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those people who hand out religious pamphlets and shit are actually some of the nicest people I've ever helped. maybe I'm just lucky, but they're always so sweet and polite and at the end of the transaction, they just hand me the pamphlet/card and aren't pushy about it at all

Even if their attitude is great they’re being rude by basically soliciting religion. I don’t know about you but I hate to be stopped by someone I don’t know with something I don’t want. Plus some of them are pushy, but under the guise of being polite. I once had a couple of these people say hi to my children, not me, and hand them pamphlets. That is a huge violation of my parenting. Never give them something like that before I can talk to them in a more open minded manner(I tell them about all religions, including the lack of one, and they have the choice of what they believe). I don’t want a stranger swaying them because they are a bit biased. Then you get the ones that use the fake money pamphlets. There is a saying and I think it sums it up. Religion id like having a penis. It’s great if you have one, but no one wants to see you swinging it in their face. Pamphlets are dick pics. lol Well, not literally, but you get the picture. The least invasive way to spread your faith is by donating, going out into the community and doing good, but most of all not doing hateful things in the name of religion. I think that’s where the real kindness is. -Abby

a failed impromptu sleepover

moon bin/rocky, established relationship, drunk!bin, making plans

~300 words

“Minhyuk!” Bin shrieks in delight with flushed cheeks. He stumbles into the living room with arms wide open, preparing for an embrace from across the room.  He clumsily makes his way to the couch, tripping over his own feet and ramming his shins into the low table in front of the couch.  He throws himself on the couch and wraps his arms around Minhyuk’s neck.

Minhyuk can smell the soju on his skin; a mild curiosity about Bin’s drinking partners piques him.  He recalls Bin mentioning something about friends from high school or college or something like that.

Bin giggles to himself before whispering in Minhyuk’s ear, “We should have a sleepover.”

Minhyuk looks at Bin, slightly amused at the suggestion; technically, every day they have a sleepover.  He brushes some hair away from Bin’s forehead and asks, “Who are we inviting to this sleepover?”

Bin shakes his head, snorting through another cluster of laughter, “No, no, no, we should have a sleepover.  You and me.  You know, we should build a pillow fort, have a pillow fight, bake cupcakes, and-and-and, um, and paint each other’s nails.”

Minhyuk entertains the idea in the back of his head, patchworking memories of his life with Bin to imagine what the described sleepover would look like.  With a soft and kind smile, he places distance between Bin and the idea: “You’re drunk.”

“Pfft!” Bin retorts, “It doesn’t mean that we should not have a sleepover.”

“Not today, love, you need to shower and go to bed.”

Bin frowns and hold up his hand, pinky finger out, “Promise we’ll do it at some point.”

Minhyuk links their pinkies and plants a kiss on Bin’s forehead, “I promise.”


okay, hi. it’s been about a week; idk who noticed if anyone did.  i needed a little tlc & tbh i don’t know if i’ll be able to post over the next few days period.  a few new people have joined up in the last week, just wanted to say hey.  anyways,  fluff is nice.

feedback is always appreciated, but in any case, i appreciate you ;)

You’re Welcome (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Length: 1617+ words

Genre: Drama (I guess… Why do I even bother putting genre on my fics anymore lol)

TW: Fighting / Descriptions of Injuries (BROKEN BONES) / Dean getting hurt

A/N: I seriously thought I had something queue’d for today! Ugh- I’m so sorry guise! Especially since this is non-Hamilton related as well. I promise you I’ll get one up soon! Just give me time, please! Also, this was the result of listening to You’re Welcome from Moana on repeat.

Your idea of a walk in the forest hadn’t really consisted of stumbling upon a half-dead man, but there he was, on the ground in front of you. His leather jacket, jeans, and boots were caked with mud. Once you recovered from your shock, you quickly dove into action.   

“Hey,” you called, putting a hand on his shoulder, seeing as he was face-down on the muddy ground. His body jerked violently, a knife was suddenly at your throat.

Your idea of a walk in the forest hadn’t really consisted of getting murdered by someone you thought was hurt, but again fate had proved you wrong.   

“Hey, I’m not going to hurt you,” you calmly said, shocking even yourself. "Where are you hurt?“ You were by no means a nurse, but you had enough rational thought to help this man to the best of your ability. 

He groaned, lowering his knife, and trying to get up. "Y-You need to get out of here,” he said gruffly, his voice deep like gravel.   

“I need to help you." 

He laughed humourlessly before biting back another groan. "I’m fine."   

You ignored his clipping tone, and frowned. "You’re not.” Taking in his figure that was now facing you. You supported his body by putting a hand on his back, the other one on his thigh. You could see that his ankle was bent at an awkward way, and you knew it wasn’t just twisted, it was broken. You could see the white of his bones beyond the blood. He had a bruise near his hairline, and a few trails of dried blood trailing down his face. There was a large gash on his chest that started from his left shoulder to his right hip, and a stab wound on his right rib. The stab wound was the worst, gushing out blood at an exponential rate. You took off your scarf, and quickly wrapped it around his ribs.

“I’m serious. You need to go.” He tried pushing you away from him, but he didn’t have much energy to fight you off. “You’re going to get hurt."   

Just as he had said that, you heard twigs breaking. It was faint, but against the dead of the night, it would as loud as a gunshot. Your logic had told you it could’ve been another person taking a night walk, but the fear in the man’s eyes in front of you told you otherwise. Wordlessly, you put his arm around your body, supporting most of his weight as you half dragged him against a large rock cave, tucking in both your body parts so that they weren’t visible. You put both your arms on each side of his head, using your body as a form of protection. You felt a weight on your shoulder, and you realized the man was lulling to sleep. "Hey, hey, hey,” you whispered. “You need to stay awake. C'mon.” You gently patted his cheek, seeing beautiful green eyes trying to focus on you. “What’s your name?" 


"Dean. Good. Hi, Dean. My name is Y/N. Do you have any family, Dean?” It was the first question that came to mind because of all those thriller dramas you’ve watched where the characters were in similar position.   

“Sammy, my baby brother."   


"No. Sam."  

You smiled, nodding. "Right, Sam. Are you close with Sam?" 

"We’re brothers,” he responded with such conviction.   

You nodded again. Another twig breaking interrupted the conversation, and you stifled a gasp. You leaned your body closer to Dean’s, your body heat transferring to his cold figure. The adrenaline was starting to wear off, and panic had begun to struck. What could have possibly taken down this man? Was it even human? Dean wasn’t a small guy, and he looked pretty fit- he even carried a weapon! What did you get yourself into? 

“Take this,” he said, interrupting your thoughts. His hand lifted the blade that he had nearly killed you with. “And run."   

"I’m not leaving you."   

"Don’t be stupid-" 

"Stop arguing. I’m not leaving you."   

He could feel your heart pounding against his chest, and he berated himself for being so weak. He was going to die, and he was going to take an innocent bystander with him.   

"What are we facing?” You asked, figuring it probably wasn’t human.   


"Of course,” you scoffed, rolling your eyes. “It had to be a monster that thrives in these condition."   

He couldn’t help, but chuckle. He had told you that a werewolf was after them, and you were complaining about being at a disadvantage. "Silver’s their weakness. Stab him through the heart."   

His instructions made your heart skip a beat. He trusted you enough to protect the both of them. You weren’t the most athletic person out there- sure, you went to the gym to get in your daily workout, but you weren’t as fit as you could be. Though, if there was something you were good at, it was thinking on your feet. You grinned. "Silver, eh?” You took off your necklace chain, wrapping it around your fist right on top of your silver ring, and took his weapon in your hand.   

“You good, kid?"   

"How many are there?” You asked.   

“Just one."   

You raised an eyebrow. "Just one?" 

"I killed all the other ones for you,” he said defensively, his lips turning into a pout.   

“Of course.” Your free hand went to the back of his head, stroking his short blond hair.   

“I’m going to fall asleep if you continue to do that,” he commented.   

“Oh. Sorry,” you said sheepishly. It was second nature for you to make sure the people around you was as comfortable as they could possibly be, and Dean is no different.   

“Don’t be.” He gave you a soft smile, and you could tell he was fighting to stay awake.   

“So, what other kind of monsters are out there?"   

"Oh, you know. The whole lot of them. Demons, vampires-” Suddenly his eyes went wide. “Y/N!"   

Before you could process anything, something had grabbed you from behind, and knocked you aside. You rolled against the mud, seeing a huge werewolf (ones similar to the ones you’ve seen on TV), growling at you. His head turned to Dean ready to pounce, and you took the second of distraction to attack him. You lifted the blade, ready to stab him when he moved his hands in front of him. You stabbed through one forearm, and lightly grazing the other one. He violently shoved you off him, the force was enough for you to hit the tree several feet behind you.   

"Y/N!” Dean yelled.   

You scrambled to pick up the blade that you dropped as he was approaching you.   

“Hey! C'mon, leave her alone! Kill me! Just kill me!” Dean pleaded, trying to get the werewolf’s attention away from you.   

“Is that the best you can do?” You asked, taunting the monster.   

“Y/N, don’t be stupid! Run, and get help!"   

"In your dreams, Dean!” You yelled back. The werewolf launched himself at you, and you let yourself be pinned down by him. His claws taking a chunk off the skin on your stomach.   

“Y/N!” He roared.   

“Damn it, Dean. Save your energy,” you muttered, knowing he wouldn’t hear you. The werewolf was snarling on top of you, paw on your throat, and the other one on your left arm, rendering your hand with the blade useless. You used your other arm, your necklace had loosened, but your silver ring was still there. You punched his eye, hearing the slightly sizzle of the silver burning his skin. He howled back in pain while you fought against his weight, and picked up the blade, shoving it through his heart. He howled a couple more times before falling dead on top of you. You shoved him off, his blood soaking through your clothes. You ran back to Dean, ignoring the pain on your stomach, and put a hand on his cheek. “Are you okay?" 

"Are you crazy?! Why didn’t you run?!"   

"I had it under control,” you replied calmly. The blood on his stab wound had soaked through your scarf, and you started panicking, not knowing how long he has until he looses his battle with blood loss.   

“You’re hurt." 

"I’m fine.” The sound of fluttering made you whip your head around. A man in a trench coat appeared behind you. You picked up the blade, putting your other arm out, in attempts to protect Dean at all cost. “Who are you?"   

"I am an agent of God. Dean called for me." 

"He’s safe,” Dean said from behind you. “He’s an angel, and his name is Cas. Took you long enough!"   

You nodded, lowering your arms. "Can you help Dean?" 

Cas nodded, walking up to him.   

"Heal her first,” Dean instructed.  

“No!” You protested, grabbing Dean’s forearm. “He’s in bad condition. You gotta help him."   

The angel put two fingers on Dean’s forehead, and you saw the wound on his head, and chest disappearing. Even his ankle was starting to take its original form. He put his fingers on your forehead, but nothing happened. "I don’t have enough grace to heal your wounds, but they are not life threatening.” Dean was about to say something, but the angel had already disappeared.   

“Fuck!” He cursed. “Sorry, sweetheart."   

"It’s fine. Like he said, it’s not bad." 

"He said it’s not life threatening,” Dean corrected. You helped him get to his feet, ignoring the searing pain. “My car is that way,” he said, pointing to the direction you were coming from.   

“Okay.” You grabbed his hand, putting it around your shoulders, using your body as a crutch.   

“I’m fine." 

"Stop arguing with me." 

The both of you made your way to his car. He took a few breaths behind the wheels, and turned to look at you. His eyes widened a bit at the wound on your stomach. "Let’s get you to a hospital."   

You nodded weakly. "Animal attack?" 

"What?” he asked, turning on the engine, and speeding off. 

“Our cover story. Animal attack? Something big, like coyotes or something?" 

Dean grinned, his bright green eyes sparkling against the dark. "You’re a natural at this."   

You chuckled. "I guess I am, seeing as I just saved your ass. You’re welcome by the way." 

"Thanks, sweetheart.”

Just some ramblings from Cassian’s POV

Elevated pulse. Shortness of breath. Flexing and unflexing hands. Beads of sweat on his forehead. Even the wooden bench in the medical bay that he sat upon seemed harder now than ever as he felt pricks of pain as the muscles tensed in his lower back. These were all signs and symptoms of what Cassian Andor knew to be his flight or fight response – it had single-handedly saved his life earlier that week when he had gunned down the pair of stormtroopers in the alleyway on Kafrene. Normally, the adrenaline heightened his senses and pushed him towards swift and efficient decision-making, something that Cassian found both pleasing and gratifying.

But, today was different. In fact, most days had been different since Jyn Erso’s unexpected arrival in his life. Her presence perplexed him in a way nothing had before. She was an unsolvable puzzle; a mission without a foreseeable outcome; two unfamiliar hands intertwined in Death’s wake. He could still feel her heart pounding against his chest. Had he really held her that clos–

“Captain Andor.” A gruff voice jolted Cassian back to reality. He looked up to find General Draven’s severe face: dark bags hanging under piercing blue eyes, wispy hair combed to hide a receding hairline, three hard lines that appeared to be engraved into the general’s forehead and were always visible even when, Cassian had found, the rest of Draven’s face lacked expression entirely.

“I was told I would find you here. Erso’s finally woken up. Thought you might want to know. Anyhow, she’s in room thirty, bay three. However, one of the droids told me to tell you that…”

Thought you might want to know. The voice inside Cassian’s head scoffed at Draven’s consistent cluelessness. He had, without a doubt, been dying to know. Ever since their arrival on Yavin 4, Cassian had checked the status of Jyn Erso’s condition a “total of twenty-two times in three days,” a fact that an annoyed 2-1B droid used in attempt to shame the captain into leaving the waiting area. He had left, for dignity’s sake, but within minutes, shame and embarrassment melted into hot frustration as he reached his living quarters.

What had been taking them so long?

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Vitae & Mortem

Dystopian AU - Read the previous chapters

Part Nine

The first thing I saw when my eyes opened was a body.
I jolted as upright as I could, noting instantly that I was restrained by shackles that kept me bound to the pipe where my back rested, but even though I knew I trapped I still tried to leap forward.
It was Harry.
Laying lifeless upon the floor, was Harry.

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Notes: I’ve noticed I’ve been leaving out Loghain, and I will gladly add him if someone requests it.


Alistair Theirin - He was always more of a dog person, ever since he watched his cat swallow a pigeon whole. Those kind of things stick with you, ya know. They don’t just go away after a while. In fact, if anything, that moment had been burned into his mind. He was positive he had watched the cats jaw unhinge. But when he stared at the small feline in the Wardens hands, a soft ‘Awww’ had slipped out. With a stealthy look around, to make sure the dog wasn’t looking, he gave the feline a small scratch on the head. The warden wouldn’t be getting the kitten back, ever. Soft mewls could be heard from the inside of his shirt or the helmet tucked under his arm.

Alistair Theirin (Romanced) - He didn’t know what was cuter, the wardens hopeful face or the kitten in her palms. Haha who was he kidding it was definitely her. He would tilt his head down, pressing a soft kiss against the wardens mouth, mumbling a soft thanks as he picked her up and the kitten. 

Zevran Arainai - Felines were truly elegant creatures. All long, sinew limbs, slipping through small cracks and crannies, fast to strike and even faster to run away. How could this animal not represent him completely? Well, other than a crow, of course. He would chuckle at the Warden, taking the kitten with one hand and looking it over. “Although, I am charmed, I will have to decline, my dear Warden. Although I am absolutely charmed with the little beast and of course, you as well, I can not accept a living thing. I am a Crow, do you not remember? Well, ex-Crow, which is worse! The poor thing would not last a week with me.” He’d then deposit the kitten back in their hands and head off before they could force the feline back in his hands.

Zevran Arainai (Romanced) - He would hesitate, staring at the small kitten. It was small, vulnerable and weak in his hands. And young. So, very young, orphaned and now in his care. He’d gently turn it onto it’s back, running a finger up and down it’s stomach as it mewled. “I will accept this gift, My Warden.” He said softly, a rare, small and soft smile on his face. And then his smile would grow lascivious. “I do love p-” He’d chuckle as he was smacked softly on the shoulder. After, he would sit alone with the kitten, humming. It would be nice, to have something to remember the warden by.

Leliana (Romance/nonromance) - The soft gasp that would leave her lips would be between something akin to shock and something akin to wonder. “Really? you really mean…?” Her hands would go out, pulling the kitten to her chest, practically cooing over the thing as if she were it’s feline mother. She’d press a soft kiss to it’s wet nose and her eye’s would twinkle, glancing up at the Warden. “Thank you. Almost as cute as Schmooples.” (If Romanced) “Almost as cute as you.”

Morrigan - “If you are unable to take care of the beast yourself, Warden, do not push it upon me under the guise of a gift. If I had wanted a pet I would have my pick of the entire forest I dwelt in.” She would deny the cat outright, but the kitten would disappear from the Wardens tent the night. In the morning that kitten could be seen padding after Morrigan, bumping into her ankles and purring. Her face would go red when stared at and she’d huff. “What? What? It is not my fault that the beast follows me! Keep your gaze to yourself.”

Morrigan (Romanced) - She’d be amused at first, gently prodding and petting the kitten slowly and softly. “Why do I need this creature when I already own you? Tis pointless, My Warden.” She’d reach over, gently petting the hair with a chuckle on her lips. “You are much more fun then some feline. Though, if it will please you, I will care for the creature.”

Ohgren - Ohgren would grunt, eyes narrowing. “S’that’s what one a those look like?” He’d reach out, snatching up the kitten. His face would fill with alarm as it mewed and he’d be gentler, cupping it in his hands. “Shit. It’s softer than a nug. Probably tastier.” The Warden would squint, hands twitching for the feline. “I ain’t gonna eat it! It’s not even fattened up yet, Stone…” He huffed, holding the kitten away from the warden. Despite his comments, he never ate it, and it grew up to be a great attack cat. 

Shale - Shale would look disinterested, walking away. “It kills birds.” That would stop Shale right in their tracks. They’d slowly turn around, holding their hand out. “If it finds pleasure in destroying in the feathered ones, then I will take it.” Shale is commonly seen with the kitten on their shoulder, and just as promised, bats away any birds that may try to poop on the Golem. 

Sten - He would grunt, eyebrows furrowing. “Why would you give me such a thing? I have no need for it.” He would scowl when it mewled at him, begging to be pet. “Take it away! It’s…looking at me like that.” Of course Sten would eventually relent, but looking none to pleased about it. The kitten grew up to be the most spoiled thing in THEDAS. Somewhere, Leliana is whispering ‘Softie!’ And Sten is groaning. 

Wynne - She would not mind taking the gift, smiling and giving a small nod. She’d be flattered, really, but. Despite her motherly nature, she would have no idea what to do with the feline. In fact, she’d be downright awkward. What did it need to eat? Why couldn’t she change it’s sleeping schedule so it could be easier to travel, not having a sleep cat in her arms or on her shoulders? Of course, she’d get the hang of it, happy for the gift. Someone to keep an old woman company.

Dog - He would snuffle at the kitten, nosing it until it fell over. The dog would gently take the nape of it’s neck into it’s jaw and would wander off with it’s new charge, lounging around the camp with the small kitten in between the dog’s paws, ruffing softly whenever someone came too close. 


Notes: This is adorable. I find this adorable. Does this make me egotistical?


sooo, I had my first brazilian wax today and let me say …. it is the most amazing experience EVER. I had the strongest urge to just go around and fuck everyone so they could feel how smooth my punani is. Buuuuut a girl is lonely. Ladies, if ANY of you are considering getting a brazilian wax but you’re scared, JUST DO IT.

I can assure you I was soooo nervous. Like I had anxiety attacks the night before, when I got to the spa and right before she ripped the first wax. BUT, it doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I did pop two midols an hour before I went and my period basically officially ended yesterday. They say don’t go 5 days before or after your period because of tenderness n shit, buuuut oh well. I didn’t listen to that rule. 

When I got there, this older lady was leaving as I was coming in lol. My esthetician was this really pretty lady and she gave me these forms to fill out, basically like a waiver. When I got to the back, it was kinda like when you went to the doctors as a kid and that table bed thing they put you on with the tissue paper across it. She said “take everything off from the waist down and put it on one the cubes right there.” She didn’t leave the room and I hesitated but then I was like, she’s about to be all up in my vagina plucking hairs lol. So I got undressed and she said lay on the table. Asked if it was my first wax blah blah blah. 


The waxing part. She said open your legs flat down in a butterfly position. Kinda like missionary, I felt like I was about to get fingered. So she said the wax will be warm, it shouldn’t be hot, if it’s too hot tell her. I was like AIGHT COO’. She applies the wax to the top part and it’s warm and feels good. [note: she used hard wax, not strips.] So the wax hardens in a few seconds under the light thingie and then she rips it. Repeat repeat repeat. She was kind enough to rip, then press down on the area so it didn’t sting as much. lol. But literally that’s all it was. A sting. THEN SHE GOT INTO MY LIPS D: that shit was where it started to STING FOR REAL. But still not as painful as I thought. I think it just depends on your pain tolerance level, and if you take those pain relievers before you go. 

Then she was like “Okay, now we do the butthole so lay on your tummy.” and I was like lmfaooo so awkward before my butt is soooo big this is too fucking awkward. But I flipped over and WARM WAX ON YOUR ASSHOLE IS THE GREATEST FEELING EVERRRRRRRRRRRR 

But yeeeeeah. I’m never shaving again. Ever. It doesn’t hurt like I thought, it was SUPER QUICK TOO! I got there like 10:50 and was out by 11:20 total time, including introductions etc. Waxing time was probably 15 minutes. Soooooo if any of you ladies are debating getting a wax, just GO FOR IT. It feels great, who ever you’re fucking will love it, or your fingers. Idk. It’s so worth it. I’m happy. 

I’m sorry for making so many ooc posts, it’s kind of my way of coping w/ anxiety and… talking abt non-binary stuff is very anxiety inducing for me bc I’ve like… not once been able to bring it up offline w/o people rolling their eyes or people bringing up that there are dicks and vaginas

You know what I love? Cheerleaderpool, and Maidpool. 
So I made some dumb little twin stickers. Very smol.
Smol, very daintily dressed Deadpools.
Mainly for me. To stick all over my face. But you can buy them too. 

Oh! And while I remember–– There is also very smol Matts and Johnnys I forgot to tell you about a while ago, to match with the very smol Wades and Peters I’ve done before. Very smol. Very fearless. Very flammable

I knew it.

Last episode, when he was scolding Ji Ho and gave her that envelope full of money, he kept referring to himself as the landlord. I kind of felt like he was just using his being a ‘landlord’ as a guise. I mean, when he had that fight with his father outside the gate, he referred to his father as a ‘landlord’. Specifically, when he explained to his father that “Even though you are my father, if you just act like a landlord, I can only treat you like one”. It was as if he was trying to distance himself from Ji Ho, and remind himself that a ‘landlord’ is all he is and what he should be.

He knew what Ji Ho felt for him after all. He was just scared about it.


badass youngjae

Dirty Pop (Pop)
Dirty Pop (Pop)

30 Day Music Challenge

Day Eight: A Song You Liked When You Were Younger


Artist: N-Sync

 I use to make mix CDs a lot when I was younger, and on every one of them this song was on there– this song and “Who Let the Dogs Out.” It’s still a great song. JC was my favourite; and still is.

I noticed a pattern when going through workplace accident reports

by reddit user manen_lyset

Note: Some names and locations have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

For the first three years after graduating college, I toiled away as a temp worker, bouncing from agency to agency in the hopes of finding somewhere that would hire me for good. The economy being less than favorable, it was hard to find a job in my field. 

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So apparently there’s this new scam number (1+ (213) 480-5545) going around in Los Angeles that gets you scammed of a crapton of money if you happen to pick up a call from them. Yeah. Just from answering a phone call from this number is liable to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I’ll be upfront and say I don’t know if this is true and, if it is, don’t know much about this scam itself, but honestly I’d rather be safe than sorry. My mom has told me these stories about how certain common area codes (like 909, 714, 213, etc.) fool people into picking up the phone from one of these calls and get scammed out money amongst other things by recording your voice saying “yes” among other things and using that to their advantage in getting banks to get money from our bank accounts and such, and I honestly don’t find it hard to believe at all. I’ve fallen victim to scam calls before when trying to deal with computer viruses and such and it’s made me feel utterly violated and afraid for myself, not to mention completely dumb, because one time the person on the other end (whom I had foolishly allowed remote access to my laptop under the guise of fixing my virus problem) turned on the camera function to try and look at my face. He even went so far as to ask “Ma'am, why are you hiding?” when I dove under my desk before he could see me in full and “I’m sorry, ma'am; you are just so beautiful” when I explained why I did, and I had to ask several times from under my desk to turn off the camera, but he didn’t do it. Since that didn’t work, I just shut down my laptop forcefully to get him to stop and hung up on him. (I don’t even know what that scammer was trying to do, but going by the fact that he turned on my freakin’ laptop camera to see my face, I’d rather not think about it.) Ever since then I’ve been incredibly wary of calls from unfamiliar numbers, even though it might be a family friend or a friend’s friend. I’m sure most of you aren’t dumb like me to try thee numbers in the first place, so better safe than sorry; save that number I mentioned above to your phone and block it. It might be fake, and if you believe it is, try some research and see if you can dig anything up on this, but honestly at this point I’m not gonna take any more chances.

Stay safe and smart!