i had to have the audio version

[Headphones] "Kiss me... more..."
Fukuyama Jun
[Headphones] "Kiss me... more..."

Closed Captions: Gasping, kissing, bed rustling, some moaning.

[So I went looking for FukuJun audio from drama CDs and otome games for a small secret project, but it was kind of a bust. Easily 95% of his voice acting roles aren’t anywhere near Ichimatsu’s range or register. However, I don’t tolerate 2-3 hours worth of combing dense Japanese sites to come out empty handed, so you get this mess instead.

I actually had enough fun cutting this together that I considered making a super extended, much more raunchy version of this someday, but in that event, I would have to splice in some audio that isn’t actually FukuJun’s voice, but another seiyuu who can pass as him at his lower range. And that seems somehow wrong.]

We Gonna Make It Shine
SEVENTEEN (Vocal Team)
We Gonna Make It Shine

Left: 2014 Version

Right: 2017 Version

we gonna make it shine has always been one of my fave pre debut tracks so when they released the 2017 version i thought it would be interesting to edit the two together so that we can hear how our boys have matured vocally.. i hope y’all cry like i did

anti on stage.

(DISCLAIMER: I don’t think that ANY of this will actually happen, it’s just a bit of fun on my part. Feel free to build off my idea and add to it in a reblog! I would love to read it!!)

Okay, so since yesterday @the-redhead-who-writes, myself and many others noticed that one of the images frm the Antipocolypse was used as a banner image by the ticket vendors for Jack’s tour, it got me wondering; hypothetically, how could Jack bring Anti to a live setting? He did so at PAX, which was just him showing an Anti video to a live audience, but how coukd we take this a step further?

At first I figured that it would be mostly impossible to have Anti in realtime; the closest thing we could probably get to getting Jack to glitch in real time was with a bunch of lights flashing in a certain order to kind of give the effect. 

I kind of abandoned the idea after that.

but then it hit me.

You guys have seen the hatsune miku live concerts, right? They project an image onto the stage with some crazy good hologram technology which makes the image look like it’s actually there.

And well… it’s not impossible to get the image to glitch out.

And then, we can also build upon the binaural audio idea myself and many others had about the binaural audio.

Imagine the audio channels shifting from all the speakers in a theatre, bouncing arond like he’s constantly moving among the audience. The lights go crazy around the general area the speakers give the illusion he is.

Also, i just want to see an anti version of this live.

it’s anti slamming on a monitor screen, desperate to get out, and it is perfectly synced that when he bursts through, it’s sean.

Feel like getting into Hotshot?

Here’s a list of things to help you! I really really do recommend that you give them a shot (haHa) because they’re so incredibly talented, and not to mention the members are super extra and funny and sweet and cute and etc. They’re just really great and you won’t regret stanning them I promise! 

First off, an intro to Hotshot - this is going to be long so brace urself ok

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Early in production on #bighero6 we had some time to play with the characters and do some tests. I knew that my sensibilities gravitated towards #fred , so I decided to try a dialogue shot with him. Usually when I’m about to do a test I do a couple different versions in the planning stage. In this case I tried 3 different audio clips to see which one worked best. This is a quick and easy way to come up with a scenario and your staging. It also helps to see if your idea works with the audio clip without having to build your scene in CG and fuss with the rigs. Can anyone guess which shot I chose to animate in #cg ?!?!

#planning #thumbnails #sketch #2d #animation #computer #computeranimation #disney #disneyanimation #baymax #wasabi #gogo #honeylemon #hiro #marvel #superhero #comics #tjmiller #funny #lol #drawing #art #artist #movie #disneybighero6 (at Walt Disney Animation Studios)

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I don’t often read translated stories, and I even more rarely read stories with multiple translations, but I’m having fun with Pushkin. On the advice of an anonymous Russian girl, I sought out the translation of Eugene Onegin by Mary Hobson, which I am listening to as an audio book, even though I had already bought this hard copy version of the book translated by Stanley Mitchell. It’s fun to compare the two translations, although I wish I had a hard copy of both to compare side by side.

So far, I have to say that I am enjoying Mary Hobson’s translation a little more. I think her rhymes and word choice sing in a way that Mitchell’s don’t quite. Although, to be fair, I am listening to it read by an amazing narrator while having to listen to my own voice in my head for Mitchell’s translation. 

That being said, I think both translations are really accessible and lovely so far. I can’t wait to keep reading. I only wish I could read it in the original Russian to truly experience Pushkin’s words. 

Stuff that I learned about Christian Coulson from Mugglenet Live 2017

I was gonna make a personal journal entry about this, but I figured that all of my fellow crazy fans would probably want to know all of these little details.

1. He has not taken the Pottermore house quiz. I have a creeping suspicion that he has no idea what ‘Pottermore’ even is, but frankly, he stated that he’s was a Slytherin with such casual self-assurance, he fits into the house without even trying.

2. He was excited to meet all of the HP fans. He even took 4 days off of filming his newest movie ‘Bite Me’ to be able to go to Orlando and attend the event.

3. He never really met any of the other actors aside from Bonnie Wright and Dan Radcliffe. He says he spotted Alan Rickman in the make-up area once and that was it. Sean Biggerstaff was one of the only ones who came over and introduced himself to Christian during filming. 

4. Sean Biggerstaff and Christian seem to be good friends. It’s adorable. (Christian’s mother told him to say ‘Hello’ to Sean for her at the event. He did so right in the middle of the interview.)

5. He stated that the reason that he was not asked to come back for the sixth movie was that David Yates reasoned that we were seeing Tom at several different ages and stages of his life. According to Yates, Christian’s version represented Tom at 16-17 years old. Frank Dillane’s version represented Tom at 14-15 years old (or something like that). Thus, they needed to have a different look.

…yeah, I’m a bit disappointed by that too, but it’s all good. Frank did a great job in his own way. 

6. Christian seemed to really enjoy talking about recording his newest audio book, A Gentleman’s Guide to Vices and Virtues by Makenzie Lee. He even compared the piece of art that I had given him to one that is associated with the book. 

7. He had his own specific ideas as to what Tom’s past was and how it formed him into the character that you meet in Chamber of Secrets. He said that the information revealed in Half Blood Prince pretty much supported all of his theories, but he can’t remember what his original theories were.

8. He LOVED Ralph Fiennes’ performance in the movies. When I asked him about it, he instantly started saying how he looked up to Fiennes’ acting skills.

9. He prompted all of Sean Biggerstaff’s fans to get him a wand, saying that Sean had been complaining the entire time about how he hadn’t gotten a wand from Warner Bros. when the movies finished up and Sean was forever bitter about it.

10. He’s involved in a bunch of different acting projects at once (Bite Me, Nashville, audiobooks and I believe he’s involved with a play as well). Good for him!

11. He could not remember the Quidditch team positions at all. I really can’t blame him for that though. I was never too much of a jock myself. 

I’ll add more to the list as I remember stuff. Other MugglenetLive attendees and fans, feel free to add on to the list. I literally typed all of this up so that I wouldn’t forget it. 

Also, I recorded the entire interview with the cast members on my phone. :) I think I’ll probably post it up later. All four of them were so adorable. 

markala5  asked:

Do you ever wonder why the DS9 series never had a musical episode like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I do; they have Q, Prophets & other cosmic-level beings, surely SOMEONE wanted a musical episode? I wonder this a lot. Garak singing a ballad full of context-laden double-meanings(toss in a # for missing Cardassia), Julian singing about his suite of issues, etc, Odo & Quark singing an equiv. of "Loathing" from Wicked but ending waaaay more shippy than they both intended. Dance #s & the musical works.

There’s actually information about this on the Memory Alpha Wiki.

Ronald D. Moore advocated doing a musical episode. “Oh, and I was agitating for a musical, man,” he stated. “On record, I wanted to do a musical version of Trek well before Buffy or Chicago Hope. I wanted to do a musical episode, and nobody would f***in’ do it.” When the interview spoke of how this was accomplished on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Moore responded, “Yeah, that’s all we needed to do. There’s just some tech virus that infects the crew and they can only communicate in song, you know? And just do it! And have a ball.[3] Moore had encountered similar opposition to doing a musical episode in TNG. (All Good Things (Blu-ray) audio commentary)


Wayward Souls Chapter One Part Two

Okay, I wasn’t going to upload this originally, but my good friend, and the writer of this, @driftingglass, convinced me to. Honestly, this is one of the best fanfics I’ve ever read, and I really just wanted to be able to convey the emotion of how much I love it by doing an audio version of at least the first chapter.

This is the first audio I’ve done in months, and it took like…three hours…so if you like it and want more please let me know. I’d love to do the whole story but it’s quite a commitment, haha.

You can find her fic here! I’m not going to include a script because it’s so long, but feel free to head over there and give her some kudos, she deserves it. She’s a stunning artist, and few fics in existence have vexed me so.

I had to split this up into two parts, and I will link the first part shortly. 

Thanks for listening!

ronweasleyonfrenchtoast  asked:

hi, thanks so much for your blog it's so helpful! I have just finished the first year of my Arabic course and now I have a three month break for the summer. any ideas how I can keep up my Arabic over the summer? I don't feel like I'm at a good enough level to read very much :(

Hello, dear!

You’re most welcome, it’s nice to hear that you like my blog ^^.

Excellent! I’m glad to hear that you’re still excited about practicing Arabic.

In my opinion, the best way to practice a language in summer in trying to find fun activities and things that you like and incorporate Arabic into it, because usually, in summer break you won’t feel like reading textbooks and revising your old lessons and you might feel guilty about not studying.

In order for you to be able to read books, you need to build up your vocabulary first, and this can be done in many ways. I personally find translated songs one of the best and most fun ways to learn and practice a language because the words just stick in my mind.

I had made a list of animated movies in Arabic, the majority of these movies have an English version so it’ll be easy for you to follow up with what’s going on.

Another interesting idea is making Arabic language flashcards to practice the vocabulary you’ve learned. If you’re interested in these I can make some flashcards and share them on this blog just let me know which vocabulary you’re interested in.

Finally, in the future when you feel that you’ve reached a level at which you’re comfortable with reading, try checking out the beginner Arabic reading books list I’ve made and the list of audio books that I’ve posted here.

For more information, here’s my references page, I hope it helps!

Good luck! And if you need any help or clarifications, or prefer a different level of books (easier or more difficult) let me know.

Some of you have been asking me “Why are you re-ripping all of the CD-i Zelda cutscenes? Aren’t the current rips good enough?”.

I’ll give a brief history of the CD-i cutscenes as a whole. Back in 2008, the height of ‘Spadinner’ YTPs, all we had to work with were QuebecGamers’ videos of the cutscenes. They were… low-quality, put it that way, with watermarks and bass-boosted audio before bass-boosting was a real thing. As YouTube Pooping got better, in terms of quality and programs used, some people tried to make better-quality versions of the CD-i cutscenes. Except for Zelda’s Adventure, because fuck that game.

First, people tried to rip videos of the cutscenes from a CD-i emulator, as getting the CD-i plus the three games is expensive as hell. Then, in 2009, a YouTuber named LuigiBlood set work on ripping the cutscenes straight out of the game files, using programs designed to rip CD-i sprites. And, with lots of hard work, it was a success! In October of 2009, he released a ZIP file containing the cutscenes from the two Zelda games (and later Hotel Mario), down to the pixel and with alternate language versions of some cutscenes. Radical!

As good as the Zelda rips are, though, they’re not without problems. First off, the Philips CD-i has a resolution of 384 x 240, and the ripped cutscenes have a resolution of 384 x 239. This means that an entire line of cutscene goodness is missing from the rips, and the weird ratio (normally 8:5) makes it difficult to scale up the ripped cutscenes without some stretching.

Another problem is that there are frames (nine so far, maybe more) missing from the 239 cutscenes. They’re really boring - most of these being one color or transparent - but some fix jumps in the rips, and there’s almost enough missing to make up one full second of CD-i animation. That, my friends, is why I’m re-ripping the CD-i Zelda cutscenes; for preservation, accuracy, and, most importantly, the poops. 

(Although I might have to redo the Faces of Evil ending because I (admittedly) rushed while checking the Gwonam scenes for transparency issues.)

Ah, yes, and I’m going to rip the Wand of Gamelon intro next month. Currently doing some stuff around the house that really eats into my time. Maybe I’ll release it on October 10th, hm…?

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm quite new to your blog, so sorry if you've already talked about this before, but I really like you friendship with Avveh :) I was just wondering how long you've known each other? Did you meet on tumblr (and hit it off right away?)? You're meeting soon for the first time, right? Have you skyped and stuff before, or only chatted online? Are you nervous that meeting will ruin the friendship? Will she meet your husband, and you her GF? (Sorry for all the questions!:P) <3

Are you giving me a reason to gush over @avveh ? :’) This is my favorite activity. I’m the president of the #AvvehPromotionSquad.  We are accepting new members.

We’ve known each other since sometime around when Fire came out. So it’s been about a year and a half but we did not meet on Tumblr. We’re pre-tumblr and we’re post-tumblr. We even have a standing competition to be each other’s #1 on the “Biggest Fans” ranking Tumblr has and, when we lose our spots, you can see we aren’t happy about it. We’re the dream team, the otp, only the 95z outshine us…but we’re looking to take them down too. 

Alright, now that I’ve sufficiently hyped us up, let’s move onto your other questions.

I’ve posted about how we met before and also here and Emily has too so I’m just casually going to skip over that question. 

We are meeting in person for the first time soon! And the excitement is palpable! Seven weeks! We actually spent this morning freaking out about it. We’re super cute. Just trust me on that.

We’ve chatted every day since we met, that’s not a lie. The longest we’ve gone without talking has been when Emily was flying from the states to Korea so I could only talk to her when she was on the ground. Just recently she took a trip to another country and we were honestly the most pathetic pair you could dream up. Before she boarded any flights we were spamming each other with “I miss you already!” and a ton of sad emojis and memes. Even on a normal day, if our chat is dead for more than an hour one of us breaks down and tells the other that we miss them. Maybe I am going to retract my statement. Maybe we’re not cute. Maybe we’re gross. 

Anyways! To answer your question, we have not skyped but we’ve talked on the phone, sent a slew of video clips (particularly ones of Emily being drunk), and copious amounts of selfies and audio clips. Time to embarrass Emily: I’ve even had the opportunity to talk to her friends via our chat because she was too drunk to operate a phone properly and had to be escorted home. Tbqh, drunk and sick Emily are the best versions of her lmao. She gets very affectionate.

I’m not worried that meeting her in person will ruin our friendship at all. We’re too open with each other for there to be something hidden or embarrassing. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say she knows things about me that Trash Husband doesn’t. There are no secrets. Anytime one of us brings up something sensitive we are always receptive, comforting, encouraging, and in agreement about 99.999999% of things. And, beyond that, we’re supportive of each other in every way. Like…weirdly so? I don’t think more than a day goes by without one of us reminding the other how important our friendship is. Not too long ago there was an issue that came up and we spent maybe an hour in our chat going back and forth about how vital our friendship is and that we weren’t willing to lose it or each other. Yep, I amend my original claim. We are definitely gross.

And she will not be meeting Trash Husband. I’ll be picking her up at the airport in Nashville and we’ll be spending a week there together. And I’ve already met her girlfriend. :)

I like how I started answering this ask all, “oooh okay, let’s do a quick answer about Emily,” and now here we are. I love to gush on all my favorites.

So during AX this year @makostorm dunked me head first into Overwatch hell and now I have lost all control of my life. I don’t even have the game yet it has completely consumed me… Brought out some much needed inspiration as well. Quality might be lacking since I had to sacrifice it to get the video small enough to upload. As always, will have a HQ version on youtube eventually. 

Song: Glitter and Gold by Barns Courtney

anonymous asked:

I'm looking for some good French TV shows / movies on Netflix and was wondering if you had any suggestions! (I'm in America FYI, cause I know Netflix options can change a bit depending on country)

Hey, I’m Australian so I don’t know what you will have.

Umm… let me think, well you can change the audio to french for a lot of american shows, but personally I find dubbing a bit annoying.

Do you have ‘les revenants’ (the original tv show in French)? There’s an american version but the french one is fantastic (at least the first season)

You can search for a language through netflix, you just click on browse and there is an option for audio and subtitles, click on that and choose French!

Subtalia vs Dubtalia: The World Conference

It is an undeniable fact that the Funimation dub of Hetalia…well shall we say… takes a few liberties with the source material. Some people believe the changes make the series funnier. Others insist that the dub massacres the characterisation, and is offensive and damaging to the show’s reputation. I have read so many arguments.

But yesterday whilst introducing a friend to Fullmetal Alchemist, I discovered that Funimation DVDs have an interesting feature - the option to listen to the dub at the same time as having the subtitled translation for the Japanese audio track on screen. So I had what, to me, seemed an interesting idea. To use this feature to directly, line by line compare the two versions. To pick out all the notable differences. To see what kind of changes Funimation TRULY made!

Or maybe this only seemed fun because I am a student on study break who only works weekends, and today is a rainy, cold Monday. Idk. It doesn’t matter. 


So I started with the very first episode. We begin, of course, with America introducing the World Conference. Lets see what each version has him say.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “Alrighty, then! Let’s start the World Conference! Let’s resolve problems all over the world one by one! Even if it’s a tough problem, if we work together, I’m sure things will turn out okay! Please express your candid opinions here!”

ENGLISH DUB: “Dudes, I think the World Conference can convene! Solving all the world’s problems by talking excessively! No matter how hard it seems, we can solve anything with enough meetings and photo ops! Feel free to speak honestly, whilst protecting your chances for re-election!”

What interested me, is that the dub actually does largely convey the same message as the original - but the tone is completely different. Where the original was an optimistic statement of international co-operation, in the dub things are much more satirical. Already we can see how their take on the show is going to be. Oh, and their habit of having America say ‘dude’ in every sentence has started. I mean, its literally the first word of the series.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “Well then, I’ll go first! About that global warming thing everyone is talking about, I think we’ll be okay if we create a huge hero and have him protect the Earth. By the way, no one’s allowed to disagree, okay?

ENGLISH DUB: “I’ll go first, about that whole using global warming to enslave humanity thing, I’ll think we’ll be ok if we genetically engineer a huge hero to protect the Earth. I give you the super hero Globoman!”

With this one, for me, the Japanese version does a good job of introducing America’s personality; his immaturity in believing a giant superhero is a solution to global warming, and his stubborn insistence that he is right in all situations. The dub however…well suddenly the conference is about their attempts to enslave humanity. And this isn’t a throw away line, its a point that remains consistent for the rest of the scene. Yes, this was never a serious scene to start with, but some would probably fairly consider this a huge break from the spirit of the show.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “Again? Tell us what you think, Japan!”
ENGLISH DUB: “Man up, or I’ll beat you with my peace prize!”

In both versions, Japan passively says he will happily agree with anything America says, and Switzerland calls him out on it. But again, the WAY it is handled is… very different. In honesty, it is with this scene that I first come to agree with the dub fans. I LOVE this line. It genuinely is a brilliant one liner. But again, its another example of Funimations loose approach to adaptation.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “I’m against it. I can’t agree with such an unrealistic suggestion. And don’t say ‘learned’. What is this ‘learned’?! It’s ‘learnt’, you idiot!”
ENGLISH DUB: “There’s no way some hero will help global warming or humanity’s enslavement. And standing by France is like being in a shower of spit!”

Ok, I’ll be honest straight up - I’m not entirely sure if the ‘shower of spit’ line is exactly right, because at this point the dialogue begins overlapping and its hard to hear. But that was the gist of what England said. Nothing much new to point out here, its all much the same as before - but notice that the enslaving humanity change is still with us.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: (France) “Then I shall have to disagree with both England AND America.”
(England) “Which is it?!
ENGLISH DUB: (France) “If Britain and America don’t agree, how can I be superior by dissing them both?!”
(England) “AGINCOURT!”

What I noticed here, is that Funimation has decided we need it directly spelt out for us something that was just an implicit part of the joke in the original - that France thinks he is superior to the others. We also see the first instance of England’s name  being changed to Britain; but this is something we can’t blame Funimation for, as the Japanese producers actually asked them to call him that. This is more the fault of the vagueness as to whether he actually represents the entire United Kingdom, or only England; which frankly is a debate for another day.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: (America) Geez, is disagreeing with me your hobby or something? You should find some other hobby that’s more fun.
(France) Agreeing with you guys is distasteful. Unlike you, I’m more of a gentleman.
(England) Don’t make an important decision based on taste, you wine-loving bastard!

ENGLISH DUB: (America) “You Frenchies love to hate America. Why not go back to making hot green chick statues like you used to?”
(France) Ever since we lost our status as a world superpower condescending superiority and wine is all we have left.
(England) Don’t be so hard on yourself. What about mimes and body odour?

Again, not much to say here. You can get the gist of the way they have changed things by now.

After this scene though, we get the scenes where China tries to get these three to calm down by giving them food, and where Spain tries to get Russia to intervene but he declines saying he’s only there in hopes Lithuania and Latvia will re-unify with him. And in both cases, the sub and dub were actually very consistent with each other. There were minor changes to phrasing of course, but you should expect that with any translation and it is nothing worth pointing out. Things only really get altered again when Estonia is introduced.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “You shouldn’t pick on the weak, Mr Russia.”
ENGLISH DUB: “You’re so tough, next you’ll try to pick a fight with Haiti!”

This frankly is a complete change of context from scolding Russia (and implying that Latvia and Lithuania are weak, what an asshole) to more teasing him; and randomly picking on Haiti as the ‘weak’ country. Bearing in mind Haiti is not only irrelevant to this scene but it doesn’t even have a canon character yet. It seems… really random. But fine. 

After this, in all honesty, both versions begin to merge into background arguments that are really freaking difficult to pick out. There are a few changes I noticed - Poland changes from threatinging to invoke the ‘Poland Rule’ on Russia to, well, actually speaking Polish I am pretty sure, which means I have no hope in hell of ever being able to transrcibe him. But then the big guns come in. We get Germany’s speech. 

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “This conference is to resolve problems, so why are we creating more? As it stands, we’re repeating the Dancing Congress! We should calm down and discuss these matters. If you want to say something, first show clear and accurate data! And then talk! You’ll have 8 minutes to talk. That’s a strict rule! There will be no exceeding that time and no chit-chatting! Now if you want to go first, make sure you’re prepared and raise your hand.

ENGLISH DUB: “We called this conference to solve the world’s problems, not to fight about the problems of our past. And since I’m the only country who seems to know how to run a meeting, we’ll follow my rules from here on out. Eight minutes each for speeches, no chit-chatting on side deals, and absolutely no going over the time limit! Now if you want to go, make sure you’re prepared, raise your hand, and make sure you do so in a way that does not mock any salute of my country’s past!”

Again, a lot of the key points of the speech have actually been carried over from the original to the dub. But there are still changes. Most notably, we actually lose the first reference in the series to the historical trivia Hetalia is supposedly about, when Funimation cut the reference to the Dancing Congress. Even though the written info about it is still up there on the screen. Also… we get our first Nazi reference. Not an especially offensive one by any means, don’t get me wrong. But it is the first instance of one of the things I don’t like about the dub - that they do kind of reduce Germany’s character to a massive Nazi joke, when there is one heck of a lot more in German culture and history to talk about. So whilst it is a relatively accurate translation… I’m not entirely comfortable with this line. 

All in all, I think this first scene shows the best of both sides of the dub. Yeah, there are some wonderful jokes and one liners (’beat you with my peace prize’, I will NEVER get over it)… but there are a lot of pointless changes as well. I do feel it does rather lose the spirit of the original. I don’t think its beyond redemption. But it is certainly not a perfect adaptation.

(I may do some more comparisons of lines soon (I imagine with less analysis, I’ll probably just present them as they are unless I have something specific to say) if anyone is intrested! I feel like it could do a lot to dispell some of the myths about the show, if we can see what aspects of it are things Funimation introduced rather than canon fact.)

I (sorta) had my first ever voice acting gig today!

My internship is starting to put together our project now I’ve done all the designs, and we recorded the audio today, and I was the narrator!

(it should be mentioned I have a more ‘posh’ sounding version of an English accent, hence narrating ^^;)

I’ve never had a real voice-over job before, and it took a while to get into the mojo of it, but after that it was great fun! I got to use my oh-so-poncy ‘narrator’ voice

I also ended up meeting my boss’s grandma who is delightful and tiny and made us all tea :)