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Since I keep seeing people mentioning this, I thought I’d throw out my two cents on the matter.

When Roy buys that car full of flowers, he calls Riza and says he got drunk and bought them. The thing is, unlike what many others seem to think, I am pretty sure he was not drunk at all. That was just the cover.

Look at the entire scene. He hadn’t been to a bar, he was getting information relayed to him by one of his sisters while sitting in his car. Then he gets more information from the woman selling the flowers and he’s very serious about it. If he were drunk, I don’t think he’d be able to absorb all that info very well. He wouldn’t do that. The info his sister gave him was too important for him to listen to while drunk. Roy is too smart for that.

And later, he buys all the flowers as thanks for the info, but then realized he has nothing to do with them. That’s the absent minded, dorky Roy showing through. He was too concerned about getting information and making sure the woman got payed for her troubles that he didn’t stop to think ahead. Then again, maybe that was also part of the gimmick. He bought the flowers on purpose so he could then act like he was drunk and no one would be the wiser.

Either way, he then calls Riza and pretends to be drunk. That’s his excuse. His cover for calling her and buying the flowers. Anyone that’s watching would have no reason to suspect otherwise and would probably ignore him.

I also like to think it was his reason to be able to see her. They hadn’t seen each other for a while and he missed her. He hoped she would accept his offer of flowers so he would have an excuse to go to her place and talk for a bit. He hadn’t planned on her refusing to see him because of serious problems on her end. That was a surprise, and you could see he was definitely surprised and concerned.

Anyway, the point is, Roy was not drunk during that scene, it was a cover for anyone that might have been watching or listening. Remember, Roy is a very good actor.

Top 10 Comics of 2016 (Objective Facts)

Welcome to the top 10 comics of the year, these are comics released in print in single issues. There is several comics I wanted to read that I had not got the chance to read in single issues so they won’t be included on this list. These are 10 damn fine comics I read this year and I hope if you haven’t read them you give it a look.

Squirrel Girl:  A sadly declining star for me, last year Squirrel Girl was no doubt at the top of my lists but this year I feel a bit less engaged with it. This is actually pretty common around all of Marvel with Civil War 2, relaunches, universe changing event after universe changing event it makes it hard to feel attached. Still Squirrel Girl is full of laughs with some stand out stories that came out this year like dealing with Doctor Doom from the past after being sent further into the past. We also had the stand out choose your own adventure issue where subtly Koi Boi is revealed to be a trans man and that is super awesome!

Wic/Div: This comic is the serious, it is not tonely the same as the others but I adore it.  We have gods walking among us on earth, mystery, betrayal, queerness, action, great designs, and a great book. If you want a story that is crafted masterfully and can invoke a wide range of emotions then The Wicked + The Divine is for you.

Space Battle Lunchtime: When Oni Press announced their new lineup this was the title that stuck out to me the most. Turns out my gut feeling was right as this book transports the reader to this new world of aliens that is fascinating to watch unfold. One creator managed with help from editors and what not to do the art, colors and storytelling for this epic cooking show in space. This is one of the most fun energetic books I have ever read. The only problem with this series is it goes by so fast but with only one issue left getting them all together is a great idea. If you want to watch a funny space cooking show and a cute lady on lady romance then come here.

Backstagers: This wasn’t a title I was expecting to even buy. I mean all boy lumberjanes sounds cute but I generally, as you’ll find on this list, don’t read stories about dudes. However, this book is fantastic, fun, queer, and all the great things that Lumberjanes is. I think Backstagers does an amazing job of dispelling the toxic masculinity present in much of male lead media. The creative world backstage is fantastic, it has such a great visual style and everyone who works on this project has everything in them in it.

Jem and the Holograms: The truly outrageous gift that just keeps giving. I love the story, Sophie is like my favorite artist and even with her leaving we have had some solid people taking over and there’s a lot of fun to be had with this series. I do worry about future placement but I am very excited for Misfits and this year is all about this year. With stand out scenes like Blaze coming out, the misfits and holograms working together, the cuties of a 3rd rival band, and more all in play this year I am at the front hoping they will let me on stage.

Princeless: Princeless is a modern classic, a series that every volume is great for all ages. This year I read a lot of Princeless, my little sister adored reading volume 1 for the first time.  More then that I adored reading all the volumes and the short stories of Princeless. This is one that works for the whole family and manages to really go over a ton of great stuff. We have our hero learning new perspectives, saving people, exploring the world, she is a fantastic protagonist.

Kim and Kim: Kim and Kim the queer bffs that do that bounty hunting thing. They have amazing chemistry and are the kinds of loser badasses I love. They screw up a lot, they can be kind of an asshole but their hearts are in the right place. We follow them in one journey this year and it’s a fun journey to follow. Also like it has a trans writer and latnix gals on the art team so that is pretty badass too. This stories only problem is an ending that feels a bit rushed.

Jonesy: This was the biggest surprise for me comics wise in 2016. I saw it and was automatically charmed by the art. I decided it was worth risking wasting 4 bucks on. So i did and haven’t looked back since. The funny world, the endearing characters, the general feeling that this comic is different without trying hard to be. Jonesy is queer,  she’s latnix, she’s funny, she’s a bit of a loser but in a way that makes you feel okay to be a loser too. Jonesy is a story that makes me happy whenever I read it, it’s always at the top of my stack, it’s a book that I can count on. The fact it isn’t number 1 but might be in my top 10 series of all time just says how great comics have been this year.

Raven the Pirate Princess: Raven the Pirate Princess is that book that no one really talks about but should be a staple of everyone’s pull. It’s so fun, funny, illustrated so well and it feels like a massive breath of fresh air. Amazing comedy, a bunch of queer ladies, women of all sizes, skin colors, and we even have some varying ability. It’s great to see so much diversity threaded into this epic scaling tale of a women trying to get what was stolen from her by her brothers. 

Angela Queen of Hel: Angela Queen of Hel is one of my favorite stories of all time. It joins the hallowed ranks of other classics in my mind and despite a few issues moves far past them. The series being canned on issue 7 means so much potential was thrown away and we lost. This story is the most compelling romance I have ever read and it’s such a badass story too. Conquering hell to get your lesbian love back is super cool and then the follow up story is an awesome cap to show their relationship past the climax. No matter what Marvel does to the pair we will always have this story to look back on and cheer for.


At first I was kind of happy that Furuta made Ui his advisor, although I have no idea why…

But seriously, Ui did nothing special in the last mission, so I wonder if others will question Furuta’s reasons for uplifiting Ui to this postion, including Ui. 

I mean, I waited for this moment for weeks and now that it has finally happened, we can expect a good amount of interactions with these two. Maybe we get a little insight on the late Hairu, too. Hairu made rather personal dismissive remark on Furuta in an omake, so it might indicate that they had known each other on a more superficial level and Furuta witnessed her death after all, too. So even here there is a little bit room about deeper conversations between those two dorks.

But then I also remembered that every aquaintance of Furuta ended up in some kind of tragedy. Rize got the steel beam treatment, Kijima the Marie Antoinette treatment and Kaneki lost his daddy. Yeah, he is responsible for only one misery for once, but please let us not underestimate Furuta’s Woodoo doll powers. He inflicts bad karma on everyone he is anquainted with. 

Jokes aside, this made me hyped up for the upcoming chapters. Although… considering that there might be implications that the CCG is facing its end (for quite a long time, not just in this chapter) and Ui having to work with Furuta on an almost equal level (and possibly seen as such as well), I wonder if the blame will fall partly on Ui or if he is going to guilt trip himself for that. The CCG is Ui’s last bastion of strength and stability after all, so it makes me worried how Ui might cope with it when it happens. 

But Ui seems already rather exhaused, not only seizing indirectly control over the CCG, but also having an existential crisis for quite some time. But I am glad that he gets slowly but surely importance again in the storyline. Ui character arc when.

A little bit of Deja Vu???

Ok so this isn’t a fuck anyone story, but I thought it was too funny not to share. So sometimes I work the customer service desk at the grocery store I work for and one of the things we have is the lost and found. This includes lost wallets.

So getting into the story, last week when I was working there was a lost wallet that someone had found in a basket and brought up to us at the service desk. So my coworker and I look inside to see if there is an I.D. so we can figure out who it belonged to. We find one and we search the computer system to figure out if maybe she had a store card and/or phone number on file with us. And just as we found her info and were getting ready to contact her, a very panicked girl approaches the counter to ask if maybe we had seen her wallet. Looking at the I.D., we figured out that it was her so we were able to return it to her and she was all embarrassed that she’d left it in the first place and thanks us for holding onto it for her. 

Fast forward to about an hour or so later and the same coworker from earlier approaches me and says, “Doesn’t this look like that same wallet that that girl lost earlier?” and I look at it too and I say, “Uh yeah, it looks just like it”. So we once again open it and sure enough, it IS the same wallet that we returned to the girl earlier. At this point, we just look at each other in amazement trying to figure out how a person leaves their wallet, twice in the same day, in the same place (it was found in a basket again). So then we pull up her info again and my coworker calls her to tell her we have her wallet again at the desk. And the girl was like, “OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!………I’ll be back to pick it up soon………….” apparently sounding really frustrated with herself. 

So she comes back within the next 30-40 mins and reclaims her wallet, completely embarrassed that she had done that twice in the same day. It was definitely the first time I had ever seen that happen lol. 

TL;DR, a girl leaves her wallet twice in the same day, in the same place at our store and is super embarrassed about it. 

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i know u.s. election day is v stressful for everyone, including non-americans… so if you need a bit of a breather, pls rewatch this video of that german-austrian narry interview from exactly two years ago wherein these two fuckers were a complete and utter menace; cracking inside jokes, harry asking niall whom he last had sex with, and niall busting it wide open at the very end

Hey there guys, I know it’s been a bit but I’ve been a bit busy the last few weeks. Anyway, I was inspired by the most recent Minecraft as well as some work by a friend of mine to do a trainer drawing of AH. I wanted to include the Pokemon they had at the end of the first pixelmon episode as well as their Rooster Teethen region (the last extra life poster) counterpart. I’m working on Gav and Little J right now so I should have them up by later this week.


Can we talk about this bit?

I love that this moment was included. That Yuuri has been learning from more than just Viktor, has a video of Yurio doing a flip somewhere on his phone and used it to improve his own performance. 

These two have the best competitive/supportive friendship (?) - they hardly knew each other when Yurio agreed (however reluctantly) to help him out and now we know Yurio had been watching him since the last competition.

This is just so great. Fantastic. This show is all about supporting and growing and learning and overcoming.  



Harry Styles - Niall Horan - 2533 words (Requested, Niall smut)


Harry’s large hand cupped my thigh as he gave it a firm squeeze, a wink thrown my way with that dirty, dirty grin etched onto his lips. I grant him a smile in return, letting my hand fall over his, the other tugging on my short dress to lengthen it just the slightest bit. We are out having a drink in the hotel bar to celebrate closing off the last leg of tour just a bit earlier today. All the boys are here, including crew and whoever helped to make this tour the uttermost success, pleasing girls all over the world. I had joined Harry for the last two shows, fangirling to the side with one of their bodyguards who eventually near the end of the first show I had gone to, starting dancing around with me like a maniac.

I already feel the alcohol I had consumed in the last two hours course through me, making me blink my eyes in a slow, tentative manner as I let my gaze fall onto each and every one that was surrounding me at this moment. They were making lame sex jokes, I don’t even recall any of them as I bite my lip, staring at Niall who is animatedly laughing at something that Louis has said. Harry’s hand still feels like fire against my naked skin and I squeeze his hand before I feel his lips press against the shell of my ear.

“You look marvelous.” Harry breathes, sending a shiver down my spine and let the end of my lips curve up into a small smile, my eyes cast his way quickly as I squeeze both my eyes closed with that stupid grin on my face. “You always do.” I mutter in return and breathe out as the whole bunch starts hollering again, clearly Harry and I missing out on the point here.

“Which boy would you do if you could switch it up, Y/n?” My eyes widen as  I stare at Louis who is simply smirking in my direction and I have absolute no idea what he is talking about. “I- uh- What?”
“We asked Liam who he’d do and he answered Alexandra,” Louis points towards one of the crew’s members who are sitting on the other side of the table, winking at someone before turning back to me, “And now I ask you, who would you do?”

I stare at Harry and he motions my head to answer and I let my eyes wander over all the men present, eyes landing on Liam. “I guess you.” I shrug my shoulders, a stupid, awkward grin on my lips as the boys holler again. “Niall?” Liam claps his hands and I see the color draining from Niall before it is replaced with the crimson red color known as embarrassment as his gazes catches mine before he quickly looks away and mumbles, “Y/n.”

The boys holler again, they seem to do that with every name that falls but I pat his hand and mouth what a good choice he made. This continues for every one of the members at the table before we decide to call it a night. My hands grasp Harry’s biceps as I soak in some of his warmth. I am not drunk or anything, but the night and the dancing a few hours earlier have seem to catch up on me.

“Niall, wait up.” Harry yells down the hall, freezing Niall in the middle of opening his door as he turns towards us. “Are you interested in?” I don’t see what Harry does next but I see Niall’s reaction and my mind seems to connect the dots rather slowly as I slap Harry’s hand with a grin on my lips. “Harry, you don’t go off offering your lady to other men.” I chuckle dryly as I see Niall approach us, awkwardly scratching his neck as he stops a few meters away from us.

“You said you thought he was cute, don’t you want to?” Harry turns back towards me, waiting for me to answer as I stare at Harry in disbelief.
“I - well – I – damn what a question to ask Harry.” Harry motions his head for Niall to follow us and I can already feel my heart palpitating as Harry grasps my hand in his and pulls me along, leaving Niall to follow.

“Have a go if you want to.” Harry smirks as he lets his bum fall down onto the love seat in the corner of the hotel room, his fingers working on his button up to unbutton a few and leave his chest exposed as he would normally wear, his legs opened and loosely dangling in front of him. His left arm is hanging loosely over the arm rest, the pointer finger of his right hand pressed against his lips as he watched both Niall as I with hooded eyes.

Niall seems frozen, petrified as he keeps his distance from me, hands fiddling with one another as he keeps his gaze both off of Harry as off of me. “H babe..” I start but he shakes his head and I immediately shut up. Harry always had this aura of authority around him and I knew and loved that about him, but never had he used that same look on me. It thrilled me beyond belief.

“I know you think about her a lot, I would too if she wasn’t mine.” Harry states simply, his face lightly illuminated by the small desk lamp he had switched on when he entered in front of Niall and I. My heart is hammering in my chest, my eyes flicking back between Niall and Harry. As we catch gazes, his dimples come to show and he nods his head, encouraging me to take the first step. I take a deep breath and walk over to the still fiddling Niall, my outstretched hands rubbing over his clothed chest as I try to get him to relax just the tiniest bit.

Niall’s eyes glance up, his lip sucked between his teeth as I see his glance dip into the cleavage of my dress, a small smirk covering my lips when he scrapes his throat and turns to Harry.
“No go’s?” His voice is hoarse, the playfulness seems to have left him as nervousness took over but I find that cute in Niall. I’ve always dreamed of my own personal bad boy, and then I found Harry. But the little princess in me will always crave for someone as sweet as Niall.

“No kissing.” Harry grunts, folding his hands together as his eyes bore into the two of us. Niall opens his mouth to say or ask something else but Harry beats him to it. “And listen to her body, she shows what she likes.” A grin is plastered onto his face and Niall turns back towards me to see my cheeks a flaming red color, a small, playful smile back on his lips as his fingers tickle over the curves of my hips, taking tentative steps closer. I am tired of waiting for something to happen, seeing Harry sitting like that, acting like that and Niall being his awkward self is sending my body into a frenzy.

I pull Niall closer by the neck and attach my lips to his neck, Niall letting out a low growl which emanates a hearty laugh from Harry’s lips who is still in his spot in the corner but I try to focus on unbuttoning Niall’s shirt with cats on them, pushing it off of his shoulders, unlocking my lips from his neck as I grant him with a wink and sink down to my knees in the most seductive way I can muster, nails lightly scratching over his torso in my way down.

Soon Niall is completely bare in front of me, my tongue darting out to lick my lips, wetting them as my manicured fingers curl around his shaft, giving it a few, slow pumps. My eyes dart over to Harry, looking for reassurance and I wink at him as he nods his head at me, his eyes fixated on me going to pleasure his friend. I must say, it felt weird, not having Harry in front of me, and him on the other side of the room watching us, me, about to suck one of his best mates off. But the thrill that overpowered me made me push the tip past my lips, my eyes closing as I hear Niall hiss out in pleasure.

I only tease him, raising back to my feet as I slowly unwrap the dress I was wearing after I pushed Niall down onto the bed. I hear Harry breathing harshly but steadily behind me, Niall’s breathing erratically, small puffs filling the silent air as I stare down at him. I discard my dress onto the floor, my hands grasping behind me to rid myself off of the black lace bra I wore especially for Harry tonight. Apparently it would be an extra special night.

Niall is simply staring at me, watching my breasts bounce as I push my knickers down to my ankles. I crawl on top of him, my tongue slowly dragging a stripe up on his torso before I let my lips rest against his jaw again, dropping my body onto his and I feel his cock strain against my pelvis, sending the tingles towards my core as I feel Niall’s hands roam over my back, towards my bum which he gives a firm squeeze, a low moan leaving my lips before I’m flicked onto my back, Niall hovering above me.

I flinch when I feel a condom packet hit my arm and I glare at a silently laughing Harry, his head motioning for me to get on with it. I rip the packet with my teeth, taking the condom and slowly rolling it over Niall’s shaft while I let my lips and teeth graze over the pale skin of his shoulder. Niall doesn’t waste any time and he positions himself and slowly pushes in, a sigh leaving my lips at the intrusion. He slowly starts rocking his hips, his head disappearing in the crook of my neck so he wouldn’t be tempted to kiss me.

I breathe against Niall’s blonde hair, my fingers digging into the short strands as I let my nails rake through them, lightly scratching his scalp as I moan into thin air, opening my legs further so Niall would have more access. Normally with Harry it would be rough and passionate, and this is way different than what I’m used to. Of course Harry and I made love every once in a while, but that would include a lot of kissing and touching and it’s just different with another male above me, although he is very good at what he’s doing.

“Hmm.” I sigh, arching my back a bit as Niall hits one of the right spots, encouraging him to pick up his pace, low grunts and puffs of air blown against my neck, heating up the skin as I close my eyes and enjoy the slow rocking of his hips. I feel him stutter, indicating that he’s coming near his end and I let out a particular harsh moan, nails digging into the skin where I had them resting the same moment.

“Oh Niall –“ I breathe, a short, high pitched moan leaving my lips as I squeeze my eyes closed, short puffs of air leaving my lips as Niall reaches his high, stilling inside me as he groans against my warm skin.

It takes Niall a few minutes to regain his breath, both our harsh breathing filling the air as Harry is still staring at us, but staying as quiet as ever. He observes as Niall climbs off of me, taking my hand and giving it a small kiss and a wink before he pulls his boxers back over his bum.

“I – uhm –“ Niall starts stuttering when he is full dressed again while I pull my black knickers back over my own bum. I smile as I cross my arms over my chest, still a bit aware that I am half naked and two males are keeping their gazes on me, covering my breasts from their view.
“We’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast Niall. I had fun, thank you.” I smile sweetly again and wave as the blush covers his cheeks and neck and he nods towards Harry before quickly making his way out of Harry and I’s hotel room.

It is silent for a good full minute, my hands slowly rubbing over my exposed arms before Harry scrapes his throat and gathers my attention towards him.

“You faked, didn’t you?” Harry growls from his seat on the love seat, leaning on his knees with his elbows, hands still folded, dangling in the air. I roll my eyes, of course he knows it. We’ve been together for quite a while and I believe he knows my body better than I’ll ever know it. “Hmm.”
“Did you enjoy?” Harry questions again, licking his lips again as I walk towards the bathroom to grab one of the complementary bath robes, the soft silky white feeling like bliss against my hands.

“I did. He isn’t you though.” I shrug my shoulders, standing near the doorway towards the bedroom as I swing the robe around me, letting it hang open as I watch Harry push himself onto his feet.
I decide to test the waters even more, swallowing harshly before letting my bare feet take me towards the bed. “I like it rough, and I’d rather have your cock to bounce on.” I nonchalantly shrug, tying my hair up in a high pony tail, a chill running over my spine when I feel his presence behind me. I turn around slowly, seeing Harry a few meters away from me, arms crossed over his chest and a smirk etched onto his lips. “Of course you do.” I giggle, shrugging my shoulders again as I motion with my hands as if what to do about it. I let my teeth sink into my tongue briefly as I turn towards Harry, watching him stare me down.

“I didn’t think you’d be into voyeurism.” I chuckle as I pull the bath robe closed, covering my breasts from view as I watch Harry approach me with a tentative, but confident steps. His dominance – for a lack of a better word – was emanating from him as he stops so he’s just within arm reach, a wicked grin plastered on lips which he licks before sinking his pearly white teeth in his bottom lip.
“I always like watching you.” He states as he pushes the robe open again, a blush covering my cheeks as I watch his hands cup my breasts, his feet taking him a step closer towards me.

“But right now, all I want is to make you scream so Niall will know you’re mine.” Harry growls before he pushes me onto the bed, a moan already leaving my lips as I see him sink towards the floor onto his knees, the wicked grin not once leaving his lips.

Lots of love,
L. xox

  *Guess who fell face first into rare pair hell? Here is a Boombox fic to kick off the end of my writing hiatus. I’ve never written slash fanfiction and I’m aromantic as fuck so this was an experience.*

  Most of the Overwatch members had at least tried to befriend the Junkers when they’d first arrived, and had been met with limited success. Roadhog wasn’t much for conversation, and Junkrat could be a bit overwhelming, to put it nicely.

  So everyone, including the Junkers, had been rather shocked when their last teammate arrived and was able to become friends with the wild pair. Though if anyone could do it, it was Lúcio. The Brazilian was just such a kind person it was hard to dislike him. Unless you were Symmetra, but that’s a different story.

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Week 10: odd numbers!

iPhone 6… no filters… maybe a little crop editing… zoom and DOF used. I was about 50m from the subject.

It’s been raining on and off for the last two weeks… this morning was a little less grey and we left a bit earlier for work so I could get this pics on the way. It’s a petrol storage tank… at a distribution centre. I included the blurred shots because I felt it told a little bit of a story and I like the movement of it. I had a hard time getting the DOF shots with the fence: the camera kept blurring back to the fence as the DOF. Then I almost fell over so in the end, I knelt down and held onto the fence to get the steady hand necessary.

My favorite is the 4th one down @retrokarrots!  I love the blurred fence segment in the foreground.  I’m dying at the “…almost fell over…” part!…LOL.  You can tell that this is really flat cold lighting from the overcast conditions.  Sometimes you can use the white balance or “temperature” adjustments in editing software to help.  A few clicks would add a little temperature and give this image a warmer feel.  That’s the best I can do on criticism with this one.  It’s a fabulous shot and story! 

- RK

Twenty Facts about Yang Xiao Long (Compiled by Blake Belladonna) (Bumbleby)

Yang is absolutely terrible at keeping surprises parties … surprises. My last birthday, she actually told me about the party on purpose and asked that I act surprised. (It also turns out I’m absolutely terrible at acting.)

Yang likes coming up with nicknames for people, but never actually using them. Yes, this includes herself. (“Ra-pun-zel” is my favorite one, so far.)

Wool tickles Yang. She insists on wearing ugly Midwinter sweaters every year in any case. (Last year’s had working sleigh bells on it, and, I’m positive, a hidden stash of mistletoe.)

Yang collects bird feathers she finds on the ground. She says they’re for her mom. (It’s maybe a bit playing into the stereotype when I leave feathers I find on her bed, but …)

Whenever Yang gets the hiccups, she attempts to pretend she doesn’t have the hiccups. Whenever I have the hiccups, she panics. (I’m not yet certain what happens when we get the hiccups at the same time.)

When Yang wants to get out of an awkward conversation with me, she tries to distract me with some of the world’s worst lap-dancing. (It works about seventy percent of the time.)

Yang has recently come to the realization that, for some reason or another, she has never, ever had a hot dog. She now refuses to have one for fear she’ll “break the streak.” (I may or may not be attempting to learn how to grill.)

There is precisely one scenario in which Yang would ever get a haircut: if she ever has children. She says she wants her hair to grow with them. (I’m still not quite sure how to respond to that one, to be honest.)

Yang, despite all athletic ability otherwise, cannot jump rope to save her life. She still seems determined to beat my record in any case. (228 skips, as a side note.)

Yang does not talk in her sleep. She also does not snore, or sleepwalk, or toss and turn all night. However, she has, on occasion, been known to sing. (Her rendition of Soda Bubbles is oddly lulling, for a pop tune.)

Yang has a bucket list that is entirely blank. She plans on filling it out on her deathbed with all the things she never got to do and giving out a copy to whoever wants it. (Though she has confessed that she’s thinking about adding on something about “petting all the dogs in the world” right away.)

Yang cannot make snow angels. She always gets excited, and all the snow around her melts away. (I usually end up making them for her.)

Yang only plays multiplayer video games or games with customizable characters. And I quote, “My favorite character is me!” (Mine may be as well.)

Yang only drinks milk as a last resort. While she – there is no other word for it – chugs it, her eyes will turn red. (I never felt sorry for a carton of milk until I met Yang.)

Yang’s reaction to winning a game is always to ask for a rematch. Her reaction to losing a game is always to congratulate you and stop playing. (I suppose it’s one way of ensuring she wins either way.)

Yang is a classically trained dancer. If you spend any amount of time around her and music, you’ll be a classically trained dancer, too. (You will also, likely, lose all feeling in your legs after the first couple of hours.)

Yang will always slide sock-clad across hardwood paneling, given the chance. She will make her own chance, if such is necessary. (On more than one occasion, I’ve had to hold her boots while she did so.)

Yang can blow two bubblegum bubbles at one time. She claims the trick is “all in the wrist.” (The first time I asked, she said it with such confidence I almost believed her.)

Yang never uses an umbrella, no matter how badly it might be storming. She never uses her Semblance to dry herself off, either. (“That would be cheating!”)

Finally, and most importantly, Yang is, without a doubt, truly and factually, objectively speaking … beautiful. In fact, Yang Xiao Long is the most beautiful girl in the entire world. (Even if she says that that’s me, instead.)

I finally SPOKE to the GP!

I’ve literally had my phone glued to my hand all day. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag to be honest.
First off, she didn’t want me to stretch at all. She said it’s “unadvisable at this stage because of the withdrawal.” I gave my arguments for switching (which included “I don’t sleep and feel like a zombie) and she agreed with me.
However, she then talked about a SEVEN week complete withdrawal from sertraline, before I start any other medication - which think will be venlafaxine (okay I can’t spell this!). Last time I cross tapered from citalporam to sertraline, so it’s thrown me. I haven’t been completely without medication for nearly 3 years now; I’m scared. It’s making me doubt the change, but the want to get on with it - why I’m cross I’ve waited 2 weeks simply to talk to her! She was very apologetic though - contrary to the receptionist yesterday! 😬
She also said that my blood test showed a "very low” vitamin D, which I’ve never had a problem with? So ill start a supplement, but I’m also anxious about telling mum.
I’m finding that eat a LOT less fish now, which is actually s real positive for my recovery; fish used to be the ultimate safe food for me, but I will now eat far more vegetarian things I formerly rang from (hello lentil cottage pie, ravioli and M&S READY MEALS ❤) I also have mostly soya products, a switch I did in IP and has made my stomach pains/nausea SO much better.
However, I’m now worried that this is causing it and that mum/dad will want me to have more fish 😔 I feel so conflicted, as ethically I want to switch to fully veggie and feel it would symbolise a true turning point in my mental recovery (animals over anorexia, what SOPHIE wants)
So my head is all a bit overwhelmed right now, especially as I had CBT this morning and talked for an hour about my childhood and disbetes 😬 so I’m going to hide in Cabot circus Nero with my knitting… 🙈 sorry for my rambles! Am finding it helps me to talk though - honesty is key. So even if no one reads, my head is a little less blocked!

Shepard’s (Non-romantic) farewell to Garrus (ME3)

Finishing Nate and Li Shepard’s runs before starting ME: Andromeda. I’ve never had the non-romantic farewell scene before Shepard runs into the beam (it’s always between Shep and his/her Ll). Nate’s was a bit different because he romanced Jack, and of course she wasn’t there with him in the last battle. Garrus is Nate’s best buddy (both snipers, after all). Garrus and Kaidan were with him on that final run.

(Nate) Shepard: You gotta get out of here.

Garrus: And you’ve gotta be kidding me.

Shepard: Don’t argue, Garrus.

Garrus: Just make damned sure that includes you too. You always were the best shot.

Shepard: Not by half. Take care, Garrus. (Nate all but admits that he let Garrus win that Citadel shoot-out.)

Shepard: GO!

(Garrus reaches out to him. Maybe Garrus knows that there’s a good chance he’ll never see his best friend again. Look at Kaidan’s face. He’s just as devastated :-( There’s a different vibe when the parting isn’t romantic; it’s more of two brothers-in-arms.)

(If there had been a M!Shep/Garrus romance, would Nate have taken it? He might have. Those two have a LOT in common, and I think it would have worked.)

Thank you

That was an amazing panel and I’m crying now because of the last bit so in the spirit I just want to thank all of you for being here because without them and this community I probably never would have started drawing again and I would’ve still thought I had to strive for a career that I don’t want for the sole reason that it was expected of me. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mark, Ethan, Wade, Tyler and Bob and everyone else that I watched through them and most importantly all of you. You all changed my life and I will never not be grateful for that.
I love you all so much.

anonymous asked:

How many asks do you have? Just out of curiosity. Thanks in advance

Including this one?  62.  I managed to get the number cut down a bit last night but I had 18 new asks come in while I was at work today and had several messages that came through as well.

I literally can’t keep up.  Some of these asks require real research on my part, which takes significant time.  I’m not a counselor and I only have limited information, so I always try to validate what I know before I respond to you.  I do it because I want to provide you guys with good information and I want to be helpful – but I’ve not been able to do any work on The Fitting this week so far because all my time has been answering asks.  I’m trying to prioritize things, but some stuff might not get answered any time soon so I can actually spend some time writing (plus working on a huge project I have due, sleeping, spending some time with friends, taking care of chores, etc…)

Quiet w/ preceding dialogue
Mattea Conforti w/ Christian Michael Camporin and Christopher Sieber
Quiet w/ preceding dialogue

While not as great a big fat bully as the last time, still darn good, and I had to include Christian because my god that kid just BRINGS IT to this scene.

You can also hear me mutter “…wow” after “anymore.”  This kid has a voice to rival Ava Ulloa and Gabby Pizzolo.  Her singing reminds me quite a bit of Gabby’s, actually.

Well, tomorrow I have my lasts assignments for university which includes the Hannibal poster, a short movie and a stopmotion

This week was a mess

Today while printing the poster at the… Printing local(??? Idk how those are called in English) my mom and sister started teasing me, criticizing the colors of the poster as a joke but I cried my stress out (I hardly cry in public but I really couldn’t hold it anymore I had breakdown omg) so yeah they where like “nooo don’t cry omggg” Aaghhh it was a bit embarrassing…

Anyways, being a graphic design student is challenging. My sister graduated from med school so obviously our professions are different, my mom never sees me “reading a book” or studying or anything

But looking at the works I printed out, a corporative identity manual, logos, and the things I’ve made these weeks, she finally understood how much I work hard for my carrier…

You know what posts I don’t like? Those one’s where it’s usually like a few short paragraphs and they’re talking about something and you’re agreeing with it. Like every point seems to make some sense and you’re just “yeah that’s good i can understand that” and then you get to the last one and then, usually but not always, there’s a tone shift. Either way you read the last part and you grit your teeth because it was going SO WELL and then that last part just ruined the whole thing. Every aspect is now tainted by that one last part and it’s just so much worse because until then it made sense but now it’s gone. 

Satoshi saving Pikachu isn’t really anything special by itself but that scene in SM019 felt like such a clear XY callback that I can’t help but take it as fanservice for us XY fans xD Also they used battle music from XY too, bless, I wasn’t sure if they were gonna include those tracks in SM as well. 

The Tapu Koko battle was alright, animation was lacking a bit and the end part had a ton of reused footage (which is a problem for all Z move scenes tho), but it’s not like this was the definitive conclusion for this “rivalry” or anything, all it was meant to do was show a bit of progression and that it certainly did, Pikachu lasted longer and was able to blow Tapu Koko back a bit with Sparking Gigavolt despite its shield. Looking forward to the true showdown in the future.

I like how Tapu Koko literally brushed off Rowlet and Rockruff, this thing isn’t gonna act humble in front of scrubs, sorry guys but you ain’t ready for this stage.

Mamane’s family was pretty cute, and the training was actually creative, I enjoyed that. Best part was Satoshi feeling so out of place as Mamane and Rotom were nerding out over math tho, I feel you man xD