i had to edit these so much for them to upload

( ❖ — UNDER THE CUT you will find 95+ roleplaying icons of Choi Jinri ( A.K.A Sulli) who is now an ex-member of F(X) as requested by anonymous. all the gifs i made these from are not mine (credit goes to all of the owners) though i did crop, resize and edit them all by myself so do not claim these icons as your own. please like or reblog if you run a rph or/and you plan on using these for roleplaying purposes. thanks and i hope you find this much to your benefit !!

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I love these two far too much so I wanted to do a little edit with them. I had a lot of fun with this, might do more quick ones for the other OW heroes in the future c:

Also?? Tumblr’s video player can go sit on a cactus, it never wants to work so I have to upload to other sites >:[

Song is Jamie Berry - Out of My Mind


Very loosely tied-in gifs today. Mainly because Sam isn’t even in this story. Oh well. I wanted to upload this one because I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’m slowly working through requests, but I haven’t gone back and edited any of them - that’s what taking so long. Apologies to @eversonaive for taking so long. 

Hii how are you? You are an amazing writer! if it wouldn’t be too much trouble vould you do an angst/imagine for Bucky where he is kidnapped and wiped by hydra and is made to forget his pregnant wife. Thank you!

“Father for Always”

“He’s on his way.” Steve explained. “Tony’s bringing him in after his psych eval.”
“Okay. Okay.” You whispered frantically. Your arms were folded across your chest and you moved a hand to your mouth to bite your thumb.

Bucky had gone missing during a mission far too long ago and it was through Steve’s persistence and courage that he’d been found at all. It also helped that you had kicked up a storm within Avengers Tower, giving everyone else a reason to want him home too.

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This is kind of late, but I finally had the time to finish editing and uploading this video up on YT for you guys! :)

During opening weekend I visited the Asia Society Museum in NYC to see for myself the wonderful gold artifacts from the Philippines that depict our rich heritage and precolonial history prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. In old Spanish texts from Francisco Alcina, the most well known chronicler of the Bisayans to Antonio Pigafetta, the scholar who joined Ferdinand Magellan when they first landed in our shores, the mention of gold was very much prevalent throughout the islands. Our ancestors, from the slaves to the nobility, wore gold, most being passed down from generation to generation as bahandi, or heirlooms. From gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, armlets, to even sashes, belts, and the hilts of their daggers were made of gold. Their religious objects from bowls to figures of deities were also intricately designed and made of gold. They would often bury these gold objects so the dead person can wear them in the afterlife. It was also a form of acceptance in the afterlife as among the Bisayans according to Francisco Alcina in his 1668 records, the god of happiness and of Saad, the resting place of the souls, once upon receiving the soul from the primordial sea goddess Magwayen on a bangka, he would ask them a question. Surrounded by the ancestors he would ask if they were that certain person who died. However if the soul did not have with them any gold or bahandi, they would not recognize them. From records we know that the Spaniards often ransacked known burial sites for the purpose of taking these gold buried with the dead.

To see the gold artifacts yourselves as well as textiles from local designers I invite anyone who can come to NYC and the Asia Society Museum to come and take a step back in time. 

The exhibit runs from September 11 2015 - January 3, 2016 and is located at:

725 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021 

Nighttime Uploads -- Vikklan

This is one of my favorites. I absolutely adore this fic. I love making Vik act like this and having Lachlan care for him. It makes me happy and warm and fuzzy inside. I love it.

Imagine person A of your OTP falling asleep at their desk and person B picking them up and tucking them into bed

It had been a day of editing and video making. It wasn’t like every other day however, with the aspect of over fifteen videos needing to be edited and queued to upload. He was going to be away from the computer and most electronics for a few days and when one uploads at least four videos a day to two channels combined, well, you need to be prepared. And so he was editing a week’s worth of videos that he had just finished recording.

He could feel himself falling captive to the darkness around him. He could feel his eyelids getting heavier and heavier, getting harder to keep open every time he blinked. He was running on five hours of sleep, three cups of coffee, and a shot of five hour energy. He’d been up for way too long.

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Art theft

I’m tired…

Most of you may have seen my recent Hodor fanart. It was one of the first after the episode and I was so happy so many of you liked it!

People cropped and edited this using various filters. I had to go back and re-adjust the signature….

I spent a ridiculous amount of time tracking down the edited versions on Instagram, messaging people and reporting. I understand it’s not their fault, but that horrendous, cropped, over-contrasted image was hurting my soul.

And that’s the worse! I can live with people sharing my art slightly edited as long as my signature stays THERE! But altering my work??? To make it better with a SHITTY INSTAGRAM FILTER?????


It’s all over instagram and we heart it! And there’s not much I can do. I reported tons of uploads, but I can’t keep chasing them.

Please help me share the original version, over the bad, uncredited edits…  

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Oh my goodness I am so late so late so late! I finally have a bit of downtime to sort and go through all my Momocon pics. #squadcon was GREAT again this year. I had fun being awesome and dank AF with my usual squad and new friends! <3 I still have a TON of photos, mainly from the Fire Emblem shoots to upload so please look forward to it! :D

Kana and Morgan are @tipsy-scales We tried to recreate a portion of the Velour and Kana supports! Kana wants an adventure and Velour wants nothing to do with it. Haha.
Kagero is @storytellermage
Velour is me! @drandis

Images were taken and edited by all three of us!

Corrin is @voca1oid she was really cute and made an excellent Corrin!

The Nohrian clips (although you can hardly see them in these images) used to fasten my cape were made by the ever so lovely @dangerous-ladies! This was my first time buying from them and it was a smooth transaction! The clips are very well made and sturdy and look lovely with a nice coating of spray paint! Will definitely go to them for future needs! <3

Working on two new Fire Emblem cosplays so please look forward to them and let’s take photos together if we ever meet each other at a con everyone! :D