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Boxing Lessons
Tom is giving you boxing lessons for the first time and ends up being more into your physique than your techniques.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Includes: Smut, DaddyKink!Tom, Rough!Tom

I stood behind Tom with my arms crossed over my chest as I watched him swiftly punch at the speed bag. Well, I had my eyes more on his bare back, watching his muscles tensing and relaxing over and over again, something to bite my lip over. He dropped his arms to his sides as he threw his head back, catching his breath.

He turned to me once he did. “Your turn.”

“You don’t expect me to be that fast the first time, now do you?” I asked with a single raised brow.

He chuckled, taking his water from my hands, “no, but I want you to try.” I fixed the wrap on my hands as I walked over to it. “Can you reach it, Y/N?” He teased.

I looked back, shooting him a nasty look as his eyes scanned up and down my body. “Yes.” I turned back and quickly began imitating his movement, just not punching it as fast.

“There you go. You’re doing great, darling!” He encouraged me as my arms quickly grew tired.

“Can I stop? My arms aren’t gonna hold up much longer.”

He laughed, stepping close behind me. “Keep going.” His hands hovered under my arms, making sure they wouldn’t fall.


“Thirty more seconds, I know you can.”

“Honestly, you suck. You really, really, really suck.”

“You wanted to learn how to box.” I rolled my eyes knowing he’s right and pushed myself to get through the last of it. “Alright, that’s it.” I dropped my arms by my sides and leaned into him. He draped his arm around my neck, “you’re great. A few more times on that and you’ll begin to get used to it.”

“What’s next?”

“The punching bag. I can show you some techniques.”

“Mmm… okay.” I nod my head as got off of him. We walked over to the punching bag he managed to install when he first moved in. I stood in front of it, “show me the technique.” I told him as he put water bottle down on to the nearby bench press.

He walked back to me, standing behind me with a hand on my waist. “So, you’re gonna want to put this foot forward.” He grabbed my bare thigh, pushing it outward, “and your legs gotta be spread apart a bit past shoulder width.” He muttered, pressing himself a bit into my backside.

I moved my leg out, “like this?”

“Good. Now, bring your hands up just above your shoulders.” I did as he told me. “Now, stand as straight as you can.” He pressed his hand against my stomach.

“I’m not standing straight already?”

“Almost.” I straightened out, ‘accidentally’ pressing myself into him. “Perfect,” he muttered to me before sighing. He cleared his throat, “this is a, uh… basic stance.”


“It’s the best stance for punching. Give it a try.” I jabbed a few times at the punching bag. He grinned, “you’re a natural.”

“So, what’s next?”

“If you put your hands up by your temples with enough room to see your opponent past your hands,” I followed along, moving in to the position he said, “this is a high stance, so that once you’ve closed the space between the two of you, you can use this to block their hits that’ll be coming towards your face. You want them to hit the lower parts of your arms. But you’ve gotta be careful now because all of this,” he ran his hand over my torso, “is exposed to be hit.”

I looked back at him, “so, what’s the stance called where you’re up against me and copping a feel?”

He laughed, “the you-look-great-in-this-sports-bra-and-shorts-and-I-can’t-help-myself stance.”

I turned around around to him leaving little space between us as I unraveled the wrap from my hand. “Maybe I could show you some of my techniques since you can’t help yourself so much.”

I let the wraps fall to the floor as he smirked at me. “Yeah, I wanna see what you’ve got, baby girl.”

I fold my arm around his neck, my hand snaking it’s way to the back of his hair. I pulled him down into a deep kiss. He held onto either of my hips, pulling me into his hardening member. My free hand untied the string on his gym short and looped my fingers into the band making his kisses a bit more aggressive. I took my hand from the band, slowly wandering over his lower stomach.

He bit down on my lip and tugged on it gently, turning me on. He brought his lips back to mine, bringing his hand over my ass to squeeze it. In one swift movement, his big hand smacked my ass causing me to moan against his lips. I could feel a slight smile on his as we kissed. His hand moved from my butt to between my legs, rubbing me over the thin cloth of my shorts.

I brought my lips to his neck, kissing his most sensitive spots and swiping my tongue over the skin, listening to the soft groans escape his lips as his fingers worked a little faster.

I kissed down his toned chest and torso, slowly bringing myself down to my knees. His hand moving up my body as I moved before resting on the side of my neck. I kissed his hip bones as I slipped off his shorts, agonizingly slow and let them fall to the floor. I dragged my hands against his hard length being held down by the band of his boxers. I plant gentle kisses to his cock over the cloth, keeping my eyes up on him.

Tom bit down on his bottom lip, watching me tease him. I hooked my hands in to the band on his boxers, allowing his long cock to spring free. I bit my lip, attempting to hold back the grin, but failing miserably.

“You like what you see, baby?” He questioned a bit of laughter in his voice.

“Absolutely, daddy.” He grinned, hearing that name.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. I placed my tongue on the base, licking my way to the tip before slowly taking him in my mouth as much as I could and pumping the rest in my hand. He wrapped my ponytail around his hand, pushing farther down onto his cock. His control turning me on immensely.

“That’s it, baby.”

I placed my hands on his hips as he pushed down nearly his entire length. I moaned over him and brought one of my hand to his balls, cupping and gently squeezing them. He threw his head back, his breathing heavier as he still held me down on him, quickly thrusting into my mouth making my eyes water. I pushed myself off of him, catching my breath.

“Oh, fuck.” He groaned, “you always do that so well, darling.” He pushed the free strands of hair off my face with his free hand and wiped away the tears down my cheeks.

I wrapped my hand around his length, pumping him up and down quickly. I slid my other hand down into my own pants, gently rubbing my clit. He watched me touch myself and him as he muttered, “fuck.”

I licked the precum from his tip and lips fell apart as he ran his fingers through his lose curls. I bit down on my bottom lips, innocently looking up at him. He cupped his hand beneath my chin and I stood. He pulled my hand from my shorts and yanked them down to my thighs, his fingers sliding over my slit before pushing past my lips and thrusting his middle finger into my core as his thumb rubbed over my clit. His lips kissed my neck as he pushed me back, stepping out the shorts pooled at his feet until my back hit the cold mirror wall.

Tom pushed the shorts all the way off my legs and kicked them aside. He slipped in a second finger, thrusting his fingers quicker.

“Like that, baby.” I moaned out, throwing my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me.

He smirked, pulling his fingers out from my core, bringing them to my lip, “taste yourself for me.” Without hesitating, I took his long fingers into my mouth and slowly gliding my tongue along them. “You are so sexy, Y/N.” He muttered, pulling out of my mouth and replacing it with his lips.

Tom grabbed at my thighs, lifting me off my feet and wrapping my legs around his waist. His grabbed his cock, placing self at the entrance of my core.

“How badly do you want me, darling?” He questioned against my lips.

“So bad.”

“Beg for it.”

“I want you to fuck me so badly, daddy, please…” I kissed him, “please.” With that, he thrust into me with all the force he could. I let out a loud moan.

“Like that?” He pressed his forehead to mine.

“Yes, daddy.”

He continued thrusting into me with all the power, his hand snaked to pussy and he began quickly rubbing my clit. I could tell he already wanted to cum the way he touched me, leaving me a moaning mess as he groaned.

“Tom, baby-”

He stopped thrusting and looked at me with raised brows. “Who?” He teased, pulling himself out of my pussy.

“Daddy, I’m sorry.” I moaned as he rubbed his cock between my lips and against my nub.

“That’s what I thought.” He muttered, taking my hand off the back of his head and holding it over my head.

He slipped inside of me with ease, thrusting a bit slower than before. His hand held my arm tightly above head as my walls clenched around him, he growled a deep, “fuck.”

I could feel the heat, building up inside of me as my breathing turned into panting as he brought me closer to the edge. He brought his thumb back to my clit, noticing how needy I had become. My free hand grabbed at his bicep, digging my nails into it and feeling it flex repeatedly as he rubbed my sensitive nub. I began bucking my hips into his and pulling him closer to me with my legs.

“Look at me when you cum, baby girl.” He whispered to me.

Those words did it for me. I looked up at him like he wanted as my nerves unraveled and slew of curse words slipped from my lips. My toes curled and my eyes fell shut from the immense pleasure. I let go of his waist, sliding down against the mirror to my knees. Tom let go of my wrist and I wrapped my hand around his cock as he leaned forward, resting his forehead against the glass as his hand rest on my cheek, rubbing the bottom of my lip of my mouth that I left open for him.

I pumped his cock as his breathing became heavier and grunts and moans left his lips. His hand moved to the back of my ponytail, tightly gripping my hair before he came. His warm cum made it’s way into and around my mouth. He caught his breath, his chest heaving up and down as he watched me swallow his cum.

“Fuck,” he chuckled, “you’re such a good girl.” I stood up on my slightly trembling legs and leaned into him. He rest his forehead on mine instead of the mirror. “We’ll have to finish sessions like this from here on out.” He suggested as he grabbed my ass.

I laughed, “we didn’t even get to finish the lesson, Tom.”

“There’s always next time to pick up where we left off. Now, how about we head upstairs for a shower?” I smirked and nod my head, knowing he’d be up for a round two.


Make Me Bad

DESC: Reader isn’t the kind of girl who goes out to parties and gets wasted, but that all changes when Ethan Dolan shows her how to really live.

photo creds to owner


You’d never been so terrified by something that seemed so simple.

“Just a party,” you reminded yourself, extending your fingertips towards the silver door handle.

How had you gotten here in the first place? The answer wasn’t so much how, but who. Ethan Dolan had been your best friend and number one supporter for months, so you couldn’t turn down his request to a party, especially when you just so happened to be head over heels in love with him. You casually forgot to mention to him that you’d never so much as touched alcohol in your life, or gone to a party, either. But it didn’t take a genius to know that you were the classic head smart good girl, so, there was that. You ended up putting much more time into how you looked than you’d set out for, but no matter what you did, you knew that you would stick out like a sore thumb. You’d chosen a midnight blue strapped crop top, a short high waisted black skirt, and some silver heels.You’d let your hair down for once, and spent much more time than you’d like to admit doing your makeup. And now, here you were, and you couldn’t be more scared to pull that handle.

Luckily, you didn’t have to open the door, since somebody else did. A drunk couple toppled out the door in a fit of laughter, red plastic cups in their hands as they threw off their shoes and raced out into the grass. Not waiting another second, you dove through the doorway and into an absolute nightmare. The floor shook under the feet of hundreds of people dancing, so many people that they spilled out into the garden and right to the pool. Strobe lights blinded you instantly, and the music was so loud, it took everything you had not to cover your ears like a dork. You got sucked into the crowd instantly, knocking hips with a guy who reeked of beer.

“Hey pretty lady, wanna dance?” He winked, his hands flying to your hips and pulling you into his chest.

“She’s with me,” a familiar voice said behind you.

The stranger sized up your savior, but quickly gave it up and backed off.

“Hey,” a warm voice said in your ear.

A smile crept up on your lips, and you spun to face Ethan, “Hey.”

He wore a plain white tee, some ripped black skinnies, and navy shoes. As usual, absolutely mesmerizing without even trying. 

Ethan’s smile faltered, his eyes drinking you in for a good few seconds.

“Wow, um,” he started, taken aback, “You look…”

“Like a mess, I know,” you stammered.

“No,” Ethan smiled nervously, “You look amazing.”

You felt your cheeks warm in surprise, “Oh, um, thanks.”

Ethan nodded lightly, the smile you loved lighting up his face.

“Well, let’s get you out of this crowd for a minute,” he said.

“Thank god,” you laughed nervously and gratefully took Ethan’s hand as he pulled you easily through the waves of people.

Ethan walked you out of the loud dance floor, and into the slightly deserted kitchen. Not many people were in there, mostly just people coming in and out to fill their drinks up. He led you to the empty side of the kitchen, and hopped up onto the white marble counter-top, pointing to an empty stool across from him.

“So, how you feeling?” he asked.

“I don’t know, to be honest, this isn’t really my scene.”

Yeah right, you’ve been to parties before,” Ethan chuckled.

You coughed awkwardly and shook your head in embarrassment. 

“What!?” Ethan gasped, “For real!?”

“For real,” you sighed nervously.

“Wow, you haven’t lived yet,” he said.

“Sorry,” you mumbled.

“Don’t be” Ethan smirked suddenly, “Because tonight we’re changing that.”

Your eyes flickered up to his, “Wha-, no, no.”

But Ethan had already hopped off the counter and dashed across the kitchen, coming back seconds later with two beer bottles in hand. He tossed you one, and you caught it without meaning to.

“Drink up,” he smiled, popping open his bottle and taking a gulp.

You held the chilly bottle in your hands, your heart beating fast.

“How about this,” Ethan said suddenly. “For every drink you drink, I’ll have one, that way we’ll be doing this together. And tomorrow, if you wake up regretting tonight, I will never ask you to do this again. You win. But, I promise you, you’ll have fun.”

You blew air out of your mouth, hating yourself for caving so easily. 

“Fine,” you said, to Ethan’s delight. “But remember if this goes wrong, it’s on you.”

You opened your drink, and began downing it quickly. You didn’t particularly like it going down, but you sure enjoyed how it made you feel not too long afterwards.

“How do you feel now?” Ethan asked.

“I feel..bubbly,” you said with a big smile.

“You know what’s even better than that,” Ethan said huskily, “Feeling drunk.”

And before you knew it you were taking vodka shots with your best friend and biggest crush.

“Three, two, one,” Ethan counted down, bringing the shot glass to his lips at the same time as you. You scrunched up your face from the taste, but Ethan didn’t so much, his eyes tracking you the entire time.

“One last one,” you stuttered tipsily, refilling your drink.

You linked your arms into Ethan so that you’d be downing eachother’s drinks, but this time you held onto Ethan’s gaze as the liquid poured down your throats.

“Damn,” you said, placing your glass on the counter and turning to move.

“Where are you going?” Ethan asked.

“I’ll never be drunk enough to want to take the dance floor, but there’s a first time for everything,” you said as you made your way out the kitchen.

It was good Ethan followed you, because your feet wobbled dangerously and you went toppling backwards right into Ethan’s arms.

“I got you,” he laughed out, pushing you back upright.

“Thanks, E,” you smiled and fixed your balance before moving out into the mass of dancing people.

You had no idea what you were supposed to be doing, so you followed everybody else’s lead and shook your head and hips to the beat of the song, and that seemed to do the trick. The same guy from earlier came sliding into view, but you didn’t even try to stop him when he put his hands on your hips and began dancing into you. The pulse of the song beat hard in your chest and you laughed drunkenly and mimicked the stranger. You were actually starting to enjoy yourself when a strong hand grabbed you from behind and spun you right into a hard chest. You blinked through the flashing strobe lights in confusion.

“Come on Ethan, I was having fun,” you winged in complaint.

Ethan looked you over defensively, his jaw clenched.

“Not as much fun as you could be having with me,” he pointed out, running a hand through his dark locks.

“Whatever, dance with me,” you said, swinging yourself back into the song.

You started off jumping into the beat, but changed demeanor when you felt Ethan behind you, placing one large hand on each side of your round hips. You closed your eyes, enveloped by the sound, and pressed your shoulders back into Ethan as you swayed your hips lightly against his body. You rolled your neck into Ethan’s chest, resting your head on him as you let yourself be consumed by the feeling of him grinding into you. Ethan’s chest rose heavily, his cool breath tickling your face, his eyes closed. You blinked up at him, startled when he opened his eyes again, his dark eyes resting hungrily on yours. For a moment everyone vanished, and it was just you and Ethan, and there he was, bending over you, his lips parting-

“Belly shots!” someone yelled from across the room, snapping you out of your daze.

You cleared your throat, shaking your head a little bit with a smile, “Um, let’s go.”

Ethan nodded distantly, detaching himself from you and leading you to the fun.

“Who’s next?” someone called.

“This girl,” Ethan said, pushing you to the front of the small crowd.

A blonde guy raised his eyebrow at you with a smirk, “I’ll take this one.”

“No man, she’s mine,” Ethan growled, stepping forward.

You gulped nervously, nodding shyly at Ethan and pulling yourself up onto the polished tabletop.

You tucked the lime between your lips, the salt spread over the top area of your breasts, and the tequila poured into your exposed bellybutton. Before you could even prepare yourself a little bit, Ethan was hunched over you, his tongue collecting all the salt, his lips attaching gently to your belly, and than to your mouth in seconds. The lights were blocked out by the shadow of Ethan bending over your lips, holding your eye contact for a moment while he sucked the lime from your lips and into his. The sound of triumphant cheers and whoops  filled your ears, as you sat up. You grinned and turned to hop off the table but didn’t get to, for Ethan spat his lime out and grabbed you roughly by your hips and hoisted you into him, your legs wrapping around his waist obediently. And then the roaring of the crowd got a hundred times louder as Ethan attacked your lips mercilessly with his own, and you let him. Your hands went sliding roughly through his hair, your lips responding hungrily to Ethan’s, not even bothering to hide your moans of pleasure when he dipped his tongue into your mouth.

Suddenly, Ethan pulled his head back, his eyes fluttering open.

“(Y/N),” Ethan breathed apologetically.

“I want this,” you assured him, your teeth grazing over your lower lip, “I want you.”

Ethan clenched his jaw in frustration, his eyes closing as he fought to pick out his next words. 

“(Y/N), you better answer with certainty, because if you give me a yes, then I don’t think I’m going to have the willpower to ask you again,” he murmured, his nostrils flaring.

“Ethan,” you said softly, “Open your eyes.”

He did, and they were darker than usual, and filled with nothing but lust.

“Yes,” you said.

And that was all it took.

The crowd of people whistled as Ethan placed you down on the ground and began leading you upstairs.

Ethan closed the bedroom door behind you, locking it shut and whipping around to face you. He pushed you down onto the sheets, climbing over you and removing his top and shoes, you following his lead. He dipped his lips onto your neck, sucking on a patch of your skin and drawing out sounds of pleasure from you. He nibbled and sucked your neck until it was covered in many dark love bites. You went to unclip your bra, but he had it off in seconds with little to no effort. Ethan brought his lips down to your breasts, attaching them around one of your nipples, his tongue flicking against the tip as he sucked on it roughly before moving to the other breast and repeating the action. You struggled not to roll your head back, keeping your eyes on Ethan, who lifted his deep gaze intently to yours while he worked. You breathed out in pleasure, your hands tugging at Ethan’s soft hair as his tongue came sliding down your belly and down to your skirt. He hooked his fingers into the fabric, sliding your skirt off your legs and tossing off his jeans while he was at it. You took him by surprise, grabbing his hips and turning him onto his back as you hoisted yourself onto his legs, his growing bulge centimeters away from where you wanted it. Ethan chuckled in surprise, his arms snaking around your belly as you bent over him, leaving wet kisses all over his rippled bronze chest. A deep rumble came from his throat as he moved his hands to your ass, which he squeezed roughly in his hands while you explored his chest. You looked up at him, your thumbs hooking in his Calvin’s, your heart thumping with adrenaline. Ethan nodded lightly, giving you the ok to remove his boxers. His large member perked right up, ready for you to take in your mouth, so you did. You squeezed as much of him as you could between your lips, your hands gently pumping any of him that didn’t fit. His length hit the back of your throat, but you took it, working your hands faster, a layer of sweat building on your skin. Ethan groaned out in pleasure, the sound being more enough to keep you going. You swirled your tongue around the tip, feeling him twitch in your mouth.

“B-baby, I’m gonna c-” Ethan gasped out.

He released his load in your mouth, and you swallowed without thinking twice. You pulled off, your chest rattling as you gulped in the fresh air. Ethan sat propped up on his elbow’s, his eyes wide in wonder as you lifted your gaze to him.

“Not so innocent after all,” he smirked, an eyebrow raised.

You blushed furiously in embarrassment, Ethan scooting you forward on his belly so he could reach your lips. He used his thumb to collect some left over mess around your lips, his eyes unwavering as he forced his finger into your mouth. You sucked on it lightly, his thumb popping as he removed it. Ethan smiled gently, bending into you for a quick kiss on the lips, his hand resting beneath your chin. He pulled back a moment later, shaking his head in awe.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” you asked, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Because you’re gorgeous,” Ethan mumbled softly, “And because It’s my turn.”

Ethan spun you onto your back, raising his shaft above you and positioning it right near your entrance. You scooted back so that you could get a look at him, your hands resting open on either side of your body. Ethan laced his fingers through yours, holding you to the sheets as he entered you. Your face reflexively scrunched up as Ethan adjusted himself, but soon he was moving in and out of you at an excruciatingly slow pace.

“Ethan,” you begged in frustration, glaring at him.

Ethan’s lips twitched into a smile, and he began working himself faster towards your core.

“More,” you pleaded, digging your nails into Ethan’s hands.

He re-positioned his hands onto your hips, holding you in place as he began slamming his hips into you with no mercy. His hips came knocking roughly into yours, his balls slapping loudly against your skin. You cried out in pleasure, your nails dragging marks all over Ethan’s back. He found your g-spot and slammed roughly into it, his mouth dropping open, and his eyes fluttering closed in concentration. 

“I’m going to-” before you could finish your sentence, Ethan had opened his eyes again to watch you shudder beneath him. And just the sight of his hair plastered to his forehead, his flawless body shaking with each jagged breath, and his dark eyes, was enough to break you.

“Come for me, princess,” Ethan purred.

You reached your high, convulsing beneath Ethan and screaming out his name as your juices poured out over him. Ethan’s thrusts got much sloppier, and he finished soon after, his come filling you right up to the brim. You shook beneath him, moisture clinging to your eyes as he pulled out and cleaned you up with small kitten licks.

Ethan crawled up to your side, giving you a moment to breathe. You rolled onto your side to face him, feeling exhausted. Ethan rolled to his side too, leaning in to plant a soft kiss on your forehead and gently slide his fingers through your tangles.

“Goodnight, beautiful,” he murmured.

But your head buried into his warm chest, you were already out.

- The next morning -

You awoke with a headache, the events of last night coming rushing back to your head at once. You blinked a couple of times and looked up to see Ethan still passed out, he’d fallen asleep with one arm locked tightly around you. 

“Mmph,” you groaned, rubbing your eyes and sliding out of Ethan’s hold.

You sat upright, bringing your knees to your chest and placing your head in them while you struggled with what you were going to tell Ethan.

You knew for a fact that alcohol or no alcohol, you were sure of what you’d wanted last night, but you weren’t sure if you could say the same for him.

“Hey,” Ethan said, pulling himself up onto the pillows.

You lifted your head to look at him.

“How’s my not-so-good-girl,” he teased, ruffling his hair.

You scoffed and shook your head, “I don’t know, to be honest.”

“I could’ve sworn you said that same thing to me last night before getting drunk off your mind,” Ethan chuckled.

“You remember that?” you laughed weakly, picking through your foggy memories.

“Of course,” E said, his smile faltering.

“Look, alcohol doesn’t affect me quite as strongly as it does to you,” he started,”so if last night was a mistake to you-”

“Was it a mistake to you?” you cut him off, a knot of fear growing in your belly.

Ethan frowned at you, “Of course not, (Y/N), you can’t even begin to imagine how long I’ve been waiting for last night to happen,” he said. Then his eyes grew wide and he groaned in frustration, “Last night was a mistake to you, wasn’t it?” he hit his palms against his head.

“No,” you said. “Well of course I didn’t want things to happen quite like that, but well, you know.”

Ethan smiled curiously, “Really?”

“Really,” you smiled nervously.

“So then, you tell me,” Ethan grinned, “we had a promise.”

You raised an eyebrow in question.

“Do you swear off nights like last night and place full blame on me?” he asked.

“Nights like last night,” you repeated.

Ethan nodded, his brown eyes fixated on you.

“I get the feeling that ‘nights’ symbolizes something more than just a fling,” you laughed, “In which case, no, I would very much want to try out ‘nights’ some more.”

Ethan’s face lit up, “See, just like I said. I promised you’d come around.”

You plopped back down into the sheets, rolling back under Ethan’s arm and snuggling into him, “I guess you were right.”

Title: Evening Blue
Character: Shaun Murphy
A/n: The Good Doctor is gonna get a full season, and I’m ready to write a fuckton of stories for this show because of how happy it makes me feel. I’m also trying to use the doctor jargon, but I can only figure out so much without it becoming ridiculous, so forgive me.

You hazily began to fill out some release forms for one of your patients that had been admitted the night before, you were on call almost the entire time and you didn’t get much sleep because of it.

You felt yourself begin to nod off when your shoulders were abruptly shaken. Your eyes flung open and you turned to see Claire smirking at you.

“Late night?” She asked, placing her clipboard next to yours while she began to flip through her own papers.

You yawned, noticing that your handwriting was beginning to go all over the place. “When is it anything else?”

Claire smiled, reaching behind the counter and sliding a steaming coffee cup over to your side.

You took one glance at it and broke out into fake sobs while you hugged her. “Did I ever mention how much I love and adore you?”

You heard her laugh before you broke away from her, taking off the cup of the coffee to blow at it for a few moments before taking generous sips out of it while you finished the release form.

“Hey, I’m gonna check the OR schedule,” Claire announced after a few mintues of nothing but the sound of pen on paper occupied your space. “We can meet up for lunch though?”

“Sounds good to me, boss,” You said with a mock salute, causing her to smile again. “Try not to kill anyone.”

“I’ll do my best.” She announced, saluting back to you.

“Doctor (L/n)!”

You slightly flinched at the abrupt peak in the volume around you and your hand shot up to your head. Turning around you saw Shaun standing there, hands clasped as usual, he had a smile on his face as he walked up to you.

“Good morning, Dr. Murphy.” You said, nursing your coffee in your hands while you turned to fully face him.

“You look terrible.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, you hadn’t been around any mirrors lately, but you could easily imagine how haggard you looked after almost an entire night at the hospital.

“Yeah, I was here late last night. I’m gonna try and fix myself up before my first shift so no one else has to suffer through it.”

“O-Oh, I don’t mean that you look ugly, just very tired is all, you might want to try getting some rest at some point.” He clarified, still smiling.

You blinked, not really know whether he was trying to compliment you or not, so you smiled back. “Well thank you, how are you today?”

“It’s my first full day working here,” He said, bouncing slightly as he spoke. “I also rode the bus.”

You smiled. “Oh yeah? Sounds fun.”

“What was your first day like?”

You huffed at the sudden question, trying to think of exactly what happened, but just as you began to piece an answer, your pager went off.

“A tale for another time,” You said before waving him off. “Good luck, Shaun!”

Shaun waved back, even though you weren’t looking at him anymore. “Thank you.”

“I got to assist in surgery!”

You recognized Shaun’s voice, and you looked up from your patient files to see him bounding towards you from the end of the hall. His hair flopping all over the place when he took each step.

You smiled at the expression on his face, feeling a happy surge of proudness swallow up the current fatigue you were currently trying to ward off with excessive caffeine consumption. “Hey! That’s great!”

He nodded, his eyes flashing to you before they fell onto the window behind you. “It was a little girl, Martine, I sent her home earlier because I was on scutwork and I wasn’t allowed to do much. Nurse Fryday was my boss for today, but Martine had an intestinal malrotation, she was totally unresponsive when I first went to get her but she’s doing fine now. I was only on suction but what matters is that she’s okay now.”

All of this was said very quickly, he stumbled over a few of his words but you were able to get the main idea of his tangent.

“You know, your pretty good at this whole doctor thing.” You mused, noticing his smile broadened as he stood taller.

“I didn’t do much, only suction.” He reminded.

You yawned into your the crook of your arm and leaned against the wall, your eyes shutting momentarily. “Doesn’t matter, you were the one to figure it out. And you were the one who drove out of your way to get her. She’s alive because of you.” Shaun took notice to how your speech had slowed down, and you broke off during the end of your sentences.

There was silence, and you opened your eyes to check on him, only to find Shaun sitting on the ground next to you, leaning close to your face.

“You haven’t gotten any rest, have you?”

You shook your head. “I tried, but there was too much to do and-”

“You should really get some proper sleep tonight, it’s very unhealthy to have multiple restless nights and it could be very potentially dangerous for you-”

“I know,” You said with a chuckle, but it sooned died off when you noticed he still looked concerned. “Hey, don’t worry too much, I’m gonna head out in a couple minutes.” You said, giving his shoulder a small nudge as you propped yourself up. Deciding to save your ‘passing out in an elevator’ story for another time.

“Do you promise?”

“Promise what?”

“Promise that you will get more rest from now on.”

You smiled, placing your bag around your shoulders before heaving a sigh. “I promise that I will get more rest, as long as you do the same.”

“I already sleep a healthy amount of hours for my age.”

You laughed, pulling your keys from your bag before turning around to face him again. “Do you-” You paused for a moment, wondering if your question would come off as odd before continuing. “-Want a ride home?”

“I’m still in my scrubs.” He pointed out.

“It’s fine, I can wait for you.”

Shaun was now looking at you, something that only happened when he was deep in thought. “That would be very nice of you, thank you.”

You watched him stand up, becoming aware now of how tall he was before you nodded at him. “I’ll meet you out front, okay?”

Shaun nodded back, trying to mask his concern when you yawned again. “Okay.”

Hello everyone! I am here again to show you guys some of VvtZ history and to reveal the campaign date release! First of all, for the Campaign date:

The Crowdfunding Campaign will be released on August, 29th!

But fear not, if you think you won’t be able to help in that date, your credit card will only be charged if the campaign is successful, not immediately, so you have a bunch of time to program yourself if you plan to donate to help this project come to life (and get all those exclusive goodies)! :3

Now this is the final date, and everything is mostly set up for that! I’m doing some more research for the rewards but already did all the assets I needed done for that! It was a long run, full of difficulties, but I’m nearly there and I’m extremely excited to share this with you all! Thank you for being with me(!!!!)

I would also like to show today some changes the game went through since the very beginning! I hope you’ll like it, even though the first screenshots were very uh… cringy! So, be prepared!

The full development of Virgo Vs The Zodiac started in january, but before that, I guess around end of december? I had posted this on a rpg maker thread on 4chan, just something I called at that time “Waifus and Astrology”:

(Very substantial dialogues)

This was the very first Virgo. She already had her ponytail, but I was trying a greek approach that didn’t work out very well. At the time I was still trying to figure out Anime Art and was wondering what the hell people did to make things to look good and consistent, I wondered a lot on if it was just magick or if I would be able to, someday, make something tolerable to my eyes.

This here is the very first… Dungeon? At the time I was still fixed on the idea of making VvtZ to be a randomly generated thingie. You would be able to go to any realm at any given time, making it impossible to really create a storyline of events. The realms would have dungeons, instead of being scary themselves, so it was a lot more ‘simple’ at the time. Of course, I couldn’t hold myself and made a bunch of political lore behind everything making it impossible to remain as random visits from the Zodiac Killer.

Virgo was also like this a long time ago. I can’t even. I was really proud at the time. What is even happening in her clothes. What, indeed. (the dialogues for the first sequence were basically the same, just a little better in the final version with the help of the proofreaders!)

The scenes were like this, and Virgo was… pink? At the time I didn’t had the exact colours for the Zodiac Qualities System yet, so she was just fixed because I like pink. This scene took an absurd amount of time to be finished so I decided to change it to pixelart to do it faster! 

Also that one time I was struggling with the interface. It took me two days straight working to figure this thing out. I don’t even know how I came out alive from that battle.

And here we are now! This game still has a lot of room to improve in terms of consistency, but I am happy with all I’ve learned over time! I learned tons with the release of the demo, basically on how to deal with criticism and to move forward and even deep life lessons. I am extremely grateful that I could be able to step out of the tough times I went through to begin the development of something I would enjoy so much like this and I’m extremely grateful for all of your support until now!

I hope you are still alive and well after all this cringy material, and I look forward for the Crowdfunding Campaign! I need need need to show you all everything ASAP!

Creepy smile is creepy. Anyway, I wasn’t able to stick to the request fully but I did my best. Also, in my defence, I like the plot that I gave to Loki as a result. I feel it helps to stick to his character. If anything this is more like a Steve x Reader with Loki being heavily invested also. Plus, STEPHEN STRANGE CAMEO. Hope you all enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Could you write something where the reader is quiet and smart and quite nerdy and Loki slowly starts falling for her. And he has to like work hard to get her because reader isn’t just a push over who instantly has a crush on him when she meets him.


Iron Man soared through the sky.
“Where are we on those scans?” He asked, awaiting your response.

The headset Tony’d given you was thin and uncomfortable. You adjusted the way it sat on your head and pulled the microphone closer to your mouth. The screen in his lab flickered irritatingly.
“Sorry Mr Stark, but if you want things to move faster, I need better stuff.”
You wanted to bring in your own equipment,” Stark sniffed.

Steve slipped into the base of the building, quiet and unseen, checking the area before speaking.
“Because you wouldn’t let her put that – what do you call it? Software? – Yeah, her software on one of your machines.” Tony sniffed.
“I’m not about to let her install things on my machine until I find out what they can do.”

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“I will love you forever” - brett talbot imagine

Request: nope
Warnings: Death, sad
Song: fix you by coldplay

You and brett had been together for god knows how long

He kept you sane when all was going wrong

You were so happy when you found out that the pack had accepted him and that lian accepted him enough

You were ao glad you even got along with lori who took a while to get used to you

You remember the first day you met all too well


“Geez y/n hurry up” scott called over his shoulder as him and stiles walked to their car

“Im coming geez” you said falling beind as the bag you had was full of book’s

You had just made it out the door when you bumped into mason

“Y/n? You’ll do. Come on!” He said walking away

“Wait mason. Whats wrong?” You asked following him

You soon stopped when mason stopped right in front of you

“It’s his old school, that is his old enmy” madon said

You remember looking as the boy and feeling the love already

You quickly snapped out of the day dream you had and walked over to Liam

“Hey li!” You said to grab his attention

He looked at you and you could tell he was trying to calm himself down

You looked to the new boy and smiled sticking your hand out

“Hi! Im y/n! Nice to meet you!” You said in a happy tone

He looked at your for a few seconds beforw grabbing your hand in his and bringing it to his lips where he placed a soft kiss to your knuckles

“Nice to meet you. Im brett” he said with a dazzling smile

*flashback over*

You were currently walking to your car after having a study day woth lydia

“Bye lydia ill call you tomorrow” you said waving to her as she walked to her car

You placed your bag and folders in the back seat and quickly got in the front of your car

You started the engine and put the heater on to get warm

All you wanted to do was to go home and cuddle brett all night

As you turned your phone on it began filling with notifications

Messeges from liam, scott, malia and lori all filled your screen

The one you looked at first was brett’s


Hey baby girl,
By the time you read this i will most likely be gone as i doubt that the pack will find me in time.

I know i say this a lot but, baby girl, i truly am so happy that we found each other that day and im so happy that weve had so many great memories together. I honestly wouldn’t give it up for anything, even food and i love food.

I remember all the times we had food fights because we got so frustrated trying to cook the simplest thing’s.
I remember all the times we just stayed in bed all day and watched disney movies.
I remember all of our hugs and kisses. They will be the things i will miss the most.

I’ll miss your beautiful voice and that beautiful smile and your Georges eye’s.

I’ll miss you.

Baby girl when im gone promise Me one thing. Promise me that you will always remember me and the memories we shared but i want you to move on.

I want you to have a loving family of your own even ifbits not with me and i want you to find love again.
I know it will be hard but i know you can do it.

I love you, forever and always.



You frowned as you opened the one from lori


Y/n its brett, hes being hunted. We’re looking for him now but we don’t know what to do. Im scared y/n. Please help..

You frowned again and decided to immediately go home

Hoping that they would be there and that this is all a joke

As you sped on your way home you were about two blocked away when something caught yohr eye

The lid to a hole popped up and as you scrunched your eye’s you could see brett and lori come out

Pulling over you got out and started calling out to them

“Brett! Lori!” You said

You suddenly heard the screeching of tires and looked to your right

A car was very fastly making their way towards brett and lori

“BRETT! LORI! WATCH OUT!” as you began to run

Everything suddenly felt like it was in slow motion

As you continue to scream for them to move you see brett look at you before hes thrown across the street

“NOO!” you scream

You make your way over to him and place your hand on his cheek

He has blood all over his jumper and his face was all black and his eye’s were dull

“Y/n….go to lori” he said

You shook your head as tears began to blur your vision

You went to move your head to see were lori was when you felt a hand grab yours and see another grab brett’s

“Please dont leave me guy’s. I need you” you said as you saw lori was in no state to heal either

You saw her veins in her hand turn black

“I cant take his pain” she whispered as her eye’s closed

You squeezed her hand

“Lori…lori open your eye’s”

She didn’t open her eye’s and you placed her near your lap as you still held onto her hand

You looked at brett with tears as he cracked a smile

“I love you, forever and always” he said as his eye’s closed

His grip on your hand loosened and you screamed

“I LOVE YOU. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME” you leaned down and grabbed his cheeks kissing him

“Please come back….” you whisperd as you kissed him but felt nothing

You heard a growl and looked to your side to see liam

“I couldn’t save them” you whispered with tears in your eye’s as your voice and body shook

In that moment you felt all of your faith and hope go

You felt your humanity turn off completely.

From that day you vowed to find the people that did this and to snap every single bone in their body one by one.

“Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace”

Welcome to the Family

gif is not mine

Pairing: Bobby x Reader (platonic- also featuring Sam & Dean)

Word Count: 1,590

Warnings: angst, hurt/comfort

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I thought I’d try my hand at writing Bobby. I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Bobby was busy researching for the Winchesters.  They often needed his help when it came to lore about monsters they weren’t familiar with.  Fortunately for Bobby, it was a slow day and he wasn’t swamped with too many phone calls.

There was a knock on the front door, causing Bobby to look up from the book in front of him.  He wasn’t expecting any visitors.  Bobby stood up and grabbed his gun, slowly walking towards the door.  He gradually opened the door, his eyes growing wide at the sight in front of him.

“Please help me,” you muttered, leaning against the frame of the door.   There was dried blood on your forehead and you seemed disoriented.  “My name is [Y/N] and I need help.”  If Bobby’s judgement was correct you were only in your early twenties.

“Where’d ya come from?  Were ya with anyone,” Bobby questioned as he opened the screen door and brought you inside.  He let you lean on him for support.  In your condition, you were lucky enough to be conscious and aware of your surroundings.

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reupload bc they broke

the jim twins are on the case!

@markiplier !!

all jokes and junk aside i’m super proud of what you’ve done if someone had told me when i first started watching you that in a few years you’d be making videos for the community to solve and figure out and take part in i probably wouldn’t have believed it. you’ve come so far! proud of you dude!!

Title: Newest Addition To The Family

Chapter 6

Summary: (y/n) sees jasper drinking blood, looks like she wants some too.

Paring: father ! Emmett x daughter! Reader, mother! Rosalie x daughter! Reader, family members! Cullen/Hale family x baby! Reader, uncle! Jasper x niece! Reader

(Y/n) slept the whole afternoon and that night away, Jasper would check her regularly to see if she had used the bathroom in her pamper. Whenever she did he would change her quickly without looking and she wouldn’t wake up. 

When she did finally wake up it was early morning, the sun wasn’t up yet and jasper was nearly done with his 4th book. A yawn could be heard from the crib before he saw (y/n) roll over onto her stomach staring into his eye’s.

“Looks like someone’s up, hmm little lady-” jasper walked up to her crib his book already closed and sat on the chair he was seated in not to look ago, picking up the child jasper gave her a smile. “Looks like someone’s hungry, perhaps?” He questions.

That’s another thing jasper wondered about, the whole family knew he had a hard time with his hungry problem around humans so why wasn’t he ever hungry around (y/n), “Hmm maybe I’m getting better.” He whispered to himself.

Walking into the living room jasper sat (y/n) down in the bouncer chair that sat on the floor, before he turnt on the tv. Changing the channel to Tom and Jerry, Jasper exchanged a look with (y/n) only for her to more focused in the show playing in front of her.

Leaving her alone for a minute he walked into the kitchen before he got started on making her bottle, grabbing a blood packet filled with animal blood he poured it into as glass cup and made his way back into the living room. Placing the bottle down on her lap, without breaking eye contact with the T.V she picked it up and sucked on it for a while before she pulled it away from hee mouth and made a whining noise.

“Don’t like milk.” Jasper asked, even though she couldn’t reply.

(Y/n) looked up at jasper before her eyes landed on the animal blood in the glass, making grabby hands towards it jasper shook his head, “You can’t have blood sugar.”

Pouting, her blood red eyes where fixed in a glare towards jasper before she took a deep breath and started crying.

Roslie was the first to rush into the room picking up her crying child and holding her close, glaring at Jasper the blonde vampire mother hadn’t said anything she just continued rocking her child. 

When (y/n) stopped crying that’s when Rosalie finally spoke up, “What did you do to her?” She hissed out at Jasper, by now the rest of the family expect for Bella and Renemsee came into the living room to see what had happened.

“I didn’t do anything-” he spoke calmly standing up from his spot on the couch, “(Y/n) saw me with blood and wanted some and I simply said that she couldn’t have any.”

Rosalie looked down at (y/n) who was still eying Jasper’s animal blood in his glass that was in his hand, “Hmm-” Carlisle said stepping forward he gestured toward Jasper to hand him the cup and jasper did, grabbing (y/n)’s bottle he poured the milk out before washing it out and pouring some of the animal blood from jasper cup into her bottle, heading back he handed jasper his cup back and have Rosalie the bottle to hand to (y/n) each and everyone of the Cullen/Hale’s were waiting. Roslaie gave the bottle to (y/n) who gladly took it and sucked on it smiling a blood gummy smile when she pulled away from the bottle. “A human who drinks blood, interesting.”

Everyone sat down on the couch just watching (y/n) drink the animal blood from her bottle,since it was only a little bit in the bottle the child wanted more so Carlise got up to fill up her bottle with some more.

“Could she be a vampire?” Emmett asked, finally deciding it as time to get some answers, “If she was that could explain the red eyes. But why would anyone wanna turn a baby.” Carlise said coming back into the room handing Rosalie the bottle who feed her daughter it.

“You’ve seen Victoria turn a bunch of teens into newborns what makes you thing she’s any different.” Edward said, “Only problem is Victoria is dead.” Alice responded.

(Y/n) sensed the uneasiness between her family before she dropped her now empty bottle out of her lap, “Ma-” everyone turnt toward the child who was trying to speak, seeing the attention she had (y/n) giggled and rolled over in he mother’s arms but didn’t get pretty far.

No one said anything but as much as they wanted answers they knew they would go unanswered.

unexpected wedding guest ~ peter hale

Prompt - # I think that only works with the groom sweetheart,  # “do you remember that night,” “it’s one I’ll never forget" 

Summary ~it’s the night before your wedding, Peter turns up at your hotel to try to stop you from marrying Scott. 

Warnings - none really , mild swearing 

Pairing Peter hale x reader
Story ~
After months of planning and organising, your big day was almost here, in 12 hours you would be walking down the isle.
Your bridesmaids Lydia, Malia and Kira hadn’t long left you, You had a hen party the week before but Lydia couldn’t let you sit in alone the night before your wedding. So she got the other girls round to your room with facial packs, manicure kits and champagne. You felt tipsy as they left, a quite girly night was exactly what you wanted. After taking a shower, getting out you put on your pyjamas, walking out the bathroom, you start smiling at your dress hanging up over the mirror in the main room still not believing how fast time had gone. 

The was a knock on the door, stood close giggling "you know it’s unlucky to see the bride don’t you” you shout though the door thinking your future husband was on the other side. “I think that only works with the groom sweetheart” the voice was one you didn’t want to hear but dearly missed, the voice of Peter hale.
You quickly pull open the door thinking it couldn’t be real but there he was stood leaning against the wall, his hands in his pockets, his annoying but lovable smirk and them bright blue eyes that made weak in the knees. 

“hello y/n” he smiled, his voice was velvet soft and silky in your ears, It Filled you with a thousand thoughts and memories of him,  the sweet whispers in your ears each one more intense then then the previous. “you not going to say hello back” Peter’s voice snapped you out of your daydream “why are you here Peter, it’s a little late don’t you think or are you just here to physically and mentally screw me one last time before I get married” you coldly say him pissed off he had the cheek to show up after he left you without an explanation 18 months ago.
Peter now looked nervous rocking on his heels “no! not quite sure why I came maybe to see if you was really marrying that idiot guess its true” you huffed closing the door but he put his hand on it stopping you. “it was stupid of me to come I shouldn’t be here but I needed to see you, talk to you” peter paused and gave you a big puppy dog look widen his eyes and pouting his lower lip. You clenched your teeth together trying to hide your smile at his face. Peter knew it was working so in a whinny voice “please”, you opened the door for him to come inside knowing his stubbornness he wouldn’t leave until you spoke with him.

“you’ve got 10 minutes” you said sternly as he walked past into your room. “oh we can do a lot in 10 minutes” he chuckled “don’t make me throw you out” you replied back. Peter held up his hands defensively “sorry I was joking” he smirked not taking his eyes of you as he sat down. “how did you know I was here?” you asked him sitting on the opposite sofa to him. “Derek” he said you frowned wanting to smack Derek. Peter saw your face knowing what your thinking quickly said “its not his fault, I asked him why he was packing a suit he said it was for a wedding, when I asked who’s he didn’t want to say but eventually told me Scott was getting hitched he was part of the groomsmen” peter smugly started “so when I asked who the lucky lady was he didn’t tell me I looked at his invention and I just couldn’t believe it” he was sarcastic slightly smug like he’d figured out a big secret.

we welcome you to join us at the wedding of Scott McCall + y/n y/l/n at the hills hotel on January 23rd at 3pm‘ 

Peter mocked a posh accent as he repeated the memorised words. This angered you Peter was sat there taking the piss out of you, your relationship with Scott. “is that all you came here for to mock me, laugh at me” you started shouting at him, but it only annoyed you more when he actually started smiling and laughing “ugh what are you giggling about” you snarl at him “nothing just how adorable you are when you get mad sweetheart” he said almost sweetly giving you his flirty eyes.

“don’t call me sweetheart” you said trying to remain emotionless and cold, but inside your heart was pounding for the alpha in front of you, standing up to get a drink trying to focus on something else other then the way he was making you feel. Pouring two glasses of whiskey you walked over handing him one “thank you y/n”. The way he said your name was worse then any pet name he called you it was more seductive. You sat down not taking your eyes from him as he swirled the alcohol around the glass. Looking up at you catching your gaze “no I’m not here to laugh at you y/n, I’m here to save you” now it was your turn to laugh at him, his smirk dropped for a brief second, “I was right your here to mentality screw me over” you whisper to yourself pinching the bridge of your nose already regretting your next question “so why do you think I need saving?” you say a little louder, knowing he’d heard both comments.

Peter smiled “well your about to marry Scotty boy I mean come on even stiles has to be better choice then McCall, we both know your going to need saving from a boring basic future”. Annoyed he was being nasty towards Scott. “and things was so fun with you” you sarcastically answer back with a snarl standing up ready to show Peter the door, but faster then you could blink Peter was on his feet inches away from you. “oh kitten we had lots of fun together” he said lifting his arm to touch your face but you backed away. “I’ll tell you what wasn’t fun, sitting in beacon hills park in the pouring down rain and dark waiting for you” peter knowing nothing he could say would make up for what he’d done mumbled 

“sorry”. You looked at him full of angry “sorry” you smacked him across the face then pushed him hard with both hands wanting him away from you “sorry not going to cut it Peter, 4 hours I sat on that bench for, bag packed waiting, to start a life together just us out of beacon hills” you voice was now shaking the memory, and pain from over a year ago was still fresh like it happened yesterday taking a breath trying to gather the strength to steady your body and tone “even when I was soaked to the skin I still sat believing you was coming for me. then Derek and Scott came looking for me, told me you had already gone even told them where to find me what did you say tell her I’ve gone and I’m not coming back” you didn’t know if the tears running down your cheek was from anger or the feeling of you heart starting to break again reliving that night. “days I tried calling you, hoping it was a lie you hadn’t left me, walked out on our 2year relationship with a word or blink or second thought. I read your message over and over

  'I got your note kitten and yes I do meet me in the park at 9pm we’ll leave together tonight xx’ Im a fool for believing it now” you say.

Peter stepped towards you wiping a tear away his touch was soft, loving and lasted longer then it really needed to. You pulled away from him not wanting to get to close to him. You watched put his hand in his pocket taking out an envelope giving it to you. You took it looking at Peter, he downed his drink in one go and went to refill his glass. Something was off about him making you weary of what was in the envelope, opening it you saw two pieces of paper and 3 pictures. You looked at the first letter, it was your own,

Peter I don’t care if you started the Deadpool or if everyone hates you, I don’t I still love you and want to be with you please if you feel the same meet me take me with you.

You wanted to screw the letter up, cringing with how desperate and cheesy it sounded now. You took the pictures out, the first was of you in your sexy pink lace teddy blowing a kiss to peter who taken the picture. The next was you and Peter looking at each other in the woods, his hand touching your face. you smiled remembering when it was taken a picnic date not long after you where officially going out, you had asked Peter to take a selfie with you using your old Polaroid camera, when you did Peter hadn’t smiled. “your meant to smile for the camera” you joked with him. He looked at you “I only smile when I look at you” he said back smiling  tucking your hair behind your ear, you quickly took the picture without him knowing until it came out and developed. You didn’t know he’d kept this picture you thought you’d lost it the day it was taken smiling at how happy you looked you put it down. The last one was attached to the other letter unfolding it, the picture grabbed your attention and fear. It was of you asleep in your bedroom with a berserker standing over you. You looked at the writing it wasn’t one you knew - 

I found your weakness! pretty isn’t she! Now I want your help to fix a problem I’m having, be a good wolf and come to the distillery and my friend in the picture will leave her unharmed!
Don’t and the next time you see sweet little y/n she’ll be in pieces!
Kate argent

You looked at Peter who had almost finished his 2nd drink as quickly as the first. None of you spoke at first, you sat down thinking about the letter the threat on your life how couldn’t you know or why wasn’t you told. Peter came and sat next to you taking the papers and pictures from you putting them back in his pocket “do you understand why I left now, I never wanted to hurt you but I couldn’t let Kate kill you” he said looking down at the floor you nodded feeling numb. Peter could see how shaken you were, put his arm around you and pulled you close to him, you sank and snuggled into him enjoying being back in his arms kinda like you hadn’t left. “I’d never felt so scared or powerless before” he said calmly like it was nothing, kissing the top of your head. Jumping at his touch “why now, Kate’s been dead almost 7 months, Derek and argent found her body, you’ve had that long to tell me what she’d done so why now the night before I get married” you said backing away. He paused looking you up and down smirking “I know she’s dead I killed her, and as for not coming back well Derek told me you hated me now never wanted to see me again. I saw you, you looked happy and I couldn’t wreck that” he said low.

Before you could think or ask another question he chuckled changing the subject “but you know what memory has still been my anchor since I haven’t had you in person to keep me grounded, keep me human”. You looked at him puzzled you never knew what Peter’s anchor was, he’d never tell you when you asked, so you certainly didn’t expect it to be you. “no! What?” you asked coyly, Peter leaned in close to you moving your hair to expose your ear “the lost woods motel” he whispered lustfully then  slowly sat back. You blush but start laughing again. “do you remember that weekend?” He asked smirking devilishly “it’s one I’ll never forget” you answered “Derek’s crazy ex girlfriend Jennifer almost to killed me definitely not forgetting that” you laughed. Peter rolled his eyes “I think we remember that weekend very differently” “oh really and how do you remember it, or shouldn’t I ask” you said raising your eyebrows. He stood up putting his glass on the coffee table walking over to the drinks cabinet getting the bottle. He re- filled his glass holding the bottle to in a silent way of asking did you want yours filling to, you held you glass out as a yes.

Peter sat back down with his glass in one hand holding his other arm out for you to cuddle into him. As he spoke you sat close as he placed his arm around your shoulders. “ Well I remember, that weekend, I protected and hid your little butt, then saved your life from the lunatic teacher” he said cocky. You giggled what Peter had said was true but you wasn’t going to let him feel that smug “yep we definitely remember that weekend differently” you say “first off you didn’t even want to help us Derek had to lie and trick you to get you there and trap us in with mountain ash so you really didn’t have a choice” you sat up at little looking him in the eyes continuing “what was it you said oh yeah, why do I have to babysit the useless boring pathetic human girl she’d be better of dead”. You paused to have some of your drink letting your words hit home.

Peter looked down, he felt bad for ever saying that about y/n. Even then he never meant it, he’d only said it to hide his own feelings. from the day Peter saw y/n he wanted her, she was gorgeous, sweet, different, funny, had her own stubborn mind and countless topics to keep a conversation interesting. Although back then Peter believed love was a weakness and a relationship didn’t fit in with his plans for power then, he only truly realised how wrong he’d been when Jennifer did nearly kill y/n.

Putting your empty glass on the coffee table, you sat back but swing your legs over his in an automatic reaction, still focused on what you was saying looking him in the eyes drunkenly laughing “then when she finally found us both asleep some protection you were by the way,” you said sarcastically lightly elbowing him “she was so angry she couldn’t use me in her virgin ritual anymore because I slept with you, she tried to kill me anyway” you finished. Peter faked a look of shock “and what exactly is it that you’re blaming for? ” he said and his arm snaked round your back ticking and poking your side so you couldn’t speak. You giggled and wriggled trying to get out his playful grip, trying smack and poke him back.

It was exactly like that night all over again, the play fighting, the way your heart pounded just like it had, all the feelings you ever had for Peter hale came flooding back in that moment. You moved on top of him straddling him pinning his arms back in a poor attempt to stop him, he laughed using his wolf strength to break out of your hold aiming for your sides again but instead of poking you, he held your hips looking at your eyes then lips back at your eyes. “now i remember definitely this from that weekend” you said then wrapped your hands around his neck kissing him.

Peter kissed you back passionately, holding you tight and without breaking the kiss he lifted you laying you on your back leaning over you. He pulled back with a smirk “actually this is more how I remember it” he said kissing you again. He slowly slid his hand up your thigh running his hand over your bum squeezing it as his lips moved from yours and down onto your neck. Humming and moving your head so he had more space to kiss and bite, you see your wedding dress hanging up.

You push Peter off you “stop, no I can’t do this get off” you said. Peter moved instantly but looked confused at your sudden change of mind. “I’m getting married what was I thinking” you muttered to yourself pacing up and down still annoyed and angry at yourself. You asked Peter to go he put his glass back over on a small round table lingering a minute before turning back at you, you bit your lip holding the door open for him to go. Peter walked out turning before you could shut the door. “wait you asked me why I was here, well I told you I didn’t know I lied. I came here because I wanted to stop your wedding ask you to leave with me tonight for good like we was going to. But more importantly I needed you to know that I love y/n and wanted to tell you your everything to me I hope your happy my little kitten”. You had never seen Peter like this before his sounded desperate and needy, he looked teary-eyed and vulnerable, but what grabbed your attention was his words. Peter had never said the words I love you before. Even in the two years you were together, when you had said it to him, his answers was , I feel the same too or and you too, or ditto but he’d never used them words until tonight. For the first time Peter hale was open and honest with you, but you couldn’t look at him in fear you would run off with him. He kissed your cheek “I understand” his voice quivering then walked away, you watched him disappear around the corner sinking to the floor crying, you hurt so much he was gone again, like you did the night he left beacon hill without you and so guilty for cheating on Scott.

You cried yourself to sleep that night unsure of what to do. You liked Scott he was always there he cared about you and you for him. But you loved Peter you always had the was something about him that lit a fire in you. but you believed that fire had died months ago. That was until his visit, that kiss, his confession of love. It felt like you had burly slept an hour when the alarm went off. You groaned getting out of bed feeling sick and confused about the night before and your feelings now, you went to get a coffee. You screamed jumping out your skin when see Scott sitting on the sofa, a sofa only hours before you was kissing Peter on. You felt nervous, not sure why he was there, his body language was different too you stood frozen to the spot. Scott stood up smiling at you which didn’t help you felt worse then you had all night. Tears ran down your face stuttering and trying to keep your breath calm “I….. I have to tell you something, I… I’m… I’m sorry…. I did something bad…. Peter came round last night” you looked at Scott who was now laughing to himself “it okay I know he was here” he sweetly said. You stopped panicking and looked at him with confusion “how?” you asked.

Scott wanted to make a joke about watching you or stalking you but the look on your face said you wasn’t in a joking mood. “Derek told me Peter was back in town” he started, you cut him off blowing loud “is the anything Derek hasn’t told anyone” you say annoyed. Scott laughed more just like Peter he always thought you looked cute mad “easy he only told me Peter was in town, I knew Peter was here because I could smell his sent in the hallway and all over the room when I walked in, oh and he felt this for you on the mini bar” Scott handed you the Polaroid  picture of you and Peter. Your heart pounded when you saw it, thinking back you realised he wasn’t lingering he was leaving you the photo. “also I saw Peter after he left we had a long chat about you y/n” he looked down bit smiled when he looked up at you. “I know you want Him, you always have y/n, and I can’t be the one to keep you from being with the person you truly love y/n so I’ve cancelled the wedding because I know he loves you too” he didn’t sound mad or upset. 

You stood speechless insure of what was going on was Scott breaking up with you, what had Peter told him about your heated kiss, your mind went crazy over thinking. Scott broke you out of your thoughts “get dressed and meet me downstairs” he ordered. You looked at the mirror to notice your dress was missing a lone hanger left “where’s my dress?” you ask. Scott looked sad again but covered it by raising his eyebrows “that doesn’t matter dressed now” he said pointing to the bedroom. You went inside crying your wedding was cancelled your relationship over, Peter was gone, after calming yourself you did what Scott asked.

Once in a pair of jeans and cute jumper you walked to the lift and nervously went to the lobby where Scott stood with stiles and Lydia. You faked smiled at them wanting to hide and cry feeling depressed and lonely. “here she is” Lydia squealed as you got closer “what’s going on” you asked “I’ve got a wed - ending present for you” Scott and stiles  laughing loud at his play on words. You was really confused now your ex fiance should be angry or upset like you was but instead joking about gifts. “can someone tell me what he’s talking about?” you said. They stopped laughing and all gave you a suspicious smirk “hello sweetheart” a voice from behind you called, spinning fast on your heels knowing only one person called you by that name. Peter was stood there his hands in his pockets looking at you just like he had hours before with a loving smile “I meant what I said y/n I love you please give me another chance to prove it” he asked. Turning you looked at your three friends, who were all nodding and encouraging you to go. You smiled at Scott mouthing thank you and ran to peter hugging him as he picked you up off the ground swinging you round. Peter and Scott gave each other a look and smile of understanding and appreciation “you better not hurt her or you’ll have me to deal with” Scott said to him with a smile but a flash of his glowing wolf eyes. “I won’t I promise” peter said more to you then Scott “ill spend the rest of my days making up for the pain I already caused” he finished holding your hand as you both walked to his car.

I was going through my hard drive and found a little something that I had forgotten about; a Frozen edit where I corrected Elsa’s magical/physics-defying braid. (It annoyed the heck out of me so I fixed it… Sooo satisfying!)

Program used: Photoshop CC (ca 2-3h) PS: I am a digital compositor, not an animator.

EDIT: To those whom cannot see the difference - In the original, Elsa’s braid goes right through her left arm, while in my edit it folds and falls over her shoulder. If you focus on the end/tip of her hair in the first one, you will notice that it never goes over her arm, but still manages to get in front of it. 

Elena’s Little Sister

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 331
summary : Reader is Elena’s little sister ; Kai and Reader are dating and Elena finds out. (plot change : Kai never links Bonnie and Elena together , but still turns into a vampire hybrid)
*not my gif

It was around 8.30PM. Y/N was sitting on the couch with her sister Elena watching TV. The past few weeks have been crazy with everything happening around them and Y/N had a secret she couldn’t tell anyone because her sister and all their friends would freak out and do something stupid.
“Switch ?” asked Elena handing her sister the ice cream she had been eating until a few seconds ago. “How are things at work ? I stopped by the Grill a couple of times to see you , but you weren’t there…”
“I um … I got fired.” Y/N blurted out.
“You WHAT ?!” Elena raised her voice. “What happened ?”
Y/N bit the inside of her cheek. How was she going to explain to her sister that she had gotten fired because she got caugh making out with her boyfriend in the storage room in work hours ? … No , there was no way to explain this. Besides Y/N didn’t regret getting caught. Her boss had been looking for an excuse to fire her since her first day there.
“There was an accident in the storage room and my boss freaked out.” said Y/N , scooping some ice cream from the pack in her hands. “It was nothing though I am glad I got fired…”
Elena looked at her as if she was crazy. “You are not serious. Y/N , you need that job …”
“Don’t worry sis. I am already looking for something and I know there is something much better.” she said reassuringly.
Y/N and Elena glanced at each other for a moment. Her sister was studying her face and then her gaze fell on the clock on the wall behind Y/N.
“Ugh , I have to go. Classes start early in the morning tomorrow and Alaric won’t be happy if I oversleep.” said Elena getting up. Y/N got up too , following her towards the door giving her older sister a hug. “See you tomorrow ?”
“Yeah. Love you.”
“Love you too.” said Elena turning around to wave at her as she turned around the corner.
Y/N closed the door and turned around bumping into something invisible. A blink of an eye later in front of her stood Kai Parker , her boyfriend , holding a large paperbag with take out. He snapped his fingers and the bag found itself onto the coffee table.
“Hi.” he said smiling , not waiting for any response before his lips smashed against hers backing her against the door.
“What - how ?! Elena was just here.” Y/N said in a hushed voice. “We can’t get caught , remember ?”
Instead of replying , he smashed his lips against hers again , taking her breath away. He had been right outside her apartment door , about to knock when he heard Elena was inside with her. Quickly he had cloaked himself as Y/N’s older sister was about to open the door and used the opportunity to sneak inside. Kai hadn’t intended on falling for Elena’s little sister , it had just happened.
After he had kidnapped Elena and they had drugged him , Y/N had been the one volunteering to watch him while everyone else went about their lives. A few times while they had been alone , she had pulled out the tube from his arm , allowing him to wake up. They had talked and eventually he started falling for her. It wasn’t because she was beautiful though that was a part of the reasons why , no … it was because Y/N hadn’t been afraid of him. Every time they got to spend time together she’d listen to him talk and talk , not once judging him or telling him he was annoying or anything.
“I wanted to surprise you.” said Kai smiling motioning with his head towards the large paper bag on the coffee table. “Your favorite , of course.”
Y/N’s eyes widened and she lightly sniffed the air only then noticing the smell of thai and chinese in the air. “You didn’t !” she said swining her leg over the back of the couch taking a short cut.
Kai couldn’t help but laugh - there were two things she’d act like that for - HIM and FOOD. She opened the bag taking everything out on the coffee table.
“You are the best boyfriend ever ! … but still what you did was risky. If we get caught -”
“I know, but I can’t help it. I just want to be with you every minute of every day.” he said taking off his jacket leaving it on the comfy chair near by while Y/N scooted over to him with a take out box in her hands.
“I want the same thing but if they find out -”
“They are not going to find out. You worry too much.” said Kai , tapping her nose. Y/N smiled at him. “Hey are we are still on for date night right ? I have big things planned…” he trailed off , a devilish spark in his eyes.
“Yes.” she said smiling , pressing her lips against his. “I can’t wait.”

* * *

Y/N spent the entire day on Friday getting ready for her date with Kai. She had told her sister and their friends she is going out of town for the weekend , clearing up 3 whole days for her to be with him. He hadn’t given her a clue as to what the date was going to be ,making her job picking an outfit even harder. Not that it mattered - by the end of the night Kai would’ve torn off whatever she was wearing anyways. Finally she settled for a knee high white dress with a thin black belt on her waist and her favorite black leather jacket with ankle high black boots.
Her phone rang from the kitchen and she ran to pick it up seeing it was her sister calling. She clicked ignore and headed back to her bedroom. Barely a few second later she felt someone standing behind her.
“You look … breath taking.” whispered Kai , snaking his hands around her waist and spinning her around in vampire speed. His face barely an inch away from hers. “It’s completely unfair I have to wait until the end of the evening to do what I want.”
“MMmm and what is it that you want ?”
“You.” he said , his lips touching hers briefly. “I want to throw you onto that bed and never ever let you go.”
Y/N’s head started spinning , feeling Kai’s breath on her face. She blinked a few times trying to remember how to breath except it was even harder to do with Kai’s smile right in front of her eyes.
“All nice things require patience.” she said , her nose brushing against his. “What do you have planned ?”
Kai smiled , stroking her cheek with his fingers for a moment. He had planned a fancy dinner , a night at the movies all by themselves (luckily for him , no one working at the movie theater was on vervain) and that was just the beginning. Three whole days just for them with no interferences from anyone. Ever since they had started dating it had been sneaking around , barely having time to do what they want without the risk of getting caught. Part of him wanted to tell her friends about them so it can all finally be in the open so they could go on a normal date. At first when they had started dating it had been a little easier for them to pretend to dislike each other , but the longer they were together the harder it got. Her friends would start to notice soon and if they found out on their own , who knew what they’d do. It was Kai’s biggest fear , one of them anyways , that they’d get separated. It had happened once already - when Bonnie ditched him in 1903 and the only reason he hadn’t retaliated was because of Y/N and all the emotions he felt for her. He knew if he hurt her family or friends , things between them wouldn’t work out.
“It’s a surprise.” he said smashing his lips against hers. “You are going to love it.”
Kai took her hand and they walked out of her apartment together.
“Hello Ms Anderson.” Y/N smiled at her neighbour. “How’s the knee ? Feeling better ?”
“Yes , thank you my darling.” said the old woman , her eyes fixing on Kai. “Who’s your handsome friend?”
“Oh um … my third cousin. He came for a visit.” said Y/N trying to hide how nervous she had gotten figuring out Kai hadn’t cloaked himself.
“Yes. It’s a surprise for her sister. We haven’t seen each other in a long time…” interjected Kai.
“Ahh … not to worry.” said the old woman smiling. “I won’t spoil the surprise.”

They got into the elevator , as soon as the door closed Kai pushed the stop button and in a vampire speed smashed Y/N against the elevator wall , his lips hungrily attacking hers. He scooped her up , placing soft kisses on her neck making her moan out for a moment before he let her feet on the ground again leaving her out of breath. Y/N’s hair had gotten a little messier and she pulled a travel size hair brush from her bag.
“I know what you are doing ..” she said , placing her hand on his chest pushing him towards the opposite door. “You are hoping I’d forget we might get outted by my old neighbour.”
“A guy can hope.” he muttered , his hands snaking around her back lightly squeezing on her ass. “Did it work ?”
“Try harder.” she whispered to him , and just as he was about to kiss her. Y/N pressed the button letting the elevator continue on its way down , except Kai pressed the stop button again , leaning in towards her while his hands slid under her dress. Kai’s fingertips brushing against her thigh and his lips crashed against hers , pulling her into another deep passionate kiss. Kai’s eyes fixed onto hers asking a silent question.
“Whaat were we talking about ?” she smiled at him.
“I love you.” he said softy.
“I love you more.”
“I love you most.”
Y/N pushed the button , pulling away from Kai and quickly fixing her dress before they reached the ground floor. The elevator doors opened , their hands held together as they walked out the building. A few minutes later they turned the first corner , Kai listening to her laugh and twirling her around until she bumped into him. They gazed into each other’s eyes falling silent for a long moment before their lips touched. Her hand brushing against his cheek before hooking around his neck as his wrapped around her waist pulling her towards him. Both of them had gotten so lost in their moment , none of them had even noticed they had an audience.
“What the hell ?!”
Kai and Y/N turned towards the direction the voice had come from only then realising it had been her sister Elena. Awkwardly they pulled away from each other , Kai’s hand still around Y/N’s waist.
“Um … hey sis. Wh-what are you doing here ?”
“Yeah. Hi.” said Elena plainly , shock all over her face. “You didn’t answer your phone. I got worried. Have you stopped wearing vervain ?”
“No.” said Y/N waving her vervain bracelet in front of her sister’s eyes.
“Then what are you doing all dressed up and kissing with him of all people ?! You two hate each other…” wondered Elena.
Kai pulled Y/N towards him , holding onto her tight as he met Elena’s gaze. It was bound to happen - someone would’ve seen him , and that old lady was going to find herself in Hell faster than she thought.
“Yeah , no. That’s not exactly true.” he said calmly. “Y/N and I … We fell in love. I know it might seem shocking to you , but it’s the truth. We have been together for a while now and nothing you can do or say is going to change the way I feel about her…”
Y/N looked at the ground then at her sister. Elena looked shocked , not angry.
“I’m in love with Kai and Kai loves me too. He makes me the happiest girl in the world.” she paused for a moment , glancing at Kai who was trying to supress a smile. “We make each other happy. Please let us be..” Y/N pleaded with her sister. Elena sighed. Her sister had always been like this - strong opinions , seeing the world a little differently than everyone else.
Elena turned towards Kai. “Do you really love my sister or is this some kind of a trick ?” she asked.
“It’s not a trick.” said Kai. “What I feel for Y/N is real , its the most real thing I’ve felt in my life and … I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost her.”
His tone was calm and there was softness in it , Elena noticed.
“I know you don’t trust or even like me… I am not even sure if I deserve to be trusted , but I love Y/N and I’d never hurt her or let anyone else hurt her in any way.” he turned towards Y/N and smiled at her. “Give me a chance to proof to you I’m being honest , that this is all real. It’s all I ask.”
Elena was surprised by the honestly in Kai’s voice. Either he was the best liar on this planet or he really was in love with her sister and somehow those feelings have started to change him a little.
“I am not going to pretend and say I approve of this , but I do understand it. ” Elena said smiling at them. “I love seeing you happy Y/N and if he is the one who makes you happy then I won’t stay in the way.” then she turned towards Kai. “One chance. You get one chance. If you hurt her , I’ll kill you personally. Got it?”
“Got it.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

Mystic Messenger Fanfic: Kingdom of Words

Pairing: Saeran/MC

Rating: G

Other places to read: AO3

This fic is a gift to @an-ambivalent! I’m one of your @mystic-messenger-secret-santa (the mysterious anon hihi) :3 Sorry this is so late, dear! I tried to include as many of your preferences as I could, so I hope you enjoy this not so small fic I wrote for you ♥

The first time the words appeared on Saeran’s arm, he panicked. His only warning had been a warm, itchy sensation that’d made him look down, only to find a black scribble on his skin.

Can you see this?

He screamed. He couldn’t help it - as much as he rubbed, the words wouldn’t come off, nor did his hand get dirty with ink. Saeyoung rushed to his side, eyes wide, but once Saeran explained what was wrong, he hesitated, his gaze fixed at the point where Saeran could see the dark words in stark contrast against his reddened skin.

“I can’t see anything, Saeran.”

Before Saeran could process what Saeyoung had said, their mother came. He should’ve excpected it, should’ve known better than to make so much noise. His ears hurt with her screams, louder than his own; still, he tried reaching her - arm extended, he tried telling her about the words, tried asking her what they meant.

His only answer were two days without food, getting by with only the scraps Saeyoung managed to sneak him behind their mother’s back.

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Air Conditioning

Characters/Pairing: Sam x Reader (especially for Beka)

Word Count: 572

Warnings: None! 

A/N: Thanks again to my love, @impala-dreamer, for submitting another gif for my 250 followers gif drabble celebration. Her man, Sam, this time! Thanks, Beka, for tempting this die hard Dean!girl with that sexy man. Yeah, that didn’t give me a crisis at all…. (I’m completely lying. It did and I can’t stop staring). I hope y’all like it! Rules are here if you would like to play along!

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                                       - Part II
Kai Parker x Reader

(Part I)
word count : 2 575
*not my gif

Whatever Kai’s idea of fun was , it definitely wasn’t the same as Y/N’s. Not all the time at least. He was capable of being the most dangerous being one minute and the sweetest caring one the next. He’d stab her with a knife just to see how long it would take for the Prison World to heal her , or tie her up and practice his magic on her before making her dinner and telling her jokes to make her laugh.
Y/N’s first week with Kai had been rough. As much as she hated everything he was doing to her , a twisted part of her was actually starting to like him … up until the point he killed her again , when she hated him all over again.

* * *

“Wakey wakey.” Kai’s voice woke her up.
She opened her eyes , turning towards him. Kai was laying on the bed next to her , his hands behind his head and his gaze fixed on her.
“Kai !” she pulled away startled. “I thought we talked about this…”
A few times the past few weeks he had sneaked into bed with her instead of going to sleep on the couch as they had discussed. They’d take turns each night but somehow he always ended up wherever she was sleeping. Sometimes she’d go to sleep on the couch and wake up in his bed with him starring at her. It was making her nervous because clearly he didn’t get the whole ‘boundaries’ thing…
“Yeah , we did but I don’t care much what you have to say and I was bored.” he said grinning. “Awh don’t look at me with those big eyes. I made you breakfast , you are going to love it ! Come on.”
Y/N sighed. There was no way to reason with him , if this kept on happening she’d rather spend eternity alone.

Later that day Kai left her alone for a few minutes and she used her chance to sneak out of the apartment and run out of the building.
When Kai came back to the living room and didn’t see her around something inside him broke. Using his vampire hearing he heard her running outside.
“Damn it.” he muttered and chased after her , catching up with Y/N in the town square. He raised his hand and she ran into an invisible wall knocking her a few steps backwards. “Life is so much easier with magic.” he laughed.
“What the hell ?” she asked , her hands hitting the boundary over and over. She hated it when he used his magic to do things like this , knowing there is nothing for her to do. Its like he was doing it on purpose.
He vamp sped towards her pinning her on the ground.
“Come on , sweetheart. You didn’t really think I’d let you go , did you ?” he said gripping her hand tightly , pulling her up.
He didn’t sound angry , he sounded hurt which completely took her off balance. She turned towards him , wanting to see his eyes but he wouldn’t look at her just kept pulling her with him towards his place.
“Kai … Let go of me.” she said out of breath. “You are hurting me.”
He didn’t seem to hear her at first , but then loosened the grip a little and she ran again , a moment later the world turned black.
“That’s about enough of this..” Kai said annoyed , flicking his wrist magically snapping her neck. He vamp-ran towards Y/N , catching her body before she fell on the ground , lifting her up and pulling her closer to his chest. “I hate how you make me do this to you again and again…” he sighed. “Oh well … maybe one more time won’t hurt.”

Kai carried her to his bedroom and let her down on his bed , stroking her cheek. “What am I going to do with you ?” he whispered.
He had been so terrified she’d leave pretty much since they had met and his worst fears had been confirmed more than once already. Y/N was the closest thing he had to a friend and he just couldn’t bring himself to let her go , the thought of her being gone hurt him for some reason.

* * *

Y/N woke up from a sharp pain in her leg. She tried to move but couldn’t. Kai was using his magic to keep her pinned down. Her vision was blury as she opened her eyes and then another loud crack came followed by a really sharp pain in her other leg , sharper than before.
“W-what are you doing?” she asked accusingly trying to focus her eyes on him.
“Oh , don’t look at me like that sweetheart.” he said faking a pouty face. “You must’ve known this would happen. I told you not to run…or did you think there wouldn’t be consequences?” he said suddenly serious.
“Why are you doing this?” she hissed at him. Of course he’d do something like this…
“I told you sweetheart. You shouldn’t have ran…” he paused for a moment , slightly tilting his head. “Maybe if I break another bone , you’ll learn your lesson.”
“No , Kai , don’t ..” she said screaming out in pain again as another bone broke with a loud crack. Kai looked at her slightly amused , watching her squirm in pain for a few more minutes before healing her broken bones.
“I am getting better at this.” he said proudly. He lifted her body up and pulled her into a hug gently rubbing her back as she started sobbing. “Awh , don’t cry. I can do a lot of things but I don’t know how to make you stop crying.”
Kai felt something in him shift again listening to her sobs. He had hurt her multiple times the past few days including less than 5 minutes ago , yet she held on to him as if her life depended on it. Y/N tried to run away from him, it wasn’t as if she had given up yet , but something always pulled her back towards him.
“Stop doing things like these to me , maybe I will.” she said snuggling closer to him.
It was absolutely insane … he kept hurting her and kept comforting her after and she was letting him do both.
Earlier that day when Y/N had run off , he had felt as if air was being pulled out of his lungs. He didn’t want to spend eternity alone , that’s why he had chanced her , it’s why he had hurt her but now a part of him was starting to wonder maybe this was only pushing her away and at some point he’d actually end up losing her. Y/N looked so fragile in his hands and suddenly he found himself wanting to protect her , except he’d have to protect her from himself.


The next two weeks were strangely calm. Kai acted super nice to her , refused to feed on her and payed so much attention to her , she was starting to get scared , more scared than when he was torturing her. This has been the longest he’s gone without hurting her. Sometimes she’d catch him looking at her with those beautiful blue eyes , he’d smirk at her and then look away or he’d just look away. Ka was acting weird and a few times she tried to ask him what was wrong , but he’d just say ‘nothing’ and change the subject.

Kai was sitting on the couch watching some movie on the DVD. His eyes had started to turn black the past few days and Y/N was starting to get worried. She finished her lunch (which Kai had made her) and sat for a while looking at him.
“Stop starring at me. Its annoying.” he snapped. Y/N sighed , last thing she needed was Kai getting annoyed at her , things never turned out well for her when that happened. The past few days Kai had shown her a side of him probably no one else had seen before and she kind of started to like him and ‘get ideas’. She turned her gaze away towards the window , it was annoyingly sunny as every other day. Part of her missed the rain , the snow … but in the Prison World the weather never changed. Y/N glanced at Kai who was now starring at her , watching her every move. She got up and walked towards him , sitting on his lap her legs on each side of him.
“What are you doing ?” he asked trying to push her off.
“You are hungry , Kai. I’m not stupid.” she removed her hair from her neck , pushing it away exposing her neck. Y/N could see his eyes flicker with hunger and the purple black veins under his eyes started to show , but a moment later they disappeared. Kai’s hands were on either side of her waist , unsure if he should push her away or not.
“I don’t … I don’t want to hurt you , Y/N.” he said , surprising her with his answer. Y/N hadn’t seen this coming , considering how much he seemed to enjoy hurting her the past few weeks. She slided her hand in his pocket and took out his pocket knife , opening it and making a small cut on her neck.
Kai could smell her blood before a single drop had shown on the surface. She watched as the purple / black veins under his eyes showed up again , his fangs coming out too.
“It’s OK Malachai. I want to.” Y/N said reassuringly. Kai glanced at her and she nodded. “Go for it.”
Kai sank his teeth into her neck , his hands pulling her closer to him as she threw her head back a bit , wincing at the pain. In all his times feeding on her , he had gotten better at it and now there was very little blood dripping down her neck. As he kept feeding his hands tugged at her shirt a bit , his fingers touching her skin , the cold of his rings sending shivers through her body. A few minutes later he pulled out , Y/N’s head feeling dizzy from the bloodloss. He wiped a few blood drops from her neckwound and pressed his hand against it muttering a spell. She felt warmth spread through her where Kai was touching her bare skin as the wound healed. Kai’s eyes were locked on hers , the beautiful blue / gray shade had returned and his eyes were glowing.
“See , that wasn’t so bad. Didn’t hurt as much …” she smiled at him , starting to get up but he wouldn’t let her. “Kai wha-”
Kai’s bloody lips smashed against her , his tongue going deep inside her mouth. The kiss was demanding , Y/N tried to pull away confused by what was happening , he didn’t let her. His hands on her waist were pulling her closer to him , making her grind against him and a moment later she let go. His touch felt like fire and she wanted more. His lips moved towards her neck , a low growl escaping from his throat.
“No … we can’t … we can’t do this.” Y/N said , pulling away and tossing herself on the couch next to him completely out of breath. She couldn’t wrap her mind around what had just happened. Kai leaned in , pressing her body onto the couch as his lips founding hers again. His eyes were black again , this time from a different kind of hunger. Kai slided his hand under her shirt pulling it up a little.
Y/N wasn’t sure what was happening in that moment , all she knew was his touch felt so good and she didn’t want to fight it.
“Sweet innocent Y/N…” Kai whispered to her , brushing her cheek , her eyes following his touch. He lifted her chin gently his eyes piercing into hers for a long moment before pulling away from her. Y/N’s heart was beating so fast and her breathing uneven , she got up quickly and ran into the bathroom , locking the door a resting her back against it sliding down towards the floor.

A few minutes passed in complete silence and then he knocked on the door , trying to open it.
“Y/N? I’m … I’m sorry , I don’t know what …” he started to say but didn’t seem able to finish his sentence.
Wow , Kai speechless ? That’s new. she thought. Usually he never shuts up and always had something to say.
Please open the door.”
Y/N hated how he made her feel , she hated him and liked him at the same time and what had happened earlier had her emotions completely mixed up. She could hear him sit by the door , waiting for her to come out which eventually she will have to. Part of her was wondering why he hadn’t knocked down the door yet…
About half an hour later she opened the door and found him sitting by the door just as she had expected. He got up in a flash , standing a few steps away from her. They locked eyes and for a moment none of them said a word.
“I’m not … I’m not going to do that again .. unless you want me to. I didn’t want to scare you or anything.” he said. Kai sounded so honest and Y/N couldn’t help but believe him.
Thing is , she hadn’t felt scared or anything like it. She felt confused and his answer , the way he was looking at her in that moment only added to her confusion.
“Why?” she asked simply. “Why would you … kiss me ? You don’t even like me. The only reason I’m here is because you don’t want to be alone.”
A look of hurt passed through Kai’s face , he reached for her hand and she took a step back. He sighed and looked at the ground.
“I … It will sound weird but , I care about you. I don’t know or understand why - you are so annoying …” he laughed nervously.
“You care about me?” Y/N asked thinking she had heard him wrong. Then she remembered how nice he has had been the past two weeks and before how even after he hurt her , he always found a way to comfort her. Maybe he was telling the truth.
“Yes. It’s annoying , all those feelings and everything.” he said. “And you are right. I don’t want to be alone. I’ve spent most of my life in isolation , Y/N. I don’t want to spend eternity by myself.” he reached for her hand again and this time she didn’t pull away. “You are the closest thing I’ve had to a friend … I don’t .. I don’t want to lose you.”
Y/N couldn’t take her eyes off him. What had happened to Kai ? He sounded and looked so different.
“You are not going to spend eternity alone , Malachai.” she said with a small smile. “Can we go out on a walk ? It’s stuffy in here …”
Kai smiled nervously. “Um yeah .. sure , whatever you want.” he said letting go of her hand , waiting for her to go.
She took a few steps towards the door , her hand holding onto the door knob for a moment before twisting it. Just as she was about to step outside , she turned towards him locking eyes with his , her breath getting caught in her throat.
“Catch me.” she said smiling and winking at him before running off down the stairs.
Kai laughed.
“Oh I will …” he said chasing after her a moment later.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017