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Black Paladin Lance????

Okay I’m about to make a long theory about why I think black paladin Lance can AND SHOULD happen DISCLOSURE: I may be hard core reaching so don’t get your hopes up (uh or down if you want black paladin Keith???).

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I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple days. This is me laying low. But this post and all the lovely comments was brought to my attention this morning and I sort of feel the need to defend myself. From shippers. and yes I’m going to be bitter. I think I’m allowed that. 

There’s a couple things I take issue with because, you see, I was in many of your shoes not even a week ago. Pretty innocently shipping with very little to no threats from antis. Antis being mad made me happy because, for the most part, their anger was empty bullshit. It made me want to ship harder. However. What myself, Jess and Lauren have received is not empty, angry anti bullshit. My last name, Lauren’s last name and my place of work were dropped into my inbox by some anonymous person with the CLEAR message that if we continued to ship the way we do, my job was going to be threatened. That is not an empty threat. Realistically, do I think my boss would care that I ship? No. Does it stop me from being absolutely terrified that this random anonymous psycho now knows my last name? Hell fucking no. The minute you know someone’s name, you know their address, their phone number, their family members names, all thanks to google. Lauren has a child with one on the way. She has a family, a life, all of which are now threatened. And why? Because she ships. I don’t wish our last couple days on anyone and certainly I don’t wish it on any other shippers but you know what? I do wonder if any of you would be doing a happy dance that antis are mad if your privacy was suddenly under attack. I also wonder if you’d be as annoyed as I am that other shippers, who I thought had our backs, were now partying and shipping even harder because the antis are mad. I don’t think you’d be super happy if the tables were turned. Their anger is now threatening real people. Lauren, Jess and I are not just blogs. 

So while all of you are so happy that the antis are mad, we are terrified. We’re scared to ship again. I’m scared to take my blog off private. I’m really paranoid. I made a separate locked twitter account so I can ship in peace without the fear of being quite literally stalked and harassed. But quite frankly shipping is the last thing I’m worried about. In my mind, this has nothing to do with “the ship.” This goes way beyond the ship. 

Are there things the three of us, as shippers, could have done differently? Maybe. Depends on who you talk to. Sam doesn’t seem to mind us tweeting him all the time. None of you seemed to mind that we were so active when he was faving our shippery tweets. Personally? I have no regrets on how I ship. I’m not afraid to speak my mind because, for the last 3 years or so, I didn’t think there was going to be any serious consequence. Which is how all of you are living your lives on this ship. Without consequence. Some part of me is really happy for you. I’m glad you can all ship without consequence, without nasty threats being dropped into your inbox (and that’s how it SHOULD be. But it’s not so here we are.) It’s really easy to “ignore” when the threats are not personal. 

The other part of me though is really sad. I’m sad, I’m frustrated as hell, I’m annoyed, I’m angry and I’m resentful. Partly because I can’t ship the way you guys get to and I miss it. I want to be able to. But also because, somehow through no fault of our own, Lauren, Jess and I have big red targets on our backs. Everything we do is screen capped and analyzed and ridiculed. Everything. Don’t believe me? Go take a gander at some of the more well known “anti” blogs. Just yesterday I was having my name smeared all over one of them for something I had no part in or knowledge of. And before this happened, I was able to laugh at it because it was just so ridiculous but suddenly none of it seems super funny to me. So while all of you get to ship and enjoy and have fun, we have to make a choice. We have to make a choice about whether or not we even want to continue with our blogs. Whether or not this ship, which used to be a happy place for all of us, is worth continued threats, continued harassment, continued bullying, continued screen capping etc. Potentially more doxxing. Spoiler alert: it’s 100% not worth that. Because if we decide to leave, antis are not going away. They’ll just choose new targets. 

I’m not looking for pity with this post so please don’t try it. But I am looking for a bit of understanding, a little less “stay strong” and “just ignore and keep shipping” and a LOT less “YAY ANTIS ARE MAD TIME TO PARTYYY!!!!”

Breathe ~ An Avengers Story (15/15)

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AU Summary: The Avengers go on a mission to save Y/N and destroy the oncoming HYDRA resistance.

Notes: im making this the last one of the first book because the chapter after this one will take place AFTER cap:civil war so yea bucky will be on the next chapter but yeah i hope you guys like this one and would keep on reading more. this means a lot and yea. here goes. “)

Part 14 | Part 15 



“All engines running. Departing from Stark Tower in 5 minutes.”

“Control motors fully operational, weapons system engaged and ready. We are a go, Captain.”

Steve nodded back at Barton and Romanoff at the pilot seats. Then he turned around and saw Dr. Banner recalibrating the device to track down Y/N’s location. Or at least the coordinates of the last known vantage point

“FRIDAY, run a search for any weird gravitational occurrence, unusual magnetic pulls, and gamma ray signals on a 20 mile radius.” Stark commanded the AI as he himself got into one of his suits.

“Yes, sir.” The voice responded.

“Gamma ray signals?” Steve asked. Bruce looked up and explained it to him.

“Since the other guy responded to Y/N’s powers before, we figured there must be at least a hint of gamma radiation on her since it’s somehow connected. There’s a chance but it’s a small one and we’re taking every resources we have right now.” He said. “We’re gonna find her, Cap.”

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Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week

day 5 - april 21th : best episode or scene(s) AKA CHOO CHOO BITCH THE ANGST TRAIN HAS REACHED THE STATION

These two episodes kill me every time.

For the Girl who has Everything

I love Krypton. Moreover, I love Kara’s Krypton. It is one of the biggest differences between Supergirl and Superman’s story and it’s also the reason why Supergirl will always be more fascinating because to Kara, Krypton was a real place. It was her home. It’s all she knew for 13 years and she had a life there. She expected to live out her life there. She’s the heiress to the noble House of El, she was going to go into the Science Guild, she was going to get matched by the Matrix. Kara lost all hope of having anything normal when Krypton died. In a way, her life ended as well.

And in this episode, we get a glimpse of what that life would have been like. Her parents are alive, her Aunt Astra is back with them, Kal-El’s barely a teenager (and you can see he adores her). The screen cap I chose above, while alien to anyone else, is Kara’s normal. It makes Kara’s love for the Wizard of Oz kind of tragic because in the end, Dorothy gets to leave the strange place. Kara doesn’t.

This episode is amazing for so many reasons but getting to see Krypton is what made it really special for me.


This episode. Wow. It’s one of those that makes me nervous and excited when I watch it because this episode is fantastic. We’ve already discussed this episode at length so I’ll keep this short. I absolutely love Red Kryptonite Kara. And I think what I love most about her is that she has no time for any of the quirks that she built into Kara Danvers to make her completely ordinary. RedK Kara is graceful, she’s aware of her god like powers and relishes it, she hates her cutesy wardrobe and dresses boldly because she knows she is stunning and is not going to hide it anymore, she stands tall, she wears a very understated costume where her family crest isn’t in your face because that’s how it would’ve been on Krypton. And the thing is, she feels alien, whether or not she’s using her powers. RedK Kara is almost none of Kara Danvers, the authority and power of Supergirl, and the elegance of Kara Zor-El, all wrapped into one. But darker. Because our Kara Zor-El, the real Kara Zor-El, would never be cruel.


I saw screen caps from Welcome to the Madness while on a break at work and screamed like a dying person and had the stupidest shocked expression for a whole minute. I hope no one was staring at me at that moment. 

Then I got back and saw the video???!!!!



A goofy movie night

Based on a prompt I received over at Ao3 by BuellersFueller :

a movie night with Peter, Dad!Tony, and Uncle Rhodey (post Homecoming) gets interrupted by team Cap or maybe just a part of team Cap. How does it go?

“Peter? Peter?”

“Where’d squirt go?”

The light of the TV illuminated the sitting area as it played the home screen of the media box. Rhodey was splayed over one side of the couch, Tony over the other side, leaving some room in the middle for their friendly neighbor Spider-man. Except… Peter had gone to grab a drink and hadn’t come back yet and neither of them could get up to check on the kid. Rhodey was paraplegic and wasn’t wearing his exo-skeleton and Tony’s hip protested greatly with every little movement. Barnes and Rogers really had done a number on him, and while most days were fine, some of them were pure hell.

A crash in the kitchen made them sit up a little straighter, the movements slow and with difficulty.

“Peter?! You alright?” Tony bit his lip and anxiously looked in the kitchen’s direction, trying to haul himself to his feet despite everything protesting.

“I’m fine! I’m fine!” The squeaky unsteady voice called out.

“Doesn’t sound like you’re fine, squirt.”

“Don’t call me squirt, Rhodey. I’m not a squirt… I’m a man.” Peter came out of the kitchen, looking down at the floor while clutching a coke and a bowl of popcorn in his hands.

“My bad, kiddo. You still okay? Why are you looking like you committed the worst crime in the world?”

Peter stayed quiet for a while, his shoulders hunching and gaze falling further to the floor. “Idroppedaglass…” It was so soft that they could barely make it out.

“What was that?” Tony asked.

“I dropped a glass… I’m so sorry…” Peter looked ready to cry. The two adults shared a look and sighed.

“Don’t worry about it, Peter. Dum-E will happily clean that up. Now come on, we’re waiting on you to pick a movie.” Tony waved for Dum-E to whir his way into the kitchen and start clean up, looking up at Peter with a relaxed smile.

“So you’re not mad?” A soft shuffle of feet indicated the poor boy’s insecurity.

“Of course not, it happens. No big deal, it’s a glass, Peter. Come on, join us and pass the popcorn.”

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Here’s part of my post-TRK fic that may end up being a thing maybe not.

Adam is chilling in his room with his roomie Josh (decidedly unmagical) and his pal Prakshi (less unmagical than Josh but more unmagical than Adam) skyping with Opal because she figured out how to call him.


“You aren’t here,” she says after a long silence, pouting at him. It’s not a normal child’s pout - more grumpy than sad. It’s 95% Ronan, but Adam isn’t going to tell either of them that.

“I know buddy. It’s for school, though. You know that. I have to be far away for school, but I’ll be back to visit next month.” 

She nods resignedly at him, and he smiles at her over the lip of his soda can.

Prakshi gives him an exaggerated pout, her hands clasped to her chest. So cuuuuute, she mouths, and Adam grins at her.

“I have school, too,” Opal says.

Adam chokes on his Dr. Pepper. “You’re going to school?

“Ye-esss,” she says, rolling her eyes like he’s being silly.

“Where are you going to school?” Surely Ronan wouldn’t send her in to town. Surely. Maybe he dreamed her some magic leg-warmers. Maybe—

“In the barn.”

Adam drops back against the couch. Josh gives him a very odd look, and Prakshi squints her eyes at him like she’s figuring something out. 

“What is that accent?” she asks. He waves a hand at her.

“That’s good, buddy,” he says to Opal. “Who’s teaching you? Are the Furies coming to visit?”

Ronan has started calling Maura, Calla, and Gwenllian the Furies, mostly to piss off Calla. (”Which one’s which?” she asked archly, the first time she heard it. “Well,” Ronan drawled. “Maura’s a mother, Gwenllian’s ancient …” “So I’m the maiden,” Calla said, flatly. Ronan made an exaggerated frown to keep from laughing and Calla stomped off with a tch.)

Opal shrugs. “Sometimes. Sometimes Declan. Mostly Ronan.”

Ronan is teaching you?”

Josh leans over to Prakshi. “She’s Ronan’s kid, yeah?”

Prakshi shrugs and whispers back. “Kinda. I think.”

“What is Ronan teaching you, pal?”

Opal shrugs again, picking at her teeth. “Adding. Taking away. Books.”


“Yeah. Baby deers.”

“What about baby deers?”

“How to pull them out.”

Josh wrinkles his nose and leans in to the screen. “Like how to deliver? Like you saw a deer give birth?”

Opal blinks owlishly at him. “I don’t know you.”

“This is Josh, buddy, like I told you. This is Josh and that’s Prakshi.”

Prakshi leans back towards the screen, waving. “Hi, sweetie.”

“You saw a fawn being born?” Josh asks again. “That’s hardcore.”

Opal looks bored. “It got on my dress and the blood won’t come out.”

“We can get you a new dress.”

“I don’t mind it.” She picks at the hem of her dress, lifting it up higher than is probably polite. Now that he’s looking, he can see a large brown stain across the front of it. “It’s pretty.”

Josh gives him a your kid’s kinda creepy look, but Adam waves him off. Maybe that’s not what the look says, maybe it’s your boyfriends’ kid is creepy, or your little sister, or this weird kid who imprinted on you like a baby duckling but who you have no real claim on, nothing that would stand up in court or in a hospital or in a school so if you plan to have any sort of normal life with them, a normal life that coincides with the rest of your world, the world that contains college and jobs and Josh and Prakshi and futures, you’re going to have to solve that sooner rather than later, won’t you, and aren’t you a little young to be looking up adoption laws when you can’t sleep?

Adam takes a breath. Josh’s eyebrows are not that eloquent.

“Hey, can you go get Ronan?”

Opal nods and makes to leave. 

“Hey, buddy?”

She leans back into view, head tilted almost upside down, cap slipping off her head.

“I miss you. I’m glad you called.”

She nods at him solemnly. “Memini te.”

She leaves, and Adam smiles softly at the empty couch on the screen. He can hear the sound of a lawnmower - either Ronan or Matthew must be taking care of the yard. In the corner of the screen, he can see the edge of his favorite blanket - and old patchwork quilt that Aurora had made out of the boys’ baby clothes. He can almost feel it under his fingers, and he clenches his fist on his knees. A door slams, somewhere, and he can hear Ronan grumbling. “All right, squirt, I’m going.”

“Was that,” Josh asks slowly. “Was that kid speaking Latin?”

SHIELD or HYDRA? : Steve Rogers/Captain America (Part 1)

Author’s Note: Lets just pretend that the gif quality is great. Also that it’s not actually taking place on the ship in CATWS. <3


Thank you anon for the request! <3

Word Count: 2,724

Fluff & Angst

Warnings: Violence


Request: Anon

Could you do an imagine where Steve finds out the reader was a Hydra agent but she was only getting Intel for SHIELD?


It was late at night when Steve had come home. You could tell he was worn out. When he walked into your shared bedroom a small smile graced your face.

“How was the mission?” You asked. Steve sat down at the edge of the bed and started to take off his gear. He only sighed, trying to figure out what to say to you. You wrapped your arms around his waist and leaned you head against his back. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” He was silent for a few seconds before finally speaking.

“Some important intel got away with some Hydra agents.” His body tensed up once more when thinking of what had happened. “I was too slow Y/N. They got away and it was my fault.” You had enough of what he was saying and got up from the bed. He looked at you, clearly worried as if he said something out of line. You got on your knees in front of Steve and rewrapped your arms around him. You head now pressing against his stomach.

“Do not ever say that again. You work your ass off trying to keep a whole team alive while leading them through battles upon battles.” You squeezed Steve’s waist as a sign of reassurance. “Sure some agents got away, but you’re fucking Steve Rogers. I know him for never giving up and fighting even if odds are against him. So don’t you dare ever say that was your fault or that you were too slow.” You felt your emotions get the best of you as a few tears escaped your eyes. You then felt Steve’s arms circle around your neck, his chin resting on the top of your head.

“I love you Y/N. Thank you.” Steve then pressed a kiss to the top of your head. You looked up once his lips left your head. You connected your lips with his. You tears somewhat mixing in with the kiss.

“And I love you Steve.” You whispered against him. You then got up from the ground and held out your hand. “Come on solider, finish getting undress and lets go to bed.” Steve grinned and nodded his head.

“Yes ma’am.”


The sunlight made its way into your bedroom. You lifted your head expecting to see Steve next to you but all your found was a note.

‘I’m sorry to leave you Y/N

I was called out to the tower

I’ll be home in a few days

I love you


You sighed, you were hoping for a day in with him. He’s been working way to hard and he needed the break. You were startled out of your thoughts when your phone started ringing. You reached the ringing distraction.

Thinking it was one of your friends or even your parents you had a grin on your face. That was until you saw the caller I.D.


Answering quickly you steeled your voice.

“Good morning sir.”

“Good morning Agent L/N. I have a mission for you.” Fury said, cutting straight to the point. You sighed and you guessed he heard it. “Don’t worry L/N, he won’t know.”

“You know I can’t keep doing this to him Nick.” You said while pinching the bridge of your nose.

“I know that, do you think I like doing this to you two. But you are the only one that can do this mission.” He stressed. You sighed once more before answering Fury.

“Where am I going?” You asked, already getting out of bed and gathering your things. You walked up to a secret compartment that you installed for situations like this.

“Germany. A place deep in the woods of The Black Forest, I’ll send you the coordinates.” You could hear him typing away, most likely sending you an email of the coordinates and what you were to do while there. You were almost done suiting up when Fury spoke up once more. “And L/N?” He asked, you then hummed in response. “Be careful.” That stopped you in your tracks. He sounded generally nervous for you.

“Thank you, Nick.” You could feel his small smirk through the phone. But before either of you hung up you added, “Nick?”


“Take care of Steve, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.” You then hung up on Fury. You knew doing these missions were always dangerous. Really no one at SHIELD knew of you except for Fury and Hill as an agent. And Hydra… if they found out you were really an agent for SHIELD, your death sentence would instantly commence.

As you walked out of Steve and your apartment you felt your phone vibrate. Showing you indeed got an email from Fury.




Mission Specs:

Gather as much intel on future plans Hydra has

Find documents on SHIELD and destroy them

Steve is in safe hands


You couldn’t help but smile sadly at the last parts of the email. You then looked at your phone and saw it was 9 o’clock. It would be almost a 9 hour flight there. Might as well not waste time then.

~Steve’s 2nd POV~

He arrived to The Avengers tower and went straight to the debriefing room. Once he walked in he saw everyone already in there.

“Hey there Capsicle! How’s the misses?” Tony spoke up when seeing the Captain. Steve only smiled in his direction before speaking to him.

“Y/N is doing good. She’s been working really hard at the diner. I told her she doesn’t have to work there anymore because I can support her but she insisted that she can do it.” Steve laughed softly when remembering your face and how stubborn you were during that talk.

“You have to go with the flow Cap, women don’t like taking orders if you haven’t noticed.” Nat joked, a smirk on her face. “Be sure to tell Y/N that she has to go back up here for a visit. I haven’t had a chance to see her lately.”

“I give you my word that she’ll be seeing you and everyone soon. We’ll take a trip up here.” Steve said while taking a seat in his usual place. “So what is on the agenda today Stark?” Tony clapped his hands and brought up a large screen.

“Germany. We found a secret Hydra base in The Black Forest. They may not be a huge threat at the moment but it’s better to be taken care of before it gets to be a threat.” Tony said while enlarging the picture of the base.

“So when will we be going?” Clint had popped out of his seat, itching to do something instead of sitting around.

“We leave tomorrow, so get your rest and make sure you’re ready to take down the base quickly.” Steve then got out of his seat to go get ready for tomorrow’s mission.

“You heard Capsicle! Get your rest kiddos, brush your teeth, make sure your toys are shiny for the Hydra agents.” Tony only laughed as the rest of the Avengers groaned in response.

Before everyone left Steve spoke once more, “We’re to leave at 07:00, The Black Forest awaits us.”

~Y/N’s 2nd POV~

It was your second day already back at the Hydra base. Your nerves were killing you inside out. You wanted to hurry and get the intel and the files on SHIELD.

You were walking the base’s hallways before finding the information room. Only a few computers were stationed at desks while the back wall of the room was lined with filing cabinets.

“This will have to do…” You whispered to yourself. You decided to get the SHIELD’s documents and destroy them first. You could feel your hands become clammy, if anyone were to walk in right now and see you, you’d have hell to pay.

You made your way through two filing cabinets before finally finding SHIELD’s. You brought out a high-powered lighter and started to burn the documents. As you watched them burn you made your way to the computers. You somewhat wished Nat knew you were here, you weren’t as strong as a hacker than Nat, but you could handle it.

You were hacking the system until alarms started blaring throughout the com-system in the base.

“Goddamnit…” You muttered. You continued stealing the intel hoping no one would run into the room for cover.

Seconds were passing, you needed to hurry up and gather the intel. You were almost finished until the door was busted down. You turned around, pulling your gun from its holster. To your own surprise it wasn’t a Hydra agent.

It was Steve.

“Y/N?” He questioned. You only waved your hand awkwardly at him. “Y/N?!” He yelled angrily.

“N-Now Steve!” You were cut off when he charged you. You quickly flipped over onto the other side of the desks. He followed you like a hawk. You slid under the desk hoping to get on the other side of him. To your disadvantage Steve could already tell what you were doing and grabbed your ankle. He pulled you out from under the desk and went to grab you by your arms. Before he could get a hand on you, you twisted your body and wrapped your left leg behind his legs. Using your other leg you flipped your body, causing Steve to fall to the ground.

“Y/N! Why!” He questioned, rage still clearly in his voice. He flipped up from being on his back. His shield too far away from his to use. He started to throw punches. You were able to block some one of them. His punches had caused your lip to split and your nose to bleed. Yet you could still tell his was being a little hesitant when trying to land a blow on you. But he did not hesitant you when kicking you in the stomach with the base of his foot. It sent you flying across the room. You landed in a heap on the floor. The kick most likely broke multiple ribs, you could feel the bones pressing against your lungs. You started to cough up blood.

You could handle to physical pain, yet the emotional wreckage you were was too much for you. With all that combined you passed out on the floor. But before you blacked out you could see Steve angrily punch down at a desk. The last thing you saw was him crouching down, you prayed to whatever deity that Steve was going to pick you up.


Steve carried your unconscious body towards the Quinjet. The rest of the Avengers were already there, their bodies sore and somewhat bloody.

“Light it up Stark.” Steve commanded. Tony only nodded his head, he could tell Steve was still having a battle in his head.

All of the Avengers looked at your bloody and broken body. They then looked at Steve, he stood as far away as possible from Y/N. Nat especially could tell their Captain did want to stand by your side, yet his anger got the best of him and he needed to be away from you.

“It’s going to be a long flight Cap.” Tony said softly, he went to stand by Steve’s side. But before he could get any closer Steve lashed out. He punched the wall of the Quinjet and screamed. Pain, fear, and confusion was laced in his screams. Everyone stood in silence as they watched Steve yell. They knew he had his moments but they never seen it in real life.

Once he settled down he turned to Bruce.

“Bruce,” Steve began, Bruce looked up from his spot, “Make sure she’s okay.” Bruce nodded his head solemnly.

Once Bruce made his way to your body an audible gasp left his lips. He didn’t see you that close up when Steve walked in with you in his arms. He wasn’t sure on how to start examining you. But he figured in your state, checking for a pulse would be good.

He started to check your vitals when Tony walked in.

“Holy shit…” He murmured. Bruce looked up from you to look at Tony.

Bruce stated, “I can tell she put up a fight against him. But the number he did on her is grim.” Tony only nodded while taking in your appearance.

“I-I’m sure she has a good reason for being there Bruce.” Tony just couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Steve didn’t go full out, that’s as much as I can say at the moment on his part.” Bruce started to hook you up to an I.V. While he was cleaning your arm for the I.V. everyone piled in the small med-bay. Steve stayed in the back and watched you. He felt horrible, not only for finding out you were a Hydra agent but for what he did to you.

Nat and Clint were whispering to each other. Nat could always hide her emotions but this was getting to be too much for her. You were in a way a sister to her. All the times you cleaned her wounds and took care of her, she couldn’t stand seeing you barely breathing.

It wasn’t any easier for Clint as he consoled Nat. He was your ‘Birdy Boy’ as you would call him when joking around.

Lucky for Steve though that Thor wasn’t on Earth at the moment. If he saw your unconscious body, Steve would have to answer to him and him alone.

Minutes passed before someone actually spoke up.

“You better fucking fix this Rogers.” Everyone looked towards Nat. She was never one to curse or speak that angrily towards Steve. She looked down at her watch and looked back up to Steve. “We’re landing in about 10 minutes. When she wakes up, and I say when she wakes up, you’re sitting down and you’re going to let her talk because I know for a fact that you didn’t give her a chance to speak.” Nat broke away from the group and made her way towards the front of the jet.

Everyone just sat silent, listening to your breathing until the Quinjet landed. Bruce was able to stitch up your cuts and wrap up your ribs.

“They’ll heal on their own but it’s going to be a while. You did a number on her Steve.” Bruce said while walking towards the exit of the jet. Everyone waited at the exit for Steve and yourself. Steve looked down at your body and sighed sadly. He picked you up, you head cradling in his chest.

“I’m putting her in the cage.” Steve announced. He was stopped when Nat spoke up.

“Like hell you are! She doesn’t deserve to be in the cage!” She concurred. Steve turned around, Nat expected to see anger in his eyes but only found sadness. She wavered a little but stood her ground.

“Do you think I want to do this?” Steve questioned everyone. They all looked tired and didn’t want to fight with him. But they know deep down that he’s right. You needed to be put in the cage. Nat tried to fight for your innocence until Clint placed a hand on her shoulder. She knew he was right too, but she didn’t want to see you in that place, locked up like an animal.

When she didn’t say anything else Steve only nodded his head. They followed him all the way to the cage, watching him place you gently on the bed. Steve placed some blankets on you, wrapping you up warmly. Everyone watched the interaction between you and Steve behind the glass walls. Steve started to walk away before stopping in his tracks. Everyone held their breaths, waiting to see what he was about to do. He walked back to you and looked sadly at you. He knelt down and placed a kiss to your forehead. Once he broke the kiss he look at your face and saw a small smile. If him fighting you didn’t break his heart, Steve seeing you smile in that state broke it.

They all left the room to let you rest. Steve leaving last, he looked at you one last time before locking up.


Ow, my heart, I’ll post the second part sometime either tonight or tomorrow. I’m leaning more over towards tomorrow… Unless I get some encouragement ehe

I hope you guys enjoyed this!


Photo Cred: @sashasplanet

So the Gold Ring! I just got back on tumblr and saw all of these posts about the ring. Alas @madsdreams-wishes @thepuppiesinpink  @87hawkeye @alohablackbird and everyone else (the list was getting too long) it is NOT the St. Christophers Ring. 

The story is EVEN EVEN EVEN BETTER THAN THAT!! Hold on to your horses! I mean it! You won’t be able to find/purchase this ring ANYWHERE! Why, you may ask? Is it because I have given up? No! Is it because there are just too many damn accessories in this world that I have an almost impossible time trying to find any jewelry worn on the show? Not this time, but almost every other time yes. 

It is because..drum roll please…….Tim Daly (you think I’m going to say bought it for her, aren’t you, but I’m not) DESIGNED the ring. Yup, that’s right, he designed the ring for her. As you can see, it is not a gold cutout ring, as many thought it to be, but the screen cap shows that it is a gold, open oval ring with a stone in the center connected with a vertical bar (no saints inside the oval). I think it is such a cute story that he designed the ring for her. 

This isn’t made up fiction, but straight from Amy Roth the costume designer on set. 

Sorry for rambling, but I sort of had verbal diarrhea there. In hindsight, the story didn’t require that many words at all….but not that they have been written - I’m not going back :) Now I just need to pack up my stuff, drive home, and then pick through all of the posts from this week that I missed, and requests/messages. Also, I queued another fashion post for this afternoon to tide you over to Sunday - or any posts I might get in before then.


I’m sleepy. 

This happened during every night Skype session. Whether it would be him working until the early hours of the morning or you studying, one of you would fall asleep on the other. You yawned sleepily before hearing him chuckle through the skype call. Your heavy eyes watched as his eyes roamed his screen as he attempted to fix the composition, inputting the vocals.

“You can go to sleep you know,” he said knowingly, glancing into the camera. “I might take a while.”

“I don’t care,” you said softly as you hugged your stacked up pillows. Your laptop was on the bed while you rested on those pillows, turning on your stomach to hug them. “I’ll stay with you until you’re done.”

“Don’t you have stuff to do tomorrow?” he asked and you hummed sleepily in agreement. Sure you had something but calls from him were rare these days so when you saw him calling just before you went to bed, you had to pick up.

“It’s fine Hoonie, just keep working. I’ll be here,” you said attempting to reassure him although your voice sounded more sluggish near the end. He laughed lightly, shaking his head as he leaned back in his chair, fixing his cap.

“Okay then,” he stated simply before resuming work again. It didn’t take long for him to hear your soft breathing over the video and to finish what he had planned. Saving his work, he clicked on Skype watching as the video expanded. You were hugging your pillows, eyes shut as you slept soundly to the sound of the instrumentals that played in the background. He smiled endearingly, sighing to himself.

“I knew this was going to happen,” he muttered to himself before whipping out his camera and taking a picture of his screen. He leaned back into his chair, a wide smile on his face, as he sent the picture to you with the caption:

My precious Sleeping Beauty. Thank you for staying up with me <3

anonymous asked:

Remember when we were reassured CW would still be a Cap movie? Yeah, I remember seeing IM had just as much screen time and it had very little to do with Cap. In fact, a lot of it was back story/history/story for IM. Was it true that RDJ demanded more screen time and originally wasn't going to get it until the guy in charge was fired?

i sort of doubt that last part and i’m not a big fan of demonizing actors/actresses for things that we don’t have any proof of. hearsay is unreliable at best

from what i understand, rdj did only want to do the role if he thought tony would be, ah, characterized well, and that likely was a factor in how the character ended up written/how much screentime he got, no one wanted to ~villainize~ tony.. but i don’t recall exactly what he said or how he said it, sorry, and it’s really hard to find sources for exact interviews or comments

most of it is just down to idiots at marvel being like ‘hm… the third movie in the cap trilogy… yes, a perfect chance to do civil war. let’s be sure to trim out scenes that help develop cap’s character and relationships, minimize explanation for cap’s view on the accords, and give near-equal screentime to IM to make sure the audience doesn’t come out more supporting cap despite this allegedly being his third movie. also, let’s go more into tony’s past than steve’s struggle to reconcile being himself as well as a national icon or basically any of steve’s own past besides bucky. good plan’ 

hiya so my sister just got into watching gravity falls and i was like ayyyyy marathon!!! (i was here for watching the entire 1st season but apparently three hours of gf is enough or something???) anyway during headhunters (s01ep03)she had to go the toilet so i paused it and i’m sorry if you’ve seen this before or something but i certainly hadn’t noticed?? 

robbie is on the suspect board. 

and i was like woah owah oah ??? i’m pretty sure he wasn’t in the crowd at the launch of the wax museum? so i went back and took a ridiculous number of screen caps 

no robbie

????? ?? 

oh hiya blendin blandin (not robbie tho)

i sense anger but no robbie v

he’s not even in the end shot ???? 

i can’t find him anywhere and canonically the twins don’t meet robbie until s01ep05 so i’m ?????? why is there a photo of robbie on dipper’s suspect board??? whats goin g on ???

(like i said idk if you’ve seen this before or not, or if you think it’s related to muffin explosion other than dipper just randomly has a polariod of robbie for no apparent reason as a suspect to the faux murder of a wax figure. it just really reminded me, for some reason, of how in SOTBE dipper is standing in front of the pile of memory tubes and out of ALL of them he picks out robbie’s. why.) 

omg dipper just snapping a picture of cute boy nbd

Something that myself and The Crissettes come up with about Russ

So I was talking to The Crissettes on twitter about this and since we know that Kurt,Blaine,Rachel, and Sam are going to memorial for Russ where they are singing “No One Is Alone”. And we are like who is the Russ guy and if you go back to the GP episode to where Kurt is in class the guy Russ is the same guy that he is sitting next to in his acting class. So Kurt knows the guy and that would seem like the reason why they are going to memorial. Here is photo i put together of the screen cap from GP and the BTS photo we had.

So I was flipping through my DoC screen caps looking for a certain drawing ref, and can we just talk about how fucking brave Lucrecia is in this shot?

The context, for anyone who’s forgotten, is that Lucrecia is trying her hardest to find some way to bring Vincent—who was murdered by Hojo—back to life. Meanwhile she’s fighting off fainting spells and/or abdominal pain and/or whatever else her body was going through because she just had a baby. (Or, even if she didn’t “just have” the baby, since the timeline is unclear, it’s definitely post-difficult-childbirth stuff that she’s dealing with, and the problems seem to be new to her since in the scene just before this she’s confused about them.) Hojo comes in to investigate what she’s doing in her lab (which also leads me to believe the baby was just recently had and maybe this is the first she’s been back to “work,” because why else would he wonder why she’s working in her own lab, but that’s neither here nor there for the moment), discovers that she’s trying to undo his work, and Lucrecia tries to get him to go away (by protesting him being there, yelling at him, and glaring pretty hardcore—capped below, because that in and of itself is pretty great).

Anyway, Hojo spots what’s on her screen behind her and takes a step closer and—without hesitation, even—she steps between Hojo and the screen, putting her arms up to cover it thusly:

Look at her face. Look at the fear on that woman’s face. Hojo just murdered somebody—the only other person in the mansion with them, in fact—and she absolutely knows that if he chooses to just push her aside and look at her work anyway, she isn’t strong enough to stop him. If he decides to kill her too, she isn’t strong enough to stop him. Lucrecia here is probably the first person who got to glimpse how terrifying Hojo is, how crazy he is, what he is capable of, and she is alone with him, and so much weaker than him, and she knows that, and look at what she’s doing here.

Terrified, standing up against him anyway. Barely able to stay on her feet with how weak her body is and standing her ground anyway. Against a crazy murderer that she doesn’t know what to expect from anymore. Standing her fucking ground against a murderer while she is very weak because Lucrecia Fucking Crescent is way more of a bad ass than you or I, that’s why.

I just.

*lies down with all my feels*

Cameron Dallas - Two Pink Lines

I wrote this and had @camdallus revised, and posted it for me before I was willing to post it to my blog. Thank you so much! enjoy (: I really like comments/feedback

Cameron Dallas - Two Pink Lines 

Cameron and I walked into the drug store, hand in hand. We eagerly walked towards the pharmacy together admiring various products placed nicely on the end caps. The condoms and lubricants were all lined up next to each other with the pregnancy tests on the bottom shelves. I looked at him and released his hand. He smiled at me and I grinned back. I bent down and scanned the options of pregnancy tests.

The generics were so much more affordable, but I suppose if you want the most accurate results you should go for the top of the line. I grabbed a First Response box, the one that reads before your missed period, with two tests. I had my selection in my hand and stood back up next to Cam. “Get another. Y’know, just to be sure” he said to me.

“That’s a good idea” I replied. I quickly reached back down and grabbed another. We went over to pharmacy together. “Can I cash out here?” I inquired.


We had gotten home and quickly ran into the house. “How do you think we should read it?”

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

“I mean, like, how do we want to find out? Do you just wanna take it and give it to me or cover it and check it later? I don’t know. I feel like It should be special.”

“Cam, I haven’t taken a test yet. It’ll be a surprise no matter what! But, I suppose we could cover it and read it together” I smiled at him.

He turned and walked into the kitchen and I heard him opening cupboards. I assumed he was getting a drink or something. He walked back with a butter dish and it’s cover in his hands. I just stared with my mouth open and eyebrows furrowed. “So we can cover it!”, he said excitedly. I laughed and said okay.

We went upstairs to the bathroom. I had both boxes in my hand. I had been drinking water all day long trying to prepare for as many tests as I needed. I had the bathroom door cracked and leaned out. “I’m ready. Are you ready?” I asked Cameron. He was sitting on the edge of the bed. He nodded and sighed. I peeled the cellophane off the outside of the box and tore open an end of the box. I took out its contents. Two sticks, and the package insert. I opened it and noticed it had a coupon on the inside for more pregnancy tests. I smirked, hoping I wouldn’t need to use them. I ripped open the thick plastic wrapper and took out the test. It was long and white with a pink cap. It had a small oval screen on it to read the  result. I pulled the cap off and stuck it between my legs. I tried to pee, but there was a problem..I couldn’t pee.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I mutter under my breath, silently cursing mother nature. The one time I really need to go and I’m suddenly bladder shy?

I turn on the faucet to hear running water. Finally. I sighed and peed on the stick for five seconds. Just enough, I thought. I finished and put the cap back on it and put it inside of the butter dish and placed the lid on it. I washed my hands in the sink and walked back into our bedroom and set it on the dresser and took a seat next to Cam. I leaned against him and he wrapped his arm around me, sighed into my ear, and kissed the side of my neck and my temple. “(Y/N), I’m so nervous. What if we don’t just have one? What if we have twins? What if they’re identical? How would we tell them apart? What if our baby comes out sick? What if it’s missing toes or something, I don’t know. What if were not good parents?”

“Cam, relax. Whatever happens will be a blessing for us, I promise.” A couple more minutes passed as we waited in silence.

I finally got up and grabbed the container and sat back down. I looked over at him. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah I’m ready” he said calmly.

“Okay here we go….” I took a deep breath. “I can’t. You do it. I don’t wanna read it, I want you to.” Cameron grinned and took it from me and looked at me. He gave me a kiss on the lips and held my hand. He lifted the top and brought the test closer to his face.

It was a blank expression.

I was getting worried. “Well?” I inquired.

He looked at me and tilted the test towards me. “You’re pregnant.” He was smiling ear-to-ear. I exclaimed and examined the test for myself.

There it was. Crystal clear.

Two pink lines.

I couldn’t believe it. I went back into the bathroom to take another., and then another, and finally, the last one. I lined all four of them up on the counter. “Cameron!” He came in quickly.

“Look baby…” I pointed to the counter. All four read pregnant. All of them. This was it, I really was.

He pressed his chest to my back and put his arms around my waist. He exhaled into the crook of my neck and kissed that patch of skin right below my ear. I could see him smiling in the mirror. “This is it, baby” he said softly, “We’re going to be parents.”

I turned around and placed my hands on each side of his face, kissing him lightly and smiling. “We’re pregnant!”

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How did you take a screen cap on your 3ds?

That’s a good question as I had to do research myself a while back to figure out. It’s really simple though. Just get the image you wish to capture like this one.

Next, go to the home menu and open up miiverse.

And this pops up the moment miiverse is done opening.

I usually just save to my screenshot album, but sometimes I make a journal entry that I’ll save the picture from later and put here. Speaking of which, you can then just go to miiverse on your computer or phone.

You can save the photos and get a final product like this.

I hope this helps and sorry for making this long, but I feel that having pictures with a step-by-step process is more helpful for some including myself.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan - Storyboarding III
The last storyboard painting. (Yes, I know the Eopie is ugly. They are. :D but it’s little head hairs tho …) Obviously I am referencing a screen cap here. The idea is to get some practice with something I consider myself weak on. I gave myself an hour to paint this. The sketch/lines are here: http://mythlorn-art.tumblr.com/post/136960507236

This was painted with a set of sandstone/stone brushes I made. I’m really liking them, especially for the Tatooine works. (They’re gritty and painterly. Appropriate somehow.) Also, the more I paint him, the more I am aware that Liam Neeson has had his nose broken at least once. I keep thinking his eyes are crooked, and then I go back and check and nope! His nose really does that thing, and it makes one eye look closer to the bridge of his nose than the other. Cute! That is all <3

Please don’t repost, remove artist comments, or retag <3 Reblogs are appreciated :)

Me, Watching the 100, a recap
  • Me: Hmmm... Bellamy is the villain, Clark is the Annoying do gooder, Octavia is the bad girl, Jasper is cannon fodder, Monty is the brain, Finn is the love interest, Murphy is the undervillain, Wells is the sassy non gay friend who secretly pines for Clark, Abby is the good adult, Kane is the bad adult. Now where is the racoon eyed lesbian?
  • Me: And Jasper died quicker than I thought.
  • Me: Bellamy is unreasonably sexy for being such an asshole.
  • Me: Wait, Jasper is alive?
  • Me: Who is this Raven person, and why is she so hot?
  • Me: Okay, I did not see the little girl murdering the crap out of Wells coming, at all.
  • Me: Okay, Bellamy is still an asshole. A sexy, sexy asshole, but surprisingly, most of the people who are assholes on this show have really good reasons to be assholes.
  • Me: Also, Kane is less of an asshole than I thought.
  • Me: Let's torture the grounder, because torture *never* comes back to bite us on the ass. *facepalm*
  • Me: They killed Abby? Please... No, fuck, I'm not that lucky. She'll show up again in an episode or two.
  • Me: Damn! When Raven builds a bomb, girlfriend does not fuck around.
  • Me: Young kid we've never seen with a puppy crush on Clark. He's going to die.
  • Me: Yep, he's dead.
  • Me: I like Anya, but where is the Racoon eyed lesbian I was promised by the screen caps?
  • Me: I'm not even gonna get excited. No way they killed Finn.
  • Me: And I was right.
  • Me: This show apparently shops for minor supporting cast in the remainder bin of the Battlestar Galactica Going out of Business Sale.
  • Me: *sigh* And this is why you should have shot Murphy in the head when he first turned back up.
  • Me: Oh, somebody had a special effects budget to burn...
  • Me: Get it? Burn, cause the Ark is... nevermind.
  • Me: Wait, no, Bellamy the sexy beast is still outside! You can't roast him!
  • Me: Okay, Bellamy is still alive, but sadly, so is Finn.
  • Me: Yeah, yeah, we know, Mount Weather is secretly evil.
  • Me: Ha! The baby was all in Chancellor Crazy Pants' mind! Called it!
  • Me: Okay, actually, I didn't see the Reaper Connection coming, but that was kind of cool.
  • Me: Also, whoever came up with this is fucked in the head. I'm impressed.
  • Me: Disfigured kid gets one, maybe two episodes. CW doesn't have the balls to add someone to the cast who can't double as an Ambercrombie & Finch model
  • Me: Called it.
  • Me: You killed Anya, you bastards.
  • Me: Okay, do not, leave Abby in charge. No, Kane, do not give her the Chancellor pin. No! Fuck, Kane, you are dumb.
  • Me: Okay, giving Finn a gun is a bad idea. Give Murphy the gun. That's less likely to end badly.
  • Me: No, wait, don't give Murphy a gun without taking Finn's gun away.
  • Me: Jebus Mumping Fuck, Bellamy, you are dumb. Sexy, but dumb. Also, Sexy.
  • Me: Okay, the Racoon eyed lesbian finally arrives.
  • Me: The Racoon eyed lesbian is sadly not going to kill Jaha. What a pity.
  • Me: Oh, Jebus. One look and Racoon eyed POST APOCALYPTIC LESBIAN has it bad for Clark.
  • Me: Oh, dear. POST APOCALYPTIC LESBIAN does not fuck around when it comes to removing the competition.
  • Me: Oh, yuck. Finn back story. Because we're so interested.
  • Me: Is Clark going to... Oh, Fuck. That actually happened?
  • Me: Indra is kind of crushing on Octavia, not that I blame her.
  • Me: POST APOCALYPTIC LESBIAN is actually a canon lesbian... Dayum.
  • Me: POST APOCALYPTIC LESBIAN needs to work on her dating skills.
  • Me: Jebus, Clark, aim for the damn head.
  • Me: Bellamy, why are you so sexy?
  • Me: I know some important stuff is happening with a missile, but really, did you just see how Clark and Lexa looked at each other?
  • Me: Abby, please shut up. Lexa is trying to seduce your daughter.
  • Me: Wait, they are kissing! WOOHOO!!!
  • Me: What do you mean, not yet? Finn's been dead for like, five episodes. That's about six episodes longer than it's possible to be upset about him dying.
  • Me: Seriously, no. Make out some more. Shove the model of Mount Weather on the floor and have sex on the table.
  • Me: *sigh* Clark, your game sucks.
  • Me: Wait, no! Lexa, don't do it. No! You love Clark. You...
  • Me: Fuck everyone who convinced me to watch this show. And fuck Bellamy for still being sexy.

So, I am going to tell my Jared story from Con and someone’s probably going to call me a liar, but it happened, and ilovestarkidtoomuch was there and can back me up. So can Shelby, but I’ve forgotten her url.


The picture of TJ above. TJ is short for Thomas Jackson. TJ is five, and the book he is holding is his favorite. It’s called Biscuit. Its the first book he learned to read all the way through, and he’s very proud of that.

TJ loves Jared Padalecki, who he refuses to call Jared. He insists that the man’s name is Sam, even though he knows and acknowledges that Dean is played by a man named Jensen, and Cas is played by a man named Misha. He’s not allowed to watch the show, after all, he’s only five, but he’s seen funny clips (I lost my shoe for example) and he just thinks Sam is the coolest. 

So I told him Jared had a son named Thomas as well and he thought that was just super cool. Every now and then, he’ll crawl up into my lap and ask me to show him pictures of “Sam’s Thomas”. When he found out I was going to Con and was going to meet “Sam”, he told me he wanted to send his favorite book to Sam’s Thomas. 

We picked up the book last week, and when I explained that maybe Thomas would someday read it to his baby brother, Shepherd, TJ decided babies can’t have books so the yellow dog plushie needed to be purchased for the baby. He wrote a note to the boys and I tucked it into the book.

I was sure Creation wasn’t going to let me give it to Jared, but I was like, I’m going to try anyway. Thank god for my row mates, or I wouldn’t have made it. I was shaking so hard by the time I got to Jared and I spewed out a very condensed version of why I had the book. 

He looked up and made eye contact and smiled and said “that is so sweet!” and took the dog and the book. I let out a huge exhale and said “thank you so much, I was so scared you weren’t going to accept it.”

He grinned really big and omg he’s so gorgeous, and said “no chance” and then he winked. Holy shit that wink.

I walked back to my seat in a daze, crying (I did convince Clif to sign something for me en route. It was a screen cap from Folsom Prison Blues, and he thought it was awesome) and it took me a long time to calm down.

I may be an unapologetic Dean girl, but I am so totally a Jared girl.