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Designs of the trio for the Camp Camp Crime AU, my hands are shaky– Sorry!
Max - he’s a paperboy but he’s a nasty pickpocket and would prolly break into your house to steal your stuff.
Nikki - i actually had two ideas for her background but i decided on the idea that she’s in a wealthy family and is the heir but she doesn’t want to take over their wealth. She often sneaks out and hang out with street rats like Max and joins him in being a thief.
Neil - he’s his father’s assistant and helps him out in the lab making some… “good stuff”. 


the signs as alternate selves
  • Aries: unfortunate slave to an evil overlord, occasionally forgets how to breathe
  • Taurus: gets wings somehow, everyone thinks it's pretty rad
  • Gemini: the world's most powerful and longlived psychic
  • Cancer: leads a rebellion against Betty Crocker, then dies
  • Leo: finds true love and confuses archaeologists everywhere with confusing cave art
  • Virgo: majors in how to raise children while on the run from imperial forces, dies tragically
  • Libra: underestimates their rival and gets hanged in the most anime shit ever, also has a dragon
  • Scorpio: hates dragons, hangs people, sails the high seas, inspires ruthless young pirates for decades to come
  • Sagittarius: cries because of this one time he almost killed his best friend, hides in a cave for the rest of his life
  • Capricorn: joins a cult, also they're really tall. like, just, really fucking tall, it's 90% of their personality
  • Aquarius: sad man cries because no one wants to kiss him. doesn't realise it's because he's a desperate and unpleasant person
  • Pisces: Betty Crocker runs an empire

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I'm sorry I'm so so sorry bc this is too late and I'm just joining the fandom and haven't watch the stage play yet 😥 mm.. If u mind, would u tell me where can I find it? Any site for it? I can't find it anywhere V_V Thank you n sorry to bother u

I had to dig around a bit bc one of the original links weren’t working anymore :( as u can see I included a variety of links for the rerun so u can try each one and see which one works!!

also I’m on mobile rn and I can’t be assed to do the thing were u put links with words n stuff :,)

you can find the English subbed of the FIRST RUN (with keita as daichi) here; http://noverrysb.blogspot.com/2016/03/haikyuu-hypro-engeki-2015.html

a raw of the RERUN (kentarou as daichi) without subs on YouTube can be found here; https://youtu.be/WZg7DDUXopgl

English subbed versions of the RERUN;



raw of REVIVAL (nekoma vs karasuno practice match) can be found here; http://silvery-flame.livejournal.com/1957.html

psa they are links to POSTS about downloading the stage play, not the actual stage play download link, as per uploaders’ requests

PLEASE don’t apologize anon!! It was no bother at all really, I was in the same place as you before!!


5/365 Days of Jung Daehyun   : I like his mouth a lot 

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Hi! Can we get the RFA trying to comfort an MC who feels inadequate joining the RFA because everyone's so accomplished in there (either rich, a genius, or talented tbh) and she was just kind of thrown in because of Unknown? I'm sorry if that's oddly specific, but I just had that thought earlier and I love your scenarios/imagines. Thanks~!!!

i’m such a huge piece of shit for taking this long. i have over 60 requests. i suck ass. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m sorry but like i have other stuff i need to do and inspiration just doesn’t come and it would turn out really shitty otherwise. oH, and thank you so much! and also, it was kind of easy to write this since i can kind of relate. i’ve been feeling like that lately.

Two days ago, the entire RFA attended an interview since the association started getting more and more attention with each passing day. Your actions not going unnoticed by the world, so it was only natural for the world to want to know more about all of you.

You were ecstatic about the interview.

They started with Jumin, CEO of C&R International, who was followed by Zen, renowned and incredibly talented actor, then Jaehee, (was/is) head assistant at C&R International and an incredibly hard working woman. After her, they started interviewing Yoosung, who was now an incredible student at one of the most prestigious universities in Korea and who had an extremely bright future. 

Seven decided not to take part in the interview for security reasons, but he was a genius and the brains behind the app and security of the organization. But everyone knew he was essential to the RFA. 

Finally, it was your turn to be interviewed. You had the possible answers for the interview well-rehearsed thanks to Zen. Everyone had done an amazing job which only made you strive for perfection.

How did you join the RFA?”

“What do you do for the organization?”

“Is it true that you took the last Coordinator’s place?”

“Do you think you’re living up to the last Coordinator’s prestigious reputation?”

You noticed that the questions started getting harsher and harsher, and it wasn’t until some technical difficulties with the lights and sound, that the interview came to an end.

You were sure Seven had something to do with it. 

Your friends and lover weren’t dumb, they noticed the anxiety that soon started suffocating you thanks to your body language. Zen was the first one to notice, so when the interviewer asked if they could continue the interview elsewhere, he intervened and told her in his ever-charming way that they were unable to stay any longer. 

It didn’t surprise you when the interviewer and the producers decided to call it a day.

You were finally home. Everyone was gone because they all had work to do and you conveniently had a day off.

Sitting on the couch, you started going over the interview and it suddenly hit you.

You weren’t worthy of being in the RFA.

There was a sudden tightness around your throat as the fact that the only reason you joined was because you had to. That the only reason you were part of this amazing organization was because you had been dumb enough to listen to a stranger and go deliver a phone that wasn’t even yours. The only thing you did was put yourself and the entire organization at risk.

You were not special.

You were nothing.

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behold. The valentine cards no one asked for. featuring..

Palette who belongs to @angexci

underswap sans who belong to @/popcornpr1nce​  if I’m not mistaken??

Paperjam who belongs to @7goodangel

Goth who belongs to @nekophy

and Killer! sans who belongs to @rahafwabas!

also my tiny persona joined in as well–

S p i c i e r  version under this thing!

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I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.


Tom Hiddleston and Susannah Fielding at TIFF 2011

it's a moment that was meant for me and you

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Word Count: 1,806

This isn’t a usual ship, but I hope you enjoy it anyways.

If asked, Richie and Stan would say their first kisses were with Beverly Marsh. The truth is, their first kiss happened a good six months prior to joining the rest of The Losers.

The boys had met the Losers Club, however briefly, at school, but up until they joined the other five, it was just the two of them, together so much that their parents said their names like it was one word; StanandRichie, RichieandStan. Inseparable, just like them. Donald and Andrea Uris didn’t necessarily approve of Richie Tozier’ s lifestyle, neglected and foulmouthed, but he was their son’s best friend and as far as they could tell, Stan wasn’t picking up any of Richie’s bad habits. In fact, they were hoping Stan would impart some of his rule-following wisdom onto Richie; Maggie and Wentworth Tozier were also grateful for Richie’s friend for this very reason.

No, if asked, the boys would die before admitting to the kiss; but they both remembered every single detail.

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Hey I was wondering if you can do a prompt where Jughead left Betty for the serpents so Betty soon joins them but she acts like he doesn't exist because she is to heartbroken over the terrible break up. And the other serpents fall head over heels for her (that was long I'm sorry :( )

That’s awesome! I’ll do a quick one shot before I knock out!

The bags under his eyes were heavy and he Tasted blood in his mouth, tearing his teeth from inside his cheek, he shifted in his leather jacket and stared blankly at the pages of his book. It had been about a month since he had joined the Serpents, a month since he had broken things off with Betty, he could still remember that day so vividly.

“I don’t want to be with you? Don’t you get it?! Stay out of my life. I don’t have time for some spoiled princess to worry about me. Figure your own life out. Jesus Christ Betty, atleast try and get a life.” He had shouted, swallowing the sick that was threatening to rise in his throat, he hadn’t meant any of the things he said but he had no choice, he knew Betty and he knew she wouldn’t give up, not unless he crossed the line, not unless he broke her heart. It was too dangerous for her to be a part of this lifestyle and he had to do what he had to do. The image of her tear stained face and bloody palms still imprinted in his brain.

“Yo jones, you gonna get over here and welcome the new member? it was you not so long ago.” An older man smiled at him, smacking an arm to his shoulder and dragging him towards the pool table, the new members back was to Jughead but he could tell she was girl, the long blonde curls hanging down the familiar leather jacket were a dead give away. His heart nearly gave out when she turned around, bright green eyes and a heartbreakingly beautiful smile.

It was Betty Cooper. Betty Cooper was standing before about 40 men and women carrying guns and wearing leather jackets. Had he stepped into the twilight zone? Betty’s eyes caught his and they turned cold, she quickly turned her face back to the newest leader Viper and smiled up at him.

“This little lady is none other than Alice Coopers daughter. You may remember her as being one of the most badass Serpents to grace the grounds, unfortunately she got caught up in trying to live the upper class riverdale lifestyle. Fortunately for us though, our very own Mini Cooper has decided she’s sick of living that boring, stuck up lie. I want everyone to treat her with the utmost respect, after all she is a Serpent now.” He squeezed her shoulder as the bar erupted in cheers.

Jughead couldn’t get her alone, it seemed everyone was head over heels in love with Betty. She lit up the dirty old bar and her laughter was contagious leaving anyone she spoke to in good spirits. He finally got his chance at the end of the night when he caught her waving to an older woman as she headed outside.

“Betty!” He called after her, watching as her shoulders tightened but she continued walking, she was fast but he was faster, he gripped her arm gently, swinging her towards him.

“What do you want Jughead?” She asked stoically.

“What are you doing here Betty, what were they talking about in there? This isn’t your home, you have to..” he was cut off by her sharp words

“You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me, maybe you don’t remember but you broke up with me, you left me standing alone in a booth at Pops Diner. I can make my own choices and I’m choosing this. We don’t even have to interact. I’ll go my way, you go yours. And hey.. stay out of my life” she hissed angrily, tearing her arm from Jugheads grasp, herblong legs practically running to a trailer as he stared after her in shock.

Oh Betty, what happened?

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Hi there! May I request an imagine about Saeran in college while also meeting MC there? I'm really curious to see what you think he'd major in, or what clubs he would join, and how he would get to know MC :)

Hellooo~ Boy, do I love Saeran!! <3 Let’s see what I come up with… I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted? >_<


Saeran Choi secretly looked forward to college. He could finally live away from his annoying brother, after all.

He had a major in Pre-Medicine. There had been one year in his life where he caught a severe virus, and had to live in the hospital. It wasn’t a bad experience, truthfully. Saeran really enjoyed learning about the different fluids and pills he had to take, always asking his nurses to explain what effect they would have on him, as well as how it processed in his body. When he had to choose what to major in, he had been unsure, but when his eye caught “Pre-Med,” he knew he wanted to work in the medical field.

Alternatively, I’d say maybe psychology, in order to learn about himself, rather than to become a therapist to help others. Still, something medical.

Can’t you just imagine Doctor Saeran Choi, with his sleek glasses, hands in his white lab coat, casting you a sideways glance out of concern as he jotted down your symptoms? “Hmm, do you have a fever…?” he would ask in his gentle, almost timid voice.

Although he knew that he should concentrate on his studies, he had been recruited on the second string for the soccer club, and he found himself enjoying it much more than he expected. When he played, he found himself smiling more than he’d ever smiled in his entire life. Interacting with the other members, protecting each other, teasing each other… it was the first time he made friends all by himself. The first time that people really liked and befriended him for who he was, and didn’t overlap him with his brother.

You would be the one who recruited him to the Astronomy Club. “The stars…. They’re always out there, shining brightly even when the clouds shadow their light. I want to learn the names of all those courageous stars, and all their friends too,” you had said. You truly, wholeheartedly admired the stars, and couldn’t help but ramble about it when recruiting members.

Saeran had immediately felt a connection with you. Though he would never voice his opinion, he also admired the stars for the same reason. His childhood wasn’t exactly pleasant, but he related to the stars. Every obstacle in his life was merely a dark, passing cloud. But he would be like a star, persevering to be recognized for his strength in the vast darkness.

He only went to the club for you. To see you. To watch you smile around your friends. To get closer to you. He’d walk you to your bus stop even though it was completely inconvenient for him, and make excuses after the club to make you stay even a little bit longer with him. “MC, can you explain that to me again…? I couldn’t really understand, sorry…” he’d ask, blushing.

He’d also make the first move. “Hey… this coming Thursday, there’s a meteor shower late at night… I know you have class on Friday afternoon, but… would you still like to watch it with me?”

You grinned. “Dr. Choi~ If I get sick from staying up so late with you, will you take care of me?”

It had only been a joke, but the look in his eyes was so serious and determined, you ended up being the one to blush instead of him.

He chuckled, looking at you with shy adoration in his eyes, “…Is that a yes?”

I just rewatched the episode, and the scene that just slayed me, was when Aaron told Paddy he was happy.

Aaron didn’t think he could be happy, and probably never felt that magnetic, all-encompassing love that he feels with Robert. Imagine Aaron having these moments, where he just realises that he is happy, moments where it hits him that all the things he thought he could never have are now his reality 

Waking up next to Robert, limbs entangled, smelling of sex and Robert, breathing it in and just laying his head on Robert’s chest and feeling at home.

Coming down to see Robert and Liv having breakfast, his toast ready and the kettle newly boiled for his cup of tea, and knowing he has a family.

Robert giving him a kiss on the cheek as he leaves to go to work and Aaron just smiling like an idiot because Robert Sugden chose him.

Meeting Robert for lunch at the Woolpack, and chatting about anything and everything, and their fingers touch under the table and Aaron just feels good and right and like this is something he could do for the rest of his life. 

Robert getting home late from a meeting, and Aaron has saved him some food, Robert circling his waist with his arms, because they are alone and he’s a soft git, and thanking Aaron before he has dinner, and Aaron not only knowing that he is happy, but that he makes someone else happy.

Lying in bed and listening to Robert brush his teeth, playing with the ring on his finger, waiting for Robert to join him, and feeling completely safe in the knowledge that he will always have Robert to come home to.

Feeling the reverence with which Robert presses kisses to his jaw as they have sex, moaning and touching in all the right places, until they are both undone and Aaron’s mind is completely free of worry, completely blissed out as he pulls Robert to him and lays his arms around him, and he just knows that this is the way he always wants to spend his evenings.