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Never in your life had you been this smitten with a person. Harry Styles was literally the embodiment of the word ‘perfect’, and everything he did made you feel as giddy as a schoolgirl - he had you wrapped around his pinky finger and you two had only been out on six dates, which was a lot of dates in your book. You had never experienced anything like this before. To just have Harry casually walk into your life and whisk you away into the world of a fairytale-like romance. Your romantic life was nonexistent throughout high school, although you never really bothered with crushes and flirting because hello, you were focusing on your grades! Now that you were out of high school and fresh into your second year of college, your whole idea of ‘being in love is dumb and only exists in romantic comedies’ completely changed. There was just something about Harry that made you want to scream - in a positive manner, obviously.

Where’s he taking you tonight?” You were on the phone with Y/F/N, seeing as she always knew exactly what to say when you had pre-date jitters. You weren’t nervous to see Harry, you were just… Well, you didn’t know why exactly your palms were getting clammy. 

“I actually made dinner for us tonight!” Your phone was sandwiched in between your ear and your shoulder as you spoke, lifting the lid up off the pot to check on the spaghetti sauce. It was bubbling away and it smelled pretty good - thank god for Buzzfeed recipes. 

“…He’s never going to want to see you again after he tastes your cooking.” 

“Wha- I’ll have you know my spaghetti is… well, it’s better than average!” You huffed, setting the lid down with a clatter before walking over to lean against the side of the counter. “Plus, Harry’s too sweet to tell me my if my cooking’s disgusting or not. Which, it’s not.” 

He’s almost too nice.” Y/F/N joked, “How’d you meet him again?” 

You remembered it almost as if it was yesterday, and you’d like to say the day you met Harry seemed like a page taking right out of a piece of fanfiction. Because you weren’t the most social of people, you spent most of your time working at the campus library. Organizing books and reading quietly behind the counter was very much soothing for you and was a way for you to escape reality temporarily. (You tried getting Y/F/N to sit down and read a book with you once but she ended up going to a nearby party instead.) 

Harry had come in one afternoon with his cozy looking cardigan, his too-skinny jeans, and his dorky little glasses, asking you with a polite smile if you had any books related to painting techniques floating around anywhere. (That explained the splotches of paint on his shirt. He sure did look like an art student.) You, being you, naturally got intimidated by him because wow, he was pretty, took nearly a minute to finally get a proper sentence out of your mouth and point him towards the shelves. After that encounter, you automatically assumed Harry thought you were the weirdo who was at the library 24/7. And then he came in the next day. And the next, and the next, and sometimes he wouldn’t even be looking for a book. Sometimes he’d come just to talk to you, for some unknown reason. You were terrible at conversations when you were nervous, and Harry made you nervous in a way where it felt like butterflies were in your tummy. It didn’t take long for you to open up a little and begin recommending books to him, even letting him check out a couple extra books without charging it on his student card. (Maybe he only stuck around because you were giving him free books.) He even lent you his cardigan - which remained in your closet to this day. 

“Yeah, a ‘we met at the library’ would’ve been good enough.” 

“You’re the one who asked!” You pouted, walking over to the window and looking down from your apartment. “I dunno, he’s just so nice, and funny, and awfully charming, and to top it all off he’s gorgeous. Did I mention he has tattoos?”

Just like the bad boy of your fan fiction dreams.” 

“He really is! He’s way out of my league so it’s a miracle he seems to like me.” 

But you haven’t kissed him yet?” Truth be told, you had been putting the first kiss off. Not because you didn’t want to kiss Harry, because you really, really did… You just didn’t want him to think you were a bad kisser because you had zero experience. You two had almost kissed once, after your… fourth date? Your phone going off in your pocket interrupted that, causing you to pull away from Harry with blushing cheeks and a sheepish smile. After that, you thought you had ruined your chances - which wasn’t the case because he was still talking to you! 

“I will, eventually. When the timing’s right, I’ll kiss him.” You sighed dreamily, already feeling woozy at the thought of Harry’s lips pressed against your own. You really were whipped for him. You glanced down from the window once again, your eyes widening slightly in excitement at the sight of Harry stepping out of his car. 

“I wonder what he’s like in bed.” 

“I- Y/F/N! Quit thinking about that, you creep!”

“All I’m saying is that you should lock him in as soon as you can!” You clicked the speaker button, setting your phone down on the coffee table as you worked to fluff up the pillows. This was Harry’s first time at your place and you wanted him to be somewhat impressed by the cleanliness of your apartment. 

“I’m just enjoying the time I have with him now. I’m not thinking about what he’s like in bed, unlike some people.” 

Oh, please. Everyone’s who seen Harry on campus thinks about what he’s like in bed. Look at his face! And his body! Plus, he has perfect biceps to bite into when he’s-” 

“He’s not a piece of meat, Y/F/N.” 

When the time comes, you have to call me immediately after you bang him.” You loved Y/F/N, but she could be a little extra at times. Now was definitely one of those times. 

“I will not be calling you after I have sex with Harry- Why are we even-”

Wait, do you even want to have sex with him?? Is that why you haven’t kissed him yet?” 

“No, that has nothing to do with- Of course I wanna have sex with- Look, Harry’s a very busy person so he probably doesn’t have time to bloody bang me in the first place!” You exasperated, picking your phone up and bringing it to your ear again. And then the doorbell rang. You whipped around to look at the door, feeling the heat rush up to your cheeks. There was a chance Harry just heard the entirety of that conversation. “I gotta go-” 

“Alright, have fun bangin-”

“Don’t even- I’m hanging up, bye.” You tossed your phone to the side and padded over to the door, fanning yourself quickly as if that was going to make your cheeks less red. Mustering the most friendly smile you could, you opened the door to see Harry standing there with a bouquet of gardenias and a bottle of wine. “Hey…” 

“Hey, stranger. Everything alright?” Harry smiled, leaning down to press a kiss to your cheek before handing you the bouquet. “You’re a little red.”

“I’m just… hot from the cooking.” You waved it off, shutting the door after he had come in. 

“Oh, and by the way?” Harry turned to look at you, his lips tugging up in a cheeky grin. “My schedule’s wide open, love.”


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Motivational Kiss

Up. Down. Kiss.

Up. Down. Kiss.

I giggled as Dean went up one more time before going down and pressing his lips against mine. It was insane. Ridiculous, even. Never in a million years did I think I’d be doing this…and with Dean nonetheless.

I had fallen in love with the green eyed Winchester the moment we set eyes on each other. Yeah, I knew it was what every girl probably said but…I knew Dean.

I knew what made him tick. What made him happy. What made him sad. Knew what his favorite food was. Favorite band. Favorite time of day. Hell, I even knew what his favorite shampoo was. So my affection was way deeper than those girls he spotted in every other bar.

So what changed, you ask? Easy.

It all started after one of the most exhausting cases we’ve ever worked on. I’d tell you all about it but just the thought brings an awful taste in my mouth and I didn’t want to ruin this special moment between Dean and I.

He’s still doing push ups, by the way. And still pecking me one on the lips.

But it was during our fourth-or fifth- round of shots at the bar that Dean slightly staggered over to me, and with a huge exhale of breath, grabbed my face and gave me one of the most sloppy kisses I’ve ever had. It was so messy that his slobber went from my lips to my jaw because he “got dizzy”.

One would think things would get awkward the next day. Nope. Not in our case. Dean was holding hands with me with every chance he got. Played with my hair and fingers whenever we had chill time at the motels we stayed in while Sam went to check it some reports at the police station.

Things just fell naturally. That’s the way we worked. End of story.

So it was no surprise when Dean asked me to “spot” him while he worked out in the training room. He had me lay down on the mat, ignoring the confused look on my face, and when he positioned himself above me, I smiled in realization.

“Nice, Winchester,” I said. “So, I’m your cheerleader now?”

Dean smirked and went down for his first push up. “More like motivation.” Kiss. “Maybe I can convince you into a little match of wrestling…”

I giggled when he went up on his push up. “You’re insane,” I breathed.

Down. Kiss.

“It’s your fault,” he murmured. “Now start countin’. The quicker I do this, the sooner I’ll have you rolling around this mat.”

Oh god.

“You’re on, Dean Winchester.”

Up. Down. Kiss.

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Nobody seems to ask about me anymore
And nobody seems to care ‘bout anything I think
And nobody seems to recognize me in the crowd
In the background screamin’, “everybody, look at me” (x)