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redbone - bucky barnes (platonic)

fandom: the avengers/bucky barnes

 word count: 721 

character pairing: bucky barnes x reader (PLATONIC)

 warnings: none that i can think of

 prompt: “i have constant nightmares and i’ve always had someone to cuddle with. now, i realize we’re not on that level but you’re only one here and i’m really scared to go to sleep” (taken from this prompt list

notes: uhhhh so like i ship stucky (that’s not in here) so like i feel weird writing romantic!bucky x reader (or OC or sum like that) so usually the shit i write for bucky is like, brother/sister father/daughter style. platonic. y'know? great.


i have constant nightmares and i’ve always had someone to cuddle with. now, i realize we’re not on that level but you’re only one here and i’m really scared to go to sleep.

bucky barnes was most definitely not the cuddling type. 

 you knew that. he knew that. everyone knew that. which is why you knew you were totally screwed when you had yet another nightmare- except this time, the only people in the tower aside from yourself were FRIDAY and…. well. bucky. 

it’s not that you didn’t like bucky, because you did. if course you did. he had been nothing but nice to you, treating you as the little sister he didn’t have growing up. but no matter how comfortable you were with him, you’d never gone to him for a cuddle after a nightmare. that was usually a job made for nat, but as previously stated; she was absent.

feeling unsafe in your own bed, you took a deep breath and padded out of your room, clinging your pillow to your chest as you moved soundlessly down the hall to bucky’s room, where the door was cracked open to reveal a stream of light spilling into the hallway. as expected, he was awake. you shuffled in your plaid pyjama pants, hesitating before knocking on his door lightly. you squeezed your pillow as you waited for the cue to come in. 

“come in." 

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But the second male, the more classically beautiful of the two … Even the light shied from the elegant planes of his face. With good reason. Beautiful, but near-unreadable. He’d be the one to look out for — the knife in the dark.


Every time I come back to this AU, I get reminded of how pure these two are??

I adjusted Mika’s appearance slightly by adding more scales/fins on his body!! Yuu loves wearing his khaki shorts and fave matcha-green hoodie :-)

when mark starts rapping: 

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when marks rap from 7th sense comes on:

when its mark’s rap in general: 

when haechan makes a really good acrostic poem: 

when ur shit 7th sense comes on: 

when someone turns up any nct song in general tbh: 


I HAVEN’T BEEN ON TUMBLR IN FOREVER SO TAKE THIS AS MY APOLOGY- So yeah i made a ton of klangst :’) So here’s the gist: Keith’s fear is to be rejected by someone he truly loves (cough Lance cough). And so he had a nightmare where Lance had gotten a concussion and suffered from amnesia, which is what I’m calling this little thing lol (DISCLAIMER: I hand’t realized until after I had already sketched that the end dialogue is kinda from Dirty Laundry, and I’d like to note that that’s not what happened, I had just thought ‘oh hey this is really angsty I’ll put that in there until i realized ‘oh shit that already exists’ so yeah, sorry about that ;v; DO NOT STEAL/COPY/TRACE ANYOF MY ART: PLEASE GIVE CREDIT IF REPOSTED



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