i had to include that pic


better dragon girls collection, including younger!tiki this time!! (i had to go through that level so many times bc i couldn’t get a good fucking screenshot, since she’s the only one I haven’t pulled)

got buff no wings Ninian, fluffy Fae, scrawny but tough Corrin, seahorse Nowi and older!Tiki, n classic dragon younger!Tiki

Post-its Compilation - 161104 Yongsan Fansign

** I only included the pics where they drew on, click on the pic credit link to view the other pics!

Rap Monster

Q: If oppa and I had a child together, what would you name him/her?
A: Rhyme. This sounds like your name and my name, so it’ll be the name of our kid. If it’s a girl, she will be as pretty as you. And also, she will be like you, who only has me in your eyes. 

pic cr; Mivs_浅念
trans cr; @jeongmilk

Q: Please write a word in the form of “I […] you” that can express more than “I like you” and “I love you”.
A: I Ryan you.

pic cr; @pinkprince_92
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: If you are not in Bangtan, what do you think you are doing now?
A: I’m a businessman.

pic cr; @Liya8897

Q: If you were given the gift of time, would you want to live forever?

(OP added that he said life has its limit and he doesn’t think he could live forever and still having purposes to live through)

pic cr; @itsryangel


Q: Please write something harsh so I can succeed at dieting!
A: You look like a Pokemon.

pic cr; @218_jpg
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: What things will make you happy?
A: Army’s Love ❤️

pic & trans cr; @Liya8897

Q: How does kissing the statue taste like?
A: The taste of plaster, the taste of hell.

pic cr; @BtswoRLd888
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: Please write a word in the form of “I […] you” that can express more than “I like you” and “I love you”.
A: Eu-uh-uh ♡

pic cr; @pinkprince_92
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: How do you feel about going on “Law Of The Jungle”? (Don’t go ㅠᆨㅠ… Come back safely…)
A: I’m handsome so it’s okay.

pic cr; @midnight_blue94
trans cr; ktaebwi


Q: Please write a word in the form of “I […] you” that can express more than “I like you” and “I love you”.
A: I ARMY you. I loke you.**
(**I loke you” = “I like you” + “I love you”)

pic cr; @pinkprince_92
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: If you have another puppy, what name would be given?

pic & trans cr; @Liya8897

Q: When do you plan to give your song to Jimin?
A: Well… I might have given it to him

pic cr; @ILYSB_jimin
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: What in the sky are you most like?
✓ sun
✓ moon
✓ stars
✓ (added in) Holly

**His reason was Holly is most like him, OP said “Holly is not in the sky…“ and Yoongi replied "We are still most like each other always”

pic & trans cr; @melaninsuga

Q: What do you plan to do after this promotion ends?
A: Get a good sleep.

pic cr; @ILYSB_jimin
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: What should I do to make you happy?
A: Always be like this

pic & trans cr; @itsryangel


Q: Please write a word in the form of “I […] you” that can express more than “I like you” and “I love you”.
A: I like you. I luv you. (draws a spam can)*
(*Hoseok wrote “조아햄 사랑햄”, which is a cute way of writing “I like you, I love you”. 햄 = “haem”, pronounced similar to “ham”)

pic cr; @pinkprince_92
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: What kind of personality of the women you like?
A: purity/innocence/vividity

pic & trans cr; @Liya8897

Q: Hobiehobie~ Please recommend Seoul’s most delicious Korean food to noona…
A: Yujeong Restaurant

pic cr; @itsryangel​
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: A thing that makes you happy the most recently? (aside from performing on broadcast)
A: Beef yum yum.

pic cr; @ILYSB_jimin
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: A thing that makes you upset the most recently? (aside from performing on broadcast)
A: Skin problems ㅠㅠ

pic cr; @ILYSB_jimin
trans cr; ktaebwi


Q: What should I do to make you happy?
A: Always be there for me

pic & trans cr; @itsryangel

Q: Please write a word in the form of “I […] you” that can express more than “I like you” and “I love you”.
A: I like you.

pic cr; @pinkprince_92
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: What was the title of the book you were reading till night in bon voyage?
A: Legendary Moonlight Sculptor.

pic cr; @ILYSB_jimin
trans cr; cuddlesbangtan


Q: Please write a word in the form of “I […] you” that can express more than “I like you” and “I love you”.
A: I Taetae you bb.

pic cr; @pinkprince_92
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: You don’t fight with Jimin recently?
A: Yep.

pic cr; @ILYSB_jimin
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: Will we get to see “Stigma” live at the fanmeeting?

pic cr; @ILYSB_jimin
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: Please rank members according to their scariness when they angry
1) Jimin 
2) Hope
3) Yoongi
4) Jin
5) Jungkook
6) Jin
7) Namjoon

pic cr; @BtswoRLd888
trans cr; @19970901net

Q: 3 things you wanna do if you have the time?
1. Rest
2. Vacation
3. Game

pic & trans cr; @itsryangel

Q: Draw Jimin in 5 strokes ♡

(When OP told Taehyung he drew 2 dots, that made it more strokes than he’s allowed to use, Taehyung argued “Those are not dots~”)

pic cr; @opallios_JM
trans cr; ktaebwi


Q: If you were to sing a song for V-hyung, what song will you sing? 
A: Let’s Break Up (T/N: by Lee Seunggi)

pic cr; KangToto_
trans cr; bangtanlists

Q: What should I do to make you happy?
A: Right now (OP: as in, me went to see him makes him happy)

pic & trans cr; @itsryangel

Q: You’re about to turn 21, how do you feel?
A: Well.. Just………….?

pic cr; @ILYSB_jimin
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: What did you do for Jimin on his birthday?
A: I bought him a meal!

pic cr; @ILYSB_jimin
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: Do you like Suga or lamb skewers?
A: Suga!

pic cr; _完井_
trans cr; ktaebwi

Q: Please draw me beautifully!

pic & trans cr; @Liya8897

Q: Draw Jimin in 5 strokes ♡

pic cr; @opallios_JM
trans cr; ktaebwi

**Pictures and translations credit to their respective owners as stated! I left links to the original posts but if you do not want your translation on this compilation please pm me :)

K-Pop side of Tumblr...we need to talk.

In a weird turn of events a Facebook meme group I’m in posted pics of Hyungwon from Monsta X, and one person included the link to this…

A palm reading. By this dude, who has a channel dedicated to palm reading:

I thought it was weird, but then I saw that Monsta X had two other members posted: Wonho and Minhyuk. And when I went deeper, I saw he has playlists of people he’s done palm readings for.



But yeah go check out Tony Leggett’s Kpop idol playlist and see if your bias had their palm read!

yoi instagram fancast

since i’ve had so many ppl ask (including in the tags, cause yes, i do read those haha….. i love compliments in them) about who i cast in my yoi instagram edits, so here it is! this will be updated as i complete edits. under read more, cause it’s long and i included pic references haha

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hey it’s dira!! (my previous url was renjunsgirlfriend for those of u who are like… “who tf is this” sorry kdjkdlfjs i always impulsively change urls) okay so ive had this blog for a few months n i jus decided it ws the time to make a follow forever! this is literally a mutual appreciation post i luv u all sm i’d die for u all… i hope u all are doing well 💕💘💞💓  alzo.. the top pic is winkun cause theyre my parents n id die for them.. n if ur a mutual n i didnt include u then i’m rly sorry it’s my bad!! i made a lot of mistakes makin dis please dnt be sad ilusm  mssg me n i’ll add u to this! remember… ur all so important to me n i’d die for u 💞 also sorry if this spams ur notifs jdklfjskl idk if tumblr fixed tht issue

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Madhuri Dixit - Queen of the 90s bindis.

Though I guess every actress was since this decade could never have enough of those stick-on bindi packets which had entire designs incorporating various colours and gems and required little more than..well sticking it on your forehead (though as in pic 5 you could still do a bit of “artwork” yourself:)).

The sheer variety of shapes - including super long snaky bindis like in pic 2 - really mark this decade. In many ways a bit of an unsubtle decade - even the zari motifs of this period as in pics 1 and 2 tended to be a little less than delicate. But in a way it’s also the last decade of changes in bindis since these are still around.


i ws tagged in the selfie tag by @jiminder @mingivitis @kimmyungjun @hobibliophile (im rlly late to some of these ((sweats)) ) thank u 4 the tag tho y’all are flawless ♥

i tag @taegedy @cuteguk @pjminis @taesflower @flowercrownyoongi @9395x @mini-jimin @lil-nenesy @angelchimchim @oh-no-its-mo @jitamin @fylloma @jho-seok


NHL Teams: New York Rangers (12/30)


My Armada (TV Edition)

At work yesterday I was jotting down notes for an LGBT Character fan vid I’m making. My friends asked what I was doing and that lead to me listing all my ships (and of course I had to explain what a ship was.) I was shocked at how my OTP list had grown so much over the years. Some are still around. Some are not. So I’ve decided to share my list. (I used it earlier for sommat but it fits better here.) And I’d like to know what your list is. Rules: TV Couples only (past or present). And they have to have been an actual couple in their cannon, not what you wish had happened (So no Sterek or Johnlock. Sorry.) Also this is an LGBT list. Include pics and or gifs if you like but tag them or name them so that people know who they are. Even if it’s just their portmanteau. Let’s do this!

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headcanons include: 1. phichit had a crush on yuuri while they were roomies, 2. victor definitely stalked phichit’s instagram on the hunt for pics of yuuri, 3. phichit Knew™ before the kiss because victor literally liked all his photos of yuuri 4. (because victor is about as subtle as a brick in the face) 6. phichit found all of this absolutely hilarious.

EDITED 20.01.2017

How do you even draw fire??

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To the Anon asking about how I organised my homework, here we go!
This is a Mum’s Office planner, it’s designed so that on the right hand if the page each column is for a different child, however, as you can see I’ve changed this and made each column more suited to me.
The night before I’ll organise what work I’ll do in my free periods, what homework I need to finish by the end of the day and also what general to-do’s I have. I’ll then check the second column, which tells me what homework is due for that day and I’ll make sure I’ve done it!
On the left I write my homework in as it’s set by the teachers that day and it’s also for general appointments I may have etc.
Lastly, I LOVE STICKY NOTES, I find them so helpful to write separate lists on as I go about my day; this pic includes ones on a huge list of homework I had to do, ideas for my D.T portfolio and general art aims!

I hoped this helped and feel free to ask anymore questions I’ll try to be as helpful as possible📝💥


 everyone did this yesterday & i’m trying to remind myself that despite the ending fiasco i had a really good time in this fandom and it doesn’t have to end here. so! here’s some of my favourite pics i ever did! (altho let’s be real out of embarrassing dozens it’s kind of hard to pick just ten)   including some classic hits like bigender rose + rose’s birthday plus an older illustration from the dog days are over aka that one fic people remember me for (which im thinking of rewriting?) anyway thank you everyone!! it’s definitely been a Ride


So I took the trouble of making a video clip, but apparently I can’t upload a video and pics in one post. Go figure. Here, have a gif instead!! :D

I had always wondered what Genie had written on that waiter pad, so I opened up my translator app, and clumsily drew it with my fat fingers! :D (phenomenal cosmic smartphone, ITTY bitty screen space) Thought it was Arabic, shows how much I know! Apparently it’s actually written in PERSIAN, and Genie ordered him a whole, delicious, oven roasted turkey…..(I’m not drooling, you’re drooling, shut up!) ._.

Side note: Just so no one hurts me: that first non-gif pic is one I got off google. I took the rest myself (including the gif) .-.

In case you’re interested @phenominalcosmicpowers

Oh, what a hellish day.

My boyfriend: Max

Me: P
My friend: X
Weeaboo from Hell: Toad

This weeb story happened at an anime con that myself, X, and Max were attending. Max isn’t really a big anime enthusiast and leans more towards comics and video games so he dressed up as Max from Mad Max: Fury Road. Max looks eerily similar to Tom Hardy so his coworkers including myself encouraged him to dress up as the protagonist of Fury Road. I tried to complete my Furiosa cosplay in time but due to my busy school and work schedule, I had to settle for an unfinished product. X decided to cosplay from League of Legends since she wasn’t a fan of the movie and the three of us headed for the con. We had no idea just how nightmarish the day would be.

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Papyrus’ First Cooking Attempt~

I have not done any animating aside from working on this for a few hours over the past few weeks… But I wanted to animate something with a bit more frames that usual so it flows better… It’s very evident in how Papy coughs up smoke… >W< I love how smooth that part is! ah!

The extra pic is a long pun I wrote for Sans to say to Pap instead of “I’m sure it will blow me away.” but I thought it was just to long-winded… I like the simple pun I did include >W< You can take it as a bonus panel, as if its what Sans said next. lol

I decided to do this one almost entirely black and white so I could practice my frames better without the added hassle of coloring them in… It was hard enough to see where Pap had his scorch marks without the colored-in body… I think it works well, honestly >W<

I hope you all enjoyed this one! I loved animating it *w*

so we had a christmas party and four families including mine were at my house, making for like 17 people, and we were ALL gifted onesies from my aunt 😂 we changed into them and the pics were great aha

anyways, after this whole onesie thing, of course i couldn’t help but draw the ot4 in cute onesies, taking a selfie!

hope you guys had a great christmas 💕