i had to explain this to my parents oh god

“I also bought new lingerie.”

Pairing - Matthew Daddario x Reader.

A/N - Y/IG/N = Your Instagram name. Y/N/N = Your nickname.

Words - 1622

Gif not mine.

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“Hi, this is Matthew Daddario,” Matthew said as he started his Instagram live. The comment section was the same as always. Fans asking about Y/N and where is she, why is she not in the live like she was last time.

“Guys, yes, I know Y/N’s not here and I miss her too! But she’s away visiting her family.”

Other comments were all about Malec, Matthew’s character’s relationship with Harry’s character in Shadowhunters.

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“Malec! Yes! Malec is doing great guys, don’t worry!” Matthew was just happy he wasn’t standing in front of the fans like he did at San Diego Comic Con, where the screams of the fans nearly deafened him whenever he spoke about Malec.

“Anyway guys, I’m doing this live for one and one reason only; Y/N. I know you’re watching babe, and I can’t tell you how much I miss you! The bed feels lonely without you, all I was left to cuddle with is your stuffed teddy bear, and it is NOT fulfilling,” Matt shook his head. He looked at the comment section, hoping to catch a glimpse of her comments.

Y/IG/N: “Aww, I’m sorry darling! I miss you dearly as well! Don’t ruin my bear though! I’ll be home so soon you won’t even notice it!”

“What do you mean I won’t even notice it?? I have another week without you! I don’t know how to tell you, but I noticed you’re not there yet!”

Y/IG/N: “Quit your whining! You’re turning 30 in less than two months!”

“Thanks for reminding me that, Y/N/N,” Matthew huffed.

Y/IG/N: “You’re welcome :)”

“I hate you.”

Y/IG/N: “No you don’t!”

“Fuck you, Y/N.”

Y/IG/N: “Love you too baby!”

“Anyway guys, sorry you had to witness this, on with our Malec discussion!”

“I can’t believe it took you a solid 5 minutes to end your live, Matt. You make fun of my cooking, well I make fun of your technical abilities, or yet, no abilities,” Y/N mocked Matthew. After Matt ended his live show, he immediately called Y/N seeing that she wasn’t busy hanging out with her family.

“Fuck you, okay?”

“No, not okay. I mean, I’d love it if you’d fuck me, yes, but not in front of my family, please.”

“Can’t promise anything,” Y/N could practically hear Matt’s smirk over the phone.

“Is it too late to break up?” she sighed.


“Fucking hell,” Y/N answered but Matthew knew she was joking. She loved him just as much as he loved her. That’s exactly why he was planning an entire surprise for her.

“Anyway, I gotta go, I have a cast meeting. I’ll talk to you later Y/N/N.”

“Oh, of course! Have fun, love!” Y/N ended the call reluctantly.

“OKAY, GUYS! I NEED YOUR HELP!” Matthew raised his voice to catch the attention of his cast members.

“What is it, Matt?” Katherine asked.

“Well, as you know, Y/N is abroad, visiting her family. I wanted to surprise her by showing up at her doorstep. One tiny issue is, I have never met her family before. Oh and I don’t know where she lives.”

“Yes, of course, small, barely noticeable issues,” Dominic mocked.

“Uhh, if you want, I can get you the info,” Alberto butted in.

“Really? How?”

“Well, Y/N were neighbours before I moved away, I know where she lives if her parents didn’t move.”

“Oh my god Alberto, I love you,” Matthew hugged poor Alberto, nearly crushing his bones.

“Love you too, Matt,” he choked out. Matthew released Alberto and he inhaled deeply, reclaiming oxygen to his lungs. Alberto gave Matt all the details he needed.

“Wait, Matt!” Emeraude shouted before Matthew had a chance to leave the room despite the fact that he was nearly out the door.


“How are you gonna explain you fleeing the country to our director?”

“Uh, um, I’m sick!” Matthew fake coughed before leaving.

“How is he not fired yet?” Dominic shook his head.

“How are you not fired after all your pranks?” Kat smirked. She immediately regretted asking that since the second she finished her question, Dom shouted and scared her, making the rest of the cast to laugh.

“I. Hate. You,” Kat huffed.

“No, you don’t. I’m too awesome to hate,” Dom smirked.

“Okay, uhhhh, gate C11,” Matthew said to himself after completing his check in for this flight to visit Y/N. His phone rang while he was standing in line to get into the plane.


“Hey baby,” he heard Y/N’s sweet voice on the other side of the phone.

“Hey, listen I can’t talk right now, I’ll call you back in a few hours okay?”

“O-Oh. Okay,” he heard her sadness over the phone and it hurt him so much that he was the reason for that. But he knew it wasn’t for long.

“I’ll talk to you later, bye honey, love you!” Matthew hung up just as it was his turn.

The flight was nice and easy. Especially since Matthew somehow manage to sleep through the entire thing. After retrieving his luggage, Matt went to the taxi station to hail a cab to Y/N’s house. He gave the driver the address and they went on their way. He knew he promised to call Y/N back but his phone had no service. The ride from the airport to her house was a long ride since he had to travel through different cities, and the traffic wasn’t on Matt’s side either.

“Finally,” Matthew muttered to himself after being stuck for over two hours with a cabbie who was not the most pleasant man on earth. He paid him and the cabbie went on his way after taking Matt’s luggage out of the trunk.

Matt walked up the small trail that led to Y/N’s doorstep, carrying his suitcase which rolled on the ground by the handle. He took a deep breath before raising his hand up and knocking lightly on the wooden door in front of him.

A lady who looked like an older and shorter version of Y/N answered the door, and he realised this was her mother.

“Hello, can I help you?” she asked sweetly.

“Uh, yeah. Uh, is, uh, Y/N home?” Matthew stuttered out.

“Yes, just a second,” she left the door open and walked inside to find her daughter. Matthew stayed outside, standing nervously.

“What? Someone is asking for me?” he heard Y/N’s voice. He missed that voice so much. She walked to the door only to be met by Matthew’s intense gaze on her.

“Matt!” she leapt on him and hugged him tightly. Her legs wrapped around his torso and her arms around his neck. His hands on her hips just below her ass to keep her from falling.

“Y/N?” she heard her mother’s voice from behind. Y/N got off Matthew unwillingly and introduced her boyfriend to her family.

“Mom, dad, this is Matthew, my boyfriend.”

“Oh, so you’re the famous Matthew she won’t shut up about,” YN’s father joked after he joined them at the door. Matt’s reply was just a simple smile as blood rushed to his cheeks.

“Come in, come in!” Y/N’s mother rushed him inside. She motioned him to sit on the couch while she went to the kitchen to make some tea for her guest.

“So, Matthew, tell me about yourself,” her father began the second Matt took a seat on a small dark blue armchair in the living room.

“I’m so sorry about my dad,” Y/N apologised the minute they exited her house and went their way to Matt’s hotel.

“It’s a dad’s job to make sure the guy his daughter is dating isn’t an asshole, I get it. I’ll be like that when we’ll have a kid.”

“We?” Y/N asked, astonished.

“Oh, uh, I, uhm, I meant-” Matthew couldn’t think of anything to say so he just looked down and blushed deeply.

“You want to have kids with me?” Y/N stopped walking and forced Matt’s gaze to be on her.

“Well, yeah, not this second, of course, but someday, yeah,” he admitted, never breaking eye-contact.

“Really?” Matthew’s reply was just a simple nod. Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a slow, passionate kiss. She pulled away when oxygen became a priory.

“Come on,” she took hold of his hand and pulled him down the street.

“Where to?”

“Your hotel, so I can show you my new lingerie I bought to surprise you, but I guess you beat me to it.”

“Yes, I also bought lingerie,” he nodded as he spoke. Y/N laughed at his silliness.

Y/N’s lingerie was one that left so little to imagination that Matt didn’t even need to imagine. They had a great time that night. They’ll have even a better time the next day since Matthew’s staying in Y/N’s hometown for another 2 days. He spent his time with her family, getting them to like him even more and enjoying her company altogether before returning to set.

“Sick, huh?” Matt the director held up his phone to show a picture Y/N posted on Instagram which consisted of her and Matthew all snuggled up in his hotel room.

“Uh, yes… She just helped me feel better?” Matthew’s poor attempt at making up an excuse only caused the director to shake his head.

“You’re lucky she called me and promised you’ll do extra work,” he smiled.

“She what???” Matthew’s face went to utter shock. The director just laughed and walked away.

“Y/N! What’d you say to Matt?”

“Uh, I love you?”

“I hate you.”

“Enjoy your extra scenes, baby!” She joked and hung up.

“Come on Matty, it’ll be okay,” Dominic patted Matthew’s shoulder and pushed him toward the set gently.

“I know,” Matt sighed before the director shouted ‘Action’.


Fake Girlfriend 5 || Dan Howell

A/N: well, there it is. So many of you messaged me saying you want another part and I gave in. I wanted this to be a little bonus chapter but it is not much shorter than the other ones. Thank you for liking this story so much! ily! 💕

Also important: I’m posting a little Christmas present for you on here. Christmas day. I will upload it in the morning so you can read it right after you have opened your presents. 

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Dan

MASTERLIST // PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 // PART 4 // PART 5

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Y/N just stood there, staring at me in awe for a while. I couldn’t help but smile at her. Never in my life had I felt that light. My confessions hung in the air like fairy lights in winter. In that moment, we knew that this was the start of something beautiful. We had never expected this to happen. I was prepared to be single till 32 and now?

“To be honest I never aspired to be an actress.” Y/N then said with a grin.

“I’m actually a really bad liar.” I admitted, scratching the back of my head, laughing.

“Why don’t we solve both of our problems then?” Y/N asked. We knew right from the start where this conversation was heading.

“We could leave out the fake part?” I suggested with a little chuckle.

“Yes, I’d love to be your girlfriend.” She then beamed, her simple words sent my heart into a frenzy.

It took only seconds for her lips to be back on mine again. For a short moment I saw the indescribably beautiful colour of her eyes. I had never noticed how special they were before. My eyes fell naturally shut as soon as I felt the desired spark inflame every tiny cell in my body. Y/N, or should I say my girlfriend, threw her hands around my neck, as we deepened our kiss. Her simple touch sent waves of what felt like electricity through my body. Her lips were soft and they eagerly moved against mine.

Somehow I ended up on the arm chair that we had sat in earlier while talking about random things. Y/N on my lap. My hands were set on her thighs as she held my face between both of her palms. I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks and I was sure that Y/N could feel how warm they were. We could make out everyday from now on until forever. Our lips danced to a magical rhythm as there was no space between us and my thoughts wandered off to a wonderful place.

I think we would have never pulled apart but..


What the fuck?! Not again. It was my aunt Sarah who shouted my name from downstairs. She was one of the kindest people I knew, but she had the annoying habit to ruin my moments with Y/N. I tried ignoring my name being shouted. It couldn’t be more important than this, right?

I just kept kissing Y/N like there was no tomorrow. The sweet smell of her perfume made me feel light-headed. My skin was prickling and it seemed like the air around us was vibrating.


My tongue gently brushed against Y/N’s bottom lip. My hands wandered up to caress her hips. Just as I was about to deepen the kiss even more Y/N pulled apart, pushing gently against my chest.


“What?” I asked, acting as if I didn’t know what she was talking about. I went in for another kiss, but she stopped me, while rolling her eyes.

“You should probably check on your aunt.”

I groaned but eventually got up, missing the warmth of Y/N’s body already.

“Yes?” I shouted, opening the door a little bit.

“Daniel, can you two come downstairs please?”

“We’ll be there in a second.” I answered. We’ve had dinner before so what could she possibly want?

When I turned around Y/N had already gotten up from the armchair in front of the big window. Her cheeks were still rosy from kissing and her hair was a bit messy. She quickly straightened it by running her fingers through it before we headed out of the room.

“What’s u-?” I asked half way down the big staircase, but I stopped in the middle of my sentence as I saw my parents standing in the entrance hall.

Don’t get me wrong, I normally would be happy to see them, but I hadn’t told them about the whole fake girlfriend thing yet.

“Oh there you two are! Your parents decided to come here early, Daniel” Aunt Sarah explained, not noticing the obvious shock on my face.

My mum and dad were staring at Y/N in confusion. They had never seen her before.  

“Mary, everybody is totally inspired by how cute Dan and Y/N are together. They have been together for a year only and they are just such a well working team. Absolutely adorable.” My aunt told my mother with a sweet smile on her face.

I prayed to god that she would catch on, but of course she didn’t. Thanks mum.

“Dan and who?” she wanted to know, confusion and irritation audible in her voice.  My dad just stood next to her looking from me to Y/N with a startled expression on his face.

“Y/N? Dan’s girlfriend?” my aunt was now nearly as confused as my mother.

The three of them shoot us a harsh look, demanding an answer to this mess. I nervously scratched the back of my head and swallowed hard. Y/N had never looked that awkward before and the whole thing got even more complicated because we were actually dating now.

What was I supposed to tell my parents?  

5 minutes later we were all sat in the lounge as my parents and Sarah were waiting for an answer from us.

“Son, I don’t understand. You don’t have a girlfriend. Or do you?” My dad asked as his eyes landed on Y/N.

“I do no-  well actually, I do.” I started, shooting Y/N an apologizing look.

I knew that it was impossible to find a way out of this without admitting the truth so I told them the whole story. I explained why I felt like I needed to lie in the first place, that Phil had the idea to do this fake girlfriend thing and that I thought it would work.

“Wait, so you didn’t meet on the bus? That story was so lovely.” Aunt Sarah realized in disappointment.

“We made that up. C’mon I would never make such a bad pun!”

“You would!” Everybody, except me, shouted.

“So how did you meet then?” My mum wanted to know.

“Phil.” I simply said, thinking there was no further explaining to do.

“You stole Phil’s girlfriend, Daniel!?” my mother was horrified.

“NO! We are just friends.” Y/N threw in.

“We actually hated each other before we got here. But spending so much time with her really opened my eyes. I found out what an incredible girl Y/N is. I have completely fallen for her in such a short time. So after all of that happened, I asked her to be my girlfriend like an hour ago.” I explained, making Y/N, who sat next to me, blush.

“Mum, dad, meet my girlfriend Y/N.” I tried introducing them without feeling too awkward.

“Could we maybe start off fresh?” she asked my parents shyly and they agreed instantly. Her sweet smile and big eyes could win everybody over.

We talked until midnight and then we decided to go to bed since it was my aunt’s big day tomorrow. After we had resolved our initial difficulties everything turned out to be fine. My parents seemed to love Y/N.

“Thank you for being so understanding.” I said after we wished everyone good night.

“Oh and Dan, Harry mustn’t know about his.” My aunt smiled at me and winked.

“You look absolutely stunning, baby” I complimented Y/N with my mouth hung open. The dress she was wearing for my aunts wedding fit her perfectly and the colour of it was the same as her eyes.

“You are not so bad yourself.” Y/N giggled as we sat down on one of the benches of the church where the wedding was held. After we had chatted and waited for about ten minutes music started playing. My aunt walked down the aisle in a simple white dress. As she stopped walking right in front of her soon to be husband I leaned in to whisper in Y/N’s ear.

“I can’t wait to see Phil’s face when get home and tell him.”

“We owe him big time, don’t we?” Y/n laughed quietly.

“Yes, I do.” My aunt said before I could answer myself. She was finally marrying the love of her life. And I was sitting right next to mine.

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The great irony of following tumblr's mom is that you're better than my own mom ever was. My parents were awful, grandparents worse, and I ran like hell to get away from them. And now the closest thing to a parent figure I can care about is a woman on the internet I've never met with a demon rose familiar and an Elder God haunted house. I wish I had better words to thank you or explain, but it's late and my writing is the only kind of words I'm good at. So thank you, Mom.

Oh honey *hugs tight*

I’m so sorry you had to go through that, but I’m so glad you took care of yourself and got out of there. It’s not easy getting away from abusive people. Take care of yourself, okay? Me and the demon rose are always going to be here, chilling out and offering hugs and love wherever we can. Well maybe not the rose. her hugs hurt.

BTS dating someone one who is Half Korean and Half American

Because you didn’t specify if they are certain type of part American (such as African American, Latina, Native American etc…) I tried to keep this as broad as possible. If I did mention something that is normally done in one culture and not another I apologize. 


Seokjin is not going to really care about your genealogy. He is dating you because he loves you and the only time this would matter would be if you still had relatives in America. Seokjin is very much a family man and he wants very much to be involved with your family. He wants to know them and learn all about theirs and your customs you may have. And he is also lowkey going to be excited to learn about the food your family makes too…

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“Does that mean I get to watch your grandmother make the famous caramel apple pie you love so much?!”


He doesn’t really think about the fact that you are only half Korean. Unless you were raised in America and didn’t learn about Korean customs then he will take the time to patiently explain it to you. Especially if it is something you are embarrassed about. He knows how hard it is to be in a place that he doesn’t know what things meant so he will definitely take the measures to put you at ease. 

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“Jagiya, before we go out drinking tonight with the guys I want to explain the reason we drink soju a certain way…”


Hoseok was honestly a little surprised when you told him you were half American. He had no idea! He confessed that you really didn’t resemble your non-Korean parent so he didn’t  even think twice about it. You felt a bit bad though because he found out when you had introduced him to your parents. He didn’t say anything right then of course but he did awkwardly ask you why one of your parents was not Korean when you two were alone. Did your Korean parent remarry? His jaw hit the floor when you explained that, No my parents did not remarry and they are my birth parents. 

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“Oh my god Jagiya…. Your parents probably hate me because I was staring so much!”


He is going to take this opportunity to learn more about the different cultures in America. If you were raised in Korea is going to ask about there is anything different in your household that your family does that other Korean families. Do you practice traditional Korean customs? What are some of the things your non-Korean parent does that they don’t do in Korea? Some of his questions may come across as rude but if you are ever offended by something he asks he will be quick to apologize because he would NEVER mean to upset you, he was just be genuinely curious. He has an inquisitive mind and that is something you fell in love with so you really should of been prepared for all of these questions. 

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“So wait a second it is actually your non-Korean parent that is the most strict about keeping your floors clean and not wearing shoes in the house? Why? That is not something you do in America… right?”


Jimin is such a caring bean. But don’t ever cross him because he will not hesitate to turn scary on someone. He knows that there are people in the world who think badly of someone who is only half of a nationality. And he will not hesitate to put someone in their place. If you happen to take after your non-Korean parent there might be someone who will make snide remarks or give you dirty looks. He spent hours working with Namjoon to come up with the PERFECT shut-your-shit-down response and will uses it liberally. He will turn from soft sweet Jimin to serious scary Jimin in under .05 seconds.

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“Allow me to point out how ridiculous your prejudice is. Here in this restaurant there absolutely NO ONE who cares who my girlfriend is. No one but you. So that means you are 1 in what 40 people? You are meaningless at this very second. So please take your meaningless opinions somewhere out of our vicinity. Now.”


This is another one who is all about the family so if you have family back in America be prepared for those horribly long flights back and forth. And if those flights are not feasible then there will be many many video calls and messages being sent back forth to inquire about the welfare of each and every person in your family. Birthday presents will be carefully prepared and you if you two are unable to make it then it will sent in the most secure packaging possible and will somehow ALWAYS arrive on their birthday. 

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“Jagi look at these birthday cards I found online! They are perfect for your Grandfather and I even found those gloves he said he would like!”
“Taehyung-ah… his birthday is not for another six months.”
“It is always important to be prepared Y/N!”


Be prepared for focused student Jungkook. You know how he is learning English? Well that is all he is doing in his spare time. He will randomly ask you to quiz him and tell you not give go easy on him. He wants to be able to communicate with you family easily. If your first language is different than English? Then be prepared to spend at least 2 hours every day for the next several months teaching him. He will also ask Namjoon to only speak to him in English because he knows that even if your first language is not English it will still be best for him to speak it because you will be traveling to America to visit family. He will be absolutely prepared because he does not want inconvenient your family at all. 

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“Baby, can you help with this pronunciation? I don’t think I quite have it down.”

Here you go, I hope you enjoyed it!

Do you have a request? We do member/member, reader/member, OT7, OT12, OT(insert number here) so if you have something you want to see please send it in!


SKAM sesong 3 - in my dad’s words

episode two

*isak looks for even on instagram* “i don’t think he’s gonna find him just by knowing his name is he”

• *isak refuses to say to eskild that the guy on grindr is cute* “wow he really is in denial” 

• @ even not having a facebook “what do you mean? everyone is on facebook these days”

• “nah i don’t think googling is gonna help - oh okay”

• *is confused by even’s “movie” but also amused @ the Captain America/Vladimir Putin part*

• “wait which one is baz luhrmann”

• sana: “i thought you said the weed wasn’t yours”

my dad: “ha, got him”

• *the teacher leaves after almost catching them with the weed* “oh nice”

• *isak googles romeo + julie( r )t* “oh my GOD you were obsessed with this movie a few years ago”

• *awwwws* @ isak getting emotional

• “do they never show the parents” (then i explained to him that he doesn’t live with them anymore)

• *overall cringe at the grindr bit*

• Even on the bus: halla

my dad: *gasps* (again!! but tbh same even’s just perfect)

• “he didn’t forget his ID card did he”

• he had a fond smile that i pretended not to notice during the whole window scene

• “that’s way too many spices”

• *isak lies to jonas AND emma* “he’s so gonna get caught”

• “does Even know he’s gay or is he also in denial”

• i told him he’s pansexual

• *five minute conversation about the difference between bisexual and pansexual*

• “that’s cool though, i never see bi/pan characters”

• isak: kArdemOmME 

“so THAT’s what you and your sister have been rambling about for the past six months” (my sister is 11, that’s literally one of the only scenes she’s seen, but when i first showed it to her we kept randomly yelling kardemomme)

• me: E-BOX, gimme the beat 

my dad: do you know the whole thing by heart

• *even’s friends introduce themselves* “is everyone called eskild”

• Even: and this is Sonja, my girlfriend

my dad: wait wHAT 

• “oh no” 

• “well that’s annoying”

• *the boys find out isak lied* “SEE??”

• *end of episode* oh wow

The one where aubrey finds out (bechloe Friends AU one shot)

Aubrey just arrived at the hotel where the bellas were staying for the USO tour, the other bellas arrived a little earlier considering all their individual schedules were different and she had to finish some last minute work at the retreat camp before she can finally get off, she realized that the window on her room was exactly opposite chloe’s she was about to call the room number when suddenly she saw beca, she was there and she was hugging chloe from the back, kissing her on the neck and slowly pulling down the zipper of that dress chloe was wearing and then it hit her. What the hell was happening? she had no idea about this and all she can do was scream and close her eyes while she turned around only to see fat amy with jessica and ashley at her door “aubrey what is happening?” fat amy quickly asked “what is happening?you tell me!look at that window and tell me what is that!?” Aubrey didn’t know how to feel she just witnessed her two friends getting it on like wild rabbits “oh my god this is bad, okay just come here and we’ll explain” “yeah just take a deep breath and let us tell you what is going on” is what all jessica and ashley had to help aubrey calm down.

“Okay so you’re telling me this has been going on for 6 months?“Aubrey asked amy as the three explained to her what clearly was a situation she had no idea about. "Yes i know because beca is my roommate and these two know because chloe is their roommate” fat amy replied “they didn’t want to tell you because well because of this kind of reaction” jessica added “well don’t get me wrong i’m happy for them and i saw it coming but oh my god” while aubrey was still in a state of shock she saw the three bickering like parents on wether they should tell beca and chloe about this but she wanted to have some fun with this secret “i think we should keep it, i wanna play with this situation for a little while” Fat amy was very intrigued “and how are we gonna do that?” “I’m gonna try and seduce beca and we’re gonna see how they’ll react” aubrey had some thoughts but settled with this one which obviously is not going to be hard cause duh.

It was dinner time and all the bellas were together, beca and chloe were sitting side by side and aubrey purposely sat beside beca. “So beca…i heard being a music producer can be very stressful and i know a way to take all that stress off, if you want i can come by later at your hotel room to teach you some stuff” she asked seductively with her hand on beca’s lap. Beca didn’t know what was going on, she was confused and maybe a bit scared of this aubrey because well let’s face it aubrey never looked at her in that way before. “Uhm aubrey you okay? Is there something you wanna tell me?” aubrey looked at her and grabbed her hand “Well there is…but you’re the only person I can’t tell it to, and the person i want to tell it to the most” she caught chloe’s reaction, her face looking very confused and jealous and a bit scared all at the same time. The whole night was aubrey getting all cuddly with beca with some lingering touches at some very inappropriate places. “Okay i think i’m gonna head upstairs to fix some laundry, beca wanna do it with me?” chloe asked “sure i’ll do it with ya” beca quickly replied “wow i didn’t know you two do laundry together now” aubrey asked seriously “ha yeah well that’s us” beca replied nervously and as if she wasn’t nervous enough aubrey grabbed her hand passing her room number with a note that says call me.

“Chloe, babe you have to believe me. Aubrey was definitely flirting with me look she even gave me her room number with a call me note” chloe was at beca’s room trying to fit all the pieces together with how the evening just went “i know bec, i saw her hands on your lap and heard everything, but why?” chloe can’t think of any reason why aubrey will do this “Can’t it be just because of me, i mean i AM pretty hot” beca swear she saw chloe’s eyes rolled “yea well there’s that but there has to be something else….unless” “unless what chloe?” “Unless she knows! That’s the only explanation tbh” beca stood up from their cuddle on the bed “well what about me and my sexy bod and aubrey’s possibility of wanting this…..wait..SHE KNOWS!” chloe laughed and grabbed beca’s waist “well if she knows she still doesn’t know that we know she knows” “what do you suggest my lady?” chloe winked at beca and explained her brilliant plan for revenge with aubrey.

“Call her now” chloe couldn’t wait to start this so called competition “i am…jeez, wait it’s ringing” aubrey answered the phone “hello who is this?” beca looked at chloe for some help but all she got was a laugh “Hey aubrey this is beca, just wondering if maybe you could come by later and maybe….you could teach me how to take all this stress off and maybe…even more” beca asked, now being the seductive one, chloe was beside beca now encouraging her with a dozen of thumbs up and a lot of silent “yes” but what they didn’t know was fat amy was in aubrey’s room “uuhm well okay i have to get back on about that” aubrey replied and quickly hanged up “she wants me to go to her room!” aubrey exclaimed “what?shawshank will never do that to chloe….wait let me check my phone” fat amy checked her phone and saw beca’s message informing her that aubrey knows and she has to keep her mouth shut or hell will break loose “well this explains it, they know that you know” aubrey was shocked “okay but now we have the edge again, they don’t know that i know they know i know” aubrey walked to the phone confidently calling beca “hey beca, yea i’ll be around there in 10, can’t wait”

“Okay you got this babe just pretend like you wanna have sex with her that’s all” chloe said while fixing beca’s hair and spraying some mint spray in her mouth “what if I can’t do this” beca said “of course you can, you’re on my team and my team always win” chloe was serious “at this?!” beca retorted “just go get some”. While the two were preparing, fat amy and aubrey were doing the same thing. Aubrey wore a dress with some buttons to cover her cleavage and added some perfume fat amy gave her saying it’s some kind of a babe magnet. With a bottle of wine and two glasses on her hand she knocked on beca’s door and took a deep breath ready to put on a fight. “okay go inside the toilet and hide” beca said to chloe “okay you got this hot stuff” chloe ran off after kissing beca for some good luck.

“Hello aubrey” beca greeted as she open the door “well hello beca, you gonna let me in? I have wine” aubrey said while smirking at beca “well of course, come in come in” aubrey quickly opened the bottle of wine and both of them stood there just quietly drinking “should we take this to the room?” beca blurted “wha?” aubrey a bit too surprised with that “i mean that is why we’re here right?” beca asked, building all that remaining confidence she has “oh yea, but first i want you to..rub some lotion on me” now aubrey was blurting stuff out “yes. well i have lotion. I’ll get lotion”. Beca went straight to the toilet chloe was hiding to get the lotion “okay chlo she’s not backing down, she wants me to rub lotion on her” chloe automatically pulls beca in for a kiss “you have a very big reward after this so go and win” beca nodded “hell yea i am”. Aubrey was on the front of the door talking to amy while beca was getting the lotion “amy she’s not backing down she went to get some lotion” fat amy thinking carefully for a way they can break beca quickly “okay button down woman, beca has to see those boobs she’s a sucker for those, now go”. Beca got back in the room seeing aubrey with her bra all up front walking towards her “so uhm this is my bra” beca felt like she was gonna die from all these “i can see that…” aubrey walked a bit more closer to beca “i’m gonna kiss you now” beca gulped “not if i kiss you first”.

Both of them awkwardly moving closer to each other and before aubrey was about to kiss beca, beca shouted “okay no! I can’t do this” aubrey moved away “and why not!?” asking proudly “because i’m with chloe, because i’m in love with chloe” chloe walks out of the toilet looking very surprised with that announcement beca made, beca grabbed chloe’s waist and looked at her “i love you chloe” chloe was about to cry her heart very full at this special moment “i love you too beca” they kissed and for a second they forgot aubrey was there “well it’s about time”

monsteryuyu  asked:

Can you write a g-dragon x reader where both of they are married and start to talk about having a family and in the end of the talk the reader surprise him with a pregnancy test saying shes pregnant? Thanks if you do it ! Have been obssesed with gd ♡

Hey!! I’m sorry it took a long time before posting this, but here it is!! I hope you like it xo 

- Admin B xx

It was early in the morning, about 7 am. You couldn’t sleep due to the fact that your stomach hurt and you felt awfully nauseous, and the fact that the sun had just risen and were shining directly into your bedroom, didn’t really help you. You were extremely exhausted but you just couldn’t get yourself to sleep. It had been so for a few days, but it had also just disappeared suddenly. Not giving it many thoughts, you just went on with your days at usual. However, today, you felt slightly worse than the other days.

To not wake up your husband JiYong, you had made your way into the living room to watch some TV, trying to get your mind off the pain. You laid down on the couch, with a blanket tucked around your body.

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Dinner - Steve Rogers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 944

Author: Hannah

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Nastya as fem!Prussia

It’s not an old photoshoot. We did it in the middle of April, soooo it is still kinda fresh one, isn’t it? I hope, you’ll enjoy it.
My costume is used here. I have many costumes, that I haven’t photoshooted yet, but, as I can suppose, I should do it.
Wanted to add: it’s my friend, her name is Nastya (shorter one from Anastasia, a well-known name for you too, as I hope) and she is 14 years old.

I had a birthday on last Friday, the 16th of May, well, I’m a pretty big girl now (oh, God, I wish my parents could think the same, I’m 18, but they are just like “YOU ARE TOO SMALL TO DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT”), and Nastya seems to me so cute and a little bit loli in this cosplay :“D
I’ve been wondering why, maybe it’s because of my age? 

Whoa, while I was writting the upper text, I understood, that I have too explain you tiny pieces of a concept of this shooting.

We used the flag of Germany, because we wanted to show the devotion of Prussia to her brother Germany, and after that her death and rebirth as a part of him. 

And, as our little tradition, we’ve got a really interesting story, you know!

Our shooting was taking place in a small fake ship, before there has been a restraunt, but I don’t know, why it’s not working now. There was an old sweet lady, she is a concierge at that place. We were organizing my parts of the lightning, while my assistent Lyosha was waving with our flag to the whole world around (please, imagine: in our country while this political and ideological fuss you can be killed because of you wearing a ukrainian or russian flag ribbon) and the owner of the ship phoned that sweet lady, so we had to leave thanks, Lyosha.
And I have another story - while the shooting Nastya got that fake blood into her eye and she was in a terrible pain because of that. We had to take off her lenses quickly (she doesn’t know, how to do this), and we didn’t have a lens box, that’s why I thought that the best idea at that time was putting them into the bottle filled with water! 8D 

Thanks to my assistents as well, they won’t see this again, but I just want to tell this.
Thank you, Yana, and, thank you, Lyosha :‘3

Leadership Class and the Weeb Without Boundaries
Here is some background information: 

I decided to take an elective class known as, “Leadership Skills.” My older friends who had already taken it told me it was a great class to take if I wanted to branch out and meet other people or make an impact. 

Early on in this class, it was known that I was one of the youngest students in there. Most of the class were seniors, a few juniors, myself being the only sophomore, and then one freshman girl, who is the weeaboo of this story. 

I will be “Dog” in this story. 

Weeaboo will be “Vamp.” 

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Merry Christmas, Mr Gaskarth (one shot)

AU: 16 year old Alex Gaskarth is going to have a white Christmas. My little Christmas present to all of you ;))))
(The first fic I’ve ever completed sorry if its bad)

My parents and I had never gotten along, so it wasn’t surprising when I found myself kicked out of the house on Christmas Eve. Everyone was either out of town or drunk, so I headed over to my friend Alex’s house. Its not like I’ve never spent time there, his parents were practically in love with me, so they welcomed me with open arms.
His mother opened the door, “Oh my god, Y/N! What are you doing out so late?!” I explained what happened and she told me Alex was upstairs in his room.
I walked upstairs to find him sitting cross-legged with his best friend, Jack, drinking beer and playing video games. I sat down next to him. “What’s up” he asked. “Got kicked out of the house again.” We sat, drinking and playing video games for hours. Soon Jack went home and it was just me and Alex.
I looked over and saw his deep brown eyes steadily focused on the TV. His light brown hair was a mess and his bangs were stuck to his forehead. I looked over at the clock, noting it was 2am, his parents were sound asleep. I’m not a whore (still a virgin) but Alex looked gorgeous and I wanted him. Badly.
I paused our current game of Mario Cart. He looked at me, slightly annoyed. I stared into his eyes and scoffed, “whip it out.” He looked at me, almost terrified, but then smirked, “Make me hard and I will.” I paused and then crawled over to him. Steadying myself on his lap, I pressed my lips against his. I pushed my tongue into his mouth as I grabbed his hands leading them up my shirt, allowing him to grasp my breasts. He let out a soft moan as I buckled my hips onto his. I pulled back, staring into his lust filled eyes, impressed with myself. “I think we had a deal, Gaskarth” I smirked, gesturing to the noticeable bulge in his pants. He laughed, and stood undoing his pants and then pulling them down with his boxers, revealing his hard member.
I grinned, getting on my knees so I could stroke him. He tilted his head back, letting out a soft hum. I continued to stroke him, and pressed my lips to the tip of his cock. I kissed his head, and then opened my mouth to take him in. I took him deeper and deeper, holding onto the base of his cock. He grabbed a hold of my hair, groaning my name. I hummed around him, receiving a loud moan of approval from him. He pushed me off of him. “My turn” he breathed.
He connected his lips to mine, pushing me onto the ground. He moved his hands up to my hips, and slowly removed my jeans and panties. My breath hitched as his thumb rubbed up against my clit. He smiled, running two fingers down my slit. He kissed me hard, pushing his fingers inside me. I moaned as he quickened the pace.
I grabbed his shirt, yanking it over his head, and then pulled him on top of me. He pressed his mouth against my skin, moaning my name into the flesh. He pulled off me and stared into my eyes. “Y/N…H-have you ever..” “No…have you?” He shook his head. I smiled and he pulled my shirt over my head, reconnecting our lips. He lifted me up, undoing my bra and walked me to his bed. I climbed onto the bed and crawled across it, sitting on a pillow. I watched him walk to his dresser, searching for a condom. “Uhh… I wasn’t really prepared for this” he blushed. He reached into a drawer and grinned as he found one. He unwrapped it, unrolling it down his shaft.
He walked over to the bed, grabbing my face and pushing his lips against mine. He sat in front of me, pushing my knees apart, pulling my legs to his hips. He kissed my lips as he slowly pushed into me. I held my breath, letting out a small whimper of pain. He stayed perfectly still until I nodded my head, allowing him to go on. He continued to push into me, each thrust getting harder and faster. The pain soon turned to pleasure, as I found my hands balled up in the sheets and my head tilted back.
He continued pounding into me until I felt that familiar ball form inside my stomach and groaned as I came in ecstasy. He thrusted a few more times and then came too, collapsing on top of me. I looked out the window beside his bed, seeing the bright lights of houses and the light flurries beginning to fall from the sky. “Merry Christmas” he whispered into my neck.

I had this sincere urge for CS to fight out all of this angst, and sweetestinthegale and frilencer asked for me to write it, so… yeah? Let’s see. 


in the darkness of this moment, you see the good and bad

we might burn like gasoline and fire
it’s a chance we’ll have to take

we may shine, we may shatter
we may be picking up the pieces here on after
we are fragile, we are human
we are shaped by the light we let through us
we break fast
‘cause we are glass

Emma knows she shouldn’t.

It would be best for everyone if she just left it alone and went to sleep, but damn it, he wasn’t supposed to be one of the ones who let her down. He was supposed to be different, and she deserves to know why

She pounds on his door and it breaks the quiet surrounding the otherwise empty hall. Her heart jumps but she stands firm, crossing her arms over her chest and waiting.

He answers after a moment, and he looks shattered, like everything he thought he knew just crumbled around him and no, she is not letting him get to her. 

She deserves answers.

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pseudofaker  asked:

More "coming home" please and thank you.

COMING HOME (part 3/?) [ part one | part two ]

Holly accidentally met Gracie exactly three weeks later. Since their lunch at the diner, Holly and Gail had met up four other times for lunch, and once for drinks after a tough shift (when Gracie was spending the night at a friend’s house, Gail had been sure to tell Holly—she never drank when she was responsible for the teenager). They’d fallen back into an easy friendship-or-whatever-it-was-for-now that had surprised neither of them.

That day, Gail had been unable to meet for lunch, stating that she was inches away from cracking a huge case and needed to work through lunch. Holly figured that meant she would forget to eat altogether, so she decided to bring her some food. She didn’t intend to stay, not wanting to be a distraction. She was buzzed into the squad room of fifteen, looking around for a familiar face and spotting Traci across the room.

“Hey, Holly,” Traci greeted as she approached. Since her return, Traci had only been warm and welcoming, which put Holly at ease.

“Hi,” Holly said. “I don’t plan to stay and get in the way, but Gail said she was working though lunch, and I figured that meant she’d skip it altogether. So I brought her food.” She held up the bag that contained her favorite sandwich.

“You just missed her,” Traci responded. “She caught a break in the case and left to chase it about ten minutes ago.”

“Damn,” Holly said. “I knew I should have called first. Okay, well, will you tell Gail I stopped by and left this in the break room fridge for her?”

“Or you could just let me have it,” a voice said from Holly’s right.

Holly turned and came face to face with a dark-haired, brown-eyed teenager that she immediately recognized from the photo Gail had shown her. Gracie.

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My Loft 89 experience!

I guess I’ll start with the evening before the Ottawa show. I was at home, and I was on tumblr but just kind of casually scrolling. I wasn’t self reblogging at the time (didn’t know Tay was online), and I was just looking through pictures. I closed my phone just as a notification popped up, but I didn’t think anything of it. I put my phone down on a chair in the living room, went to the bathroom, and when I came back I just saw a message on tumblr from skinnycarameltay saying something like “CASSVND DJVHS OHMYNSK” and I was like oh my god what it going on…I thought maybe she had just gotten a like and wanted to message me about it (we’re friends so that would not be out of the ordinary). So I open my phone and it opened to my notification page and all I see if the message from Sav, and then right underneath it was a like from Taylor about our costume post for the tour shows in Ottawa and Montreal. It had like 9 photos of us in the photoset and our seat information. As soon as I saw it I started shaking and I just dropped to the floor and started crying. My parents were like oh my god are you okay?? I tried explaining what just happened but I was too overwhelmed to speak properly. I texted purelyjamie like a billion times but she wasn’t answering because she was driving, so I just ran to my room and sat on my bed and sobbed for an hour straight because I was so happy. 

We showed up to the venue at around 4pm and within 30 seconds upon arriving we had people running up to us saying they had seen us online and hoped we would get loft. It was such an amazing feeling to have that much support from other fans! Soon enough I found Kevin outside and walked up to him and said “heeeeeeeey Kevin” while giving a little wave, and he was like “Heeey, WAIT A MINUTE, I remember you, we’ve met before!” and I was like “Yep, I’m one of the Detroit pop tart girls!” and he was so stoked to see me (I’m legit one of his favourites, he told me like 6 times). We hugged and then he took a picture of Jamie and I, and then told us to meet him inside at the Taylor Nation booth. Not much longer I check Twitter only to find that Jamie and I were included in a picture Taylor Nation posted, which was soon posted on Instagram! 

We were also approached by CBC Ottawa to do an interview before the show, alongside lifeaccordingtotheginger. It was hella rad and my parents missed it even though I texted them to let them know. 

Once inside we went straight to the TN booth and so many people came up to us and commented on our costumes. Right before getting the picture, clearblue–water joins us at the booth, and we all go up to Kevin and Ash is like “the second pop tart girl is here now!” and oh my god, he was so freaking happy to see us. He hugged us both again and I got glitter on him. We got out of the line and he still kept talking to us as other fans took the TN booth pictures. It’s all fun and great and then he DROPS THE BOMB AND TELLS US THAT EVERYONE BACKSTAGE WAS TALKING ABOUT US AND OUR COSTUMES and I’m here like WOAH WAIT WHAT??? We talk a bit more and Ashley mentions how she showed up at noon so she could be at the front for pit, and how she was going to do the same for Montreal the following day. Then he turns to us and asked us when we arrived, we said 4pm, and then he goes “well you won’t have to show up as early tomorrow, we got you covered for tonight” and once again I’m like WHAT DOES THIS MEEEEEAAANNNN???

Taylor gets on stage and we’re freaking the hell out, of course. Midway through IKYWT, right before the bridge, I pull out my phone because I wanted to record her singing the high note, but then I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see a girl from Taylor Nation looking at us and I’m immediately stunned. She was like “Heeeeey guys, how’s it going? Are you enjoying the show so far?” BVKAVB YES, then she goes on and asks if we have ever met Taylor, we said no because she hadn’t, and she says “Would you like to go to Loft 89? Taylor specifically asked to meet you guys” and then I burst into tears and pretty much curled up into a ball and cried, and cried, and cried. She put the bracelets on her, gave us the paper, and then I gave her a hug and I cried some more. 

We left with a minute remaining in the concert because we were too afraid of missing the Loft gathering because of the crowds. Kevin’s there again and was like “Heeeeeey, good to see you guys” (I love him so much). So they give us all the rules, Kevin takes down our names and birthdays (don’t ask why, I really don’t know) and then they lead us off down this staircase and I was in shock so I really have no recollection of where it was. There were a bunch of outfits on display before entering but I didn’t take pics because I was too excited. 

Loft 89 is actually a lot smaller and cozier than I anticipated. I immediately yelled “OH MY GOD, THE PIZZA” as soon as I saw it. It was Domino’s. It was amazing. I inhaled it. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of the room itself, but I was spazzing. I sat on the carpet and got it covered in glitter, the girl from TN laughed. Everyone was mingling and it was so fantastic, and then we get told that she’s coming and not to crowd her when she comes in, and then she will visit each group. We were next to the entrance so I couldn’t actually see her walking towards it, but I just heard “HIIIII GUYS!” AND SHE WALKED IN WITH THE CUTEST OUTFIT AND THE MOST EXCITED FACE! She immediately turned over to us and said “I SAW YOU ONLINE AND JUST HAD TO MEET YOU” and gave us all a massive hug and held us so tight. As we pulled away from our hug I was like “I totally just covered you in glitter” and she was like “Yes, I love it!” She immediately started asking about our costumes and the process of making them. We spoke about the photoshoot itself, and she said she loved how we were actually in the woods. I said “well, I have a forest in my backyard so I figured I should use it” and she said “Yes! That’s kind of the intended purpose” and then I rambled on about how we were like half in the woods, half out of the woods, like “are we in, are we out? What is going on?” and she got all excited and was like “oh my god YES, that’s the exact meaning of the song! Oh, so much confusion, what is this situation?” She said we perfectly executed looking completely lost in our photos and I was like “Thanks, we were really going for that. We even were holding leafs” and she burst out laughing and just repeated “We were holding leafs, oh my god” and laughed some more. I really hate that I’m completely blanking on a lot of things we spoke about, but it was just so amazing talking to her. She looks right at you and holds eye contact the whole time, making you feel so special and like you’re the only one in the room.

OH MY GOD, k so Ashley gave me a slip of paper with her url on it, so I pulled it out of my bra (I didn’t have pockets, it was my only option) and I was like “Hey Taylor can I give you this? It’s Ashley’s url, you need to check her out” and she took one look at it and said “Ahhh yes, yes I like it, I remember her” and it took everything in my not to freak out, but I was smiling like an idiot. Then she was like “I’m just gonna slip this in here and save it for later” as she tucked it in her skirt. 

The next thing I remember is her asking if I wanted my poster signed, which I obviously did. I asked her if she could personalize it and she said “YEAH! Of course!” She asked me what my name was, “Cassidy” “With a C?” “Yes!” “A-S-S-I-D…with a Y?” “Yes! You’re really good at this!” “Oh thanks, I’m proud of this right now.” Then I asked her to write “Don’t you know, you’re really gonna be someone” and tried not to cry when she did. Then she went over and signed Jamie’s notebook and looked through her calligraphy and told her she had the most beautiful handwriting and she wished she had it. Then she signed Emily’s phone case and Emily said yeah I’m not dressed up and she said “I know,you weren’t in the photoshoot” and Emily explained that work was crazy and that she was working 31 hours a week at a job that was only supposed to be part time and Taylor was like oh my god. 

Then we took pictures and I leaned my head into her shoulder (SHE’S SO TALL LIKE WHAT) and I felt her head tilt against mine. We took two photos, one with and one without flash, and obviously she looks amazing in both. Then she was saying how great it was to see us and she was so happy we came, and she loved our outfits. We each gave her another hug and she headed off to the next group. 

I saw tree-paine hanging out around the entrance and said hi and asked if she would get a picture, but she said she tries not to get in any, and I was like “no no I understand, it’s chill, I was just trying because of this ginger connection” and we both held up our hair and pointed at each other. Then I said her cat is amazing and we both started talking about our cats and how hers wants affection from her all the time and is always like “love me!” and mine is very selective about when she wants attention. She said that he is very special and that she doesn’t ever reveal his real name because it’s really strange, and it’s not something normal like “John or Josh” and here I am thinking those aren’t normal names for cats at all. Then I said that my cat’s nickname is “Nugget” so it can’t be that bad. She said “well, it’s not that, but it’s definitely up there for oddness” and I said “As long as it’s not something like Princess Monster Truck then I think you’re okay” and she laughed and said “Ok that is very true, it’s not something like that.” 

Taylor made her way around the room and as she was leaving I gave her my letter that I initially forgot to give to her, so I asked if it was okay if I gave this to her and she was like “Yes, totally!” and took and and flipped through it before saying “Bye guys, I love you so much!” 

And that is the story of the most amazing night of my life. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, but I probably did

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Mexisaurus Rex, Meta master, I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this anywhere yet. Either SPN has a major continuity error, or we have a problem. Dean's blood type, as of episode 10.03, is O. John Winchester's blood type is AB. This means, that Dean can't be John's son. I can elaborate more on the genetics, but basically, O is a recessive type, and if one parent is AB, there's no way their child can come out O. I an FLOORED.






The Heart of Pandora's Box (closed for the-person-who-changed the world)

Rufus Barma studied the man before him coldly, raising an eyebrow unamusedly at the amount he was asking for in exchange for his daughter. Yes, this man was trying to sell his own daughter, to the circus no less. People always thought the circus life was glamorous, full of fun and adventure. While some did find a bit of that here and there, that wasn’t quite accurate. In truth, the circus was where outcast went, the freaks that society didn’t want to deal with, except for every once in a while when they went to a show. And Rufus was the one responsible for them, to protect them, to stop any harm from coming to them, no matter where-or who-it came from, something he took very seriously.

He turned his attention back to the man before him, the ‘girl’ in question standing outside the tent, so they wouldn’t be heard. He frowns at the fact that the girl didn’t seem to have a say in her own life, as he listened to the father prattle on about how he was trying to get his daughter somewhere she would be hidden, while he could sort the mess out with the mother, who he had learned killed herself. The father also mentioned the fact that the girl went by male pronouns, which surprised him a bit, at least, the way the father explained it, like the girl was delusional.

After listening for a few moments, he grows bored, having already gained all the details he needed. The man was just repeating a bunch of lies in circles. He knew the mother hadn’t committed suicide, had an idea that the father was behind it, though he wasn’t sure. He knew the girl didn’t know he was her father, just as he knew she didn’t really identify as male, even if she thought that she did. The red haired man also knew that this girl was…special, had special gifts that most humans didn’t, having a knack for recognising when such gifts were present, though he didn’t mention it to the man, not knowing if he knew or not. He briefly wonders what had happened to the girl before all this, what had really happened to the her, before pushing it aside. He’d have plenty of time for that later.

He rises from his chair, quickly circling the desk he had, a rare luxury given how much they had to travel, and closes in on the man, leaning in towards him, wearing an eerie smile. “I believe we are done here. I’ll take the child off your hands, and in return, I shall grant you the comfort of running away with your tail between your legs. Free of charge even.” He holds a hand as soon as the man begins to protest, laughing sarcastically. “You really expect me to pay you. Sir, we are not a child facility. You should be paying me.” He narrows his eyes dangerously, same unnerving smile still flickering across his features. “I really suggest you take my gracious offer. It, no doubt, wouldn’t benefit you to get on the wrong side of a circus, so soon after your wife’s…'death,’ now, would it?” He chuckles softly to himself when the man pales, before storming out of the tent and most likely away from the circus. He sobers up, walking through the same opening the man had used, keen on getting their newest member settled in.

He finds the girl still standing just outside the entrance, his face softening just slightly as he prepared to explain to yet another child that their parent/guardian wouldn’t be coming back for them. “Leo…” he calls, trying to get her attention. “It seems we have much to discuss.”

I'm Sorry. (Harry Styles) #7

It was when I opened my eyes that the headache hit me hard. I closed them again, the pain getting slightly bigger by the second, feeling the throbbing in my temples. “Dammit” I groaned, resting my forearm against my eyes.

I can’t believe how much I drank last night! I hate alcoholic drinks. But I kept telling myself about how I had to loosen up for the night. I guess I took it a little too far. I knew hangovers were painful, but damn, this was horrible!

I could still taste whatever I drank on my tongue and, disliking it, I sat up straight on the bed so I could go brush my teeth, when I noticed something. The walls were painted a light green, the TV was a bit larger than mine, wardrobes were smaller, there was a desktop computer, a PlayStation, and the bed was definitely not mine. The room seemed familiar, but it wasn’t my room. And that’s when it hit me. This was HARRY’S room! Panicking, I checked to see if he was on the other side of the bed, but I found it empty. I don’t even want to imagine what happened yesterday. The only thing I remember was that I was having conversations with Valerie and Amy, the three of us with a drink in hand. But after that, my mind is blank. Running a hand through my hair, I wondered if something happened between me and Harry. If I talked to him in a drunk state, or if I insulted him, or if I threw stuff at him. Or if I did something I would regret and when I go back to school on Monday everyone will be staring and laughing at me because I looked ridiculous at the party!

“Shit, I’m so stupid” I muttered to myself, running my hands through my face, my head feeling like it was about to explode at any moment.

Hearing some noise coming from downstairs, I raised my head. I wondered if Anne knew I was here and if it was okay to go and ask her for some painkillers. I sighed, deciding to head downstairs because I couldn’t take the pain. I didn’t even care if I looked a mess and that Harry was probably in the living room. I just wanted to sleep all day and not wake up until tomorrow.

Making sure to be quiet as I trotted down the stairs, I saw the fridge door opened, someone obviously looking through the fridge. I couldn’t make out who it was, but I kept walking. When the fridge was closed, I saw Harry standing there with a banana in his hand and a bottle of water in the other. He spotted me almost instantly. “Good morning,” he said, giving me a small smile. He seemed fine. “Or should I say, afternoon”

It never crossed my mind what time it was until then. “What time is it?”

“Don’t worry, It’s only twelve o’ clock,” he said, placing the bottle on top of the counter. “Do you want anything?”

“Some painkillers would be lovely, thank you very much,” I replied, to which he chuckled, rummaging through a cabinet. “How come you’re okay and not feeling like shit right now?”

Taking out a small bottle of pills, he answered my question. “Well, I did drink a bit, but I didn’t get drunk like you did. I had to drive Ed back home so I was careful with that”

I nodded in understanding. Then, I remembered the others. “Wait, so what about the others? I lost Emily and then I lost the guys, I don’t remember where they went”

“The guys crashed at Luke’s house and Luke’s mom took the girls to their homes,” he explained. “They were all too drunk to walk”

“Oh my God” I muttered. This wasn’t like us.

“That’s okay! You all seemed to have fun” he said, peeling the banana off.

“Well, what am I doing here?” I asked.

“Because I didn’t think your parents would be happy to see you so wasted” he said, a small smirk on his face.

Yeah, he was right. “Do they know I’m here? Does Anne know?”

He nodded. “I took care of all of it”

“Jesus, did your mom see me so-”

He cut me off with a light laugh. “No, you were already asleep by the time she came home. She was at some dinner party with Robin”

“Well, where are they now?,” I looked around. “And where’s Gemma?”

“Mom and Robin went to do some stuff and Gemma has her own place now, soo…” he shrugged. “But, I think she’s coming over later”

Great. I was stuck with him. “Oh, okay”

Tucking a stray of hair behind my ear, I looked at the floor for a moment, not really knowing what to do anymore. But then I just decided to ask him. “Harry… did I… did I do anything stupid last night?”

At this, he smiled at me, making my eyes go wide and my hand cover my mouth. “Oh please don’t tell me I did something stupid!”

He chuckled. “Relax. You didn’t…. well, It’s not like you made out with hundreds of guys, but… you were pretty wild when it came to the dancing. I didn’t know you had it in you”

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” I said, covering my face as I heard him chuckle again. “That was it? No bets that I can regret, no tattoos, no Jersey Shore stuff?”

“You were talking a lot of nonesense, but that was it,” he said and I let out a sigh. “Not bad things, though, just… silly things. Like, accusing random people of getting Sirius Black into Azkaban, or kneeling because a guy that you thought looked like Loki said so”

“Oh no!” I whined, making him laugh a bit louder. I missed that laugh.

“Yeah, it was pretty cute” he said.

I gave a closed-mouth smile. I didn’t know what else to reply. We were there, talking like we always did, and we were ignoring the fact that we weren’t even friends anymore.

Making my way to sit on one of the counter chairs, he grabbed the bottle of pills again. “Here” he handed me 2 pills and his bottle of water.

I took them, thanking him as well. “Do you-do you want anything to eat?,” he asked, scratching the back of his neck. “I can make you a Nutella toast with banana slices, the one you like so much”

I couldn’t help the smile that appeared on my face. He still remembered. “Sounds good”

Smiling, he started to look for the necessary things, while I just sat there, swallowing the pills with gulps of water, and and then I started to play with my phone, trying to avoid the awkward tension. He didn’t seem to be bothered by it, though. He made 2 pieces of toast, spread Nutella on them, and sliced a banana and topping the Nutella-filled toasts with them. Placing them both on different plates, he handed one to me. “Thanks” I muttered.

Taking a bite of the toast, he repeated my action, none of us saying anything. I looked anywhere but him and it was getting hard, since I could feel him staring at me every now and then. And I don’t know if it was because I was so hungry or because I wanted to get out of there, but I finished my toast in less than 3 minutes. “There’s an extra toothbrush in the bathroom, you can use it,” he said, to which I nodded. “And I think Gemma left some clothes here, feel free to go to her room and get changed”

“Alright, thank you” I said. I wanted to get out of the dress already.


When I finished brushing my teeth and removing the last amount of makeup that I had (I didn’t understand how Harry could even look at my face without looking disgusted), I entered Gemma’s room, the one where we used to have slumber parties and have lots of fun when we were younger. And now, she’s in college and I’m on my way. It was incredible how fast time went.

Ignoring my sudden nostalgia, I started looking for something comfortable. Gemma owned various sweatshirts, surely she had to leave one of those here. It didn’t take me long to find an outfit (http://www.polyvore.com/hangover/set?id=163386169) that could fit me, since Gemma and I were almost the same size. After changing from the dress to Gemma’s clothes, I hesitantly made my way back downstairs. Harry was sitting on the couch, watching Spongebob in the living room. I wasn’t sure if I should join him or just go back to… somewhere else. I wasn’t even sure when he was taking me back to my house. Mom was working and dad and Keith were probably watching a football game. I guess this was slightly better. So, after what seemed forever of pondering, I slowly made my way to the couch and took a seat next to him, only because I missed being like that with him… and because I loved Spongebob. He turned to me, smiling. “Hi” he said softly.

“Hi” I said back.

We weren’t sitting too close to each other, I still wasn’t sure if he wanted me there or not. But he didn’t say anything about it as the two of us paid attention to the TV. It was only after the commercials started that he spoke. “I still remember how we used to watch it together all the time”

I nodded, feeling my heart warm at the memories. “Yeah”

He sighed. “I remember our favorite episode was always-”

“-Graveyard Shift!”

“-Graveyard Shift!”

I couldn’t help but to laugh as we remembered it. We always got so happy when they played that episode. Those were sure good times. “You had that DVD and we used to watch it a lot” he said, grinning.

“Yeah, I still have it!” I said.

“Awesome!” he exclaimed, making me giggle.

At the moment, it felt like we were back to being best friends. And it felt good. Like, really good, even if it was just for a short time. And even if it was just us fangirling abiut Spongebob. “I miss you everytime I watch it, though” he whispered.

I looked down. Of course I missed him too, but I still remember what he said at school yesterday, about not needing me and all, and it still hurts. And now he was here, being so nice to me, and worrying about me, and making me breakfast. He was a confusing lad. “Henley,” he said my name as he scooped closer to me. “Yesterday, at the party, I wanted to talk to you about how I wanted to fix things with you and the others, but you were all too drunk to process what was happening”

I looked up at him. “I just want to say that I’m sorry,” he continued. “I know I said it before, but this time, I don’t want to ignore you at school, I want to be able to spend a lot of time with you guys, because I miss it. A lot. I miss you all. I miss you, Henley. I might’ve not shown it this past year, but I did miss you. I’m stupid and I never knew how to make things right. But now I really want to try to fix everything, if you just give me a chance. I promise I won’t let you guys down again. I won’t throw our friendship away, because you’re one of the most important people in my life. I mean it”

My heart was beating faster and faster with every sentence that came out of his mouth. He seemed sincere, afraid that I would say something to insult him. But the truth was that I wanted to get him back and go back to the way we used to. “Harry,” I spoke after moments of silence. “At the library, you said you didn’t need me-”

“I lied,” he said quickly. “I lied because I got angry. I shouldn’t have, though, I was the one being an asshole”

“Yeah, you were”

“The point is that… I want the old times back,” he said, this time taking hold of my hands. It’s been so long that it felt weird. “I want to be able to text you random things and call you whenever I got bored. I want to invite you to my house on a special occasion and vice versa. I want our families to get together so we can go to restaurants together and just do silly stuff without caring about what anyone else says about us. I want our lazy days. I want our Friends marathons whike eating cake. I want the good and the bad experiences in our lives, but I want us to go through them together. I want our memories to become reality all over again”

“Y-you really mean that, Harry?” I asked, already feeling the tears forming in my eyes.

He nodded. “I do. I’m not gonna mess up this time. I want to go back to the way It’s supposed to be”

“Oh Harry” was the only thing I could manage to let out, since the next second I was crying.

He was quick to wrap his arms around me, placing his chin on top of my head. His hand was rubbing my back and I could hear him sniffing quietly, indicating that he too was starting to cry. And that was all we did for a good couple of minutes, just hold each other tight in comfort. And it felt so right. And as I remembered Harry’s words in my mind all over again, I knew one thing for sure…

I loved Harry more than anything.


I think this one was pretty short, but hopefully the next one will be longer! Anyways, hope you guys liked it! Love ya!!!!!