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Summer (7)

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Description: Jiyoon and Jongin had been best friends since birth thanks to their families. They visit a cabin every summer, nothing changed until both of them had graduated, soon off to college. This would be their last time at the family cabin for years to come, and things begin to change for Jongin. What happens when he begins to realize everything too late?

Word Count: 2,601

Warnings: Smut

Pairing: Kim Jongin (Kai) x OC (Park Jiyoon)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist ㅅㅇㅅ

(A/N: This may include inaccurate representations of Kai’s family because I don’t know them, nor do I claim them as characters.)

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It appeared as if Jongin didn’t remember what had occurred. Jiyoon was grateful for that, obviously, but was also a bit upset. She had hoped that he’d remembered so she’d have a reason to talk to him.

She took that day off of work and almost slept half the day. When she woke up, everything around her reminded her of Jongin. She knew that for both of them, she had to keep him out of her mind. His words replayed over and over again - he still loved her.

And she still loved him. If she’d just stayed a few hours that morning, everything would’ve been fine. Jongin would’ve waited for her to come back and they would’ve been together a long time, if not for the rest of their lives.

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The way Julie has treated Sana this season is extremely disrespectful and I wish so much that Sana was more of the main focus instead of a toxic relationship that had absolutely nothing to deal with her at all or the russ bus incident. So many things about her haven't been disclosed or cleaned up in the slightest bit and I wish Julie could fix it all now and give us more of Sana's season but in Julie's eyes, I don't think she cares much about plot since this is the last season of SKAM.

Exactly. Thank you so much! Had they focused on the russ bus incident or any of the other plots that included Sana, it’d have been HUGE. But she repeatedly got shoved aside for other plots in which she was only there to witness. And then now she’s disappeared altogether.But we’re not supposed to be upset about that…?

Azriel + Elain. I ship it. Hear me out (ACOWAR spoilers).

I have a theory that Azriel and Elain are ultimately going to end up together. I hated myself for it at first because I was kind of pulling for Lucien (poor Lucien), but now that I’ve put together the below evidence, I am 100% on board. 

We all know that SJM is the queen of foreshadowing. She plants hints books in advance, and we don’t realize it was foreshadowing until after the truth has been revealed and you’re like duh this was SO OBVIOUS BECAUSE SHE BASICALLY TOLD US WITHOUT TELLING US (a few examples: Feyre being Rhys’ mate, Rowan being Aelin’s).

So, Azriel and Elain. Yes, I know Elain has a mate. Yes, I know that at the end of ACOWAR, all signs were pointing towards Elain giving him a chance. But I think that’s all it’s going to be. A chance. 

Now let’s dig into the evidence. After finishing ACOWAR, I (obviously) had to re-read the whole series, now that I knew how it all turned out. 

In ACOMAF, I came across the following passage on p. 487:

Nesta. I painted flames for her. She was always angry, always burning. I think that she and Amren would be fast friends. I think she would like Velaris, despite herself. And I think Elain - Elain would like it, too. Though she’d probably cling to Azriel, just to have some peace and quiet. I smiled at the thought - at how handsome they would be together. If the warrior ever stopped quietly loving Mor.

After having read ACOWAR, we know that Nesta and Amren became fast friends. We know that despite herself, she definitely likes Velaris. And we know that Elain clings to Azriel - that he was gentle with her, and kind. All of that passage came true. What struck me weirdly about it was that next sentence - I smiled at the thought - at how handsome they would be together. If the warrior ever stopped quietly loving Mor. Knowing what we know now about Mor, I think it’s safe to assume that in the near future, Mor will tell Azriel the truth. And when that happens…he’ll (hopefully) eventually open up his heart to someone else.

Once those sentences had grabbed my attention, when I was re-reading ACOWAR, all of the Azriel/Elain scenes just…made sense. He’s kind to her. Gentle. He sits with her when she’s in the garden. He walks with her arm wrapped around his. He carries her when she’s too weak to walk herself. There’s a fair amount of evidence that I could pull together, but to spare you from this post being absurdly long, I’m just asking you to trust me on the little moments.

Two more scenes that I do want to dissect, however. The first one being when Rhys explains how you can reject a mating bond - it’s a long passage, so I’m only going to include the highlights (p.257):

“You said your mother and father were wrong for each other; Tamlin said his own parents were wrong for each other….so it can’t be a perfect system of matching. What if -” I jerked my chin toward the window, to my sister and the shadowsinger in the garden - “that is what she needs? Is there no free will? What if Lucien wishes the union but she doesn’t?”


“Sometimes, the bond is nothing more than some…preordained guesswork at who will provide the strongest offspring. At its basest level, it’s perhaps only that….Only years later will they realize that perhaps the pairing was not ideal in spirit.”

Rhys goes on to explain how you can reject the bond but it can drive the male mad. At this point, my brain was screaming !!!!!!!!! at me. 1) because SJM is the queen of foreshadowing and if she included this discussion, she included it for a reason and 2) Feyre literally is like ummmm hi, I think Azriel could be a better match.

Finally, the last piece of evidence I will include, is the scene where Azriel hands Elain truth-teller. This scene is so important, so pivotal, that is even included in the A Court of Thorns and Roses coloring book. If you own the coloring book, you know that the scenes in there have huge significance to the story. Again this scene is a bit long to include, but highlights below, after he gently presses her hand into the hilt of the legendary blade (p.610):

“Cassian gawked at Azriel, and I wondered how often Azriel had lent out that blade - 

Never, Rhys said from where he finished buckling on his own weapons against the side of the wagon. I have never once seen Azriel let another person touch that knife

Elain looked up at Azriel, their eyes meeting, his hand still lingering on the hilt of the blade. I saw the painting in the mind: the lovely fawn, blooming spring vibrant behind her. Standing before Death, shadows and terrors lurking over his shoulder. Light and dark, the space between their bodies a blend of the two. The only bridge of connection…that knife.”

I don’t think there’s much to say other than OH MY GOD THAT PASSAGE I SHIP IT.

IN CONCLUSION (I’m sorry this post was so long but I needed to include evidence to back up this kind of crazy theory), I think that Elain and/or Lucien will end up rejecting the bond. If I had to make a really crazy guess, I’m going to predict that Lucien ends up being Helion’s heir (and therefore moving to his court), and because he is decent, he realizes that Elain will want to stay with her sister’s in the Night Court. Because he recognizes that maybe they aren’t a true match in spirit, he will let her go. And then boom, that leaves the door open for Azriel + Elain. The end.

Let me know your thoughts!!

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Newt has a big crush on Graves pass it on

Newton Artemis Fido Scamander most certainly did not have a crush on one Percival Graves, the Director of Magical Security - until he did, that is.

Newt hadn’t had a crush on anyone for years, in fact, until a good three months after the Grindelwald incident. A good three months after they found Graves. Newt had been brought in to consult on a trafficking ring that broke out during the chaos of cleaning up Grindelwald’s mess and MACUSA had instantly asked for his return. He had come back, knowing he’d probably end up meeting the man behind the face that Grindelwald had stolen -

Only to find out he was on sick leave, re-cooperating from the trauma of being held prisoner. What trauma specifically, be it psychological or physically, no one could say. Nor could they say how long he’d be gone.

So imagine Newt’s surprise when he’s knee deep in a raid - spells flying, creatures howling from their cages and panicking, lashing out through the bars and suddenly, he appears. He spots Graves entering the chamber from across the chaos and for a heart stopping second, Newt can’t move. His face is so familiar, and every moment he blinks, he can see Grindelwald’s exasperated expression as he sentenced him to death. But every time he opens his eyes, he see Percival Graves. And while the face is the same, nothing else is.

Grindelwald had moved like a peacock, strutting his power and the richness of Graves’ body like a man flaunting a pricey car. Graves moved like a panther; smooth, steadfast, assured of his capabilities but also cautious enough to know that didn’t ensure a painless fight. His eyes were deep and focused. He scanned the chaos at hand with a sheer, calm calculation that set Newt at ease. 

And when he announced his entrance finally to the group at large, it was not flashy or wasteful. He bound and gagged three criminals before the rest even realized he was attacking them at all. 

He attacked not just for himself, but for his flock. He cast spells that assisted those aurors that were struggling the most first - the outnumbered or exhausted or wounded. And once assured of their safety, then moved onto the rest. He wasn’t flashy. He didn’t try to eliminate everyone on his own, although Newt had a small inkling that he could. Instead, he worked with his aurors. He attacked just as much as he defended, moving slow and precisely. It wasn’t a race, after all. The safety of his team was most important.

And so while it was a sluggish fight, it was predominantly a success, with minimal injuries occurring after the fact.

“Well done,” he said, his voice rough like whiskey and warming Newt’s chest just the same. Newt watched as he clapped a strong hand onto Abernathy’s shoulder and squeezed, encouraging, before turning to the room at large. “Everyone, begin transporting these men to headquarters. We’ve a long night of paperwork ahead of us.”


“Of course, sir!”

“Right away!”

And then Graves turned to look at him.

Mr. Scamander, yes? I was informed you were assisting with this case. Are you alright?” Graves asked, approaching him all the while, and Newt couldn’t help but feel pinned beneath the wolfish focus of those eyes. He swallowed, about the speak, when Graves’ gaze slid suddenly over Newt’s shoulder. 

He received no more notice than that. Suddenly, Graves was in front of him, shoving him aside. Newt stumbled into a nearby table, off balance, then whirled to take in what had set Graves off. 

A nundu stood where Newt had once stood, blood on it’s claws. Were it not for the cruel muzzle the criminals had placed upon the creature’s snout, Graves would probably have been struck dead by the creature’s poisons. Newt, too. 

Graves had managed to back away somewhat, but Newt could see where the nundu had struck him - sleeve torn and muddled red at the forearm. Graves had both his hands out, both making him seem large while also giving the nundu sight of both his hands and what they were doing. 

Newt rose to his feet quickly, mouth open to direct Graves, when the man then turned his open palms to him and shook his head - shushing him with his eyes. It was then he realized the man must have already warned back his aurors, too, because they were frozen in a semi-ring around him, wands drawn but frozen as they watched.

The nundu was growling, it’s huge throat swollen in angry and its thorny mane bristling. Newt felt his heart constrict, torn between directing Graves regardless of the man’s request for silence and telling him not to harm the nundu.

But neither predator attacked, nor seemed to attend to - both just staring each other down. It was then, Newt realized, that Graves was gently easing a wandless spell through the air between them. It sunk into the creature gradually, easing it into a calm stupor incrementally instead of all at once lest the spell panic the beast. Newt watched, wide-eyed, as the director calmly eased the creature to the ground - falling into a kneel in time with the moment that the creature laid down, keeping eye contact until it was finally fully slack, eyes closed, restful and at peace. 

“Sir, that was amazing,” one of the aurors whispered, awed. 

“Yes it was,” Newt whispered.

Graves leaned forward, hands searching out the crevices of the muzzle, frowning as though displeased as Newt approached. The man looked up at him once before leaning back on his haunches and turning his attention back to the beast.

“My apologies, Mr. Scamander. I am well aware of your expertise, but I did not think warning you would give you enough time to react - I hope I did not hurt you.”

“N-no, I’m quite alright. You… Thank you for not harming him. Another man might have killed him without another thought if they were staring down a nundu.”

“It’s not the creature’s fault he’s here. A spell must have shattered the door to his cage. Spooked him. We got too close and he was acting on instinct. He didn’t advance any further after the initial swipe - he didn’t want to hurt anyone,” Graves said, eyes on the creature as he spoke. “Can hardly fault him for trying to protect himself. Far from home, surrounded by hostile people and then exposed to the fight that just happened. And then he was muzzled. I don’t strike a man if I have a knife and he doesn’t. Goes the same for creatures. Just doesn’t seem right.”

Newt blinked, stock-still in the face of the last words he had expected to hear.

“I wish we could loosen this,” Graves said, fingers trailing over the places where the muzzle bit cruelly into the creature’s jaws, “But until he’s somewhere more managable, I don’t think that’s an option - for all of our sake’s, his included. I apologize though, Mr. Scamander. I know you’re likely not comfortable with that.”

Newt jerked, shook himself of his daze and said, “N-No, not at all. You’re right, it’s best for all of us, the nundu included, until I can get him somewhere safe.”

And when Graves rose to his feet, they were suddenly so close. Newt felt his breath hitch. He watched as Graves ran a hand over his wound, sewing the ragged mess shut, before looking ever so slightly up to look at Newt.

“Are you sure you’re alright, Mr. Scamander?” Graves asked. “You look a little shell shocked.”

Newt nodded quickly, too quickly to be smooth.

“Good. We should start noting and moving these creatures somewhere safe, then. I’d be happy to lend you a hand, if you need the assistance,” Graves said, clapping Newt on the back as he had done the aurors. “The faster we get them somewhere more like home, the better - right?”

And when Graves smiled at him, Newt felt his breath catch in his lungs. Oh no, he thought. He’s perfect.

An Announcement and a Little Concern

Hello all! I’m sorry to put drama on your dashboards, but yesterday some information was brought to me and I need to be entirely clear and open about some things in order to protect myself, and hopefully to protect you guys too.

I have only one character in the game, Syrena Kalihd, and that will never change.

I am not Selene Kalihd (also known as @jaybartram / @princess-zeldaluna / Zelda Luna), and I have no ties whatsoever to this person. They are a pathological liar who lies and manipulates to knowingly and purposefully take character appearances and names, and then attempts to paint themselves as an innocent and unwitting party to gain sympathy. After the recent occurrence of someone making a duplicate of a character named Empress Quistis and using the false blog to slander that person’s name by sending hateful messages, I am more than a little wary of people taking other people’s character names and faces, and I feel I need to make it 100% clear that they are someone who made a willful decision to copy me, and they are not in any way an alt or secondary character of mine.

I am not someone who feels that similarities in character appearance warrant upset; the ffxiv character creator is fairly limited, and coincidental similarities or even duplicates are to be expected. But an active attempt to copy my character’s appearance and name is something that I’m uncomfortable with, and I am made even more uncomfortable by the fact that when questioned, Zelda claimed she doesn’t know me/has never seen me/did not copy me, despite that all of this is clearly untrue.

I will be presenting evidence; not because I am upset at the copying, but because I am upset at the lying, double dealing, and manipulation this person has exhibited, and I need to prove that this is not a coincidental similarity.

Buckle in guys, this is gonna be a bit of a ride.

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So um, I went on the Voltron website and

So they have character descriptions for p much everyone. Including Shiro

But reading the last bit of his passage

is now



My Beauty & The Beast Review (spoilers!)

I know there’s been hundreds of these done before, but I just wanted to share my opinion on the highlights and lowlights of the new 2017 live action film (WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVED AND WILL BE SEEING A SECOND TIME), upon looking at all the comments and criticisms I’ve seen either through youtube videos, critics, and scrolling through tumblr. 

Cons/scenes that confused me:

- The opening number was not as magical as it could have been. I can’t describe exactly what–it just wasn’t as impactful as a number as the original
- The library scene was not as much as a big reveal. It felt so casual and rushed into–but I really liked how it was such a surprise in the original version
- I feel like Emma Watson could have put more emotion into her singing. I mean of course she can’t top Paige O’Hara but still, I feel like sometimes her soul wasn’t as into it (probably tho because she’s not a musical actress)
- Why the townspeople ganged up on Belle to ruin her laundry–is teaching a girl to read considered that big of a sin??? seems like a bit of a stretch
- I really wanted the proposal scene to happen where Gaston gets rejected, maybe not entirely the same, but just simply something that would outrage Belle more than the conversation she had in this version
- “Gaston, you are positively primeval” was not included
- “No one says no to Gaston!” was not included
- “Every last inch of me’s covered in hair” was not included
- The way Emma Thompson sang BATB wasn’t as great as it should’ve been. A lot of times she sang it slower than the actual tempo to the point where I felt like she had to catch up on the song and it sounded off. I appreciate her trying to sound different from the original but it was getting a bit excessive
- No one questioning why Belle was wearing a ballgown upon being missing for days and being held captive by a beast
- Why Belle called Gaston a monster??? I mean, we as an audience know why, but Belle had no previous knowledge of the monstrous things Gaston had done and the only thing he’d done to her is act like a bigot and vain
- Was I the only one who thought Beast didn’t look hot?? i mean, i liked the gentle vibe he kinda had in the original, but in this version, he’s too much of a hybrid amongst human and beast which kinda creeped me out at times
- Mrs. Potts’ & Chip’s animation was a bit odd to me–despite the Prince wanting the most extravagant of items–their design wasn’t that beautiful or appealing to me
- Belle keeping the rattle that her mom kissed when she had the plague is dangerous, isn’t it?
- The castle crumbling when the last few petals fell from the rose made no sense–like it’s not like the castle totally fell apart when the last petal fell
- Though the transformation scene was wonderful, I had wished Adam or Belle had said something to make the silence less awkward and make the moment more romantic
- The ending scene was nice with the finale song, but I feel like they should’ve done something that tied up the film, I was looking forward to a finale kiss between Belle and Prince Adam but they just danced and it just kinda ended??? there was no impact there


- The close-up shots of Belle when she sings her solo part in ‘Belle’ was done beautifully
- Belle’s reprise and the infamous ‘Sound of Music’ scene was some great cinematography 
- The deeper father-daughter dynamic between Belle and Maurice. They added a lot more depth to this character (kevin kline made him funnier and more endearing :”) )
- Belle’s voice sounding more normal throughout the film compared to the autotuned versions released in trailers & online (i was really going in with low expectations of her singing due to what was previously shown but it sounded fine in the movie???)
- Belle’s “Ugh!!!” after the thought of being Gaston’s wife
- Belle’s costume changes; giving her boots vs. flats, hitching up the side of her skirt so she could run more freely and ride horses, adding pockets to store her books, etc.
- ALL THE PLOT HOLE FIX-UPS (every time they explained something new i was like OHHH THAT MAKES SENSE NOW)
- Having more scenes showing the Beast’s character as well as seeing more of the chemistry with him and Belle
- All the new original songs blew me away. Once again, Alan Menken is a true legend.
- Evermore was so essential and I’m so glad they decided to give Beast a solo song (i always wanted to hear one from him, and it gave me Phantom vibes which was BONUS)
- Character development with LeFou
- All of LeFou’s lines (i cracked up every single time)
- Golden cast. 
- Dan Stevens and his facial expressions, acting through his eyes, how he poured his heart and soul in evermore.
- Luke Evans was literally Gaston brought to life. The voice, the looks, the charm. I also liked how he was a bit darker in this version.
- Josh Gad brilliant once again, I lost it at “It’s never gonna happen ladies”

- Ewan McGregor gave a refreshing retake on Lumiere and his singing was great!
- “The East Wing, or as I like to call it, the ONLY wing” 
- Maurice admiring Lumiere and Cogsworth as the two argued who he was referring to once he left
- Interracial couples.
- The song ‘Gaston’ blew me away. It was better than the original.
- Visually stunning scenes throughout.
- Beast saying they should run away together (my heart melted when he said that)
- BE OUR GUEST GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS. DID NOT DISAPPOINT. (i was really nervous about them messing it up but it gave me the thrills just as the original)
- How this movie really tugged on my heartstrings and I cried 6 times throughout the whole 2 hours.
- Belle singing ‘How Does a Moment Last Forever’ was beautiful
- “Too touristy?” - Beast
- Beast trying to protect his masculinity when he was caught reading a romance
- All the passionate stares between Belle and Beast throughout the film
- The ballroom scene was breathtaking. The ballroom set itself was–dhlsdkfhdsk
- Beast/Prince Adam’s mother being his sun (insert sobbing)
- The mob song was also done better than the original. (OMG BUT LEFOU’S LINE THO–)
- The way the beast screamed “BELLE!” was heart-wrenching
- The transformation scene was powerful, Dan Stevens was beautiful. That kiss tho–right in the feels.
- “Turn back into a clock. Back into a clock.”
- The Finale ver of Beauty and the Beast was lovely, the new lyrics added in were just the perfect finishing touch as well
- “How would you feel about growing a beard?” *GROWLS* (me: dies)
- Everyone dancing together (instead of everyone just awkwardly watching Belle & Adam dance)

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Cris, do you think Louis actually has signed with Syco ? and if so, do you think he did it purposefully ? because i've seen contrasting opinions and as much as i think he did it on purpose, because of the whole rights clause thing, i'd like someone who understands more than i do on this matter to tell.

I think he has signed to Syco in one form or another and I think he did it because of the last right of refusal.

But the other post I’ve seen going around isn’t correct.  If Syco had to match his other offer, it wasn’t just money, it was ANYTHING the other label offered him including points, control, responsibilities, everything.

So saying that because Syco offered an extra pound sterling Louis had to take every other bit of shit they served is just not the case if LROF was the reason he stayed.

When we last talked to Jeremy, he was living a relatively stable life making imaginary gold in World Of Warcraft and then selling it for real-life money. In a turn of events that literally everyone involved should have seen coming, the game’s parent company started clamping down. That company – Blizzard – doesn’t like any gaming marketplace that doesn’t cut them in.

WOW had actually been slowly but surely losing players for years, and farmers like Jeremy were already hurting. A new expansion called Legion was expected to be a huge draw for new players, though, and it was – big time. However, it included some new features and rule changes that intentionally screwed the world’s hard-working gold farmers.

A year or so ago, Jeremy could sell gold for about $0.30 per 1,000 gold (which you’ll note is a higher exchange rate than many actual foreign currencies get), but that price has effectively been cut in half. This predictably sent the market into chaos.

“February was the last straw,” Jeremy lamented. “I logged on to sell my haul of gold, and I found that it had gone down by half. I think my heart stopped.” Jeremy seized a bit and sold what he had, only to watch prices soar back up to 50 percent above their norm. “If I waited I would have made a killing. Now I couldn’t afford rent. 

5 Hard Lessons After Spending A Decade Farming Gold On WoW

I’m Never Going to Leave You

I hope you are enjoying my first attempt at fan fiction!  I know I’m learning a lot about the process (and myself) along the way.  I would love to hear any and all feedback you might have for me.  What do you like and what do you hate about it?  Criticism helps!  I do hope you enjoy this part, though.  :)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Part 4

Nesta slowly awoke, cocooned in a warmth she hadn’t ever felt before.  The smell of woodsmoke and embers was delicious, filling her with comfort and a sense of security.  Someone must have lit the fire in her bedroom hearth during the night.  Still fuzzy with sleep, she slits her eyes open.  She can see the sunlight filtering through her bed curtains, rainbows of colors through the gossamer material.  Pausing, she rapidly came awake when she remembered she doesn’t have bed curtains.  Reaching up to run her fingers across the colors, she brushed strong, Illyrian wings.  

Suddenly a sleepy groan rumbled against her chest and Cassian’s arms folded her even closer against his body.  “Those are extremely sensitive, Nesta.”  He still had his eyes closed but his breath was too rapid for sleep.

She stiffened at the close contact, but after a few minutes she began to relax.  This was Cassian, the male who helped her yesterday, the male who watched as she got revenge on his friend, the male who watched over her while she slept.  He wasn’t going to hurt her, and she made a conscious decision right then to believe that.  “Are they still healing, after what Hybern did to you?”

“No, they are fully healed, and much faster than the first time thanks to Feyre’s bloodbane.  I still have scars from both encounters against him, but my wings are as strong as ever.”

Opening his eyes, he watched as Nesta traced the air next to the scars on his wings.  She was careful not to touch them although she wanted to feel their leathery strength under her fingertips again.  Pausing her fingers next to a particularly long scar, Nesta tilted her head and looked at Cassian, asking silent permission.  His eyes widening, he slowly nodded, tensing his body for the contact.  

Delicately she traced the scar with her finger, feeling the smooth areas surrounding it and then crossing over the rough ridges of the scar itself.  It still felt leathery, just very tough, like hardened tree bark.  Sliding her fingers back onto the smooth area she followed the colors created by the sunlight shining through his wing, trailing along a membrane, following it’s path from the tip of a claw down as far as her arm could reach and back again.  Nesta was fascinated by the softness of his wing; it felt like buttery leather.  She could feel the heat of his wings through her fingers, and the tendons that quivered along their length.  She became aware of Cassian trembling against her and she quickly snatched her fingers away from his wings.  

“I hurt you, didn’t I?”  Looking up at his face, Cassian had hung his head and closed his eyes and was breathing heavily.  Nesta could see the struggle in his features, feel how tense his whole body had become while she explored his wings.  She tried to move away, but Cassian snatched her arms and held her tightly against him, resting his forehead against hers, his hair brushing her cheeks.

“Just.  Don’t.  Move.”  He whispered, almost gasping to take a breath.

Nesta held very still while he composed himself over the next several minutes.  Finally he took a long, shuddering breath and raised his head. She could have sworn she saw fire in his eyes before he met her concerned gaze, but when he looked at her the hazel in his eyes was full of warmth and humor.  

“Was that wrong?”  Nesta lifted her hand and rested it on Cassian’s cheek to prevent him from looking away.  Surprise lit up his face at her touch. Placing his hand over hers, he leaned his head into her embrace and answered almost gruffly, “No.  As I said, they are just very, very sensitive.”  Then Cassian stretched out his wings and the chill of the morning air rushed in.  Nesta fully realized they had fallen asleep on the roof and slept there all night, wrapped in the warmth of his wings.  Surprised, she thought this was the first full nights sleep she had had since before her transition; probably since even before Thomas.  

“How about some breakfast?”  Cassian stood up from the swing and held out his hand to help her stand.  She actually did feel hungry this morning.

He kept ahold of her hand as they made their way downstairs to the dinning room.  As they got closer, Nesta heard laughter and voices and the clink of silverware on plates.  Suddenly nervous, she stopped and tried to remove her hand from Cassian’s.  Of course, he refused to let go.  Turning to stand in front of her, he placed his other hand on her shoulder and waited for her to look up at him.  

“Nesta, that’s our family in there.  Everyone only ever wants what is best for each other, and that includes you.”

Taking a deep breath, Nesta whispered, “I haven’t always been the easiest person to get along with.”

Snorting, obviously trying hard not to laugh out loud, Cassian choked out, “We know.”

Nesta glared at him and shoved his hand off her shoulder, dropping his other hand in a huff.  Grinning, Cassian told her, “We’ve all had our moments with one another, Nesta.  Granted, you’ve had more of them than most.”  At that she crossed her arms and he hurried to add, “But we will always forgive each other.  That’s what family does.  We learn and grow and fight and argue and forgive and love each other.  All of us, no matter what.  You included.”

Raising an eyebrow, Nesta said, “Even Mor?”

Pursing his lips, Cassian said, “Yeah, she might take a little bit longer after last night.”

Nesta let a smile slip out and he smirked, saying, “There’s the grin I wanted to see.  Come on, let’s eat.”

Taking a deep breath, she followed him into the dinning room.  Everyone was there, even Mor, and they all were happily greeting Cassian but fell silent when Nesta appeared around him.  Stiffening her shoulders, she marched over to the table and sat in an empty chair next to Rhysand.  After a slight pause, everyone resumed their chatter, except Mor, who glared daggers in Nesta’s direction.  Nesta ignored her.  Cassian took the empty chair next to Nesta and quickly made her a plate of food, then he dug in himself.  She picked at the fruit on her plate, keeping her gaze down and listening to the conversations around the table.  The topics ranged all over the place, from the various activities each of them participated in the previous evening in Velaris, to plans for the festivals coming up in the months ahead, then jumping to Amren’s new favorite foods this week; she was still learning new tastes and textures since being Made all over again.  Nesta listened to everyone interacting and enjoying each other’s company, beginning to relax in her chair, when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Looking up, she saw that Feyre had leaned across behind Rhys to get closer to her.  Nesta leaned over as well.  Softly, her sister said, “I’ve missed you.”  Reaching up to hold her hand, Nesta replied, “I’ve missed you, too.”  Smiling at her, Feyre sat back in her chair and resumed eating.  

Gradually, as everyone finished eating, the conversation started revolving around the training camps.  Varian looked at Cassian, who wiped his mouth with his napkin and said, “Rhys, Feyre.  We have a request from the Summer Court to allow Varian and some of his men to train with our Illyrian warriors.”

Rhys raised an eyebrow and glanced in Cassian’s direction.  “So that’s why you were thinking about training drills so strongly this morning.”  Cassian chocked on the mouthful of eggs he was swallowing. Feyre began to snicker and he glared at her, turning bright red in the face.  Mor looked positively livid.  Puzzled, Nesta turned to pat Cassian on the back, but not before she saw Rhys try to hide a smile behind his hand.  Turning his attention to Varian, Rhys continued.  “Interesting idea.  Although the lack of wings may hinder your men learning some of our techniques.”  Azriel chuckled, leaning back in his seat next to Mor.  Varian also grinned and said, “I’m sure we could still pick up a trick or two.”  At Rhys’ answering grin, Varian leaned his arms on the table and continued more seriously.  “Any techniques we gain will only help to improve our skills in battle.  If we learned anything from the war with Hybern it’s to anticipate the unexpected.  I’m sure we have a few maneuvers we can teach your warriors as well.”  He nodded in Az and Cassian’s direction with his last statement.

Rhys crossed his arms, considering Varian’s words.  Feyre spoke up, “I think it’s a solid idea.  It will train both armies in new techniques, as well as train them to work together, with each other, as one unit instead of as two armies side by side.  I think it makes a lot of sense.”

Rhys nodded at Feyre, then turned to his second with a faint smirk.  “Amren, do you have any unprejudiced thoughts on the topic?”

Amren snorted indelicately at his innuendo and gave him a feral grin before speaking.  “It always makes sense to prepare for the worst.  Only a fool sits around idly and hopes for the best.  Anyone who does nothing to prepare themselves deserves the horrible fate that falls on them.  Let’s be damn sure that happens to someone else and not us.”

“And spending more time in Varian’s company is just an added benefit, hmm?”  Mor smirked openly at Amren.  Surprising everyone, Amren simply winked back.  Feyre let out a laugh, and the other’s began to add their own thoughts to the benefits of training together.

The discussion continued but Nesta wasn’t listening, instead going over in her mind what Amren had said about being prepared.  She thought back to her training sessions during the war, the endless hours sitting across from Amren, trying to learn as much as possible about the power that might be inside of her.  At the time they hadn’t been sure there was any power, but her confrontation with Hybern answered that question.  If she could have had more time to train, more time to practice, would it have made a difference in the war?  Could she have prevented so many lost lives?  Could she have prevented her father’s murder?  Or protected Cassian from being broken yet again?

Was she being a fool, like Amren said, for doing nothing this past month, hiding in her rooms, afraid of the darkness still swirling inside of her?  Glancing up, she found Amren was staring at her, and Nesta couldn’t look away.  Even though her eyes were no longer ethereal, they still blazed with strength.  Amren gave a slight nod to Nesta, as if she had been listening to her inner monologue.  

“I want to train, too.”  The room went dead silent at Nesta’s pronouncement.  All eyes turned to stare at her, but she didn’t notice.  She was still watching Amren, who gave a firm nod of approval.  Nesta squared her shoulders and looked around at everyone at the table, meeting their stares.  Elain and Feyre had small grins on their faces.  Mor seemed a bit shocked but still had an angry glare on her face, while the males just seemed dumbfounded that she had spoken in the first place.  Rhys cleared his throat, composing his features, and said, “Good.  The more you learn about the power inside of you the better you’ll be able to control it.  Since we still don’t know exactly what that power entails, we’ll all take turns working with you until you feel comfortable and natural using it.  It’s a part of you now and like any skill or talent it needs refining.”

Nesta nodded, then turned to look at Cassian and said, “I also want to train how to fight with my hands.  With weapons.  Like the female warriors in the Illyrian camps.  Like Feyre and Morrigan did during the battles.”  Mor visibly jumped in her seat at Nesta’s inclusion of her, and looked back and forth between Cassian and Nesta.  She didn’t know what Morrigan saw, but Nesta watched her relax slightly, still with a frown on her face.  Cassian’s eyes shone with so much pride she had to turn away before she embarrassed herself.  But she didn’t flinch away when he reached for her hand under the table and held it tightly.  

Nesta looked at Feyre and Elain who quickly smoothed away the wide grins they each had on their faces.  Rolling her eyes, Nesta blushed and tried to pull her hand away from Cassian, but he refused to let her go.  Grinning himself, he said, “I think it’s time we all relocated to the camp for a few weeks, don’t you think?”  Everyone murmured their approval and started to disperse to get ready to leave later that day.

Rising from the table, Cassian kept a tight grip on Nesta’s hand and walked her to her room.  Pausing at her door, he faced her, searching her face.  Finally, he asked her, “Are you sure about this?”

Blowing out a breath, she replied, “I’m not sure of anything anymore.  All I know is, that after I decided I wanted to train, I felt…different.  Better?  Like a weight has started to lift from my shoulders.  It’s still there, but lighter.  I don’t know how to explain it-“  She stopped when Cassian reached up to touch her check with the back of his fingers.  He was looking at her with tenderness in his eyes.

“I know exactly what you mean.  It’s how I felt when Rhys and Azriel and I found each other in the training camp.  Before that, I was alone and weighed down with so many burdens on my back every day.  After we got together, I didn’t feel like I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders by myself anymore.”  He paused, looking into her eyes, before he lowered his voice and admitted, “I’m very proud of you for being willing to train, Nesta.”

Blushing furiously, she looked away.  No one had ever been proud of her before, or at least admitted it to her.  Then she remembered her father and his three ships named after all three of his daughters, his flagship named after her.  And she realized he had been proud of her and that she wanted to live up to that pride he had in her.  Looking back at Cassian, she discovered she also wanted to be worthy of the pride this Illyrian warrior had for her, too.  She gave him a small smile to say thank you and squeezed his hand.

Raising her hand to his lips, he kissed her fingers and said, “I have to run a few errands before we depart.  I’ll be back to fly you to the camp with me in a few hours.”  Winking at her, he turned and walked back down the hall.

Nesta watched him leave, then went in search of Feyre.  Grinning to herself, she had a few preparations of her own to make as well.

White Wedding

Words: 1.8k

Summary: You’re at your best friends wedding reception when you run into the grooms younger brother, Cas.

Warnings: AU, hints of light drug use, is fluff a warning?

A/N: This was inspired by a little drabble I wrote based on the picture above. It was requested by @willowing-love that I write a oneshot. If you can’t tell, this AU Cas is based on Endverse!Cas.


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Possible SPOILERS - Arrow 5x20 - Felicity “Rebirth” (?)

A few days ago @tdgal1 was searching for something on Reddit and gave me a shout out.

Sad to say I wasn’t of much help but I did dig up a Spoiler reddit comment on Felicity in 5x20:

The use of the word “Rebirth” nagged me a bit. I note that they were not discussing Olicity but Felicity Smoak.

In Cambridge Dicionary “Rebirth” means a new period of growth of something or an increase in popularity of something that was popular in the past.

And I was happy even if with the lack of more information I still couldn’t understand the phrasing clearly yet (still can’t).

Then last week @dmichellewrites posted this BTS she had spoted on an SA account

I posted by then (like many others including @tdgal1) that Felicity didn’t look well.

Isolating her image she really didn’t look well IMO (other people saw it diferently… at this point we are all equally right)

Over the weekend I started thinking about that Reddit coment and the BTS. 

Rebirth could also mean “be born again” figuratively speaking. 

There were theories about this BTS being the moment where Oliver reminisces on the time between S4 and S5… I won’t get into that discussion.

My line of thought was with Felicity. The guy from Reddit asks if she’s going to die… after the last Oliver/Adrian face off and how close Prometheus can get to Felicity (he got her glasses from the loft that’s pretty close - I’m assuming this is true) I think it’s highly probable he’s closer to Felicity than both Oliver and Felicity think.

Felicity being seriously hurt his not a new theory or speculation but it seems to fit the scenario. The BTS could fit into that theory.

If Felicity is seriously hurt, I think Oliver won’t stop funtioning and crumble, I think he Oliver will grasp for any help any knowledge any expertise he has to save her, if he could he would move Heavens and Earth to save her. And she will be back, a parallel to 

Originally posted by oliver-and-felicity

With an all so emotional situation where no barriers no past “rules” no present situation can contain the overwhelming feeling happiness for being together.

As I write this I think I’m probably wishing for to much. Probably nothing is going to happen like this…

Still the Anti-Olicity group keeps on pressing that 5x20 is like Hell on Earth to them in a way that makes me wonder if we won’t get them finaly back to being Olicity… even if they eventualy can’t be together in short term (I hope they can but… it’s 5x20 not 5x23).

@almondblossomme @tdgal1 @dmichellewrites @leonie1988 @oliverfel4 @bringbackianto 

Impressive English Skills // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by defsouljb

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary; You’re a famous foreign celebrity. Jaebum has always had an undeniable crush on you - and upon GOT7 meeting you at the same interview, he manages to embarrass himself to hell and back.

A/N: Just a reminder that (Y/C) = Your Country and (Y/E/C) = Your Eye Colour :D

And can I just say that I woke up this morning to see our lovely Jaebum on V APP and I literally burst into tears. I’m so happy that he is recovering, but he will need to have more therapy before he returns to dancing. <3 Be strong Jaebum! You can do it!

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Cedric having an crush on you would include…

-Actually, you didn’t even think about Cedric having a crush on you

- He was popular, basically got along with everybody, and you were.. well, you were you

- You didn’t have ‘enemies’ or something, but you had your small group of friends, that you liked to stick to

- What you didn’t notice however, was the way Cedric kept looking at you

- You had quite a few classes together and somehow he just couldn’t take his eyes off you

- He loved the way you didn’t seem to notice the people around you, something about it made you seem so innocent and pure, which somehow made his heart flutter

- Sometimes he would look at you, just to see that you’d been already looking at him, though

- And if the way you’d blush and shyly look away afterwards wasn’t the cutest thing he’d ever seen

- Feeling brave, he would take his chance to get you into a conversation when you had to get together in pairs for a project in class

- He couldn’t stop grinning after you agreed to work on the project together

- Now having a reason to see you more often, he would sit next to you during dinner, pretending to have to talk about the project

- When you were working on the assignment, he would at some point just stop doing whatever he was about to do, to tell you how beautiful your eyes were

- Seeing how this made you blush kind of made it his goal to try even harder

- He would come by to read whatever you were reading over your shoulder, standing just a bit too close to you

- ‘Accidentally’ brushing his fingers against yours while taking a paper you were handing him, but not being able to keep up the innocent facade after a grin spread over his face

- Him being kind of sad the day that your project was finished, and deciding that it was about time to make a move now

- He would stop you before handing in the assignment to your professor, and pull you a few steps away from the other students

- He actually tried to stay relaxed but somehow he was incredibly nerveous

- “Okay, so I don’t think I could make it anymore obvious. But Y/N, I really like you. This project.. it was basically the best time I had in quite a while. Because of you. And you know, if you’d like to.. spend some time with me, even without the project that would.. that would be amazing actually”

- You’d just have to blink a few times, trying to process what he had just said, before joyfully smiling at him, telling him how you’d enjoy that as well

- He’d grin at you, looking over to the other students, and when he saw they weren’t paying attention, he’d tilt his head to place a small kiss on your lips
(which definitely wasn’t your last shared kiss)

I got a bit carried away I guess, hope you like it

Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M) pt.04


Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut and a little angst

Word Count: 4,756

~ A bit on the shorter side but its all for good reasoning. Next chapter should be a good one! Enjoy ♡

Three weeks had gone by since my friends and I arrived at our summer home. We had grown close to the boys next door and to each other. I’ve tried to enjoy the times and memories we’re making. It was painful to think how quick the summer was going and if our friendships would last any longer.
Jungkook seemed to be the least one I’ve bonded with, oddly enough. It was ironic but it made sense; we still snuck around behind everyone’s back. When we greeted each other with a quick hug, his hand would wander just a bit too low. He occasionally brushed against my lower back when walking by.  He would text me from across the room at random times to let me know how much he wanted me. And the times his hand snuck up my thigh, rubbing at it when he thought no one was watching during dinner or a movie. But we never actually sat down and talked between the two of us.

I felt closer to Taehyung; who I ran into crying one night I was looking for Jungkook. Even though he tried to play off the ‘I’m fine’ card, my neutering instincts kicked in immediately. He found comfort in my way of speaking and understanding, sooner than expected, he opened up to me about what was bothering him. We sat there and talked for a couple of hours before Jungkook came into the room, after falling having been asleep on the couch.
I enjoyed Jungkook’s company but anytime it became more than flirting, I was the one to cut it off. It bothered him to a certain point, usually just shaking it off, but he never said anything on the contrary. He never questioned me why and that’s the way I wanted it to be.

It was early in the morning, the sun was nowhere near up, and I was tossing and turning in my bed. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t hungry, and I could not fall asleep. Kicking the covers to the foot of my bed, I walked quietly into the kitchen. My feet were cold against the tile floor and my eyes adjusted to the fluorescent lights. I picked at the bread on the counter while looking at the clock over the stove.


I was definitely not getting any sleep; If I went back to bed now my sleeping schedule would be messed up for the summer. I turned off the light of the kitchen and walked to the back door. On the patio, I kicked off my sandals and grabbed a blanket by the fire pit, and walking down the steps to reach the sand of the beach. The moon was almost full and displayed high in the sky; the tides were coming in strong but at a steady pace.

I took a seat just before where the water came to its highest, with the blanket laid underneath me. The sound of the waves was relaxing and the water looked so pretty shining under the illuminating moon. The breeze carried the smell of the salt water throughout the shoreline and brought a small chill over my arms. I had my phone face down playing slow and gentle songs at my side. The tides came up and the water tickled my toes as I sat with my knees together and hands resting back. I was only wearing a thin sweater and some shorts because the night wasn’t cold but the wind was constant.

   “(Y/n)?” My heart stopped at the unexpected call of my name. I moved off my hands and turned behind me; a figure made itself towards me. Despite the darkness, I could make Jungkook’s figure walking over to me. He had a way of walking I could recognize and when he stepped close enough for me to see his face; he looked dream-like under the moonlight.

It was not until he stood next to me when I realized I was staring at him without saying a word. He was wearing a dark tee shirt and light colored joggers, barefoot with his hands in both pockets. I licked my lips and looked away back to the water that washed up.

   “What are you doing up? It’s like two in the morning…” I mumbled at him. Jungkook took a deep breath, sounding like he was stretching, and sighed.

   “Actually, it’s three already.” He said cheerfully, plopping down next to me on the blanket. He sat crossed legged beside me; his knee was brushing against my outer thigh as I stretched my legs down into the sand.

I solely replied with a slight hum while I leaned in and rubbed at my cool legs. With my legs stretched out, the water washed over them and made it almost to my ankle. I stare at my wet feet as the tide went back down and caught a glimpse of Jungkook looking as well. I dug my toes into the soggy sand, watching its compact structure crumble from my feet.

   “It’s a nice night,” Jungkook spoke again. I ran my hand up to my knee, flicking off the spots of sand stuck to my skin. “It’s usually a lot colder during this time.”

   “You come out here often?” I brought my knees back to my chest and laid my head sideways on them to look at him. He was playing with something in his hands, looked like he was picking it apart, before meeting my gaze.

   “Sometimes.” He shrugged, tossing away whatever it was he had in his fingertips. “I have trouble sleeping from time to time.”

The lack of conversation between us wasn’t awkward but it wasn’t very pleasant either. He wanted to talk but my strange insecurities and paranoia were beginning to scratch at the back of my head. Jungkook was hesitating; he wanted to see what I would do in response. I watched him lick his lips repeatedly, as he did when he was nervous, and his lips parted slightly every couple of seconds as if to speak.

   “I should probably go inside.” The words just left my mouth in a rush and I was up on my feet before I even had time to process them. Jungkook sighed at my words but didn’t make any movements to look at me on my feet. I was going to wait for a minute to see if he would but my anxiety decided against it. I bit my thumb and took a step to leave but Jungkook was quick to grab my arm and stop me. He held onto my wrist and looked up at me; he wore a stoical look on his face.

     “Stay with me.” My face felt warm and my arm tensed in his soft grip. “I wanna talk with you for once.”

He smiled at me slightly and with a cute pleading look in his dark eyes. I pressed my lips together and removed myself from his hold. He stayed seated, giving me space so that I could make a choice.

     “You won’t get much out of me Jungkook,” I warned him. He was willing to take anything he could from me so he nodded vigorously and excited. I was worried of what he wanted to talk about; what he would ask and what I would respond with.

    “I’ll make it easy for you,” He said turning himself to sit facing me, still with his legs crossed. “I’ll only ask you five questions.” 

   “Three.” He pouted and I crossed my arms at him. He squinted his eyes seeing if there was anything he could come up with.

    “Four.” He tried once again. He wanted me to agree to something and I was too tired to fight him on fewer questions.

    “Fine four but I have the right to refuse to respond to any of the questions,” I said and he agreed, as long as I answered four questions before sunrise. “And you have to answer your own questions too.”

I sat down beside him once again, facing him like he was me, with our legs crossed and a bit of space between us. I ran my hands over the goosebumps on my arms and watched as Jungkook thought for his first question. His eyes quickly lit up and he looked back over to me with a smile on his face.

   “What type of alcohol do you like to drink?” I laughed a bit and shook my head. That was a random question and not the kind I expected.

   “Well, I drink on really rare occasions…” I started biting my lip while thinking back to the few times I have drunk any liquor. “I never drink anything without mixing it; I guess whiskey and coke.”

   “Jack Daniels?” Jungkook asked and I simply nodded. He smiled a bit shyly as if he approve my answer. “I’m more of a gin type of drinker… Japanese gin is really good.”

I knew close to nothing about Jungkook. All of his friends were very different from each other and I didn’t know where he fit; he could be a straight A student or a complete blow off from school. He was difficult for me to read because he was like many people all at once. Every time I expect him to do one thing, he did the other.

   “That’s one,” I said keeping count. He looked around us, towards the house, and back at me with the next question.

   “In your last relationship, did y-”

“No.” I cut him off admittedly after hearing that first line. “Nothing about past relationships; I won’t answer those.”

He was a bit surprised by how serious my tone had changed. He stared me in the eyes, trying to see why I was so against it but he would get no answers.

   “Okay. How about this?” He accepted but was to reword his question to fit my new rule. “How many people have you slept with, not including me?”

I hesitated to answer this question simply because it was a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable. Though, the idea of Jungkook answering it as well had me curious. “Not counting you: two.”

   “Wow. Really?” I nodded and shifted uneasily. He stared at me like he didn’t believe me and I grew angry at the flustering I felt build on my cheeks.

   “What?!” I bit at him when he wouldn’t quit eyeing me like an idiot.

   “No, nothing.” He said quickly and chuckled. “I just thought the number would be larger.”

“Are you calling me a slut?!”

   “No! No!” Jungkook put his hands up in defense. “It just seems like you’ve had a lot of experience. You’re really good in bed (Y/n)….”

He scratched the back of his neck and ruffled his hair awkwardly. My face was surely a shade of bright pink but thank god it was still too dark to fully notice.

   “What about you?” I took in a deep breath, still refusing to make full eye contact with him. He grew a bit blushful as well, though I couldn’t see the color, I could tell by the way he looked down at the blanket and smiled away.

  “Um…not including you,” Jungkook licked his lips and threw a glance my way. “Maybe 4 or 5 girls.”

I actually expected the number to be larger as well. Though this was the number of partners and not the number of times having sex. Regardless I hated this question and was glad it was done with.


“Would you sleep with any of my friends if you weren’t with me already?” Jungkook didn’t even take the time to come up with this one, and also seemed strangely serious while asking.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. Of course, I would never do it but I did have a surprising dream about Jimin a couple nights back. But it was only because Bitsy had got into painfully great detail about his skills in bed. The rest of the boys were handsome but Jungkook was the only one I could see myself sleeping with at the end of the day. Jungkook would have to answer the same question about my friends. How would it look for me to no and for him to say yes?

  “I mean, I wouldn’t cause of you but, they all are pretty good looking,” I said casually, hoping to not come off clingy to only him. I knew me saying no would do wonders to his ego regardless.

   “Would you, though, if I weren’t here?” His voice had grown a bit lower and still weighty. “If I chose to not come with them this summer and you never met me?”

   “Is that your fourth question?” I furrowed my eyebrows at him, he was obviously upset but why? He was pressing on his question for a full answer. “What are you really trying to ask me Jungkook?”

He looked away from me and his hands tensed up on his lap. I could see him gulp at his throat and things began to make sense.

“You want to know if I would do this with anyone else?” He wanted to know if he was different to me. If there was something more than just fucking for us. That was exactly what I wanted to stay away from.

I pushed myself off the ground and he followed. Jungkook looked angry like he was going to lunge at me. I turned away and he grabbed my arm keeping me in place.

  “Where are you going?” He said holding me tightly.

  “You’re out of questions.” I shook my arm from his grip and continued to walk away again.

Though, he grabbed my arm again, this time actually pulling me back.

   “You didn’t answer.” He said through his teeth. He was holding me close and managed to put his other hand on me. “I have one more left.”

  “Let go of me.” I hissed under my breath since he was so close to me now. Jungkook looked me straight in the eyes, the moon was hitting the side of his face making his eyes shine.

   “Why are so scared to get so close to me?” I tried to release myself from his grip but he wouldn’t budge. His restraints made me irritated and weak in his arms.

   “Who said I was scared?” His hands moved from my arms to my waist.

“Your body is,” Jungkook bit his lip, eyes studying down my body. “look how you squirm in my hands.”

My breath hitched in my throat, as he moved his face closer to me and smirked. His entire nature changed when he wanted it from me. His aura affected me deeply and made me become someone I didn’t recognize; someone needy, weak, and submissive. My heart started beating harder as his fingers dug into my waist. Jungkook’s eyes shuffled from my eyes down to my lips, wondering if he should dare close the gap between us. I wanted to kiss him so badly; I wanted him to kiss me like he did when he wanted to eat me up.

Before I opened my mouth to provoked him any further, he shut my lips with his. I shut my eyes tightly, hating to admit that his mouth captivated me to the point in which I could not break away from. His lips kissed me passionately and tasted of longing lust. His warm large hand cupped my cheek and the hand on my waist pulled me with him as we stepped back onto the blanket.

My music was still playing in my side pocket of my shorts. A Lonely Night by The Weeknd was playing softly in the background, along with the waves of the water and our panting breaths.

    “I want you (Y/n).” Jungkook pulled my thighs on either side of his hips. He lowered himself onto the blanket with me straddling his lap. I gave in because I wanted to forget our previous conversation. So I quickly nodded and pulled his shirt over his head. I attached myself to his neck, running my tongue over the spots that made him groan. His hand was eager to slip into the front of my shorts; through the thin material of my underwear, he rubbed my core. His hand made me shudder as I pulled away from his neck to remove my sweater with no top under. The hand that wasn’t between my thighs ran up the back my leg to cup my ass and bring me closer to his crotch. He was quickly growing hard from under me and that stiffness was driving him crazy. The friction between our bodies was creating a lusting heat that ran through our blood and kept our hands on each other. Jungkook leaned me back to give himself more room to mess around with my clit. His two fingers dug into my folds and toyed with my sensitive skin to build up the wetness at my entrance. I moaned his name in a whiny tone as I fondled my own breasts through my bra. My nipples had gotten hard and sensitive while they brushed against the supporting cups. I could barely function with Jungkook touching me like this.

Though, I was becoming just as impatient as always. My hand ran down between us so that I could find the bulge growing in his joggers. I stroked him and felt him become hard as could be in my hand. I could feel the tip of his cock through the thin fabric and he wasn’t wearing any boxers. Jungkook struggled to move his fingers while I grabbed him; he grabbed my hand and brought it away from his crotch. I smirked at him but he covered it up by kissing me once again. I began to pant and whine against his lips as his fingers rubbed me at an incredible pace. My core began to miss the feeling of his skin rammed against mine. I bit his lips to stop the kiss and he opened his eyes at me; I begged him to hurry up before I lost my sanity. He grabbed my hands by the wrists and suddenly had me falling back onto the blanket. My hands were pinned above my head while Jungkook trailed wet kiss throughout my neck; his hips were grinding into my core making me lose my breath.

   “Stop rushing into it.” Jungkook’s voice was breathy and deep and he continued to suck on the thin skin of my throat. His hips rocked into mine at an almost musical rhythm and made me groan each time I felt his dick pressing against my folds. “Let me be good to you.”

I whined because I could feel his hardness through our clothes and I swear I was dripping through my panties already. Jungkook moved up, giving me a small warning before letting go of my hands. He took his lips in mine and allowed his hands to roam the upper half of my body. The straps of my bra were pulled off my shoulders by his hands, slowly exploring the skin it landed over. His hot tongue brushed against mine in a calm manner, he wasn’t trying to dominate or challenge me. His soft hands ran up my sides and cupped my breasts through the bra he didn’t feel the need to take off just yet. I found myself giving in to his wishes and taking it at a slower pace. I let him warm up my body while I played with his hair like he loved so much. The dark locks were thin and soft in my touch and I gently dug my fingers into his scalp. Jungkook hummed in approval as he slowly kissed at my lips; I opened my eyes to find his flutter closed with his lips pouted pink. He noticed my lack of response and opened his eyes to find me looking at him puzzled. Something felt different about the way he kissed me and touched me. Jungkook merely gave me a small smile, his eyes shining brightly instead of being washed dark before moving his lips to my jaw.

Jungkook managed to undress us completely after a while of touching; by that time our bodies more than ready to start. The long waiting and exploring made every touch the more sensual and pleasurable. We hadn’t spoken much throughout our session but I feel like he had told me a lot more than I could understand just by his movements.

He had me sitting up, with my hand wrapped around his aching cock; I watched his breath shake and lips create groans while I stroked him. I grew to really enjoy and appreciate the way he reacted whenever I did something he liked. Jungkook caught me gawking and smiled shyly before leaning down to peck my lips. He groaned once again with his forehead pressed against mine as we both looked down at my working hand. His cock stood tall and my hand brushed against his abs every time I brought it up to his swollen tip. He was leaking pre-come like I was dripping arousal.

   “Can I sit on it?” We both looked up at each other at the same time; his expression mirroring mine. A smile curled onto Jungkook’s lip before he bit down on it.

   “Anything you want princess.”

His hands gripped my outer thighs as I moved over his lap; my hands ran over his shoulders, bringing myself closer to his figure. My core hovered over him and my legs shook in suspense as I could feel my wetness dripping down. He eased me down onto his cock, his tip pushed apart my tightening walls and made our bodies tense. My eyes were kept down below, my mouth watering as he disappeared inside me. My mouth gasped open when Jungkook suddenly pushed me down all the way. He groaned as I sat on his lap and my walls throbbed around him.

  “Uhh… you’re so tight.” Jungkook whimpered under his breath. I pushed my hair away from my eyes to look up at him.

Just as I did, he leaned in to kiss me and pushed my waist into his torso. Grinding myself against him, slowly moving my hips in small figures. I shut my eyes as he hummed into our kiss and held me tightly.

I leaned up on my knees, bringing myself down on his length at a slower pace. Enjoying the way he spread my entrance and filled me up.

  “You’re so big.” the words fell from my mouth as a small whine but I could feel his lips smiling on my cheek.

He rocked my hips and kiss down my neck, guiding me to take our time and savor the feeling. With every thrust, my core grew hotter and he was slipping in so easily.

  “You don’t have to rush when you’re with me (Y/n).” He kissed my neck and looked up at me.

The words caught me off guard and had me feeling something less than comfort. My eyes closed when they began to water and I leaned my head over his shoulder so that he wouldn’t see me. I gripped onto his shoulders and quickened my pace. There was an ache that was distracting me from the pleasure and I just wanted to get it back. Jungkook gripped on my hips since I began to grow rougher. My chest pressed against his and my head leaned back.

  “(Y/n) w-wait-” Jungkook struggled to speak because groans were escaping his mouth. We were both losing our breaths and the sound of our skin was filling the sky.

I felt him try to pull away so that he could look at me but I clung onto him not allowing it.

His body was hot and sticking against my skin. Cries were leaving my mouth as the pleasure began to numb any other thoughts in my head. Jungkook’s own drive began to control him as well and he no longer tried to slow me down. His breath was heating my skin and my body began trembled over him. My fingers were digging into the muscular skin of his back, making Jungkook hiss loudly. My stomach was turning like a fire was building up and wanted to break free. Jungkook’s own hips were bucking up to meet mine, adding to the satisfaction. Jungkook must have been getting close because he was trying to slow himself down. My lust was controlling me and had me yearning impatiently.

With all my strength I push Jungkook by his shoulders onto the blanket. He was caught off guard seeing me so dominating. I palmed his chest to pick up a steadier balance for my increased pace. Jungkook’s jaw was clenching, keeping in the grunts, and he could not keep his eyes off me. My name left his lips and his hands found mine on his chest. I leaned up, moving away from his intimate touch and leaving only our cores connected. My walls were becoming tight and juices were flowing out of my cunt. I rested my hands on my breasts and grinding my hips into him. His pelvic bone was rubbing my clit, making me cry out into the ocean night. I leaned my head back and gazed at the stars for a moment, watching them watch us. Jungkook’s hands ran up my thighs to grabbed my hips pounding into me from below. He was sending me so close to the edge and I began to shake from the inside out. He swiftly began to thumb my clit, lightly grazing figures against it. My body shook and curled over him, my nails drawing lines down his torso. My orgasm hit me hard, had me breathlessly trembling and bucking my hips. My throat had grown sore from all my yelling and all that came out were whines.

Jungkook was still slowly thrusting in out of me, he was holding my hips in place as he tried to reach his own climax. I pushed him away from me and kneeled between his open legs. He was startled as I took him into my hands to finish him off. I kept my eyes fixed on only his dick, watching how it was ready to release at any moment. Jungkook was stuttering words at me but I wasn’t listening. His abs tensed and flexed while he let out a deep groan, coming all over himself and my hand.

  “Holy-fuck.” Jungkook’s hand wiped the sweat that dripped down his temples as he came down. “That was…different.”

I wiped my hand on the blanket we sat on; reaching behind me to find my clothes from before. I slipped my sweater over my head while Jungkook was trying to catch his breath. We glanced at each other, knowing the words he wanted to say. He watched me slip on my shorts and hold the rest of my belongings. I hated the way he looked at me after sex; he looked at me like I was breaking his bones.

  “Isn’t this what you came for?” I spat at him and tossed my underwear to his lap; he laced his fingers around it, clenching it in his hand. “Only thing left is the sex now.”

I left him there on the beach; he was calling for me, but I continued walking to the house with the sun rising behind me. I slammed the door to my room, not caring if it woke anyone up; tears flowed down my cheeks and my hands pulled at my hair from the roots. The way he looked at me would not leave my head, the way he spoke and touched me. How could I have been such an idiot to not see what was forming in his eyes? I didn’t want to see that things were all beginning to go wrong. I wish he never looked at me that way. Jungkook had just destroyed any chance of us becoming anything less or anything more.  Now flirts and fucks weren’t enough to feed what he was craving.

Top 10 Comics of 2016 (Objective Facts)

Welcome to the top 10 comics of the year, these are comics released in print in single issues. There is several comics I wanted to read that I had not got the chance to read in single issues so they won’t be included on this list. These are 10 damn fine comics I read this year and I hope if you haven’t read them you give it a look.

Squirrel Girl:  A sadly declining star for me, last year Squirrel Girl was no doubt at the top of my lists but this year I feel a bit less engaged with it. This is actually pretty common around all of Marvel with Civil War 2, relaunches, universe changing event after universe changing event it makes it hard to feel attached. Still Squirrel Girl is full of laughs with some stand out stories that came out this year like dealing with Doctor Doom from the past after being sent further into the past. We also had the stand out choose your own adventure issue where subtly Koi Boi is revealed to be a trans man and that is super awesome!

Wic/Div: This comic is the serious, it is not tonely the same as the others but I adore it.  We have gods walking among us on earth, mystery, betrayal, queerness, action, great designs, and a great book. If you want a story that is crafted masterfully and can invoke a wide range of emotions then The Wicked + The Divine is for you.

Space Battle Lunchtime: When Oni Press announced their new lineup this was the title that stuck out to me the most. Turns out my gut feeling was right as this book transports the reader to this new world of aliens that is fascinating to watch unfold. One creator managed with help from editors and what not to do the art, colors and storytelling for this epic cooking show in space. This is one of the most fun energetic books I have ever read. The only problem with this series is it goes by so fast but with only one issue left getting them all together is a great idea. If you want to watch a funny space cooking show and a cute lady on lady romance then come here.

Backstagers: This wasn’t a title I was expecting to even buy. I mean all boy lumberjanes sounds cute but I generally, as you’ll find on this list, don’t read stories about dudes. However, this book is fantastic, fun, queer, and all the great things that Lumberjanes is. I think Backstagers does an amazing job of dispelling the toxic masculinity present in much of male lead media. The creative world backstage is fantastic, it has such a great visual style and everyone who works on this project has everything in them in it.

Jem and the Holograms: The truly outrageous gift that just keeps giving. I love the story, Sophie is like my favorite artist and even with her leaving we have had some solid people taking over and there’s a lot of fun to be had with this series. I do worry about future placement but I am very excited for Misfits and this year is all about this year. With stand out scenes like Blaze coming out, the misfits and holograms working together, the cuties of a 3rd rival band, and more all in play this year I am at the front hoping they will let me on stage.

Princeless: Princeless is a modern classic, a series that every volume is great for all ages. This year I read a lot of Princeless, my little sister adored reading volume 1 for the first time.  More then that I adored reading all the volumes and the short stories of Princeless. This is one that works for the whole family and manages to really go over a ton of great stuff. We have our hero learning new perspectives, saving people, exploring the world, she is a fantastic protagonist.

Kim and Kim: Kim and Kim the queer bffs that do that bounty hunting thing. They have amazing chemistry and are the kinds of loser badasses I love. They screw up a lot, they can be kind of an asshole but their hearts are in the right place. We follow them in one journey this year and it’s a fun journey to follow. Also like it has a trans writer and latnix gals on the art team so that is pretty badass too. This stories only problem is an ending that feels a bit rushed.

Jonesy: This was the biggest surprise for me comics wise in 2016. I saw it and was automatically charmed by the art. I decided it was worth risking wasting 4 bucks on. So i did and haven’t looked back since. The funny world, the endearing characters, the general feeling that this comic is different without trying hard to be. Jonesy is queer,  she’s latnix, she’s funny, she’s a bit of a loser but in a way that makes you feel okay to be a loser too. Jonesy is a story that makes me happy whenever I read it, it’s always at the top of my stack, it’s a book that I can count on. The fact it isn’t number 1 but might be in my top 10 series of all time just says how great comics have been this year.

Raven the Pirate Princess: Raven the Pirate Princess is that book that no one really talks about but should be a staple of everyone’s pull. It’s so fun, funny, illustrated so well and it feels like a massive breath of fresh air. Amazing comedy, a bunch of queer ladies, women of all sizes, skin colors, and we even have some varying ability. It’s great to see so much diversity threaded into this epic scaling tale of a women trying to get what was stolen from her by her brothers. 

Angela Queen of Hel: Angela Queen of Hel is one of my favorite stories of all time. It joins the hallowed ranks of other classics in my mind and despite a few issues moves far past them. The series being canned on issue 7 means so much potential was thrown away and we lost. This story is the most compelling romance I have ever read and it’s such a badass story too. Conquering hell to get your lesbian love back is super cool and then the follow up story is an awesome cap to show their relationship past the climax. No matter what Marvel does to the pair we will always have this story to look back on and cheer for.

Some thoughts about Mor and Moriel in Acowar

I’m a little upset at what Sarah did with Moriel and Mor’s character in general in Acowar. And I’ll admit a lot of it is because I’m devastated that Moriel didn’t sail. But also because I think Sarah did a disservice to Mor’s character and who she was in Acomaf. In Acomaf she is someone who know’s who she is, who owns her body, her sexuality, she doesn’t hide who she is, she isn’t ashamed of who she is because of what has been done to her.

And in Acowar Sarah takes all of that away from her. Sarah turns Mor’s character into someone who is hiding who she really is, and who feels ashamed of it? She’s afraid to be her true self, to admit who she is even to the inner circle, her family! Who she loves and trusts with her life. Who love her and would accept her and support her no matter what! But Sarah makes her afraid to even tell them? It makes no sense. And goes completely against her character, and does a disservice to the entire inner circle and the close relationships that they have. It also means that Keir wins, that he still has power over her. Which again goes against her character and what is shown in Acomaf!

I feel like Sarah did a lot of backtracking with Mor’s character and Moriel (and a couple of other small things in Acowar) and the plot suffers for it. And in some places it is a bit of a mess. I feel like Sarah maybe responded to the criticism she has received about lack of diversity and backtracked to include it. And I’m all for more diversity, of course! But it feels a bit like she decided to include it last minute because of the criticism and it wasn’t necessarily what she had originally intended? Of course I may be totally wrong and she may have planned it all along, but the writing doesn’t seem that way to me. Or maybe she just wanted the surprise of a plot twist or for the angst? But that is so unnecessary, there is already so much going on in Acowar that a plot twist like that wasn’t needed. And Moriel sailing would have provided a lot more opportunities for amazing, touching, emotional scenes!

And with her not telling Az the truth about how she feels all these years, can make her character come across as being a little selfish and/or emotionally immature. Which is not what the Mor in Acomaf is at all!! And it annoys me so much! THIS IS NOT THE TYPE OF PERSON MOR IS! (I want to note I LOVE Mor and don’t think her character is selfish at all, but wanted to point out that the way Sarah has written her in Acowar could make her come across that way to some people?) This is another reason why I think Sarah backtracked on Moriel. Because I personally believe that Mor wouldn’t have let Az suffer like that for so long, that she would have told him the truth long ago if she didn’t feel the same way about him!!!

Anyway again this is all probably just because I’m salty about Moriel not sailing. But she put so much into the set up of Moriel in Acomaf and after re-reading Acomaf last week there are so many clear moments that Mor loves Az just in the dinner scene where Feyre meets the inner circle alone!! And I know that can be explained away by her simply loving him as a friend, as family, but it doesn’t come across that way to me!

A Lowly Worm (Fuma Kotaro x Reader)

After their first kiss, and their second, it didn’t take long for Yukimura to find the pair. Always a gentleman, he had sprung into action at what he had thought he had seen: Fuma forcing himself on ____. He supposed he could see where the other man could have gotten such an idea. His arms had undoubtedly still been beneath her sleeves as they shared their second kiss. He had no choice but to flee when Yukimura came near, sword already free from its sheath. Just before he had been forced to depart he whispered something of a promise into his love’s ear. ‘Meet me on the cliffside tonight’

Rueful was he that he couldn’t catch her expression, lest Yukimura engage him. He found no shame in fleeing, as the alternative would make her sad. Now he sat on what remained of the cliffside edge, knees tucked up to his chest and his chin resting atop of them as he waited. He’d been at it for some time now, waiting. Perhaps she didn’t wish to see him at all. Or worse off, perhaps something had happened to her on her way over. Feelings of intense guilt clutched at his heart, a rather painful headache suddenly coming about as well.

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Since I keep seeing people mentioning this, I thought I’d throw out my two cents on the matter.

When Roy buys that car full of flowers, he calls Riza and says he got drunk and bought them. The thing is, unlike what many others seem to think, I am pretty sure he was not drunk at all. That was just the cover.

Look at the entire scene. He hadn’t been to a bar, he was getting information relayed to him by one of his sisters while sitting in his car. Then he gets more information from the woman selling the flowers and he’s very serious about it. If he were drunk, I don’t think he’d be able to absorb all that info very well. He wouldn’t do that. The info his sister gave him was too important for him to listen to while drunk. Roy is too smart for that.

And later, he buys all the flowers as thanks for the info, but then realized he has nothing to do with them. That’s the absent minded, dorky Roy showing through. He was too concerned about getting information and making sure the woman got payed for her troubles that he didn’t stop to think ahead. Then again, maybe that was also part of the gimmick. He bought the flowers on purpose so he could then act like he was drunk and no one would be the wiser.

Either way, he then calls Riza and pretends to be drunk. That’s his excuse. His cover for calling her and buying the flowers. Anyone that’s watching would have no reason to suspect otherwise and would probably ignore him.

I also like to think it was his reason to be able to see her. They hadn’t seen each other for a while and he missed her. He hoped she would accept his offer of flowers so he would have an excuse to go to her place and talk for a bit. He hadn’t planned on her refusing to see him because of serious problems on her end. That was a surprise, and you could see he was definitely surprised and concerned.

Anyway, the point is, Roy was not drunk during that scene, it was a cover for anyone that might have been watching or listening. Remember, Roy is a very good actor.