puerto Rican lesbian from the Bronx who’s figuring out identity, relationships, allyship, family, and everything else that happens all at once when you’re coming out. Juliet is the young queer woman of color protagonist that the YA scene desperately needs. Her voice is fresh, funny, thoughtful and authentic. And her story is the book I wish I’d had when I was 16. 

Gabby has lovingly agreed to make a video with me to talk about Juliet, and I’ll also be doing a giveaway of the book (maybe even signed copies!), so be on the lookout for both of those in the next month. In the meantime, buy the book, follow Gabby on Twitter and Tumblr, and support queer writers of color who are making the world better one book at a time. Happy World Book Day! 

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What was your first D&D character?


My first D&D game, I was pulled into it by my now-husband, and his friends who had been playing D&D for yeaaaaarrrsss.
These idiots thought it was a good idea to pull me in on a long-running campaign, where everyone was level 16, villains, AND it was 3.5. So I had to make my very first character at level 16, no introductions or how to play, just thrown into a group that did voices and live action role play WHILE playing, and I had to keep track of like five pages of information.

I had tried to make something I really liked. A sea witch. I lasted maybe two sessions, and I’m really surprised I ever went back to D&D again. After those sessions, I had this huge impression that I wasn’t good enough to play.

no photo will ever be as good as Dan Howell’s and Phil Lester’s face when I told him I was 21 and had watched them since I was 16 and thanked them for making the journey to adulthood so much better.

I’m fucking done I have met the two most wonderful people that changed my life and made me happier than I could imagine and I could not be more thankful for that.



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