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Title: Lost in Translation
Character: Shaun Murphy
Previous Part: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/166096152667/title-secondhand-memories-character-shaun-murphy

Your hand absentmindedly reached up to rub the remaining sleep from your eyes as you readjusted your bag strap on your shoulders. Glancing down at your phone for the time before you pushed open the door to the hospital, bidding a short good morning to the guard by the enterence.

When you looked back up from your phone, you saw Shaun standing right in the center of the lobby. He was dressed in his usual blue scrubs and coat, he was looking right at you until your gazes met. He gave you a stiff wave and then kept his eyes on his folded hands.

“Dr. Murphy?” You said as you walked up to him, hands in your pockets. “You’re early today.”

“Yes, I am,” Shaun reaffirmed, clearing his throat as he looked back at you. “You weren’t here yesterday.”

You shook your head. “No, I wasn’t. But I’m fine now, no need to worry.”

“I did though,” He said over you. “I was worried something had happened because you weren’t sleeping. Did you rest like you promised?”

You smiled. “Yes, I did. I’m sorry for making you worry. It was just a bug is all, Claire told me she’d give me a stern talking to if I didn’t stay home till I felt better.”

“Why don’t you take care of yourself?” Shaun asked after a short pause.

It took you a second to get back from the minor shock of being asked such a blunt question. “I do take care of myself.” You said with a short laugh.

“But you just said Claire was the one who made you take off work even though you were sick. And she told me you had a very long history of doing this kind of thing.”

You remained silent, and Shaun took it as a sign to elaborate further.

“I understand that as a doctor your schedule isn’t always the same, but you should try to make sure you’re healthy and-”

“Uhm, I should probably-” You broke to point aimlessly in some direction. “-I should go get my scrubs on. I’ll see you later.”

Shaun couldn’t even think of a response before you all but sprinted away from him to your locker.

Shaun didn’t see you for the rest of the day, even on the busiest of days; he’d always manage to at least catch a glance of you. But it was like you weren’t even in the hospital again.

After his shift was over, Shaun was quick to change into street clothes; practically shoving his coat on as he quickly walked to the main enterence lobby.

He looked around, seeing the usual receptionist and guard that covered the night shifts, and a couple people hanging around the sitting area as they read magazines or talked to one another while drinking out of cheap, plastic coffee cups.

You usually left late, so he figured he’d wait around and catch you before you left. He didn’t fully understand what had made you so upset, but it felt like it was something he said.

Shaun looked down at his phone to look at the time, fifteen minutes had past and still nothing.

He continued to do the same thing, checking precisely every fifteen minutes for around two hours. Looking up everytime he heard footsteps; expecting to see you walking up to the doors or tying back your hair.

He took another look at the time, Shaun would have to leave now if he wanted to catch the bus home. He looked up one final time, glancing at the various enters into the lobby, but no one came by.

Shaun stood up, sliding his phone into his pocket as he started towards the exit. Maybe he could find you tomorrow.

Shaun stood in front of the mirror, ruffling around his hair as he looked down at his phone for the time. He was at least half an hour ahead of his normal schedule, wanting to get at the hospital so he was certain he’d catch you come into work.

But when he went into the hospital as usual, you were now the one standing in the middle of the room; waiting on him.

You weren’t dressed in your scrubs, but Shaun saw you rocking back and forth on your feet and you gave him a small smile when you two saw each other.

“Morning, Shuan,” You said when you walked up to him. “How was the bus ride here?”

“Normal, well not exactly, I was early so the usual people weren’t there.” Shaun explained.

You nodded. “I wanted to say sorry, for avoiding you yesterday.”

“I had planned on talking to you about it,” He looked down at you. “I was worried that you’d still be upset with me.”

“Oh no, I wasn’t upset with you. I think I was upset with myself because I knew you were right and I had to confront the issue; I wanted to ignore it for a little longer.”

“Well good,” Shaun said with a nod. “Are we still friends?”

“Course,” You affirmed with a laugh. “I would never be upset with someone for something so trivial. I know you had good intentions when you asked me about it.”

Shaun nodded again. “Good,” He repeated, not entirely sure how to carry on the conversation.

You inhaled, your shoulders rising slightly as you did so. “I should go get ready for work, I’m sure Claire’s trying to hunt me down as we speak.”

Shaun smiled. “I’ll see you around today then?”

You nodded. “Absolutely.”

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Let’s talk about reposting, shall we? c:

I’m a little late to the party because I’m a dumdum who thought this was in August, but here we go. Long post ahead.

Funnily enough (or not), because I was late to join this protest, I posted a comic celebrating a follower milestone during the blackout and barely 2 HOURS later, it got reposted on Instagram. I kid you not:

(if you can’t see it, I posted mine 20 hours ago, and the repost was made 19 hours ago)

Anyway, this really puts a bad taste in my mouth. Not only was my work reposted almost immediately after it was made, it was also by someone who doesn’t even follow me AND they even changed up the caption for their own, thereby erasing my message for the comic I made.

I feel really disrespected as a creator. I made that comic to thank my followers, and right off the bat someone who is not even following me goes on and snatches it up.

The intent to repost this before anyone else was clear. Not once have I received a message asking for permission. It’s like… nobody cared to ask me first? It’s okay as long as they slap my name on the description like “lairep on tumblr made this”? Haha. no

Did they directly link the original post? Did they directly link my blog? No. And let’s be real, who’s even going to bother manually typing my name on the searchbar to go to my blog to see more of my posts when they can easily find them on some reposter’s account? Just giving the name is not enough credit. Just giving a name is not enough “exposure” or whatever new excuse a reposter has for doing it.

I’m not asking for much. Just don’t make me feel this way. Like I don’t matter besides providing content for you to peruse as you please. I do this for fun and I enjoy sharing, but I have the right to share in however way I want to. I’m the one making it, not you.

It took me a lot of courage to even start posting anything at all, because I’ve had previous experience of art theft that drove me from drawing and sharing for years… and if this goes on—- let’s just say I don’t want a repeat of that. I want to share, I want to make content, so please don’t do things that would make me want to stop.

Please don’t make other creators feel this way. Let creators feel like they matter. That you appreciate them. That you want them to keep making content you and others would enjoy. Make them feel the joy they give you with their posts. Make them feel like staying in the fandom instead of leaving.

Don’t steal, don’t repost. At the very least, drop a line to ask permission. It’s not hard to click links and type words. Even just to show you respect them as a person. It’ll be worth it, I promise. c:

This has been a long post (and I haven’t even touched on PLAGIARISM), but I had to say my piece. I fully support this blackout for me, my friends, and for other creators who are dealing with this kind of thing every. freaking. day.

Edit: Accidentally posted early instead of drafting, but I wanted to say I love all you artists/writers out there who bring joy and angst to the fandom and I hope you continue doing the thing c: I support you against all thieves, reposters, and plagiarizers. 

  A Dream Come True

My first attempt at a RPF! I love Norman, but am nowhere near an expert on him, like I am with Jeffrey. 😜 So excuse my writing of him.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader x Norman Reedus

Word count ~ 3500

Warnings- a few swears, reader talks sex, nothing else in this part.

Tags~ @stileswolfi @magikat409 @jasoncrouse @nothin-after-79 @magpiegirl80  @omgitss0y @binegan @metal-xo @mypopculturediva @angelofthenite

 This was all new. A convention wasn’t anything I had ever experienced , especially one specifically for The Walking Dead, one of my all time favorite television shows. I always thought those conventions were for hardcore, borderline crazy, fans. Yet here I am, packing for my flight to Atlanta.

 I went all out, purchasing the most expensive “platinum” weekend tickets, I even booked the hotel that I had heard the celebrity guests were staying at. Only place I “skimped” on was buying only photo ops and autographs for my two guys, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus.

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summary: you’re in love with Pan and try to hint it to him, but he can’t seem to pick up what you’re putting down.
requested: yes (sorry it took so long)
warnings: Kinda OOC pan at the end. I tried to make it cute🙈
Pan looked at you with confusion, brows furrowed as he pulled his lips away from his pipe. The lost boys were cheering and moving around the grand fire set up in the center of camp. You, however, were sitting down on the log looking at your untouched food.

Was being in love always this sickening? Your mind couldn’t think of anything, let alone anyone else, other than Pan. What was there to like about him anyways? He was selfish, arrogant, rude, and cocky. The way he looked at you when you two sparred, his green eyes dancing with mischief. It made you want to pull out your hair. And that dumb outfit he wore?!The way it seemed to bring out every curve and crevice of his figure yet leave it to your imagination at the same time. It was as if he tried to taunt you. He could wear dumb green tights and you’d still find him attractive. And when he spoke to you, it always felt like you two were the only ones there. His voice could hypnotize you. You loved and hated him at the same time.

That’s why you just avoided him altogether.

He would speak to you, but you’d turn the other way. You didn’t even show up for sparring practice. Much to your dismay and happiness, Pan noticed and he didn’t like it.

You’re eyes peeked up, looking at Pan through the flames who smirked at you. Your face heated up, and unfortunately, your blush wasn’t as cute and subtle as you would have hoped. Your ears and cheeks turned bright red. Not a small one, but the kind that came across your entire face. The kind you couldn’t hide. Pan couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight. He found it adorable.

Pan stood up, sauntering towards you. With a shriek, you scrambled off your log and quickly made your way to the forest, acting as if you had important business to deal with like patrolling. The golden light of the fire disappeared, the hollers of the boys becoming non-existent. With a sigh, you leaned against the tree and shut your eyes. Even with this much distance between you and Pan, your heart continued to beat out of your chest, cheeks still flushed at the thought of him. This is so embarrassing.

“Why are you hiding out here?” A familiar accent whispered in your ear, giving you shivers. You jumped, backing away from the tree and looking at Pan who grinned at you. “The fun is back at camp, or perhaps my room. Whichever you’re in the mood for, Love,” He snickered. Although, you couldn’t help but look down at the ground as soon as your face began to heat up again.

“Don’t say stuff like that, Pan,” You told him, which made him confused. He always said stuff like this around you, and every time he would get punched or at least a witty remark back.

“Why have you been avoiding me?” He asked, brows furrowed as he stepped towards you. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed, Darling,” Pan grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to him. You stood frozen, looking up at his green eyes that were illuminated by the pale moonlight that peeked through the canopy.

“I haven’t been trying to avoid you!” You objected, only met with unbelieving eyes as he raised his brow at you. “I…maybe I have,” A sigh escaped your lips, quickly avoiding his gaze. He was onto you. This was his island and he knew every little thing that went on. You figured it would be best if he found out your feelings on your own terms. At least he wouldn’t hold it over you for all of eternity. “It’s because I think I love someone, Pan,” You confessed.

His eyes widened, taking a step back. His heart sunk at the words. Although, he wasn’t quite sure why he felt such dread at the sentence. Whoever the boy was, he was ready to tear them apart. None of these lost boys were worthy enough for you.

“Who?” Was all he could muster out. “Is it Devon? You’re always talking to—”

“Devon?! No! I couldn’t…” You stammered. Perhaps you weren’t clear enough? Maybe this is his way of letting you down easy, by pretending he didn’t know. “I’m always hanging out with him,” You hinted, raising your brows in anticipation.

“Is it Felix?! My first mate?!” Pan sounded surprised.

“W-What?! No it’s not Felix. He has light brown hair with deep green eyes,” This didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

“John?” Pan responded

“I’m always training with him,” You sighed. Was he this oblivious?

“Barry?” You’ve only ever trained with him once. How Pan came to that conclusion, you’ll never know.

“He’s always wearing green, you know,” You suggested, stepping closer to him. He still had this confused look on his features, like a puppy seeing itself in a mirror for the first time. “He’s called the king of Neverland. Maybe you know him? He goes by the name Peter Pan,” You laughed, punching his shoulder as you took a step back. His ears turned red, realizing how idiotic he must have looked for not guessing correctly the first time.

“Are you saying that…you love me?” He said, but it almost sounded like he was mocking you. But his body leaned in, calloused hands running down your arms and holding your hands.

“I…” You stammered. Hearing it come out of his mouth sent shivers down your spine.

“Tell me you love me,” He murmured, snaking a hand towards the small of your back and pulling you against him. His other hand cupped your cheek, making you stare into his eyes. They were usually a dark green: intimidating and daunting. But in the moonlight, they were soft and vibrant. They looked at you in a way you’ve never seen before. “Tell me so I know it’s true,” Pan breathed. You’ve never seen him like this.

He was vulnerable. Just as much as you were. Not only that, but he was desperate as well. You could hear it in his tone, all the hope he put behind his words. He wanted to hear you say it.

“I love you, Peter,” you breathed. A smirk spread across his lips, dipping his head down to meet your lips with a hungry kiss, like it was the last one you’d ever share. Fortunately, it was the first kiss of many more to come.

Harry knew he was charming. He knew he had the ability to make someone weak in the knees and wrapped around his pinky finger in the span of five minutes, and he wasn’t one bit ashamed of that. In fact, he prided himself on his charms, and it was quite the ego booster. He also knew that his charms helped him become the center of attention in any given situation, and that was always fun. (He would never admit it, but being the center of attention was his favourite thing ever besides performing on stage, of course.) He liked to think that he had perfected the art of charming someone, and never in his life did he think it’d backfire on him. And then he met you. 

Out of all the people in the world, fate had decided to make you the person that was completely immune to Harry’s charms. Not to mention, you were just as charming as him… maybe even more charming than him. He’d noticed that people seemed to gravitate towards you and your smile that was almost as bright as the sun. He knew you weren’t doing it for the attention because you didn’t seem like that kind of person. In fact, it was safe to say you were the complete opposite of Harry. While he was loud and rambunctious, you liked to stay to yourself and keep quiet. Which was why it was all the more frustrating that whenever you were in the room, people would automatically gather around you rather than Harry! The charm came naturally to you, and even though he didn’t want to say it, it was awfully endearing. (He thought you were cute, too.) 

The few times he’d spoken to you, he thought you were hilarious and adorable, which was definitely a good combination and traits he liked in a significant other. And so, he had taken it upon himself to ask you out for lunch, to which you responded with an “Uh, I’ll think about it!”. ‘I’ll think about it’. ‘I’ll think about it??’ He’d never gotten that answer before when asking a girl out, and it left him with question marks floating around above his head. Now, he was frustrated with you because a) you were probably the most pleasant human being he had ever met, and b) he had a teensy tiny crush on you which was something he didn’t want to happen! 

“I’m surprised I made it here on time! I forgot to set my alarm last night and woke up late… In fact, I put my sweater on backward and my jeans were inside-out.” You murmured sheepishly, giggling lightly when people laughed at your little anecdote.

“I jus’ don’ get what the hype is about. It’s jus’ Y/N!” Harry muttered, taking a sip of his drink before looking over at Niall. “Why’re you lookin’ at me like tha’?”

“There’s plenty of hype! Y/N’s awesome. Y’know, t’e other day she surprised me with a box of customized guitar picks because I was complaining about how plain and boring my guitar picks were. I wasn’t even talking about it for long so I was surprised she even remembered it! Plus, she organized my schedule into this little binder, and it’s colour coded, and there are little stickers of dinosaurs that she stuck-”

“I’m aware. She made a binder for me, too. There are a bunch of banana stickers in mine.” Harry shrugged, keeping his eyes on you. “I jus… I don’t get it!” 

“You’re just bitter cos she didn’t want to go out and have lunch with you.” Niall snorted, Harry’s brows knitting together before he shot him a scowl. “What? Just because you’re Harry bloody Styles doesn’t mean everyone’s going to get down on their knees for ya.” 


“I’ve heard funnier jokes than tha’.” You hadn’t even noticed Harry had joined the little crowd that had formed around you in the midst of one of your stories, but his sudden interruption definitely caught your attention. 

“Pardon me?” Your polite nature kicked in, giving Harry a small smile. 

“I said I’ve heard funnier jokes than tha’. I’m surprised that one even got a laugh.” 

“Oh?” You nodded slowly, setting your drink down on the table. “Being a comedian isn’t my job, so I’m not too worried about it.”

“Where’d you get that joke? Off Google?”

“Just following in your footsteps!” A collective ‘ooh’ went around the crowd, Harry squinting his eyes slightly while pursing his lips. He had to admit he should’ve seen that one coming. Most of his best knock-knock jokes came from a quick Google search. 

“I… need to talk to you about my schedule.” Harry cleared his throat, the crowd taking that as a hint to immediately disperse. Harry was obviously in one of his moods and no one liked to be around him when he was a grump. 

“Mhm? I’m sorry if you can’t read my chicken scratches.” You joked, taking his binder from him and opening it up. The only issue here was the fact that Harry didn’t need to talk to you about his schedule… he just wanted an excuse to come and be near you without making it seem like he was attracted to you.

“I, uh… my schedule’s full. It’s like, too full.” He shrugged, eyes flickering to you before looking down at the pages. 

“Ah, I can’t help you with that. It’s not my fault you’re Mr. Popular!” You clicked your tongue, scanning over all the events Harry had for the week. 

“Okay, well… I don’t like the stickers. They’re too distracting!” Harry lied, racking his brain and trying to come up with something else that he thought was a problem with his binder. He actually really quite liked the stickers. He thought they were adorable. 

“No problem! I’ll just use all my stickers on Niall’s binder. It’s a shame, too. I bought a whole set of new ones just for your binder!” You sighed, reaching down and beginning to peel one off. 

“No, wait!” Harry slapped your hand away from his binder, grimacing slightly. How could he put this delicately? “I don’t like you.” Okay, that didn’t work. 

“Oof. That’s not great. Is this because I drank the rest of your juice that was sitting in the fridge? I thought it was mine, I’m really sorr-” 

“No! That’s not what I- You’re bloody infuriating, that’s all.” This definitely wasn’t the direction Harry wanted to be going in. “I- You’re too sweet, and you’re nice, you’re funny, you’re charming, you’re beautiful, and I can’t find anything wrong with you. That’s what’s frustrating about you.” Harry sighed, reaching over and fixing the sticker that was beginning to peel off the page. “And you didn’t want to go out for coffee with me so I was kind of… y’know. I promise I’m not usually this much of a dick, you jus’… you’re driving me insane. In the nicest way possible!” 

“Oh…” Your cheeks immediately began to heat up, your lips tugging up in a shy smile. At least he didn’t hate you! “How about… how about you take me out for dinner next week? You can tell me all about how amazing I am over some sushi.” You joked, reaching over to scribble the date down in his schedule. Harry blinked down at his schedule, clearly shocked that you actually wanted to go out with him after all of that. He didn’t even know how to properly react. Embrace you? Kiss you? Nope, those were both bad options. 

“What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?” He blurted out, his brain kicking into bad joke territory. It wasn’t his fault! He was panicking! See, you made him nervous as well! 

“Tell me.” 

“…Wasabi!” He grinned, looking at you expectantly. It was at this moment that Harry was 100% sure he had just blown his only chance with you. 

“Did you get that one off Google?”



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That Got Away: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction Part 13

Inspired by: Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”

 Bill Withers’ “Aint No Sunshine”

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Reader   Setting: Season 4   Rating: Mature

A/N: This is seriously hard to wrap up guys. I appreciate you all reading this far. Get those tissues ready! Warnings: Slightly public Smut and this is SUPER long. xoxo Stu

I do not own the lyrics, images or characters from the show.

Part 1   Part 10   Part 11  Part 12

This was the face you woke up to; the dewy-eyed relief of Dr. Spencer Reid. You felt like cotton balls had taken over your brain matter, but you were no longer in pain.

“Hi,” You said, sleepily. “What time is it?” You tried to sit up, but your body was so heavy. Spencer reached down and grabbed your right hand, sliding the remote for the bed’s hydraulic unit into your palm. Once you were nearly vertical, you took in the pathetic hospital room you had been granted.

“It’s nearly 6,” Spencer answered. “In the morning.”

“What a day, huh?” You tried to laugh, but your chest was bandaged. You rubbed your chest as the pain dulled, slightly.

“You have some bruising on your sternum, so that is why your chest is tender.” Spencer started to recite your chart. But you interrupted because that line was too good to leave there.

“But Sir-sir, I thought my chest was already tender.” You hummed at your self-amusement; drugs are nice. He rolled his eyes, sticking his tongue in his cheek at your raunchy pun.

“Yes, mon cher, it most definitely is.” Spencer sat down in the metal framed chair beside your bed. His face was serious now. “We have your aunt and Kurt Hansen, the bellhop, in custody.”

“And Michelle?” You asked, voice slightly hitching in alarm.

“She attacked Morgan and Prentiss had to stop her. I’m sorry, Y/N, but she’s dead.” Spencer rubbed along your forearm.

“Oh, good riddance,” You mumbled. You knew you should feel guilty about her death, but it just wasn’t coming to you. Not after all this.

“She was found with the murder weapon, Y/N,” Spencer continued. “It looks like she was the one who killed your dad. Miriam was probably the mastermind, but Michelle was the one.”

You yawned into your left hand, allowing all the information in. The past few days were a fairy tale in the earliest use of the phrase, dripping with viscous monsters and a speckle of unexpected romance. The surrealism of it was hitting you now. “Spencer, will you stay with me? I know I don’t deserve it, but will you be here when I wake up?”

He nodded, his brown eyes drowning in concern. “Of course, of course.” He bent over the railing on the side of your bed and kissed you goodnight. He sat back into his seat, pulling a tattered book from his satchel. You couldn’t read the title, but he did appear to be using an old scratch off as a bookmark. You smiled as the gentle hum of machines and the drips of their drugs whisked you away.

Hey, I oughtta leave young thing alone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Only darkness every day

The semester in Greece was a whirlwind. You had never been so possessed by your studies as you were walking the foothills and shoreline paths. The scenery was beyond all of your childhood fantasies. It wasn’t until your third week in Athens that you realized you had missed four phone dates with Spencer. Your stomach pitched as you realized how you would have felt if he had done that to you. How hadn’t you known how long you had been gone? What had you done?

You immediately left the cafe where you and your small group were eating lunch. You found a tourist cart and bought a postcard.  The rushed apology and quick small talk about his holidays were a weak attempt at atonement. It didn’t matter anyway; Spencer had moved and would never receive the letter.

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Until the end

Word count: 809

You break up with your boyfriend and admit your feelings to Kai

When you first started dating your boyfriend, you were extremely happy and you thought he was the best person on this world. He was always nice to you, always making sure you had everything you wanted. That’s how it was until recently. He spent less time with you and was acting strange. He was always annoyed by your actions and everything you said, he thought it was stupid. He was spending more time around other girls than with you, so you spent a lot of time with Kai. Even though you two have been friends for a long time, you’ve been spending a lot more time with him than before and eventually figured out you developed feelings for him. You weren’t sure if Kai felt the same, so you just kept quiet and stayed with your boyfriend even though he was a real jerk. You were completely done with your relationship with your boyfriend, you didn’t want to stay with a person who thought you weren’t important.

‘You’re a real jerk! I don’t know why I spent so much time with you, you’re so full od yourself, you think you’re the best and you even had the guts to deny you cheated on me.’ You yelled, taking a few steps forward.

'Why do you always have to be so strenuous?’ He trailed off, rolling his eyes.

'Wow.. you know what? I’m done. I don’t wanna see you ever again because if I do, you’re gonna regret it’ you stated as you took your things and walked out of his apartment, slamming the doors behind you. You took a deep breath and drove off, straight to Kai’s place.
You got out and knocked on his doors, staring at your feet and playing with your fingers, nervousness taking over your body. After a few seconds, Kai appeared in front od you, looking at you like he always does. The look that made you melt, the look that caused a sparkle in your eyes that you had, but only when you were around Kai.

'Hey’ Kai said, smiling at you.

'Hi.’ Your voice barely audible.

'Hey, what’s wrong?’ Kai said, wrapping his arm around you, guiding you inside the house. Yoou sat down on the couch, Kai following you. You kept looking down at your fingers, your hair falling slight on your face.

'Hey’ Kai cupped your face and lifted your head up a little bit, locking his eyes with yours. 'Tell me’ he said gently, rubbing your cheek softly with his thumb.

'I broke up with him.’ You finally said it, Kai’s eyes going a little bit wide even though he knew what kind of person your, now ex boyfriend was. He knew he was a jerk and he said many times that you should break up with him, but you thought he was like this only because he was stressed, that it was temporary, but when he cheated, he crossed the line. Kai hugged you tightly, your head pressed against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. You withdrew your body a little bit, allowing you to look him directly into his beautiful blue eyes, his gaze only on you. In that moment you realized how in love with Kai you actually are. You smiled at him and placed your hands on his neck as you pulled him closer, locking your lips with his. You finally felt his lips on yours. After so long, you finally did it. They were extremely soft and they fitted perfectly, like they were made to kiss only your lips. He pushed you away and looked at you, befuddled.

'I'm… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have, I just couldn’t help it because, I’m in love with you, Kai… But you don’t have to say anything.’ you said as you got up and started walking towards the front door but Kai stopped you by grabbing your arm. You turned around, your body pressed firmly against his. He cupped your face and kissed you deeply, your hands wrapping around his body.
He pulled away and pressed his forehead on yours, his eyes stayed close for a few seconds before he opened them again, his blue eyes meeting yours.

'You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this. I love you and nothing in this world can change that.’ Kai whispered, making your heart race and your eyes started watering.

'Please, don’t cry. You deserve only the best things in this world and I’ll do everything I can to give you that.’

'I love you, Kai.’ You whispered, making him smile. He kissed you again and hugged you tightly. You couldn’t believe this was happening. This is what you wanted and it was finally here. You were unbelievably happy and being in Kai’s arms felt right and you knew that was the place where you wanted to be.

AN: I know I said that I’ll be writing and stuff… but the truth is that I didn’t have any time to do it but hey now i’m here and i can write. (Also my gilmore girls marathon took my soul away) If there’s any spellings errors i’m sorry but english isn’t my first language… and i’m sorry it isn’t smutt but I’m not really in the mood to write something like that so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted. Hope you like it anyway. [ALSO I REMEMBER THAT I HAD LIKE A FEW MORE REQUESTS BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON WITH TUMBLR THAT I CAN’T SEE THEM. SO I’M SORRY.] Anyways, here it is and requests still open and stuff. 

THE GIF ISN’T MINE. I found it on google oops.


Pairing: Steve x Reader

||I don’t own Steve Rogers or any of the avengers. They belong to Marvel.||

Requested by: anonymous
“Hello! Can I please request a Steve x reader where they both have a crush on eachother but are afraid to admit it because they are best friends but one day someone said something really shitty to the reader and Steve tries to beat him up and in order to calm him down she kisses him? Smutty ending? Thank you doll!”  

“Oh boy”

Since the day that you entered to the Avengers team because of your amazing skills with knifes and the fact that you could teletransport, you developed a friendship with everyone in the team but mostly with one person: Steve. You two had become best friends pretty easy and he was all “protect the lady” when it comes to you.
“Let’s have a night out!” Tony yelled at the team with a glass of whine in his hands.
“Again?” asked Wanda, looking really tired. “I don’t really want to go out you know…”
“Well then we’ll have a party here… it’s been a long time since the last one”
You laughed. “A week, it’s been a week Tony”
Steve that was sitting right by you smiled at you and and placed his hand on your knee, making your heart beat faster than usual.
“y/n is right… it’s been a week. But is not a bad a idea.”
The team looked at Steve surprised.
“Well well if the Cap. says so… LET’S HAVE A PARTY!”
Nat sat on your bed and waited for you to come outside the bathroom, she gave you one of her stunning dresses for tonight.
“So y/n when do you think the Captain will know how do you feel about him?”
You looked at her by the door of the bathroom. She knew that you had feelings for Steve, and she’s been the only one that didn’t tell him.
“I don’t know… how long can I keep it? Forever?”
You two laughed, and you stood outside looking for your shoes. The dress was dark blue and adjusted to your body just perfect.
“Well with that dress you could tell me anything and i’ll feel good honey” Nat joked.
You blew her a kiss and put on the shoes.
“I think in some weird way he already know… but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”
“We’ll find a way”

The party had already started when you came down stairs, and quickly looked over to find your best friend. In the moment you found his eyes he smiled at you and started to walk to you.
“Here you are y/n. Well that dress looks just amazing on you.” Steve kissed your forehead.
“Thanks Steve”
He nodded and the two of you started to walk to the bar. The Captain didn’t drank that much but you, oh boy, you could have a million beers and more.
In a moment that he had gone God knows where, someone sat by your side and smiled at you, you smiled back just to be polite.
“Hey… I’m Arnold.” Drunk voice. Great.
“Yeah, I know… listen I wanted to come over here because oh man, let me tell you that that dress looks so good that I could just ripped it off with my mouth”
You choked with your beer and looked at him pale. That wasn’t just rude but disgusting.
“Excuse me?” You asked and he gave you a smile that you wanted to punch.
“Yeah, you heard me… so do you want to?”
One more time, that stupid smile on his face. You did had a few beers, and you were a bit drunk but that didn’t mean that you will come anywhere with that asshole.
“Hell no. I’ll have to… decline your kind offer” You sounded harsh.
The man beside you stood up angry and looked at you with disgust on his face.
“It was just a pitty thing to say you know? No one would date a chick who trows knifes you know. You’re not even pretty enough, not even a little.”
Oh. No.
The next thing came fast. Steve’s hand was on the guy’s neck lifting him a little bit, angry as hell. And your hands on Steve’s back so he wouldn’t do anything.
“Oh here we are, the Captain America, saving the stupid knife girl”
And a punch. A really hard one, blood over his fist and on the guy’s face.
“That’s it” you said and placing a hand on Steve’s arm you closed your eyes and dissapear with him.
You took the two of you to Steve’s room.
“He’s an asshole, how can he possibly think that he can talk to you like that? How can ANYONE think that they can talk to you like that? To you? To my girl? Oh no, I will come down stairs and break every single bone of his body becau” you kissed him.
It was happening, you were kissing him and he was kissing you back.
“Alright calm down Steve” Did you just said that i’m your girl?“
You smiled on his mouth.
"Yes. You’re my girl.”
“Oh boy” You laughed and he took you by your waist just to kiss you deeply.
And deeply became heated and heated became really heated. And now your dress was on the floor along with all of his clothes.
“Oh boy” he repeated your words and started to walk with you to his bed.

Suicide Squad’s cast ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

Requested by Nikola
Words: 1,548
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language

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Imagine Jared coming to see you after a long time (P2)

Continuation of THIS imagine

The plane finally lands and I’m more than ready to put my feet in stable ground. For my first time in a plane, I did amazing; I didn’t get sick and thank god no one sat next to me, so I could keep to myself all the horrible expressions due to turbulence.

Among all the people holding signs, I get to see Shannon holding one with my name over his head. He has not see me yet, so I run towards him surprising him with a hug.

“Thank God, I’ve been waiting for hours!”

“But the plane arrived in time” I mumble, pulling away from him.

“I thought you were going to be here at 3, not 5”

“You’ve been here for two hours?!”

“The things I do for my little brother” Shannon says, grabbing me by the shoulders starting to walk me out of the crowd.

The airport is filled with people, not surprising at all, since we are in the middle of summer, and LA is the perfect place to be right now. Outside is no different; the sidewalk is crowded with people trying to get a taxi. Shannon gives me a look and I’m not sure what expression I have, but he laughs and grabs my arm pulling me towards the opposite side of the crowd.

“Don’t worry; Emma is waiting for us around the corner”

“I’m not worried” I mutter, my voice clearly trembling.

“Lover boy will be so happy to see you, he actually came here the day of the other flight, poor Jared, I’ve never seen him that sad”

“Wait” I stop him, I notice Emma waiting outside of her car, “You didn’t told him I changed the date of the flight?”

“I thought you were going to do it” He shrugs, “If you would have mentioned that I have to communicate him, I would have do it, but you didn’t say a word”

“Jesus… He must hate me now”

“No, he doesn’t, he’s just… sad. Now come on, Emma is not going to wait forever”

We continue our way to the car and before I notice I have Emma hanging from my neck, giving me a bear hug. Even though we have talked trough the phone a million times, this is actually the first time we meet in person and it is amazing to see her.

The ride doesn’t takes too long, but when we arrive to Jared’s house, I get the feeling I’ve been inside that car for hours. Shannon helps me with my bags, and gets inside the car again.

“Wait… What are you doing?”

“We’re leaving” Emma says with a smile, “You two really need to talk, call me if you need anything!”

And before I can say a word, the two leave me alone in the sidewalk.

I sit on my suitcase for a few minutes planning what I’m going to say to Jared. It’s been two months since I last saw him, it took me a couple of weeks to decide that my destiny was in LA, and I did not stop for a minute to think what I was going to do once I get here.

I shouldn’t apologize, I didn’t do anything wrong to him… But maybe I should, for leaving him waiting at the airport, but that wasn’t my fault. I definitely have to thank him, for the ticket, and for giving me this opportunity. But, what about love?

I’m ready to press the button next to the speaker when the fence door opens. Jared is in front of me, wearing black jeans, hoodie and shirt. His eyes widen when he realizes I’m standing in front of him.

“Hey” It’s all I manage to say before I notice that he isn’t happy like I thought he would be.

“Hey? That’s all you’re going to say?”

“I know you must be mad about what happened, I thought Shannon was going to tell you I wasn’t coming here that day…”

“It is Shannon’s fault now?”

“No, is my fault, I was supposed to call you”

“Come on, get in, the neighbors are nosing”

I look around, noticing a couple casually walking across the street, but their eyes watching us both. Jared grabs my stuff and pulls me inside in a matter of seconds, and now that I’m inside I can’t stop watching him. But he does not look at me, walking with my bags on his hands towards his door.

“I’m sorry” I finally say, “There are a thousand excuses I can tell you for not coming here in time, but I’m sure none will be significant for you”

He stops, but does not turn around.

“I’ve wanted to be with you for longer than I can remember and after I left that day… I still don’t believe it, J; you cannot be in love with me”

I wait for an answer, but it doesn’t come. Jared keeps walking till he finally gets inside the house. I just follow him inside, in silence, waiting for him to say something.

“I waited for hours” He finally says, “And when I finally understood that you weren’t coming, I left and decided I wasn’t going to insist. And now you’re here”

“If you don’t want me…”

“Oh, shut up!” I freeze, my eyes wide open, watching him get angry, “The only thing I’ve ever wanted is for you to come here, to be with me”

The entrance to the house is covered with pictures, Jared in different countries, his friends, family… and me. I look at the frames, not wanting to watch his blue eyes get darker.

“I gave you time to think, and when I didn’t see you appear that day, I thought…” I hear him catch air before continuing, “I love you, and I thought I had ruined everything by telling you that. You are my best friend, and without realizing, I have been looking for you in other girls, when the only person I should have been laying my eyes on was you”

“I’m sorry” I whisper, again.

“Stop apologizing” He says, with a nervous laugh. I look at his eyes again, his hands playing with each other, and a nervous smile on his face. “Just tell I didn’t fucked this up by falling for you”

I shake my head and walk the few steps that separate us. I grab a lock of his hair just to play with it, giving me time.

“It looks nice”

“You look nice” He mumbles, the smile still on his face. I smile in return, leading my hand now through his chest, “It would be alright if I give you a kiss, because I’m dying to do so”

“Then do it”

The nervous smile disappears by the time his lips start playing with mine. The kiss is warm, his hands grabbing me by the waist to pull me closer to him. I didn’t realize how much I wanted this, until I finally got it.

“There’s so much I want to show you, so many places, people. But right now” He says, laying his forehead on mine, “I just want you for myself, here.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got time”

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But can you see this opposition, comes rising up sometimes? That it’s dreadful imposition, comes blacking in my mind.

Imagine spending New Year’s Eve with Jared

I check my bag at least three times before heading to the front door. I give a second look to the interior of the house when I finally decide that everything is in order. I’m able to see other people coming out their houses, starting to walk towards the main beach, where the sand was probably already crowded. One of my neighbors nods at me as a sign of greet, and I do the same before starting to walk to the opposite direction.

A couple of days ago I discovered a small beach, too covered with rocks to be attractive for tourists. The place always seemed to be desert, and I confirmed my suspicion when I started going there daily, only to find myself alone reading for hours to the sound of the sea. The small beach is only 20 minutes away from my house, and I arrive in time to watch the sun set.

I lay down a blanket, placing everything that I brought in my bag: beverages, food, a book, and a flashlight. The sun takes its time to set, giving me a perfect sight on this last day of the year. Being here alone, with this perfect view, makes me feel calm, relaxed, like nothing else matters, which is exactly what I needed. Without noticing, I fall asleep, the last sunlight covers me in the last seconds I’m able to appreciate it, before falling in the arms of Morpheus.

“You shouldn’t be here alone” I hear a voice by my side.

I move around the blanket, feeling a bit lost for the sudden darkness around me. Next to me, there’s a man, eating one of my apples. My first reaction is to run away, but my body is still too asleep to do so. So I just stand up from the ground and hold my hands high.

“Who the fuck are you?!”

“Calm down” The man laughs, “I’m not gonna rob you if that’s what you think”

And how am I not going to think that? The guy is wearing a hoodie and glasses, I’m not able to see his face and it looks like it is pretty late.

“I’m Jared” He introduces himself, standing from the sand to offer me his hand, “I saw you here and I thought you may be in need of company”

“I’m okay” I mutter, ignoring his hand, “Thank you”

Jared looks at his hand untouched and decides to take his offer back.

“You are eating my apple”

“Oh, yeah” He says, like he just realized he was eating my fruit, “I was a bit hungry, I’ve been walking all day. I wanted to ask you, but you were fast asleep and I didn’t want to wake you”

“What are you doing here?” I ask him, ignoring his whole explanation about my food.

“I thought this was a public place” Jared laughs again.

“It is, but people rarely come here”

“I always come here” He excuses himself, with a wide smile on his face, “You really look scared…”

And I actually am.

“It may be because of that” I point at his hoodie and sunglasses, “The sun set a while ago”

“Oh, yeah, sorry”

Jared pulls his hoodie off of his head, and the sunglasses disappear in one of his pockets a few seconds after. His eyes shine in the moonlight, and the smile returns to his lips.


“Way better”

“Can I sit now?”

“Are you sure you are not going to rob me?” I ask dead serious, but Jared laughs at me, probably thinking I’m joking.

“This is the first time someone tells me I look like a robber” He keeps laughing, “And no, I’m not going to rob you, I promise”

I nod one time, and he takes this as a sign that he can sit on my blanket again. A few seconds after he sits, I take a bottle of water and another apple from my bag, giving them to him while telling him my name. Jared thanks me with a smile, almost drinking the full bottle of water in a couple of seconds.

“What are you doing here?” He asks me, putting the bottle aside.

“It was empty before you appeared, I needed to be alone” I shrug, starting to peel an orange.

“So you are a loner” He says as an affirmation, he is not asking.

“I’m not a loner” My tone of voice makes me sound offended, but I’m not, I’m actually surprised that he considers me a loner just by wanting some peace.

“There’s a beach full of people waiting for a beautiful set of fireworks only half hour away from here, but you choose this place full of rocks to spend your New Year’s Eve… alone”

“You are here too… alone” I remark, with a knowing smile.

“Yeah, but I’m not a loner either” Jared steals half of the orange on my hands, “And this was my secret beach before you arrived with your bag full of fruit”

I look at him in silence, noticing how his eyes move from his hands to the beach in front of us. Jared looks exactly like the kind of person who enjoys the outdoors, with his skin tanned by the sun, and his appreciative eyes that look at the waves like they are made of crystal.

But there’s something else in his eyes, behind that shine there’s a secret, something hidden and it is the same image that I get to see every morning in the mirror.

“We can share it tonight; you look in need of a place like this”

“Well, thank you” I laugh, pulling out another bottle of water.

We spend a couple of minutes in silence. Jared keeps his eyes fixated in the waves, and I take my time to enjoy some food. It’s only 9 o’clock. There are still three hours before midnight, before a New Year starts, and I’m sitting at the beach with a man I don’t know.

Jared is the one who decides to break the ice again. He offers me his kind smile, turning his head to face me.

“So, what brings you here? Business or pleasure?”

“Neither” I answer, and Jared’s face turns confused, “I was supposed to meet someone here”

“Someone important?”

“Pretty much” I end up shrugging, “What about you? You look like the kind of guy who comes here for pleasure”

“Always” He whispers, giving me a quick wink, “But not now”

“Business, then”

“No, something worse”

“What can be worse than work?”

“Probably something similar to the reason why you are here alone, without that ‘someone’ you were supposed to meet”

Ouch. Low blow, Jared, low blow.

Jared seems to notice that his comment affected me in ways he can’t even imagine. I know my face does not show that vivid glow due to all those hours in the beach. I know that my eyes look opaque, lifeless, and that any smile that crosses my lips looks faked.

“Something happened to you” He mutters, getting closer to my side.

“I don’t want to talk about it”

My eyes immediately go to my hands, they are shaking, and I can’t contain a sigh that escapes my lips.

“We can talk about what happened to me” He offers, “I guess it’s kind of funny, and you look like you need something to laugh about”

“Does this story involve you robbing a house? Because that’s not gonna make me laugh”

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m not a robber?”

“As many as it take me to believe it” I laugh.

“Ok, so I didn’t rob a house or anything like that” He starts, getting comfortably closer to me, “I come here every summer, sometimes with my family, others with my friends, but mostly my brother”

“Older brother?” I adventure.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Adventurous guess, come on, continue” I encourage him, with a playful punch in the arm.

“This year I came with my brother and a couple of friends. One of these friends was… this girl, really pretty, like the kind of girl you see in a magazine cover” He tries to explain, but my face shows him that I’m not getting his description, “Tall, tanned, long brown hair, nice clothes…”

“The kind of girl who doesn’t really exist”

“Something like that” He shrugs with a smile, “So, I’m really into this girl somehow. I convince her to go with me downtown, I offer her food, clothes that she never accepted. I treat her like a goddamn princess but, for some reason, she only sees me as a friend”

“Maybe you weren’t being as clear as you thought you were”

“No, everybody noticed that I wanted to go steady with her, and I was even getting help from my friends, but in the end it was useless” Jared starts laughing, both of his hands go to his face to clear his view and face me again, “Last night, I decided it was finally time to try something risky. We went to a club and got a couple of drinks. We were both a bit drunk and I tried to kiss her”

“Oh, no…”

“Oh, yeah, I fucking did. And she fucking pushed me”

“She definitely wasn’t into you, then?”

“Not me and no other man, ever”

“Wait…” I say, finally starting to connect the dots, “She’s…”

“Yeap, a hundred percent. She even has a girlfriend and never told me!” Jared shakes his head, probably recalling the look on her face last night, “God, I feel so stupid, I should have known”

“Well, this doesn’t make me laugh, but it only makes me feel sorry for you” I confess, offering my bottle, “You were really into this girl?”

“Enough to make me avoid her all day” He shrugs, “But things like this happen, there are plenty more fish in the sea or… I don’t know”

“For a moment, I thought your brother had kissed her or something like that, but I never thought that she was lesbian” I mutter, “Even though, I think that your brother kissing her would have been worse”

“Maybe, I don’t know. We don’t do that kind of stuff to each other. We really appreciate our family relationship”

We stay in silence again; Jared drinks what’s left of my bottle and leaves it next to the other empty one.

“Why do you bring a book to the beach during the night?” He asks me, taking the book from my bag, “It’s too dark to read”

“That’s why I brought the flashlight” I show him the inside of my bag, where more food awaits and the flashlight rests in the middle.

“It still doesn’t make sense to me”

Jared hands me my book back and lies down in the blanket. I look at him, connecting our eyes in a way that feels too personal, but I just can’t look away.

“I still want to hear your story” He mumbles, using his arms to rest his head, “I already told you my embarrassing night, I think I deserve some distraction too”

It takes me a few minutes to gain the courage to start speaking. During that whole time, his eyes stick to me, analyzing every inch of my face. A tear comes out of my eyes, and I can’t hold his gaze anymore. This stranger is breaking down my walls, and part of me is happy that I get to share this with someone who isn’t my conscience.

“I used to come here with my parents when I was little, this is the first time in fifteen years that I visit this beach” I start, feeling his hand intertwined with mine, “Last year my parents decided to get a divorce and that’s when everything started to crumble”

Even though his hand was holding mine, and his fingers where caressing my palm, I wasn’t sure he was actually listening to my story. I lift my eyes to look at his, and he was more than listening to me. Because what I was seeing in his eyes was more than attention, it was comprehension. He was relying on my story.

“My mom got sick short after the divorce; I decided to leave my job to take care of her, but the cancer started taking the best of her. In just a couple of months it evolved to terminal and the thought of having to let her go started to hunt me” Jared sat back on the blanket, without letting go of my hand, his eyes penetrating me, “The doctor said she had a month to live. She survived five. But, a few days ago, we had to take her to the hospital”

“We?” He interrupts me, looking a bit confused.

“My dad and I” I clarify before continuing, “She only lasted a couple of hours, there wasn’t much left to do”

“You were going to come here with her?” Jared asks, and as I nod, the tears start making their way through my face.

“My dad was coming too; we knew we were not going to have another Christmas and New Year together.  After what happened, I decided to come anyway, this was our happy place”

“I’m sure she would have been happy here”

I nod again, daring myself to look in his eyes. For the first time I notice that they are blue, now filled with tears. I reach my hand to stop a tear falling on his cheek, and a small smile appears on his lips.

“Sorry, I’ve lost loved ones to cancer too”

“Everybody has” I shrug, “I got the chance to be with her during her last months, I’m more thankful than sad”

“That’s good” He smiles again.

The sound of the people in the crowded beach finally got to us, which was a sign that the end of the year was close. I take my phone to check the time, and I notice that we’ve been in that beach longer than I thought. There’s still 10 minutes left, and Jared notices this too.

“Come on” He says, standing on his feet, pulling me from the hand to make me stand too.

“What? Where are we going?”

“Just come with me”

I do as he says and I stand. Right away, he starts pulling me towards the water. I call his name a couple of times, but he keeps walking, without turning around to face me. When we are about to hit the water, he stops.

“Take off your shoes”

“Oh, no, we are not getting in the water”

“Take them off” He repeats, starting to take his own shoes off.

I watch him take his shoes off, and somehow I end up taking mine too. When he sees I’m ready, he takes my hand again. At first, the water makes me shiver, it is almost midnight and it is freezing. This does not stop him, since he keeps pulling me inside the water. Jared finally stops when the water reaches his waist.

“What are we doing here?” I ask him, my voice clearly trembling.

“We wait. Close your eyes”

His hand keeps holding mine; I take a look at this before lifting my eyes to his. He has already closed his eyes, so I do the same. I feel the breeze playing with my hair, making my body tremble. I’m able to feel everything, and for once, I feel calm. I start to remember my mom and everything we went through in the course of the whole year and, somehow, I smile. I did everything I could for her, she was more than thankful, and I was happy, because we were together.

The sudden crack of a firework accompanied the screams of thousands of people. Even though it scared me, I did not open my eyes. Jared pulls me closer to him, and I find myself crying in his arms. I’m not longer sad, I am happy, I am thankful.

When I decide to open my eyes again, I see him looking at the sky. The fireworks illuminate his face, and I can see a wide smile on his lips.

“Happy new year” I mutter.

He lows down his face to look me in the eyes, and gives me a quick kiss in the lips.

“For good luck” He says, before I’m able to do anything more than open my eyes even more, surprised.

“It may help you find a girlfriend” I laugh.

“If it helps, I owe you a couple of apples” He laughs too, “Now, let’s go, I don’t want you to catch a cold.

We start walking out of the water, our hands still holding each other. Jared helps me put everything in my bag before we start walking towards the road. It is clear that we are not going in the same direction, yet, we do not say a word. Jared looks at me again before I let go of his hand. I smile one last time, starting to walk back to my house. A few feet away, I turn to give a quick look to the man that changed my New Year’s Eve. I see him walking away from me, and it makes me wonder if this is the last time I would be able to see him.

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lashtonpetal- EMILY I AM OBSESSED WITH YOU. You are such a talented writer and you’re so nice and you’re so cute just GOD I sense a long and beautiful friendship forming like I get nervous to talk to you because I want you to think I’m cool oh my god


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I know that’s not even close to everyone but that’s kind of just who I know off the top of my head!! Thank you so mucH TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LITTLE CUTIES also special shoutout to 5sos-official and calumthomashood without you guys this blog wouldn’t exist so thanks for that!!!