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History Aesthetics → The Birth of The United States of America (July 4, 1776) and The War For Independence (1775 -1783)

↳ L E T  F R E E D O M   R I N G!  

The 56 men who signed their names to Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence that warm summers day back in August of 1776, quietly acknowledged that they were also signing their own death warrants. The moment their pen touched parchment, they were traitors to the crown and would be hanged if the British ever got ahold of them. John Hancock notoriously signed his name as large as he possibly could due to George III’s reported near-sightedness and declared, “There! John Bull can read my name without spectacles and may now double his reward of £500 for my head. That is my defiance.” All of the men had targets placed on their heads from the get-go and had to be ready to flee their homes at any moment. Of the 56 signers , 9 died from both wounds and considerable hardships during the War, 5 were captured, imprisoned and likely beaten by the British, 17 lost everything they owned and several lost their wives and children as result of their role in gaining America’s Independence. John Hart’s may be the most heartbreaking story of all. After signing the Declaration, he fled from his New Jersey home only to return a few days later to visit his dying wife. While there Hessians broke into his home and attempted to kill him but he fled into the woods. When he returned, his wife had been buried and his children were missing. He died in 1779 without ever knowing what had truly happened to his family. Others like the Declaration’s author, Thomas Jefferson who was only 33 at the time would forever be linked in infamy to the document and would go onto to become one of the new nations finest and most powerful political figures in history. Despite it all, none of the signers ever regretted their decision despite the repercussions it garnered them, for they believed that given time our country could be one of the most powerful and greatest nations in the world and were determined to see it through even if that meant death.

Another Heir’s Champion snippet

So, as I imagine the first snippet as how many of you found me in the first place, and as we’re coming up on the end of nano, and it’s clocking in at nearly 40k and STILL NOT DONE YET JFC I’d give you all another peek.  Mostly because I love sharing things.  Plan is the for the fic to alternate between Harry’s point of view in the present of the tournament, while having Tom’s in the past showing us how we got to were we are.  So, here, have one of Tom’s first interactions with Harry, solely because I’m pretty sure it’s gonna change drastically during editing.


[After a Slughorn Party where Tom first runs into a disgruntled first year Harry who was invited after the troll incident]

So Tom made it a point to remember Harry’s face and name, and to check in every once in awhile to see if those seeds had grown into anything worthwhile.

And so it was that not even a week later that Tom found himself stepping into an unused classroom well after curfew simply because he had spotted Harry Potter sitting on the floor, staring up at a large mirror in front of him with an expression so contradictory Tom couldn’t quite make sense of it.

It was a wild, desperate happiness, coupled with a stark desolation.

Tom had no experience with the former, but he’d seen the latter more times that he cared to consider on his own face in the mirror at the orphanage.

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Oh why am I not surprised~(°°)
The reasons were:
Irino Miyu - Everyone just agreed that he is the trollies of them all. And also noticed how even his name spells “free spirited”.
Kamiya Hiroshi - Namikawa said “Sometimes you don’t even notice that he is trolling you untill after you’ve been trolled!”
Okamoto Nobuhiko - they had hard time deciding if it was he or Ryohei who was worthy to take this place. But in the end they chose him.wwww

“Everything I had was in my hands.” - (probably Kvothe at some point when he didn’t have money but only name of the wind)
Today was very nice weather so we decided to go photoshooting. While we were searching for some nice place to shoot, we found some weird doe’s skull and…leg. It was creepy af.
PS: Hope we’ll be shooting with Tempi next time!

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Hangrid Of The Day!

(well yesterday)
-First they went to (a replica of) the original In and Out burger together and Ingrid snapped an adorbs picture of their shadows
-Then some random dude mooned them(asshole) and can we just talk about the caption for a little bit?????
“Why can’t we have nice pro-gay things” Huh Hannah?? What does being gay have to do with some douche mooning you? Unless….the two of you were doing something particularly gay at the time!!!!!!!!!!!!And he mooned you because of it??!!!!!
-Hannah and Ingrid (I’m pretty sure it was just the two of them) took a ( It was evening in the first driving snap and pitch black when they arrived) drive to a (“abandoned ghost”) town with a pottery shop and a place with a cool live band
- They apparently had an argument over whether chili fries or chili nachos were better (which is the most couply thing ever )

This is something I was working on but I am not sure if I should continue with it. I haven’t edited it, just throwing it out there to see if you guys think its worth working with some more.

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Scottish Kiss:

It was her wedding day. A day Marianne had dreamed about since that moment Roland had taken her hand. The radio alarm went off, Elvis singing, “I can’t help falling in love with you…” She jumped up out of bed, her excitement giving her extra energy. They were having a destination wedding in Scotland, the whole wedding party was staying at a bed and breakfast run by a very nice little elderly lady name Griselda King.  The place looked like a postcard of enchanted Scotland and the people had been very nice.

Marianne made her way down the stairs, wearing only her white pajamas pants  printed with pink hearts and a huge t-shirt that read THE BRIDE in pink glitter.  Marianne  was partway down when she ran head long into the chest of someone coming up the stairs.  She started to fall backwards but large hands grabbed her arms stopping her backward fall. She looked up, up, up,  into a very stern, angry, unshaven face with the most startling blue eyes she had ever seen. He snarled, his accent thick,

“Ye should watch where the hell yer going!”

She started to stutter an answer ,when she heard their hostess, Griselda, yell from the bottom of the stairs.

“Bog stop scaring the guests!”

Bog, she assumed,  was the person holding her in place. He growled something  under his breath,  then let her go.

“Just ye be more careful.”

He placed her to the side of him, then he was pass her disappearing up the stairs.  Marianne came the rest of the way down, Griselda was just setting out muffins and other breakfast foods, the smell of rich coffee filled the room, everything smelled fantastic.

“You’re the first one up dear. Don’t let my son scare you. He is a big softy but he looks mean as anything.”

Marianne grabbed a muffin, grinning “No problem. Where is everyone?”

Griselda smiled “You are the first up dear.”

Marianne ate a little breakfast,  had some coffee, chatting with Griselda about her nuptials, as the others started to wake.  Sll the girls came rushing down laughing and soon were all over the dinning area in their nightgowns and pajamas eating and talking excitedly. Few in moments some of the males members of the wedding party had made their way down as well.

Marianne, laughing with her sister, decided to head upstairs. Roland was staying here too and she wanted to  sneak in to wake her husband to be up. She wasn’t in her dress yet, so she wasn’t breaking any superstitious wedding rules as she slipped up the stairs, moving down the hall on tiptoe until she found Roland’s door.

Grinning, her hand over her mouth as she tried not to giggle, Marianne  gently opened the door. She slipped inside Roland’s room turning to ease the door closed. She moved like a thief toward the bed in the darkened room, thinking she would sneak up on him and pounce, when she stopped short. In the bed was Roland, asleep, but as her eyes focused in the darken room, she saw another figure.  Marianne  crept closer, her heart hammered in her chest, at the same time her whole body felt ice cold. She had just made it around the side of the bed with the mysterious figure. She reached out gingerly, pulled back the covers to reveal the figure beneath.

Marianne  stood still, like an animal caught in the sights of a hunter’s rifle. Lying on the bed, naked, was her best friend Amber. She couldn’t believe it, for the longest moment of Marianne’s life she simply stared at the figure of her friend. Then, without a word, she simply turned and walked out, slamming the door as loud as she could as she exited the room.
The rest of the day was a blur, Marianne would later not recall a great deal of what was said.There was a great deal of yelling, confusion, lots and lots of anger, slamming of doors but the worst part was the crying. She threw her wedding dress out the window, punched Roland, threw something at Amber and eventually found herself, not walking so much as stalking, outside into the garden at the back of  the bed and breakfast yelling that if anyone followed her she would break their face! Luckily Dawn was there to block any of the wedding party, especially Roland, from following her.

  Once outside, Marianne  threw herself against the stone wall of the house, folding her arms over her chest with a snarl. She didn’t notice the tall man hanging out in the shadows, a slowly dissipating cloud of cigarette smoke around his head. He didn’t say anything, he only stared sideways at her. He was leaning against the house, one hand in the pocket of his jeans. He took a long drag on his cigarette, blowing out the smoke slowly. When she didn’t seem to notice him, he cleared his throat, in a thick accent asked.

“Would ye like a cigarette?”

Marianne nearly leapt off the wall, startled and put a hand to her rapidly beating heart.

“How long have you been there?!”

He shrugged. “Not long, wanna a smoke?”

She took a steadying breath. “I don’t smoke.”

He snorted holding his cigarette with his teeth as he grinned before taking it out.

“Maybe you should start after that clusterfuck in there.”

She chuckled a bit. “Yeah, maybe.”

“How about you and I go get a drink at the pub. Get you away from all this?”
She looked at him, tilting her head as she examined him. He was attractive in a rough and tumble sort of way.

“Bog right? That’s what Griselda called you? I’m Marianne.”

He took a long drag then nodded.

“Aye, Griselda’s my mum. I have the room in the attic. Ye were the bride correct?”

“Yeah, was the bride.”

Marianne stared at him for a heartbeat, then she nodded, seeming to make a decision.

“A drink sounds good.”

He grinned showing off crooked teeth as he pushed away from the wall.

“Alright then. Follow me.
The pub was a cozy local drinking place that surprisingly was open this late in the morning. As they walked in, the place smelled of age, drink and home cooking.  Bog led her to a booth in the back, then ordered to shot glasses, a bottle of whiskey along with a plate of eggs and sausages. She couldn’t remember exactly how it all began, but it was like a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

They had both put money down on the table as they stared hard at one another each with a smirk. Marianne reached out and took her shot glass, staring into blue eyes before she knocked it back in one gulp. The little crowd around them cheered for the American.

Bog snickered, refilling her shot glass before picking up his own.  Marianne  grinned, watching him with twinkling, slightly intoxicated brown eyes.  They had been drinking for the last hour, the eggs and sausages consumed. She had started feeling the booze, which  was just great because she wasn’t feeling the pain any more of Roland’s betrayal. Plus that smirk of Bog’s was becoming more and more kissable by the minute. Bog lifted his shot glass, gave her a little  a salute, then downed it.

Another cheer went up. Marianne reached for her glass, for a moment she stared at the glass. Then she  started to giggle. Once she started she couldn’t seem to stop.

Bog blinked drunkenly, staring at her confused, then he started to giggle too. Money was exchanging hands as the two began to giggled even more. Marianne managed to get the shot glass to her mouth, giggling so badly she was sputtering the alcohol, but she got most of it to her mouth and down her throat with only part of it going down her chin. Bog took the next shot of whiskey staring at the glass drunkenly for a moment.  He was grinning laughing again as he brought it to his lips, giggling but he finally got all the liquid down.
They were about to take their next shots, when the pub door flew open followed by Dawn. 

“Oh my gosh Marianne!!!”

Dawn could only stare as she saw her very drunk sister, with a very drunk guy, both of them laughing so hard that they fell out of the booth. The two drunks both wobbled to their feet with the help of the crowd. Marianne wrapped herself around Bog, who put his arm around her shoulders holding onto her, weaving their way toward Dawn. That was when the pub doors opened and Roland walked in. Marianne’s drunk gaze settled on the blonde ass,

“You motherfucker!”

Marianne pushed patrons out of her way, dragging Bog with her. When she got close enough, she let go of Bog to throw a sloppy punch at Roland. Roland gasped in surprise just barely managing to duck in time. Bog grabbed Marianne pulling her back.

“Let me tough girl…”

Roland started to say something but even drunk Bog was a good brawler, his fist connected with the American’s face knocking Roland flat on his back. Marianne drunkenly whooped her approval throwing herself into Bog’s drunk arms, the two of them giggling like school kids.

“You are so awesome!!”

Marianne leaned into Bog a goofy drunken grin. Bog returned her drunken grin with his own.

“Can I kiss ye tough girl?”

Giggling Marianne sighed “Oh yeah please do!”