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“I’d been harboring a crush on him since 5th grade. But I thought: ‘I’m gonna be in the friend zone for a long time.’ Because I’m normally not the kind of person who’s liked in that way. But I thought, ‘Go for it.’ So I started flirting. I’d say things like, ‘You look nice.’ Or ‘I like your hair.’ Then we started going to different high schools, so we started texting a lot. And every once in awhile I’d use a heart emoji. Or a kiss emoji. And if he ever had to dress in a suit, he’d send me a picture. So things were going well. Then one day I had an orthodontist appointment near his school and we decided to meet at Starbucks. After his mom dropped him off, we went on a walk by the stream. Then we sat on a bench. And I saw him flip a coin. So I thought he was bored. But right after, he gave me a kiss.”

i’ve had this large frame in my room for awhile now and my mother was finally like “just put something in it!” so of course being the trash i am i put the klance bonding moment™ in it above my bed then when i told her i finally put something in the frame she ran in all excited thinking i put a family picture in it and the look on her face when she realized it wasn’t was amazing

Here's to all the dancers who aren't dancing

Maybe this was the first time you didn’t dance at Oireachtas, maybe it’s the fifth. It’s hard to see your old family doing the thing you love without you.

Here’s to the girls who look at those pictures and decide it’s time to go back. Here’s to the girls who are so happy they had that in their lives, but are happy where they are now too.

Dance might have been your whole life, but it’s okay to move on and have new goals. It’s okay to still love dancing and competing but putting other goals above dance for awhile. There are people who can do school and dance, but it’s okay if you can’t.

Its hard to look at pictures of girls you used to dance with, maybe even just a few months ago, and wonder how you would have done. I feel like this community gets wrapped up in itself sometimes and you feel like you have to hang on to dance forever. It’s okay to let go, to redefine your relationship with dance as you grow.

Here’s to girls becoming women and making hard choices. Here’s to taking the lessons you learned with dance with you into the real world. Here’s to always having a place for it in your heart. Here’s to dancing on your own terms, whatever they may be.

I mostly wrote this for myself, but hopefully someone else finds it helpful. I’m so proud of all of you.


Videographer takes a tour of the Northern Lights from Denmark. They’ve provided a hugely detailed caption, excerpted below.

Before setteling down in Denmark, I, like most Danes, had no idea that one could possibly witness the northern lights. In 2015, as I was on the Ordrup beach in the northwest of Zealand (Sjælland), I was out taking pictures of the milky way on a clear night. My camera was facing east/north-east and I noticed an usual purple color in the upper left-hand corner of my frame. As I tried to investigate further, taking several shots in different directions, I was stunned by these green and purple sort of curtains. ‘It couldn’t possibly be…’ I thought.

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Day 1: To look at these pictures and see my face it makes me so angry. I use to be an actress and did modeling and now i look as if my face is a space map. I had beautiful skin all through highschool and never thought i would be the girl with severe acne. I use to watch documentaries on it and be thankful i had clear skin, if only i knew what would happen later on in life. I saw my first breakout when i was around 18 but i saw a skin doctor and it seemed to go away for awhile. I had a few bad breakouts but nothing compared to what happened to me this past summer. I started with just a few and spread like wildfire. I stopped doing so many of the things i loved, i lost my self confidence and didn’t know where to turn to. I finally had enough and with the support of my bf i went to the doctor about accutane and she got me set up right away and 30 days later here I am…finally starting my first day of a better future. 

But through this horrible process of acne i have had to find my self confidence in other aspects of myself besides just my looks. I didn’t realize of much i counted on my face and appearance to give me happiness and self love. I have come to understand who i am better and have grown to love the woman i am with or without acne, so for that i thank you acne, you have made me a better person, you taught me to look else where in life for happiness. You taught me that looks aren’t always the most important thing in life. You also showed me what an amazing boyfriend i have, he has stuck by me even when i lost my outer beauty. So acne….thank you. 

cinderellasfella  asked:

11, 13, 19, and 27 please? :)

What is a character you can only imagine in one particular ship?

I tend to monoship so pretty much every ship I have is the only ship I can see those characters with, but Kristoff is the only one where I look at him and I’m like, “…yeah, it’s Anna or nothing with him.” He’s a dyed-in-the-wool loner who only opens up for her. She’s the exception to everything and I can’t ever picture him with someone else.

13. Name a ship that deserved more content.

Sigh. Kristoff and Anna in canon. Come on, Disney, it’s ridiculous at this point

19. Is there a ship the fandom has ruined for you?

Finnrey. Dear God, Finnrey. One of the sweetest and coolest ships fandom has had to work with in awhile, definitely an A+ Star Wars ship, utterly ruined by the fact that its fandom is home to some of the nastiest and most condescending fandom gatekeepers I have ever seen in my 15+ years of fandom. I’ve literally never seen a fandom so actively hostile to multishippers and so obsessed with fandom ideological purity. And then they complain about there not being enough content for the ship. Fact is that a lot of us wanted to create stuff for the ship but basically got chased away with torches and pitchforks. That fandom is so far gone it’s not even worth trying anymore. 

And again, the worst part is that the ship is really, really fucking good. It’s such a shame.

27. Name a ship that deserved better in the end.

This one’s going to be obscure but I’m still fucking pissed about it years later: the BBC version of Robin Hood. Robin and Marian in Season 2. If you’ve watched the show, you know exactly what I’m talking about, and you understand why I still burn the memory of that show in effigy. I LOVED YOU, YOU BASTARDS, AND YOU KILLED HER.

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A New Friend Part 1

Warnings: None that I can think of! :-)
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Crowley, Sister Winchester!Reader
Summary: You get taken by Crowley
Readers Age: 6 years old
Word Count: 882

Y/N: Your Name
Y/F/D: Your Favorite Dog
Y/D/N: Your Dogs Name

A/N: So I had this idea in my head for awhile so here it is! And I’m not sure if Crowley is Scottish or British so I went with Scottish if I’m wrong please correct me so I can fix it! And if you don’t have a dog you can use my dogs name for yours his name is Draco and he is a Siberian Husky so ya! Enjoy!

You were on the floor in the library coloring some pictures, while your brothers were looking for a case for their special job, “Y/N, come here for a sec.” Sam told you. You got up and walked over to him, he then picked you up sat you on his lap. “I’m gonna leave soon but Dean’s going to stay here.” Sam informed you, “Can I come?” You asked giving your best puppy dog eyes, “Sorry Bug but no. You have to stay here with Dean, I’ll be back soon enough.” You slouched giving Sam a frown. Sam frowned as well but then proceeded to give you a kiss on the cheek then he got up while putting you on the chair he was previously on.

“Alright bug, I’m leaving.” Sam said while putting on his jacket, you got up and ran to your big brother. Sam picked you up and you hugged him, “Love you.” Sam said, “I love you too!” You responded whilst giving Sam a kiss on the cheek. Sam put you down and headed out the bunker door. You went back to playing with your toys.

…Hour Later…

Dean was in the kitchen and you were in your room, you were on your bed playing on Sam’s tablet he let you borrow. “Hello Darling.” You heard a Scottish voice say, you jumped up out of bed and were about to scream until he spoke again. “Don’t scream! I’m ‘friendly’ I’m actually a friend of your brothers.” The man stated, you just starred at him in fear, “My name is Crowley, I have no intentions of hurting you. In fact all I want is to protect you.” This Crowley fellow informed you. He was blocking the way to your door so you couldn’t run, you just stood there in shock. “Listen, I know you don’t trust me, that’s completely fine. But I promise you I wouldn’t dare touch a hair on your head.” Crowley said trying to seem friendly.

You were about to scream but were cut off once again, “Hey, hey listen! If you could have anything in the world what would it be?” Crowley asked, the question caught you off guard, you weren’t expecting to hear something like that. But you thought of an answer nonetheless, “A puppy” you answered, Crowley didn’t look that shocked. “Alright what kind of puppy?” Crowley asked, you went and took out a book of dogs, you flipped through the pages until you found the one you wanted, “This one!” You pointed to the picture of a Y/F/D. Crowley looked at the picture and disappeared.

Crowley was only gone a few seconds, and when he came back he had a adorable little surprise. Crowley set down the little puppy and it instantly ran over to you, you were so happy, giggles were escaping your mouth. The puppy licked you up and down as you tried to contain your laughter. “Well, it’s going to need a name, Darling” Crowley stated, you thought for a second before responding, “Y/D/N” You then trusted Crowley with your life. Probably not the best thing but he gave you a puppy, to you that meant you can trust him.

“Alright Y/N, can you come with me now?” Crowley asked while holding out his hand, you thought for a moment before speaking, “Can Y/D/N come to?” You gave your best puppy dog eyes, and well your puppy gave (his/hers) “Well of course they can!” Crowley said. Before you got up Crowley put a collar on your new puppy and attached a leash to it, he then handed you the leash, “There now (he/she) won’t leave your side!” Crowley told you giving you a smile.
You took his hand and poof, you were in what looked liked a fancy hotel room. “Where are we?” You asked, “We are in a hotel, you will stay here for a little while, but if you need anything you tell that man over there.” Crowley answered while pointing at a man by the door. “Now I have some business to take care of, so you stay here and I will be right back.” Crowley informed you, you nodded and went back to playing with your puppy.

…Dean’s POV…

“Y/N!” Dean called for you, he didn’t hear any footsteps coming his way so he called you again but louder, “Y/N!!!!” He yelled. Since you didn’t answer, Dean got worried, he got up and made his way to your room to find it empty. “Oh no, no, no, no” Dean said under his breath, “Y/N!!!” Dean screamed, he ran all over the bunker but didn’t find you. He started panicking. He picked up his phone and called Sam.

“Hello?” Sam said on the other end, “Sam! I can’t find Y/N!
S-shes gone!” Dean yelled, fear laced in his voice. “What? What do you mean she’s gone?” Sam asked, “What does it sound like Sam?! She’s not here!! I ca-” Dean stopped in the middle of his sentence, “Sam get down here now.” Dean demanded whilst hanging up the phone.

Dean was starring at the man you went with, Crowley.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Tag game

 Thank you @ivagavril for tagging me :)

How old are you?: I am 22 years old

What’s your current job?: Well it’s kind of weird situation I am or was working at a deli. I am not sure if they fired me without saying since i haven’t had any hours for 3 weeks and they just keep giving me some poor excuse about closing at 9 now and not have enough hours to give. so I am just going assume the latter as say I am not working and currently look for a different job

What are you good at?: I’m good at drawing or so I’m told. I think i’m decent at it. although i’m a bit rusty since its been awhile I did draw a picture of Kanato not to long ago that turned out alright. I could post if guys want. I’m amazing at tactical games. I can cook & bake really well. I’m pretty good at dyeing hair and cutting hair. I’m really good with garden work. That’s about all i can think of. 

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: My big goal? I’d have say I’d really like to make and sell things like  candles, bath bombs, bath salts, and fragrance oils. I really enjoy making things like that. I’d also like to be able make and sell my own tea.

What is your aesthetic? I’m not sure if these are correct since I wasn’t too sure what aesthetics were till just now. mine are gothic, steampunk, nature, ocean, lolita, and floral.

Do you collect anything?: I collect stones, anime/manga stuff, and video game stuff.

What’s a topic you always talk about?: I know says a topic but i going to pick a few. Mythology I absolutely love mythology. I could talk for days about it. Urban Legends are always fun to talk about I really like the ones that are supposedly based on true stories. I really like talking about the ocean. It’s funny though I’m really scared of going into natural bodies of water such as the ocean yet I really love the ocean.My favorite ocean animals are octopuses and angler fish. I think they are so cool. I love to talk about philosophy. Probably my most favorite topic.

What is a pet peeve of yours?: Snoring. I really dislike snoring. I am a very light sleeper so as you can imagine I wake up very easily. >.> 

Good advice to give: Forgive and move on. Don’t stay stuck on the past. you may not be able to change what happen but you can’t just let it bother you forever even more so if its preventing you from accomplishing your goals.

What three songs you recommend?: Wings of a butterfly by H.I.M, A little piece of heaven by Avenged Sevenfold, Sparks by Neon Hitch

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// Just something so y'all can see how we write. This was a little Drabble Jayde wrote to kill Jenny’s feels awhile back. It’s pure smut between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins, pure sin. Proceed with caution. You’ve been warned.

@wwe-smutfics thought you might enjoy this while we work on your Jericho one. 😊

“I just want you to lay back and relax tonight, alright darlin’?” AJ asked his gorgeous girlfriend, (y/n), looking down and into her captivating (y/e/c) eyes. The two of them had had an amazing day out on the town just exploring the and sight seeing. They had encountered some fans that wanted pictures and autographs but neither of them minded having to stop and comply with what they wanted. However, he was definitely glad to be back at the hotel they were staying at. More specifically, in the current predicament that they were in; him hovering over her, who was wearing nothing but a pair of black lacy lingerie. Hot damn, was that hot as ever. He had something special planned out though.

He pressed his lips against her own pink, plump ones, letting them linger on them for a while before pulling back and trailing them down her jawline and to her neck where he began to apply butterfly kisses. Those little moans and gasps leaving her lips were driving him absolutely wild, and this was only the beginning of their night. He kissed down to her collarbone and lightly nipped at the skin before finally biting and sucking on the soft flesh, leaving his mark. He pulled back and watched as it began to redden, no doubt it would be much more visible the next day. He leaned in once more and stole a kiss off of those luscious lips of hers before pulling back, getting up off of the bed as well, causing (y/n) to pout. He only smirked in response at her.

“I have a few surprises for you tonight,” he began, taking his shirt off in the process and throwing it somewhere in the room. Not like he really gave a damn where it landed. He was more focused on the gorgeous woman laying on the bed and pleasing her to be absolute limits. “A few weeks ago, I heard you talking to Nikki about something, and in that conversation, you mentioned that you wanted me to have sex with you in nothing but my gloves.” He spoke, walking over to his suitcase while maintaining eye contact with the scantily clad beauty. “Your wish, is my command.” He pulled out his signature P1 gloves, standing up after he had them in his hands. He walked over the bed and got back on it, sitting on his knees beside Avery. “Now, why don’t you go ahead and put them on daddy?” If she wished to have sex with him in nothing but his gloves, then he would gladly do so. Anything for his queen. The brunette sat up and took the gloves from him and sensually slid them on his hands, all while maintaining eye contact with him.

Once he had the gloves on his hands, AJ grabbed her face with both of his hands and crashes their lips together in a passionate and fiery kiss. The want for (y/n) was growing more and more each second. He wouldn’t be able to hold himself together for much longer but he had too. “And in that same conversation,” he mumbled, pulling back from her lips after a while of them passionately lip locking. “I heard you mention something that I normally wouldn’t allow or want, but I just couldn’t help myself darlin’. Whatever my girl wants, she gets.” He spoke, pulling back and slowly making his way off of the bed again. “I heard you mention something about wanting a threesome with me and the Architect himself, Colby Lopez, or Seth Rollins, with wearing nothing but our gloves.” While AJ normally wouldn’t share his girlfriend, ever, he figured he’d test the waters and see how this turned out. He wanted (y/n) to have every experience that she wanted and if this was on that she wanted, then he’d happily comply. It was only a one night thing though. The first and the last time.

“Well, you naughty girl, I hope your prepared for tonight. Come on in, Colby.” Both AJ and (y/n) turned their attention over to the door as it opened a few moments after he had called for Colby to come in, said man walking in only moments after. He stalked over to the bed and stood beside AJ, both men looking at the object of their desire. “You know (y/n),” Colby began, letting her name roll off of his tongue. He slowly got on the bed as AJ had done earlier, on his knees beside her. “I was surprised when I got a phone call from AJ, explaining to me your little fantasy, but I knew that I couldn’t turn down his offer. After all, it’s not everyday a beautiful girl like you wants to have a threesome with two men wearing nothing but gloves.” He held his hands out to her, which contained the gloves and motioned for her to put them on him, which she did, and as soon as she did, he grabbed some of her hair and yanked her head back, not super hard though to the point where he’d actually be inflicting pain. He pressed his lips against the skin below her ear, his hot breathe blowing against it. “It is fucking hot though.”

AJ had to admit that he was starting to get turned on, even more turned on then he had been before. His pants were starting to become tighter around the zipper region, and he wanted nothing more than to just plunge himself inside of his girl, but he’d have to be patient. Like he said before, he wanted her to be pleasure to her absolute limits and just enjoy herself. “You know AJ,” Colby began, “she’s wearing far too much clothing, don’t you think?” The other male asked, turning and looking at AJ with a smirk on his face. He looked from Colby to (y/n), a smirk of his own building up on his lips. “Definitely. What do you say we take off the remaining layers?” AJ slowly walked over to the side of the bed and climbed on, so basically she was sandwiched in between the two men; both of them were on either side of her. He reached out and lightly caressed the soft and smooth skin on her back, almost in a sensual way as he his gloved fingers made their way up. All the while Colby went to work with pressing kisses to her neck, causing sexy little moans to escape her lips.

AJ finally reached her bra clasp and unclipped it, helping her discard the fabric. He slid the straps off both of her arms before just tossing it off to the side in the room, not caring where it landed. “So damn beautiful,” AJ mumbled in her ear. While Colby kissed one side of her neck, AJ kissed the other, the side where he had left his mark on her. The moans and gasps escaping her started to become slightly louder and when he looked down, he realized it was because Colby was kneading one of her breasts with one of his gloved hands. Deciding not to leave the other one feeling unwanted, he began to knead that one with one of his hands, absolutely loving the sounds that they were causing to escape from her. “When are you guys gonna get down to business, huh? I wanna know if you two will live up to what you say and please me like there’s no tomorrow.” AJ and Colby shared a smirk as soon as she said those words. Ohhh, (y/n). Still as sassy and fiery even in a situation such as the one they were in.

“You just have to be patient baby girl.” AJ cooed to the beautiful brunette. He and Colby continued on doing what they had been doing for a little while longer before he decided that it was best to get down to business. He pressed on final kiss to her neck, making sure he left yet another mark on her. Between him and Colby both, she’d be covered in marks to remind her that what was about to happen, was in fact not a dream but reality. “Now Colby, since your the guest here tonight, I’ll let you have a little taste first.” After all, AJ could have her whenever he wanted, Colby was only gonna have her for this night only. Besides, he had something else in mind. “Great idea, AJ.” The other man mischievously smirked, pressing on final kiss to her neck before moving himself so he was at the foot of the bed. AJ too moved himself away from her side and allowed her to lay back down and get comfortable. “While Colby has his way with you, you can put that pretty lil’ mouth to good use, baby.” AJ got off the bed and began to unbuckle his belt, taking it off once he had undone it.

Colby gripped the waistband of (y/n) sexy black lace panties and slowly, teasingly, pulled them down her long, sexy, and smooth legs. He removed the article of clothing from her ankles and tossed it off to the side. He watched as her breathing became slightly heavier, the anticipation and anxiousness building up inside of her, before taking a moment to look at what was in front of him, and boy did he like what he saw. It was clear that the actions of him and AJ had made her wet. With his gloved hands, he gripped into her thighs, his chocolate brown eyes staying locked on her own beautiful, blue captivating ones as he slowly leaned in. The first thing he did was press a kiss to her clit, an extremely light one at that. That alone was enough to cause her to take a sharp intake of breath, her hands gripping into the white bed sheets, which would definitely need to be changed the next day.

AJ had unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them as well, being quick to take the article of clothing off, revealing the bulge in his pants that seemed to be growing as each second went by. He kicked them off the side before turning back to his girlfriend, who was moaning at the actions Colby was doing to her. “As sexy as those moans are, baby, those pretty pinks lips would be even sexier wrapped around me.” He got back onto the bed, the lower half of his body directly in front of her face. He pulled his boxers down, his erection springing free. “Open up, darlin’.” He cooed. She sat up ever so slightly and did as told, opening up her mouth. He guided his length into her mouth and let her handle the rest. She bobbed her head up and down, one of her hands pumping his erection at the same time that. A low guttural groan escaped his lips at the feel of her mouth wrapped around him, grabbing a handful of her dark hair. God, it felt fucking amazing. And those vibrations, no doubt to her moans by what Colby was doing to her only added onto the pleasure.

Colby didn’t stop what he was doing, in fact, he only sped up. He would alternate between licks, kisses, and sucking. Anything that would aid her in reaching her high and making her feel absolutely wonderful. He was definitely caught of guard when AJ had called him up and suggested this threesome, but he definitely wasn’t gonna turn it down. After all, this very well would never happen again and he had thought that she was absolutely hot from the moment that he had laid eyes on them. He knew that she was the troublemaker, but he didn’t think she’d be this naughty though. It was, like he had said to her, hot. The man could sense that she was close, by the way she seemed to pump AJ’s length faster, by how sporadic and heavier her breathing seemed to be getting, and by how her walls began to clench sprung his tongue. So, he increased his speed, paying most of his attention on her clit. One final lick and she arched her back, taking AJ’s length from her mouth and letting out a loud moan. Still though, he didn’t ease up on his actions, not until she rode all of her orgasm out.

AJ knew that if she didn’t stop doing what she was doing, he’d cum. The moans and the ways she swirled her tongue around his length just absolutely turned him on to no end. He desperately wanted to plunge himself inside of her. He was definitely rather thankful, and rather upset, when she removed her mouth from his length, but god that was moan sexy as hell. “Hot damn.” He said in a low voice, biting down on his lower lip. When she had rode out her orgasm, Colby had removed his lips from her most sensitive area and moved back up so that he was hovering over her body, leaning down and pressing kisses to her neck, biting and leaving love bites as well. Her breathing was definitely heavier after what had just happened and he wouldn’t be surprised if she was worn out. “You okay to keep going baby?” He asked, receiving to words in response. “Hell yes I am.” With those words, both men smirked.

“Well then, on your hands and knees.” Colby purred to her before getting off of her and off the bed as well. Just like AJ had done, he too began to to unbuckle his belt, throwing it off to the side when he had gotten it out of the belt loops. (Y/n) had did as she was told and got on her hands and knees, waiting in anticipation for what was too come. AJ walked to the foot of the bed and let his blue eyes wander over his girl’s gorgeous body. He placed both his hands on her ass before abruptly smacking it, causing the woman to wince but moan. “I hope your ready, cause we’re only just getting started for the night.” He spoke, a smirk coming to his lips. Colby, how has rid himself from his clothing articles; his shirt and his pants walked over to where AJ was and stood in the spot where he was standing as AJ had moved to the side to take his boxers, which had just pooled at his ankles off. “That’s right. Tonight, we’re gonna rock your world in ways you never thought were possible.” Just like AJ had done, Colby placed his hands on her ass and smacked it as well.

“You think you can take both of us at the same time, Princess?” Colby asked. She turned her head to look at both men, wearing a smirk on her face, a smirk that clearly challenged the both of them. “Yes.” At those words, AJ and Colby shared another mischievous look before moving into action. Colby removed his boxers, exposing his hardened length, before jumping onto the bed, pulling her on top of him. She was facing AJ, her back facing Colby. Slowly, with one of his hands grasping his erection, he pushed inside of her from behind. She let out a half gasp, half moan as Colby filled her up, but her eyes remained locked on AJ as he crawled onto the bed as well. He gripped her hips with his gloved hands, lining his erection up with her hips before pushing inside of her. He and Colby both allowed her to get used to them before they both began to thrust themselves in and out of her, and almost immediately, the moans began.

One of her hands was wrapped around his neck while the other was resting on the bed sheets beside her to keep herself steady. Colby’s hands were resting on her hips, not stopping his thrusts for even a second. “God damnit. You are so fucking hot,” he growled out. The room had gotten significantly hotter by what they were doing. Colby could feel the sweat starting to building up on his forehead, and he couldn’t be the only one either. He could feel himself getting close to cumming, but he was gonna hold himself off. At least until she had her own orgasm, that was the purpose of this threesome after all; to pleasure her to her absolute limits.

AJ threw his head back as another groan escaped his lips. The room was filled with his and Colby’s groans, her moans and the sound of skin slapping against skin. He wouldn’t be surprised if the people in the other room could hear them. He could feel himself getting close to his release, but he was holding off on it, trying to at least. The sexy moans escaping those equally as sexy lips of (y/n) were driving him crazy and the expressions on her face didn’t help one single bit either. The two men continued on pounding into her, AJ leaning in close to her ear. “You like this, baby?” He asked. “Oh my god yes, AJ.” He growled at those words. “Yes what?” He asked. She seemed confused for a moment before she realized what he meant. “Yes daddy, I love this.” He growled in pleasure and pounding into her even harder and faster, gripping her hips with his gloved hands. It only took a few more thrusts from both him and Colby before a loud moan from her rippled through the room. Her walls tightened around his member, but he didn’t cease his movements, neither of the two men did. It really didn’t take all that long before AJ and Colby reached their own orgasms, both men groaning out in pleasure. All three of them rode out their highs together before calming down, although they were breathing heavy and sporadically.

AJ pulled out of her while Colby did the same, removing her from on top of him. Both men laid beside her with her sandwiched in between them. All three of them stared up at the ceiling as they tried to calm down from he incredibly experience that had just happened. It was clear that it was a first for the three of them but it was sure as hell fun. “Well,” Colby began, panting slightly. “This was fun, but,” he began, AJ finishing off for him. “We ain’t done here yet, darlin’. We’re only taking a break.”

Newborn Princess CHAPTER 9

Summary: As Happy comes back from a late run he hears crying and finds a baby in a basket on his doorstep, with a letter saying that it was his. Will he raise the child or give it up. Eventual romance.

Newborn Princess Masterlist

I know I haven’t posted a chapter in a while but here is chapter nine I hope you all enjoy :)

WARNINGS: Death!!! Language!! DEATH!!

Happy was pacing around the chapel after the news that he just heard, Natasha…was in Oakland, his daughter was in fucking Oakland. Alvarez just called Clay and said he saw her going into a store. She wasn’t alone, she was surrounded by men as they entered, her face red and it looked like she had been crying for awhile and it upset the Mexican. The Mayan president was across the street and snapped a quick picture of the baby when he saw her, sending it over to Clay in a second. “If that ain’t his daughter ese, then she has a fuckin’ twin.” The man said.

“It’s her. How many men are with her?” Clay asked as he put his phone on speaker, all the Sons listening in as Happy paced the room, his sanity already gone weeks ago. “There was already five in the store, but she had eight surrounding her. I don’t know if there is anyone in the back brother.” Alvarez already had some of his men coming out. “Shit. We…”

“Did she look alright?” Happy interrupted the president, “I think it’s best if you all hurry down here.” Alvarez said and Happy growled as he slammed his fists on the table, “We’re on way, just make sure she doesn’t leave.”

“Alright, man, hurry up.”

Happy checked his guns making sure they were fully loaded before tucking them in his jeans, his hand grabbing his large knife putting that in its holster. He looked into his mirror as he fixed his kutte, his eyes catching the pink octopus on his bed, Bah was what Natasha always called the little plush. He remembered the night before he went to Nevada, which was a failed attempt at getting his baby, and how he cried with the toy that he now so grew fond of. Happy walked over to his bed and picked up the toy, “Yo Hap you ready?” He hear his VP ask and Happy put the toy back, “Yeah.”

Happy walked out of the room and out to his bike, his blood boiling as he thought about how his daughter could look, he pictured her eyes swollen, her face covered in dirt…there was no way that he wanted to think of someone washing his daughter. He climbed on his bike and lowered his brows as he saw Chibs walk to the van with a first aid kit, “Sorry brother…only makin’ sure.” Chibs shrugged sadly and Happy nodded. Happy followed behind Clay and Jax, his hand itching to pass them and shoot down the highway but it gave him time to control the rage that was crawling around inside of him. Time to reel in the demon in order to make sure that his princess was safe.

They arrived in a an hour and noticed Alvarez walk to them quickly, “I got some men chasing her down, they’re drivin’ fast so you better catch up.” The Mexican said then walked to his bike, all the Sons following and climbing on their bikes, following the Mayan president as he raced down the street. They caught up with some other Mayans that were following a black van, and Happy almost internally exploded, “Don’t worry I’ll get you baby.” Happy mumbled.

The van made sharp turn and all the men held in their breath when it looked like it was going to tip over, but it didn’t and stopped in front of a run down house. All the men were off their bikes and ready to shoot, at the men. “SHIT!” You heard Jax yell as he jumped in front of Clay, a bullet flying from upstairs hitting the young VP in his side. Alvarez aimed up shooting multi bullets up at the men in the windows, his body slightly covered by the Son’s van. Happy sucked in a breath as he watched a man climb out holding a gun to his daughter’s head, “WAIT!” Happy shouted and all fire stopped.

“What the fuck do you want?” Happy growled. Darby laughed as he looked down at the girl, “She’s a cute kid when she keeps her mouth shut.” He chuckled and Happy looked at his little girl, dirt covering her face and clothes, a pout on her lips as she called out to him, “D-dadda!” She called as she out stretched her hands, “Daddy!”

“Shut up.” Darby hissed and she wailed, “You’re alright princess.” Happy said to her and her cries lowered in volume, “Awe ain’t that sweet.” Another man said, “What the fuck do you want?” Jax shouted as he held his side, Chibs standing by him with Clay. “Yeah she’s just a baby.” Juice said his eyes looking at the little girl, who pouted as she stared at her father with watery eyes. “I want her father.”

“Didn’t think you went that way Darby.” Happy grunted and the white man growled holding the gun against her head making Happy’s jaw clench, “Fine. You gonna kill me?”

Darby nodded his head, “Yup.” Happy nodded, “Can I hold my girl real quick?” Happy asked and Darby’s eyebrows lowered, “Don’t try anything.” The man said as he handed Happy, Natasha, “Daddy. Dim dada zo bah.” She babbled as he squeezed his girl tightly, pressing her head into chest, bouncing her slightly, “Yeah I know baby.”

“Da dodo we-laa.” She mumbled and Happy felt his eyes water as he let out a breathy chuckle, finally hearing his little angel’s voice after so long sent him to cloud nine, “You gonna be good for your uncles?” Natasha put her little hand on Happy’s lips and he kissed her fingers, “They’ll take care of you.” He whispered and Natasha’s eyes watered as she looked up at him, “D-dada.” Happy sighed as he looked at his girl, “Dame un beso (give me a kiss).” Natasha puckered her lips and Happy gave her kiss then her cheek, “Love you princess.”

Happy turned his back to Darby, Natasha cradled in his chest, “Disparar (Shoot)!” The second the word left him, all the Mayans started shooting as Happy ran but he hit his knees as he was shot in the back. The Sons following along, Jax hitting Darby in the knee as the Mayans worked on the ones coming out of the house, Juice and Chibs making their way around back. Clay pushed Jax out of the way as a bullet went to his shoulder, “Now we’re even.” The white haired man said with a pained grunt making Jax smirk as they both continued to shoot.

Happy laid down over his daughter shielding her as shots rang, her scream going unnoticed from the loud shots, then…silence. “Hap. Happy! You alright brother.” Happy heard but he just grunted as he slowly sat up his face paling when he saw blood on Natasha, “Oh no. Nonononono.” Happy breathed, her screams loud. “Oh no.” Chibs gasped then leaned down, Happy’s hands feeling around for a wound but he couldn’t find one, “She’s not…”

“Holy shit Hap.” Happy heard Clay say and he turned around, the motion making his head spin, “Wow.” Juice mumbled as he pointed to Happy’s chest, the bald man looked down seeing a clean wound through his shoulder, and one clean through his ribs. “Fuck.” Happy cursed as he had to put a hand to stop himself from collapsing on his child. “T-take her.” Happy groaned and Alvarez scooped up the little girl, her cries stilling as she was held by the unknown man, “Dada?” She asked as she looked down at her father. “Da! DADA!” She shouted when Happy didn’t look at her, “DA!”

“Shh baby your papi is hurtin’.” Alvarez hushed as he bounced her in his arms and she put her head under his neck, her eyes looking at her father who stood up with Clay and Chibs help. Happy didn’t care that he was shot, he was just happy that he finally had his daughter back. “You make sure that she’s alright. Don’t want shit breakin’ out again huh ese.” Alvarez said as he walked to the van with everyone, “We’ll take care of the mess.” The Mayan president spoke and Clay chuckled, “You aren’t gonna black mail us.

“We all have the same guns, no use trying to black mail when you can spin it on me.” He told them then chuckled as Natasha touched his goatee, “Suba? Timata.” She said as she traced his mustache and goatee. “Or I can keep her.” The Mayan chuckled, “You wanna come with me?”

Natasha backed away and tilted her head, “No no no.” She gave a little wiggle and Happy smirked as he sat in the van, “Good choice, now come on, I’m bleeding out here.” He growled and Alvarez smirked as he gave the man his child. “Don’t worry baby you’re safe now.” Happy mumbled as his daughter sat in his lap, his eyes falling closed.

“Oh no you keep those eyes open.” Chibs said as Half-Sack started driving the van, the other Sons riding behind them as the Mayan started their ‘clean up’. “Natasha keep your daddy up.” Chibs said and she turned around, “Dada!” She smiled then slapped his chest making his eyes slap open, “NO hitting.” He grunted with a stern look but the look fell as she smiled.

“Missed ya baby girl.” Happy mumbled, the last word he heard, spoken from his daughter, warming his heart as his eyes drifted shut, “Daddy.”

You know when you have a truly great love. There’s just an indescribable feeling you get, and I’ve had that feeling for quite awhile now with this little shit :) She doesn’t love this picture because she thinks her face looks dumb(it doesn’t, she’s always adorable) but I love it because it just captures how happy she makes it on a daily basis. 


Had a wonderful day today it was long but had fun. Went out and sat at a lake side restaurant for awhile, went to look at 4 houses, hung out in North Charleston, went to Mongolia Gardens and had a boat swamp tour and walked around the beautiful gardens. Got to see a lot of animals like blue herons and alligators that I could never where I’m from. If anyone would like to see the pictures of my great day just ask me and I’ll post a few :)

Michael still liked to believe he was punk rock. For some reason the fans went along with it too. Even after the two of you got married and he cried while you walked down the aisle. He told a girl that stopped him for a picture that it was because there was so much white in your dress and he wanted a black one but everyone knew he was just a sap. When the two of you had your first child he had literal heart eyes every time he looked at his little princess. “I’m going to make her punk rock like me!” he claimed. He did dress her in flannels and jeans for awhile until people started to say that she had stolen all of michael’s punk rockness. But fans never can let go of the time someone ran into you three at Disney World. The little princess was on mikey’s shoulders and she was steering him by his ears. When the fan caught up to them she said, “still think you are punk rock mikey?” and your little girl yelld “I am punk rock and so is my daddy!” Michael fist bumped your child and promised to buy her ice cream after he took this picture. You just shook your head and wondered why you let him influence her like this.

“While doing a photoshoot in the clearing near the amusement park, I ran into Cozumi!  Well, actually, she ran into me…Apparently Prince Alan left one of his shoes somewhere while playing and she was looking for it.  Eventually we met up with him and Glenn and I just thought this would be a really good time to take a picture of the three of them.”

Julia pouts.

If only that tree wasn’t in the way… 

“By the time someone had found the shoe, it was already nightfall.  I’m just glad I got this in time for sunset, otherwise it’d be pitch black!”



I’m so sorry this took awhile to get to cozumi-otome!  However, I did say I’d do it and I followed through, so I hope you don’t mind that it’s late!  I tried my best to work on the hair for your OC, but that is really difficult O_O  Regardless of my inadequacy, I think you’ll like it…

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