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So…we gunna talk about the warlock Twilight garrison ability? How did I not know about the warlock twilight garrison ability?! 

I had no idea they got this and was hyped to try it out when I jumped on my character today. I’m really surprised to not see a bunch of posts about this fun new addition! I feel like deej went to developers and said, “I want hammers for my warlocks and a shadestep” lol. 

Its called Icarus dash which can be used much like titans twilight garrison except it has a longer cool down to keep those OP warlocks in check .The cool down is ten seconds but it is still very useful when floofing about in the air. 

A Little Too Late Part 32

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 32

Characters: Balthazar, Gabriel, Lucifer, Sam, Dean, Cas, Y/N (no pairing for now)

Word count: 1,198

Warnings: Angst

A/N: In this part, the reader gets alone time with Balthazar.  What will it be like? I guess we’ll find out! I hope you all enjoy this next part! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

The masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

You sat down, putting your hands against your forehead.  How could it be that your mom was even alive?  What happened to her?  Was it your fault?  There were so  many questions you didn’t have answers to.  

You stood up, walking up to Sam.  “What is she,” you asked, keeping your voice low.

Gabriel and Lucifer’s gazed went from Sam to you to Dean.  “Oooh, silence.  Not a good sign,” Lucifer remarked.  Gabriel glared at his brother, silencing him.

“She’s a vampire,” Sam spoke, avoiding eye contact with you.  “She’s a part of the nest you were tracking.”

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We don’t choose our destinies

                                                                                     Our destinies choose us

◆ 1 of ∞ steggy (au) headcanons
I graduated as a journalist to tell magnificent stories but it wasn't until I lost him that I realized I had been living my own magical tale.”
Peggy Carter is a known journalist who guides Steve Rogers through his ladder of success. Their story together ends and gets forgotten in the past, until destiny crosses their paths again and they get a second chance of un-breaking each other’s hearts.

Since people have been asking about my process, I created a quick little gif (fixed the timing from what I originally posted) that kind of shows how I work. Sometimes I start with a loose sketch… It can be super messy or pretty tight, depends on how I feel. For this image, I had a pretty solid idea of what I wanted so I went super loose. Next, I blocked in the shapes of both characters in local color and adjusted the posing. Then I’ll work on details and lastly add lighting. At the very end I’ll make some last minute adjustments. 


graphics battle: cockbiteproductions vs rooster-tumble

  round five: rt + animated movie posters

| B E C O M E  •   L E G E N D |

| D E S T I N Y •   A W A I T S |

LimitxBreaks’ First 100 Follow Forever

I made it to 100 followers! and I wanted to thank my followers so much for following me for my interests and had to deal with my weirdness. I was shocked that I hit 100 follows, you guys are amazing! I never thought I would find others who liked kh and ff,but then I did with tumblr! there are so many cool people here! I also didn’t think I would get 100 followers on here so thank you so much for following! you are awesome! Below are one of my favorite blogs and mutuals, bolded are mutuals!

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