i had to gif his face


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COMMENTS; So this ended up longer than i expected and it’s also a whole lot uhh heated than what was originally the idea. But whose to oppose to a little bit of sexy Steve Rogers? Hm, I thought so!
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WARNING; Angst, Sexual Themes

“Mrs. Smith.”

Mr. Smith.”

The smile on his face was strained, an expression that I had learnt to see through over the years. Glasses perched on his nose and blue eyes serrated with a deep-rooted irritation, Steve Rogers took my hand , holding it with an unnecessary tightness that caused a muscle to jump in my tight cheeks. Oblivious to all of the others around us, there was a certain dislike between us- well, one that was mostly one way. 

Steve wouldn’t even glance sideways at me, instead he took control by almost dragging me across the cocktail party towards the bar.

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