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Bloody Kisses- Chapter 7

Pairing: Ivar x Reader

Word Count: 5016

Warnings: Angst, guilt, descriptions of blood (Don’t hate me!)

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“Cher,” the raven-haired vision purred. Ivar stretched for the nearest handhold, and effortlessly swung his muscular body up onto the roof, settling beside her.


“Ah, merci. I was afraid you had forgotten my name, after so many years. What brings you out of your coffin, my old friend? I had thought you’d given over the company of your own kind and mortals in favor of their books.” A hand, ageless as his own, draped gracefully over his, as cool as the air. Ivar looked out over the night sky, stars faded behind man made lights, twinkling softly.

“I traded in the last pine box during one of the waterbed crazes. Not a wise decision, in retrospect.” Laughter like caroling bells came from beside him. “And I spend some time with mortal… friends.” He waited, patient, certain she’d come to the reason for her visit in time.

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What would australia and new zealand react if they were jealous? ((i hope im not bothering you with this question))

Nope! Not bothering me at all! Though I will admit, I have never written for New Zealand before! So bear with me, please! Also, I just looked up whatever name other people used for him, so if we want it to change let me know! -Admin Jay

Jett would try to one up whoever was making him jealous.
He would always try to bring them nicer gifts and always make them laugh. 
If he could, he would also butt in to anytime they had with the other person, but not enough to seem obnoxious.
Jett would always show how he is more fun, more wild and the best choice. 

New Zealand:
Kaelin is very mature and would try not to show that he is jealous.
If they are happier with the other person, then he won’t try to compete and take them away…unless it is against Jett. Then it is on.
He would always try to talk to them and really get to know them, that way he could surprise them with thoughtful gifts that mean a lot. 
Kaelin would always try to get them off topic and away from the other person by talking to them about things he knows they love, though this would sometimes lead to the two of them walking and talking away from the other person. 

Day6 Reaction |You get bullied in front of them at college|

Sungjin:He loved you but it was a secret you weren’t together but whenever he spoke to you, you would walk away.He never understood why but even if he tried to make eye contact you cried and walked away. “What’s wrong with that girl”

Today was a early day of college he had heard laughing and cursing and begging behind the building.When he looked he seen you on both knees crying and begging the bullies to stop.They dumped their food on you he walked up and offered his hand. 

“My name is Sungjin i have tried to talk to you but you seem to just ignore me”, You took his hand. “My name is Y/n” “Well Y/n i would be glad to take care of those cuts you seem too beautiful for this”

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Jae:You were best friends but he didn’t know anything about the name calling and hits you took.He didn’t know the boys would try to feel upon you and call you sexy.You smiled but he knew it was fake because you never smile without your eyes smile.

One day he was walking looking for you and he couldn’t find his best friend suddenly he heard your voice. “P-Please stop t-touching me” you begged.He ran to where he could hear you which was in the bathroom.He pushed the 2 guys away from you and put you behind his back.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?, This girl right here is no toy”, He was annoyed he pulled you out of the building and let you cry in his arms. “I-I was a-afraid to tell you Jae, you could get hurt” “Y/n i would rather take hits but you mean so much more to me so i can’t sit back and watch you suffer”

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Young K:You both were dating so you were known as the best college couple around.But when he went to do band practice you were always picked on and called names.You hated it and it bothered you.

You were pushed to the ground and hit even by the guys kicked and everything which caught his eye.Once he noticed it was you he punched the guys in the face and the girls ran off.He picked you up and took you to your house.

“Y/n when we date i would like you to let me” “No Young K how can i when you might get hit”.He thought about before speaking again. “I would fight back but hitting my life, my love, is low and i would do anything to keep you safe, so from now i will walk you to every class and i will protect you”

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Wonpil:You were his childhood friend everyone liked him but hated you and even the girls did.You would get picked on but he just didn’t know because everyone gave him a smile as if they loved you both.

You were eating when you were pushed out of your seat and had food dumped on people laughed and you cried.You begged the girls to stop but they just wouldn’t do it.Wonpil walked in and stood in front of you.

“This girl right here is important to me, you will respect her if she says stop that means stop, She is the best person ever, if you can’t like her the same way you like me well hate me too”.The girls scoffed and walked off.

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Dowoon:You both talked 9 times in your entire life so you weren’t close, close friends but you were slowly getting there.The kids tried to mess up the Drums that belonged to Dowoon.

You looked at them as they kept messing up the Drums but you stood up and walked over.You told them that if they wanted to hit someone or something to hit you.That’s what they did but you were helping Dowoon out because the Drums was too much money.As soon as he saw them he hit them and they left.

“Yah!..Pabo you can’t fight people i don’t like that” “I was keeping your Drums from getting messed up and besides this wouldn’t matter they hit me all the time like when i had a broken arm it was because of them”.He was shocked to know that this wasn’t the first time you were hit. “Y/n i’m gonna keep you safe, you being in good shape and health is important so from class to class i will protect you”

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I don’t know what to say but I want to say something so I’ll say this thing I have had in my mind since I woke up.

In my freshman year of college there was this kid I studied with since 6th grade named Bryan who was basically the older more junked out version of zahnegott in person in terms of edgy dating a highschool sophomore named Lorena who was a scene girl. She added me on Facebook and she had a picture of herself looking at the floor with her bangs of sorrow covering most of her face and the picture had a photoshopped text that said “doesn’t matter if you’re black or white” and still to this day I am perplexed at what the fuck do race relations have to do with her selfie

Retribution Chapter 12, a law and order: svu fanfic | FanFiction

Rafael dropped his feet to the floor from where they were propped up on Fin’s desk, something that would no doubt irritate the sergeant if he’d known about it, and pulled his wallet from his back pocket. He flipped through it, pulling out a fifty dollar bill.

“What’s this for?” Rita asked, taking it slowly.

“Your retainer.”

“You’re a little short.” She smirked.

“Can’t you float me the Old Friends Discount?”

She tilted her head, looking at him curiously. “What’s going on Rafael? A couple days ago you were adamant that you didn’t need a lawyer and now this?” She held up the bill that was still in her hand.

He couldn’t remember the last time she’d called him by his first name. That had gone away with the rest of their friendship. “I need you to do me a favor, and this way, when Liv asks you about it, you can claim attorney client privilege.”


The “Cas” marathon: season 5. [ Castiel’s version ] [ season 4 ]

"Go ahead call my parents"- "Alright then if you insist"

The Background: This happened a few hours ago. I work at a large chain of pizza restaurants. Let’s call it Pominos Dizza. Like most places, we get a few prank calls a week from pre teens. Usually it doesn’t bother me and I’ll go along with it because it gives me something to do when it’s slow. But being a Friday night, we were busy and I wasn’t having it. Me will be me, and K will be kid.

The events:

Me: Hi thanks for calling Pominos Dizza, how can I help you tonight?

K: trying but not succeeding in holding in his laughter Hey is Mr Wall there?

Me: Um no sir there isn’t one that work here.

K: What about Mrs. Wall?

Me: Nope none of those either

K: Then how is your building standing up?!

K: laughter from him and background

This went on a couple more times with classics such as “can I place an order to your sisters house?” And the CLASSIC “is your refrigerator running? Then you better go get it!!!”

Finally I had had enough. I let the kids know I was done playing games.

Me: alright look it says here that your dad’s name is dads name (we keep names and addresses of past customers and their orders in the computer for future orders just to speed up the process) If you don’t stop this I’ll give him a call and let him know what’s been going on.

Usually this would stop the kids. I knew it did back in my earlier days of being a dumb kid. But some people just can’t be bothered and have to push the envelope a bit too far.

K: I know you won’t. Go ahead and call him.

Oh boy he didn’t have to ask me twice. I hang up the phone and get back to work for a little bit, knowing that the kid will be camped at the phone to answer it for the next 15 minutes or so.

The compliance: I get back to work, free of prank calls from the kid. I should of left it there, having solved the problem, but hey the customer is always right and at Pominos Dizza we always give the customer what they want.

After the supper rush is done, around 45 minutes to an hour later I fulfill the request. I’m still me, D is dad.

Me: Hello this is kushlord666 from pominos, how are you doing tonight.

D: not too bad, what’s the reason for the call?

Me: unfortunately, we’ve been getting a number of calls from this number. We’re really busy and its pushing customers away because of the wait times. Can you please have a talk with who I assume is your son and ask him to knock it off?

D: Oh goodness I’m so sorry I’ll have a chat with him and his buddies.

Me: Thank you so much and thanks for choosing pominos!

At this point I think the story is done. Kid will get a talking to, won’t do it again and that’ll be the end of it. Boy was I mistaken.

Around 30 minutes later a man and a chubby kid around 12 years old come into the store. I don’t think much of it, thinking they’re just getting a few slices for a snack. They come up to the counter and ask for kushlord666.

Me: Yes I’m kushlord666

D: I think my son has something to say to you.

The kid is visibly nervous. He keeps looking around the store, won’t look me in the eye.

K: I’m very sorry for calling you, I know you’re busy and it won’t happen again.

Then to further the awkward suffering of the kid who I kind of feel bad for at this point, the dad places an order for carry out, and sits in our small eatery section where the kid has to try and avoid eye contact with me for the next 20 minutes. Left me a good tip too.

At pominos dizza, the customer always gets what they want.

Man Up

by reddit user Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

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So baby pull me closer to the backseat of your Rover ~♡○°

I did exactly what the form told me to do.

As my username implies, I’m involved with the HR Department at work. Part of the more occasional administrative duties I do is processing Change of Details forms when people notify us of moving house, changing phone numbers, etc.

A few months ago a form was dropped off in our Out of Hours box with a Change of Address. Unfortunately, it was filled out poorly. The form only had the first name (Let’s say the name was Tom) of the employee and the new address. The form itself asks for Employee number, First & Last name and the Old & New address to make sure we’re updating the correct records.

Since the company I work for is a large one, just under 2,000 employees this is obviously not enough information to even know who dropped the form off. I checked our records and saw that we had eight current employees with that first name. Since the old address wasn’t specified I couldn’t even look up the addresses for those eight to figure out which one it was. Given my workload, I didn’t really have the capacity to go as far as checking the physical personnell files in the hope of comparing the handwriting, so I just set the form to the side and continued with more pressing work, like invoices. Eventually I decided to just keep the form in a folder on my desk so that if it was ever queried I had the evidence to show I couldn’t do anything with it.

About a month ago we did a mailout to certain staff to confirm and advise of some wage increases. As you may have guessed, our friend Tom was one of those affected. After he didn’t receive his letter, he came by the HR Office to complain.

$Tom: I never got the letter about my wage increase! What the hell?! I’m entitled to this! I want my increase! <rabble rabble rabble>
$Aech: Calm down, Tom. You definitely have a letter, I mail-merged them myself. I’ll do a reprint for you right now, if you like.
$Tom: Yeah, that’d be good
$Aech: *prints off another copy of his letter and hands it to him*
$Tom: Well that explains a lot, you lot never processed my change of address!
$Aech: (*Internal Ah-Ha! moment as I remember the Change of Address without any useful information*) Ohh, did you mean this one? (*I get it from my folder and show it to him*)
$Tom: Yeah, that’s the one! Why the hell haven’t you done anything with it?!
$Aech: Well, you’ve only put your first name here. We’ve got about eight Toms total, and there was no old address to be able to compare it to…
$Tom: Well someone should have told me!
$Aech: … How would we do that when we don’t know who filled this out?
$Tom: … Ugh, fine. I have to go back on duty now, I’ll drop another one off tonight.
$Aech: No worries. I’ll be sure to process it for you first thing tomorrow
$Tom: Whatever…
$Aech: (Internally: Fuck you too, buddy)

The next morning, sure enough there was a new form in the Out of Hours box. Complete with sarcastic underlining of his Employee number and name. As I update his details, I see that he’s put something under the ‘Preferred Name’ option. This is intended for people to have whatever name they prefer as their 'First’ name on things like the company directoy. Preferred name as in shortening Matthew to Matt, Kimberley to Kim or somebody with an 'International’ legal name preferring to go by an 'English’ name.

For the sake of this, we’ll pretend that Toms last name is Jones. Obviously, Tom Jones isn’t his real name. I just went with an alternative that’ll help this bit make sense. Tom had put his preferred name as 'Jonesy’. He has one of those last names that can become a nickname if you add ’-y’ to the end of it. Apparently that’s what his manager and others in his department call him.

Since Tom clearly wanted me to update all of his details correctly this time, I did exactly as he told me to do and entered 'Jonesy’ as his preferred name. Once the intranet updated overnight, the employee directory now knows him by his preferred name, showing him as Jonesy Jones.

About a week after that change took hold, his manager sent me a screencap of Jonesy and asked why it was showing him as Jonesy Jones. I sent him the scanned forms and the short version of the story, asking if he wanted me to change it back. He replied:

Well, you did exactly what he told you to do, its right there on the form. If he wants to change it back he can do another form. If he’s a smartass about it again let me know and I’ll take care of it.

i have seen this post floating around a bit, and I had some thoughts

in regards to the first, it’s canon that Brenner read her stories (mentioned in one of the flashbacks in the first season) when he wasn’t torturing her in the name of science. Perhaps they were fairy tales and they mentioned pretty female protags, but it’s vague. She also knows that she doesn’t look like most women, since women were shown at the lab with long hair. She knows that she’s different, and I personally think that El’s journey to be “pretty” is more a search to be normal.

This one’s a bit more up to interpretation, but her arc of being “pretty” continues throughout the first season and she eventually gives up on it. After the conversation with Mike in season 1 ep 7, she doesn’t really mention being “pretty” again. 

in regards to the second addition, in her year of staying with Hopper (aka not isolation, at least not completely) she’s been watching soap operas. 1980s soap operas. Those are famously not a bastion of women-supporting-women. In fact, they typically featured toxic cheating relationships where women were pitted against each other. 

El saw Mike interacting with Max in a way they (Mike and El) used to, and she feels possessive of him from all they went through together. Since she also grew up in isolation, she doesn’t know how to handle the fact he could like someone else, and reacts in anger. 

She didn’t really have any positive female interaction other than Joyce up to that point, and that was obviously maternal. She has no other level to base this on.

also, it wasn’t her “core rage” at all. If you actually watched the train-moving scene in Episode 7, her real rage comes from the treatment of her mother and the treatment of her during her time at hawkins lab.