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BTS as really cool things I've said
  • Namjoon: u got scissors mayte? *someone hands scissors* thanks, *hands scissors back and they already bent*
  • Seokjin: Who needs grades and school when you look hot like me and can eat a leaf and still be called a gift
  • Jimin: don't fucking call me cute ok I am not a soft fuck who sings Mary had a little lamb ok I'm a sexy ass pistol pew pew
  • Yoongi: ok can u do me a favour? see that door, go through that and fucking let me sleep you uneducated weiner.
  • Taehyung: I get it, you got your cool bloody movie collection, well guess what! I got a stuffed animal collection and I will not hesitate to send u selfies w/ lia te lamb.
  • Jungkook: ok just because I'm younger than all of u doesn't mean I can't get dick before u, I mean u can get pissed before me but ive been a god at sexual shit since I was pushed out between my mums legs probably 2 years ago.
  • Hoseok: I am not edgy, I am a happy dingdong who can body roll like a tumbleweed ok try me I will beat ur ass in just dance.
My first Film...

Ok hum…I received quite a few messages and stuffs about how I should post the short films I made and…Well, why not I guess ? 

So to start I’m posting my first ever actual short film. I made it right after High School when I was 18 and went to London for film school…It was the first time I had a “crew” (I mean, there were my friends) and actors (friends too ahem). Though I had NO BUDGET so everything is homemade which is why it’s…hum…like things look quite shitty. At least I had A LOT OF FUN making it :-). Though there were some fucked up part (remember me talking about sound and working in it ? This film inspired me to do so, because since I was directing and shit, I had other people doing the sound, and there was a huge technical thing, and my boom op kept putting the mic in frame and…the sound was frustrating on this film, that’s why sound’s kinda shitty in there so many fucking problems yo, you have no idea how much I tried to fix in post-prod, the work and lost hours on it…ANYWAY). There could be 324283 things I could say about the making of this film so I’m just gonna shut up.

Oh one last thing : it was filmed in about 12 hours at my house in Ealing, (intense shoot really), and I edited it in about three days. 
Anyway, here’s for the first ever film I made. Ahem. 

Now I’m gonna run and hide. Though feedbacks are always welcome hum hum oué. 

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"I didn't mean to kill Stan" was disturbing at the least. I had to scroll back up because I thought I was reading "unsettlingstories". I would still like you permission to narrate this on my YouTube channel, if that's OK with you.

Once again having one of my stories being mistaken for Max’s - a great honor indeed. By all means please go ahead with the narration, but do remember to include my blog url in the credits. Also if you want, you can send in a link of your narration too and I’ll post it up. Thanks!

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FOR REALS ANYONE WHO DISAGREES CAN FIGHT ME (lol i just had to use this meme so sorry i don’t mean to offend anyone ok)

Viva next week… Tomorrow I plan to fiddle around with stuff, read my thesis, look again at the expected questions. Friday I go to Skye, back on Monday, viva Tuesday. Starting to get that background anxious that you don’t quite know what to do with, I think because I don’t plan to go into the office tomorrow.

I also found out my supervisor is in hospital? He’s going to be fine, but out of action for a month. And found this out first by a vaguely worded out of office e-mail from his wife, which was highly concerning. Until I had an actual e-mail from his wife, making sure the e-mail I’d sent wasn’t actually urgent and therefore she didn’t need to bother him with it. Which I presume means he’s doing OK? If the option of bothering him was there? I don’t know but it’s attached itself to the vague anxiety.

I’m really glad I decided to go to Skye.

Oh, but pony was wonderful today, after his horror yesterday. Followed me around the field while I poo picked, practically brought himself in, and played brave pony for Guinness, who is having a silly moment and needs a friend to follow.

Anyone want to distract me now would be a great time!

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man man ok hayleys pride post means A LOT to me because like...hayley is the v reason i figured out i wasn't straight. It took me a bit to realize I'm bi but man im all sappy and shit to see the first woman i had a crush on make a post like that not crying here or something silly


It’s hard to decide what my favorite Steve Trevor moment is between “She’s taking all the fire, let’s go!” And “Diana, shield!”. I mean both show how awesome he is as a character. One shows how quickly he adapts to Diana’s incredible abilities. He goes from “oh no she’s gonna die if she charges out into the battle” to “oh, she can stop bullets? Ok cool, let’s go then.” And the other shows that even in the midst of the chaos when the Germans were attacking the Amazons and he barely had any idea what was happening, he paid enough attention to the fighting style Diana grew up with to emulate it in a way he knew she’d understand.

I just love Steve Trevor, ok?

I spent ten minutes in his rooms. If you think I fucked him in that time you underrate me.
—  Damianos “I can go all night” of Akielos - Kings Rising by C. S. Pacat

Pidge: Ok, so don’t get too excited, but I’ve worked out a way to connect the laptop to the internet…
Lance: Pidge how the quiznak did you think I was not going to get excited about this?!?!?!
Hunk: Anything I can help with?
Pidge: Ok, so the thing is that from our end it’s pretty simple right, I mean it’s just a case of sending and receiving correctly coded signals, and my laptop has the inbuilt hardware for all that. The real problem is that we’re light years away, and even with the ship’s range, it’d take years for our signal to reach Earth, and we can’t use the speed-enhanced Altean frequencies because it has to fit in with the existing architecture, and then coming back there isn’t enough range anyway and-
Keith: Pidge, breathe
Pidge: …Anyway, if we had a way to transport the signals instantly we could simply relay them back and forth through, say, a wormhole specifically designed to transport waves rather than matter?
Hunk: But the only way to do that is if….
Pidge: … yeah

Shiro: I can’t believe you’re seriously debating asking the princess to use her Altean energy so the castle can get a wifi signal
Shiro: *leaves*
Other paladins: *ashamed shuffling*
Five minutes later
Shiro, running back into the room: SHE SAID YES!!

what was said of laurens after his death:

“in a word, he had not a fault that I ever could discover, unless intrepidity bordering upon rashness could come under that denomination; and to this he was excited by the purest motives.” - George Washington

“His career of virtue is at an end. How strangely are human affairs conducted that so many excellent qualities could not ensure a more happy fate? … I feel the loss of a friend I truly and most tenderly loved.” - Alexander Hamilton

even the british lamented laurens’ death

in short, he was greatly loved and widely precieved as a good guy

Every time I see white supremacists touting norse gods as their great white hetero pantheon I think of the fact that Freyr, Freya’s brother, probably had a sect of gay men who served as his priestesses and that one line in the Ynglingasaga where the gods are like “Yeah ok Mr. Big Shot Odin, King of the Gods, isn’t it true that practice women’s sorcery and have participated in rituals where you sleep with other men.” and Odin’s like “LMAO I mean yeah but remember I am 10x wiser than all you and can kick all your asses and you, Loki, are at LEAST as bi as I am and that’s not even bringing up the horse thing.” 

And all the gods are like “I mean that’s fair.” 


Did you arrest him because of what I said? Only in part. But it helped? Yeah.

An Old Challenger Approaches

So our DM has a special rule in his sessions to keep things fresh. On character creation we designate what our ultimate life goal for the character is. If this goal is achieved, the character retires unless he/she has found a new worthy goal to work towards. These characters hang around a guild the oldest character created to swap stories and help out the newbies. If you earned the Guildmaster’s favor, she gave you a one time use magic mirror to call in some backup.

Our party is currently infiltrating a cult of snake worshippers and had just been found out. Outnumbered, they were running through the broken down temple the cult had been using.

Fighter: “You just had to drag every ’s’ in front of the head guy!”

Bard: “Sssorry!”

Wizard: “I hate you so much…”

DM: as you round the corner, you see they cult members have blocked the door and all of the exits. The moon hangs high in the sky, which means that any guards around this slum had long since left their posts.

Fighter: “I guess we are gonna have to fight. There’s too many of them.”

Wizard: “Wait! I’m gonna use the mirror!”

The DM gets a huge smile: “Ok! Lets see who you get!”

We hear about 4 dice rolls and some shuffling of paper as he pulls out the character sheet.

DM: “Everyone make a perception check.”

Everyone rolls above 10.

DM holds his phone above the screen and plays the Pacific Rim theme. Bard’s player cheers!

DM: “As you stand your ground against the cultists, you feel a rumble in the ground. You look to once of the stained glass windows to see a huge shadow raise it’s arm. With a shatter, a huge fist crashes through and you hear a young voice yell ‘Here I come to save the day!’”

The mirror had called in Stevie, a ten year old artificer character who’s goal was to construct the ultimate bully deterrent. He had succeeded with a Huge shield guardian who he affectionately named, “Bubba.”

Needless to say, the cult ended that night.

happy 25th birthday, byun baekhyun ☆ 

no amount of words could ever encapsulate what you mean to me. i hope your day is just as special as you are, and you know that you’re wholeheartedly loved, and adored. to the brightest star this galaxy has to offer, happy birthday love. thank you for making me smile. 

  • Miss Fleming: You guys are reading hamlet, right? What’s one of the recurring themes in Hamlet?
  • Betty Finn: Oh, Oooh, Ooooooh, call on me! Betrayal
  • Miss Fleming: very good, very good. Ok, now who can give me a good example of betrayal?
  • Martha: Oh! Um, when Hamlet sends Rosencrantz and Guildstern on a boat to die.
  • Miss Fleming: Exactly- Hamlet betrays his friends
  • Heather C.: Which is super fucked up because only a fucking dickhole betrays his friends
  • JD: Well, maybe he wouldn’t if his friends weren’t a bunch of selfish bitches who had already betrayed his girlfriend in the first place.
  • Miss Fleming: that’s mostly right! Rosencrantz and Guildstern were going to betray hamlet first.
  • Heather D.: well maybe if hamlet’s girlfriend had known her place instead of being a whiny little bitch, everything wouldn’t be so fucked up!
  • JD: well maybe if Rosencrantz and Guildstern didn’t tried to set up two dickholes to make love with the girl that he was in love with like two skanky little cock wranglers, they wouldn’t have got put on that fucking boat!
  • Heather D.: That doesn’t mean that hamlet should go attempt to blow up an entire fucking school and almost ruin fucking everything!
  • Martha: and maybe if people would have chilled the fuck out, Ophelia wouldn’t felt like she had to jump off of a goddamn bridge!
  • Miss Fleming: Ok, i think we moved a bit off topic, but I loved the energy, guys! love the energy.
  • Heather M.: What page does the school bombing attempt happen on?
  • Veronica: Relax, Heather. Apparently today is not going to be a learning day.