i had to he look so damn good

Quite The Impression

A/N: An anon request where Spencer tells Morgan about this woman he met at his library, and Morgan doesn’t actually think she exists, but as they’re talking, a woman walks into the BAU, and it’s the woman they were talking about. @coveofmemories 


“Not so fast, Pretty Boy,” Morgan said as his kid brother walked into the BAU with a cup of coffee and a giant smile. “It looks like someone had a good night.”

Spencer smiled, understanding what Morgan meant. After years of working together, he had picked up the way he spoke, although that wasn’t how his own mind worked. “Not that kind of good night,” he replied, sitting down and taking a large sip of his coffee. “I did have a nice night last night, but not the kind of late one you’re implying.”

“Okay, so spill it, Pretty Ricky,” he laughed. Morgan figured it was about damn time that the kid found some happiness in his life. They both loved their jobs, but to be the sole focus on one’s life wasn’t healthy - and neither had been able to find someone who could understand the balance necessary to work for the BAU and carry on a successful relationship. “I can only assume by the smile on your face that you met a pretty honey yesterday.”

As Spencer finished taking another sip of his coffee, he smiled, remembering the forwardness with which the librarian asked him out yesterday. “I did,” he smiled. “I had to return a book to the library and the librarian is new. Just out of a master’s degree in the field and extremely beautiful.”

Of course he would meet a woman at the library, Morgan thought to himself. Most people picked up dates in bars and through work, but Spencer found his companions through libraries and chess tournaments like a true nerd. “So tell me about her. Describe her to me.” Morgan formed an immediate picture of what she might look like - exactly the kind of woman that Spencer would be into, but once he’d started describing her, Morgan couldn’t reconcile the differing images.

“Where do I start?” Spencer wondered aloud without actually wanting an answer. “When I walked into the library she looked kind of out of place. Societal expectations tell us that the typical librarian is supposed to be nerdy and not typically ‘beautiful.’” He hated that kind of thinking, because he fell victim to it also. Someone that looked like him wasn’t supposed to be an FBI agent either. What had that one man from the militia called him? That’s right, he called him ‘a pipe cleaner with eyes.’ “Anyway, she’s on the short side. Long, wavy Y/H/C hair that goes past her shoulder blades. She looks gorgeous in red, which was what she was wearing yesterday. Her eyes are…and her smile…” Spencer started floating off into a daydream thinking about Y/N. “And when I went to return my book, she just asked me out, very straight-forward. I was really thrown off.”

Morgan practically choked on the drink he’d just taken a sip of. That did not sound like the kind of woman that normally went for Spencer. This woman sounded extremely confident, which was at odds with the kinds of women that tended to go for Boy Wonder. “She just asked you out on a date out of nowhere?” he asked incredulously. Even Morgan didn’t have a ton of women just asking him out with no lead up; that was a kind of confidence he admired.

“Yea,” Spencer said disbelievingly. “I asked her for her name first, because we didn’t even know each other’s names, but then I handed her my card and told her I’d love it if she called. I haven’t heard from her yet though and I didn’t get her number. I was so thrown off and nervous, I just walked out with my book.

That Morgan could picture. In his experience, whenever someone made a move on the genius, he tended to stumble over his words, blush like a madman and then awkwardly walk away. “Well how am I supposed to know if this woman even exists, kid?” Morgan teased, smacking him on the shoulder as they both went to grab something to eat. He knew Spencer wasn’t the type to make something like that up, but as the proverbial big brother, he felt it was his lot in life to make fun of him regularly.

“Of course, she’s real, Morgan,” he said defensively. However, upon seeing Morgan laugh, he realized he was only teasing. “Why would I lie about that? I mean she was beautiful. I really hope she calls. I can’t believe I didn’t get her phone number. I’m such an idiot.” After grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine, because as a genius, the smartest move ever was to eat a candy bar with his coffee for breakfast, he and Morgan made their way back to their desks. Today was going to be a heavy paperwork day. 

As soon as they approached their desks, Anderson ran toward Spencer, claiming that someone was there to see him. Morgan hadn’t sat down yet, so he joined Spencer in his walk toward the elevators. 

“Hi, Spencer!” Y/N said, feeling a little bit off in such a foreign environment. “I’m so, so sorry to come to your work place, but I meant to call you last night when I went home and when I reached into my pocket for your card, it wasn’t there. Last thing I wanted was for you to think I blew you off and I remember you saying you worked here.”

Morgan looked between the two in stunned silence as he gave her his phone number verbally so she could program it into her phone. “Just texted you, so now you have mine too,” she said, turning towards Morgan. “You work together?”

“Yea, nice to meet you,” Morgan said, extending his hand toward Y/N. “I’m Derek Morgan. Spencer was actually just telling me all about you.”

Her hand still clasping Morgan’s, she turned her head toward Spencer. “Oh really? Good things, I hope.”

“Only good things. Frankly, I was wondering whether or not you actually existed the way he was going on about you.” Spencer’s face curled up into an embarrassed smile, the blush rising to his cheeks quicker than a thermometer on a hot day. Hopefully, Morgan’s endless teasing of him wouldn’t drive Y/N off. 

Thankfully, it only served to make her smile wider. “Well then,” she said, “I’m glad I made an impression. I don’t want to keep you from work, I just wanted to make sure that I got into contact with you, so you didn’t think I blew you off. I’ll text you and maybe we can get together this weekend.”

“That s-sounds great,” Spencer stammered. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Me too,” she said, turning toward the elevator and giving both men a small wave. “Oh and Spencer.” A big, dumb smile still plastered on his face, he spun around to look at her. “Just so you know, you made quite the impression too.”

As the elevator doors closed behind her, Spencer let out a nervous giggle. “Oh man,” Morgan exclaimed, slapping him on the shoulder even harder than he had before. “She is something else. And you are smitten. You should text her now.”

“You don’t think it’s too soon?” Spencer asked. He had always been under the impression that there was a timeline for these types of things.

“Y/N doesn’t seem like the type to beat around the bush. She asked for your number and she came her to get it again when she lost it,” Morgan replied. “Screw the rules. Screw what’s expected. Just go for it.”

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EP 483 - All about Kakashi

He had a recipe book for fish? And he is a freaking good cook, it’s official…at the age of 5. I assume he is five years old because this is when Kakashi lost his dad but was still in the academy….but damn.

Holy shi- look at that? What can I cook when I was 5? And Kakashi’s style? Please don’t tell me he make his own recipe?

And he did the chores…good child.

A great fishermen

First, his house is big and he is so tiny…how lonely must he be?

Second..he still saying “I’m leaving” and “I’m home” even though no one is greeting him back. All he got as a cold silent as a reply

I’m not crying…

*bawl my eyes out*

At least I know that Sakumo got a grave and Kakashi doesn’t seem like he is resenting his dad as much as I thought he is

I love this photo so much because
a) Look at that smiley Stefán. It looks like he just had a cute lil giggle about something. He is a such a pretty, handsome boy and I love him
B) Half into Robbie! You can see where Stefán ends and Robbie begins (bc I for one have a hard time seeing the man while he’s in character–such good acting and makeup/costume work)
3. Black V-neck, ahh so hot
IV. Look at all of those pink wigs! Holy shit that’s a lot of pink wigs!
Fimm) There are not one, but TWO professional looking photos of Shirtless Magnús in the God damn dressing room there, like ok Maggi can you chill

I just had the most adorable headcanon.

Headcanon that Guzma loves all Bug type Pokemon, regardless of how they look.

From the terrifying Golisopod to the Tastes-Like-Diabetes level of cute in Cutiefly, he doesn’t discriminate.

Speaking of Cutiefly, sometimes, if he’s in a super good mood, a swarm of them appear and linger around him for a bit. Harming them leads to severe repercussions, although he will let his grunts catch them if they want one and swear to take care of it.

Beautiful River by James Franco

River died when I was in high school
I read his biography in college
I became a vegetarian because of him.

He was so damn cool
What about him?
Probably just his good goddamn looks,

That’s all. I used to want to look like him
And I do a little.
But he had this long blond hair

That would do anything he pleased
And he had a great nose
And beautiful eyes.

Sometimes an actor will like another actor
Because he looks like him,
And sometimes an actor will hate another actor

For the same reason.

You’re all stanning the wrong person;

Lets get down to business!

I’m here, to tell you exactly why you’re stanning the wrong person. And even though you may be sat there thinking, ‘no, you’re wrong, my bias is my bias for a reason!’, let me just give you a few reasons why the real person you should be stanning, is the one and only Pyo Jihoon.

First up: That smile tho!

Second: His (airport) fashion is on point! O.O

Thirdly: He can work ANYTHING!

Also, did i mention how good he looks in leather? …No? …let me just-

And that time he had pink hair, AND he wore a black shirt? O.o (Me = DEAD)

But also whenever he goes natural its just…

Fourthly: How soft and adorable he is :’)

And how he looks like an angel when he sleeps: 

Fifthly: how damn relate-able he is!

Another point: his incredible dance moves…

And finally: ‘the hand thing’

So the question is…why isn’t he already your bias?


Quick drawings of Odd in his waiter uniform– ah… He ended up looking different from when I first drew him.  I showed my bf these sketches and he said that he thinks Odd is cute and that he’d give him a big tip. 8)))

Arie, I just want you to know that this gif right here…I can fucking stare at it for all eternity and keep swooning every damn time. He looks so damn good here. Damn. Okay. @bringmesomepie56 this is for you, love.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Come on, Y/N,” he said smiling amusedly. “You can’t be serious.”

You scoffed and walked across the room, away from him. “Of course I’m serious, you idiot,” you hissed. “You practically let that…woman…rub all over you. And the worst part? You didn’t even push her off!”

“I was trying to see if she had the friggin mark, Y/N!” he yelled exasperatedly. He knew you’d be annoyed but not this fired up about it. “It’s my job, sweetheart. We have to kill those sons of bitches before they kill anymore people.”

You crossed your arms over your chest and eyed him coolly. “It’s your job to let some skank rub her breasts all over your face? Wow. Okay. Alright. I see what’s going on here.”

Dean threw his hands up in the air, finally giving up. “And what the hell is going on, Y/N?”

“You’re an asshole,” you stated before turning your back on him and making your way toward the door.

“No no no no,” Dean caught your arm and turned you around to face him. “You don’t get to yell at me and think it’s okay afterward. I’m not okay with that.”

You scoffed. “Well, I don’t give a rat’s ass if-”

“You’re angry,” he said, nodding his head. “I get it. But, Sweetheart.” He cupped your face with both his hands, forcing you to look up at him. “No damn woman is gonna take me away from you. Not a single damn one. You hear me?”

You rolled your eyes.

“And you can roll those beautiful eyes all you want, it’s not gonna change anything. I fucking love you and I’m gonna prove it to you.” Dean clenched his jaw before giving you another nod. “I’ll get on your good graces, Y/N.”

You pushed his hands away, your anger slowly slipping away. You weren’t going to let him off the hook this easily. But you wanted to know to what lengths he’d go to prove it.

“I’d like to see you try, Winchester,” you muttered, smirking at him slightly before turning around again and walking out the room, leaving a stunned Dean behind.

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Baron and y/n are in a “feud” where she doesn’t believe he’s as good as he says he is in the ring so while she’s talking to Becky he hoists her over his shoulder and plants her in a chair at ringside and she tries to sneak away so he gives chase and she runs into his locker room and he follows behind her and locks them in and decides to prove her wrong. Extra smutty please

Hope this is kind of what you had in mind @redalternativefirefly

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Quiet (DK/Seokmin Smut) (Idol!Reader AU) (Submitted)

Summary: Locks on doors - the single greatest invention since fire. Providing the thrill of exhibitionism and the ability of privacy. If only the walls were soundproof… 

Author: Gryffindor Anon 

(A/N: Hi Tanisha!! I’m sorry you had a bad day, and I hope your relative feels better soon. Maybe a little something porny to distract you? :3
Seokmin/Reader, reader-as-idol AU, semi-public sex, oral, slight hints of exhibitionism. (Srsly though I am LIVING for the boys’ styling at these awards shows, 4 points to you, stylists/coordis EVERYONE looks good.) ~Gryffindor anon ♥) 

(Admin Note: hey!! thank you so much for the well wishes (and just to everyone, you’re all being so damn kind and considerate to me). this was a very nice distraction. Seokkie is such a bias wrecker for me, he’s so handsome, and like actually handsome. like cover of a romance novel handsome. it’s nice. i loved this. it’s some a+ quality seokkie smut. i hope everyone enjoys as much as i did. -Tanisha<3) 

Something most people don’t know about awards shows – there’s a decent amount of time spent backstage during rehearsals, mingling and chatting with other performers.

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Parrish Imagine - You Look Good

-gif source unknown-

Description: Prompt – “You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you” from this list

Warnings/Labels: Poor lovesick Jordan

Approx. Word Count: 980 

A/N: This is pretty much from Jordan’s POV and it’s short. Thanks @katieyel for sending me that prompt list!! It’s awesome.

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Noorhelm week - day 2 : touches & kissing

I just had to choose this scene. William comes and see that Noora is having a breakdown/anxiety attack. He just comforts her with hugs and small kisses without asking any questions.

Like look at him just slowly shooting her side. As someone who is used to having similar attacks that is something that you need. Someone to be there and ensure to you that it’s all going to be okay. Life is not going to end for that day or minute, you can get over it. 

Look how he just hold her. That shows love if nothing.

As love is being there for worse and best and Noora was really struggling for everything. William didn’t take advantage of it instead just hold her shoo tingly and made her to go sleep before going to write the article to her. I don’t know this just my favorite touching/kissing scene of them.

I really felt like drawing TOS, so here’s the result! I like how this drawing turned out because although I had some good picture references, I didn’t have much to go with for Jim and he proved pretty damn hard to draw. But I got there at last, and I can honestly say that I love both Jim and Spock’s expressions. Spock seems very neutral about everything but if you look closely, he has a Mona Lisa-ish almost smile. And after a lot of erasing and re-drawing, I finally managed to get that soft, fond expression Jim tends to give Spock. I imagine these two are already in love, even if they haven’t said anything. I’m sure that Jim often shows up to see what’s going on in the science labs and to chat with Mr. Spock. And even if it’s a little hard for Spock to work with someone leaning on him, he wouldn’t dream of asking Jim to leave. :)

Stone Cold Sober

Who: Chris Evans
What: Inspired by Say You Won’t Go by James Arthur

“I’m so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold
We’ve come so far my dear
Look how we’ve grown”

“I wanna live with you
Even when we’re ghosts
‘Cause you were always there for me
When I needed you most”

It had been a rough year.

Chris was in way over his head with everything that he had signed up for. In the sense of trying to juggle his work life with his personal life. He thought he could handle both but his personal life just seemed to slip through his fingers. It had been a few months since he had spoken to his sisters and brother and even longer with his mother. It was rare for him to get lost in his work. Chris had always stressed that family was important in keeping him grounded. 

He knew his family would understand, because this was what he wanted to do. This was who he was. Chris hardly felt guilty when it came to his family because in the end, he knew that they would always be there for him. The only person he was worrying about was [Y/N]. Chris felt as if it had been an entire year since he got to sit down with her and talk about random things, the kind of conversations he fell in love with. 

And in retrospect, it had been a year since their last dinner date. 

Chris had captured [Y/N]’s attention about four years ago and despite their very busy schedules, they always made time for each other. They had an understanding. Work came first because anyone that was part of the film industry knew that whether or not they wanted to admit it. Work was number one until it was time to dock it further down the list. And they had both agreed that day would come when children were involved because [Y/N] was just as passionate about kids as he was. 

But, it had been sixty-seven days since he had physically seen [Y/N]. And he craved her touch, her kisses, the way she’d dig her nails into his back, and more importantly her laugh. Chris wasn’t entirely romantic, he had good intentions but it just wasn’t him and he loved that [Y/N] didn’t expect much. Because when he would, he’d get her a single flower and present it to her with a kiss and a sincere, “I love you so much.” And it reminded her just how much she loved him, not that she really ever needed a reminder. 

So, here was. In the middle of their kitchen. A little white stuffed bear holding a single red rose with a bottle of her favorite wine sitting on the counter top. Chris had managed to get off a few days earlier than he thought and he wanted to surprise the love of his life. He forgot what it felt like to be happy in the arms of his girlfriend. He heard the jingling of keys, sitting up straight, he waited for her to enter the kitchen. 

To say Chris startled her was an understatement. [Y/N] thought her heart was about to leap out her chest. Clutching her chest and leaning against the counter, she gasped. “Holy shit.” Regaining her composure, she spotted the stuffed animal and wine, “I thought you weren’t coming home until Thursday?” 

He moved towards her, cupping her face in his hands. Relishing her scent and warm cheeks. “I wasn’t until I moved a few things around.” Chris kissed her gently, “I missed you, bug.” 

She chuckled at the sound of her nickname, how she got it was beyond her knowledge. “I missed you too.” Wrapping her arms around him, she squeezed him tight. “I’m glad you came home early, we would have only seen each other for less than a day before I would have to go out to New Zealand.” [Y/N] would be lying if she said that she didn’t hate this past year. It was hard not seeing Chris for more than a week before the either of them would have to run off to the other side of the world. But relationships were all about compromise and commitment and she’d be damned if she was going to let the only man she ever loved slip from her fingers because of distance. 

He pressed a kiss to her head, “I’ve been thinking about us.” 

[Y/N] wasn’t sure if she liked the tone in his voice, pulling slightly away, she frowned. “Do I need a glass of wine for this?” 

Chris laughed, his hand reaching for that signature spot. “Baby, no, it’s not a bad thing but I wouldn’t say no to a glass.” 

Turning her frown upside down, she nodded and pulled away from him completely. In a few quick seconds she was back with two glasses and a bottle opener. She handed him the opener and graciously took the bottle from his hand once he popped the cork. Pouring a generous amount in each glass, they toasted to finally spending time together. 

“Now, what’s got that mind thinking?” She asked.

Taking a sip, he gave a gentle smile. “I miss us. I thought I could handle us and work but I don’t think I did a very good job.” 

“You didn’t but you know I don’t mind.” Frowning, she shrugged. “I mean I would have liked to see you more but I understand. It comes with the job, you know. We both knew what we were getting into when we snuck off that night.” [Y/N] reminiscence back to that night where the two of them got so unbelievably drunk at an after-party that they ended up in her hotel room with their clothes all over the floor. She had never met someone that she could get along with so well then Chris. They instantly clicked when they were sober and things got even better when they were drunk. It was inevitably once the pair finally met, it was almost like love at first sight. 

“Yeah, but that’s the thing.” Chris groaned. He set down his glass of wine and cupped her face again, his body pressing against hers which caused her hips to collide with the counter. “We work way too much. I almost forgot what it felt like to be with you. If we weren’t face-timing or texting, it was almost as if I was single. Not that I went out, because you know I didn’t but that’s what it felt like. I don’t fucking like it. 

I’ve been with you for four years and hell, [Y/N] it’s been the damn best four years of my life. It’s unreal how lucky I am to have you. I love you so fucking much that you have me wrapped around your fingers.” He let his hands fall from her face and to her waist. “I want to focus on us, I want to feel us, I want to feel you. Work is just work but when I’m with you, it’s like a whole nother world.” 

[Y/N] looked in his eyes, searching for some kind of explanation for this. “So let’s focus on us. Let’s take a vacation.” 

Chris shook his head, “No, baby. I want to marry you.”

[Y/N] choked a little, had she heard him right? Did Chris just say that he wanted to marry her? “Marry me?” She asked in disbelief.

Chris laughed again, throwing his head back. “Yes, baby. You.” He pulled her in close, nipping her lips for a moment. “You and I have been to hell and back. You were there for me whenever I needed you. And I like to think that I’ve done the same for you. I don’t want to do that for anyone else but you. I want to wake up every single morning knowing that I have you for the rest of my life. I want to rush home from the airport because I know I’ve got my favorite girl waiting for me with our kids. I want to start this life with you, [Y/N]. No one else. I want to love you with every bit of my soul because being away from you this past year was rough.

And I don’t know if doubts ran through your head or not but I want you to know that I don’t ever want to see you walk out our door with your bags packed for good. I can take it if you’re leaving me to come right back when you’re finished with work but never for good.” He placed a tender kiss on her lips, breathing her in. “I love you so much.” 

[Y/N] melted into his kiss, her hands gripping his upper arm. “I love you so much.” 


Your father and Steve hadn’t been on the best of terms after that whole Bucky incident but you going out with him finally made him snap. “Sweetheart, you could have anyone. Why does it have to be him?” His tone was whiny and almost felt a little sorry for him.  

But this time was different. Not like before when you had dated some jerk, only to get at least a bit of attention. You really liked Steve and he was a good guy. Definitely not the type you’d usually date, which was a good thing.

“Dad…I’m not doing this out of spite for you. I really like Steve, so please. Please be nice.”  

“Not even a little spite because I’m sure we can find someone worse out there. I’ll even help you look, hell I’ll pay him.”  

“Are you serious right now?”  

“Looking at your angry face I think no is the right answer.”  

“Damn right.” Sometimes you really couldn’t tell who was supposed to be the parent here. He acted like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum.  

“Fine I’ll be nice.” He gives you a kiss on the forehead and a quick hug before pulling away, “But don’t expect me to be happy about it.”

Not Good Enough

Originally posted by littleblondesamoan

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 888
Warnings: Slight angst

Final part of Consequences

You had heard Dean yelling about you fucking Sam and froze, hearing everything. “I did.” You told him, making them both look over. “If you’re gonna be mad at me, don’t be mad at Sam. It was my idea. I asked him. I damn near begged him.” You felt a tear roll down your cheek, so you wiped it off. “Hate me all you want, please, please… Don’t hate Sam.”

Sam backed up. “I think that you two need to talk.” He said calmly. “I’m gonna go for a jog.”

You watched him walk to his room to change before you looked over to Dean. “I take it you need your usual ‘after a night out’ breakfast?” You asked softly.

“In a minute.” He said softly, taking a step closer.

“Let’s get some food in you, Dean.” You told him, turning and walking towards the kitchen. He sighed and followed you, the silence deafening.

He was picking at his meal, knowing he should eat, but unable to actually do it. “Talk to me.” His green eyes looked across the table at you.

You shrugged, eyeing your coffee. “What’s there to say?” You asked, looking up. “You’re pissed. You want nothing to do with us. I’m surprised you’re even here. You couldn’t even be in the same room as us!” You teared up. “Why would something like hearing what I said change anything?”

“Because…it just does!” His eyes pleaded with you to just believe him.

Picking up your coffee, you shook your head. “You wanted me to talk, but you can’t do the same?” You asked gently. “Come find me when you can be honest with me, too, Dean.” It hurt to walk away, but it wasn’t fair what he was asking. How could he expect you to open up to him if he couldn’t do the same?

Dean didn’t say a word, just watched you walk away. He knew that you were right. Fuck, did he ever! But, he could barely admit it to himself- let alone you. And admitting it to you would mean admitting it to Sam. “Fuck!” He pushed his plate away, his fingers gripping his hair as he snapped his eyes shut.

When you got to your room, you let out a deep breath. Setting down your coffee, your pulled your hair up and decided a deep cleaning of your room was in order. If you couldn’t work on things with Dean, this was something that you could control. Kicking your door shut, you licked your lips and moved forward. You pulled the blanket and sheet from the bed, pulled each of the pillow cases off, and then the fitted sheet. It had only been a few days since you’d washed them, but that seemed too long ago at the moment.

They were tossed into a pile at the end of your bed, knowing that you’d have more things to wash soon enough. But first, music.

Dean knew that things were rough when he heard music blaring through the bunker. Groaning, he let his head fall forward and hit the table. Maybe you were right. He should heat.

After a few minutes, he sat up straight and pulled the plate closer. You were an excellent cook, and knew exactly what to make him when he’d been drinking the night before.

You’d completely cleaned your room, did all your laundry, put all your clean clothes away, made your bed, and showered. And still no sign of Dean. Deciding that you really needed to get something to eat, you made your way to the kitchen. It was mid afternoon, so Sam was likely in the library, and you had no idea where Dean was.

Once in there, you grabbed a bag of chips and a can of soda. Sitting at the table, you ripped the bag open and popped a chip in your mouth. Your eyes were trained on the table, your mind spacing out.

“Y/N?” You heard Dean’s voice and shook yourself from your trance. Blinking, you looked over to him. He gave you a sad smile. “Look, I’m sorry.” He started. “The only reason I hooked up with that woman at the motel was to get you off my mind.” Your eyes went wide. “I’ve always cared about you, always. As something more than a friend. Then you asked me of all people to be the one you lost your virginity to. I was shocked, but you have no idea what that meant to me. I felt good enough.” He ran his hand through his hair. “And then you fell asleep in my arms. That was the happiest I’d been in a long time. I knew that I wasn’t good enough to have that. So, when I walked in to see…that? It felt like I’d been stabbed.”

Getting up, you moved to stand in front of him. You ran your fingers through his short hair, his arms wrapped around your hips. His face was against your stomach, wanting to just be close to you. You smiled down at him, your hands gently resting on the back of his head. You’d open up in a minute. Right now, you were content holding himself like this.

Sam stood in the kitchen doorway, his eyes dropping. Swallowing, he turned and walked away.

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Halloween Handcuffs

Taking another swig of his rum and coke, Alfred glanced around at the cute guys in costumes and grinned. His roommate’s decision to invite all of their gay male friends for a Halloween party had been a great idea. It was only 11pm on the Sunday before Halloween and his house was already filled with an international smorgasbord of hunks in skimpy clothes.

Alfred readjusted his cowboy hat and flashed a grin at a nearby sexy merman. “Damn, I’d like to ‘sea’ under that costume,” he said with a wink.

The dark skinned brunette laughed cheerfully. “So would my boyfriend.”

“Lucky guy,” Alfred said, feeling a flash of disappointment. Fortunately for him, there were more fish in the sea. He made his way through the crowd, flirting left and right with puns that grew increasingly worse the more he drank (not that they had been particularly good to start with). The construction worker ‘looked like he had a great erection.’ The sexy Mormon was ‘hotter than hell.’ The pirate was ‘shivering me timber.’ And the Japanese fox… actually, Alfred didn’t say anything to him because he wasn’t a goddamn furry.

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