i had to gif this scene bc of reasons

“Welcome to the show, this is Bo, this is his show, and Bo likes to dance like this *do doo do*”

So I have had a lot of extra time recently, and I was wondering, what would Jackaboy look like pixelated in the opening scene of Bo Burnham’s comedy special “what.”…and here it is :)

I’m working on animating the whole intro, but I decided to post this right now, bc it’s actually coming together pretty well :P

On the off chance that you see this, Jack : I love you so much dude, you inspire me daily to be better, and create whatever I want, and are also the reason I am alive today. I love you, so much, thank you for the countless days that you’ve made me laugh when I did not even want to smile


Limitless - 1x14 - Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture

“Zoltar says…you’re all the murderer! Actually, no, I programmed it to say that, but sit tight. You’re all under arrest and stuff.”