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I need some hurt and comfort, this could be an oneshot or anything you want. So Izaya is jealous of Shizuo's s/o and at some point brunette decides to kill two birds with one stone: kidnap s/o and make it some sort of revenge on Shizuo. Izaya keeps Shizuo's s/o tied up, in windowless room (some harassment may be included), then Shizuo finds them, and does anything you want to take s/o back and comfort them. If possible I want ending to be as fluffy as Shizuo's morning hair.

Oh shiz this is short but I hope you enjoy the fluff because Shizuo’s hair is veeeerrry fluffy <3

Your breath was unsteady as your body twitched with each passing second. You had your vision obscured by a blindfold around your eyes, and that only increased your paranoia. You had been locked in a room, tied to a singular wooden chair without any light. You couldn’t move, you could only take in the heartbreaking silence as you sat helplessly. You wished this never happened, you wished that you could be sitting at home with your boyfriend cuddling on the couch. Sadly, that seemed like a fantasy to you now. It had been 3 days since you were locked in here, and it was all that idiot’s fault.

The silence was filled with loud screaming, swears, and the sound of objects crashing and breaking. You shivered in your spot as you heard wood crack and split open, and loud footsteps coming towards you. A hand rested on your cheek and you jerked back, fear running through your veins. You felt a small tug on your blindfold before you felt it slip off, your eyes still closed. You only opened them when you heard the voice you’ve been wanting to hear for so long.

“Y/N…Holy- I’m so glad you’re okay!” You locked your eyes with brown ones, and in an instant, you felt tears well in your eyes and a smile grace your face. You felt your arms and legs being freed from the ropes that bound you, and the man in front of you gently picked you up in his arms.

“I’m taking you out of here, I should have never left you alone. I’m sorry.”

“Please…It’s not your fault Shizuo. I’m just glad I can see you again,” you ran your fingers through his blonde hair as he looked down at you in his arms and smiled.

It didn’t take you very long to get home, and you were set neatly on the couch while Shizuo sat next to you. You gently slipped your hand into his hair, running your fingers through its fluffy texture. He gently pulled you onto his lap and held you close.

“I’m never going to leave you…Never again”. He whispered into the crook of your neck as he gently placed kisses against your skin. You giggled and continued to run your fingers through his hair, enjoying the affection. Seems your fantasy turned into the truth after all.

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“Lights Will Guide You Home”

“Lights Will Guide You Home”

A/N: This gift is for the lovely @idearlylovealaugh!! Kate, I hope that it helps make your Holiday season as bright as the lights on Ron & Hermione’s tree. Enjoy this fluffy little piece that includes just a dash spice. If you like it, I could be coerced into creating a more “adult” second chapter!

“Ah-gin Daddy!” Rose Weasley squealed with delight as the living room was flooded with twinkling lights from the Christmas tree.

“Alright Rosie, one more time?”

“Two more times!!”

Ron Weasley chuckled as he looked at the red haired child snuggled in his lap. She really was his child, not just in looks either; she frequently asked for seconds before she had even finished her original portion.

“Ok, two more times, but then we have to go tuck into bed.”

She nodded her agreement and sat fascinated as he made all the lights disappear from the tree, leaving them in darkness. He could feel the excitement and anticipation as she sucked in her little breath. This was one of things that Ron loved best about being a father, seeing familiar things through the new eyes of wonder. Experiencing the world, both magical and muggle, for the first time all over again. He paused to enjoy the feeling before pushing the button, illuminating the tree once again.

“Daddy?” She looked up at him; her forehead creasing in the same adorable way that her mother’s did when she was trying to solve a complex problem.

“What is it sweetheart?”

“How you do dat?”

“Magic.” For many parents that would be a “cop out” answer designed to placate their child, but he and Hermione had always made it a priority to tell Rose the truth when she asked questions, explaining and never patronizing.

“Dat not you wand, Daddy.” Rose pointed at the metallic cylinder in her father’s hand.

She really was a smart one, so inquisitive and eager to learn new things. She was her mother’s child as well. In fact, it was like she was made out of all the best parts of both him and Hermione. Although he couldn’t help but wonder how her intelligence might make parenting more perilous as she got older.

“You’re right, Rosie, this is not a wand, but it is still magic.”

“Grampa Weasey give you?”

This really made Ron smile. That would be the logical thought. Arthur Weasley was forever inventing new devices, usually a combination of magic and muggle technology. As he looked at the object in his hand he knew that it was definitely something his father could have made.

“No, but that was a very good guess. A great wizard named Dumbledore made it and gave it to me a long time ago; before you were born, before your mum and I were even married.”

“Wow…dat long time Daddy!”

He couldn’t help but bark out a laugh. It was a long time ago; in some ways he felt like he had been a husband and a father forever, but in other ways it felt as if it had all happened in a flash. He felt a fond nostalgia for that terrified, scrawny kid who had blindly trusted the blue ball of light, not because Dumbledore had bequeathed it to him, but because her voice had come out of it.

“It was. You know Rosie, it’s not just for lights either.”

“What else it do, Daddy?”

“Well, a long time ago your Daddy was very lost and it helped him find his way home.”

Rose shifted in his lap so that she could place her little hands on his cheeks. She looked at him with a very serious look that he had seen from his wife many times over the years; it was a look that made his heart swell with love.

“Oh no, Daddy! I so sorry you got lost. ‘Member when Al got lost at dat big store? Did Mommy fin’ you like Aunt ‘Inny fin’ Al?”

“In a way she did. You see, I had been lost for a long time…”

“You mussa been vewy scared!”

“I was, but then I heard your Mum. Her voice came out of this,” he held up the Delumniator and Rose gasped in surprise. “Then I clicked it and a ball of light came out. The ball of light went into my heart, and it took me to her.”

“It went wight here?” She laid her finger gently on his chest.

“Right there.”

“Wow! Dat IS magic!”

“The best kind. Now, it is time for you to go to bed.”

“But Daddy, I still have one more!!”

“That’s right, you do. Tell you what, why don’t you help me?”


Ron turned Rose around in his lap so that she faced the tree. He cradled the Deluminator in his left hand and used his right to help her find the button. Her face was focused in concentration and she drew in her breath sharply in anticipation.

“One, two, three…go!”

The little girl pushed down and all of the lights from the tree came swirling toward them, disappearing into the silver cylinder in her hands. For a few seconds they sat there in the darkness in quiet reverence. Then with a nudge from her father she pushed the button a second time and sat in wonder as the lights took their rightful place, illuminating the faces of father and daughter.

“Daddy, I’m glad Dumbadoor give you dis; I not want you to be los’.”

“Well said Rose.”

Both Ron and Rose started at the sound of Hermione’s voice coming from behind them. She had come in from putting Hugo to bed and had heard their conversation.

“Mommy!” Rose jumped of her father’s lap and ran to jump into her mother’s arms.

“You ready for bed Rosie Posie?”

“Uh-huh! You tuck me in?”

“Sure; give Daddy a kiss and head up. I will meet you there.”

She did just that. As soon as Rose had left the room, Hermione made her way over to her husband. She gently took the hand that still held the Deluminator and looked up into his eyes.

“Rose was definitely right about “Dumbadoor” giving you this, for all his missteps this was something he got completely right. But…you were wrong about being lost.”

“Sorry dear, I have to argue with you there. That Christmas I was the most lost I have ever been, more lost than anyone has ever been.”

“Maybe so, but you were not the only one. I was as well. When you came back, I felt like the one who had been lost, and you had been sent to find me.”

“Really? Is that why you almost beat me senseless?” Ron smirked down at his wife in the way that he knew she found irresistible.

“Not exactly, even though you did deserve it…”


“That attack was mainly to keep me from doing this.”

Hermione threaded her fingers into the ginger hair at the nape of his neck and pulled his face down to meet hers. The fervor of her kiss brought a moan from his throat, and they quickly fell into a passionate embrace. It was hard to believe that after all these years something as simple as a look, a touch, a kiss was all it took for them to be lost completely in each other. Ron pulled back slightly, fearing that if he did not little Rose might be traumatized by what she found under the Christmas tree.

“I reckon Harry would’ve had to find another tent to sleep in if you’d have kissed me like that back then.” Ron gripped her tighter and pushed his hips into her to demonstrate the full import of his innuendo; Hermione copied his movements and licked her lips in response.

“If you had kissed me like that then I am sure the last thing on my mind would have been where Harry slept. Besides, we could have just used a good silencing spell. Speaking of which,” her voice dropped an octave, sending an even greater jolt of desire through him, “make sure you take care of that before I get back from tucking Rose in. I want to show you some magic of my own.”

“Anything for you, Mrs. Weasley; especially if it keeps you from attacking me.”

“I make no promises, Mr. Weasley.”

As he watched her leave the room, he was overwhelmed by just how perfectly his life had turned out. He wished he could somehow let 17 year-old-Ron know that this was what awaited him in the future. That despite the pain and loss and sacrifice that it would all be worth it. He pictured him for a moment: scared and lost, certain that he would never see her again, that she would never love nor forgive him.  In those days before her voice come to him he could have never imagined that he was so wrong, about everything. He had even been wrong about his love for her. He had thought he would never love her more, that it was impossible, but know he knew better. That love had grown with every passing year, multiplied as he watched her hold their children. He grasped the Deluminator tightly, thanking Merlin and Dumbledore, as he had many times before, for giving him the way home to her. He knew that he would have been forever lost; that they would have been forever lost without one another. Ron clicked the button one last time and sprinted up the stairs to join his wife.

hi you. yes, you.

I want you to know that if you’re reading this, and doing your best to be positive and have a great time in this fandom, i love you. You’re great. And i just wanna say that sometimes the worst things in life are things that haven’t even happened, and never will. The stuff we worry about. 

I don’t know what this tour is going to be like. I don’t know if things are going to be okay! i have a sneaking suspicious they will be, because things have always gone better than expected in the past, but i don’t know for sure. What i do know, though, is that One Direction isn’t everything, and if things go really terribly, we’re all still gonna be alright. There are happy things! And right now those happy things include the fact that Harry’s hair is long and fluffy and he likes it and he had fun at his party, and Louis is real and has ankles and is tiny and has Brand New shoes and has been publicly in LA, and Zayn’s been appreciating all the fan art and having fun on twitter, and Niall is having fun and drinking beer over in Australia, and Liam is writing and being his adorable, loving self… 

So let’s appreciate what we have, okay? And not stress the things we don’t know just yet, alright? <3

Because Aria Awards Zayn has absolutely ruined me and not let me think of anything but that since it happened. Since it was thrust upon me.


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I’ve had very few crushes in my life: a crush on this one guy when I was 8 who had tooootally attractive dark hair, a crush on one of my guy friends when I was 11 who I guess was kinda cute, and a very brief crush on another guy when I was 12 who, uh, had a… nice fashion sense. Yeah, it’s been many, many years since I had a crush. Impressive, right?

I’ve had many best friends though, including the one I’ve had since kindergarten who has gorgeous chocolate eyes, fluffy hair that falls elegantly down her back, a bright face that captivates me, amazing talents, a great sense of humor, a great figure, and an attitude that always made me feel better when I saw her. What?! No, I’m not gay!! I’m just… jealous of her! I wish I could be like her because she attracts many boys and maybe if I was her I could make something work with a boy :)))) that’s all :))))