i had to have the audio version

[Headphones] "Kiss me... more..."
Fukuyama Jun
[Headphones] "Kiss me... more..."

Closed Captions: Gasping, kissing, bed rustling, some moaning.

[So I went looking for FukuJun audio from drama CDs and otome games for a small secret project, but it was kind of a bust. Easily 95% of his voice acting roles aren’t anywhere near Ichimatsu’s range or register. However, I don’t tolerate 2-3 hours worth of combing dense Japanese sites to come out empty handed, so you get this mess instead.

I actually had enough fun cutting this together that I considered making a super extended, much more raunchy version of this someday, but in that event, I would have to splice in some audio that isn’t actually FukuJun’s voice, but another seiyuu who can pass as him at his lower range. And that seems somehow wrong.]

Rosas -Dex-
Rosas -Dex-

Original Song


I’m proud of him, he’s singing in spanish *sobs* I still have to learn a lot

Daina is better at pronouncing the “r” I blame Kenji, but I love his son and voice

today has been a wild day

i’ve had this ridiculous crush on my literature professor for the whole semester bc she’s like?? basically the most beautiful woman in spain and has this super nice low voice and wears floral sneakers and ya im in love 

anyway so for our final project we were supposed to do kind of a trailer for it by uploading an audio/visual project to our class blog and i had a busy week and so didn’t have time to really get down and do anything. HOWEVER since my chosen topic was “evolution of musical theatre in madrid” i had an easy out

so i covered the spanish version of “i dreamed a dream” and uploaded that as my blog entry

and today we had this mini-exposition in class where everyone played their “trailers” and so she played my song which was a) heckin embarrassing and b) a lot to handle so i was mostly lookin down the entire time 

but then when i looked up she was crying? literally tears rolling down her face? from the song? that i sang? real tears, voice all throaty, had to quit and collect herself for a hot minute

tldr: my crush on my professor is impossible but i feel like i got points by making her cry with a song in class today

Excerpts from Lucky Man Vol.1 (1)
Greg Lake

Well, here is my attempt to contribute something to the fandom. Picture wise, most of my content on my computer has been pilfered off Tumblr anyways…so what do I have…
I shall be posting (hopefully daily) bits from Greg Lake’s audiobook. This is just a bit from the intro, that I thought fitting. More to come. 

Okay, so my plan was to play the English version of Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Switch for a while and then go back to the Japanese version on PS4 again (because Japanese voices).

So now that I’m tired of the English voices and don’t want to listen to them anymore I went back to play the Japanese version on PS4, and it turns out that there aren’t nearly as many as many players online as on the Switch version. In fact I still have to think about the Japanese timezone and play when it’s evening in Japan, or else I’ll only find one or two players if I’m lucky.

So if I want a bigger playerbase I have to get back to the Switch version (which I only have a English copy of) but then I have to listen to the English voices which I’m beyond tired of now.

I don’t want to have to buy a third copy of this game. That’s ridiculous. Why couldn’t they just add dual audio? Fever had it, so why can’t PPT? This is so annoying.

I wasn’t really satisfied with how the master sounded, so I took some time to study up on better techniques, specifically for orchestral mastering, but also a good number of general-use techniques. What I learned was the importance of really making good use of the stereophonic field that I have to make a truly atmospheric and encompassing audio experience.
Since writing the original arrangement didn’t have these things in mind, I had to do some weird tricks to get it to sound just like I wanted, but overall I don’t think that ended up holding me back at all!

(Singularity Studios) [ Updated Version , Original Release ]

Made with SoundCloud
Milk and Cookies

Pairing: Thor/Reader (I’m trying to do at least one for everyone; I still have to think of something for Natasha, Tony, Bruce ansWanda. I can’t really write anyone else, I don’t think I could do Vision, Sam or Rhodes and Clint I feel weird writing about cause he’s married with kids…)

Plot: A song fic for Melanie Martinez’s song Milk and Cookies (I absolutely LOVE the nightcore version of it). Thor walks in one the reader singing and dancing to a rather peculiar song as she bakes some cookies.

Warning: Language (in song)

Words: 822

A/N I highly suggest listening to Melanie Martinez’s Album Cry Baby (I prefer the nightcore versions cause that’s what I heard first but the songs are amazing either way).

Link to version of the song (Note: If you’re on desktop version you’re gunna wanna pause the blog’s music before hitting play. The video on YouTube with this audio is just gone. not even in my history anymore, but I have it on my iPod already so)

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[A]nguish DEMO
[A]nguish DEMO

NEW HERE My name is Angelus. You are the first and last of your kind to know my name.

DEMO new improved version HERE I’m celebrating Nier: Automata (dont have it tho) with Drakengard music! who’da thunk it. I tried recreating the ending A cutscene music bc apparently its not available still (lemme know if it’s somewhere), AND I LOVE IT. but i tried here, so it sounds different but i tried to get the same feel

SPOILERS: Goddess-Angelus probably had it better than chaos Angelus, i dont think that unbearable pain was as bad as been torn apart by space babies, or being shot and impaled on Tokyo Tower, but what do i know. only Yoko Taro knows DEMO

Subtalia vs Dubtalia: The World Conference

It is an undeniable fact that the Funimation dub of Hetalia…well shall we say… takes a few liberties with the source material. Some people believe the changes make the series funnier. Others insist that the dub massacres the characterisation, and is offensive and damaging to the show’s reputation. I have read so many arguments.

But yesterday whilst introducing a friend to Fullmetal Alchemist, I discovered that Funimation DVDs have an interesting feature - the option to listen to the dub at the same time as having the subtitled translation for the Japanese audio track on screen. So I had what, to me, seemed an interesting idea. To use this feature to directly, line by line compare the two versions. To pick out all the notable differences. To see what kind of changes Funimation TRULY made!

Or maybe this only seemed fun because I am a student on study break who only works weekends, and today is a rainy, cold Monday. Idk. It doesn’t matter. 


So I started with the very first episode. We begin, of course, with America introducing the World Conference. Lets see what each version has him say.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “Alrighty, then! Let’s start the World Conference! Let’s resolve problems all over the world one by one! Even if it’s a tough problem, if we work together, I’m sure things will turn out okay! Please express your candid opinions here!”

ENGLISH DUB: “Dudes, I think the World Conference can convene! Solving all the world’s problems by talking excessively! No matter how hard it seems, we can solve anything with enough meetings and photo ops! Feel free to speak honestly, whilst protecting your chances for re-election!”

What interested me, is that the dub actually does largely convey the same message as the original - but the tone is completely different. Where the original was an optimistic statement of international co-operation, in the dub things are much more satirical. Already we can see how their take on the show is going to be. Oh, and their habit of having America say ‘dude’ in every sentence has started. I mean, its literally the first word of the series.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “Well then, I’ll go first! About that global warming thing everyone is talking about, I think we’ll be okay if we create a huge hero and have him protect the Earth. By the way, no one’s allowed to disagree, okay?

ENGLISH DUB: “I’ll go first, about that whole using global warming to enslave humanity thing, I’ll think we’ll be ok if we genetically engineer a huge hero to protect the Earth. I give you the super hero Globoman!”

With this one, for me, the Japanese version does a good job of introducing America’s personality; his immaturity in believing a giant superhero is a solution to global warming, and his stubborn insistence that he is right in all situations. The dub however…well suddenly the conference is about their attempts to enslave humanity. And this isn’t a throw away line, its a point that remains consistent for the rest of the scene. Yes, this was never a serious scene to start with, but some would probably fairly consider this a huge break from the spirit of the show.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “Again? Tell us what you think, Japan!”
ENGLISH DUB: “Man up, or I’ll beat you with my peace prize!”

In both versions, Japan passively says he will happily agree with anything America says, and Switzerland calls him out on it. But again, the WAY it is handled is… very different. In honesty, it is with this scene that I first come to agree with the dub fans. I LOVE this line. It genuinely is a brilliant one liner. But again, its another example of Funimations loose approach to adaptation.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “I’m against it. I can’t agree with such an unrealistic suggestion. And don’t say ‘learned’. What is this ‘learned’?! It’s ‘learnt’, you idiot!”
ENGLISH DUB: “There’s no way some hero will help global warming or humanity’s enslavement. And standing by France is like being in a shower of spit!”

Ok, I’ll be honest straight up - I’m not entirely sure if the ‘shower of spit’ line is exactly right, because at this point the dialogue begins overlapping and its hard to hear. But that was the gist of what England said. Nothing much new to point out here, its all much the same as before - but notice that the enslaving humanity change is still with us.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: (France) “Then I shall have to disagree with both England AND America.”
(England) “Which is it?!
ENGLISH DUB: (France) “If Britain and America don’t agree, how can I be superior by dissing them both?!”
(England) “AGINCOURT!”

What I noticed here, is that Funimation has decided we need it directly spelt out for us something that was just an implicit part of the joke in the original - that France thinks he is superior to the others. We also see the first instance of England’s name  being changed to Britain; but this is something we can’t blame Funimation for, as the Japanese producers actually asked them to call him that. This is more the fault of the vagueness as to whether he actually represents the entire United Kingdom, or only England; which frankly is a debate for another day.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: (America) Geez, is disagreeing with me your hobby or something? You should find some other hobby that’s more fun.
(France) Agreeing with you guys is distasteful. Unlike you, I’m more of a gentleman.
(England) Don’t make an important decision based on taste, you wine-loving bastard!

ENGLISH DUB: (America) “You Frenchies love to hate America. Why not go back to making hot green chick statues like you used to?”
(France) Ever since we lost our status as a world superpower condescending superiority and wine is all we have left.
(England) Don’t be so hard on yourself. What about mimes and body odour?

Again, not much to say here. You can get the gist of the way they have changed things by now.

After this scene though, we get the scenes where China tries to get these three to calm down by giving them food, and where Spain tries to get Russia to intervene but he declines saying he’s only there in hopes Lithuania and Latvia will re-unify with him. And in both cases, the sub and dub were actually very consistent with each other. There were minor changes to phrasing of course, but you should expect that with any translation and it is nothing worth pointing out. Things only really get altered again when Estonia is introduced.

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “You shouldn’t pick on the weak, Mr Russia.”
ENGLISH DUB: “You’re so tough, next you’ll try to pick a fight with Haiti!”

This frankly is a complete change of context from scolding Russia (and implying that Latvia and Lithuania are weak, what an asshole) to more teasing him; and randomly picking on Haiti as the ‘weak’ country. Bearing in mind Haiti is not only irrelevant to this scene but it doesn’t even have a canon character yet. It seems… really random. But fine. 

After this, in all honesty, both versions begin to merge into background arguments that are really freaking difficult to pick out. There are a few changes I noticed - Poland changes from threatinging to invoke the ‘Poland Rule’ on Russia to, well, actually speaking Polish I am pretty sure, which means I have no hope in hell of ever being able to transrcibe him. But then the big guns come in. We get Germany’s speech. 

ORIGINAL JAPANESE: “This conference is to resolve problems, so why are we creating more? As it stands, we’re repeating the Dancing Congress! We should calm down and discuss these matters. If you want to say something, first show clear and accurate data! And then talk! You’ll have 8 minutes to talk. That’s a strict rule! There will be no exceeding that time and no chit-chatting! Now if you want to go first, make sure you’re prepared and raise your hand.

ENGLISH DUB: “We called this conference to solve the world’s problems, not to fight about the problems of our past. And since I’m the only country who seems to know how to run a meeting, we’ll follow my rules from here on out. Eight minutes each for speeches, no chit-chatting on side deals, and absolutely no going over the time limit! Now if you want to go, make sure you’re prepared, raise your hand, and make sure you do so in a way that does not mock any salute of my country’s past!”

Again, a lot of the key points of the speech have actually been carried over from the original to the dub. But there are still changes. Most notably, we actually lose the first reference in the series to the historical trivia Hetalia is supposedly about, when Funimation cut the reference to the Dancing Congress. Even though the written info about it is still up there on the screen. Also… we get our first Nazi reference. Not an especially offensive one by any means, don’t get me wrong. But it is the first instance of one of the things I don’t like about the dub - that they do kind of reduce Germany’s character to a massive Nazi joke, when there is one heck of a lot more in German culture and history to talk about. So whilst it is a relatively accurate translation… I’m not entirely comfortable with this line. 

All in all, I think this first scene shows the best of both sides of the dub. Yeah, there are some wonderful jokes and one liners (’beat you with my peace prize’, I will NEVER get over it)… but there are a lot of pointless changes as well. I do feel it does rather lose the spirit of the original. I don’t think its beyond redemption. But it is certainly not a perfect adaptation.

(I may do some more comparisons of lines soon (I imagine with less analysis, I’ll probably just present them as they are unless I have something specific to say) if anyone is intrested! I feel like it could do a lot to dispell some of the myths about the show, if we can see what aspects of it are things Funimation introduced rather than canon fact.)

Creamed Corn
Owly, Ian, Jordan
Creamed Corn

Playing around in Audacity, then dropped this in the wubmachine to make a silly song.

Just for fun! Used some lines from my friend’s in-progress audio drama, Living a Lie. @thenerdianjones

Sorry for the lack of contact recently! My mic’s been having problems, and I haven’t had a lot of time to record anyway. Rest assured, I haven’t completely abandoned this blog!

Un-wubbified version

Lines by: @thenerdianjones, @owlyvoices, @pagepiranha

More Observations from the Interrogation Scene

Last night, I stumbled across the HD version of the interrogation scene while browsing through the Reylo tag. Some people claimed to have issues viewing the video (I guess the audio was not synced to the actions of the characters), but I had no trouble viewing the clip on my laptop. The HD quality of the clip made it easier to pick up on a few details that I’d never noticed before. Now, to get started…

1. When Kylo Ren removes his mask and approaches Rey and, even when he stands before her, he wears a small smile. It’s not big enough to really be considered a full-fledged smile, but thee definitely is a softness and eagerness to his expression that I, personally, haven’t noticed before. I remembered him looking more intense, intimidating, and arrogant, though I did not get that impression as much with the higher-quality video.

2. Now this, I thought, was really significant and had me fan girling like crazy. This, here, is the big observation I really wanted to talk about and see if anyone else had. So… Kylo Ren has removed his mask and approached Rey. Standing beside her and looking at her intently, he says, “Tell me about the droid.” The moment she speaks, he makes an odd movement and then twitches his head. i noticed this right off the bat and rewound to get a better look. I did the whole pause, play, pause, play thing to slow it down (a sure-fire sign of a hardcore fan girl). What I saw: The moment Rey speaks, he inhales sharply (the movement is mostly in his torso), as though he experiences a physical reaction to hearing Rey’s voice. He then does the little head twitch and then glances down before cutting her off.

My Interpretation: At first, I thought, “Why would he have a reaction to her voice? He’s heard her speak before.” And then I realized… this is the first time she has spoken to him as Ben Solo and not Kylo Ren, the first time she has addressed him as a man and not a creature. How strange and unnerving it must be, on some level, to reveal his true appearance and voice to another human being. In some ways, this makes him appear more vulnerable and demonstrates that he cares what Rey thinks about him. He wants her to view him as a man. And think about it: How often does he have this opportunity to drop his guard and be Ben?

Has anyone else noticed this? What are your thoughts?

I noticed a few other minute things, but I don’t want to make mountains out of molehills. These two, especially the second one, were the main things I noticed that caught me off guard. I would love to hear your perspective.

Oh, and if you’re interested in accessing the video, I can try to include a link to it or reblog it so that you can access it easily on my page. I just tried watching the video on my phone and noticed the dialogue was not synced with the actions, but I was able to play it with no issue on my laptop. Either way, the movie will be out in a week.

The Day After (part 1)

So I heard the amazing @sushinfood had not had the best day. I decided that simply won’t do. I’m currently working on an epilogue to their Gasterblaster!Sans series, but decided, yknow what? I’m gonna split it into two parts so sushi and you guys can see it earlier. This story is actually a continuation of the epilogue story I wrote earlier, called Later That Night. You can check it out on my eA writes tag, or the audio version on sushi’s blog!

The Day After continues on the morning after, naturally. Part 2 will have way more fluff believe me.

You’re all gonna have a good time. Enjoy! This ones for you sushi.


Sans grunted as he felt something press against him from both sides. He tried to open his eyes. It was hard, everything felt heavy. Finally, with some effort, he managed to pry his eyes open. He was immediately visited by the temptation to close them again. He felt tired a lot, but never had he felt as utterly exhausted as he did now. He felt like he could sleep for another hundred years and not wake up once. Sans looked to his right; Frisk was still fast asleep next to him. The child had crawled into bed with him during the night after checking to see if he was okay, and had curled up and fallen asleep. Their head was now flopped over Sans’ rib cage, their small fingers gently grasping at the fabric of his shirt. To his left, Sans saw Papyrus’ sleeping face. His long arms were wrapped around both his brother and Frisk, tugging the three of them close together, with Sans squished in the middle.
Sans closed his eyes with a quiet chuckle. It seemed he couldn’t get up even he wanted to. Not that he did. He was quite happy where he was now. He could somehow feel a comforting warmth radiating off the two people who snuggled him in their sleep.
A grin on his face, Sans drifted back to sleep.

When he awoke again, he was alone.
And surrounded by stuffed animals. Sans reached to inspect a fluffy dog plushie- and suddenly gasped in pain as his arm cracked and shot daggers of agony throughout his body.
Oh god…no…no no no no no no no not again…
But just as quickly as it had came, the pain was gone, leaving behind only a dull ache. Sans felt nothing rising within him, no power, no pain, nothing, except for his eye which quickly fizzled out. Sans panted, his frame trembling. He let out a sharp yelp as he felt the discs in his spine shift and creak loudly, but still nothing happened. As the pain once again faded, Sans was left feeling more exhausted than ever. Maybe he should close his eyes again…..

“…ns….ans…sans…Sans. Sans? Sans come on, wake up.”
Sans let out a grunt as someone shook his shoulder, stirring him into consciousness.
He blinked open his eyes to see his brother hovering over him, concerned etched into his elongated face.
“Are you feeling okay? You wouldn’t wake up when I called you,” Papyrus said worriedly.
“’M fine bro, don’t worry. Still just…” he yawned loudly. “Really tired.”
Papyrus let out a chuckle.
“I can see that. And you seem to really be loving that teddy bear Frisk lent you.”
“Mm?” Sans turned and saw he was indeed clutching a teddy bear. It was nearly two thirds the size he was.
“Frisk didn’t want you to be lonely when the two of us woke up, so they went and put a bunch of their stuffed animals next to you to keep you company!”
“Heh….c-cool….unh!” Sans cringed as his spine cracked and shifted again.

“I-It’s fine bro…this has b-been happening for a little bit,” Sans said through gritted teeth.
“D-Do you…do you feel like you’re going to transform again?”
“No…it’s not like before.”
“Well, Alphys just arrived. She’s going to take a look at you to make sure everything’s okay.”
Right on cue, a short, stocky, reptilian monster shuffled into the room, her arms laden with technology.
“H-Hey guys. Hope I’m not intruding.”
“Not at all Dr. Alphys! We’re very glad you could come!” Papyrus said.
“Hey Sans. How do you feel?” Alphys greeted the shorter skeleton.
“Honestly? I’ve felt way better. A-Ack!” Sans groaned he felt his ribs tremble angrily and shift from their places. He clutched at his shirt with his hand, his fingers digging into the spaces between his bones.
“Sans!” Papyrus grabbed his brother’s shoulder in alarm.
“What wrong?” Alphys asked, nearly dropping her equipment in her haste to inspect him.
“I-I’m fine, really…” Sans insisted as Alphys gently pressed her claws against his ribs. She gasped quietly as she felt them shift back into place.

“…I t-think I know what’s going on. Sans, I’m going to hook you up to this machine I brought. D-Don’t worry,” she quickly said as she spotted Sans’ uneasy look. “It’s just g-gonna measure your power levels. Hold still…”
Alphys stuck several electrodes under Sans’ shirt and in his face. Papyrus giggled.
“You look like you have spaghetti noodles coming out of you.”
Sans chuckled tiredly, too weary to try and think of a pun.
“Aha! As I expected. T-Take a look at this, guys.” Alphys turned her screen to show the brothers.
“S-See this?” she pointed. “That’s your power level compared to how much your Soul can contain. See how it’s fluctuating rapidly? Your body s-still hasn’t recovered from the sudden overflow of energy, and it’s trying to even it out. T-That’s why your bones have been cracking and shifting.”

Sans gripped the bed sheets.
“Does…does this mean I’m gonna transform again…?” His voice almost came out in a whisper as fear started to seep into him.
“Oh no no no no! Your body is just trying to recover, but it’s having some difficulty doing so after housing so much power for so long. It’s tired. Luckily, I-I have a way we can fix that.”
Alphys reached into her pocket and pulled out a small device.
“T-Thus little device will deliver short bursts of energy, t-to try and even out those power levels.”
Sans eyed it warily.
“Won’t that just make my power levels explode again…?” he asked.
“Nope! A-All it’ll do is essentially ‘shock’ your body into falling back into homeostasis. Think of it like hyperventilating. When h-humans hyperventilate, their body is trying to even out the amount of oxygen and carbons d-dioxide in their bodies. To remedy this, they try t-that weird trick you see on tv where they breathe in and out into a paper bag.”

Sans and Papyrus blinked in confusion. Where was the doctor going with this?
“The carbon dioxide, the bad stuff that’s causing the issue, goes back into the body, and very quickly the body reacts to resolve the issue, making the human take a deep breath. That evens out the amount of oxygen with the amount of carbon dioxide.”
“So…” Papyrus said slowly. “What you’re saying is…”
“We’re going to use the bad stuff, which is high energy levels, to shock Sans’ body into stopping his power levels from fluctuating,” Alphys finished Papyrus’ thought.
She turned to Sans, who was staring at her with a nervous expression.
“Now Sans, I s-should warn you, it may take a few tries too work. A-And it’s gonna hurt a little. B-But!” she added. “It’s the only way to m-make it happen quicker. Once your power levels return to normal, your bones will stop shifting and you’ll feel a l-lot better, I promise.”

Sans took a deep breath.
“…Ok. Let’s do it, then.

(SHARKBAIT VERSION) Rin being deredere af
the rinharu blcd
(SHARKBAIT VERSION) Rin being deredere af

Rin: Somehow…you’re just in my room, but it feels a little strange. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing… I’m always by myself, but with you just being here… it feels as if something’s changed.

Haru: Rin!

Rin: *kiss* I love you.

Haru: …Rin…

Rin: Just like this, I want to keep you in my arms. It’s not enough.. With just a kiss, huh?

Haru: !!!

*they kiss again then proceed to do the frick frack*

I may or may not have edited Haru’s voice into the original audio to make it sharkbait what someones gonna do it sooner or later so why don’t it be moi?

Original x (who’d want to listen to that when you’ve got the rinharu version)

Enjoy, I had to make this with only one earphone working so i hope it doesn’t turn out sounding bad

The Secret History Prologue (FRENCH)
The Secret History Prologue (FRENCH)

So I saw this on @ibuzoo‘s blog and I had to do it! Basically I’m rushing like crazy and stumbling over my words but here’s the awful French version of the book. 

I didn’t do the voices. I should have done the voices.

Fall Out Boy/Temposhark

Irresistible by Fall Out Boy
Irresistible by Temposhark
I call it Irresistible^2 (Read: Irresistible Squared)


So, I had the idea to do another music mashup, and well these two songs seemed like the obvious choices. They’re both called Irresistible, Their tempos are fairly similar, the lyrics of both of them are similar in nature and it seemed to work all too well.

I will say that this isn’t the best mash up, but with the audio editor I have, this was what I managed to do.

The Fall Out Boy Irresistible is slightly sped up and the tempo was increased a tiny bit so that the songs were the same length.

Pharos was beautiful as fuck

Every time I go to write about my experience at Pharos I stop because honestly, it’s like how do I even put it into words. The visuals were crazy, the people were great met a lot of dope people. Shout outs to you Nicole and the whole line squad I lost y'all in the end. My feet were so fucking sore from all the standing and so once I finally got inside the dome there were projectors all around the room and the universe was being projected onto the walls around the dome. Before we went in they locked out phones in these bags but a couple people had cut there’s out once inside and were passing the ripped bag around. Some guy snuck his Tascam in so there’s audio from the first show. I heard them saying he performed three different versions but I listened to the midnight a show in the tent and it was def the same songs but maybe they changed by the day. If you were expecting rapping Bino you would have been highly disappointed because he sang the entire time and that boy’s falsetto was on point the entire night. The music was very funk, jazz, and blues inspired I was def getting D'Angelo and Prince vibes. He wore braids and had individuals braided onto the end of his hair. His outfit was these pink and yellow furry pants and he had tribal paint all over his face that glowed under the lights. He was def in full character he def build a city more like a galaxy inside the globe the visuals danced and changed with the songs there were skeletons and these long-legged monsters. He moaned at us, screamed & growled at us, it was just a great experience and I honestly wasn’t even tripping off my phone I was just enjoying & consuming the music. It is different from anything he’s ever done and how it was presented makes it that much more beautiful. At one point the visuals began falling towards our heads and they were dressed in red and near the end, this giant blue planet grew and grew before bursting over our heads which I assumed to be Pharos. I’m jumping everywhere and this honestly these words ain’t shit compared to the experience but I had to finally write something out. There was also 4 screening of the show Atlanta which was sick, they had food trucks which were hella taxing us and the liquor booth had all we fucked up with them weak ass expensive drinks but real niggas got their liquor in creatively. Them carne asada fries hit though that chipotle Sriracha was fire….“I want you to hit it, hit it and quit it” had the craziest funk sounds and Ludwig on the guitar were killing it that guitar solo was lit and homegirl with the beautiful ass afro on the keys killed as well, like blessing y'all! The harmonies from the background singers on the second song were hella catchy as well. He closed the show with a song about being yourself and following your dreams… “Keep all your dreams keep standing tall, if you’re strong you cannot fall, there is a voice inside us all so smile” …Overall it was dope and I fuck with singing Bino so if you’re a fan of his singing then you’ll love this project ….

note: So Mick will be 18, Snart 15, and Sara 15

The door to the cargo bay opened and the younger versions of Sara and Mick stared at each other then smirked. They’d just found their way out! However, before they could even step foot outside, the older versions of them came in with another teen. The younger version of Sara studied him. He had a bored expression on his face but she could tell he was scared by the way his eyes kept moving around the place, expecting an attack. He had a black and blue eye and some bruises around his throat and Sara frowned at that. His eyes met hers and he stared for a moment before looking away. 

“You can’t expect to keep me here,” drawled the teen. 

“We can and we will,” said another, the OLDER version of him. 

“What the hell?” asked the teen, looking at the older version of himself. 

“Long story, won’t bore you with the details, but don’t worry kid. We’ll get you back to dear ole Dad in no time.”

The adults left and Sara tried the trick again with her hand and sighed. It wasn’t going to work now. 

Great.” She turned around to look at the two boys sizing each other up. She sighed, rolling her eyes. “Can we save the pissing contest for later?”

“Don’t remember me, Mick?”

“Snart?” asked Mick with a squint. “Last time I saw you, you were a scrawny kid. Still are.” 

“What year they pull you out of?”

“1990,” answered Mick. 

“1987,” countered Leonard. 

They both then turned to Sara. “Oh, uh, 2003.”

“Interesting. Name’s Leonard by the way.”


“So Sara, Mick, any ideas on how to get out of here?”

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