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Ok, so I know it's kinda really early but...I had kept this pent up all day yesturday. UF/US/SF skelebros who have a short and chubby S/O who is always smiling. Always cheery and kind to others. One day the S/O comes home crying. They had been bullied all day because of thier hieght and weight and just couldnt keep a fake smile on anymore. Sorry, I know it's early, and that this ask isnt very happy. You dont have to do it if you dont want to, but thank-you either way. ILY, Bye. ~Elle

[ Oh my gosh you cruel person
xD No, just kidding – this is a good level of angst because it involves cheering up and I love cheering up! ^ ^ Anyways, hope you like it :) 
Sorry it took so long! ] 

UF! Sans: Out of all skeletons, this guy is the most surprised at first about your cheerful self because he needs to keep reminding himself it’s normal here – people being kind to others and such. People say it should’ve been normal where he came from, but it wasn’t. Not to him, at least. If you didn’t hurt others, you were one that got hurt. At least, in public, anyways. But because of this, he didn’t really think much about what was behind the smile nor how others treated you; of course if someone directly bullied you in front of him he would probably not hesitate to threaten them at the very list, but outside of his sight? He never really noticed very much. If you’re smiling, you must be happy, right? Well, maybe not, but Red doesn’t much assumptions very often. He knows that smiling means you should be happy, so he wouldn’t understand why you would do so when you’re not happy. Once you come home crying, he’s honestly a little surprised, but his anger quickly takes over as he glares forward, taking hold of your wrist gently. “Why are you crying? Who did this to you?” His voice is stern, but you can tell from his eyes he’s pissed. If he could, he’d beat the crap out of the person who did it right then and there, but he manages to calm himself down for your sake, so he can help you. Of course he still hates whoever made you cry with a passion, especially once he finds out why, but in the end he’s honestly not in the mood to deal with someone who’s a complete waste of time he could be spending with you.

UF! Paps: He’s cherished your kindness. More than ever. Just like his brother, he doesn’t get how you can do something just for other, but he’s grateful for it. He wonders if you’re really feeling the way you look, but the fact that you put on a smile, every day for others is incredible to him. Especially since he would never be able to muster up the amount of kindness he gives you to strangers he’s never seen before. Admittedly he’s tried, mostly when you haven’t been around, but he only has so much patience for people and doesn’t want to accidentally up snapping at them. Of course, when you come home crying, he immediately sits you down and asks you what’s wrong… and then he’s angry. More so because he can’t believe that there are people cruel enough out there to treat someone so hard working and kind this way… of course, he’s not going to be happy at you for keeping it all hidden, but now that he knows, he’s going to make sure you’re feeling loved and happy every day that he can. The people who hurt you? They can go f*ck themselves. He’s not interested in anyone else but you.

US! Sans: So this little ball of energy is pretty similar, and although he notices that you’re very helpful and kind to others (and loves it too), kindness has never been a rarity in his world. He’s really just glad to see you happy. So when you come home crying, his expressions admittedly changes to worry and sadness as he rushes up to you, grasping your arms gently. “Human? Are you alright?” he asks, his voice soft for once even as it rings with concern. Once he knows what’s up, he feels his soul sink with sadness. Was this happening the entire time? He feels terrible, that’s for sure. Regardless of whether you try to assure him that it was your fault, he still feels terrible. Expect loads of warm hugs and cocoa that evening. Plus a small speech on not hiding your feelings from him anymore because he wants to make sure you’re feeling as happy as you can whenever possible.

US! Paps: He knew something was up. From the beginning, mostly. There was always something he would notice – an off smile, a shaking hand, eyes lowered slightly down. He noticed. And yet, he kept it to himself, on the slight chance maybe it wasn’t true, and that by speaking up he would ruin your mood. He’s asked if you’re okay, and all he’s gotten is a “great!”, so it’s hard to say anything. Even if he’s sure something’s up. So he’s not that surprised when you stumble home with tears in your eyes, though he’s obviously not happy. But he doesn’t ask. He makes his way over, shutting the door behind you gently and kneeling down to give you a hug. “Come on, it’s okay. Deep breaths.” He doesn’t know exactly what happened, but for now, all he cares is calming you down first until you can say. Though he’s not letting you out of this one, not now. But even once you say, he’s not willing to let you go in the slightest.

SF! Sans: You make him smile. More than he has ever. Just seeing you bubbly and happy and cheerful makes him wish he was the same, almost. But he can’t help but just smile every time he sees it. He knows this world is full of kindness, but yours is different. Aside from the fact that it’s his kindness, and he loves nothing more than to see it. So to hear that some f*ckers came and took it away from him is enough to issue a frown. He strolls back and forth, trying to keep himself calm enough so he doesn’t stroll out the door and kill a random person on the street, before turning to you as you continue to cry. What is he doing? He hates himself for not thinking of trying to comfort you first, and then heads forward and gives you a gentle hug, not caring whose around even if they’re inside. He’s still angry, but he knows killing whoever even thinks about it would only make worse problems. No, he just wants to be there for you. He’s pretty sure you said at some point getting arrested wouldn’t help very much.

SF! Paps: Just like the others, he’s adored your kindness to bits. He loves seeing you happy and smiling and just overall looking adorable that you make him hard to not hug and kiss you in public if you’d allow it. Your kindness easily filled up the remaining hole in his heart, and now he’s even trying to spread some of his to others like you do, and help them out when they need it, but none could do it as amazing as you. And yet, at the same time, none could hide the sadness as well as you, either. Because he doesn’t notice. So his first reaction to you coming home crying is confusion, even if he doesn’t waste a second in holding you close and rubbing a hand down your back. Once he knows what’s up, he just feels terrible. Terrible that he couldn’t pick up on it or be there for you when it happened. He continues to hold you close, pleading that next time you let him know what’s up so he can help you. Because for you, he’d do anything.

it’s been a year and 7 days since you asked me to be your girlfriend. It’s crazy how things are completely different. Now we’re living in different continents, there’s 8 hours time difference between us, we’ve broke up, we don’t say I love you anymore, fuck we don’t even talk about our feelings. I haven’t seen you since November when I visited you. Sure, we talk every week, and skype the odd time, but it’s honestly doesn’t make me miss you any less. I miss having someone care about me the way you did, I miss your hugs, I miss your stupidity, I miss how you hated short little kisses, I miss how you were obsessed with the gym, even though I hated it. I keep thinking back to November when I last saw you, and how we tried acting like friends but then we were left alone together smoking on the roof, and we were sitting against a wall on the floor next to each other, and I kept trying to avoid eye contact because I knew I’d start crying if I had to look at you and realize you weren’t mine anymore, but I really couldn’t help myself and then we both looked at each other and it was as if time had went back to 7 months ago, and you kissed me and said you were so happy you felt like you were high, and how you remembered my favourite drink and went to coffee bean early just to get it even though we were meeting in Starbucks, and how you promised me you’d visit Ireland this summer just to see me. The most memorable part about November was when I was saying goodbye to a friend and she said I love you Amy, and you shouted I love her more, you were drunk so you probably don’t remember. I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but after all this time, despite the distance, I’m still completely in love with you.