i had to go edit stuff because tumblr messed it up


This will be my first and last follow forever because I’ve decided to really quit tumblr now. I want to do something more(after talking with so many people online I’ve realized I should maintain close ties with my friends irl, so i’m going to be spending more time with them now… and continue learning guitar & do other things)… but I’ve enjoyed the memories I’ve made on here. Watching our boys finally debut & meeting new fans… and spending time with people who’ve been in this fandom for as long as I’ve had(We’ve been through so much together: 17tv days, waiting for the next 17tv season, Like 17 showcases, waiting for them to debut, etc). I don’t want to get too sentimental and stuff sooo moving on-

Before I get to who I follow, I’d like to point out one particular follower I have who I’ve gotten close with these past few days. naegaho4, you’re really sweet, and I’ve enjoyed our conversations <3 and a few lovely others who’ve messaged me ( carbonminoxide bangtanz-angel myzseoul )

A few special mutuals(/coughs/ go follow them if u haven’t already):

kkimgyu Jagiya~ You were the first friend I made on here! Did you know? (: I will always love you more than those chubby fishies u had on ur blog~ Keep up with your amazing pastel edits!
camera-seventeen (u guys should check out her main blog thepuddang also!) my Texas buddy, maddy!!! It’s sad we couldn’t meet up at a concert, but I wanted you to know that you’re awesome! Thank you for providing translations for our boys! but how did you learn korean so fast r u some kind of genius
seokmint lol we’ve followed each other for a long time but just started talking this year; it was nice finally talking to u crystal!
seungcheofine kristine, you are super pretty & thank you for fangirling with me!! we can still talk on kkt haha <3
sir-wonwoo VIS YOU ARE A QT. AND U ARE THE CUTER ONE. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE CUTER ONE OK?? keep shipping soonli and i’ll continue shipping viwoo ;)
hoshoozi lol we started messaging because of my age ask thing right?? and you said your birthday was also in September? i have pretty crap memory im sorry we share the same bias & there’s good and bad with that haha xD im glad we launched hoshi-network together… I’m honored to be your first friend on here & im sorry im leaving it all to you now (ppl message her if you want to help out and become an admin!!)

A few others I follow alphabetized(you should follow them too):

7teans adorewoo  ah-gginda  akkinda  americanhyung aryeong-ssi chocovernon choivernonhangsol hoshijpg  hoshitv itseventeenjeonghany  jeunghan  jihoon jihooning jshuas junghanbby kwonhoshie  l-eechanmingyuzi  pledisseventeenprincehansols seungheolseunkgwan seunqkwan seventene seventns  sevuenteensoonchvn soonhoonsvnteen-idiots svntensvteen-gifs★ the8ght won-x-woo wonwooedwonwoowho woojeonyaodoubleming

Some of you I’ve talked to & some I haven’t, but you all seem really nice <3 Thanks for making edits/filling my dash with the 13 members of Seventeen!

& here are some URLs I’m releasing: junghands, seokrnin, seungkawaii, junghangel (btw why hasn’t anyone taken rnyungho yet??)
I’ll still continue to support our boys, and I hope you guys will, too. Stay beautiful everyone. I love you all. Goodbye. ★