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Hi guys! I’m going to need your help.

Let me explain my situation.

So I have an event to go this weekend called AniCraze 5 where me and my team are going to present new games to present to the masses.

The way we do this is basically bringing each of the team’s computers. The problem is that my computer is severely under powered. A broken gfx card, and the 2nd monitor is dead.

I had help back in my birthday to rectify this, but it instead ended up in my tuition and my family’s fund as we had a family money problem then.

I though I’d be able to make up the loss over my break, but instead I wasted this time on my thesis. I fixed the family and tuition problem by working at the research team on my University.

So now, I have 5 days left to get some money.
Now let me explain each of the sections above.

100$ - GFX Card - The most important one, the others are optional.
I’ll be getting the RX 460/560, so yeah I don’t need a overly powerful card.

200$ - 2nd Monitor - Mostly to compliment the card, my current monitor is VGA. This will also help replace my 2nd video card.

250$ - Extra Funds - This one is to provide padding for the two above. As well as extra funding to the setup at the event.

For this emergency run, I will be introducing my new commission system.

The Revolving Queue. This will be a series of 5 current commissions, and 5 reserved commissions done in a revolver style roulette.

So if you would like to help me, check my commission page: https://wishdreamstar.tumblr.com/commission

You would like to donate? Please check the commission page.

Current Status: $219
Last Target:

unexpected wedding guest ~ peter hale

Prompt - # I think that only works with the groom sweetheart,  # “do you remember that night,” “it’s one I’ll never forget" 

Summary ~it’s the night before your wedding, Peter turns up at your hotel to try to stop you from marrying Scott. 

Warnings - none really , mild swearing 

Pairing Peter hale x reader
Story ~
After months of planning and organising, your big day was almost here, in 12 hours you would be walking down the isle.
Your bridesmaids Lydia, Malia and Kira hadn’t long left you, You had a hen party the week before but Lydia couldn’t let you sit in alone the night before your wedding. So she got the other girls round to your room with facial packs, manicure kits and champagne. You felt tipsy as they left, a quite girly night was exactly what you wanted. After taking a shower, getting out you put on your pyjamas, walking out the bathroom, you start smiling at your dress hanging up over the mirror in the main room still not believing how fast time had gone. 

The was a knock on the door, stood close giggling "you know it’s unlucky to see the bride don’t you” you shout though the door thinking your future husband was on the other side. “I think that only works with the groom sweetheart” the voice was one you didn’t want to hear but dearly missed, the voice of Peter hale.
You quickly pull open the door thinking it couldn’t be real but there he was stood leaning against the wall, his hands in his pockets, his annoying but lovable smirk and them bright blue eyes that made weak in the knees. 

“hello y/n” he smiled, his voice was velvet soft and silky in your ears, It Filled you with a thousand thoughts and memories of him,  the sweet whispers in your ears each one more intense then then the previous. “you not going to say hello back” Peter’s voice snapped you out of your daydream “why are you here Peter, it’s a little late don’t you think or are you just here to physically and mentally screw me one last time before I get married” you coldly say him pissed off he had the cheek to show up after he left you without an explanation 18 months ago.
Peter now looked nervous rocking on his heels “no! not quite sure why I came maybe to see if you was really marrying that idiot guess its true” you huffed closing the door but he put his hand on it stopping you. “it was stupid of me to come I shouldn’t be here but I needed to see you, talk to you” peter paused and gave you a big puppy dog look widen his eyes and pouting his lower lip. You clenched your teeth together trying to hide your smile at his face. Peter knew it was working so in a whinny voice “please”, you opened the door for him to come inside knowing his stubbornness he wouldn’t leave until you spoke with him.

“you’ve got 10 minutes” you said sternly as he walked past into your room. “oh we can do a lot in 10 minutes” he chuckled “don’t make me throw you out” you replied back. Peter held up his hands defensively “sorry I was joking” he smirked not taking his eyes of you as he sat down. “how did you know I was here?” you asked him sitting on the opposite sofa to him. “Derek” he said you frowned wanting to smack Derek. Peter saw your face knowing what your thinking quickly said “its not his fault, I asked him why he was packing a suit he said it was for a wedding, when I asked who’s he didn’t want to say but eventually told me Scott was getting hitched he was part of the groomsmen” peter smugly started “so when I asked who the lucky lady was he didn’t tell me I looked at his invention and I just couldn’t believe it” he was sarcastic slightly smug like he’d figured out a big secret.

we welcome you to join us at the wedding of Scott McCall + y/n y/l/n at the hills hotel on January 23rd at 3pm‘ 

Peter mocked a posh accent as he repeated the memorised words. This angered you Peter was sat there taking the piss out of you, your relationship with Scott. “is that all you came here for to mock me, laugh at me” you started shouting at him, but it only annoyed you more when he actually started smiling and laughing “ugh what are you giggling about” you snarl at him “nothing just how adorable you are when you get mad sweetheart” he said almost sweetly giving you his flirty eyes.

“don’t call me sweetheart” you said trying to remain emotionless and cold, but inside your heart was pounding for the alpha in front of you, standing up to get a drink trying to focus on something else other then the way he was making you feel. Pouring two glasses of whiskey you walked over handing him one “thank you y/n”. The way he said your name was worse then any pet name he called you it was more seductive. You sat down not taking your eyes from him as he swirled the alcohol around the glass. Looking up at you catching your gaze “no I’m not here to laugh at you y/n, I’m here to save you” now it was your turn to laugh at him, his smirk dropped for a brief second, “I was right your here to mentality screw me over” you whisper to yourself pinching the bridge of your nose already regretting your next question “so why do you think I need saving?” you say a little louder, knowing he’d heard both comments.

Peter smiled “well your about to marry Scotty boy I mean come on even stiles has to be better choice then McCall, we both know your going to need saving from a boring basic future”. Annoyed he was being nasty towards Scott. “and things was so fun with you” you sarcastically answer back with a snarl standing up ready to show Peter the door, but faster then you could blink Peter was on his feet inches away from you. “oh kitten we had lots of fun together” he said lifting his arm to touch your face but you backed away. “I’ll tell you what wasn’t fun, sitting in beacon hills park in the pouring down rain and dark waiting for you” peter knowing nothing he could say would make up for what he’d done mumbled 

“sorry”. You looked at him full of angry “sorry” you smacked him across the face then pushed him hard with both hands wanting him away from you “sorry not going to cut it Peter, 4 hours I sat on that bench for, bag packed waiting, to start a life together just us out of beacon hills” you voice was now shaking the memory, and pain from over a year ago was still fresh like it happened yesterday taking a breath trying to gather the strength to steady your body and tone “even when I was soaked to the skin I still sat believing you was coming for me. then Derek and Scott came looking for me, told me you had already gone even told them where to find me what did you say tell her I’ve gone and I’m not coming back” you didn’t know if the tears running down your cheek was from anger or the feeling of you heart starting to break again reliving that night. “days I tried calling you, hoping it was a lie you hadn’t left me, walked out on our 2year relationship with a word or blink or second thought. I read your message over and over

  'I got your note kitten and yes I do meet me in the park at 9pm we’ll leave together tonight xx’ Im a fool for believing it now” you say.

Peter stepped towards you wiping a tear away his touch was soft, loving and lasted longer then it really needed to. You pulled away from him not wanting to get to close to him. You watched put his hand in his pocket taking out an envelope giving it to you. You took it looking at Peter, he downed his drink in one go and went to refill his glass. Something was off about him making you weary of what was in the envelope, opening it you saw two pieces of paper and 3 pictures. You looked at the first letter, it was your own,

Peter I don’t care if you started the Deadpool or if everyone hates you, I don’t I still love you and want to be with you please if you feel the same meet me take me with you.

You wanted to screw the letter up, cringing with how desperate and cheesy it sounded now. You took the pictures out, the first was of you in your sexy pink lace teddy blowing a kiss to peter who taken the picture. The next was you and Peter looking at each other in the woods, his hand touching your face. you smiled remembering when it was taken a picnic date not long after you where officially going out, you had asked Peter to take a selfie with you using your old Polaroid camera, when you did Peter hadn’t smiled. “your meant to smile for the camera” you joked with him. He looked at you “I only smile when I look at you” he said back smiling  tucking your hair behind your ear, you quickly took the picture without him knowing until it came out and developed. You didn’t know he’d kept this picture you thought you’d lost it the day it was taken smiling at how happy you looked you put it down. The last one was attached to the other letter unfolding it, the picture grabbed your attention and fear. It was of you asleep in your bedroom with a berserker standing over you. You looked at the writing it wasn’t one you knew - 

I found your weakness! pretty isn’t she! Now I want your help to fix a problem I’m having, be a good wolf and come to the distillery and my friend in the picture will leave her unharmed!
Don’t and the next time you see sweet little y/n she’ll be in pieces!
Kate argent

You looked at Peter who had almost finished his 2nd drink as quickly as the first. None of you spoke at first, you sat down thinking about the letter the threat on your life how couldn’t you know or why wasn’t you told. Peter came and sat next to you taking the papers and pictures from you putting them back in his pocket “do you understand why I left now, I never wanted to hurt you but I couldn’t let Kate kill you” he said looking down at the floor you nodded feeling numb. Peter could see how shaken you were, put his arm around you and pulled you close to him, you sank and snuggled into him enjoying being back in his arms kinda like you hadn’t left. “I’d never felt so scared or powerless before” he said calmly like it was nothing, kissing the top of your head. Jumping at his touch “why now, Kate’s been dead almost 7 months, Derek and argent found her body, you’ve had that long to tell me what she’d done so why now the night before I get married” you said backing away. He paused looking you up and down smirking “I know she’s dead I killed her, and as for not coming back well Derek told me you hated me now never wanted to see me again. I saw you, you looked happy and I couldn’t wreck that” he said low.

Before you could think or ask another question he chuckled changing the subject “but you know what memory has still been my anchor since I haven’t had you in person to keep me grounded, keep me human”. You looked at him puzzled you never knew what Peter’s anchor was, he’d never tell you when you asked, so you certainly didn’t expect it to be you. “no! What?” you asked coyly, Peter leaned in close to you moving your hair to expose your ear “the lost woods motel” he whispered lustfully then  slowly sat back. You blush but start laughing again. “do you remember that weekend?” He asked smirking devilishly “it’s one I’ll never forget” you answered “Derek’s crazy ex girlfriend Jennifer almost to killed me definitely not forgetting that” you laughed. Peter rolled his eyes “I think we remember that weekend very differently” “oh really and how do you remember it, or shouldn’t I ask” you said raising your eyebrows. He stood up putting his glass on the coffee table walking over to the drinks cabinet getting the bottle. He re- filled his glass holding the bottle to in a silent way of asking did you want yours filling to, you held you glass out as a yes.

Peter sat back down with his glass in one hand holding his other arm out for you to cuddle into him. As he spoke you sat close as he placed his arm around your shoulders. “ Well I remember, that weekend, I protected and hid your little butt, then saved your life from the lunatic teacher” he said cocky. You giggled what Peter had said was true but you wasn’t going to let him feel that smug “yep we definitely remember that weekend differently” you say “first off you didn’t even want to help us Derek had to lie and trick you to get you there and trap us in with mountain ash so you really didn’t have a choice” you sat up at little looking him in the eyes continuing “what was it you said oh yeah, why do I have to babysit the useless boring pathetic human girl she’d be better of dead”. You paused to have some of your drink letting your words hit home.

Peter looked down, he felt bad for ever saying that about y/n. Even then he never meant it, he’d only said it to hide his own feelings. from the day Peter saw y/n he wanted her, she was gorgeous, sweet, different, funny, had her own stubborn mind and countless topics to keep a conversation interesting. Although back then Peter believed love was a weakness and a relationship didn’t fit in with his plans for power then, he only truly realised how wrong he’d been when Jennifer did nearly kill y/n.

Putting your empty glass on the coffee table, you sat back but swing your legs over his in an automatic reaction, still focused on what you was saying looking him in the eyes drunkenly laughing “then when she finally found us both asleep some protection you were by the way,” you said sarcastically lightly elbowing him “she was so angry she couldn’t use me in her virgin ritual anymore because I slept with you, she tried to kill me anyway” you finished. Peter faked a look of shock “and what exactly is it that you’re blaming for? ” he said and his arm snaked round your back ticking and poking your side so you couldn’t speak. You giggled and wriggled trying to get out his playful grip, trying smack and poke him back.

It was exactly like that night all over again, the play fighting, the way your heart pounded just like it had, all the feelings you ever had for Peter hale came flooding back in that moment. You moved on top of him straddling him pinning his arms back in a poor attempt to stop him, he laughed using his wolf strength to break out of your hold aiming for your sides again but instead of poking you, he held your hips looking at your eyes then lips back at your eyes. “now i remember definitely this from that weekend” you said then wrapped your hands around his neck kissing him.

Peter kissed you back passionately, holding you tight and without breaking the kiss he lifted you laying you on your back leaning over you. He pulled back with a smirk “actually this is more how I remember it” he said kissing you again. He slowly slid his hand up your thigh running his hand over your bum squeezing it as his lips moved from yours and down onto your neck. Humming and moving your head so he had more space to kiss and bite, you see your wedding dress hanging up.

You push Peter off you “stop, no I can’t do this get off” you said. Peter moved instantly but looked confused at your sudden change of mind. “I’m getting married what was I thinking” you muttered to yourself pacing up and down still annoyed and angry at yourself. You asked Peter to go he put his glass back over on a small round table lingering a minute before turning back at you, you bit your lip holding the door open for him to go. Peter walked out turning before you could shut the door. “wait you asked me why I was here, well I told you I didn’t know I lied. I came here because I wanted to stop your wedding ask you to leave with me tonight for good like we was going to. But more importantly I needed you to know that I love y/n and wanted to tell you your everything to me I hope your happy my little kitten”. You had never seen Peter like this before his sounded desperate and needy, he looked teary-eyed and vulnerable, but what grabbed your attention was his words. Peter had never said the words I love you before. Even in the two years you were together, when you had said it to him, his answers was , I feel the same too or and you too, or ditto but he’d never used them words until tonight. For the first time Peter hale was open and honest with you, but you couldn’t look at him in fear you would run off with him. He kissed your cheek “I understand” his voice quivering then walked away, you watched him disappear around the corner sinking to the floor crying, you hurt so much he was gone again, like you did the night he left beacon hill without you and so guilty for cheating on Scott.

You cried yourself to sleep that night unsure of what to do. You liked Scott he was always there he cared about you and you for him. But you loved Peter you always had the was something about him that lit a fire in you. but you believed that fire had died months ago. That was until his visit, that kiss, his confession of love. It felt like you had burly slept an hour when the alarm went off. You groaned getting out of bed feeling sick and confused about the night before and your feelings now, you went to get a coffee. You screamed jumping out your skin when see Scott sitting on the sofa, a sofa only hours before you was kissing Peter on. You felt nervous, not sure why he was there, his body language was different too you stood frozen to the spot. Scott stood up smiling at you which didn’t help you felt worse then you had all night. Tears ran down your face stuttering and trying to keep your breath calm “I….. I have to tell you something, I… I’m… I’m sorry…. I did something bad…. Peter came round last night” you looked at Scott who was now laughing to himself “it okay I know he was here” he sweetly said. You stopped panicking and looked at him with confusion “how?” you asked.

Scott wanted to make a joke about watching you or stalking you but the look on your face said you wasn’t in a joking mood. “Derek told me Peter was back in town” he started, you cut him off blowing loud “is the anything Derek hasn’t told anyone” you say annoyed. Scott laughed more just like Peter he always thought you looked cute mad “easy he only told me Peter was in town, I knew Peter was here because I could smell his sent in the hallway and all over the room when I walked in, oh and he felt this for you on the mini bar” Scott handed you the Polaroid  picture of you and Peter. Your heart pounded when you saw it, thinking back you realised he wasn’t lingering he was leaving you the photo. “also I saw Peter after he left we had a long chat about you y/n” he looked down bit smiled when he looked up at you. “I know you want Him, you always have y/n, and I can’t be the one to keep you from being with the person you truly love y/n so I’ve cancelled the wedding because I know he loves you too” he didn’t sound mad or upset. 

You stood speechless insure of what was going on was Scott breaking up with you, what had Peter told him about your heated kiss, your mind went crazy over thinking. Scott broke you out of your thoughts “get dressed and meet me downstairs” he ordered. You looked at the mirror to notice your dress was missing a lone hanger left “where’s my dress?” you ask. Scott looked sad again but covered it by raising his eyebrows “that doesn’t matter dressed now” he said pointing to the bedroom. You went inside crying your wedding was cancelled your relationship over, Peter was gone, after calming yourself you did what Scott asked.

Once in a pair of jeans and cute jumper you walked to the lift and nervously went to the lobby where Scott stood with stiles and Lydia. You faked smiled at them wanting to hide and cry feeling depressed and lonely. “here she is” Lydia squealed as you got closer “what’s going on” you asked “I’ve got a wed - ending present for you” Scott and stiles  laughing loud at his play on words. You was really confused now your ex fiance should be angry or upset like you was but instead joking about gifts. “can someone tell me what he’s talking about?” you said. They stopped laughing and all gave you a suspicious smirk “hello sweetheart” a voice from behind you called, spinning fast on your heels knowing only one person called you by that name. Peter was stood there his hands in his pockets looking at you just like he had hours before with a loving smile “I meant what I said y/n I love you please give me another chance to prove it” he asked. Turning you looked at your three friends, who were all nodding and encouraging you to go. You smiled at Scott mouthing thank you and ran to peter hugging him as he picked you up off the ground swinging you round. Peter and Scott gave each other a look and smile of understanding and appreciation “you better not hurt her or you’ll have me to deal with” Scott said to him with a smile but a flash of his glowing wolf eyes. “I won’t I promise” peter said more to you then Scott “ill spend the rest of my days making up for the pain I already caused” he finished holding your hand as you both walked to his car.

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"I think her property extends down the rock wall - since she is the one who paid to fix it - and so that would preclude that from occurring" - Yeah her property definitely extends down the rock wall as halfway down there's a 2nd fence line - so that fence has to at least be within if not at her property line: i67(.)tinypic(.)com/2zhjleq(.)jpg & i67(.)tinypic(.)com/2gxjj2f(.)png You can see too that she has rock steps built into the rock wall on both sides of the house to allow easy beach access.

yes i recall the to-do that occurred when she had the sea wall fixed and upgraded therefore that is how i knew it was part of her property 

the 2nd fence line makes sense for nosy people. or paps. looks like the bottom fence is by the sand and then over by the pool there is a fence halfway up.

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Hey, you may have talked about this before, (if so, then oops, sorry for repeating questions) but, what's your writing process like? Especially regarding planning or outlining stories

You’re so adorable, thinking I do real planning and outlining. :D Mostly when I’m doing my own writing, I just start at the beginning and go. (…Usually. Sometimes not. For instance, Stark Naked Science had a structure that suggested itself fairly early on, so I adapted the plot to fit that structure. Branches of Pine also sort of forcibly organized itself, because it was structured around various winter holidays.)

But I actually don’t write that many long and complicated fics on my own. Most of my longer fics have been written with @tisfan. And that’s more of a process.

Most of the time, it starts in chat:

tisfan: So I had an idea.
me: Oh no.
tisfan: What if [literally anything here]?
me: Oh, that would cause so much trouble. [Character] would be like [reaction].
tisfan: omg yes. And then [another character] would [different reaction].
[This continues for anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.]
me: …Okay I’m making a doc.

And then I make a googledoc and invite Tis to join it as a co-author (or she makes the doc and invites me) and at that point, depending on the specific idea in question and its complexity and whether it’s an established ‘verse or a new one and, idk, the alignment of the planets or something, we have a couple of different processes.

(Putting the rest of this under a cut, because it got long and also because there might be spoilers for readers who aren’t caught up on all the fic yet. The stuff that is spoiler-y for things that haven’t been POSTED yet have been redacted.)

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Had to take down the original post to fix things. The question was about Strip Poker.

Okay, I’m going to do this one a little differently, I’m going to post the places they got in the game, and how much clothing they had in the last few turns before everyone gave up and went to bed.

1st: Amanda - Clothing: Everything but her ear rings, and shoes.

2nd: Kirsten - Clothing: Most of her clothes, missing her shoes, socks, her belt, and her sweater, though she had a t-shirt underneath it.

3rd Place Camille/Cameron, Tie (they have the exact same amount by the end of things) Clothing!Camille: She’s shirtless, though still has her bra, has her jeans and the panties underneath. Clothing!Cameron - He'a shirtless, has his pants and underwear underneath, as well as his socks

4th: Linus: He’s played enough to understand it, but not enough to be good at it, ends the game in his boxers.

5th: Ivy - Poker? Uh, sure, sounds sorta fun. Wait why are people taking off their clothes? Shit…
Ends the game with nothing but a bright red face.

BONUS: Maggie and Fisher didn’t play, they sat back and rolled their eyes, happily enjoying the “children” having fun.


Day 347, 348, and 349

Independence Year

The last major holiday to celebrate as I get to a year as a parapalegic was independence day. I have a had a few days off which have been nice to celebrate and see visiting family. It has also been nice to have extra time to get used to my new shower chair. It has been one of those things that is a life changer but we had a routine that worked so we have to work out a new one. That had been my life in a chair keep changing the new normal while gaining more and more independence.

On my Facebook this weekend there was a memory post from last year when I was so thrilled that they had figured out what my problem was with my loss of mobility and surgery was scheduled to hopefully fix it. It was emotional to read that. With what we now know it is easy to 2nd guess the procedure but the post reminded me of the desperation I was feeling last summer at this time with my sudden loss if feeling and mobility with my loss of independence. It was a scary time and it was great news to know where the problem was but difficult now to see that hope I had. It will be difficult in a week when I have my year follow up with my surgeon. I still don’t blame him. It was a risky surgery and it was already taking away the use of my legs and control of my bowels before the surgery. Not shared before but in the weeks leading up to the surgery I had peed my pants and not made it to the bathroom in time for my bowels a few times. Little did I know that was part of the problem that was identified and we be such a big part of my life and recovery now. Was everything done perfectly and this was the result I don’t know but it was a risk that I was aware of.

As we celebrate our independence. It has become a special meaning to me to gain independence. It has been the story of the last year to keep finding ways to celebrate independence for me with a van, a new chair, a shower chair, gaining strength, and continuing to gain skills to make me bettereveryday and try to celebrate as many new independence days as possible.

Scandal 508-509+ Could Be A Dream Sequence

Scandal season 5 was a shocker for most, a let down for a lot of us, and then there those who - no matter what, will stay the course. Many of us Scandal fans were very disappointed for several reasons. It was different for some and a game changer for others and yet there are still those of us who watch out of pure love for the show & its magnificent cast.

A little background: I have had my television shows and favorite couple addictions for years. Starting in my teen years with Days of Our Lives - Doug and Julie, Roman and Marlena, and Bo and Hope and on to prime time with Remington Steele and Matt Houston. Always hopeful that Matt and CJ would end up together or that Remington and Laura would end together with a “happily ever after” permanent connection. Back then, show creators felt that once to lead cast members got together, the tension would end & thus ratings would drop and the show would be over. I always thought, if the show was ending anyway, why not give the fans what they wanted. There was no social media then and no voices to encourage the direction of tv shows.

Off and on, throughout the years, there hasn’t been very many shows since then that could get and keep my attention to the level of those… I had all but given up on tv shows that truly appealed to me. (I’m sure there are more out there but I just had frankly given up the time and didn’t see any that made me crave getting invested.) Then a few years ago, (upon the recommendations of my sister) I started watching The Walking Dead & Scandal. I had to binge watch the first seasons of both because I was late to the start of both shows.

For Scandal, these past few seasons, after watching and re-watching episodes - I have noticed amazing acting, storylines, and plot twists that have made me crave for tv like I did as a teen. (I know, Scandal does not compare with my previous addictions but I was young.) There are a lot of fans I follow on Twitter who seem to share my same thoughts & seem to have a genuine love for all things Scandal. I like other fell in love with the chemistry and love of Fitz and Olivia. I found myself completely engaged and caught up in all the story lines and plot twists each week. When shows like the Greys Anatomy had a 2 hour episode, I was upset wondering why Scandal couldn’t have a 2 hour episode with lots of Olitz. When season 5 came, I was happy and though many times things worked the opposite of expectations in the universe that is Scandal, I had certain expectations that were what I call Scandal Laws. Those were completely obliterated at the end of Season 5a. To the point that I wasn’t looking forward to the return of the 2nd half of season 5. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hoped for a “fixer” to fix the perceived damage done in Scandal 5a. (But my love never died…it was just wounded.)

Why I think it was a dream or some parts are: Olivia’s Nightmares I made excuses that somehow 508 started a dream sequence and until the end of season 5 in May 2016, held on to that belief for these reasons:

1. Things I thought were out of character for some of the characters: Olivia speaks many languages but in 508, she needed a translator… Yes I know she can’t speak every language but I did expect her to speak Bandari greetings or something (I know that one is far fetched)

2. David Rosen didn’t call or tell Olivia or Fitz before he had her arrested. As much as David and Olivia have been involved frenemy wise with each other over the past seasons, I can’t see why he didn’t tell Olivia or Fitz first or someone at OPA before the arrest. It just makes no sense. There was no warning before her arrest. Especially after she was kidnapped… By the way, I think Jake knew about kidnapping and about arrest. But that’s just my thoughts- he and Rowan have one goal, to keep her away from Fitz. He was watching her from the neighbor lady’s apartment… When Jake and Russell spoke, Russell reminded Jake that he(Jake) promised to take care of Olivia but “she ended up there” seeming to mean she ended up at the White House with Fitz.

3. Mellie seems to have had no part in releasing Rowan and Tom. Like it all just piled on Olivia as if she acted alone.

4. Olivia is a doer… Not a planner… She kept saying she would tell the truth & never did as if she was planning to tell him at some who knows when in the future. That’s not her - yes - PTSD may have played a part but she thought she could fix it on her own… Really?!? And she all of a sudden thinks her “at least my daddy loves me”? Whet?!?

5. On top of everything that happened, all the events were what I think are Olivia’s worst fears: she felt smothered and trapped in the expectations of being FLOTUS, the baby was a surprise not expected - she wants her life with Fitz but it was rushed & she was overwhelmed and out of control - not a way to start a life and she has parent issues, she began to resent Fitz and saw him as controlling, she lied to him which she never wanted to do but her life was becoming a lie, she was losing herself and worried she would lose Fitz so pushing him away was her only option… Or so she thought.

So much has happened that at this time, I’m only hoping some parts are a dream. But no matter what, I still love the show, I adore the actors and the characters. I wish only success for the shows creator. I also wish that before the end, she will not make the same mistake that shows in the 80s did and will give the fans what they want - Olitz together forever - in Vermont or Washington, with 2 babies, Fitz - a mayor, and Olivia - making jam - At Last.

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ツインテの日 (February 2nd is Twin Tail Day)
by マツダ @m2d08

Japanese and their silly days. I was trying to figure out what tsuinte was. I think she was trying to say tsuinteru(twin tail), which is today. You might have seen other pictures of Sanji fixing Nami’s hair before. That’s because in SBS Vol. 76, a reader asked what if the Straw Hats had another career of choice besides pirates, Oda listed Sanji’s as a beauty salon worker (Nami was a childcare worker).

He cheats (Matt Espinosa Imagine)

sorry for the grammatical errors. Imagine requests are open.

It’s been months since the last time that you saw Matt, you’ve been both busy. You’re busy with school and he’s busy with Magcon. 


you checked your phone and you saw that it’s already 7:30. he should have been here 30 minutes agoMaybe he’s on his way you thought 

You’re in a fancy restaurant that Cameron, Nash and the other boys reserved for you and Matt. It was Matt and your’s 2nd year anniversary today. You were wearing the little black dress that Matt gave you on your 17th birthday. Matt didn’t know that you were waiting for him, the boys set it all up. 

You glanced at your ring with Matt’s initials engraved on it. You looked at the clock and it’s already 8. You decided to call Matt’s phone, but he was not answering. 

***listen to last kiss by taylor swift or it won’t work***

“Miss, Miss, I’m sorry but it’s already our closing time” you opened your eyes and saw a waiter in front of you. 

“oh, okay. uhm. sorry. What time is it?” he glanced at his wrist watch 

“it’s already 10:45 miss”

“uhmm, did a boy came here?" 

"sorry miss, but you’re the only person here since we opened today”

“oh, thanks, do I need to pay for anything?”

“no, your friends told us that they will pay”

you smiled at the waiter and  left the restaurant. You decided to walk to Matt’s hotel since it was just 2 blocks that way. It was the magcon venue that is far. 

you looked at the stars, wondering where is Matt. You feel really sad because he didn’t showed up. He didn’t even texted you or call you. You were biting your lips as you walked in the hotel, preventing for your tears to fall. Some fans were saying hi to you and some were sending dirty looks. 

Cam said that Matt’s room was located on the 3rd floor, room 206. You got in the elevator and pressed the 3rd button. 

as you reached Matt’s room, You knocked twice. But no one answered. You twisted the door knob, and you were surprised that it wasn’t locked. 

You felt the hot tears flowing from your eyes. You can’t believe what you saw. Matt is sleeping with another girl on his bed. And the worst part is their both naked. 

That’s why he didn’t showed up. He was busy banging another girl. You feel like any moment right now, you’re going to explode and break down. 

You feel sad and angry at the same time. You threw your phone to Matt and that causes him and the girl to wake up. He was shocked when he saw you.


“babe who is she?” the girl said


“y/n i’m sorry!” Matt said as he slipped into his boxers and approached you 


"sorry. Sorry” he hugged you but you pushed him away 

“DON’T TOUCH ME. DON’T FREAKING TOUCH ME.” you saw that Matt was also in tears

“How long Matt? how long? I never thought you’ll do this to me. I thought you love me because I fucking love you Matt. I fucking love you. but I guess that’s not enough. Have I done something wrong Matt?" 

"no” he answered quietly 

“Then why! I gave everything to you. Everything Matt. Everything. Was our relationship a joke for you? Did you ever loved me?" 

"of course. I do love you. I love y/n" 

"really? cause I don’t believe you! If you really love me, you won’t bang another girl! You won’t cheat on me if you love me! I was nothing but a good girlfriend to you matt? wasn’t it enough? WASN’T IT ENOUGH THAT I GAVE EVERYTHING TO YOU?" 

You saw a picture frame of you and Matt’s photo in it, the photo was taken 3 months ago, when everything was perfect. 

You reached for the picture frame and you threw it to the girl. who is now fully dressed. 

"Matt. Matt, I made you the center for my world. I-I can’t believe all this. AM I TRASH FOR YOU? AM I JUST ONE OF YOUR HOES THAT YOU CAN PLAY WITH? I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS REAL. I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH.”

“Hey what’s happening? we heard shouting- oh” You saw Cameron, Nash, Carter and the rest of the boys standing at the door way. 

You took your letter for Matt in your bag and you threw it at Matt’s face together with the ring that Matt gave to you. 

“Happy 2nd. I thought we’re gonna last for more than 2 years. But I was wrong." 

"y/n! y/n! What do you mean? we can fix this y/n!” He was hugging you now and he was also crying as hard as you. 

You tried to push him away, But you don’t have enough strength to do that. And that’s when you break down. 

“I love you. I do. I really do.” you whispered. “but… I know that you don’t love me back.”

“Don’t say that! I love you. I really really love you" 

You tried pushing him again, and this time he let go. He knee led in front of you, but all you could do is whisper a good bye and ran away.

But one thing is for sure, you’re gonna miss him so much. You’re gonna miss his kisses. You’re gonna miss his hugs, you’re gonna miss his scent, you’re gonna miss everything about him.

He’s the only boy that you’d love. and it’s quite impossible to move on. 

It was raining hard when you got out of the hotel, you just walked and walked and walked, not caring if you’re already dripping wet. All you can think of is Matt, Matt, Matt, and Matt.

You were awaken from your thoughts when you heard a loud honk, and then everything went black






Still working on no half measures, reminder that is my 2nd attempt and I make this post for the curious ones who want to know why it is taking so long! This resume the steps, which must be done in a specific order.

The main difficult part here is the complex pattern on the hoodie and especially with the smoke in the foreground.

The mistake I did on my 1st attempt was to add the smoke at the end (using white ink) and above the red ink and black mechanical pencil work, it ended with a ‘dirty’ colour that I couldn’t fix. I had to avoid to mix white with colours and to add the black at the very end.

So on my new attempt, I let blank spaces for the smoke at the sketch and only work with red coloured pencil lead at first. When I’m sure of the good pattern, I use red chinese ink to paint in detail. Beside that for the gloves, I use yellow watercolour ink and a gold watercolour pencil for the different shades. I also add some white for the smoke.

When I finished all the colours, I can start to work with the mechanical pencil + 4B lead for the shadows/black tones.

TLSP @ Lollapalooza: A Summary
  • they opened with moonage daydream and it was sooo good
  • i was 2nd row on the left and had a super good view because no one was directly in front of me and every time alex or miles walked over i died because they’re so beautiful
  • alex was wearing the riddler jacket over the peach shirt lmao what a combo. he took off the jacket after moonage daydream but then he draped it over his shoulders but he was struggling to get it on because one of the sleeves was inside out and he never realized and i just wanted to run up and fix it for him
  • alex kept motioning for the cameraman to come closer and then he’d put his hand up dramatically to stop him
  • they were both getting really up in the cameras and goofing around
  • speaking of cameras there was one right in front of me and it felt like it was being pointed at me a lot lmao idk what that footage is being used for but i hope my sweaty face isn’t in it too much
  • during used to be my girl alex adjusted the mic so it was super low and then he sat down and sang and eventually laid down and started bicycling in the air and he was literally RIGHT in front of me and i was getting an awesome video AND THEN MY PHONE RAN OUT OF STORAGE RIGHT BEFORE HE STARTED BICYCLING
  • miles was soooo smiley it was really cute. he was standing in front of me but he kept smiling at someone on the right side of the audience so idk what they were doing or if they had a sign or something
  • someone threw a rose to miles but he didn’t take it
  • alex was doing the thing where he hops around with his guitar like a kangaroo except he was hopping sideways and it looked really fucking funny i hope someone got a video
  • they ended with in my room and it was INSANE. miles screamed and jumped with his guitar and alex was flailing around
  • it was way too short i wanted it to go on forever

House of Blues summary


All done! \( ; ▽ ; )/ I tried drawing all of them in different styles. (Don’t get me started with the poses; idek what any of them are doing, besides Judge and Valerie.) I had to edit some of the colours because they didn’t fit too well together, like they were so closely alike and just bleh. (The 2nd one was a mess to fix.) ¡Espero que les guste!

nonbinarybatters misguiding-hunter


[COS] PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス | 槙島聖護

Cosplay: @xnightrainx 
Photo: @taiki-taiki 
Photoshoot date: Mar 13 2016 
Special thx: bonmonday


This was supposed to be a cosplay for the lol after my submission to the temptation after rewarding myself with Orwell’s 1984: 1st edition. In all honesty, I have nearly zero experience with cosplay and its makeup so there’re so many flaws that needed fixed. Especially the wig. As we had no time and the right tools to fix it, I can only hope these photos wouldn’t look too bad? x///x

I hope I could style it better next time… If there’s ever a next time. *cough*

1984 Trivia: Makishima’s 1984 isn’t the 1st edition, 1st print. When I was searching for the book, I found out that the 1st edition, 1st print has a different writing on the back cover. The one Makishima had is probably the 1st edition, 3rd print (as I couldn’t find the reference for the 2nd print) of which back cover is the same as the very book I have (though mine is a reset reprint of the 3rd print). For this version, the text on the back cover starts with “George Orwell died suddenly in London…” In other words, the 3rd print was published after Orwell had died (Jan 21, 1950). 

ETA: See this link for further explanation regarding the possible impression of Makishima’s 1984. 

I’m Kayleigh!

Size 16- Apple shaped-24 years old


This photo wasnt from a shoot or supposed to be anything really.
I was walking to the pool and my girlfriend pulled out her Nikon camera and I heard the shutter go off.

Immediately knowing that another shutter would soon follow, I tilted my body to the right and threw up a peace sign as my first quick reaction. And the camera snapped. ✌

My 2nd day hair was in the most rediculous bun and I had no time to fix my suit from my bum or pose any part of my body to seem more “attractive”.

But she edited it and tagged me anyways because it was my most candid moment.

That’s why sydneyyishumbugg is my best friend. She sees beauty in everything. Even when it’s least expected.

I love my body and my bum and my pink bathing suit more now- all because of a one candid photo and a beautiful person.

Never be ashamed and never try to be someone else. You’re most lovely in your raw moments.

Why Did I Cut My Hair

“Anong pumasok sa isip mo?”

All my student life, I had this long straight hair. I only go to the salon for trimming once in a while - thrice a year. I never wanted a short hair before, ever. I had plans of having a digi-perm last month, but most of my friends told me that I’ll just damage my hair with the chemicals and heat, blah blah blah. But today, I have decided to give myself a bob cut. It is actually my 2nd haircut this week, I had one yesterday. The first, I asked the stylist to give my hair a bob cut, but he insisted to cut 4-5 inches of my hair and layered it. I didn’t like it. So before coming to school today to fix my clearance, I stopped by Bench Fix and asked for a bob cut (again). Finally, I had a great stylist this time. I got out of the salon happy and satisfied.

I didn’t know what came in to me, really. I just felt the need to get out of my comfort zone. I didn’t want to get scared anymore. My excuse to almost all of the people who asked why did I cut my hair is that I just got tired of it, but I wasn’t and I never got tired of my long hair, really. It was more of letting go of something really special to me. My long hair was the only thing, I think, that makes me feel secured physically. And I wanted to remove that mindset so bad. I wanted to look at myself in the mirror and see not only the girl with a long hair, but a girl who knows and cares. I have a lot of issues running in my mind for the past few days, so please bear with me. I am sorry.

I’m back to blogging, people. Good night!