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“Chasing Waterfalls”

Happy x Reader
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“Hap, come on, we’ve been walking for an hour,” you groaned, chasing behind him and pouting as he grunted in reply to you and tromped through the woods, trees that were hundreds of years old littered the area and left very little room for light to shine through. 

Even though it was midday, easily 105 degrees outside and you were at a cool and shady 85 as you meandered around behind him, you were still complaining because when you asked Happy to take you on a date, this wasn’t what you had in mind. 

He led the way, his black SAMCRO bag with the skeleton on the top mocking you with every sweaty step you took, your own backpack heavy on your shoulders. 

You were looking down, watching your boots as you took step after step, army ants and leaves crunching under your feet when you ran into something blocking the once clear path ahead of you.
It was Happy, of course, stopping abruptly and causing you to nearly trample him.

“Happy what the fuck I almo–” you stopped as your eyes carried your gaze ahead of him. An honest to goodness waterfall!
“Wow…” you spoke.
“I know,” his deep voice rasped as he pulled his bag off his shoulders and set it down. He took your hand in his, squeezing it and making you look at him as he smiled down at you.
“How did you find this?” you gasped, looking around at the beauty. It was almost as if it had been untouched, allowed to exist undisturbed since the beginning of time. It was amazing.

Happy didn’t answer you, which wasn’t uncommon. You asked a lot of questions that went mostly unanswered by him. Sometimes you caught it and pressed him on it until he did answer you, usually angrily, sometimes you pressed him and he didn’t budge, and even still, sometimes you never realized he had ignored you and he got away scot free.

You noticed this time.

It was hard to break your gaze away from the beautiful sight in front of you, but you turned to look at him. He avoided your eye contact and you pressed him, “Hap… What were you doing to come upon this place?” you asked again and he started walking towards the water away from you, not speaking still.

“Happy Lowman!” you shouted, scaring off some birds in the trees nearby and he stopped walking. Happy took a deep breath in and breathed it out before turning to you, the look in his eyes saying he did not want to tell you the answer to the question.

Somehow you already knew before he said anything what his answer would be.

Your jaw dropped as he looked at you with his puppy dog eyes that said ‘I really don’t want to do this’ and you scoffed, folding your arms in front of you.
“You did not–” you began and he interrupted you, “–Baby I know, I know but it was just too pretty not to show you.”

You let out a frustrated chuckle and shook your head dropping your backpack off your shoulders, sticking your tongue out to lick across your bottom lip before sucking it in your mouth and clamping your teeth down.

“I can’t believe you. You are a piece of work Happy Lowman. Where are they buried? Right under my feet?”

“No!” he defended, furrowing his brows, “Over there…” he pointed to a clearing about 50 yards away and you scoffed again, throwing your hands up in the air, “Well at least you had the decency to spare me half a football field!” you smiled, not a happy smile, but one that showed you were beyond frustrated with your man. 

Happy started walking back towards you as you began to rant, “Seriously Happy I don’t know where you get off thinking it’s okay to bring me back to the scene of crime you committed! You know I don’t have any illusions about what you do but I don’t want to be involve–”
Happy grabbed your face and crushed his lips against yours. Suddenly the stress of being right up on a burial ground didn’t bother you too much and you relaxed in his grip, his hands sliding down to your shoulders, down your arms and to your waist.
He gripped your hips and pulled you tightly to him, his pelvis pressing against yours as his lips and tongue worked against you, moving down to your neck.

He broke away from your neck, reaching down and rifling through his bag to pull out a thick blanket you insisted he pack for your picnic. He laid the blanket out on the ground, looking back up to you and pointing.

“Sit,” he ordered and you raised a brow at him, being defiant on purpose to give him a hard time.

His eyes darkened as he realized you weren’t going to follow his orders.

This was a game he enjoyed playing.

He stepped to you, leaning into you and kissing you again, this time with more force, before he lifted you with ease, making you wrap your arms and legs around him as he stepped back to the blanket and knelt down with you, laying you out on the blanket and settling himself between your legs.
You moaned as the heat between your thighs heightened and you lifted your hips up to grind against him. He broke from your kiss, staring into your eyes and pressing his forehead against yours, flashing you a wicked smile, knowing he had you right where he wanted you. His forehead still pressed against yours, he looked down between your bodies and snaked his arm in between the two of you, grasping you between your legs, his fingers pressing against your ass and his thumb bearing down on your core through your jeans.
You moaned and squirmed under his touch and he chuckled, looking back into your eyes.

“You want it?” he smirked, already knowing the answer.

You bit your lip and stared back into his eyes, nodding your head at him and he immediately went to work on your jeans, unbuttoning and tugging them down before turning his attention to his own belt and fly.

He ran a finger through your folds, already knowing you were soaking wet and didn’t need any help. He basked in the fact that just a kiss and the idea of him taking you down would make the want inside you come out in full force.

He licked his lips as he looked over you, pumping himself in his hand a few times before pushing inside you with force, causing a loud gasp to escape your throat. Your hands wrapped around his neck, your fingers sliding underneath the collar of his tee shirt to dig into his back as he thrusted roughly inside you, grunting each time he entered you. He pushed into you and stilled himself inside, pulling away from you and pulling the front of his shirt up over his head to expose his chiseled abs and chest, littered with outlaw tattoos.
He knew you loved running your fingers down his body while he fucked you, and he smiled as your eyes lit up at the sight of his skin, reaching to run your fingertips gently over his body. 

Your touch riled him up even more, as he set a new, quicker pace.

The moans and groans the two of you made and the sound of the cascading water from the fall yards away were the only noises that could be heard.

He pulled out of you, grabbing one of your legs at the knee and flipping you over, wasting no time in pushing back into you, but stopping once he was inside and moving his hips from side to side while in you, stretching you further.

You clutched the blanket underneath you tightly in your fists as Happy’s dick explored parts of your body that only he knew, pushing you over the edge and making you call out his name.

He pressed his hands down against your lower back, holding you to the ground as he pounded into you with furor, causing you to jump and crawl away from him but he pulled you back and held you still, leaning over your body to your ear, where his breath tickled your senses as he let out one last groan before collapsing on top of you, pulling out and releasing his seed on the blanket below.
“So…” he kissed your shoulder, “you sure the dead bodies bother you?” he chuckled as he placed small kisses down your spine.

Prompt: Bodhi Rook and (Y/N) are locked in a cell, and saved. Soon the two Imperial Cargo Pilots join to steal the Death Star plans.

Bodhi Rook was leaning against the wall of the cell he and his partner, (Y/N) (L/N) had managed to get themselves into. Bodhi wouldn’t come back to reality no matter what (Y/N) did. He just sat there petrified.

(Y/N) didn’t give up, but they noticed some people being put into the cell next to them and Bodhi. However, Bodhi still didn’t move, and continued to look petrified.

(Y/N) didn’t blame him. They would be just as petrified if what Saw did to Bodhi was done to them. It hurt (Y/N) to see Bodhi like that, but they weren’t going to give up on him. In their gut they knew the two of them would get of there soon.

Minutes passed before the people in the next cell noticed Bodhi and (Y/N). One of them came up to the bars separating the cells.

‘Are those the pilots?’ One of them asked.

Bodhi looked around towards the man on the other side. Then he looked up to (Y/N).
The others looked over at the two in the other cell, and realized that Bodhi Rook and (Y/N) (L/N) were there in front of them.

'It is,’ one said in a strong accent.

Soon things outside of the cells went haywire. Somehow the one with the thick accent was able to get out. The others followed him, and helped Bodhi and (Y/N) out. Bodhi rose from his sitting position, but wouldn’t move.

(Y/N) spoke calmly, 'Bodhi, you’re going to be alright, but you won’t if you don’t move.’

(Y/N) grabbing his hand, and their words made him move. They sprinted towards the others. Once the two were outside they both stopped. The scene ahead of them was terrifying. A dark cloud they both knew was bad was coming straight towards them.

'COME ON YOU TWO! WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME!’ The man with the thick accent yelled.

(Y/N) and Bodhi ran to the ship and got on. The ship began to move, and both of them knew they were going to survive; at least until the next part of this dangerous adventure.

(A/N) Sorry if I didn’t get the entire Jedha cell scene correct. I couldn’t quite remember the entire scence, but I had this idea in my head and needed to write it. Anyways hopefully you liked it.


River Song Appreciation Week Day 1: A song for Song


Fitz+ supporting his team mates because he’s been there already

One good thing that came from Fitz’s problems with dealing with brain damage, is that now he can help others (and he does). He can understand how it feels to be different, tell them how to cope and that it gets better.

First with Daisy when she transformed and Mack after he was controlled, then with Bobbi when she started rehab and now with Simmons having PTSD (meta to be added about this one EDIT: done).


every westallen scene ever (106/?)


ok so i just keep…thinking about this one moment. I don’t want to get too deep because honestly i don’t know how this will turn out but for real, when was the last time Bea was touched so affectionately? Years? not ever? I don’t want to wax lyrical and say that this is the beginning of some big love story because i know it isn’t but, the genuine vulnerability in this scene is something we haven’t seen from Bea in so long, at least in front of other people.

I don’t think Bea has had anyone for the time she’s been “top dog” that wants her for who she is, not what they want/need from her. whether thats protection or for someone to fight their battles. She’s lonely, she’s incredibly repressed and i always think about Piper’s quote in Orange is the new black about needing someone to touch, someone to love. Prison is lonely and human affection is so important and this is the first gentle touch she’s probably felt in so long. Allie doesn’t want anything from her except to be with her, which must feel nice, especially when you’re lonely. 

The discussion was so important too, and even if nothing comes from it, it was a nice moment that Bea honestly really needed.

anyway i hate this show i hate myself i hate how invested i am in these characters.