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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Oneshot, Ghost!au?

Group: BTS

Warnings: Swearing, car crash, death.

Summary: You died, your stuck on earth, no one can see you nor hear you. You feel lost, until you find Taehyung. He’s just like you, stuck on earth. You two hang out and try to figure out a way to move on from this world.

A/N: Lol, sorry if this is kinda weird, I just had this idea and wrote it down. But, nonetheless I hope you enjoy~


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*Beep Beep*


I cant see anything. I cant feel anything.

“They’re gone. Time of death 3:47 am. Im sorry we couldn’t save you Y/N.”

I can hear, it sounds like a hospital.

“No one? No one is here for them?”

“No doctor, they have no family, no friends, no kin. How sad.”

Its me, I’m dead, aren’t I? But why? How?

“And so young, such a shame, they could have done great things.”


I can see again. I was right, I’m in a hospital. I see a nurse holding someones hand, the person is deceased. There is a sheet, covering their face, but i know who it is. I’m dead, and no one cares.

“Wheel ‘em to the morgue I got all the info I need.”

“Wait! No! Stop! What do I do now?!” I call out but of course no one hears me.

“Y/N Y/LN, age 20, still in school, death by car crash, no family, the parents suffered the same fate as them a few years ago, at least they’re with their family now.” The doctor says to the nurses as they wheel me away.

Car crash? I don’t have a car though.

I put my headphones on, blocking out the world surrounding me. Im on my way home, back to that lonely apartment.

‘What should I have for dinner?’

‘I’ll pick up some ramen or something’ I thought to myself.

The light turns green and I begin to walk across the street. My breathing is slow and relaxed, breathing in the night. Its cold out, I have a sweater and jeans to keep me warm.

“Oh god, MY BABY!”

I turn around when i hear a woman scream in my direction.

Theres a little girl standing in the street, cars are coming towards her, they aren’t slowing down.

Without thinking I run toward her and push her to the sidewalk. 

*Beep beep*


Tears stream down my cheeks, with the memories of what happened replays in my mind i storm out of the hospital.

“WHY? WHY ME? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” I scream to the sky.

“Dead? I’m dead? Well-well what am I supposed to do?” 

“Is there a greater place? AM I STUCK HERE FOREVER?!?” My cries turn into sobs.

I don’t care, no one can see me, no one would care even if they could see me. 

“Stop.” I say to myself, “You know you can’t do anything anymore.”

I stand up, I wipe my tears and walk away.

The park, my happy place. I’ve been going here for almost all my life, I feel calm here.

I lay on the grass brushing my fingers through it. I look up at a the starry sky pondering old memories. There is nothing to do here. No one can see me, no one can hear me, no one can help.

I get back up on my feet to go watch the sunrise, Its something that will always make me smile.

“Who’s doing this!? IS IT THE DEVIL?!?!” A lady screams from behind me.

There is a man throwing pebbles at her, can she not see him? But, he’s right in front of her, unless…

“Hey! What are you doing?” I yell at the man.

He turns to look at me, i get a good glimpse of his features. He’s very handsome, he has a freckle on his nose, its very cute. He’s dressed in a clean cut suit, he seems very important, especially compared to me. 

“You can see me?” He asks.

“Yes, you can see me?” I reply with a question.

“Of course, wait, people can’t see you either”

“No, are you…umm…”

“Dead? Yes, and I’m assuming you are as well.”

I sigh in relief, at least I’m not completely alone here.

“Come on, I’ll show you what I do for fun.” He says and grabs my wrist.

“Oh, I’m Taehyung by the way!” He smiles at me.

“I-I’m Y/N.”

“Cool name.” He continues to briskly walk down the streets, my wrist in hand.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“Honestly, I don’t know, but, it’ll be somewhere fun, I’m sure.”

He comes to a sudden halt. He just stares at someones front door.

“I-I uh have to check on something.” He releases me and opens the door.

“Wait!” I say and follow him into the home.

He walks to the couch and sits next to a sleeping figure, I stay at the door and watch. He takes a blanket  and places it on the figure.

“It’s good to see you Kookie bro, Jins taking good care of you I see.” He places a kiss on Kookies forehead before walking up the stairs, I trail behind him.

“He’s doing better Namjoon, its great to see him smiling again.”

“Ya, he used to be so sad, poor kid. I still cant believe Taes gone.”

“Me neither, but, we have to move on.”

“Lets go.” Taehyung says and storms out of the house.

We walk down the streets in silence. That was his family, his brother. I grab his hand in mine, “Hey its okay, he’s okay, he seems like a strong boy.”

He shines me a weak smile, ”Let’s have some fun.” He says and runs away once again.

“Here!” He points to an amusement park.

“Its closed” I say.

“And?” He runs towards the ferris wheel.


The ride begins and we quickly jump on. It goes all the way to the top and… stops.

“Did we break it?” I ask.

“No… Just wait.”

So, we wait. 15 minutes later it goes down.

“What next!” Tae says excitedly.

We go on many rides. Until, the park opens, people start flooding in.
“Lets bounce.” I say and grab Taes arm.

We sit on an abandoned picnic blanket in the park. 

“Wait, why are you wearing a suit?” I wanted to ask that question ever since i saw him.

“Oh, well, i died in a suit.” He says.

“How did you die?” I immediately regret asking that.

“Oh. I was driving my brother home from my friends wedding, i dropped him off and went back, but, on the way back I accidentally drove off the bridge.” He looks down at his hands.

“How about you?”

“There was a car about to hit a kid, i pushed them out of the way, and well, the car hit me.”

We both sit in silence for a while, feeling sad and awkward.

“Lets go on the swings Y/N!” Tae breaks the silence.

We talk, laugh and play until dusk. I cant do this for the rest of eternity, i want to be with Tae forever but, not here.

“Y/n, I-“ I cut him off with a kiss. My soft lips crash with his for a moment, we enjoy each other.

“I-I love you Y/N.” Tae says.

“I love you too Taehyung.” I reply.

He pulls me into a warm embrace. I feel tingles all throughout my body, its not painful, it feels nice.

“Whats happening?” Tae says with panic in his voice.

“I don’t know.”

We hold each other closer, not wanting to let each other go.

“Were disappearing.” I say calmly.

“Were moving on from this world…” Tae says, “Together.”


Facebook let me know that I’m wearing the same shirt and sweater I wore on this day two years ago. Wow. Look at lil’ baby Olivia, who knew nothing about so many things but was still so incredibly happy. Im glad she had the experiences sitting in front of her to go through, it helped make me the strong person I am today. Also glad my brows improved, and my boobs are still large and in charge, sorry not sorry. 😂😂 lol

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Do you think you said/did something to cause her to do that or she just wasnt feeling it and chose that way to end it lol

we had been talking over text for over a month beforehand and then met up and smoked and went to a movie and i had my hand over her shoulder and she said she needed to go to the bathroom and then five minutes later i got a text saying “sorry but i cant do this” and then she blocked me on all social media. a year later her boyfriend messaged me on this hellsite to like… brag about dating her? im really not sure what his motive was

the movie was pitch perfect 2 tho which may have been a factor


Every time I come back to this AU, I get reminded of how pure these two are??

I adjusted Mika’s appearance slightly by adding more scales/fins on his body!! Yuu loves wearing his khaki shorts and fave matcha-green hoodie :-)


But the second male, the more classically beautiful of the two … Even the light shied from the elegant planes of his face. With good reason. Beautiful, but near-unreadable. He’d be the one to look out for — the knife in the dark.

And suddenly I’m really, really, really into the avatar AU?


the class 1a girls had to do cheerleading, so i say the boys have to perform super junior’s this is love, it’s only fair

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lee jangjun , weki meki’s 9th member and an upcoming legend. 

bonus:  *everyone’s reactions *