i had to include the last one just because of the height difference and his face

A-Z NSFW: Johnny

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A = Aftercare  
I think Johnny is a guy that’s pretty reluctant to leave your side or anything after you’ve rolled around the sheets, so like Taeyong, unless it was some intense sex that needs aftercare, he’s the guy that just finds his shirt on the floor to wipe you both down before cuddling up with you again.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Hands down Johnny’s favorite thing on him is…his hands lol. They’re fricking huge, he relishes in knowing he’s just as capable to make you completely come undone by his fingers as he can when you’re wrapped around his cock, makes play outside of the bedroom funner, knowing when his fingers and playing around in your panties, he can wreck you just as much as in the bedroom. Funny enough, his favorite body part of yours, is also your hands. He loves holding hands, pinning them to the bed as he pounds into you, something about feeling and see the stark difference in size between you and him really gets him going.

C = Cum
Nana says he’s a freaky boy, and Nana knows best y’all. He’s very unpredictable in the bedroom, until the moment strikes, hell he doesn’t even know where he wants to finish. It’s like throwing a dart on a board full of body parts, every time it’s different, face, chest, legs, ass, in you, you name it, the list is endless.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
He guards this with his life, his heart almost ejects from his chest if one of the boys goes near his bags, with fear that someone would find it, but tbh it’s his dumb fault for taking it. Every couple ever, when the boy goes away, obvi you steal his hoodie or something that smells like him you can wear to feel close to him. Johnny? His dumb ass stole your panties for while he was away on tour. No idea why, it was a joke about jerking off with your panties but it was never a serious thing, and he’s too much of a chicken to even do it now he’s actually taken them, god forbid the boys found him with his dick in his hand, let alone with your panties too.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
The little bitch knows what a daddy kink is, his ass knows how to put his dick somewhere. I don’t look into their past with girlfriends or anything so I have no idea, but that boy knows…he knows…he knows too much tbhquit tellin exo

F = Favorite position
More often than not, sex with Johnny is morning sex, some fun with his love and it helps him wake up and be ready for his daily schedule. He’s a cuddler, morning wood exists, 9/10 sex is spooning morning sex. Plus I think he’s highly intimate, he likes holding you, so best of both worlds yo.

G = Goofy(Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Listen…we know he’s a mess. That boy is a meme on legs, I can just see him being the dummy that’s in the middle of stripping you and remembering a joke Jaehyun told him and having to pause and tell you before he forgets again, laughs his ass off telling you, then immediately returns to ripping your clothes off. He’s a meme…we know this.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
We’ve caught a lot of tummy flashes from Johnny, and his tummy is pretty clean, no trail or anything, so I think he keeps it pretty bare, or at the very least trims it really well.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Johnny’s love is more goofy. You two makes jokes about it all the time, the first time you slept together, he had gone all out like some pre-proposal sex in a movie. Candles, lighting, music, the whole shabang. It was the sweetest thing ever but it was so drastically different from your relationship that it was laughable. His level of romance is whispering over and over how perfect you are and how much he loves you.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

Of course he’d much rather have you do something to him, there’s always those moments away on schedule when he’s got to handle…business himself. Johnny’s pretty loud…he’s definitely one that just sneaks off to a locked bathroom, that doesn’t do anything to hide him grunting on the other side of the door at all, and just handle the issue and impatiently wait for when he can get his hands on you.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Having his hair pulled, or just played with in general. Who doesn’t want to touch his hair, that’s like ever nct fan’s goal, touch the soft johnjohn hair. But he genuinely gets off on it, he loves feeling your fingers running through his hair, gripping the locks while he’s pounding you into the bed, pulling on his hair, he’s a goner.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
I don’t think Johnny is very adventurous if there’s the slightest chance someone will walk on on you two while you’re bump n grindin, I don’t see him doing anything outside the bedroom unless he’s absolutely positive that no one will come in, like the boys being in another country kind of sure. But when he’s sure…he loves the kitchen, mainly because of the counter.  Standing sex is a pain, because of the height differences, but he loves how he can prop you up on the counter and take you every way in the book and be on the same level.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
It’s so weird and it isn’t his fault, you’ve conditioned him like this. It started as an unspoken sign that you wanted the d, when you were in public or around the boys, the little ‘hey i wanna fuck mate’ sign was you running your fingers through his hair, and tugging on it lightly. Simple, looks like a regular, affectionate touch between lovers. But now that he knows what that means, if you so much as brush his hair from his face, he pops a boner.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
We all make the jokes about the ooh daddy, and being the comfortable couple you two are, and sex is always full of giggles and fun, you had jokingly mimicked the iconic moment while he had you bouncing on his lap, and everything was put on pause. He just looked at you, said, ‘no’, and kept going like it never happened. Not his forte y’all, think again.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Like his thing with his hands, he thrives off knowing he can wreck you with anything including his tongue, his teasing of choice is going down on you, he loves feeling your thighs wrapped around his head, you clutching at his hair, using his large hands to hold your hips down from bucking against him, he loves the complete power he has over your pleasure. On the flip side, Johnny isn’t one to oppose a bj, but he’s extremely picky of how and where he gets them. He leans more to 69ing, he likes your pleasure being on the same level with his, if he’s getting a bj, he’s determined give you the same.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
He’s not fast, he’s not slow, or rough, he’s…hard. Unless you say to go faster or something, generally his thrusts are just an average speed but very firm and precise.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He’s not a fan of quickies, he likes being able to lay around and spend hours going from just cuddling to light kissing to making out to touching and then finally sex. He’s very thorough with his love making, he doesn’t like leaving without knowing you’re both completely satisfied, so quickies aren’t something he likes to do. It he can’t just skip out on whatever is happening to take you back home, he just puts the thought into the spank bank for later.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
Johnny’s a fun guy, we all know this. If you propose something, unless he has a firm opinion on it, he’s down to try it at least once before he makes a decision on it. In general, he’s down for anything if you both agree on it, he’s here for the wild ride.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Like I said, his sessions last for hours, so by the time it’s done, he can just restart the list and go back to cuddling, to kissing, to touching, etc, all over again. If you’ve got the time, and you’re both here for it, he can keep the circle repeating as many times as you want before you’re just a puddle of limbs that desperately need a shower and a nap.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
When the idea was presented, he had smirked and just said, ‘I’m your toy’. He’s secretly bought handcuffs that you two use every so often. He doesn’t go far into it, but you two have a small box filled with a few toys. Handcuffs, a few vibrators, and Johnny’s stupidest but favorite buy; glow in the dark condoms.”but why” “my dick looks like a lightsaber, let me live”

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Sex with Johnny is very entertaining, half of sex with Johnny is teasing and giggling and just over all fun. He’s just the right amount of tease, enough to be fun but he’s not going to hold out on you that much.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Johnny is a soundtrack of his own, he’s not silent by far, he’s a full blown moaner, groaner, grunter, the whole nine yards. He’s very vocal, he enjoys letting you know how much he’s enjoying and how good he feels, just like he enjoys hearing you be just as loud.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
He made you promise never to speak of it again. Goofing off while you were getting dressed, Johnny did that stupid thing where you wrap up a towel and snap it at someone, and of course you retaliated, catching him right on the ass and……..“did you….did that…you just got a boner from being spanked lmao” “shut the fuck up Y/N this never happened, do you hear me? never”

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Nana says there is no way a boy of his build/height isn’t packing. In her own words, “thighs like that are built to home a good schlong”yes i hate her 2

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
I genuinely think Johnny has a pretty high sex drive, like he just carried the intense teenage boy hormones over into adulthood, if he doesn’t get some within like two days, he’s getting irritable and just itching to touch you again.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
As long as the sex took place at a time he can fall asleep, he’s up a moving just fine. I don’t think he gets worn out that easily when it comes to sex, he definitely is able to, and most often does, get up and get clean, maybe get something o eat on before sleep. It takes him a while to come down from the high and chill out again. Plus I just think Johnny is hella the dude that ends up talking about aliens for 3 hours before you have to literally tell him to shut the fuck up and go to sleep.

Riverdale’s Romeo & Juliet Part II - Sweet Pea x Reader

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A/N: WHOAAAA! Was not expecting such a response to my last post. Thank you so much for all of the love! <3 I am flooded with requests, followers (I’m gonna follow back!), and just so much positivity. If you guys want to be included in the tag list, let me know! I, unfortunately, won’t be writing/taking other requests because senior year of high school sucks (:P) and I want to focus on writing this first before I venture to other topics. 

I hope I don’t disappoint with part two. You guys are amazing. Sorry that it’s shorter (I’ll make part 3 longer). Based on my schedule I most likely will be doing weekly posts/updates.

Thanks once again, sorry for the long A/N hehe.

Part I

Word Count: 888

Warnings: None



“What’s a Northsider doing here? Did your fancy little GPS in daddy’s favorite car get you lost?”

You could feel your heart beating as fast as a hummingbird’s wings as he stares you down. You’re a person with average height, but his towering build easily makes you feel like a dwarf. As your eyes quickly flit to his crossed leather-clad arms, you notice the numerous rings adorning his fingers and can’t help but think how much your face would hurt if he punched you right now.

Then you see it, as he cocks his head slightly to the right. The mark on the left side of his neck is undeniably distinguishable, resulting in your eyes widening in shock.

Crap, of course, your mind registers as you process the infamous tattoo. They’re Serpents!

However, your heart isn’t racing because you’re scared, although you do admit that you’re slightly frightened. You haven’t feel this alert in days, a sudden jolt of electricity coursing through your body and causing the hairs on the back of your neck to stand. During these past weeks of experiencing Riverdale everyone you’ve met seems dead…lifeless…

Except him.

“Cat got your tongue, Northsider?” His lips tug into a lopsided smirk, totally aware that the amount of time you’ve spent staring at him far exceeds the normal limit.

You fold your arms defensively and roll your eyes, attempting to dispel his smug tone while also trying to ignore the shivers you got when he smirked at you. “I’m here to talk to Jughead, not you.”

He raises an eyebrow again, slightly surprised that you actually responded. “Well, he’s not in the mood, Northsider.” He turns to a silent Jughead, whose lips are set in a hard straight line as he intently watches the scene in front of him. “Right, Jones? I’m curious though…how many girlfriends did you leave behind?”

The tall boy’s eyes meet yours again as he quickly glances at you from tip to toe, a devilish, challenging glint to them as they await your next reaction. “She’s definitely different from your other chick.”

“Sweet Pea, leave the girl alone,” interjects the pink-haired girl, exasperation evident in her face and voice.

But you certainly won’t let him off that easily. His last words make your blood boil, and you feel the need to accept his challenge. In fact, you welcome it. “Sweet Pea, huh? Is this your ‘sweet’ way of treating other girls? Wouldn’t be surprised that you’re just some lonely, jealous perv.”

You didn’t think it was possible but suddenly the boy closes the small gap between the two of you, to the point where you lose your footing while stepping back and almost fall down. His face flashes with annoyance, and you wonder just how in the hell such a short-tempered person got paired with an innocent nickname.

“Jesus, you’re all the same! Privileged snobs who think you’re all better than––”

“SP, stop!” yell Jughead and the other girl, using brute force to push him back.

You step further away, suddenly aware of the fact that everyone else has stopped their activities to see the scene unravel before them. How does nobody hear your heart beating out of your chest? Because you certainly do.

“You’re insane!” you exclaim at the trio in front of you, your finger pointing exactly at the raven-haired boy.

“Well, the feeling’s mutual,” Sweet Pea retorts back, bangs covering his pissed-off face as his fists clench so tightly. He’s never punched a girl before but you sure were asking for it, and boy, was it tempting.

“Y/n, leave. Now.”

You blink at Jughead’s order, taken aback at his words. His response was quite the opposite of how he had treated you before; when you, Archie, and him were younger and someone had broken something or taken another person’s toy, he always defended you, even if you were the culprit or in the wrong.

And at this moment, you are so in the wrong.

If it were any other time you would be feeling embarrassed, but it’s rather the opposite. Your body is a confused mess of anger, curiosity, and excitement. This Sweet Pea has your interest piqued, even if he’s currently annoying you. The electricity that coursed through you earlier is still present, if not amplified.

You’d never act like this, even if provoked. You don’t know if it’s because of the place you’re in, or him, but you definitely aren’t yourself.

What is wrong with me?

With that question nagging your brain, you and Jug exchange one last look before you curtly nod and turn away, beginning the walk back to your car.

“Yeah, go back home Northsider! Better not see you again!” Although you had only met him less than ten minutes ago, that voice unmistakably belongs to Sweet Pea.

Yet you can’t help but laugh at it. Because it no longer sounds angry––rather, it sounds as if he’s challenging you once again. Like he knows this won’t be the last time he sees you.

As you begin to enter the parking lot you raise your hand high enough in the air and proudly flip him off.

Because you know you’re bound to cross paths again. And, if you’re being honest with yourself, you’re excited for the moment that you do.

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part 4:

“What do you mean he has to grow up again?” Pidge asked.

There had been a long drawn out few minuets of silence, the tension so thick that it could be cut with a knife.

Coran didn’t say anything for a really long time, he just stood there, his tears falling down unto lance’s sleeping form.

“Coran…” Allura spoke gently, placing her hand on his shoulder “tell us what’s wrong, please.”

When Coran didn’t say anything straight away they all assumed he wasn’t going to speak, then he let out a long suffering sigh. “The water was not water but rather a living creature that returns its prey to a pre birth state in order to eat it. Lance… there may of been a way to return him to his original age but… he was running out of time. It was this or he would of died.”

The news hung heavily in the air.

“D-does he know us?” Hunk finally asked taking a nervous step forwards.

Coran shook his head “no… not like he used to. I imagine he now has the mind to match his body… the Lance we knew… he’s gone.” the tears began to flow again as he hugged the sleeping infant close.

He had failed his favorite Paladin, he wasn’t good enough and now Lance is the one to pay the price.

“Can i hold him?” Hunk asked reaching out his arms with a smile. It hurt knowing that Lance was gone. That the best friend he had gotten so close to over the last few years just didn’t exist any more. But that didn’t mean he loved Lance any less and would let him grow up without anything but the best.

Coran looked hesitant for a moment before handing him over “Be sure to support his head.” he said quickly as hunk positioned Lance perfectly in his arms with a kind of practised ease that told everyone Hunk knew what he was doing.

“He’s so tiny.” Hunk smiled as Pidge poked one of his little feet that was sticking out from his shirt.

“And cute.” Keith cooed holding the tiny hand. Everyone looked at him like he had suddenly grown a second head. “What just because im emo doesnt mean i can’t like cute things.” he pouted crossing his arms.

“We didn’t say anything.” Shiro did nothing to hide his look of amusement at how Keith blushed and looked away yet still kept hold of that hand that some how managed to get a grip round his thumb.

“I will set a course for earth.” Allura said suddenly.

“NO!” Hunk yelled startling everyone including Lance with his sheer volume.

Lance’s eyes opened looking around for a moment before his face scrunched up and he started wailing at the top of his lungs.

The trained and very capable team Voltron all jumped back like he was a grenade rather than a crying infant. All but Hunk who repositioned him, so that Lance was resting against his chest and being bounced by one large hand supporting his behind.

“Shh it’s ok Buddy, it’s ok, you’re ok.” Hunk whispered pacing the room.

“Look Hunk” Shiro started once Lance seemed to calm down a bit. “I know the thought of leaving Lance with his family is upsetting but it really is the best thing for him. We could always say he’s Lance’s son and leave him with his parents?”

Hunk shook his head holding Lance protectively. “I can’t let you do that Shiro, Lance… he never told me but i could tell from how he acted before we went home for the holidays. From how many bruises and little burns he had when he came back. From how many times he would flinch at a loud noise or someone trying to give him a high five.” Hunk was whispering not wanting Lance to start crying again now that he was mostly calm and happily bouncing up and down looking around the room.

“A-are you saying Lance was abused?” Pidge asked feeling sick at there mere thought of her friend going through something like that without her noticing. Then again she had always wondered why Lance was so good with first aid.. She really wished she didn’t have an answer now.

“Well just because we can’t take him back to his family doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take him back to earth. Maybe a foster homes an option?” Shiro was trying really hard to be realistic. It pained him just thinking about leaving Lance and maybe never seeing him again. But this was war. He would be safest on Earth around humans.

“As the only person here that’s lived through the system i can say that’s not an option. It would break him. Besides We’re Lance’s family, he’s our teammate and our responsibility. If he has to grow up again then fine, if you don’t want to look after him then i will! But i won’t let you just dump him because you think it’s too dangerous. You know damn well none of us would ever let anything happen to him!” Keith didn’t even realise he was crying until Shiro wrapped him up into a hug.

“I’m sorry… you’re right.” Shiro mumbled glad of the height difference keeping Keith from seeing the tears in his own eyes. “Guess we have some shopping to do.”

Allura clapped her hands together, “The space mall then? And don’t even think of trying to leave me behind this time, as Princess i reserve the right to pick out some cute little outfits.”

“And while she’s doing that i’ll see about finding some earth baby stuff, i’m not sure if he can stomach food goo this young and i don’t know about you guys but i don’t want to be cleaning vomit up all night.” Hunk chuckled wincing slightly as he pulled Lance away from his hair that he had decided to try and tug out, giving him a big happy smile and a giggle as if he didn’t just try to leave him with a bald patch.

“We will also need to sort out sleeping arrangements, Coran you can see about finding a crib and perhaps some old toys that may still be around the castle? Oh and set up a nursery as well! And and and… Coran are you listening to me?” Allura asked raising an eyebrow.

Coran had remained silent staring at the floor. It hurt so much, it was like losing his son all over again, yet this time he had a constant reminder of him smiling and looking at him like he did nothing wrong at all.

He took a deep breath, Lance needed him to be a good Space uncle and by god he would be the best there ever was. It was the least he could do after all.

Coran smiled as he did a quick salute “right oh Princess. I’ll get right on that!! I do believe i saw some of your old Lion toys laying around somewhere. Ill fetch them right away.”

Coran didn’t wait around to see the others off. Instead he focused on his work.

It was one thing he could do right at least.

One thing that wouldn’t cost a young man the life he built.

Top 10 anime couples

Once again, thank you @lexinthymia for tagging me, this wa an absolute treat to do. Again, I’m limiting to one per series for fairness and there will be spoilers for some of these series. I admit some of these entries were based on what happened to them in the manga if the anime stopped at a certain point. Also, once again, I probably went into more detail then I needed to with some of these couples, but lets begin!

Honourable mentions that didn’t make the list: Touken (Tokyo Ghoul), Renruki, Ishihime, Ichihime, and Ginran (BLEACH), Victori (Yuri on Ice!!), Levihan (Shingeki no Kyojin), Royai (Fullmetal Alchmist), Tamaharu and Hikaharu (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Banlaine (Nanatsu no Taizai), Haku x Chihiro (Spirited Away), Hideki x Chii (Chobits), Ayame x Mine and Hatsuharu x Rin (Fruits Basket), Cielizzy (Kuroshitsuji), and Tetsuo x Kaori (Akira).

10. Hana x The Wolfman - Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki

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It’s one of the most short-lived romances on the list, but by God it is so heartfelt! It’s the closest thing to the first ten minutes of Up you’ll get in anime form (in terms of how it hits you emotionally). Right off the bat the film made me care about these two so much as a couple and as individuals. The Wolfman is shrouded in mystery, a lonely figure in search of meaning and belonging, and Hana is optimisitic college student, told long ago to always smile in the face of tradegy and sadness. Together they form a quick bond that is genuine, sweet, and heartfelt. The Wolfman’s death was crushing, especially since we are left to piece together the circumstances of his death, and every scene they appear in together afterwards had me sobbing.

9. Kyoru - Fruits Basket

Originally posted by heckyeahfruitsbasket

I have to include this pairing. I watched anime when I was really young, but I didn’t seriously get into it until nine years ago. The anime that threw me beyond the point of no return was Fruits Basket. I originally shipped Tohru with Yuki, but Kyo grew on me as a character and as a result so did his relationship with Tohru. The last few epiodes of the anime pretty much solidified them as one of my firt anime ships; but coupled with the events that happened in the manga and they became an unforgettable ship for me.Their relationship initally brought them joy, pain and uncertainty, but in the end, it healed them in almost everyway possible,allowing them both to move on from Kyoko’s death and find happines together.

8. Rock x Revy - Black Lagoon

Originally posted by heartcoma

I’ve only just recently got into Black Lagoon, but one of the things I love most about the show is the complex relationship between Rock and Revy. The chemistry between these two is insane! I love the banter and dialouge they share together, and they’re two sides of the same coin in a lot of ways - Revy is nihilistic and cynical, while Rock is calculating and always tries to save those in need, even in a place as chaotic and deathly as Roanapur. Their relationship is based on an ironic twist of the ‘getting a second chance at life’ trope for both of them - Revy gave Rock a second chance at life in a hell-hole of a place, and Rock made Revy realise she has another chance to be more then just a drifter in life. Also, that cigarette kiss is near iconic at this point.

7. Nishikimi - Tokyo Ghoul

Originally posted by kishou

You would not believe how hard it was to choose between Touken and Nishikimi. In the end I went with Nishikimi because I had keep this list more anime-focused (keep in mind I only saw the first season of Tokyo Ghoul and bits of the second season) and my love for Touken has stemmed mainly from later chapters in Tokyo Ghoul: re. The moment Nishiki said he would come back from the dead to kill Tsukiyama if he hurt Kimi, I knew I had a new angsty ship to worship. This couple just hit me in the feels every time they’re on-screen together or when they mention each other when they’re apart. They gave each other a reason to keep living and have shown they will go to the ends of the earth for each other (Nishiki dragging himself, starving and weakened, to Anteiku to search for Kimi, and Kimi willing to give up her flesh to feed Nishiki). Given the events of :Re, I really hope that it ends well for them, I don’t know if my heart could take it otherwise ;_;

6. EdWin - Fullmetal Alchemist

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Edward and Winry are practically made for each other, and it was only a matter of time I started shipping them when I Started watchinG Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. They follow a few of  the tropes I absolutely adore in romantic relationhips (childhood friend-to-lovers, promises to protect, and the fighter-healer dynamic). Winry was Edward’s healer both physically (she gave him an arm and a leg and repairs them for him) and emotionally, and Edward has been a constant in Winry’s life since she was very young, being their for her when he parents were killed and giving her a reason to put her skills to use. As the series went on, I came love every scene they were in together (of particular mention is when Winry almot hot Scar and their not-so-equivalent exchange moment at the end of the series). Also, the fact Ed might have tried to match her height as a child by using his cow-lick is priceless.

5. Rivetra  - Shingeki no Kyojin

Originally posted by jynn-da-meatball

Man I wish this gif was actually a scene from the anime. The couple that will never be. Shingeki no Kyojin made it clear from the start that it wouldn’t be pulling any punches when it came to characters’ mortality, but it really hit me when Petra died…and even more so when I saw Levi’s reaction. There was a lot of potential for a relationship to grow between these two; for me they had a lot of chemitry in the moments they were together. As per the trend with quite a few of the couples on this list, they were opposites in a lot of ways, but their differences complimented each other so well. Petra was mother-hen of sorts for the Survey Corp., while Levi was their steel-bound, stoic leader. However, I always felt Petra could see the other part of him many didn’t - that he actually cares about his comrades a great deal and has been through a lot of loss - and Levi always treated her lightly different from the others. It’s a darn shame we didn’t get more moments of them together or find out Levi’s true feeling towards Petra, but regardless, I still ship them for what could have been.

4. Takeo x Rinko - Ore Monogatari!!

Originally posted by psychopass

These two the very definition of ‘sweet’!! I just can’t get over how cute, fluffy, and special their relationhip is. It really helps that they are adorkable people themselves. Rinko is a kind and sweet girl with a love for baking and tall, burly men, while Takeo is biggest goofball with a heart of gold and a strong will to help others.A a result they’re a hugely likeable couple who are so sweet and funny and charming when they’re together. I loved seeing their relationship develop in both the convetional and non-conventional ways of shoujo anime. Also, their character designs just suit each other so, so well!

3. Gutsca - Berserk

Originally posted by nox-artemis

I just…oh God, these two! Their relationship is one of the reasons I loved the Berserk anime and continue to read the manga. I love how a sense of tenderness slowly grew between them, and how they healed each other in small ways when they finally got together. After the Eclipse…oh God, here come the tears again! I don’t want to spoil anything in case anyone of you are reading/watching or want to read/watch Berserk (trust it’s better if you aren’t spoiled for maximum emotional impact), but they’ve been through so much and I desperately want them to have a happy ending together (but this is Berserk, what the chance fo that actually happening? T_T).

2. Tomoya x Nagisa - Clannad & Clannad: After Story

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The heart of Clannad is it’s characters and the little adventures they get up to, but it’s through Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship that this all made possible; it is the thread that binds every event and character in the story, including the parallel world with the girl and the robot. These two are incredibly sweet and endearing together, able to bring the best out of each other, motivate each other when they’re going through strife, and change each other for the better - Tomoya came to believe in second chances and see the goodness within himself because of Nagisa, while Nagisa learned to be more assertive and gain more self-confidence because of Tomoya. They’re such a likeable and relateable couple, to the point where fangirled for their moments of joy and sobbed up rivers when sadness or tragedy struck. I love them so much and always will!

1. HitsuHina - BLEACH

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This is my only OTP. The only couple that has made me inconsolable after one particular event happened to them. The only couple I have been completely rendered speechless by when I see and think about their bond. The only couple that hold a very special place in my heart. I don’t think I will ever love a ship as much as I love HitsuHina. I have done everything for them that I have never done for any other couple in any other fandom: I have written metas about them, am constantly coming up with fanfic and fanart ideas for them, and once literally sung my praises for them from a rooftop. I can not stress enough how powerful and incredible their bond is: it has survived the worst fo trials and I can practically feel the decades of history between them by just watching them interact. The effect they have on each other is also amazing: Toshiro always endevours to become stronger for Momo’s sake and would do anything for her, and Momo’s bond with Toshiro was strong enough to make her doubt the man she dearly admired. I could sit here all day tell you why I love them so much, but if you’re intereted, I have a whole bunch or ramblings and metas on my blog that can do the job for me.

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The Shy One (Bofur x Hobbit!Reader)

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Lenght: 3938 

Requested by @weirdnewbie Hope that you’ll like it and sorry for the long time it took me! 

Request: With Bofur. Reader could be a family friend of Bilbo and she kinda tagged along with them and she’s nice but shy and Bofur is always trying to bring her out of her shell and she starts liking him but doesn’t tell him but he figures it out and boom! Fluff. Thanks. 

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You smiled as you walked down the path that lead to your friend Bilbo’s house. You were softly humming to yourself, the fresh night breeze brushing against your skin and pushing your naturally rich blond curls away from your face. You could hear the cheers and the laugh of your fellow hobbits who were still drinking and talking down in Hobbiton. You also loved the atmosphere of The Green Dragon Inn, the place was always filled with happiness and warmth. Moreover, the quality of the ale and food was renowned throughout the entire Shire, making Hobbits proud of their food heritage. You particularly loved those cold winter night during which you would gather in the warm surroundings of the bar with your dearest friends to chatter about your day or the new book you had devoured.

That is actually what brought you out of the tavern and up the hill tonight. Your dear friend Bilbo was late and everyone knew that a Baggins was never late. The others told you to wait, saying that the nice hobbit must have got lost in his books and maps once again. However, your heart – and your Took blood – told you that something wasn’t right that evening. Your feet brought you to Bilbo’s door quickly but stopped abruptly when you heard the loud voices from inside the luxurious hobbit hole. Your curiosity increased as you caught the large shadows of Bilbo’s guests dancing across the thin curtains on the kitchen’s window. You bit your lips and looked down at the basket you were carrying with you, wondering if there would be enough cake for Bilbo and his guests. After all, you had cooked it for Bilbo himself, you didn’t know that he would have guests to feed as well. You sighed and pushed your worries away, knowing that only hobbits would care about these kind of things, before ringing the bell and waiting for Bilbo to answer the door.

You danced from one bare foot from another, not knowing what to do. You were a rather shy hobbit, you loved your books and loved adventures but the idea of interacting with strangers scared you beyond measure. Your heart raced as you heard your friend’s light footsteps nearing the door .You chuckled to yourself as you also heard his grumpy voice saying something about “dwarves and their manners”.

‘Dwarves?’ You thought as the door opened suddenly, making you jump slightly.

You looked up to be met with a rather angry Bilbo, he looked disheveled, tired and stressed out. Words that you could rarely use to describe Bilbo Baggins.

“(Y/N)!” Your friend exclaimed and sighed at the same time as if he was relieved to see a friendly face at his door.

“Bilbo! What happened to you?” You asked trying to contain your giggle. Bilbo rolled his eyes but let you in anyway.

“Dwarves, that’s what happened.” The hobbit answered, closing the door and looking back at you as if he had seen a dragon. You chuckled and raised your basket in the air with a proud smile on your face.

“Dwarves!” You exclaimed in awe. “Well I brought cake! Maybe there will be enough for all of them?” You quickly added in a cheerful voice. You innocent made Bilbo smile warmly, his anger fading.

“I highly doubt that. One of them swallowed a whole cheese in one bite!” Bilbo told you in some kind of high-pitched whisper, taking hold of your elbow to make you move out of the doorway. You looked at him with wide eyes and gasped.

“This is impossible!” You whispered back.

“I swear, (Y/N). I’ve seen it with my own eyes!” Bilbo answered completely distraught. You looked down at your basket, your face slowly falling as you comprehend that your cake wouldn’t be of any use.

“Well then, my cake will not be enough.” You said, making Bilbo smile gently at you with apologetic eyes. You sighed but an unknown voice made you jump and hide behind Bilbo suddenly.

“Someone talked about a cake?” The voice asked, excitement evident as they tried to have a look at you. Bilbo chuckled and nodded his head but before he could answer another voice joined in.

“Who is this, master Baggins?” The voice was rough and strict, as if the person attached to it was used to give orders and being obeyed.

“Well… hm this is my friend (Y/N). She’s…” Bilbo tried to explain but the rough voice cut him before he could have a chance to explain himself.

“What did you tell her?” The voice asked almost angrily, making Bilbo take a step back and bump into you.

“(Y/N) Took!” A gentle voice exclaimed, suddenly making everyone’s head turn in its direction, including yours.

“Gandalf!” You exclaimed, your fear and shyness long forgotten as you stepped away from Bilbo to reach the old wizard. Bilbo looked at you skeptically and shook his head.

“You remember him, just like that?” He asked you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Indeed! How could I forget about Gandalf the grey!” You chuckled and hugged the wizard as well as you could because the height difference. Gandalf chuckled and patted your back several times before his eyes landed on a tall dwarf behind you.

“You still haven’t answered my question, little one.” The dwarf said, his arms crossed over his broad chest. You slowly turned to look at him with apprehension. However, his voice didn’t sound as angry as it has been a few seconds before. Gandalf stepped next to you and laid a gentle hand on your shoulder.

“Thorin, this is (Y/N) Took. A friend and cousin of Bilbo.” The wizard said, squeezing your shoulder slightly to encourage you.

You looked around the hallway to be met with several dark but amused eyes and your cheeks flushed red. You quickly looked away and down at your feet to try and hide your shyness and embarrassment. However, Gandalf squeezed your shoulder again and you looked up at him. The old wizard gestured toward the tall dwarf with his eyes and you straighten up your back before bowing before the dwarf. Your shyness wasn’t an excuse for not introducing yourself. You took hold of your dress and tried to bow as elegantly as you could before the dwarf lord.

“(Y/N) Took, at your service master dwarf.” You said in a sweet voice, your cheeks still rosy. The dwarf bowed his head slightly at you, his long dark hair framing his face as he did.

“Thorin son of Thrain, son of Thror. At yours, Miss Took.” The dwarf answered, you didn’t know what to do so you smiled and nodded your head before taking a step back in a lame attempt to stop being the center of the attention.

Yet the other dwarves started to introduce themselves one after another and this is how you met the company of Thorin Oakenshield. You remembered that night precisely, you remembered how Fili and Kili found it amusing to play with your shyness. You remembered how Bombur had eaten your cake in a second, you remembered how Bilbo fainted after the mention of Smaug, you remembered how you accepted to sign the contract to help the dwarf reclaim their homeland. You also remembered the beautiful song the dwarves had sung and last but not least, you remembered how you actually met your favorite dwarf.


You were drinking some tea with Bilbo, trying to make him feel better after he had fainted. A dwarf with a funny hat told him about the dragon and how it felt like to die by his fire, the dwarf meant it as a joke but you were slightly pissed off at him for making your friend faint. After a while, Bilbo went to his room and refused to sign the contract. Gandalf left you by the fire place and you got lost in your thoughts. How could Bilbo leave you on your own like that? Can’t he see that you had to help the dwarves? The Shire was your home and you knew that if you were robbed of it you would feel lost and depressed. As you stared into your warm cup of tea you did not hear the dwarf that had make Bilbo faint approach you.

“Are you alright miss?” A soft voice asked, making you jump and drop your cup of tea. However, it didn’t have the time to hit the ground as the dwarf quickly kneeled in front of you and caught the cup in his hands. Your hands went up to your mouth to cover your gasp but the dwarf chuckled and smirked at you knowingly.

“You’re a little shy creature, aren’t you?” He asked in a teasing way. Your cheeks flushed once again but you nodded your head slightly.

“The name’s Bofur. I’m sorry that your cousin fainted. I didn’t mean to make him feel bad.” Bofur said as he settled the cup on the small table before your armchair. You looked at him, your mouth sealed with shyness. You gulped and tried to answer him, even a few words would be fine but your mouth seemed to have its own will.

“Are you upset?” Bofur asked, his hat jumping on his head as he turned to look at you. You shook your head no and giggled.

“N… No master dwarf. I know you meant nothing by it.” You said just above a whisper and stuttering a little. Bofur smiled warmly at you and sat next to you.

“This is nice of you, thank you my lady.” Bofur said in a gentle voice but you heard the hint of teasing in his voice as he spoke. You looked at him from under your lashes and shook your head to dismiss his previous statement.

“I am no lady. Just (Y/N) is fine, master dwarf.” Bofur stared at you with a smirk, making you blush even more and clear your throat.

“Very well then. I’ll call you (Y/N) if you call me Bofur.” His statement took you by surprise but his kind smile warmed up you heart. You smiled and nodded your head in agreement.

“Alright then, Bofur.” You answered just above a whisper, looking down at your lap as you felt a wave of embarrassment wash over you.

The nice dwarf smiled at you as he studied your behavior. You looked like an angel in his eyes, he could already see how nice and sweet you were even if he knew you for only several hours. You were a foreign beauty in his opinion, he wasn’t use to see ladies without facial hair but weirdly he found you absolutely gorgeous just the way you were. Your curly locks framed your face perfectly, your skin seemed smooth and warm, and your rosy cheeks were absolutely adorable. Bofur cleared his throat and got up suddenly from his spot next to you.

“Well, miss (Y/N). It was a pleasure to talk to you… and to save your cousin’s cup.” He added teasingly, making you giggle and look up at him. “But it’s getting late and you should have some sleep if you’re going to accompany us on our journey.” The nice dwarf said. You nodded your head and got up, smoothing your skirt in place before smiling up at your new friend.

“You’re probably right, Bofur.” You told him, not sure of what to do next. Bofur saw your hesitation and softly took your hands in his before slowly bringing them to his lips to kiss your knuckles. Your cheeks flushed red once again and you avoided his eyes as he released your hands.

“Goodnight, miss Took.” Bofur said softly before bowing before you and stepping past you to reach an empty spot on the floor next to his brother to sleep.

You smiled to yourself and quickly walked out of the living-room to reach the spare room Bilbo had prepared for you earlier. You closed the oaken door behind you and leant against it for a while trying to understand how you were going to survive this quest if you had to control your heartbeats every time Bofur talked to you.

The next morning, after leaving Bilbo’s home and finding yourself on a pony with the same dwarf that made your heart flutter. The dwarves decided to bet on whether Bilbo would come or not. You knew that your cousin would come, seeing the house entirely empty after what happened last night would act like a trigger. You sighed out in relief as Bilbo finally showed up, not long after you had left Hobbiton.

“Were you afraid of travelling around Middle-Earth all alone with a bunch of dwarves, miss Took?” You heard a voice say from next to you. Apparently, your sigh had not go unnoticed by the youngest prince. Kili was smirking at you, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

You shook your head, trying to hide your flushed cheeks but Bofur’s arms – that were circling your waist to hold the reins as you didn’t know how to ride a pony – tightened around you to support you.

“I… I…” You tried to answer the young prince but Kili smirked even more at your confused state.

“Leave her alone, laddie. Can’t you see she’s a shy one?” Bofur suddenly said to defend you. Kili’s smile fainted and he looked at you with kind eyes.

“I know, I was just trying to start a conversation.” He said and Bofur laughed at the prince.

“Then you definitely don’t know how to start a conversation, lad.” Bofur laughed again, this time that was Kili’s turn to blush.

“Maybe…” The young prince answered, a pout over his face. You chuckled softly at his childish antics, making the prince smile at you. Happy that he managed to make you laugh.

Bofur smiled too but for another reason. Kili’s little teasing made you loosen up a little bit and you leant your back against Bofur’s chest, now feeling relaxed and comfortable around them both. Your hands were even gripping Bofur’s sleeves to keep your balance on the pony.

After a long day of ridding and sometimes talking with Bofur and Kili, you were happy when Thorin said that it was time to stop for the night. Bofur went down first then extended his hands in your direction to help you down. You were slightly embarrassed that you were such a small hobbit but you took his hands and went down easily.

“Well, soon you won’t need my help to get down of a pony, little missy.” Bofur said as he laid his warm hand on your shoulder. The friendly contact made you blush but you smiled at the funny dwarf and nodded your head. He smiled back at you and went to help Bombur with the stew.

You quickly made your way to your dear friend Bilbo and sat next to him, your cheeks still flushed.

“You’re alright?” Bilbo asked as he observed you.

“Yes, absolutely fine.” You answered lost in your thoughts as you watched Bofur and his funny hat from your spot. Bilbo followed your gaze and smiled as he saw who you were looking at.

“He is a nice fellow.” You heard your cousin’s voice say, making you frown and turn your head to look at him.

“Who?” You asked, hoping that he didn’t see your wandering eyes.

“Bofur.” Bilbo said with a small smirk on his lips. Your mouth open in surprise but you tried to cover it up by answering.

“He seems to be, yes.” You looked down at your hairy feet. “But I don’t know him very much.”

“We’ll have plenty of time to get to know each one of them during this journey.” Bilbo said as he observed the dwarves and Gandalf.

“Yes, indeed.” You whispered, your eyes once again wandering to the funny dwarf.

The next few days were rather exciting in your opinion. You were still riding on Bofur’s pony and even if you were still as shy, the dwarf had found a way to slightly break your shell and have short conversation with you. Your feelings for the dwarf started to grow and you knew that you were already in love with him.

You thought that it was impossible as you had given up on finding love a long time ago but here he was. Right behind you. Telling about the time when Bombur had eaten so much that he couldn’t get up and it took 5 dwarves and Dwalin to get him up and walking. You laughed as he tried to imitate Dwalin’s face as he tried to pull Bombur up by himself. The dwarves around you, Gandalf and Bilbo started to laugh as well and you leant once again against Bofur. Your head tucked under his chin and his arms wrapped almost tightly around your waist. Everyone could see that something was up between you two but you couldn’t tell him that you had feelings for him. You were too shy and you were sure that Bofur was only seeing you as a really good friend.

Gandalf told you several times that Bofur might have feelings for you too but you had denied the wizard’s word, not wanting to risk a heartbreak. Bilbo talked to you every single day about how you should tell the nice dwarf but it was simply impossible for you.

You were shy, everybody knew it.

Including Bofur.

The dwarf saw the looks you were sending him when you thought he wasn’t looking. He saw how comfortable you felt around him. Indeed, you weren’t as comfortable as you were with Bilbo but it was already something for him. As he saw all these little signs and he couldn’t help but hope that your feelings for him were as deep as his for you. Dwarves could only love once and since the first time his eyes landed on you, Bofur knew that you were his one. Your small smile, your personality, your kindness, your shyness, and every single thing you did made his heart skip a beat. Bofur knew that he will soon have to tell you, his secret was slowly affecting his mood and his behavior.

Thorin called once again for everyone to stop and Bofur got off his pony before turning around to help you but you were already on your feet next to him. That made him raise an eyebrow at you but he smiled proudly as he saw the blush on your cheeks.

“I know how to do it now.” You said, a bit embarrassed.

“I saw that, lass.” Bofur answered, patting your shoulder before going to help his brother with his restless pony. You chuckled and went to help Bombur start a fire. Bilbo came to help and after a while you sat next to him and chatted about the Shire while stargazing. After dinner, you were ready to turn in for the night went Thorin’s deep voice called you name in the darkness of the night, starling you.

“Miss Took, you have the first watch tonight.” He said turning to Bofur and nodding him forward. “You too Bofur.”

Your heart skip a beat, it was the first time you would be alone with Bofur. Or at least with the others asleep and not listening to you. You nodded your head at Thorin and smiled slightly at Bofur. You slowly made your way to a huge rock at the border of the camp and sat on top of it, your eyes focused on the dark woods before you but you mind focused on the dwarf who was climbing the rock to sit next to you. You turned your head as you saw Bofur’s hat from your spot on the rock and smiled as his face showed up quickly after.

“How did you do it so fast?” Bofur asked with a chuckle as he finally sat next to you.

“Hobbits are good climbers.” You said proudly, making Bofur nod in agreement.

“Aye, they definitely are.” He said as his eyes focused on the woods. The silence settled between the two of you and you started to feel self-conscious. Your hair was all over the place, your cheeks and your nose were flushed red from the cold wind biting at your skin and your trousers were dirty. You sighed as you started to run the palms of your hands over your trousers catching Bofur’s attention.

“You’re alright, lass?” He asked concern written on his features. You nodded and shrugged your shoulders not wanting to tell him about your lame worries. “You know you can trust me, right! You can tell me anything.” Bofur said, his voice as nice and caring as usual.

You sighed and looked up at him, his kind eyes piercing through your shell a bit more every day.

“I… I feel ugly.” You suddenly said, just above a whisper. His eyes widen in shock and you quickly avoided his gaze.

“You feel ugly?” He repeated, confused and surprise. You nodded your head and looked at your hands, trying to make yourself as small as you could. Bofur observed you for a few second before shifting to sit closer to you. “Lass, please look at me.” He asked in a soft voice that made your cheeks flush.

“I… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said…” You started but two rough fingers on your chin made you close your mouth. Bofur softly pushed your chin up to make you look at him. His eyes held so much and so much love that it made you gasp.

“Don’t ever apologize to me, (Y/N). I understand and I accept who you are. Your shy nature is beautiful in my eyes. You are beautiful in my eyes. Please don’t feel ugly, you are so beautiful you have no idea how much it hurts to see you sad.” His words took you by surprise.

“Wait… you… you think I’m beautiful?” You asked in a whisper, not knowing what to do. Bofur smiled and chuckled at your shocked face.

“Indeed, I think you’re beautiful, amrâlimê.” Bofur said his hands coming up to cup your face into his warm hands. You looked at him, not able to hide your love anymore. The dwarf smiled at you and slowly touch his forehead to yours, closing his eyes.

“I love you, (Y/N). I know it seems impossible but I know that you are my one. I understand if you don’t feel the same but know that I will always protect you. I don’t have much to offer except my unconditional love and a promise to always love you.” Bofur said, whispering his love to you. Your eyes started to water but you smiled brightly at him.

“Bofur… I cannot ask for more. I only need your love to be happy with my life.” At your words Bofur pulled away slightly to look at you with joy and suddenly, he closed the space between you and kissed you with all his love and passion. Your eyes widen at first but you quickly melted into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck as his wrapped around your waist and pulled you into his lap to deepen the kiss.

As the stars shone above your small bubble of love, several dwarves at camp were still up and saw the two of you kiss. They said nothing, knowing how meaningful this moment was for you and for their friend. However, Gandalf smirked and turned around to ask the dwarf king.

“You did that on purpose.” The old wizard said, observing the content smile that appeared on Thorin’s lips. 

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january 14th | misdial

byun baekhyun. park chanyeol. reader-insert. voicemails-series. 

—it all started with one misdial, and a second, and a third, and…

original misdial: [click]

What does “voicemail-series” mean?: guide to misdial + misdial m.list 

[2017/01/14] 06.34 p.m.: 

“I came to visit you today again. I saw Baekhyun for the first time in my life. He seems like a nice guy, no wonder you and him were so close. We talked a little while…he told me something more about you. I didn’t know you play any instruments…he showed me some of what you’ve composed. It’s good. I made it my ringtone for you.” 

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Shut up. (Cassian Andor x reader)

anon requested:

I just watched rogue one and I need an 2, 11, and 34 with cassian x fem!reader where he’s recruiting a smuggler (like han solo) so she could be a rebellion pilot and after a few months working together their relationship progresses which leads to some romance pretty please :) thanks!

2. “I’m going to pretend like that never happened.”

11. “Well ‘agent/captain/(title)’ if that’s even your real name”

34. “I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness”


Maz’s castle is (Y/n)’s favorite place to be. She offered good advice and there were endless job possibilities. (Y/n) usually smuggled stuff for people and she was popular in the business. She and Han Solo were the best people anyone could get to transport their illegal goods, but the difference is she usually worked alone. It gets the job done easier. (Y/n) never understood why anyone would want a wookie as a co-pilot.

(Y/n) sat on the bar of Maz’s palace and ordered a drink. Today, the castle was not as crowded as usual. She could see Maz in the crowd, enjoying the music performers.

Maz had been running this place for more that a thousand years, and (Y/n) had no doubt that she would run it for a thousand more.

Sipping on her drink, she was greeted by an odd sight. A man in brown leather jacket sitting next to her, accompanied by an imperial droid.


If the empire was here, she must’ve done something to upset them.

“I assume that Corellian ship parked in front is yours,” said the man, and he said these words with a thick accent, but (Y/n) could not make out where in the galaxy did the accent come from, “It’s a nice ship.”

“Thanks,” (Y/n) replied, surprised at how calm her voice sounded, “It’s a modified VCX-100 light freighter.”

The man nodded lightly.

After a few moments of silence, (Y/n) decided to calmly get out of her seat, but that plan backfired the moment she set it in motion.

“The captain said you must not go anywhere,” the imperial droid said, trying to push her back, but she stood her ground.

The man in the brown leather jacket stood up and faced her. He had a grim look on his face. “(Y/n) (L/n), I’m captain Cassian Andor. I’m with the rebellion.”

They know her name. Of course they do, thought (Y/n), They have probably been watching her every move since the last few weeks, if not months.

“Well captain, if that’s even your real name,” (Y/n) teased, trying to get under his skin. “I have a hard time believing that you’re a rebel.” she glanced at the imperial droid, who looked offended, but then she looked back at Cassian.

However, the one who responded was the droid.

“Excuse you, I am not who you think you are. I am Kay-tuesso. I am a reprogrammed imperial droid.”

(Y/n) shrugged wordlessly and looked at Cassian. He was a fairly good-looking man, with dark brown eyes that seems like a void. She crossed her arms at him.

“What do you want?” she asked. Cassian moved closer and said in a low voice, “I hear you’re a smuggler.”

(Y/n) sighed at what he said. “I know what you want. Absolutely not,” she stated. “I am not transporting illegal goods for the rebellion. Han Solo will do it, if you can offer the right price. Me? I am not smuggling anything for the rebellion.”

“No,” he agreed, “You are not.”

(Y/n) furrowed her eyebrows inquisitively. “Why do you want from me then?”

“I came to recruit you,” he said, a smirk playing on his face, “They say you’re a pretty good pilot.”

(Y/n) smiled at the mention of this but the smile disappeared as fast as it had came, “I am not joining the rebellion. Absolutely not.”

Cassian frowned, “Why not?”

“Because I’m wanted by the republic.”

“All your criminal records will be cleared if you accept this offer,” said Kay-tuesso, which had won (Y/n)’s attention, “Which of course includes smuggling illegal substances, the release of bioweapons, unauthorized blaster use-”

“That’s enough, Kaytoo,” Cassian said sternly.

(Y/n) rolled her eyes. She glanced at the droid. “You had me and you lost me.”

Cassian glared at Kaytoo, and the droid responded, “What? I was just listing her records.”

“Don’t you want redemption?” Cassian asked, and his patience wouldn’t last very long.

(Y/n) sneered at him. “I don’t want redemption because I have done nothing wrong.”

“Are you sure about that?” Kaytoo asked, “should I repeat your criminal records?”

“No, thank you,” said (Y/n) said shortly.

Cassian crossed his arms across his chest, “The rebellion could use a pilot like you.”

(Y/n) stood on her tip-toes so she could see Cassian eye-to-eye, “How do I know you’re not lying? That you’re not just going to arrest me once we get there?”

“You don’t,” replied Cassian, “you just have to trust us.”

(Y/n) considered making a run for it, but that wouldn’t do her any good. She has got nothing to lose anyway.

“Alright then,” said (Y/n), “When do we start?”


six months later

(Y/n) opened every cabinet in Cassian’s ship, and she just couldn’t find it.

“What are you looking for?” asked a familiar robotic voice from behind her.

“Hydrazine,” replied (Y/n) shortly. Kaytoo reached out to the compartment above (Y/n) and threw her a metal tube filled with explosives.

“I do not think being in a relationship with the captain brings a benefit to either of you,” Kaytoo mentioned, turning its back on (Y/n)

The girl rolled her eyes, “I am not in a relationship with Cassian.”

Kaytoo did not notice her words, if it did, the droid didn’t care.

“I suppose I could tolerate you,” shrugged Kaytoo.

“Wow,” said (Y/n) with exaggerated amazement, “That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me. ever.”  

“Ha ha,” said Kaytoo with a sarcastic tone.

Kay was a weirdly annoying droid, but (Y/n) had gotten used to it by now.

When Kaytoo stepped out of the ship, a certain captain walked in. He leaned against a compartment as he looked at (Y/n) who was packing flammable fuel cells in her backpack.

“Hydrazine, huh?” he asked, “What do you need it for?”

(Y/n) smirked. “To make things go boom.”

Cassian chuckled, kneeling at the same height of (Y/n), helping her pack her bags. (Y/n)  looked into his eyes. She always thought of brown eyes as boring, but Cassian’s were different. The dark tone of his pupils often turn into a warm and comforting shade of gold.

“You know,” started (Y/n), “I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness that day,” she teased, smacking his arm playfully.

“So, I’m charming?” he smiled mischievously.

“Shut up.”

For a moment, they maintained eye contact with each other. (Y/n) found herself studying the captain’s facial features. There was a scar below his lower lip. Funny she never noticed it. For a fleeting moment she wondered how he got it.

She noticed that Cassian’s breathing was uneven and that his palms were sweaty. What could he probably be so nervous about?

Without a warning, Cassian crashed his rough lips against (Y/n)’s.


That’s why.

The warmth of his mouth sent a current running through her body. (Y/n)’s eyes closed instinctively. Her once-tense hands made its way to Cassian’s sides, wrapping around it, while Cassian’s hand cupped her cheeks tenderly, glad that (Y/n) melted to the kiss as quickly as he had.

Cassian tasted like fuel, and it was one hell of an addicting taste. (Y/n) found herself wanting more, pushing herself forward so she could explore the taste further.

While (Y/n) preferred tidy yet soft kisses, it was clear Cassian’s style was a little wetter. She gasped when Cassian’ s tongue entered her mouth, but she hummed in satisfaction when their tongues were tangled like vines. 

Countless engines of spaceships roared around them, but they were to astonished to notice anything besides each other. Even the presence of a former imperial droid went unnoticed.

Cassian tilted his head slightly, brushing the tip of his nose on (Y/n)’s rosy cheek, making her chuckle a little.

“I’m going to pretend like that never happened,” said Kaytoo from the entrance of the space ship.

Cassian and (Y/n) yelped in shock as they pulled away.

(Y/n) rolled her eye at the reprogrammed imperial droid, “Shut up.”



Just a game pt 5

When a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing that at the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. Now her thoughts and dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play…

…After the incident in the library archives, the reader lives in constant fear of the clown returning for another game. However, it’s been a week and there had been no sign of him, only the toll of lost children had risen. For an unknown reason, her friends have been able to persuade her to stay in Derry for a longer period for the summer vacation is in full. At least, she wants to think that’s the reason. There was no way it could be because she secretly wanted him to come back to steal a hot kiss again…

Warning: a little smutty!!

Hey everyone we are here with the fifth instalment of the story and honestly I just wanna say thank again because there are so many people who are enjoying the story and saying nice things. It really warms my heart ya know? So thank you very much! If you want to be tagged in the story then please let me know! (But please note that I’m on mobile only so don’t bother with the ask box cuz I can’t reply haha I accidentally deleted someone’s ask and I felt bad)

If you don’t like this content then please just scroll away because it’s not worth hating (not actually had any hate which is a blessing). I am keeping out of the main It movie tags.

Sitting in a bar sipping on an alcoholic drink wasn’t what you wanted to be doing and yet there you were. Of course, you weren’t alone. Your best friend was sat beside you with her second drink of the night. It was only the two of you but you had no idea why, however, you had a feeling you were about to find out. (Bf/n) gulped down the burning liquid and coughed slightly before she spoke.

“Alright, give it to me straight. What’s been going on with you? You’re…different and not in a good way. You’re jumpy and you avoid being alone as much as possible which is why I’m staying with you in the motel. Why?” She asked softly. You shifted in your seat and avoided her gaze.

“You’d not believe me. You already forgot.”

The woman in front of you sighed and her brow furrowed.

“You’re on about that clown guy again, aren’t you?”

You glared a little.

“I’m not making him up. He is a real creature who is tormenting me. Has been since day one. He’s responsible for the child disappearances and the weird events every twenty-seven years.” You said firmly. She pats your hand a little rougher than comfortingly.

“(Y/n), it’s a legend, nothing more. Maybe you need more sleep, perhaps go see a doctor and get some professional help.” She suggested. Your cheeks feel hot as rage slowly begins to bubble in your belly.

“Are you saying I’m going mad?” You nearly growled and she flinched.

“Come on, (y/n), you know it’s not like that-”

“-Yes it is! You all think I’m going mad but it’s real! Hell, he gave me my phone back, you know that! I didn’t go to the sewers and search for it, he had it!” You cut her off angrily. She held her hands up in defence.

“Alright, alright I’m sorry! So maybe he is real then why can’t any of us remember him?”

The question caught you off guard for a moment. You exhaled and sipped your drink, smacking your lips together as your thought of an answer. But you had nothing.

“I don’t know…maybe he made you all forget, I mean, he can transform into whoever and whatever he wants including the fear of his prey. Surely he could make you all forget. But why though, that’s what I don’t know.”

Secretly, you had an accurate assumption that it had to do with his little game he played to torment you and in order to do so he had made your friends forget so he could keep you all to himself until he decided he was bored with you. The thought made you shudder because it could be any day for all you knew.

“Hey, what does he look like?” Your best friend asked, pulling you from your thoughts. You blink a few times and then your eyes flicker to her face. And then you begin to describe him. You mention everything you’d noticed from his height to his features and clothing. You even mentioned the less human aspects such as unnatural eye colours that would change and his sharp teeth. She listened to your every word, nodding her head but not saying anything.

“And he can appear and disappear whenever he wants.” You finished. You’d finished your first drink by this point and she her second. You waited for a response but there was none, she turned to the barman and asked for two more drinks. She thought you were mad, you thought bitterly. She took a swig of her drink.

“When did you see him last?” She questioned.

“Last Tuesday in the library, why?”

“There’s been a crazy amount of kids missing between after that Tuesday and now.”

Your eyes widened. She was right. You bit your lip gently, a nervous habit of yours. Your eyes darted around the bar. You knew it was all a game. He was doing it for a reason.

“It’s a game, a game in which he taunts me. He’s expecting something…I don’t know what though.”

And then it hit you. A coldness encased you as the thought came to you like a winter breeze. He wanted you to go to him because he knew you wanted him. He knew you craved his touch, even if it was fucked up. (Bf/n) noticed you had tensed all over and goosebumps had prickled all over your skin.


Your eyes met hers.

“It’s nothing. I’m just thinking.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.”

You shook your head and grabbed your drink. As you pressed it to your lips, you spoke.

“I think I’ll leave at the end of the week. Friday at the earliest.”

Your friend made a noise at the back of her throat.

“That was sudden, but if it’ll ease you…”

“I don’t know what it’ll do, all I know is I need to do this. I need to stay away from this town.” You muttered and finished the rest of your drink in one swig, wincing at the violent burn down your throat to your belly. It didn’t help though. You didn’t stay at the bar for much longer, only five minutes after declaring your plan you were leaving the bar and headed back to your motel. You weren’t going to play this game for much longer.


Sleep was difficult to achieve, maybe because of the alcohol or maybe because your mind was racing but when you eventually drifted into the world of dreams you had never felt so at peace ever since you had set foot back in Derry. You were in a field of beautiful wild flowers, each a unique shade and shape. The field stretched out as far as the horizon in every direction except for what you assumed was south. A beautiful wooden house that had smoke slowly drifting out of its chimney contrasted against the sea of flowers. You were drawn to it for some reason, maybe it was because the flowers seemed brighter over there, and so your feet wandered towards it, every step bringing it closer and closer. It was taller than you had first anticipated but it wasn’t intimidating. From inside, a beautiful velvety voice called out to you.

“Come in, I wanna show you something.” It was a man who spoke. You thought nothing of it as you climbed the stairs of the front porch and your hand touched the door handle. It was unlocked, turning easily and opening inwards. Inside were two rooms either side of the entranceway and directly ahead. It was well furnished, even with a gleaming piano. You heard your name being called again, so you followed it until you came to the staircase. Whoever it was, they were on the second floor. Your feet pattered against each step and you came to a long corridor that had a room at one end and another room at the other. One of the doors was open and it appeared to be a bedroom of sorts, it was also the source of the voice. You stumbled blindly to it and entered the room where a tall man stood with his back to you. Your head tilted slightly as you shifted from one foot to another.


Your voice had his attention and he turned to you. You gasped, eyes widening in surprise. You noticed his big eyes first, they were a deep green-hazel and cast in the shadow of his brow. He had a cute button nose and full, pink lips perfectly sculpted for his face. He had a strong set of cheekbones to frame the face and his hair was a messy dark brown. His clothes consisted of a black vest top thag hugged his torso and some dark blue jeans. He smiled.

“There you are, I was wondering where you’d gotten to.” He said softly. You were confused. You had no idea who this handsome stranger was and yet there was something about him that was incredibly familiar. You stepped towards him, and he opened his arms for you. When you were close enough, he pulled you against his body and his lips met yours. They were soft and gentle, but as the two of you continued your affectionate kiss, it deepened and you were parting your lips for him. Before you knew it, he was straddling you on the large bed in the room, his arms framing your head as he held himself up by his elbows. Your arms were wrapped around his strong shoulders and your thighs parted for him to be closer still. Your hands gripped onto his skin as his lips left yours to trail down your jaw and a small whine bubbled in your throat. Your eyes were closed as his nose brushed along your jaw after your lips for he was making his way across your neck. Your hips were grinding against his at this point, a tingle in your groin becoming harder to ignore. However, your body tensed all over and a small cry of pain rasped from you as you felt a sharp set of teeth sink into your neck, right upon your jugular vein. Your eyes flew open so you could grasp the man’s face but oh how you wish you hadn’t. Shorter, dark brown hair had been replaced with blood orange and you cried out as you felt a tear in your neck. A moment later, the head of the one person you didn’t want to see lifted up for you and you choked. Pennywise’s smile was obscured by blood smeared all over his face. Your blood. You could feel it gushing from your neck at the rate of your beating heart and he giggled. You weakly attempted to push him away from you.


“So beautiful covered in red, moan for me.” he growled. His hand, now gloved, slid down to your quivering body to dance along your thighs. In this dreamworld, your thighs were already bare to him and he took advantage, his hand sliding to your panty covered cunt. You stifled a moan as your body jolted slightly.


“Don’t be so silly, you know deep down that you crave nothing more. Stop lying to yourself and take. It.” He whispered into your ear. Your eyelids fluttered shut as his fingers brushed against your sensitive clit, the sensation of the fabric of the glove creating a unique feel. His lips were upon the open wound on your neck and he began to suck gently as his fingers teased you.

Your body was so sensitive, so much so that when you finally moaned, you were awake, the dream a hazy memory in the back of your head. Your hand flew to your neck but there was no wound, only a ghost of a sensation. But your cunt was tingling, begging to be relieved and you couldn’t help yourself from spreading your thighs as wide as possible and using your dominant hand to swirl circles over your engorged clit over and over, your fingers dipping into your hole to gather it’s wetness to smear over the small bud more easily. You almost forgot that your friend was only across the room from you fast asleep, pleasure was the only thing you cared about. It took two minutes for the overwhelming shockwaves of your orgasm to hit you until your back was arching from the bed and your free hand covered your mouth to conceal your cries. The one thing in your head now was a name. Pennywise. There was no shame in your pleasure in that moment; you wanted more.


Allllllright that was shorter than my usual stuff but hey there was a little naughtiness there. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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Got this question from @seimeiyuzu​:

Massimiliano Ambesi‏ (https://twitter.com/max_ambesi) said:  - “In my opinion, 4 Lutz will be the first jump in #yuzuruhanyu ’s free skate.Then 4Lo, 3F, 4S, 4T/3T, 4T/Lo/3S, 3A/3Lo(in my dream) or 2T, 3A.” You think he’s right? Yuzu planned 4Lo, 4S, 4S3T, 4TLo3S, 4T. Can Yuzu add 4Lz yet? I’m full of concern, because Javi adds 4Lo, Shoma is practicing 4Lz (I think he wants to add?). And how many quads will Nathan and Boyang have? Do you think Yuzu needs 4Lz in this season? 

It’s a topic I love to talk about so, with permission, I’m answering this through a post :) 

Yes, I agree with most of Max’s prediction (bless his soul). My own forecast of Yuzuru’s FS jump layout this season is only slightly different from what Max said: 4Lz / 4Lo / 3F || 4S+3T / 4T / 4T+1Lo+3S / 3A+2T / 3A. Yuzu’s trajectory in the last couple of seasons has been to gradually upgrade triple jumps to their quad version (from 11-12 to 12-13: traded 3S for 4S, from 15-16 to 16-17: traded 3Lo for 4Lo). From what I saw in the news about Seimei 2.0, he did a 3A at the same music passage where he used to do a 3Lz in Seimei 1.0, complete with the same exit even, so yes, I’m pretty convinced #yolo3A as final jumping pass is a thing, and the 3Lz will be upgraded to a quad.

Can Yuzu add a 4Lz yet? Oh yes he can. That 4Lz has been in the making for longer than I can remember, going back at least as far as the 4Lo and likely even further. He has been quite reticent about showing off his 4Lz so we’ve ever had one official glimpse of it thus far (*sob*), but I think the reason why he’s much more willing to display the 4Lo is because, for a long time, he was the only person in the world who can routinely land it. The 4Lz doesn’t get the spotlight because there are already other skaters landing it in competition. Going by Yuzu’s usual attitude, he doesn’t like to show off a jump unless he is reasonably sure it’s going to impress (which, by Yuzu’s standard, is something along the line of “watch me land this jump nobody else can land, and make it so fine I can follow it up with a 3A”). 

(did I absolutely have to gif this magical sequence and shove it in your face, no I didn’t have to, but I needed to, because it’s magical that’s why)

Yet, he did go out of his way to show us that one precious glimpse of his 4Lz at the WTT practice, so I’m sure he’s reached a point where he’s confident enough about the quality of that jump.

(perfect takeoff, amazing height, but try harder on the landing next time please, Yuzu *smh*)

Regarding the rest of our top 6, yes I heard Javi is going to add a 4Lo, and Shoma is considering a 4Lz (I might’ve read somewhere that he’s going for 5 quads regardless of whether the 4Lz is included or not - he doesn’t need the 4Lz to go to 5 anyway, he can do 2x4F, 2x4T, plus one 4Lo). I think Nathan will stick to a 6-quad layout (7 quads will be borderline suicidal, even for him) and Boyang will likely add one more to make it 5 quads total. Wait, did we both just casually leave out Patrick? I guess he will be aiming for 4 quads at least to stay in contention. Don’t know how reliable the rumor of him working the 4F is, but as it is right now, to make it to 4, he can add another 4S to his layout.  

As to whether Yuzu needs a 4Lz this season, yes he absolutely does. I mean, c’mon, he’s recycling both his short and long programs so the choreography is pretty much taken care of, if he doesn’t work on more difficult jumps, what’s he gonna do from now until the Olympics? Either he adds the 4Lz, or he somehow shows me a fully rotated back counter quad Axel by the end of this season, I’m not settling for anything less! 

Joking aside, well, in theory, Yuzu doesn’t really need a 4Lz. He can totally construct a 5-quad layout using the 3 types he currently has in his official repertoire (4Lo, 2x4S, 2x4T for example). Using a 4Lz instead of a 4S or a 4T will give him about 3 extra points in BV, but we all know BV isn’t everything. Yuzu didn’t have the highest BV last season and he’s not going to have that this season either, but it hasn’t prevented him from winning events and setting records. In fact, even with the general inflation in scoring last season, we still haven’t seen anyone except Yuzu himself topping the score of 3-quad Seimei at GPF 2015. 

Considering all that, I’d advise that you need not be concerned with how other competitors’ strategy and layout might affect Yuzu’s chance of winning, because most likely, they won’t. This might come out sounding obnoxious, but I believe whether or not Yuzu wins any event is entirely up to him and him alone. If he delivers 2 flawless programs, he wins, and I think Yuzu himself is very much aware of that. I, for once in my life, am not (pardon my French) shitting bricks when I think about him. According to all recent interviews and public appearances, he’s healthy, well-rested, well-prepared, happy with his choices of programs, and is eager to win. As I recall all the ups and downs of last season, I also realize that Yuzuru is in this perfect mental state because he has learned a lot during 2016-2017, including but not limited to: how to cope with disappointment, how to overcome pressure internal and external, how to structure a program on the fly (*cough* 4CC *cough*), and how to, once again, be on top of the world. I read that he told Brian, before the season started last year, to please allow him to make all the mistakes he could make before the Olympic season - a piece of wisdom worthy of the ages, I’d say :)        

Iron Man & Mrs. King (5/?)

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Word Count: 1,155
Warnings: Domestic Abuse (more explicit in later chapters), fluff, some swearing. JARVIS is still an AI, Bucky is part of the team.
Chapters post on Mondays and Thursdays.

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

8:15pm, Thursday Evening, Stark Tower

Bruce and Tony stared at the two scans that should have been almost identical but weren’t. The rest of the team walked in and, giving Tony a glance, Bruce began his analysis.

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sinful reunion, ch. 1 (M)

→ summary: It takes a trip to Jeju Island for you to reconcile with your first love, but you weren’t aware of the repercussions. 
→ pairing: min yoongi x reader
→ rating: M
→ genre/warnings: angst, smut, instances of cheating
→ word count: 9.1k
→ next chapter: chapter 2
→ a/n: i’d like to thank @blueagust for all the encouragement and help, especially with the smut scene. Thank you so much, Lou!!!

If there was any sort of love that’s bound to hurt and traumatize you, chances are, it was your first love.

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Fanfiction Masterpost

Updated as of: 11/24/17

A/N: This is a collection of all my work from this blog. This includes stories in different parts, but they are mostly oneshots. I am very proud of these, so if you do read, please let me know what you think!


A Siren’s Song - Prompt. Arin’s a merman not entirely convinced that sirens are evil. So what happens when he saves a siren’s life? Egobang. Fantasy.

Addiction Part One - Prompt. Part 1 of 2. Ryland decides it’s time to confront Alex about his drinking. Things don’t always go as planned. Warning: trigger warnings. Rylex. Angst.

Addiction Part Two - Prompt. Part 2 of 2. Alex struggles to help Ryland and both release personal parts of themselves. They’re not alone. Warning: trigger warnings. Rylex. Angst, Hurt/Comfort.

Neverboned - Prompt. Danny Sexbang comes to an understanding with Arin Neverbone on the differences in their sexualities. Neverbang. Fluff/Angst.

The Painter Part One - Part 1 of 2. You know the feeling when you see a person every day, yet when they disappear you can’t even remember their face? Dan gets invited to meet a person he forgot in middle school. Egobang. Mystery.

The Painter Part Two - Part 2 of 2. Dan finally meets the mysterious Arin Hanson and learns what happened ten years ago. Egobang. Mystery.

Work Perks - Working at a bar definitely had its perks. One of these just so happens to be seeing the same cute guy every so often. Too bad Dan can’t seem to get his number. Egobang, Rubberdoop. Fluff/Humor.

Faded Memories - Prompt. Dan can’t help but to feel that he somehow knows the guy in the coffeeshop. Or maybe it’s just a dream. Either way, he feels like he’s forgetting something important. Egobang. Mystery.

Jealous - Prompt. Danny finds out Arin’s kissed another guy. This doesn’t sit well with him. Egobang. Fluff/Humor. 

Singing Voice - Prompt. Danny discovers Arin’s beautiful singing voice and falls deeper in love. Egobang. Mythology AU. Fluff.

That’s Enough - Prompt. Someone goes too far during a panel, insulting Arin. Danny gets angry. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort.

Rules - There’s an unspoken rule in the apartment. Alex decides to break that rule. Rylex. Songfic, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, First Confessions.

Choking - Prompt. Alex may or may not blurt out a kink of Ryland’s, outing them to their friends. Rylex. Humor/Fluff.

Together - Prompt. Alex reminds Ryland how amazing he is before the final match. They’re gonna do this together. Rylex. Fluff.

Too Much Hair - Prompt. Ryland tries to cuddle. There’s just too much hair. Alex suggests a compromise. Rylex. Fluff.

Baby Steps - Prompt. Ryland is opening up to physical affection one step at a time. It doesn’t help when your friends walk in during a make-out session. Rylex. Fluff/Humor.

First Impressions - Prompt. Ryland doesn’t go to bars. But when he does, he meets drunk emotional strangers he can’t leave alone. Rylex. Fluff.

3AM - Prompt. Danny can’t sleep. He calls Arin at 3 am and they have a heart-to-heart. Egobang. Fluff.

Life of the Party - Prompt. Danny loses Arin at a party. He manages to find him, but Arin’s already having a panic attack. Warnings: panic attacks, alcohol mentions. Egobang. Comfort/Fluff.

It’s Time to Stop - Prompt. Arin wakes up in the middle of the night. Danny is sending him memes. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Noisy Neighbor - Arin’s constantly bothered by his noisy downstairs neighbor. Only, when he goes to confront him, he turns out to be really cute. Egobang. College AU. Fluff.

Mixed Feelings - Prompt. After Arin confesses, Danny rejects him because he doesn’t even understand himself. Brian gives Danny advice; Danny learns what it means to rediscover yourself. Warnings: Sexuality crisis. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

Seagull Snatching - Prompt. Arin and Danny go on an impromptu trip to Michigan. Arin proceeds to be a dork and Danny reflects on how much he loves his dork. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Decisions - Prompt. NSP is offered a residency in Vegas, but Danny must decide in pursuing his dreams or if he’s already living his dream. After a good talk with Ross, Danny knows it’s time to tell Arin the truth. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

Where You Belong - Prompt. Danny has doubts about where he belongs and why Arin chose him. He finds himself in the Grump Room, feeling numb about it all. Fortunately, Arin’s always there. No matter what. Warnings: depression. Egobang. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Stupid with People - Prompt. Brian calls Danny. Turns out, he’s not exactly the best when it comes to dealing with people. Ninja Ship Party. Fluff.

You Want Me - Prompt. Danny’s having trouble dealing with the new employee at work. Rubberbang. AU. Fluff.

As If I Deserve You - Prompt. Danny can’t believe he deserves Arin. It’s up to Arin to show him he deserves this and more. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

Expensive - Prompt. Danny goes shopping for wedding rings, and Suzy helps him out. Egobang. Fluff.

You’re Wrong and I’ll Prove It - Prompt. Ross teases Danny. So Danny takes the best course of action and kisses Arin to shut Ross up. Egobang. Fluff.

I’ve Got You - Prompt. Arin breaks down after too much stress and work. Danny’s there for his snuggle man. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Morning Kisses - Prompt. Danny wakes up to snuggly morning kisses from Arin. Egobang. Fluff.

Revenge of the Not-So-Grump - Prompt. When Arin starts beating Danny in a karaoke game, Danny decides his best course of action is to kiss Arin to distract him. Egobang. Fluff.

Hands Off - Prompt. Danny gets angry when someone gets a little too handsy with his boyfriend at a party. Egobang. Punk!AU. Warnings: drugs and alchohol mention. Fluff.

The Same Height - Prompt. Arin kisses the top of Danny’s head to prove a point, but Danny refuses to let Arin have the last word. Egobang. Humor/Fluff.

Stay With Me ForeverDanny hadn’t meant to blurt it out during an episode. But now all of his previous doubts return and he just wants this happy time to last forever. Arin notices. He always does. Egobang. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Home Danny reflects on his unique friendship with Arin, not wanting the Gru//mp session to end. Egobang. Fluff.

That Warm FeelingA reoccurring warm feeling keeps showing up in Danny’s life. He doesn’t think much of it until he realizes the reason for this feeling–Arin Han//son. Egobang. Fluff.

What It Looks Like - Prompt. Danny’s tearing himself up inside because of his feelings. The person he wants more than anything doesn’t belong to him. Arin comes to his rescue. Egobang. Warnings: Self-Loathing. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

I Chose You - Prompt. Danny doesn’t feel like he belongs. It becomes too much and he breaks. Luckily, he’s always got Arin. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort, Angst.

You’re Perfect - Prompt. Danny gets particularly touchy-feely, and Arin gets embarrassed. It’s up to Danny to show Arin that his body is beautiful. Egobang. Fluff/Angst.

You’re Bleeding - Prompt. After a romp, Ross is accidentally injured. Danny freaks out. Rubberbang. Humor/Fluff.

Two Men, One Bed - Prompt. After somehow only getting one bed in their hotel room, Arin and Danny must share a bed. Danny has feelings. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Day of Rest - Prompt. Danny gets really sick. Arin acts as a local nurse. Egobang. Fluff.

Danny BoyDanny finds a weird art major lying on the floor of a practice room. Oddly enough, he finds that he enjoys this guy’s company while he sings. College AU. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Bromeo & Juliet Series - Romeo & Juliet AU

Bromeo and Juliet Snippet 1 - Romeo and Juliet AU. The Sexbangs decide to crash a Neverbone party. Danny and Brian lead the way. 

Bromeo and Juliet Snippet 2 - Romeo and Juliet AU. Danny finds a cute dance partner. Unfortunately, he turns out to be someone Danny really shouldn’t be dancing with. Egobang.

The Last Unicorn Series - Magic Blood AU

Part OneArin’s just a normal college student. Until one day, he gets involved with people with magic blood. Especially one man with siren’s blood. The catch? Arin’s immune to all magic. Egobang. College AU. Mystery/Humor.

Part Two - Arin begins to learn more about Dan, and a mysterious attacker appears. Egobang. College AU. Mystery/Humor.

Hidden Flames Series - Avatar The Last Airbender AU

Part One - Danny, an airbender staying in the Fire Nation to study the culture, finds a waterbender pretending to be a fire bender. He wants to find out why. Egobang. Mystery/Humor.

Arin and Dan meet Ryland and Alex AU

Part One - Prompt. Arin and Dan wake up to find themselves in a world that isn’t their own. Rylex/Egobang. Adventure/Humor.
Part Two - Prompt. Dan and Alex have a heart-to-heart about their lives and how similar, yet different, they are. Rylex/Egobang. Adventure/Humor.

God Grumps Series - Mythology AU

Part One - Danny is the charming demigod son of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. He finds out he may have a new classmate with the Muses. Unfortunately, said classmate turns out to be a very beautiful boy, and who better than his mother to meddle in her son’s love life? Egobang. Humor/Fluff.

The Ocean Calls - Merman!Arin and Scientist!Dan AU

Snippet One - Prompt. Dan apologizes to the beautiful merman they’ve captured. He must stay in the tank in the dark lab, but that doesn’t mean Dan can’t feel guilty. Egobang. Angst/Supernatural.

Snippet Two - Prompt. The story of how Arin was captured. He saved Dan’s life. Egobang. Adventure/Angst.

Snippet Three - Prompt. Ross shows up to sketch Arin and Dan finally has a conversation with the suspicious merman. Egobang. Fluff.

Snippet Four - Prompt. Dan’s worried about Arin and falls asleep beside the tank. He ends up comforting Arin the only way he can - he sings for him. Egobang. Fluff.

Snippet Five - Prompt. Dan and Suzy welcome a new intern and Arin comes face-to-face with Brian’s daughter. Arin’s also curious about human terms like “boyfriend.” Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Snippet Six - Prompt. Arin’s feeling neglected so Adam takes matters into his own hands. Dan gets a bit jealous. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Snippet Seven - Prompt. Dan can’t help but to feel like a terrible person when he sees the merman locked in the tank. However, when he cries, the same merman comes to comfort him. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Snippet Eight - Prompt. Dan’s been overworking himself. Arin notices and cares for his human. Egobang. Fluff.

Snippet Nine - Prompt. Part 1 of 2. The director arrives to see how far they’ve progressed on the subject. Dan must lie to Arin to protect him, even if it makes Arin cry. Egobang. Angst.

Snippet Ten - Prompt. Part 2 of 2. Dan can’t seem to apologize to Arin enough. Good thing the merman accepts kisses as apology. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

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The Beginning and The EndAsher and Zoelle are twins with a special bond. Asher enjoys hunting down ghost stories, but one day mysteriously disappears. It’s up to Zoelle to find her missing brother and the horrors that await her at the mysterious Fate’s Village. Mystery/Supernatural.

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Words: 1100+

Characters (no romantic pairings): short!reader, Chuck, Gabriel, Sam, Dean

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Boy did this idea sucker punch me in the gut.

Inspired by Kendrick’s latest pictures of her in Noelle…

Enjoy. #BechloeIsLife


“I can’t believe you’re making me do this Chloe.” Beca grumbled as she and her girlfriend walked side by side down the high street; her high heeled boots clicking on the pavement with each step she took.

The redhead could barely contain her mirth as she listened to the empty threats that were uttered from Beca’s lips; the younger girl’s hands clenched tightly within the woolly constrains of her dark red mittens.

The brunette loved Chloe more than anything in the world; she’d do almost anything to make her happy… note the word “almost”. This was not one of the things. Honestly, who forces their girlfriend to dress up as one of Santa’s elves… all in the “spirit of Christmas”… and then go out in public? This was a whole new level of cruelty.

The tights were rubbing against her recently shaved legs and they kept falling down slightly when she walled, something that never failed to make Chloe giggle every time she saw Beca’s hands go to… righten them… every few steps.

In addition to that, Beca was certain that, because of her natural height, people actually mistook her for an elf. So she gave anyone who looked at her for too long a dirty look, hoping that they would get the message. She wished that she possessed a sign with the words: “my girlfriend made me do this”, so as to assure people that this had not been her idea… in any way shape or form.

Though she complained, the truth is that Beca loved seeing Chloe happy, and right now, her redhead was gazing at her fondly with the largest smile she had even seen grace those perfect lips. It was a breathtaking sight.

The Bellas were told that Chloe was taking Beca Christmas shopping due to the younger girls’ reluctance to buy her presents early, which caused the other girls to erupt in voracious laughter. Although Beca knew it was true, she just wished the girls would put their bloody phones away before she smashed them.

They were currently huddled together under Chloe’s umbrella; it had just been raining heavily and there remained a slight chill in the air. Beca knew the umbrella may not be necessary, but the last thing she needed was to be soaked to the skin in an outfit as thin and light as the one she was currently wearing. She would not be a happy elf.

The super-senior had dragged her to various locations within the last few hours, and to Beca’s surprise, they had all been toy shops. Children’s stores. Strange. They spent no time perusing the small stores, which is what she had expected. Instead Beca was left at the door whilst Chloe made her way to the main desk where she, after a brief conversation with the cashier, would be given a few large sacs filled to the brim with… gifts, Beca guessed.

She trusted her girlfriend more than anything in the world, and although she was feeling rather impatient at being kept in the dark, she knew Chloe had good intentions for doing so. Every now and again, their eyes would meet and the super senior would smile softly as her eyes shimmered in the sun. Beautiful.

Arriving at Chloe’s car, she was startled to see that there were a few other large, identical sacs in the back seat of the Mini Cooper; Chloe placing the ones she currently held amongst the rest. Giving her girlfriend a questioning look, which was promptly ignored, Beca sighed and buckled herself into the car before Chloe did the same and drove off.

Ten minutes passed before Beca felt the car come to a gentle stop. Noticing where they were, Beca’s eyebrows furrowed and she turned to Chloe, intent on finally hearing an explanation.

The redhead knew Beca had wanted to understand what was happening from the moment she asked her to wear the costume, but she knew her girlfriend would have been reluctant to come had she told her. She owed it to Beca to open up too. Never before had she told anyone what she was about to tell her girlfriend; that’s how much Beca means to her.

Turning the engine off and lifting up the handbrake, Chloe took a calming breath and kept her eyes focused on the windshield.

“Every year, since I was old enough to understand, my family has had a tradition. My grandfather would choose between myself and my four brothers for someone to accompany him on what he called his ‘Quest For Happiness’.”

She paused, as if lost in her memories and she felt a soft touch on her arm. Beca’s fingers were gently curled around her forearm and it was clear she was trying to get her to face her.

Complying with Beca’s silent plea, she then continued. “My grandfather would take us to different toy stores; a large smile on his face as he greeted anyone and everyone, carrying large sacs as he did so. The final stop was always the Children’s Hospital; a different one every year. People considered him to be a 'Christmas Miracle’; I would go with him as he’d visit every child in that hospital, dressed as Father Christmas, and watch as he would do everything in his power to make them smile before moving to the next child. He didn’t do it for himself, he didn’t do it because it was expected… he did it because he wanted to give something to those children that no one else could give them… happiness. Terminally ill children were given happiness, even if just for a moment. And it was in that moment, that I swore I would follow his footsteps and bring happiness to others, the way he did. After he died, my father took over that role, and we’ve been doing it ever since… and now, I want to share it with you.”

Beca sniffled as she furiously wiped away the tears that trickled down her cheeks. Chloe constantly surprised her everyday, but this… this was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard. Everyone knew that Chloe Beale was a generous woman; that she was someone who desired to help anyone and everyone who needed it… but this story had shaken her to the core.

If Beca had not already been head over heals in love with the redhead, then this story would have erased any and all doubt. Chloe’s eyes glimmered with such emotion, such passion, that Beca knew this meant the world to her. Leaning forward to gently place a lingering kiss on her lips, Beca gently and lovingly caressed her cheek.

“Thank you.” Was all the younger girl said as she blinked back the next wave of tears.

Sensing Chloe’s confusion, Beca smiled fondly at her. “Thank you for sharing this with me. This is something that means a lot to you and your family, and I want to thank you for including me in something as wonderful as bringing joy to those that need it most at Christmas. I am so proud of you and nothing would bring me greater pleasure than to do this with you.”

Chloe’s smile shone brighter than any star in the sky; and it was all Beca could do to just hold her close and make sure this wonderful girl knew how extraordinary she truly was.

Squeezing her hand, Beca gazed into Chloe’s eyes. “Come on Chlo, let’s go and change children’s lives for the better so that we can one day teach our own children to do the same.”

"Oh so you're the camp counselor my sibling keeps raving about"

Dear Maya,
I’m having a great time at camp! It’s been only a day, but my cabin mates are so nice. We took the swim test and the pool is super awesome. I have two counselors, one is a girl named Missy who’s in my cabin with all the girls, and then there’s Lucas who’s in with the boys. And just between us, he’s realllyyy cute. Like, seriously. Not even a little. He’s full blown young Zac Efron level cute. Not for me of course, because I’m 8 and he’s 23. But you’re 22 and I could totally see you two dating. He’s awesome and he’s from Texas. You should talk to him when you come to pick me up from camp.
Love: your sister, Phoebe


I made a friend! Her name is Emma and she is very nice. She has super long nails, and they’re real! She’s so cool, and she’s 10 so she’s older than me. And about Lucas, I asked him if he’s single (even though you said not to). He was nice about it, and he said he was! He’s perfect for you, Maya. I told him about you and he seemed interested. You should send me a photo of you so I can show him. I know you probably don’t want to, but please??? I’ll be sweet and put it by my bunk so that he just happens to see it. I won’t shove it in his face, I promise.
Hoping for a photo, Phoebe


Dearest sister,
Lucas saw the photo. He was all “wait is that your sister” and I was like “yeah” and I swear to god he blushed and smiled all cute. He’s just getting awesomer and awesomer as the days go by. He taught me how to make lanyards and I’m making one on my water bottle, but his is better than mine. That’s okay though, I’ll get better. He’s definitely my favorite counselor. I think he likes me too. And he’d definitely likey-like you. I showed Emma your picture and she says she totally “ships” you guys, which means she likes you as a couple. I agree with her. Turns out he’s been doing college at NYU! He was held back a year when he was little for some reason he won’t tell me, so he’s in your grade. Awesome, right? Parsons and NYU are pretty close. You could totally date him!
Okay, I’m done. Hope everything’s good. Tell mom I say hi.


So I’m leaving tomorrow, which seems crazy. The two weeks went by super fast. They have this thing they do at this camp where by the end of the week, you ask any counselor to “tie your rag.” You pretty much make a goal and work hard to get to it and then a counselor you look up to ties a handkerchief around your neck as a sort of badge. I’m very proud of myself, I faced my fears and went on the big zip line that they have here. I asked Lucas to tie my rag. He’s the greatest. We’re great friends now, and I think I’m his favorite. We always talk when we’re walking around camp and I’ve told him loads about you. He says he’d like to meet you when you come, and I’m so excited! Don’t hate me for this, because it wasn’t my fault, but all the girls in my cabin saw your photo, and now they all want you to date Lucas. It kinda got around, and now everyone teases Lucas about it. He takes it well and laughs and stuff, but that might make it awkward when you meet. Sorry, I didn’t try to make this happen! My whole cabin just knows a cute couple when they see one! Anyways, I’m gonna go now. Can’t wait to see you and introduce you to Lucas tomorrow! I’m gonna miss him when I come home. (Unless you guys date. Then he could be like my big brother or something. That would be the coolest!)
Love, Phoebe :)

Maya chuckles as she finishes reading over the last letter that was sent to her by Camp Orkila from Phoebe. Her little sister always can make her smile, and she must admit she’s excited to see the little firecracker again today.

And Maya must admit, she’s curious about this Lucas guy. If he’s really as cute as Phoebe says he is, then Maya won’t refuse an introduction. Although she can’t help but feel a little embarrassed that Phoebe had the whole camp unit shipping her and this Lucas guy just from one photograph. So yeah, that’s a bit embarrassing, but at the same time it makes Maya more curious about him. What is it about the two of them that had twenty 8-11 year olds turned into huge “lucaya” fans? Maya feels like it was Phoebe’s loud and bubbly voice (something from Riley that had rubbed off on her) blabbering about how Lucas and Maya were perfect for each other.

But alas, Maya finds herself pulling into the grass parking lot in her rental car in the Texas summer camp. She had to take a flight from New York to get here, since her mom was too busy with work to come get Phoebe. So here Maya finds herself, in Texas for the weekend with her sister.

Maya steps out of the car and locks it’s doors, sighing to herself at the sudden Texas heat. She was glad she put on a shit-ton of sunscreen, for she knew her fair skin would soon be looking quite lobster-esque if she hadn’t. She feels beads of sweat start to form on the back of her neck, so she ties her messy blonde waves up in a high ponytail using the hair tie on her wrist.

She tightens the ponytail as she walks to tent with a banner that reads “pick up campers here”, seeing a huddle of kids with taller counselors getting them to participate in circle games and conversations.

Maya sees some girls crying and hugging about their departure, not including Phoebe not to her surprise. Phoebe isn’t exactly the crying, weepy emotional type.

She suddenly spots her little sister in a different place, sitting in the grass and weaving something attached to her water bottle concentratedly.

Maya smiles at Phoebe, her straight brunette locks falling into her eyes as she looks down at her water bottle attachment. Her brown hair was a trait that surprised everyone when she was born, a trait that she had gotten from Shawn’s side of the family. But she still had the same striking blue eyes as Maya did. Yet she got lucky with tanned skin, as opposed to Maya’s pale complexion.

Maya starts to walk over to her, but she slows a bit as she notices a boy sitting next to Phoebe, working on his own lanyard.

That must be Lucas.

Phoebe wasn’t lying when she had said that Lucas looked like a young Zac Efron, with his sea foam green eyes and his tousled dirty blonde hair. He had a sharp jawline and broad shoulders, his skin tanned from days at the summer camp.

Maya smiled slightly as he shares a laugh with Phoebe, the two seeming to share a connection.

Maya walks closer and sees Phoebe look up to her, a large smile spreading on her face.

“Maya!” She smiles, hopping up from her sitting position in the grass and engulfing Maya in a huge hug. Maya hugs back tightly, Phoebe almost the same height as her despite being eight years old.

“Hey, sister spaz. How was camp?” Maya beams at Phoebe, pulling away from the hug and tucking a brown lock behind her ear.

“Great! Did you get all my letters?” Phoebe says enthusiastically, folding her hands together with a huge smile.

“Oh, I did.” Maya says with a chuckle, glancing at Lucas who is now standing as well. Maya feels her cheeks flush as their eyes meet, pulling her stare away and putting it back on Phoebe. God, he was hot. He hasn’t even said a word and Maya already has butterflies in her stomach.

“Oh and Maya, this is Lucas, the best counselor ever.” Phoebe beams, pulling Maya by her hand so that she’s standing closer to Lucas.

“And Lucas, this is my sister Maya. Also known as the best sister ever, who is twenty-two and available and very pretty, if you haven’t noticed.” Phoebe says shamelessly like she always does. Maya feels her cheeks grow incredibly hot, Lucas’s face becoming adorned with a boyish smile.

“Nice to meet you, Maya.” He says with a Prince Charming-like smile, Maya’s stomach tightening further into its knot as she hears his deep, gravely yet kind voice. God, this guy is perfect. How the hell did Phoebe think Maya of all people had a chance with him?

And how the hell does he not have a girlfriend?

“And you,” Maya replies, trying to keep her usual sarcastic tone as a cover for how jittery he’s making her feel.

“So you’re from New York, huh?” Lucas smirks, and Maya notices his very slight southern drawl. She can’t help but find it attractive.

“Yeah, born and raised. I hear you’re from here in good ole Texas country, Sundance.” Maya attempts to cover her attraction with her usual name calling and teasing.

“Maya, be nice.” Phoebe huffs from her side, tugging on Maya’s hand.

“Fine. Sorry.” Maya chuckles, Lucas smiling down at Phoebe.

“It’s all good, Phoebe,” Lucas says to Phoebe, before looking up to Maya, “Sundance, that’s a new one. Props to you.” Lucas laughs, smiling down at Maya with a slight blush on his cheeks as well.

Maya notices the small crowd of giddy ten year olds watching them with wide eyes, the talk of the camp for the past two weeks finally standing in front of them.

“So I hear you’re going to NYU? Phoebe told me all about it in her letters.” Maya asks, making conversation.

“Yeah, I am. And you’re at Parsons?”

“I assume Phoebe had lots to say about me too?”

“Oh yeah.” Lucas says with a chuckle, Maya laughing slightly as well.

“She has quite the big mouth, this one..” Maya smirks, pulling Phoebe into a tight side-hug.

“Yeah. It was awesome having her here.” Lucas smiles at Phoebe again.

“She had a blast. Right Pheebs?”

“Totally. You’re my favorite, Lucas.” Phoebe smiles, and Lucas laughs.

“Just between us,” Lucas says, leaning in and whispering, “you’re my favorite too.”

Phoebe somehow beams even more at this, Lucas giving her a fist bump.

“Now can you please give Maya your number so we can hang out again? And also so you two can see each other again? Come on, I know you like each other. It’s like, all over your faces.” She says bluntly, Maya blushing intensely.

“I mean, I wouldn’t mind getting together sometime, Maya. I get back from camp in August.” Lucas smiles, scratching the back of his back as excited squeals come from the group of ten year olds.

“Oh! I mean, sure!” Maya stammers, keeping her cool as her cheeks somehow turn redder, “uh, here. I have a pen. I’ll give you my number.”

“Oh, okay cool.” Lucas says with a big goofy grin on his face, Maya ripping a small slip of paper from her sketchbook in her purse and scribbling her number onto it before handing it to him.

“Alright cool, it was nice meeting you. And Phoebe,” Lucas turns to Phoebe and gives her a hug, “it was so awesome to hang out with you.”

“It won’t be the last time. Especially when you two start dating.” Phoebe smirks, Maya and Lucas both blushing, Maya chuckling nervously.

“Hopefully.” Lucas smiles at Maya, her stomach dropping as she looks into his sea foam gaze. He really is a ten.

“See you soon ish then.” Maya chuckles bashfully.

“Until then, blondie.”

buy my love [one]

Note: thank you for putting up with all those drafts. after forty-seven years here it is in full un-edited glory. it’s different than how i originally pictured it, but i’m happy that it’s done. this will be multi-part, and they’ll be short. sometimes they won’t even be connected. also i usually put pictures next to my scenarios, but i’m going to discontinue doing that starting now and moving forward.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: smut, smut, and more smut, sugar mama au
Warnings: escort/prostitution, oral, semi-public
Word Count: 1722
Rating: NC-17/MA

Multi Parts: [one] [two] [three] **ongoing, to be updated as i write…**

Summary: It started in the bathroom of a club…




Taehyung doesn’t expect a lot out of the latest networking event. It’s already two months into year four already, and so far he hasn’t scored a single internship, mentorship, apprenticeship, or a ship to moon so he could maybe die after disappointing his family for the last time. He’s generally not a bitter person, but it’s particularly off-putting to see all of his close friends make real progress towards their dreams while he flounders in some sort of weird, purgatorial, developmental hell. This was not at all how university was supposed to go. 

He fidgets in his seat as he rereads the texts Jimin sent him reminding him of the online statistics quiz due tonight at 11:59PM. 

[18:08] jimin: i know you didnt even start and its like 33 questions long

[18:08] jimin: it took me an hour to finish rip

[18:10] jimin: question order will probably be randomized but if u start and u need help lmk. good luck @ networking!

Taehyung is about 99% grateful for the reminder and offer from his roommate, so it’s with a guilty heart that he tries to squash the ugly 1% that wants to throw a tantrum about not needing a babysitter to finish the dumb quiz. 

Not good enough. No one says those exact words to his face, but they don’t need to - not when the world slaps him with a daily reminder through each rejection notice and unanswered call. It’s not like his current debt-to-income ratio isn’t depressing the hell out of him already. Graduation is approaching; he’ll probably enlist. And this would give him another two to three years worth of a grace period before he’s forced to tackle the biggest question of his life: now what?

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By Countess Signy Heri
(Kingdom of Atlantia)

I’ve been fighting in SCA armored combat for about nine years.  There was a long hiatus between years three and four, but now I’m back, and working hard at it.  I want to be a knight!  I’ve always wanted to be a knight.  Combat is just plain fun, and the thought of embodying modern Chivalric ideals makes my heart soar.

But my progress has been slow, which really bothers me.  I’m a great athlete.  I’ve excelled at a number of sports, including two martial arts, and some very physically-demanding jobs.  Excellence in armored combat, though, has seemed to elude me at every turn.  Years of practice only brought frustration punctuated by a few nasty sports injuries.  I was consistently stalled in the low-mediocre range.  Why couldn’t I crush this?

It wasn’t until a few crucial things came together, mostly through luck, that I began to feel some real progress.  I landed in a new home that was square in the middle of a lot of talented SCA peers, and started training with the formidable Duke Anton Tremayne (who, happens to be a lefty, like me.)  After several months of practice, and a lot of tweaking to my gear and armor, I entered and won the Iron Rose Tournament at our kingdom’s War of the Wings in 2016.  The Iron Rose is a ladies-only tournament sponsored by Sir Christian Thomas and his household, Yorkshire Manor.

After that full nine years of struggling, a tournament win felt GREAT - I ain’t gonna lie to you.  But great athletes need short memories, and the memory of winning doesn’t persist for very long.  The tourney itself, though - that was something entirely different.  I found that my morale, and my desire to keep driving forward on my path to knighthood, was entirely changed afterwards.  

I’ve spent the last year thinking about WHY the Iron Rose Tournament made me feel like my ultimate goal, knighthood, was suddenly within my reach.  After a year of pondering, I want to tell the Knowne World why women-only tournaments are important, and why we should support them.

Women Face Different Challenges Than Men

Before you ask, no, I  have not read “The Armored Rose” by Tobi Beck.   

I  know that women are totally capable of excelling at armored combat.  But we have some unique challenges in our paths to excellence.  I’ve spent the better part of my nine years in combat chasing my tail and getting nowhere - that takes a lot of persistence.  Or stupidity.  Your average pursuant would be completely justified in throwing his or her hands up and quitting the field in that length of time.

But I didn’t HAVE to waste so much time and effort, and neither does anyone else.

I think a little awareness of the common pitfalls that stop women from making progress can make a big difference to trainers and trainees alike.  If we want our sport to have a future, we absolutely need to be recruiting and retaining female fighters.  I think that topic deserves it’s own essay - meanwhile, let’s just focus on what keeps women from feeling successful in combat.

Our first hurdle, as aspiring combatants, is simply getting into armor.  It’s a size & shape thing - most women don’t fit into most loaner gear at practices.  If an average-sized guy shows up to a fight practice, he will most likely be fitted out with enough gear to start fighting right away.  Most of us girls?  We have to be content with some verbal instruction, or hitting someone’s shield, or sitting on the sidelines watching, until we can cobble together enough custom gear to really start fighting.   Think about what a significant barrier to entry this is - having to invest hundreds of dollars on gear, before you know if you even LIKE the sport.  We typically waste a lot of time and money fighting with our armor before we can fight with anyone on the field.  These economic and temporal burdens alone should answer the question of why women tend to migrate over to fencing instead of pursuing heavy combat.  

Our second major challenge is finding competent instruction.   After we finally manage to get into armor, women have a much longer and steeper road to initial success in combat than guys.  We need to master better technique before we can even start getting our money’s worth out of a fight, and we need more specialized instruction to get to a level where we can effectively compete in a sport with no size or weight classes.  

I’m not bashing on anyone here - I’m grateful for all the instructors who take time out of their busy lives to conduct fight practices all over the Knowne World.  They schlep all the gear,  welcome all the newcomers, try to teach everyone from the ground up, and absolutely keep our fun sport going.  

And yet - women need individualized teaching.  Once again, your average-sized guy can show up to practice, and see a whole bunch of other average-sized guys there waiting to teach him something. He’ll likely receive instruction from one of these guys, who will be able to teach him techniques that work for perfectly well for - you guessed it! - average-sized guys.  

But women are generally smaller, and we have to move and throw shots a little differently than those ASGs.  These differences are due mostly to physics and geometry.  If you teach me techniques that don’t work for me, and then rationalize that they don’t work because I’m either not strong enough, or don’t work hard enough, or can’t follow instructions, or whatever - that significantly slows down my progress.  And hurts my morale.  

It takes a competent, talented trainer to assess a specific fighter’s size and strength, come up with a training plan that is targeted to her, and ultimately enhance her likelihood of success.  Most of us can teach someone what works for US, but not everyone can imagine how to overcome obstacles that we’ve never had to personally address.  

For the record here - I’m 5’1”, 130 lbs, left-handed, and super-strong for my size.  But despite my strength, I still can’t “muscle” a shot in with poor technique, nor can I be very successful at throwing blows way over my head.  Because PHYSICS, dammit!  And geometry.

Your average-sized guy can get lucky with a few shots early on in his fighting career - he can land a few blows thanks to his height and arm strength, even with poor technique, and feel pretty good about his potential to get better.  But women rarely get those freebies at the start of our training, and it takes a lot of inner strength to keeping pushing through failure after failure before we can start feeling even mildly successful at this game.

To overcome limitations of size and strength relative to my male friends, I have to have great technique, and I have to apply it in some non-standard ways.  It wasn’t until I met Duke Anton, a truly gifted fighter and trainer, that I started learning how to use my size to my advantage, rather than blundering through fights and wondering why nothing was working. Getting better at combat isn’t a matter of luck or sweat, it’s a matter of learning how to solve common problems in different ways.  We can absolutely do it, but we need targeted training.

Women’s third major challenge is a lot messier to address, and I will likely get a lot of blowback for this, but in our path to excellence in combat, we face serious social, cultural, and emotional challenges.

Please calm down, everyone.  Just breathe for a second, take a moment, and then try to hear me out.  

Women are trained to put other people first.  Yes, this is a generalization, but consider the concept of “emotional work”.  This is a phrase that is relatively new to me, but in a nutshell, women are generally expected to bear the brunt of the emotional work in every relationship.  If we don’t show compassion, or tend to other people, or bake cookies, or pretend to care about buying a gift for a coworker’s brother’s second cousin’s baby shower, we are called unflattering names.  

We are also trained to over-apologize for basic things, for how we look, for taking up time, for taking up space, for asking for what we need, and even for being really, really good at something.  We are trained to not hurt anyone’s feelings, and that being beautiful is more important than being smart.  Maybe this sort of thing only applies to women of my generation - I’m 47 - but I think it affects women of all ages.  You’re welcome to tell me if I’m wrong. (Believe me, I’d love to be wrong about this.)

So how does this affect our progress as fighters?  Well - we apologize too much.  (I do it!  I reflexively say “Sorry!” if I hear someone grunt when I hit her.  I have to tell myself to stop it.) We do not demand enough training time at practices.  We feel bad about winning.  We lose fights in our heads before they even start sometimes, because winning just seems….pushy?  We are much too polite to that guy at practice who doesn’t fight, but who will steal all our training time mansplaining his theories on fighting, because he’s a guy, and obviously, even guys who don’t fight know more about it than girls, right?  And we waste a LOT of time doing things that take time away from our fighting.

We tend to neglect to speak up enough about our needs, and we don’t give ourselves enough credit for our accomplishments.  And we don’t tell those chatty mansplainers to shut their pieholes (please!), because we’ve only got so much time to practice.

Another big social hurdle in keeping women on the path to knighthood is that we often put fighting aside to take care of things that have been historically designated to women.  Lots of us drop out to take care of children, to support the other fighter(s) in the household, or to focus on other things that need to get done, like feeding people, making garb, teaching classes, or whatever.  

Am I saying this is bad?  No.  But if we want to fight, we need to recognize that combat takes time away from other things, and we need to give ourselves permission to claim some of that time back.  Atlantia has had several talented female fighters over the years who dropped out before they were knighted, whether for kids or relationships, or other real-world issues like job relocations.  If we’d been able to speed up their progress as fighters, and support them socially for making the choice to keep fighting, we’d likely have female knights by now, and probably a lot more ladies in armor overall.

This paragraph doesn’t even begin to touch on ALL the variations of socio-cultural nonsense that women wade through. However, the fact remains that we, ourselves, often put ourselves out of the game before it even starts.  We can fix this, but to address it effectively, we need to recognize it and talk about it first.

Now, my last category of issues that affect women fighters is the one we hate to discuss  - that is, misogyny and harassment.   Inside the fighting community in the SCA, I have occasionally encountered problems - sometimes,  bad characters won’t take shots from me.  (Yes, the answer is: hit them harder.)  Occasionally, I’ve had people “helpfully” suggest other paths I can take in the SCA, because there are just so few female knights (i.e., you think my chances of success are low, thank you.).  I have heard stories of women being derailed from heavy fighting by abusive and controlling men.  Thankfully, those stories are rare.  But all of these situations take a toll on my love of the game.

It’s really OUTSIDE of the SCA that we get our heads twisted.  That’s where women learn the painful double-standards and social punishment that accompany being a strong woman - did anyone refer to Bernie Sanders as “that nasty man”, for daring to believe he could be president?   We tell women that they can do “anything” with one side of our mouths, while neglecting to tell them with the other side of our mouths that the price is high, and that it involves a pound of flesh exacted by a thousand cuts.  We become wary of speaking out or standing out.  Ugly attention from the worst kind of trolls can make some women shun becoming leaders, and this resistance to being in the spotlight bleeds over into our hobbies as well.

Mundanely, I worked for several years as the only woman smokejumper (*elite wildland firefighter) in California.  Despite being a standout achiever in my rookie class, I got noticed more for unflattering photographs or what I was wearing than for my work.  I had to change how I spoke and how I stood (power poses, they work!) in order to be heard in meetings.  I nearly came to blows with a coworker when I was promoted over him - he loudly proclaimed that the promotion was due to my gender rather than my far-superior qualifications, and I had to shout him down in front of my boss, who remained silent.  (Rather than getting arrested for assault, later that day I stapled a copy of my resume to his locker…with a LOT of staples.)

So I’ve learned to be wary of the social cost of promotions…does this affect my performance in combat? Do I try a little less hard to win?  Maybe.  Do I fear people whispering in the future that I only got knighted because I’m a girl?  Yeah.  Do I imagine people saying that I won a fight or a tourney because someone went easy on me?  THAT keeps me awake at night.  It takes some joy out of the pursuit, believe me.  I don’t just have to be good….I have to be excellent, or I’ll never believe I’m good enough.  Thanks, Misogyny.  Thanks, Harassment.

Let me state once again, though, that I’ve generally run into more problems with misogyny/harassment in the world outside of the SCA than inside of it.  I think the armored-combat world overall is welcoming to anyone who shows the motivation to enter and progress in it.  In my experience, combatants usually have a good “dojo mentality”, where what happens on the field, stays on the field, with no hard feelings.  We have no weight classes or gender divisions in most tournaments - if you can land a good blow, you can win a fight.  But misogyny exists, and if there are problems somewhere, we need to listen attentively, raise our awareness, and root it out.  Maybe the chivalric ideals to which we aspire in the SCA can inform our behavior everywhere.  And maybe, we can help our female fighters to trust that we won’t punish them for success.  

Now let’s get back to my original assertion - that We Need More Women-Only Tournaments.

Why?  Because they will help women to be more successful, more quickly.  The inaugural WoW Iron Rose tourney in 2016 introduced me to most of the active female fighters in our kingdom, and a few from outside of the kingdom.  For the first time in my life as a fighter, I was able to actually measure my progress against my real peers, people who looked and fought like me, and who had faced the same challenges to get onto the field and keep fighting.

And afterwards, I’ve stayed in touch with most of those same women.  We can recognize each other on the battlefield.  We talk online.  We troubleshoot problems.   We give each other props and recognition.  We trade training advice, and talk about armor.  Most importantly, we encourage each other to keep going.  Sharing information, ANY information, that can help us all spend more time moving forward and less time problem solving, is imperative for retaining women in heavy combat.

It wasn’t until after the Iron Rose tourney that I realized the value of having a community of women fighters, and how isolated I had been previously. It takes a lot of persistence to keep plugging away at this game, reinventing the wheel at every step - once again, our obstacles are not common to the armored-combat community as a whole.  And it takes some serious mojo to keep wading into terra incognita - there are no female knights in this kingdom (yet), which means we’re breaking trail at every step.  

Chatting around the metaphorical water cooler with other women at these tourneys gives me valuable information, gives me a place to share what I’ve learned, and heartens me on my path to knighthood.  It also gives all of us women some language and insight for talking to our trainers, and a platform for discussing our obstacles and avenues to success.  Squires have squire’s tourneys.  Novices have novice tourneys.  Unbelts have unbelted tourneys, and knights have tournaments of chivalry.  We want to measure ourselves against our peers.  Women’s tourneys need a place on the same table, folks.

Which brings me to my central thesis here - IF WE WANT MORE WOMEN TO PARTICIPATE IN HEAVY COMBAT, WE NEED TO BUILD OUR COMMUNITY OF WOMEN FIGHTERS.  And the way to build that community is to bring us together for tournaments.  Let’s continue to make these happen, continue to urge our sisters to come out for them, and support them like our hobby depends on it….because it does.

Thanks, y’all.  - Signy

(*Thank you, Sir Christian Thomas, and thank you, Yorkshire Manor, for sponsoring the Iron Rose Tournament at WoW in 2016 and 2017.)

Dana M. Lucas (ska Signy Heri)


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And what makes you so sure, honestly? Like, besides the over the top photoshop theories, what makes you think he's not his baby? I know some of you talk about how Liam talks about bear vs how Louis talks about Freddie, but you need to realize that there's not a formula on how to talk about your kid, every parent is different! And my main question is: why the hell would they make him have a fake baby??? Do you really think Louis (and his family) would be cool and play along with that???

What makes me so sure? *cracks knuckles*

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a banghim one-shot inspired by the prompts I received today. includes himchan worrying about yongguk this comeback. angst. ot6 feels. fluff.


It’s common knowledge that Bang Yongguk barely sleeps. If you were to rank B.A.P by their sleeping problems, the leader is the obvious number one. Daehyun would come second, even if it’s with a margin. Jongup is undoubtedly last; the guy is like a damn cat. Junhong only has trouble falling asleep right before big performances. Youngjae falls asleep less than five minutes after the lights go out.

Himchan can’t sleep when he worries. When heavy thoughts won’t stop circling like vultures inside his head. Those nights he toss and turn until the bed doesn’t feel comfortable anymore, and he has to get up and do something else not to go crazy.

When Yongguk still lived in the dorm, those were the nights Himchan would find the leader sitting with his laptop and awful posture somewhere in the dark. He’d take a bottle from their stash and force Yongguk to talk to him until he felt tired again. Usually he’d manage to drag the oldest with him to bed by that time as well, right before sunrise. They’d have a bit of a headache the next morning, but at least they’d gotten a few hours shut-eye. It had worked. It had been easy.

Now, it isn’t as easy.

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Sfw angst with chocobros having a crush on Ravus' s/o? (break my heart)

YES!!! I am loving this! *secretly crying* Why must I hurt the things I love!



“Hello Noctis.”

Noctis turned away from the balcony edge he was, looking to the night sky of Tarabene, he already knew who it was, but still he wanted to see you. You looked absolutely beautiful in the white dress.  Not that it wasn’t uncommon to find you in white now, as you were now Tarabene upper elite. “Hi Y/N.”

Noctis smiled, as you moved forward, pressing a kiss to each of his cheeks, before cupping them. You were much older than himself, about by 7 years but still that didn’t stop his heart from fluttering every time he saw you. Ever since he was a child, he’d remember seeing you at social elite gatherings, you were also so kind to him, multiple times offering him the chance to sit with you, or moving to sit with him.

He recalled multiple times at different parties, where he was younger that you would eat most of his veggies and then split your dessert with him. Pressing a finger to your lips to stating that it was a secret, than requesting a dance later on the floor, despite him having two left feet until just  a few years ago, where he was determined to show you that he was a good dancer  now.

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